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    Paul Cézanne Sugar Bowl, Pears and Blue Cup c.1866   • House Democrats Could Vote Against Certifying Trump If He’s Elected (Fox) • Trump Seeks Di
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 25 2024]

    Dr. D

    Democrats won’t certify. Isn’t that an Insurrection? Illegal? Undemocratic? Sending two slates of electors, a criminal offense?

    Yes, but you forget I have the “AntiHypocrisy Shield™” It’s an invisible force field that protect me from seeing hypocrisy about anything concerning myself. As an additional bonus, all that hypocrisy power is turned outward, making me twice as able to detect hypocrisy in others! Hypocrisy Shield! Another fine product from MoteBeam Industries.

    Anyway, that’s amazing overreaction for a guy who never did anything. So their declaration is, if Trump gets in, this time he’ll do something? No wonder people are flipping to vote for him.

    So Congress is wielding all power and holding the President accountable, up to the point they’re elected, then the President is dictator and can do anything he wants with no oversight. Do I have this right?

    AI: well, we always trust AI right? No human bias, thank God. So, no images of bad Communism – not certain images, simply none. At all. — Yet if you ask it to illustrate evil Capitalism, no problem: infinity images! That’s how we know it’s not biased. Conclusion: once all the humans are killed replaced with AI, we’ll have a perfect world with no humans bias. So always trust AI, whatever it tells you, and obey it unthinkingly as your true and benevolent master. Remember, humans had nothing to do with it except teaching it everything it knows off human garbage pile “Reddit.” Rule by AI = Rule by Reddit? That is probably exactly true.

    “The so-called strategic reserve created with the help of Western aid constituted the basis of that grouping of forces and included 20 brigade-level large units numbering 80,700 personnel, of whom more than 60,000 had undergone instruction in Western training centers”

    Well there’s your problem. They hand out high heels at the guard shack into camp. We definitely wanted training from people who haven’t won a war in 80 years, and sail Aircraft carriers — or don’t — with no planes on them.

    ““..keeping Ukraine in an artificial shortage of weapons”

    Several meta-levels here. One: it’s “artificial” because “Weapons remain on planet earth”? I mean, any war, where weapons are constrained, there were still weapons somewhere on earth. That’s not germaine. That leads to Two: it is a root assumption here that Ukraine deserves as a matter of course ALL the weapons on planet earth because of their existence, and all factors that do not give them those weapons: “other countries exist,” “those objects aren’t your property”, don’t exist. That leads to Three: This is somebody else’s fault because everybody knows Putin would just stop fighting and surrender if those weapons were provided. That is, the existence of the weapons, IN Ukraine, would affect anything at all. Death rates, meters gained, outcomes, anything. I guess that leads to Four: Ukraine is under no obligation to change their tactics to new realities, at all, ever. Even when losing. If they’re losing because they won’t alter gameplay to suit the board, that’s YOUR FAULT.

    This is because Five: Ukraine was handed a writ from God that says, they cannot lose, so IF they lose or anything goes wrong, even such things as refusing to alter strategy when the board changes, it’s murderous traitors without or within who caused it and must be killed. Because ipso facto, they cannot be Ukrainians, because ipso facto Ukraine cannot lose. They’re Winners!

    Did I get all that in their 4 word sentence? The art of trying to distill ideas down to the core. Except that’s supposed to make them shorter, yet somehow I always make them longer.

    “Zelensky told Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer that Ukraine “will surely lose the war” if Congress fails to pass the bill,”

    And I would care about this why?

    Also, see above: the addition of these weapons would cause you to defeat, conquer, and occupy Russia how exactly?

    We are breaking the rules! The Rules say pin-headed elites of Idiot Sons must Always Win! “I always Win; You always Lose” That’s Harvard Rulz. Call Daddy!

    “Zelensky is also facing a “critical” manpower shortage,”

    Again, so we send him the weapons and…??? Step Three: “Magic!” The “No Men” drive tanks, then 200,000 “No men” march out and take the field, whereupon “No Men” charge the Russian front, while “No men” supply and support them from the rear. Then “No Men” beat Russia, and “No men” occupy Donbas and then “No Men” move into Moscow. Right?

    Now you see why I talk about being lost in abstractions.

    “[The] United States of America told [us that] we will be with you ‘as long as it takes.’ Now it’s time to keep the promises.”

    Speaking of abstractions, who? — I – didn’t say that. No one I know said that. And we’re part of “The United States.” Oh you mean — YOU — said that! Right. And who is “YOU”, exactly? Oh like 500 guys we would pitch out and jail given half a chance? Right. Well, you 500 guys are not “The United States” and the rest of the United States thinks that you’re traitors.

    Now can we knock off the abstractions of “Let’s you and him fight”? If YOU want to fight, go do it. I won’t even stop you! I might even pay for your gun and plane ticket, who knows? But you can’t volunteer me. Who do you think you’re fooling? Who are you talking to?? You think I don’t know my own mind? I’ll just forget who I am and that I never said this??? You guys are quite clearly insane. Get stuffed.

    “• Ukraine Ready For War With China If US Asks – MP (RT)”

    Great! I want all your weapons and 200,000 men, we’re marching on Taiwan today! Oh wait: our alliance means we give YOU money and men? Never the other way around for at least a generation? That doesn’t really sound like an “ally” then, more like a “Client” or slave state. Maybe Ukraine is a hippie state, when it comes to paying for pizza and doing the dishes. We “share” but aw shucks I don’t have nothin’ cause I spent it on weed again.

    “panicky sentiments gaining a foothold in diplomatic circles in countries that are staunch supporters of NATO’s proxy war”

    Ah. And there you see the “We said.” It’s fine that YOU support it, you have the right, but I think the reality that you’re like 500 people, the size of a minor baseball league of support, with no military training, no interest, and aren’t going to give up a nickel for any cause should sink into somebody.

    Look at the icebreaker video yesterday: the PEOPLE of all these countries like each other. Have no problem. Only these 500 leaders have the problem and mostly they create that out of thin air.

    ““I hate to say it, but I think it’s all about the money…”

    If only. If it were, most things would make sense. But they don’t because it’s a religion.

    Vance — being an actual human, unlike most of them – has the sense to point out if you spend any money, it should be all on the industrial base. Without fixing that first all “aid” packages are useless. And meta-context from his approach: he correctly deduces that will take years or decades. It may be a more defensible line than saying “I don’t want to.” He’s saying, “We can’t even IF we wanted to. So let’s fix that first, and I look around and I don’t see any legislation or motivation to make me think we’re about to do that any time soon.”

    “while US support could crumble if Donald Trump defeats incumbent President Joe Biden.”

    Rephrase this. The SAME amount of support is there: Near zero. But different people are moved closer to the levers of power.

    “A Ukrainian defeat could shatter Washington’s geopolitical credibility,”

    Possibly. But if so, then that credibility is an illusion to begin with. Suppose we went all-in, were capable of winning, then just got bored and withdrew. If the U.S. was like 1965, with unstoppable production, large, capable army, unified culture and goals, etc, would our “Credibility” still “Shatter”? No, because that DID happen. It was called Vietnam. People, other nations, correctly and accurately assessed what we were capable of, how powerful we still were or weren’t, how credible our word was or wasn’t, and proceeded accordingly.

    What you’re saying here is the U.S. strength is in actuality a LIE, and a single point-event like this could shatter the LIE. THEN DON’T LIE. Suppose you’re in our situation: when you find yourself there, stop digging. Bluff and blowhard, fix your manufacturing and industry fast, then re-align your military. You’ll only get a few years’ grace on the bluff, but use it. Oh wait. That’s what Captain Blowhard, Orange Man tried, but they kept grabbing his twos and turning them all face up on the poker table. They refused any new cards from the dealer that might be aces to really make their point.



    • Netanyahu’s Post-War Plans for Gaza Call for Indefinite Occupation (Antiwar)

    Sure it will. Because no one will be left alive in the territory. Hardly any point in murdering two million people in public just to give it back.

    “If [the failed Trident missile launch] happened in North Korea, Western media would have been laughing at it,” Kelly said. “Here, we have the UK completely unable to launch a missile, which has cost an exorbitant amount of money while health and education are falling into rack and ruin.”

    Good point. This is actually way worse than North Korea, and the people are just as hungry. But then, the NYTimes and other Western pundits said they took North Korea as their model. The less-aggressive ones just said they took NoKo Socialist State as their model. They act on these beliefs visibly every day. Both the Socialist part, and the “Murdering everyone” part. But also the “We love war” part.

    “Texas AG Ken Paxton says that Biden is “clearly in partnership” with human trafficking cartels at CPAC.”

    I know that sounds partisan and inflammatory, but I don’t know what else to say. Go ahead, tell me how it isn’t. Biden says nothing.

    “Dr. Anthony Fauci has publicly admitted he was wrong”

    Yes, but like Biden, there’s a simple answer: All the things that happened never happened.

    That bumblebee rolling around in flowers really looks like Hunter Biden.

    Aspnaz probably took a break. He took one before when things got hot. He’s entitled to his opinions, but I’m also entitled to mine. More speech.

    Formerly T-Bear

    A week ago I completed my 3^4th ‘orbit. In that time the only war the US ever ignored took place (War on Poverty) as well as an attempt to right the wrongs done the black community in the country. These were part of the social fabric I matured in and agree with with every fibre of my being. That said, ‘what was witnessed in the UN by the US ‘ambassador’, Linda Thomas-Greenfield makes me sick to see what supporting social equality produces, a pathetic, morally deficient, cruel, sycophantic non-entity representing the country on the world’s stage. I refuse to admit the road laid out by MLK was the wrong path to take to seek social justice, but that Oreo at the UN surly makes me weep for what has been produced by the process. Mention too must be made of both Fani Willis and Lethia James who underscore the cancer destroying Law itself are doing with the opportunities given them to become honourable and integrant members of the legal profession. No tears – long incarcerations – all.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Where is the senate respondent to Cicero’s adherence to Law? Are John McCain and Lindsey Graham the finest the US can spawn?

    Where is the senate respondent to Cato’s call to action? Are Congress and the administration, both lacking a fibre of integrity between them, to halt the madmen of zionist Israel in breaking every norm of civilisation there is and thumb their noses at all humanity, in calling fo the destruction of zionist Israel.

    What does appear is there is no longer either humanity nor integrity, let alone law in the US. Any lifting a finger to stay its downfall is a fool. Therer are consequences.

    Dr. D

    “Why Ukraine Is Starting to Lose:
    Putin doesn’t care how many of his troops die. He is looking to win a war of attrition. On the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion, Ukraine needs the West’s help—and it needs it now.” Journal of Democracy

    Setup: Ukraine did everything right and had no problems. Russia started with everything wrong and overcame her problems. Does that seem likely?

    “In other words, this is now a war of attrition. Neither side can hope for more than incremental gains that will cost it many lives.”

    Ready to be wrong again? “The Middle East is as peaceful as it’s ever been and will stay that way” – American State Dept, Oct 1, 2023. Epic. “Stocks have reached a permanently high plateau” — Irving Fisher, 1929 “Peace in our time.”

    “Russia has plenty of weapons and munitions for its artillery and infantry.” “a population that is more than triple the size of Ukraine’s, and an economy that is ten times as big.”

    Aaaaaaand that means if we send them a few more weapons, then what? I’m not being a gadfly here, YOU said they are 10x the size, IN THIS VERY SENTENCE. So…really, what happens? A: Reasons.

    “Ukraine’s success at making the Black Sea unsafe for Russia’s navy has allowed the creation of a transport corridor that commercial ships can use to reach the port of Odessa.”

    I didn’t know Russia was sinking every commercial vessel headed for Odessa. That’s probably because they’re not.

    “The conflict in Ukraine demonstrates the differences between how democracies and autocracies fight their wars. Even a transitional democracy such as Ukraine must heed political and institutional norms and processes, public opinion, and international humanitarian law.” Hahaha. Setting that dinosaur aside for the moment…

    Um, what? Transitioning from what to what? YOU said they were already a core nation. YOU said they are already a long term parliamentary democracy. What are they “Transitioning” to? And Autocratic nations, like say, Stalinist Russia doesn’t follow “Political and institutional norms”? Oh yes they do. They are defined by them, and if Stalin sidelined the bureaucracy they’d have a fit. Just like everywhere else on earth. Kings aren’t responsive to the people — although sort of that too — but they are ABSOLUTELY defined by the whims of their gentry and bureaucracy’s institutional and cultural “Norms”.

    “Civil-military relations. The Russian polity has structural advantages that Ukraine cannot mitigate let alone overcome. In a dictatorship, there is no need for bargaining between political and military elites. Putin conveys his strategic priorities to his generals, and they do what they can to deliver”

    In Ukraine, UK, United States, generals do NOT obey any orders or deliver what they’re told? Generals bargain and negotiate? Then what is Congress for? If Generals just disobey and ignore orders all the time, no wonder we’re in such a mess!

    “With near-total state control of the media, there is no need to explain truthfully how the “special military operation” (Putin has made it illegal to call it a ‘war’) is going. Public opinion is ignored, intrepid demonstrators are jailed, and regime critics are murdered, all with impunity.”

    While in Ukraine? Oh yes, the exact same thing happens, as well as the UK and United States. How dictatorial of him.

    “The Russian push for more troops has been highly uneven geographically and socially: Soldiers often hail from poorer groups and regions, with army pay exceeding what can be earned at home.”

    I know, right? How unlike London, the House of Lords, and Fairfax county. It’s almost like the poor fight wars that rich guys start.

    Russia show few signs of military mobilization. When soldiers are hurt or wounded, they receive superficial medical care aimed at returning them to the front without delay.”
    “Many Ukrainian soldiers have been on combat duty for two years. hundreds of thousands of volunteers who signed up in the early days of the war, only the most severely injured have been discharged. ”

    Department on Redundancy Department. These two statements are identical, but the author specifically chose them to contrast. Because: words. What do they really mean anyway?

    “The desperate search for soldiers has led recruitment officers to occasionally raid gyms and shopping centers and pluck young men from their villages”

    Contrasting with Russia who…crickets? No Russian example. Where “public opinion” isn’t ignored?

    “Autocracies at war tend to seek out other dictatorships as allies, or at least as neutral powers”

    As do all other nations in human history? The U.S. and U.K. are famous not just for seeking out Dictatorships, but indeed wholesale creating them FROM real governments for at least a century. Like 100, one a year. Iraq and Chile are just two most famous examples. It’s well known and often said that we prefer dictatorships to democracies as allies, which is why we create them.

    “Ukraine’s allies, however, are all democracies.” Uhhhh, leaving that aside…

    “they cannot order private defense corporations to ramp up production.” You mean without PAYING them? I would think not! But we CAN have them to ramp up infinite production by merely PAYING them, and have. Nor does Russia. Pretty sure their employees are paid, their managers are paid and their CEOs are paid. Just like ours. If they were “ordered” and not “Paid” that would be slavery and not last long. He doesn’t know the difference.

    “Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Hungary has been the main culprit—… Orbán snubbed a two-party delegation of U.S. senators who had gone to Budapest to request that he relax his opposition”

    …Rather than pass, pay, and build any weapons themselves? In the United States? So Orban’s fault is that U.S. Congress won’t pass a bill? Is Orban King of America or something? Pay Lockheed to make weapons = they do. But I guess if it upsets one Hungarian, they don’t. Lockheed would never offend anyone.

    “Zoltan Barany is Frank C. Erwin Jr. Centennial Professor of Government at the UT at Austin and the author of Armies of Arabia: Military Politics and Effectiveness in the Gulf (2021). His 2007 book Democratic Breakdown and the Decline of the Russian Military was republished in paperback by Princeton University Press in 2023.”

    Wow, that byline just parodies itself! Yes, please re-tell us all about your genius in the “Breakdown and the Decline of the Russian Military” in 2007. And now you’re an “Expert” in Russian military having made one of the most epic and costly mistakes in Professorial History. For at least the last 80 years. And if I wrote that book, I’d run from it so fast and pretend I never wrote it. But like journalists who hand their life savings to any guy in a van, he/she not only DID it, they then proudly WROTE about how they did exactly this! And sweated hard to get it on the front page so everyone would know!

    How can they get away with failure after failure, decade after decade, losing $150 BILLION if not a Trillion?

    Copyright © 2024 National Endowment for Democracy”

    Oh, nevermind. It’s government money, MY money, while 1/3rd of the nation is dropped into poverty and we’ve 10x the Hoovervilles of ‘33. “Fail all you want! We’ll pay more.” Why you punching yourself? Why you punching yourself with your own money?

    Other Zoltan highlights? “Armies and Autocrats: Why Putin’s Military Failed” That’s one WEEK ago. Jan ‘23. As Lincoln said, with failure like that, I need to ask what brand of Vodka Putin drinks…

    Brought to you by MoteBeam. TruthShield. “TruthShield”: it’s not just for breakfast anymore, but lunch and dinner too. We protect you from the Truth at all Costs! And with TruthShield you can rest assured the cost will always be high.”

    Formerly T-Bear

    Dr D(uh), what a bunch on inanity, loaded with perjoritive references. Not impressed!, can’t you do better?


    Moving forward I am going to focus on cloudless. Decentralize everything possible. As a start I finally have a workable storage system. 1TB micro SDXC. Collected into a credit card holder. inside a paper wallet inside a mesh bag. The SDXC and holder from B&H photo. The wallet and bag from Amazon. The package holds 33TB. I currently run 1 master and 4 backups physically separated. I rotate the backups so I dont have to visit them. I have been collecting since 1983 and have used 12 of the 33 TB so far. I have copies of Swartz, Fleiss, etc. I will be posting my syncro SW on my web site soon. Amazon has a variety of little caddies to put the cards in.



    Government is for the people, by the people, of the people, without foreign influence.
    Peacefull transfer/remove of power and control to someone else.
    Work together as per rules and regulations, (Law), accountability and authorization.
    Rejection/Overthrowing/Insurrection the existing system by other means.
    Enemies of peace:
    Media, liars, manipulator, influencers, salesman, messengers, bias fact checkers.
    24 Feb, 2024 09:34
    China lashes out at ‘agent of trouble’ – NATO
    “..NATO should cease its “saber-rattling” and start promoting global peace, Chinese envoy Zhang Jun has said at a UN Security Council meeting dedicated to the second anniversary of the Ukraine conflict.”
    ‘High time for peace’, UN chief says, as Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine enters third year
    23 February 2024 Peace and Security


    Try picture again


    We do not need wars, for Death/depopulation, Gaia has as a self-regulating complex system.

    (The Gaia hypothesis, also known as Gaia theory or Gaia principle, proposes that all organisms and their inorganic surroundings on Earth are closely integrated to form a single and self-regulating complex system, maintaining the conditions for life on the planet.



    Web site please?


    Guess what … If Trump want out of NATO …. he can’t do it by himself

    H.R.2670 – National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2024
    December 22, 2023. Among other provisions such as itemized DOD and “IC” FY2024 budgets is SEC. 1250A . LIMITATION ON WITHDRAWAL FROM THE NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION.


    Nazilensky in The Last Days of The Bunker



    Nazilensky as a weird little child



    The Putin has spoken twice: I prefer Biden, he is predictable


    Yes Sir he is!

    Climbing the Stairway to Heaven



    The Collective West has no ‘diplomatic game’

    The Putin has now historically ‘read the table’

    Euroturdistan has no future

    They are de-industrialized eunuchs, thanks to the Empire of Lies & Chaos

    Mission Accomplished

    Conclusion, keep your distance from Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys



    The strategic brilliance of arms to Ukronaziland has run it’s course.

    “We got nothin’ squeals Nazilensky!”

    “Send us your Wonder Weapons for Victory!”




    1911 Encyclopedia Britannica


    “Well I’ll be….where’s my ice cream cone”


    Meeting an actual World Leader




    These is too rich for words

    60 Minutes Goes to Sweden for Propaganda Piece Promoting Migrants and crew gets attacked by migrants after the cops escorting them leave early!


    Too bad they didn’t punch out Blondie the Super Empowered Woman interviewer!


    Canada can meet its 2% defense spending by installing solar powered communication posts and portable shelters at critical point that immigrants can use to call a uber/taxi service to bring them to official border processing stations.
    Also, the homeless could be hired as special “greeters” to man these shelters.
    /s 🙂



    So the assumption here is that the next crew will start to follow the rules?


    So the assumption here is that the next crew will start to follow the rules?

    To keep the money/scam going.


    The wind have changed

    Ukraine is indeed full of actual Nazis. The Azov brigades were and are…. Nazis. For real. They’re the reason Putin went into Ukraine as they continually, since the 2014 color revolution which we, as the United States fomented and in fact Senator McCain gave a damned speech at Maidan, have been shelling ethnically-Russian people in the eastern part of that land.

    Now perhaps you think its perfectly ok for the soldiers under someone’s command to shell citizens on your own soil. I’m sure you’d be happy if our military shelled oh…… MAGA folks in Texas perhaps? The rest of us who have a hint of intelligence would call that Nazi behavior and we might be interested in putting a stop to it.

    Never mind that the actual dictator right now is…. Zelensky. Who canceled elections, banned any other than his political party and threatens anyone who opposes him politically and democratically with prison? That’s Zelensky. So shut the fuck up because support for Ukraine’s current leadership is support for both a dictator and Nazi.


    Zelensky reveals 31,000 Nazi Ukrainian troops killed since Russia invaded
    (All the others were not Nazi. They were traitors, Russian sympathizers, mercenaries, and idiots.)


    A Newfie was elected as the new leader of Newfoundland and Labrador. He decided to declare war on the USA, thinking that it would be an easy way to get rich and famous. He called the White House and said, “I’m the new premier of N.L. and I’m declaring war on you!” The American president laughed and said, “How big is your army?” The Newfie said, “Well, right now I have myself, my cousin, and my dog. But we’re recruiting more people every day.” The president said, “OK, I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you a week to prepare, and then we’ll see who wins.” The Newfie agreed and hung up. A week later, he called the White House again and said, “Mr. President, I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that we have 10,000 troops now, but we still don’t have any weapons or vehicles. The good news is that we don’t want to fight anymore. We surrender.” The president was puzzled and asked, “Why do you surrender?” The Newfie said, “Because there’s no way we can feed all the USA prisoners!”

    Figmund Sreud

    Who knew?



    Night reading. From the horse’s mouth
    Dmitry Medvedev’s Roundtable Interview

    FEB 25, 2024

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