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    Édouard Manet Woman with a jug 1858-60   • White House Distances Itself From Covid ‘Lab-Leak’ Theory • Covid Lab Leak Is A Scandal Of Media And G
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    Practically every problem we are engulfed in is due to the fact that Oceania is governed (managed) by totalitarian fascists who are put into position by the international money-lenders and are beholden to them or are afraid of them.

    1932: “There are people’s whose names are never spoken above a whisper….”

    2023: There are people who have managed to distance themselves from their numerous wide-ranging crimes and have convinced large swathes of the populations of NATOstan nations that black is white, that night is day and that war is peace (as well as convincing them that sickness is health and slavery is freedom).

    When a society is founded on fraud and deceit it is bound to collapse.

    We are in the midst of such a collapse. It is bound to accelerate.

    What little is left of the natural world remaining semi-intact is dependent on a fast crash occurring.

    Nobody wants a fast crash. ‘Everyone’ wants ‘Ponzi schemes forever’.

    All Ponzi schemes collapse.

    The next storm systems to pummel the northern sectors of Airstrip Five are forming over the superheated waters to the northwest.

    It’s going to get gruesome very soon.

    Nobody is fully prepared.

    I am prepared more than most.

    Pity the children born in the collapsing concentration camps, where food will be rationed via the orice mechaism. nd then by unavailability.

    The woman next door is pregnant.

    In the past such a state was cause for celebration.

    Soon it will be a misfortune.


    Pity the children born in the collapsing concentration camps, where food will be rationed via the price mechanism. And then by unavailability.




    “The American way of life is not negotiable.” George H.W. Bush
    How much clarification is needed to place this thought into current context?


    “It is difficult for them to believe that two-thirds of the world’s population is not siding with the West..”

    What proportion of the people in the west supports them? The governments do, but the people don’t, this is western democracy after all, there is no correlation between what the people want and what happens.


    North African nations have sharply increased imports of Russian diesel and other refined oil products, while petrochemical exports from the region have seen a significant uptick, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday, citing trading analysts.

    War is profitable.


    Big rise in Emergency Blood Transfusions from April 2021 onwards.

    Apr 2017-2018 = 11,859
    Apr 2018-2019 = 12,073
    Apr 2019-2020 = 12,583
    Arp 2020-2021 = 12,655
    Apr 2021-2022 = 14,819








    Despite calls from NGOs, observers said it was unlikely there would be a walkout like the one many diplomats took part in when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s video played in the council last year.

    A walkout that showed the world that the UN is run by a bunch of children and will never fix anything. The Russians only go to offer to negotiate while the children demand Russian surrender and a white flag. The failure of their last “Greta spaz” has convinced the older children not to do it again.


    phoenix for your daughter:
    the job of boys at your age is to ask to ask for carnal knowlege
    the job of young ladies is to say “No!”

    point out that her friend is seen as the one in the cat bird seat and all of the others know they have no chance. Your daughter holds the gem in her hand and the value will only increase as she matures into the woman she will be. You cannot harass someone who is above reproach. Tell her there is someone she has never met who loves her and knows her value as a human being because she is my sister.


    “Golden Rock … seems to defy gravity …”

    Not sure I’d spend much time on the downside of that.

    “Moscow’s war is expected to dominate the opening of the top UN rights body’s main annual session in Geneva. […] The meeting, which is due to last a record six weeks …”

    Not much surprises me anymore, with one possible exception: that the people in these global alphabet organizations (UN, WHO, WEF, NATO, et al) actually believe what they have to say is important to anyone but their own little bubble. Talk about living in a state of denial.

    Great line up today, RIM. Thank you!


    AFKTT it certainly looks as though collapse is accelerating, the exponential thingy. So too is the rhetoric rallying against such an outlandish concept. You’re right to worry for the young as well as the yet to be birthed. It will overwhelm a person if allowed. It breaks my heart as well, when I look at todays youth and expectant mothers not understanding the shit storm that is swirling around them. It’s unfolding at some crazy speed around us and there has been no attempt to educate about it. On the contrary it has been obfuscated out of the sight of the masses. Having spent most of my working life in the construction trades I have a bit of knowledge in how to for a number of practical experience applications. As such I’ve got my two of my three grandsons, one is too young yet, excited about building a long bow from scratch without using electricity. I’ve suggested the bow to get them excited for the idea, building a table or chairs from scratch without electricity, or even with, doesn’t get the same attention. If this exercise with a splitting wedge, hammer, ash log, draw knife and coping saw, (one should learn how to cope, pun intended), goes well, I’m thinking of moving on to a Trebuchet that would launch a 25-30kg object 500+/- meters. I’m even going to plant a small area of flax to make the bow string out of. No idea if this will work or not? I don’t see any worth in the effort required trying to explain the complex problem of the global financial ponzi scheme that is going to crash at some unknown point. I figure the reality of that will work its own magic as it unravels. The practicality of learning how to follow a simple set of plans and build with hand tools is more likely to carry them further.

    Veracious Poet

    What proportion of the people in the west supports them? The governments do, but the people don’t, this is western democracy after all, there is no correlation between what the people want and what happens.

    Quite obviously, the people in the west *DO NOT* have the interest, nor the ability, to analyze the *BONA FIDE* datasets necessary to arrive at *REALISTIC* insights and/or draw conclusions about what the actual H3LL their western governments are have planned, executed, nor have any clue to what *interests* are actually being represented and/or in *CONTROL*.

    If Americans, for instance, actually comprehended a small fraction of the last 50 years of data available, the freakish demoRAT/GOPher monstrosity would have been extinct 20+ years ago…

    There are innumerous reasons the people in the west (specifically the *electorate*) have failed to leverage & absorb almost any *DATA* easily available, but in the end there’s only one solution that solves their quantitative & qualitative *FAILURE*:

    Spiritual Awakening.

    Without an underlying connection/access to Wisdom from the Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Infinite, especially among a remnant thereof within *LEADERSHIP*, the result is always the same:

    Collective EG0ic Madness aka Mass Formation Psychosis

    What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.


    Positive Dennis

    Why do you keep posting photos that a simple google search would show it is fake? No Zelensky was not at a 1999 gay pride parade in New York.

    Dr. D

    Jimmy Dore, like short and sweet.

    So very, very much has gone on, with hundreds of players, hundreds of events, I’m jealous of being able to limit the response to just the focus and the short time he has available. But, he does speak for a living, and has for 30 years.

    “White House Distances Itself From Covid ‘Lab-Leak’ Theory “

    Who keeps leaking the leaking? White Hats are in there, popping up their heads. They know they can’t break through torture conditioning, so they erode it away over time. That’s why all conspiracy theories turn out to be true, and why it takes on average 6 weeks, although big ones like these take longer.

    So since it’s a lab leak can we arrest Fauci and Daszak from NIAID yet? It’s okay: they can present their case in court, a courtesy they wouldn’t provide me.

    “multiple occurrences where Fauci denied any gain-of-function research..”

    The exchange with him and Rand Paul is illuminating. Fauci says, “although I paid labs worldwide, in dangerous places, with substandard facilities, to have diseases intentionally be developed to increase in danger, severity, and transmissibility, and do not pay to find equal cures at the same time, that’s not gain of function research, although that is the exact legal definition of gain of function I myself use and you just read to me.”

    It’s not murder when I do it! Equally, your honor, you could argue that according to Einstein and Newton, his body equally attacked my knife! Who’s the real victim here, sir? Well I say! If you can’t believe The Science, who can you believe?

    That I understand. Why people actually believe it is what I don’t understand.

    “Kiev might be the real culprit behind the destruction of Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines”

    Since it was a Deep State that considers Ukraine their ancestral homeland and new base of operations, that’s not as far from the truth as it sounds.

    Wall Street really wants to invest in Ukraine, …The world’s largest money-management firm BlackRock”

    They are the financial arm of the same operation. Ultimately, way back, they were funded by the Nazi gold escaping the country in 1944. Wasn’t it more effective to use corporations to do the same thing?

    Zelensky seemed unabashed in his request for billions of dollars in private capital”

    “unabashed”? This guy has been non-stop haranguing and insulting the American people for not giving MORE than $150B in 12 months. While he knows they just killed 10M in Ohio (eventually). The self-absorbed tone-deafness of these people is astounding. You can still do the same thing: “I understand the many challenges and the big ask, but the existence of my country and democracy, expansive attacks, yada.” Pete says, “Yes, I didn’t go to Ohio because I was working just so hard on fixing it, and I can do that better in my office…blah blah.” Just lie. But they don’t have SHAME, they can’t distinguish right from wrong even in theory, so they no longer realize they even SHOULD lie.

    This is what distinguishes them as epic, irredeemable villains.

    ““I was the only president who rejected the catastrophic advice of many of Washington’s generals, bureaucrats and so-called diplomats who only knew how to get us into conflicts,”

    But this means nothing to anyone because: Orange Man Bad. Killing ethnic people good. Villains stop wars; heroes start them. That’s just common sense.

    “• Much of Global South Isn’t Automatically Supporting the West”

    Have they ever, or were they always just paid off and murdered?

    “1. The Global South does not believe that the West understands or empathizes with their problems.”

    What an astonishing belief! Where would they ever get such an idea?

    Africa remains to this day the most unvaccinated continent in the world.”

    And the safest. Apparently they like Black people because by refusing their IP and vaccines, they saved tens of millions. (Africa is a big place, 1B ppl)

    North African nations America have sharply increased imports of Russian diesel and other refined oil products,”

    Fixed it. There’s nothing Joe like better than paying Putin big money for Russian oil. That’ll larn him.

    “Brussels added RT Arabic to the list of channels banned from broadcasting in the EU.”

    Blacklisting those Brownies. And Slavs. And any other ethnic minority we can think of! After telling the Black African reporters in the press conference to know their place and get to the back of the bus! Hey, who’s The Garden around here and who’s The Jungle?

    Applause all around! That’s telling The Help who’s boss! There’s no love and caring quite like white European oppressing all other races love and caring, now excuse me, I have to go look for all those White Supremacists I’ve been hearing about somewhere…

    Should we just mail every media person in Europe a mirror? Should we add a fourth slogan to Orwell:

    Sameness = Diversity.

    “were organized by the right-wing Les Patriotes party”

    Does anyone know if they’re really right-wing, or only to the Right of Mao? Because “Right-wing” now means, “anyone I don’t agree with, but especially the anti-war to the far left of Bernie.” Plus moms at school board meetings. Definitely them.

    Anyway: The Right for Peace, the Left for War. Where have you gone wrong? This is your civil rights legacy? “Bomb all brown people worldwide”? “Genocide all Slavs”? Catchy! Vote DNC today!

    “tens of thousands of people heeded the call of prominent Left Party politician Sahra Wagenknecht and author Alice Schwarzer. Named the ‘Uprising for Peace,’”

    There you go. That wasn’t so hard, was it? You’re supposed to support the Workers AGAINST the Corporations, not the other way around! (Head slap)

    UN to Discuss Investigation into War Crimes in Ukraine (Az.) “

    They’re holding a meeting about having a meeting. For 6 weeks. While people die. Sounds about right. So did they import some sex slaves and pay to fabricate chemical evidence to promote an invasion? Or is that only after the second meeting?

    • GOP Lawmakers Vow to Unmask Hunter Biden’s Anonymous Art Buyers (NYP) “

    They already have the evidence and they already know the buyers. So what is this puppet show for?

    “it perpetually appears to be on the verge of rolling down the hill”

    And one day it will, so that will be interesting…

    When a society is founded on fraud and deceit it is bound to collapse.”

    Yes but when? There’s a phrase about being rational and solvent. The predictions are off by a whole generation. A generation has died unable to capitalize on the investments they made predicting the collapse. That’s where “A miss is as good as a mile.”

    “All Ponzi schemes collapse.”

    Yes, but they can go on a long time. And as Buffet said, even if you’re in a chain letter, that doesn’t mean you don’t get paid if you’re in early enough. You do. Luongo had a further observation: you can ‘fix’ or roll-up all the little pyramid schemes into one big pyramid scheme if you’re the biggest. That’s the Federal reserve can eat all the smaller frauds, like Europe or FTX for quite a long time and be the last man standing before the end. We’re not even at that point yet. Inexplicably.

    The children are always good. Never think otherwise. “And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!”

    18Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. 19And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! 20But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: 21For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. 23Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. 24For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matt 24

    The seal is “Pestilence”, and the Death Rides on the horse of Green. If mothers, newborns, and children are having a hard time, help them!


    I’m trying to square this sudden interest in “lab leak” with the excellent work that Sasha Latypova has done lately about DOD involvement:


    I’m beginning to believe Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge is using AI, on Sunday afternoon alone from ZH:
    “Climate Change Cult At It Again”: Apple Users Frustrated With ‘Green Charging’
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    SUNDAY, FEB 26, 2023 – 09:30 PM

    “We’re Dying Slowly”: East Palestine Residents Report Bizarre Health Issues After Toxic Train Derailment
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    SUNDAY, FEB 26, 2023 – 07:30 PM

    Power-Grid Attacks Up 71% And Biden Acolytes Tell Us It’s All Those White Supremacists
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    SUNDAY, FEB 26, 2023 – 01:00 PM

    So after doing a search of his name the following showed up:
    Scrolling back over the last 24 hours it would seem his name is attached to literally dozens of articles? How can this be anything other than signing off on stuff. I’m sure someone here can straighten me out on this?


    aspnaz – “What proportion of the people in the west supports them? The governments do, but the people don’t, this is western democracy after all, there is no correlation between what the people want and what happens.”

    “there is no correlation between what the people want and what happens.” bovine pasture enrichment, the candidate of the status quo has been supported and elected in the west without reserve. Let anyone gain a public platform and suggest even a “belt tightening” and see how the people in the west respond. “Do what has to be done, just don’t tell me and we can continue the nobility charade together”. I am amazed there are not more shoulder injuries from people patting themselves on the back. Tell the people of the west, “we must bankrupt ourselves,(increase our military budget), to preserve the current order” and see how the people of the west respond. Have a nation drain their strategic petroleum reserve to gain a fleeting political advantage and find the voices objecting on any grounds not political in nature. Murder children for profit, find the outrage. ‘We Think the Price Is Worth It’.

    People can believe anything they want to and for the most part that is exactly what is done. People believe what they want, what is desired, is real. Perhaps Dr. John will remind us of the Eight Fold Path.


    In an Empire of Lies®, someone eventually has to drag the Truth ashore.

    The DOD, a subclade of the Military Industrial Mafia, ran the whole Covid scam.

    Just another racket by hoodlums in uniforms.

    Are there actually any White Hats left in the rotting sewer of the DOD?

    Probably not, the Empire of Lies® military matrix seems to be the very last place even an iota of courage exists.

    Maybe the White Dresses will deliver the goods

    However, the Truth will be undoubtedly dead on arrival and of little value.



    “The American way of life is not negotiable.” George H.W. Bush

    And yet, yesterday while helping my son with his US history assignment he was required to define consumerism. It was noted in the packet that it was the idea of purchasing things for the pleasure and enjoyment of possessing them, and that it expanded from the wealthy to the middle classes in the 1920s. Advertising took off in the same decade.

    Is consumerism the way of life that was seen as non-negotiable?


    There’s a pretty interesting sales pitch (?) for AI on Rense‘s top of the site video. About 15 minutes. You’ll get introduced to Sam Altman- the future new darling of the Really Important Assholes League.


    I want to pet those paws on that clouded leopard!

    The future is face-to-face. Anything else might (worse than will) be fake.
    Trust in the machine. Uh hunh. I’ve got a smoke detector for sale…


    Does it matter to you?
    Accept and adapt,
    Time to read TAE

    Who really started the Ukraine war?
    Who started the covid 19 pandemic?

    What about truth, lies, opioids, pain free life/health, immigrants, poverty, dedollarizing, inflation, politics, demonstrationns, sanctions, freedom, liberty, wages, earthquakes, weather, Russian fossil fuels, rule of law/justice,

    “Ivermectin got made into a horse tranquilizer.
    Hydroxychloroquine got made ridiculous, and
    there was only one thing that could work, and that’s the vaccine, and ultimately,
    because of that, billions of dollars were made.”

    • Covid Lab Leak Is A Scandal Of Media And Government Censorship (Turley)

    • Elon Musk Accuses Fauci Of Funding Gain-Of-Function Research (TP)

    • Much Of Global South Isn’t Automatically Supporting The West In Ukraine (Mehta)

    • Thousands Rally For Peace In Italy (RT)

    • GOP Lawmakers Vow To Unmask Hunter Biden’s Anonymous Art Buyers (NYP)


    Just Some Randomer

    @Red #130030

    “Scrolling back over the last 24 hours it would seem his name is attached to literally dozens of articles? How can this be anything other than signing off on stuff. I’m sure someone here can straighten me out on this?”

    ‘Tyler Durden’ is a nom de plume used by the ZH writing staff. It isn’t an individual.


    @ afktt Unlike electric jugs, there are no supplies of second-hand smartphones. Not true — at least not here. My last 4 smartphones were second-hand; I get them from eBay or Amazon.

    To all who responded to my comment yesterday – thank you. 🙂

    Unbeknownst to me until years later, my daughter was befriended by the lgbtqi crowd when she switched schools in 2nd grade. She identifies as “queer” or “lesbian.” I am glad that is the only result, a good female friend of hers from a solid family identifies as male, and I have seen strain in their family relationships subsequently. So far, my daughter has eschewed any sort of romantic entanglements.

    @ tboc— she essentially does this already. When she is chatting in person with her male friend and male peers make annoying comments she tells me that she flips them off, yells, “F*** you!” and/or, “I’m a lesbian!” She finds that the third often causes the perps to have very puzzled expressions, which she enjoys.

    @ oroboros — The Woketards are experts at public shaming, maybe hire them as consultants<em/> Like that one. I note that your comment essentially is to use non-authoritarian means to stop the verbal harassment. I like that.

    And yet I recognize that, in life, sometimes authoritarian means are all that is available — and, that authoritarian means often cut both ways. I was verbally/emotionally abused by my ex for more than a decade. Once I had decided that the relationship was non-salvageable, I wanted him out, but could think of no way to budge him. I could pack the kids in the car and find an apartment, but then what about the hens? The piano? The business paraphernalia? The garden? If I left, there was a good chance that I would never be able to return, and it really made no sense that 4 people should leave and get crammed into a tiny apartment for the bad deeds of one. Then I figured out how “orders of protection” work, realized that his misdeeds had crossed into that territory, especially with regards to the children, and utilized that authoritarian means, including the police, to get him out of the house. Considering how the victims of abuse are often isolated from other supports, authoritarian means are often all that is left to turn to. Of course, the family court is also an authoritarian means, and he turned it on me, upending my life for 18 months a few years ago; I’m still dealing with the financial repercussions.

    My daughter and her friend resolved the problem structurally. At her urging, he disabled the ability of others to post to his Snapchat story anonymously. Apparently, he liked the feature because the activity also caused attention to his own posts.

    Of course, none of this addresses the question about censorship: at what point is free speech censored? At what point are victims protected from bullying? Speech disassociated with the speaker is often more inflammatory — accountability often results in responsibility. And yet, enforced accountability also results in a lessening of freedom.

    We traditionally endeavor to protect children from severely adverse events — and rightly so, their minds are still forming, and deeply disturbing adverse events may cause long-lasting deleterious repercussions. (Who decides what a “deeply disturbing adverse event” is for a child?). My daughter did not want to go to school authorities in this case — apparently schools can obtain access to information about Snapchat accounts of minors who attend the school — she did so in 7th grade when she was sexually harassed by a popular male peer. The entire grade soon knew that she had tattled on the popular boy to the school administration, but did not know about his inappropriate behavior, and she suffered social repercussions for the rest of 7th grade and all of 8th. (Going through proper authorities often “cuts both ways.”)



    Circle of truth

    covid-19 …. China …. Covid Lab Leak …. Funding Gain-Of-Function Research …. Fauci …. USA


    Thank you makes more sense for me now.


    Apropos of nothing, I suppose, but it seems FedEx pilots are looking for a bump in pay and pension, using inflation as a partial explanation.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the white house handles THIS transportation issue if a strike actually does threaten. (From a very recent union message):

    “The central issue is the Company’s belief that FedEx pilot pay rates do not need to be competitive within the airline industry. In fact, the Company negotiators insist that we should look no further than the pay rate at UPS, ignoring the obvious flaw of comparing the UPS single pay rate to our narrow body pay. The other flaws in the Company narrative are too many to list, but we can share a few of our unambiguous responses:

    The pension improvement was long overdue and should not be at the expense of our pay.

    Through extensive surveys, pilots have been consistent with three priorities. Pay is only second to retirement on that list.

    We have experienced record-setting inflation during the past two years that impacts pay rate expectations.

    Our pay rates have trailed the airline industry and the UPS rate dating back to 2016.

    The current Company proposal exceeds the UPS rate only intermittently (3 months out of every 12) until July 2026, at which point our widebody pay rate would pass the UPS rate.

    The week concluded with each party providing a term sheet proposal. In general, the week was frustrating due to the Company’s refusal to make a defining move despite our repeated cautions that the latest Company proposal would not be ratified by our pilots under any condition, let alone approved by the MEC.”

    Figmund Sreud

    West Point Paper

    “The US-led Rules-Based Order (RBO) is changing in an increasingly multipolar world. Nevertheless, US officials continually restate that the RBO must be defended.”



    A different point of view – Russian loses

    Day 369: Ukraïnian Map


    Its not all gains

    Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.02.27

    Michael Reid

    @ RED

    Flax seems to need an area which gets very little water I think. The flax I planted first time last year drowned from rain. This year flax will be planted in the greenhouse so water may be controlled.

    D Benton Smith

    The big news about the Woody Harrelson anti-vax joke on Saturday Night Live isn’t about the specific contents of his anti-vax message (even though that was, indeed, just wonderful).

    The big news is that the Bad Guys’ powers of censorship have now decreased so drastically that even though SNL is a stronghold of Wokedom, the bastards COULD NOT STOP HERRELSON’S JOKE FROM BEING BROADCAST.

    I other words, they are very significantly and very rapidly losing their ability to to stop the truth from being spoken to their heretofore captured LARGE and previously insulated target audience. As that sort of thing happens the share of power will continue to shift at ever-increasing rates for both sides. Exponential shrinkage versus exponential growth. Censorship weakening as truth revelation strengthens is a self-reinforcing feedback loop.


    D Benton Smith

    I can only imagine the kind of threat it took to get those Sinaloan , MS-13, tatooed crime-gang maniacs to propitiate as submissively as they did. What I saw was 100% compliance to totally humiliating commands. I’ve seen slaves and POW’s and even armed robbery victims staring into the barrels of guns show more reluctance to do as they were told.

    My guess is that the cops shot as many as they arrested, just to convince the living that anything other than instantaneous total compliance would have instantaneously fatal consequences, with zero hesitation and no exceptions.

    Doc Robinson

    Some food for thought about the Woody Harrelson moment, from Mathew Crawford:

    While Woody Harrelson did not say “Pharmafia”, he said “drug cartels”, by which we know that he means Big Pharma. We’re on the same page. And…he was…allowed to say it.

    Allowed…why, exactly?

    You’ve just been given an ounce of social approbation. Is this the thin gruel that keeps you alive?

    Most people in the Medical Freedom Movement—the millions who woke up due to harsh mandates and other authoritarian government actions—are happy to simply sit behind their screens and pump their fists. These are the same throngs following Chaos Agents through social media and Substack. These are mostly the intuitives who are not well enough educated to track down all the important information on their own, but know that the mainstream media and governments were lying to them. They are at risk of falling into the trap of the mass formation of the movement—and at risk of finding themselves steered by a false prophet.

    Why would powerful corporate interests want to keep you alive as you study their crimes and threaten to do something about them?

    I have multiple hypotheses that are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and I’m not sure the list is exhaustive in a realistic sense. I may add suggestions from the peanut gallery this time.

    Part of the corporate power base (possibly military, too) was always against Plandemonium, but could not stop it. Instead, they waited to build momentum on the other side.

    Perhaps like FTX/Alameida, the Pharmafia’s plan was one of several attempts at global domination (the “vax tax”) that failed, and this is a necessary step toward recall.

    This is part of an elaborate trap, much like Mao’s Hundred Flowers campaign that saw his opponents out themselves—compiled into an easy list, complete with street addresses so that his communist troops could rip them from their homes one-by-one and imprison, enslave, or murder those who could not be otherwise turned.

    Woody Harrelson may be the perfect man to deliver the message such that we cannot easily discern the meaning. He is not a man from a powerful family. He is the son of a heinous hitman who worked his own way up from poverty and obscurity in a career with notable downturns. You won’t find him in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book. He is a man that I quite frankly want to root for, given what I know about him.

    And yet the fact remains: he was allowed to say what he said.

    Unless there is a James O’Keefe moment yet to come where Woody Harrelson finds himself on the outside?


    I offer a short history for those too young to know or living in very different places.

    When the looting-by-force agents of The City of London money-lender empire realised there was a prospect of the French establishing colonies on the distant Dutch-discovered land masses of the southwest Pacific Ocean they quickly got into action to plant their flag on the landmasses and claim them -Captain Cook’s secret instructions after recording the transit of Venus from Tahiti, 1767-1769. (At the time the Dutch were more interested in looting the Spice Islands and forcing China and Japan to trade with them than attempting to take over the seemingly empty and useless lands to the south.) Hence Cook Strait and so many Cook streets.

    Throughout the nineteenth century the prime business plan involved removing every resource that could be removed and destroying the natural land cover so that sheep stations -to supply the woolen mills of Yorkshire- could be established. Obviously the indigenous population had to be conned, defeated and crushed, which was largely completed by 1870. So many sheep farms and so much wool to be exported meant shiploads of poor people had to be transported to the land masses and dumped on the beaches to largely fend for themselves whilst being indoctrinated in the ways of empire, including much flag-waving and support for ‘Mother England’s invasions of other parts of the world.

    Almost everything except food, timber and wool had to be imported. In the early days not only were window frames imported but on occasion entire houses were imported from the senior colony to the west, the semi-autonomous governing body governing the ‘shaky isles’ (which departed from the ‘big island’ around 140 million years ago).

    From the beginning right through to the mid-80s the game was to increase the industrial output of the shaky isles, after which the switch was flipped by the fake Labour government and the game was to reduce the industrial output of the ‘shaky isles’ and return it to being a source of raw materials, whilst establishing an international holiday camp for the ultra-wealthy. Hence the huge push for the Americas Cup and the incessant promotion of tourism by the managers of Airstrip Five, despite international tourism being one of the most futile and destructive activities engaged in by homo colossus.

    Hence, all the factories turning wood into furniture were closed down. All the factories turning wool into clothing were closed down. All the factories converting animal skins into shoes and jackets were shut down. The railway repair facilities were shut down. The steel works were shut down. Vehicle assembly plants were closed. The aluminium fabricators were largely shut down (other than those making house fittings, housing being an important component of Ponzi economics). Most of the plastics moulders were shut down…

    Manufacturers of cardboard boxes remained because cardboard boxes were (are) needed to export fruit and vegetables and Airstrip Five is proficient at pulping trees. However, many timber processing plants were closed down, resulting in full longs being exported and coming back as lenghts of timber.

    The little oil extracted from under the land and sea (commencing around 1880) is exported because it is ‘too good’ to be used domestically. And the oil refinery has been closed down anyway.

    What is left is a toxic shitfest of suburbia in the main centres (being made worse by the day by the managers), a populace largely composed of pleasant, mind-controlled, of dumbarses, the worst trade deficits ever and circling the drain in an ever-faster swirl.

    These shaky isles were ‘blessed’ and could have continued to have one of the highest qualities of life in the world, but for the activities of the money-lender-installed saboteurs in charge over many decades.

    Many people are keen to get here because it’s a lot worse elsewhere in the world in the race to the bottom.

    It still perplexes me, this self-annihilation meme which runs through Oceania and other NATOstan countries.

    D Benton Smith

    Everybody is missing the point on public AI like chatGPT or it’s sinister cousin over at Bing.

    The Cabal doesn’t give the slightest shit about whether the “chat-buddies” are trusted, or liked, or even vehemently condemned as EVIL. The fucking POINT is that the AI is ACCEPTED AS REAL

    Once folks start thinking about a talking AI as though it was actually a “somebody of some sort”, it is game over for people.

    If a digital entity on the internet Cloud is an AI simulation of Grandma or any other dearly departed real person (like a beloved spouse, sibling or child) then it’s only a matter of time until that electronic entity will being protected from being ignored or erased or abused in any way that a real human would object to being treated. Hell, a medium decent simulated human can already “argue its case” for being a true consciousness. A few more years of data collected from people “talking” to (and even arguing with) chatbots will make it impossible to distinguish the difference without tangible “Habeous Corpus” evidence.

    So does dear dead Granny in the Cloud lose the right to vote? How about getting paid for the “work” she and other bots are doing? Or the right to a fair trial?

    If someone’s “consciousness” is uploaded to a computer could you then prove that it wasn’t?

    Apparently the sky is no longer the limit on the amount of horseshit the foolish can be made to believe and accept.

    John Day

    Meryl Nass MD is putting together a food-(in)security symposium this coming Saturday 3/4/23, and I’ll be doing the vegetable gardening.
    To that end, I have put together 3 posts, the hard copy and references for my 15 minute talk.

    Deciding Where To Grow Vegetabes

    Preparing Your Kitchen Garden

    Growing Food

    John Day

    Garden demonstration

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