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    John Day

    ​ Russian Emergencies Ministry’s plane delivers 27.5 tons of humanitarian aid for Gaza​ (How can it get through, though?)
    The ministry reported earlier in the day that the cargo includes matrasses, blankets, personal hygiene items, and food products

    ​ Ukrainian Military Slaughters Own Soldiers for Attempting to Surrender
    ​ “They got in touch with us along frequency 149.200, and said they wanted to stay alive and see their families. We established contact and pinpointed them a location where they needed to go to surrender. Apparently, the Kiev regime found this to be detrimental, so they eradicated their own servicemen,” the officer said.​ He added that Ukrainians killed their own soldiers with an artillery strike.–1115386047.html

    ​ ‘Great Risk’ Ukraine Could Lose, US Can’t Afford Such a Scenario – White House
    Kirby further warned that if Congress did not back the White House’s supplementary funding request for Ukraine, the effect on the ability of US allies to back Ukraine could be “disastrous.”—white-house-1115431164.html

    ​ Austin: GIs might have to fight Russians in Europe​ , Republican senators walk out of secret briefing on Ukraine with defense secretary
    ​ Pitching Congress with a proposal for more aid for Ukraine, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin conjured up a threat from Russia.
    Austin said that if Congress does not appropriate $61 billion in aid for Ukraine it is “very likely” US troops on the ground in Europe will be fighting Russia.

    Austin: GIs might have to fight Russians in Europe

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow updates on Russian TV news and other insights.
    ​ Russian news sources highlighted the fact that during the entire flight from Moscow to Abu Dhabi the Russian president’s equivalent to Air Force One was accompanied by a number of SU35S air defense fighter jets in close formation, said to be just a few meters from one another. The unstated logic is that this was done to protect Putin from any ground to air missile that ‘you know who’ might have been thinking of firing on his plane to accomplish the long sought regime change in Russia. The skills of the Russian pilots and of their equipment was said to have produced an appropriate positive impression on emirate officials, which is entirely in keeping with one of the objectives of Putin’s visit: to promote Russia as a ‘security provider,’ meaning seller of latest generation military hardware that has proven its merits in the ongoing Ukraine war.​..
    ..Putin used his time in the public introductory remarks before the parties went into closed meetings to say that the UAE is Russia’s largest trading partner in the Arab world, with trading volumes that rose 67% in 2022 to reach 9 billion dollars and which continue to rise apace in 2023…​ There are ongoing talks between the parties about possible purchase of Russian small scale nuclear reactors. There are joint investments, particularly by the UAE in Russian infrastructure projects such as the latest world class Russian intercity federal highways.
    ​ The UAE dirham is now used by Moscow in some international trades. We may assume that this vector will continue to develop given the presence in Putin’s delegation of Russian Central Bank president Elvira Nabiulina. Nabiulina almost never travels with the President, so there must have been some very important business to do in the area of her competence.​..
    ..There was an exchange of information about the ongoing Gaza war and the Ukraine war. There was surely also talk about what the agenda topics will be for BRICS, which the United Arab Emirates joins as a full member in January. Russia will be the host nation and the sessions will be held in Kazan, one of Russia’s main oil-producing regions and the de facto capital of Russia’s Muslim population…
    ..Russian news has been more sparing in the coverage of Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia, though the video showing Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman seeing Putin off in his Aurus limousine following their meeting, with the Crown Prince putting his hand to his heart as a farewell gesture spoke volumes. Here, the continued joint management of OPEC+ production levels would have figured high in the talks, and for this purpose the presence of Russian deputy prime minister Alexander Novak, long time Russian Minister of Energy, would have been useful. Otherwise, the talks surely addressed security issues in the region and possible common action on the Gaza war. In addition, there would surely be discussion of the objectives for BRICS in 2024.​..
    ..I was asked about the significance of the vote in the U.S. Senate blocking the bill introduced by the Biden Administration to appropriate more than 100 billion dollars in financial and military aid to Ukraine and Israel.
    ​ The program hosts put on air a segment from President Biden’s speech calling upon Congress to approve the bill, lest the Ukrainian war efforts be allowed to fail and the road be opened for Putin to move on to Europe and continue his aggression into NATO countries. This and the related question posed to me provided an excellent opportunity to put forward a contrary view of what the Administration is now up to, namely that Biden has intentionally allowed the Senate to veto his bill by holding back the concession that could have given him the approval of funding for Ukraine that he says he wants. The obstacle was the Senate Republicans’ demand that appropriate funding be included in the bill to strengthen U.S. border defense against illegal immigration across the Mexican border. Biden did nothing, which suggests that what we are seeing already is the start of the blame game over who lost Ukraine, the Republicans in Congress or the Democratic Administration.

    What’s new on the tube?  Tucker Carlson in Russian!

    John Day

    ​ Iran’s Raisi says ‘genocide’ unfolding in Gaza as he meets Russia’s Putin
    ​ Putin has cast the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza as a failure of US diplomacy and suggested Moscow could be a mediator in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    Greeting Raisi at the Kremlin, Putin said it was important to discuss the situation in the Middle East, especially in the Palestinian territories.
    Raisi responded via a translator: “What is happening in Palestine and Gaza is, of course, genocide and a crime against humanity.”
    “It’s not just a regional issue, it’s an issue for the entire humankind,” he told Putin, adding that “it’s necessary to find a quick solution.”​…
    ..The US has voiced strong concern about the growing military cooperation between Moscow and Tehran and warned that Iran may be preparing to provide Russia with advanced ballistic missiles for use in the war in Ukraine.

    Upcoming days to be ‘frightening’ for ‘Israel’, Iran FM vows​ ​[Could you please be more specific about what you mean, Sir?]
    Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian talks to his Qatari counterpart and stresses that the upcoming days would be terrifying for the Israeli occupation.–frightening–for–israel—iran-fm-vows

    ​ John Helmer sees the global diamond trade, currently in a sharp downturn, dividing into 2 blocs, similar to what happened with the Russian oil embargo. Will that really happen? Russian diamonds currently go to India for cutting, and are sold-on from there. Might Russian diamonds be smuggled to Tel Aviv and Amsterdam as easily as Russian oil is now smuggled to China and India?
    ​ Meeting together last month in Zimbabwe in what is called the Kimberley Process (KP), the 57-member states refused to agree to the US and European Union (EU) attempt to exclude Russia, producer of half the diamonds in global trade. To camouflage the outcome of the fight, the KP delegates decided not to issue a communiqué…
    ​..Russian diamond expert Sergei Goryainov warns that Rapaport and the Israelis are miscalculating if they expect the new sanctions to raise diamond prices and their profits to grow. The reverse will happen, according to Goryainov. “Due to sanctions on the largest producer, 30% of the diamond market is going to enter the ‘gray zone’. You can also figure that Alrosa will be forced to dump, because only by introducing dumping prices can you compensate for the risks which customers who cooperate with a company listed in the SDN-list fall under.”
    ​ Other Moscow sources agree that dumping will be a Russian tactic for the very short term, as it has been in the Russian oil export trade. In that case, the discounts have gradually dwindled as the ineffectiveness of the sanctions became obvious and demand has pushed the commodity price upward.


    ​ Celia Farber includes an address you can use to write Reiner a paper letter for him to read in prison, and also means to provide financial gifts to him and his wife.
    ​ Reiner Fuellmich’s Wife Inka Tearfully Reveals Harsh Conditions in Prison: No Warm Clothes, Nothing To Do, No Private Phone Time, No Freedom To Discuss His Case: “They Will Never Break Him.”​ She Says He Is Very Strong, And So Grateful For All The Letters. People Are Writing To Tell Him How He Saved Their Lives With His Work In The Dark Years Off Covid

    ​ Matt Taibbi , Sue the Bastards: Federalist, Daily Wire Take the State Department to Court
    ​ Bookending the historic Consortium News suit, conservative news outlets take on the Global Engagement Center for funding “censorship enterprises” and blacklisting
    ​ In late October, the liberal anti-establishment investigative site Consortium News filed a historic suit against the United States of America and Newsguard,* describing a state-funded effort to label, defame, and stigmatize “media organizations that oppose or dissent from American foreign and defense policy.”
    ​ Now, a pair of conservative media outlets, The Federalist and The Daily Wire, have filed a bookend suit to match the Consortium News action. This time the defendant is the Global Engagement Center, the State Department organization ostensibly dedicated to countering “foreign state and non-state propaganda.” Much as Consortium News alleged the Pentagon funded Newsguard to censor its critics, the Federalist/Daily Wire action alleges the State Department sponsored Newsguard and the U.K.-based Global Disinformation Index as “censorship enterprises” targeting domestic speech, in direct violation of its charter.

    John Day

    ​ “A Marketplace For Predators”: New Mexico Sues Meta, Mark Zuckerberg Over Child Exploitation Following Investigation
    ​ The state of New Mexico has sued social media giant Meta and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg for “knowingly” exposing children to ‘sexual exploitation and mental health harm.’ In a Tuesday court filing, New Mexico’s Attorney General’s (NMAG) Office revealed that it had conducted an undercover investigation, creating fake accounts of minors which were then used to fish for offending content, according to a press release reported by the Daily Caller.

    ​ “Why No Advertiser Boycott?” Musk Nails Disney’s Iger After Facebook Child Sexual Abuse Bombshell
    ​ Elon Musk took another shot at Disney CEO Bob Iger Thursday, after the state of New Mexico sued Meta for allegedly enabling child sexual abuse and trafficking – yet Disney and other woke advertisers, who paused advertising on X in a kneejerk reaction to claims of antisemitism – apparently have no problem when it comes to the sexual exploitation of minors…
    ​..New Mexico’s Attorney General’s (NMAG) Office: “Meta and its CEO tell the public that Meta’s social media platforms are safe and good for kids,” reads the lawsuit. “The reality is far different. Meta knowingly exposes children to the twin dangers of sexual exploitation and mental health harm. Meta’s conduct has turned New Mexico children who are on its platforms into victims. Meta’s motive for doing so is profit.”

    ​ “$24 Million From Foreign Nationals”: House GOP Formalizes Biden Impeachment Inquiry, Releases Resolution Ahead Of Planned Vote
    ​ Ahead of next week’s vote to formally move forward with the Biden impeachment inquiry, Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) has released a 14-page resolution that would authorize the investigation.

    ​Is it time for a “baby bear” war for the US? Could this be it, or would it be like invading Cuba, which John Kennedy recoiled from?
    ​ Blinken Conveys ‘Unwavering Support’ For Guyana After Venezuela’s Maduro Proclaims “Esequibo Is Ours”, Gives Energy Companies 3 Mos To Exit
    ​ Neighboring Venezuela now considers around three-quarters of the oil-rich nation theirs – with President Nicolás Maduro presenting a map on television that shows Guyana’s Esequibo region as under the jurisdiction of Caracas.
    ​ Maduro vowed to create a Venezuelan state known as Guyana Esequibo, for which he will grant Venezuelan citizenship to Guyanese residents there.
    Maduro will has granted licenses and ordered state oil company PDVSA and state metal conglomerate CVG to drill for oil in the area.
    ​ A special military unit will be created for the territory.
    Energy companies in the Esequibo region such as Exxon Mobil will “have three months to withdraw.”
    ​ Guyanese President Irfaan Ali said he would report the matter to the UN Security Council, saying in a late-night televised address “The Guyana Defense Force is on high alert,” adding “Venezuela has clearly declared itself an outlaw nation.”
    ​ The UN Security Council will hold a closed-door meeting on the issue Friday​.

    John Day

    ​ 39-year-old Canadian Pilot Dan Boken (Training to Become Boeing 737 Captain at Canadian North) Was Killed by COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates
    20 Pilot Injuries and Deaths in 2022
    ​ June 23, 2022 – I unplugged my 39-year-old husband, Dan Boken, from life support. It was the worst day of my life.
    We were a happy family of four, torn into a thousand pieces in an instant. The nine long months leading up to that night felt like I was in an abyss…
    ​..I waited patiently for 14 months after, for his final autopsy report. Once received, I noticed that they had changed his cause of death from a brain bleed, to COVID-19. His vaccination status wasn’t even mentioned in the report, despite that fact that the injury was officially reported by two separate doctors to Ottawa Public Health.
    ​ I was suspicious, and that led me to get a second opinion from an experienced Pathologist. I knew something was off. He reviewed Dan’s entire medical history as well as the autopsy and confirmed what I already knew. The vaccine was a contraindication to Dan’s Crohn’s disease, and was the reason he initially became so ill.
    ​ I’ve struggled to talk about this because I knew it would be censored. I didn’t want to be attacked or ridiculed for sharing the truth about what happened because it might go against the beliefs of others. I’m at the point now where I don’t care what people say. I know what happened and the truth must come out. For Dan’s sake.

    39-year-old Canadian Pilot Dan Boken (Training to Become Boeing 737 Captain at Canadian North) Was Killed by COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

    Momentum Builds Against WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Power Grab​ [Don’t take your eyes off of this one-world-government scheme.]

    Momentum Builds Against WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Power Grab

    ​ Meryl Nass MD , Controversies regarding the legal regime that underpins the WHO’s power grab are good. There seem to be many.
    ​ They undermine the authority the WHO is trying to usurp. For example, see Article 62 of the 2005 IHR
    ​ Furthermore, on Nov 28 a group of MPs gave Tedros 2 days to show the proof that the full World Health Assembly did vote on the 2022 amendments. He failed to provide such proof. Thus, the vote, errr, consent procedure within a subcommittee was probably invalid, and the MPs have so deemed it NULL and VOID.

    ​ The Polish central bank has bought roughly 300 tonnes of gold in recent years to bring its gold to GDP ratio in line with the average in the eurozone. For medium and large economies in the eurozone, to which Poland might be included in the future, an equal monetary gold to GDP ratio is a covert requirement for nations to be prepared for a shift to a new gold standard. Based on these requirements I expect Poland to buy an additional 130 tonnes of gold.

    ​ Ukrainian central bank gold supposedly got airlifted out (somewhere) during the 2014 coup. This is from July, 2022:
    Ukraine central bank has sold over $12 billion of its gold reserves during the war, its deputy head says


    Dr. D Rich – my thought is not the tres amigos are furthering any agenda. What i see are men who have pursued and are currently pursuing the world view and career advancement agenda recently reviewed favorably here. Men who have been as close to the inside as they know what can be said and what cannot be said just as their wives do. Seppuku on international internet or a white hat are two things i do not see. What i measure is a garden hose at Maui, inconsequential. emoji – I only use my foil hat for physics! – emoji


    Long read.

    As a recovering mainstream economics practitioner, I can attest to the author’s denunciations of “Neoclassical” dogma as pure hokum at once consecrating and shielding capitalism from a materialist critique.—Editor

    At this point I do feel that I may actually be insulting the average five year-old, so I do offer my sincerest apologies to any reading this paper. Of course, the planet we live on is finite and therefore there is a limit on the scale of humanity’s call upon it before we exhaust it. This fact is of course blindingly obvious to every sane person on the planet, except for your average economist of course. I do realize that I just placed economists in the population of the sane; I will reconsider that later in the paper.


    Dr. John the Texas Bicycle Tripper may i have your thought for a moment. Another of the happiest days of my life was when i read, “he that knows enough is enough will always have enough”. That line comes twenty three verses after perhaps the most important discovery of my young adult life. I do not believe there is any end point or plan to that which we are experiencing. Concurret to the seed of your path it was noted, the greatest sin is desire. Who have you worked with that put any limit on the advancement of their career? What is being done is simply being done because it can be done, it is desired. I am yet to find a soothing tone or word selection to smooth over the brutality of our culture. Hopefully there will be a moment when nothing is done.

    i’m workin at being nice
    improvement is marginal


    Wanna see a glimpse of modern combined arms warfare with drones?

    Very dependent on drones, the key to the battlefield.

    They own the sky.

    Frontline Report From Russian Klescheyevka – Bakhmut Battle


    Where are the decent people? Honor and integrity? Not in any government. Not in any corporation. Not in any NGO.. Not in any fuckin bank, school system or courthouse. Confined to shitjobs and subsistence living, honesty is silenced. Doctors know good and goddamned well what those shots did, they see the results everyday and tell you to get another one. Politicians and pastors know Isreal is demonic but bend over to appease them, for the money. How does this fuckin horrorshow slowly march on, day by day, all of us complicit in it…without a backlash? Are we that weak? That far gone?


    Look, if you ever wonder why the world’s most powerful military constantly looses to sandal wearing goat herders, it is very very simple. These goat herders wear “stealth” sandals!

    Cancer is a really stupid disease.
    It commits suicide by killing it’s host.
    A really smart disease doesn’t kill it’s host, so it can spread and live forever.

    Ritter says Hamas is winning the strategic war in Gaza.
    Please tell this to Hamas, while they are losing the tactical war to Israel.

    Palestinians need to get on with the WEF’s jet setting world plans ASAP.
    They are being attacked for opposing the WEF’s “global warming”!
    Gaza Palestinians need to hurry up and die.
    If they don’t want to die, then they need to hurry up and flee Gaza into Egypt.
    West Bank Palestinians also need to hurry up and die.
    The If they don’t want to die, then they need to hurry up and flee to Jordan.
    Then the world will be saved for today, making Greta happy.
    Then tomorrow, it will be your turn to save the world!

    You know Ukraine is winning big time when Russia captures a German Leppard tank and a US Bradley fighting vehicle from the Ukrainian motor pool, with the keys still in the ignition!




    Most population loss in Californicate history



    Instead of advocating for women, the National Women’s Law Center president says women should “learn to lose gracefully” against biological men that compete against them in women’s sports.


    Its About Depopulation Stupid



    Its About Depopulation Stupid

    And Ritual Humiliation

    It’s the Empire of Lies Century of Humiliation



    Its About Depopulation Stupid

    And Ritual Humiliation

    It’s the Empire of Lies Century of Humiliation×900


    <img src="Its About Depopulation Stupid And Ritual Humiliation It’s the Empire of Lies Century of Humiliation×900&#8243; alt=”.” />



    John Day

    tboc wrote (and bade me pay attention):
    “Another of the happiest days of my life was when i read, “he that knows enough is enough will always have enough”. That line comes twenty three verses after perhaps the most important discovery of my young adult life. I do not believe there is any end point or plan to that which we are experiencing. Concurrent to the seed of your path it was noted, the greatest sin is desire. Who have you worked with that put any limit on the advancement of their career? What is being done is simply being done because it can be done, it is desired. I am yet to find a soothing tone or word selection to smooth over the brutality of our culture.”

    We exist (in Buddhist cosmology) as one of the 6 levels of the Desire realm.

    The six domains of the desire realm are as follows:

    the deity (Sanskrit, Pali: deva) domain
    the jealous god / titan (S., P.: asura) domain
    the human (S. manuṣya, P. manussa) domain
    the animal (S. tiryagyoni, P. tiracchānayoni) domain
    the hungry ghost (S. preta, P. petta) domain
    the hell (S: naraka, P. niraya) domain

    “What we obtain too cheaply we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.” –Thomas Paine

    So it may be that it is actually the WORK which is satisfying, and not the stuff alone. I meditate on a 90 minute bike ride (safe 3 mile loop in neighborhood X 6) and I work a lot in the gardens, and get excess of various vegetables, and give them away, and that is more satisfying than having more vegetables than I can eat. (And I was raised to feel shame at wasting food.)
    Is desire satisfied this way?

    That may not have helped.
    Work yourself tired and sleep better?

    John Day

    @All-Y’all: Is Gavin Newsome a Reptilian. (asking for a friend)

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