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    Jean-Michel Basquiat Aboriginal 1984   • Julian Assange’s Grand Inquisitor (Chris Hedges) • Totally Corrupt Weaponized Law Used As a Weapon (Paul
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 23 2024]

    Dr. D

    “Only 1 In 10 Europeans Think Ukraine Can Win As War Pessimism Sets In

    As long as it takes? To lose?

    “Venezuela Blocks Flights Carrying Deported Migrants From US, Mexico

    Their best and brightest. Actually Ven was emptying prisons of psychos and gang members on express terms that they leave the country.

    “all of the evidence shows that he is innocent. This is America today. Law has no meaning. It is nothing but a weapon. We can have zero confidence it its application and zero confidence in its outcomes.” –PCR

    You see it’s been that way all my life, only now it’s gotten up to your rarefied level. Welcome to the party, chum.

    ““Law and Order Conservatives” have never caught on.” I guess that includes you? The rest of us don’t say this or that, Left or Right, just that we should have fair law, due process, AND PROSECUTIONS FOR MISCONDUCT. By the lawyers, courts, judges, police…

    Much as the Black community mistrusts police, they too want more of them. They just want them to DO THEIR JOBS without allowing or railroading people all the time. We all AGREE on that. …But somehow, somewhere, there seems to be some group, neither black nor white but made of GREEN, who is AGAINST all justice, but Justice on demand, justice a la carte. Since they don’t mess with rich, connected guys like PCR ‘til now, he didn’t notice. Since they don’t mess with rich connected Democrats, they think it’s because of their race. Nope. It’s because of their WEALTH. Their POWER. White guys railroaded every day with 100 giggles for the whole three months they run the “trial”. When you get back from the slammer, the police will be there to rub it in and call you a “known criminal.” If you’re a known convicted felon, the only place for you is Congress, as 1/3rd of them are convicted. And someday I hope to meet a policeman who’s not a felon. Life Goals. Not for themselves, we’re not that far everywhere yet – although probably – but for failing to report and covering up felonies of fellow policemen.

    ““Kiev is a Russian city, and a threat to the existence of the Russian Federation emanates from it..”

    “They wanted to keep going. Here we are.

    “• Arming Ukraine With F-16s Could Trigger Nuclear War – Medvedev (RT)

    They have to keep going. If the war stops everyone in EU and America will be hung. What was that quote this week?

    “It doesn’t make a damned bit of difference who wins the war to someone who’s dead.'” – Joseph Heller, Catch-22

    That’s how they feel, because if they lose this war on the people, they’re dead. It’s exciting and invigorating for them because they’re psychopaths. They like it, are high, elated by it. We’re not.

    Probably, almost certainly Russia will have to do this, and from past events they will do “it” in the safest way they can find. Why? Sadly humans are incapable of learning. They need something to point to. It has to be an EMOTIONAL thing, only then does it stick. Okay then, your wish is my command. I was just going to let you stop because it’s stupid and you can’t win, but if you need “an event” that scares the pants of everyone worldwide, so be it.

    “Americans should be ashamed of their leader after their president reportedly called Russia’s Vladimir Putin a “crazy S.O.B.”

    I’m lost. I think that’s a compliment, don’t be so sensitive.

    “Last week, media reported that Biden had called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an “a**hole” on three different occasions in private conversations”

    The only difference it the reporting. All Presidents in my lifetime have said these things regularly. For only one is it an impeachable offense, although for one it was a dead sentence. Is it better to say “I looked longingly into Putin’s eyes and touched his soul”? That’s what W said and he’s now a Democratic hero.

    “Rottgen was quick to blame the Russian president for Navalny’s passing, saying: “this murder was of course a matter for the boss. [Vladimir] Putin is the perpetrator.”

    This is far more offensive and incendiary. But “reporting”, it’s okay. If AfD said it, it would be racist and imprisonable. If Hamas said it, it would be heroic and brave. If Xi said it, it would be “Mysterious and inscrutable.” Wot a bunch of pinheads. The dot chart doesn’t change depending on what title I write on the bottom right. Apparently facts just shift around to fit your feelings?

    ““Facts on the ground suggest that the EU’s foreign policy, or lack thereof, has failed to strategically weaken Russia or bring an end to the conflict in Ukraine. Rather, the narrative surrounding Russia serves as a pretext to consolidate power within the EU,”

    What if Europe had a plan but that plan isn’t going well? What if they planned to kill 2/3 of their people, collapse commodity prices then arrange for the U.S. and Russia to fight to exhaustion? They would then consolidate absolute power into a collapsed center, and arise first, greater and more consolidated than either Russia or the U.S.?

    “TuckerCarlson says NATO is not a military alliance but a “money-laundering operation” and a “SCAM.”

    Well it’s pretty clearly not a military organization as they couldn’t defeat the Girl Scouts. It’s pretty clearly not responsive to any of its national parliaments. So…what is it? (A lobbying cartel)

    “• Red Lines: Will Iran Enter The Regional War? (Cradle)

    We set the tone. The Hegemon sets the rules, as I think Nelson Mandela said. They, the less powerful, just follow those rules. We set the rules that there is no war. We are always both in and out of the war, always having one and not having one. So…? Iran is doing this as well for as long as it works. Since it’s their backyard, it’s working great.

    “THEY” that is, their pan-regional collective of proxies, are sinking British ships in the Red Sea daily, and can keep it up for 1,000 years, shortly able to take out every U.S. and British Naval ship.

    ““Netanyahu pursues the religious ideology of 7th century BC in the 21st century..”

    But every day I hear we should do this if it’s Matriarchy or Native American Shamanic religions. I vote yes! Bring back Aztec and pan-American slave trades! There are way too many hearts still in bodies here. Love and Light. Love the Earth, ecoreligions forever.

    ““..I have never come across a case with such a long history of dog attacks from multiple animals in one family..”

    This is pretty unusual and amazing. Since they’re heartless psychopaths, why wouldn’t they have killed them for optics? Maybe it’s all the crack the dog is getting in the air.

    Calvin and Hobbes:

    They are “theologian John Calvin” and “philosopher Thomas Hobbes” if you didn’t know. And this frame sets up the hundred year discussion often cited today that Christian “works” vs Christian love…that is, without “works”. So is it better to give nothing like the Mote of the Widow, or the fortunes Christ said to give away? Great! I’ll give the mote, thanks! Good intent. Attaboy! Good Job Brownie. Moral support. My work here is done! We see a lot of MOSTLY that today.

    Goes like this: yes, what is is you heart is most important. That is indeed the Christian more, that you have a changed heart, open to others, and God. One problem, you lazy, selfish sots buying a new iPhone while saying – I – have to donate to charity: IF your heart is changed, that is to say, IF you are a Christian at all, that means your behavior automatically changes too. You WANT to help others, because others ‘R’ Us. You can’t help it. It sort of stands out. It’s very, very apparent, revolutionary in fact.

    They just find this loophole and think they just invented fire. Oh they’ll find fire alright. No, I can’t know if your heart has changed on the inside or how much. But I’M ENTITLED TO MY OPINIONS about it, aren’t I? And you sir, are not Christian, nor changed, not one tiny bit. Actions speak louder than words. There are about 330 Million Non-Christians in the U.S. on that basis. Their actions show what is in their hearts. So again, please let’s not say we’re a “Christian” nation, right? It’s embarrassing. For you.


    I have some doubt about the numbers at the end of this story, more to the point it would seem they’re backing up a bit. The health care system in this province has taken a nose dive from an already bad situation before the mandates were put in place.

    Nova Scotia Health and IWK Health are set to lift a requirement for employees, new hires and on-site medical staff to submit proof of primary series COVID-19 immunization on Monday.
    In an email to CBC News on Wednesday night, a spokesperson for Nova Scotia Health said the decision was made “in response to evolving evidence regarding COVID-19, Omicron sub-variants, protection from vaccine and a review of vaccination policies across other jurisdictions.”
    NSH confirmed the change in policy after a letter to an employee was posted on social media earlier in the day. The letter advises the employee, on unpaid leave for not meeting the COVID-19 immunization requirements, they could return to work as of Monday.
    Brian Comer, the minister of Mental Health and Addictions, told reporters Thursday he has “full faith” in the decision made by the health authorities.
    “They’re the experts in infection control and communicable disease,” said Comer, speaking on behalf on the Health minister.
    The letter to the healthcare worker goes on to direct the employee to notify their manager of their intent to return or resign by March 15.
    “They do not have to come back by then, they just need to contact their manager by this date to confirm their intentions,” said spokesperson Lisa MacSween in an email.
    “If there is no contact we will assume they are resigning their positions. Of course, each case will be assessed on a case by case basis.”
    The province had introduced mandatory vaccinations against COVID-19 for the health sector in November 2021. At the time, any health-care workers who hadn’t received at least one COVID-19 vaccine by Nov. 30 risked employment consequences like being placed on unpaid leave.
    When the mandatory vaccination policy came into effect, 323 Nova Scotia Health employees and 29 IWK employees were forced off the job.
    Two years on, there remain about 100 employees of Nova Scotia Health and fewer than five IWK employees affected by the updated policy.


    Pfizer commercial. Seems they are alluding to the creation of penicillin. You decide. More at:


    Truth and Ukronaziland’s Defeat


    Russia’s main goals in the SMO are de-nazify Ukronaziland and de-militarize Ukronaziland (NATO)

    They are succeeding Bigly on both counts.

    Their objective is not territory, that is secondary

    Ukronaziland’s goal, egged on by NATO=Duh’merica is measured as territory lost or won.

    Ukronaziland is losing Bigly

    It’s NOT a ‘stalemate’

    That is swallow western propaganda based on the false premise that land is victory.

    Crushing the NATO proxy army like a cockroach is victory.

    And Russia has crushed Three Ukronazi Armies so far and Nazilensky is trying to field a fourth with old men, women, downs syndrome patients, criminals from jail, and the physically and mentally handicapped.

    How’s that goin’?

    Yah, I thought so.

    The sad little minds who actually think Ukronaziland is in a ‘stalemate’ because the Russians haven’t done ‘Big Arrow’ offensives to ‘gain territory’ are El Supremo Fucktards.

    Trying to do a face palm with an ice cream cone in their hand.

    The Ukronazis are spread so thin now along the contact line that every time the Russians give a good hard push over there the Ukronazis have to put troops off another part of their lines to reinforce that spot.

    The Ukronazis are very close to losing battlefield cohesion and unit command.

    Avdiivka was a panicked rout in the end, like a ‘run for your fucking life’ kind of retreat.

    Eurotardistan is finished as a viable economic enterprise.

    Got no energy
    Got no natural resources
    Got no replacement rate of citizens thru live births
    (just hordes of poor desperate illiterate immigrants)

    Got no Future



    Duh’merica, a nation with no purpose only Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

    Here’s it’s future

    Here’s the deal

    Embrace it Duh’merica

    You own it, the future’s so bright you gotta wear shades





    Your Future is Bleak, Go Kill Yourselves


    In the mean Time however…..


    John Day

    TAE Summary was brilliant late last night:

    * Collective Nouns for World Leaders
    – A Tabernacle of Schumers
    – An Obloquy of McConnells
    – A Murder of Clintons
    – A Stalag of Scholz’s
    – A Boulangerie of Macrons
    – A Tousle of Johnsons
    – An Asylum of Bidens
    – A Seraglio of Trudeaus
    – A Morgue of Schwabs
    – A Cabal of Soros’s

    John Day

    1) Don’t slip on those wet stairs, you could break your hip and your neck!

    2) @Oroboros: “We’re hiring” (but don’t leave a burning bag of feces, just the package)
    “Gotta Wear Shades”


    I feel sorry for the run-of-the-mill cops

    You know, the ones who have to deal with the unrelenting everyday, every hour, every minute colossal stupidity of Duh’merica.

    The stuff they put up in a failing, collapsing Empire of Lies.

    Oh well, tomorrow is another day…..


    John Day

    “That is not my dog” (Pink Panther ; Joe Biden?)


    Math puzzle

    Does this graph maps to this graph?



    John Day

    LifeCard , “The new Standard for Discrete Carry” MSRP $299


    A folding, single-shot .22 caliber pistol that’s no bigger than a stack of credit cards. At .5 inches thin and weighing less than 7 ounces, LifeCard® will be the last gun you’ll leave behind.

    + Discreet shape – sleek, no-snag design
    + Size of a credit card when folded
    + Full-size handle for easy use when unfolded
    + Completely ambidextrous
    + Storage in handle for 3 extra rounds
    + Built-in safety features
    + Made in USA


    Avdeevka is a massive fatal defeat for Ukronaaziland

    Last truly fortified position left on the contact line.

    Another look at Avdeevka Aftermath



    Be sure to use a hollow point .22 mag round still you only have one go of it.




    Hate Not Love.
    “doomsday clock”
    Lies and Secrets
    War not Peace
    Have and Have Nots

    John Day

    Asking for my other friend:

    What would happen if you were a Secret Service Agent working in the Oval Office and you shot the President’s dog in self defense when Joe was taking a nap?

    John Day

    @Orobros: It holds 3 more rounds in the handle. 😀


    We Must Wage War on Censorship and Wokeness

    Styxhexenhammer666 lays it out

    He is an avid promoter of archiving all articles up to so it doesn’t disappear from the record


    Student Loan Forgiveness




    Zelensky Opens Ukraine’s National Guard To Foreigners Amid Severe Manpower Crisis

    President Zelensky is going a different route. He on Wednesday signed a decree opening up Ukraine’s military forces to “foreigners and stateless persons.”

    “Ukrainian Citizenship for Foreign Fighters, Says Zelensky”

    “I Hope Public Is Waking Up”: Border Invasion Sparks Migrant Crime Crisis In Major Cities

    WAIT! I think I’ve just had an idea…


    “That Didn’t Stop Me”: Biden Brags That Supreme Court Can’t Stop Him from Canceling Student Debt

    “In announcing the writing off of another $1.2 billion owed to the government in student loans, Biden gloated that the Supreme Court could not stop him from acting unilaterally to cancel the debt.”

    Surely, all the forces in the universe shall be brought to bear to destroy any individual that tries to even suggest or so much as think about bankruptcy being made applicable to student loans again.

    THAT would force the entire banking and educational systems as well as all related government entities to re-evaluate what loans are being given towards and how those loans get spent.

    No, we will continue to loan and spend as we have (only moreso), but then select specific winners. Everyone else will pay for these winners for their misallocated time and money, and the entities that these winners paid the loans to, and the bureaucracies that managed the loan making etc.


    “Biden Brags That Supreme Court Can’t Stop Him from Canceling Student Debt”

    Let’s make our own headline shall we

    Governor Abbott of Texas Brags That Supreme Court Can’t Stop Him from Protecting the Border

    Well, we will have to shift the illegal invasion to another venue if Texas shuts us down.




    Draw me a Chess board



    John Day

    Identity and the Professional Managerial Class

    Identity and the Professional Managerial Class

    The Ehrenreichs highlighted the inherent antagonism between the proletariat and the PMC:

    We should add, at this point, that the antagonism between the PMC and the working class does not exist only in the abstract realm of “objective” relations, of course. Real-life contacts between the two classes express directly, if sometimes benignly, the relation of control which is at the heart of the PMC–working-class relation: teacher and student (or parent), manager and worker, social worker and client, etc. The subjective dimension of these contacts is a complex mixture of hostility and deference on the part of working-class people, contempt and paternalism on the part of the PMC.

    The interdependent yet antagonistic relationship between the working class and the PMC also leads us to insist that the PMC is a class totally distinct from the petty bourgeoisie (the “old middle class” of artisans, shopkeepers, self-employed professionals and independent farmers). The classical petty bourgeoisie lies outside the polarity of labor and capital. It is made up of people who are neither employed by capital nor themselves employers of labor to any significant extent. The PMC, by contrast, is employed by capital and it manages, controls, has authority over labor (though it does not directly employ it). The classical petty bourgeoisie is irrelevant to the process of capital accumulation and to the process of reproducing capitalist social relations. The PMC, by contrast, is essential to both.


    As US, EU Pile New Sanctions On Russia, WSJ Declares Punitive Measures Already “Failed”

    Just like in the new Woke Star Trek – Star Trek STD – in which the woke protagonist girlboss points the phaser at herself…

    John Day

    I am relieved to find that I meet no criteria for PMC membership.

    Dr D Rich

    You can tell why I’d vote for Trump should Tulsi Gabbard appear on the ticket.


    -statesmanlike, “I don’t use these words lightly.”
    (her words)

    -military bonafides (ANG Brig. General select)
    (Bronze Star)

    -stoicism (no discernible public emotion)
    (similar to Dwight Eisenhower, Adlai
    Stevenson, & Clark Clifford)



    Dr. D

    Everyone who wants us to get in a Civil War ’cause, kinda bored, tired of putting up with smack talk, should be forced to watch 200 non-stop hours of Avdiivka videos then take a quiz on “If the U.S. gets into a Civil War, who really benefits?”

    And the Biden, “The Real Story” bwha ha ha.


    Today- This speech by @Tarbush_Nada at a @UN conference will go down in history.

    with the victims reporting on their destruction in real time… when the history books are written, when all is said and done, no one will be able to say ‘we didn’t know’


    Cue TAE’s own genociding Jew apologists… “we didn’t know”

    Fact checked- Gaza has nothing to do with Jews.
    Reality- False (its just another blatant real time Lie)

    They all knew Trump was innocent but they smeared and spied on him. Worse than Watergate. Trump is a crime victim!

    True- Trump is also a war criminal, but don’t let that change your lesser of two evils vote.


    Biden Disgraced the U.S. With Putin Insult

    The U.S. is a disgrace to humanity- Biden is just the ice cream on the cake, melting into a pile of mush.


    The cabinet of Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is filled with religious extremists who believe that Israel’s brutality in Gaza is at God’s command.

    Criticize the Covid narrative- “you’re anti-science, selfish and killing other people”

    Criticize Israels genocide- “you’re anti semitic and filled with hate” .

    I think our actions show what’s in our hearts

    Still defending the Jewish (religious extremists) hearts and their actions ?

    Dr Jew D-

    Actions speak louder than words. Their actions show what is in their hearts. So again, please let’s not say we’re a “Christian” nation, right? It’s embarrassing. For you.

    Hows it going for the Jewish State ?
    Stepped into your own pile of hypocritical Jewish shit today, again, didn’t you ?

    John Day

    @Dr. D Rich: Let me guess, you got an email from the Kennedy Campaign asking about VP running mate choice, like I just did.
    1) Tulsi Gabbard
    2) Stand for Palestinian rights to get my vote.

    John Day

    @Oroboros: That “I’m not from California, this is a rental” sign also means “don’t break into this car; I live here and will push the cops to try to find you”.


    re: cowboy appeal

    Nobody I know,
    Cowboy or no,
    Would seize that dough
    And vote for Joe!

    …yeah, I know where the exit is. Stop kicking me!



    A Really Big Mac



    Putin owns Biden and lives in his head rent free!


    Pedo Joe calls The Putin a ‘crazy son of bitch’ and Putin is asked for a comment.

    He basically says that last week when asked which candidate in Duhmerica for president he would prefer he trolled that he preferred a ‘predictable one’ and that Pedo Joe is oh-so-predictable.

    So on the sob comment by Pedo, The Putin says,’I told you so, very predictable’.


    Then Kremlin spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says:

    “The next time Joe Biden decides to use the term “crazy son of a bitch,” he might try to remember that Americans best associate it with his own offspring Hunter Biden.”

    Stop, yer killin’ me!


    Crazy sob indeed!



    NO religious, moral, and humanitarian guiding principles allow killing, destruction, and genocide of other humans?

    Human civilization has an ideology based on lies, racial discrimination and violence.

    Here is a list of countries that supply arms to Israel from Al Jazeera.



    “I just asked Google AI for a picture of a polar bear.”


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