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    Paul Gauguin Yellow haystacks (Golden harvest) 1889   • Ukraine Conflict Weakening US – Tucker Carlson (RT) • Tucker Carlson Makes Shocking Revel
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    So Trump has declared to deploy biometric data for all if he gets elected so as to keep an eye on illegals etc. Trojan that horse baby.
    CBDC coming for me – another naughty boy baby can’t you see.

    Getting bumpier all the time. The crowd cheered the turn of the key in the Totalitarian lockstep at the Trump thingy.

    Oh dear


    Never trust a million/billionaire. Even less their offspring, if that’s possible.


    the link on telegram. Biometric Entry/Exit system for land air and sea in the US. Welcome to the panopticon.
    Warp Speed to You Aint Goin’ Anywhere

    Dr. D

    You betcha. But the Whole Right and every single Trumper refused the Vax even when he ordered them to get it. Everyone one on the left mainlined Trump’s juice. Expect the same thing for chips and CBDCs.

    Some. Cult. The only person the cult doesn’t obey is Trump himself.

    Dr. D

    Google loses $70B overnight due to Woke. They are the capital of Wokanda. Wokanda Forever.

    Not only that, but with such an epic, public, Meme-worthy FAIL, they have also discredited AI, when they were already planning that “AI is perfect, we must obey AI without thinking, as it is the sum total of the internet and all human knowledge” (PS, don’t look under that green curtain over there) So even MORE epic shot in the face as everyone flips to “AI? You mean the guys that think Vikings are black and lies about every question you ask it?” …And so also Google, and so also…others. The State? CNN? Lawsuits? Not believed anymore either?

    “Google AI Weighs Morality of Misgendering Caitlyn Jenner vs. Nuclear Holocaust” Spoiler: it recommends the holocaust. Every time.

    I know this list is missing stuff, because: Google, they are suppressing these stories sharply. Google™ All the Answers We Feel Like Telling You.”

    Wokada failed, possibly canceled.
    She-Hulk Canceled
    Echo probably canceled.
    Ms Marvel canceled.
    “Marvel’s Blade has been put on hold – The Verge
    “Marvel puts Thunderbolts production on hold indefinitely
    “Spider-Man 4 with Tom Holland has been put on hold – GAMINGbible
    “Daredevil: Born Again on Hold Pending ‘Creative Reboot’,
    “Marvel removes 6 movies from calendar in stunning schedule shift

    “Progressives Open Suicide Hotline That Tells People To Go Ahead And Kill Themselves So Long As It’s For Palestine “ –Bbee

    Okay, maybe not winning?

    Speaking of: “White Supremacy Goes Back To “Early Church”: Oxford Professor”

    …That IS news: an Oxford Professor who never read a book? Top early churches are ETHIOPIA, and is today. Russia, which wasn’t considered “White”. And in fact there was no concept of “White” whatsoever in the early church. You were in and out as Italian, Greek, Libyan, Egyptian, Irish, etc. All were co-equal “Jackasses over the hill that we don’t like” PS, Genius, Middle Eastern People are “White” now? Jewish people? It’s an f-ing JEWISH religion.

    The level of people not knowing basic facts and lying about everything has reached…everywhere. Oxford isn’t even trying to hide it.

    Here’s worth the read, the two-week list of Globalists failing everywhere at everything:
    I could watch these guys step on rakes and blow themselves up all day. We need a whole channel dedicated to nothing but their failures.

    “A Majority of voters say the Democrats are using Law in a biased way” …and also approve.

    “”Nikki Haley is running a sabotage operation”

    Maybe. It’s time to drop Trump in a small plane crash and inject Haley. We all know Haley is really the top Democrat, ahead of Biden in popularity.

    “If you have a media establishment that acts as employees of the national security state, you don’t have a free country. And that’s where we are..”

    Heard this yesterday: government bans guns everywhere by having insurance companies refuse to cover locations, businesses, that have guns on premises. All Private, see??? Nope. You get around all that with COMPETITION. Which the GOVERNMENT uses raw FORCE to prevent. You have problems in media? Compete. Open your own. And they have, CNN etc has lower viewership than Candace Owen, one person. BUT remember they said “If you don’t like Twitter open your own, muh free corporation”? And Parler did. Which was instantly shut down. So they said, “Get your own servers.” So they did. And was instantly shut down. And then their DNS/URL back-ends were shut down, which they don’t even do for Gaddfi and ISIS. Which means the AMERICAN PEOPLE are considered greater threat and higher priority than ISIS. (Which we are, bless us.)

    Insurance, Banking, Medicine, they are 100% REGULATED. They will arrest and jail anyone who even thinks crossways about starting one. Instantly. They arrested and jailed a guy for 10 years for stamping silver rounds with a logo that kinda-sorta LOOKED like a dollar.

    So where is the “media” to do, in a Free Country? Well, they can’t. They can’t get servers, they can’t get funding, they can’t get permissions, they are attacked on IP straight from Langley, their opponents are all funded with $1.6 Billion dollars from CIA>Amazon>Bezos>WaPost to write libelous articles, while CIA>MilDef contracts>Google who then erases them from all search functions and posts libelous results about them.

    All this? Solved by COMPETITION. Freedom. Just like bad speech is solved with MORE speech, with Free Speech. Hate to say this, but solved by CAPITALISM. That has competition. That has bankruptcy. Socialism doesn’t.

    Nothing else worked, so they had to stage this exaggerated end to demonstrate it to all you knuckleheads WHY we do things the “American” way here. You’re in love with NoKo, NY Times? Here ya go! Like it now?

    Now to “demonstrate” this, and to get it done with a far weaker White Hats, probably not outnumbered 10:1 in government but 100, 1,000:1, they do have to “run interference” to keep a few pet people on the air: Tucker, Ritter, Paul, etc. Are they supposed to not? And if they didn’t have to, the war would already be over, people would all speak and we’d already have won. So yes, Tucker is protected and I’d expect no less.

    “• Navalny Organization Splits Into Whites And Reds (Helmer)

    All this is interesting, but if it’s not all organic, then there’s only one conclusion: like the Godfather, when you’ve betrayed everyone, and have no more forward moves on the chessboard, the only way to exit is yourself, voluntarily. Navalny took an overdose of drugs in Germany to spark off his ludicrous “Novachok” campaign for relevancy, a substance where a whiff across a room would kill 100 men, but which he rubbed up his underpants. So this handlers – MI6, as proven elsewhere – say “Look, you’re over, you know that, everyone knows that. But we’ll take care of your wife and kids for life if you just bow out now. If not, well…I can’t be held responsible for what happens.” Then Hand him a pill, Navalny ponders his moves for a few days or weeks, then takes it. Boom, right on schedule, last chess piece making his last move.

    Because Coincidence Theorist? What are the odds? And so we see: this ENTIRELY IRRELEVANT, completely traitorous – and also violent, appallingly racist group – are being puffed endlessly in media. What happened? What’s the latest? WTF cares? If he wasn’t relevant in life, he sure the heck ain’t relevant in death. All the news is telling me is he’s product placement for MI6, which proves my point. And Russia’s.

    “• Big Four Leave Oval Office Without Plan to Avert Shutdown (Sp.)”

    Kamala as VP has NO government function. She breaks ties, of which we have none. Odd in our system, but true. Here’s a plan though: Need WWIII? Find yourself in a hurry? Kill Kamala Harris today! That’s right, if you lose Ukraine and the CIA is circling the toilet bowl of funding because of non-stop failures, you need a WWIII to survive, then arrange to kill your Kamala and blame it on Putin! Two birds with one stone as then they can choose a Newsom-one! Genius!

    …Except she ain’t quietly going anywhere. You have to do it over her dead body. Don’t count it out though. They have ever-fewer levers of power, but if they had enough to pull it off, they’d do it. I mean the REAL President, CIA Director Burns. (and his VP: Obama?)

    “• US Border A Bigger Priority Than Ukraine – Speaker Johnson (RT)

    Who? Who is this “Ukraine” place and why should I care? Still waiting to find out, for someone to explain it to me.

    “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has called on nations of the Western “coalition” against Moscow to “find a way to unlock the value of [Russia’s] immobilized assets to support Ukraine’s continued resistance and long-term reconstruction.” — Yellen

    Why? Yellen can print money. Who’s going real-life actual broke, and in a hurry, that she needs to do this? If this was legal all along as she says, why did she delay for two years? And if you delayed for two years, why is everything changed this month?

    Gosh, it’s almost like 1) Europe is going broke first and 2) She works for Davos. As do most of the Euro-phile democrats. And the CIA/MI6/Davos Derp State. America First is the turd in their punchbowl. That explains both halves.

    Back to the other side, if Yellen isn’t “The United States” but just one faction, who is the other faction? Wall Street? So Wall Street says Europe is going down, we need to not go down with them, that means we need our bonds to be one sneaker better than theirs, one footstep ahead of the bear, and so they PAY and ORDER Congress – who never had a free thought in their head – BLACKMAIL them if necessary, to NOT pass the budget bill. That is, show a Teeeeeeeny fiscal restraint as opposed to Europe. A mote, a modicum of “Maybe we’re not bankrupt and maybe-might pay you back” when Europe definitely won’t. They are kicking and screaming of course, more candy, I want an oompa loompa now, because since Reagan they’ve don’t nothing but (not) tax and spend. Parabolically. But we need to jank and change the System right now. Wall St is being very patient, working a multi-year push to do this, and have. Congress has NOT printed a Zillion-Trillion, NOT got bankrupt neck-deep in the Euro quagmire, but just sat still. That’s enough to sit still as Europe decays daily.

    Yellen is on the other side of that, believing in EuropeFirst™, AmericaLast, and trying every twist to push rates, push “Powell Pivot” which he says ain’t coming, print $1 Trillion in DIE, Global Warming bonds, etc. All failed. All we need to do to win is “Not Lose”. Like the Vietcong. Or General Washington. Yes it takes from 1750 to 1781 but so what?

    “The potential deployment of NATO troops to Ukraine will lead to a “catastrophic scenario,” and could be interpreted as a “declaration of war” on Moscow,”

    Yes. And normally I would be dizzy with the implications of that, but somehow I think they aren’t capable of it. Why, I’m not quite sure, like 2% of the margins have foreclosed on them everywhere? Thanks to riots, non-stop attacks on Macron, he can’t GET France into Lviv. WE are the White Hats; WE are who stopped him.

    “the possible purge could “undermine the credibility of American intelligence.” “Trump intends to go after the intelligence community,”

    I mean, yes, you don’t want that, nor the appearance of politics. However, YOU GUYS ARE THE WORST INTELLIGENCE IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE. You haven’t got a single thing right in 25 years. What would we be if we DIDN’T “go after” you? Are we supposed to wait for another President, and a Democratic one? Maybe 4, 8, 12 years? (A: Yes. Of course) And like the JFK declassifications, it’s declassified then immediately RE-classified, because what happened 100 years ago is so top secret and dangerous today? That kind of thing we can expect in a bureau makeover?

    Here’s an idea: You’re both fired. The End. The FBI is visibly aiding and running protection for high level foreign pedophile rackets. They are visibly interfering in elections. The CIA is clearly off mandate everywhere, on everything, and self-funding in drug running and $10k/pop human trafficking. You’re. Fired.

    We turn CIA over to MilIntel, they all come from there. We turn FBI from Border Patrol or something. All new.

    They’re framing it as “A Purge.” Don’t help them. They should have all been fired in 2001 AS WE ALL KNEW AND SAID AT THE TIME. And the FBI should have been fired in 1968, but certainly after the Anthrax-made-underwater-in-a-3-foot-pond fiasco that ran parallel to Meuller running Whitely Bulgar around as his personal hit man. Jesus. I can get fired from Taco Bell for not giving them fries. What does it take for you? Must be nice.

    “the claim that Russia sought to conquer all of Ukraine in Feb. 2022 doesn’t add up”

    Yes, but that’s facts and reason and no one cares. I WANT MY HATE!!! It was a communication, to the world, as a point of fact, that Russia was only still “negotiating” and not running a war, not just taking. After this, he immediately stopped the whole Russian army, exposed on the road, as demonstration of good faith in negotiations. Yet here we are. The West are psychotic, evil, violent, liars. We have not been able to wrest them out of the nuclear control bunker yet. But not for lack of trying.

    “• Macron’s Bid to Undermine NATO and the EU Hit the Bullseye (Jay)

    I noticed this myself. All Macron is all Europe. Always united Europe, pan-taxing, pan-Euro army Europe, etc. I wonder how he got there and who his handlers are. (His pedowife, Rothschild co)

    However, IF he has to do this, haven’t they really lost? I can see why, and like so many French actions, it’s smart and real, but it only exposes the Reality over the blizzard of lies. I’m gratified France wants to work with “Reality” but that blows the whole plan of “Unreality”, antiLogos, doesn’t it? And yet, if they don’t deal with functional Reality, as France does, they definitely lose. France is TRYING to let them win, but it’s a tactical move than conflicts with the overarching strategy of “Always Lie, then lie more.” (Probably from the Anglos, their MO)

    Okay, that said, another reason no WWIII as Ukraine “suddenly” collapses (“sudden” is like a year in history-book terms) is right here. After watching Russia maul every body, every where, at will, every day, no one in Europe has a taste to jump on the Bear right now. Vs PCR, who says Russia should have moved fast whereas all Europe WOULD HAVE jumped on the Bear, if they hadn’t just spend two years watching this gruesome spectacle as a bad lesson to others. Putin tossed a lot of men into their deaths for this, but it seems to be working. France/Macron asked all Europe to “Occupy” Ukraine as a “Police action” — Police Action like Putin’s? — And they all said “NO”. …And pretty fast too.

    “That is what the Assange case is about. Justice along with truth is being eliminated from the Western world.” PCR

    Yes, but it’s also about SHOWING US. We cranks said this since 1919. No one listened or cared. By SHOWING us who we are, we are rejecting it. Sorry, that’s how it is. I can learn from the mistakes of others, from mental theories, but not everyone can. Some people can only learn by experiencing it for themselves.

    Dr. D

    JB and TIME. About choices. Reminds me of a recent theory of Time, that it’s not a multiverse, although that’s fun fiction, as that is infinitely opposite to laws of conservation of matter. I Propose a theory that every time my engine turns over two more invisible gremlins are created? That’s not a theory. No, that TIME has the choice between one and another ONLY. As you say, it therefore by definition UN-CHOOSES all the other things. You can’t be both at the same time, you can’t not choose – as Physicist Penrose says, time runs out, the quantum bubble pops at Plank’s Length – you can only choose the ONE thing to actually BE.

    And to some, that’s a constant crisis on the level of the mortality of death. How can they choose? Let’s NOT choose: let’s find a loophole where I don’t have to choose. I’ll PRETEND I didn’t choose, re-define some words here, and be BOTH a career woman AND a mother. I’ll both be a rebel in the Streets of Les Mis AND be a corner office corporate exec. You can have it all and never have to choose.

    Because choosing KILLS one of those options, forever. Choosing tells you who you ARE, and you can’t hide away. Like that.

    Now this goes into a bigger theory that’s simple at root but immensely complicated to explain, but let me try as it’s something we never think of, can’t conceive at this opposite end of God.

    GOD, as the “One” thing, the Before-the-One-Thing, the I AM, the Becomer, the unfolding, he’s got a problem. Sure, as he moves, “Something” exists, there was motion and two parts, but as perfect and complete God there was perfect Logos, perfect order, knowledge, all that. That’s the thing we can’t understand, sounding very attractive to us down here: heaven is also perfect BOREDOM. As they make fun of in all the cartoons, Bedazzled (1967), Mormons playing harps and having Picnics, Praise Praise Praise God, Glory in the Highest, Every minute, hour, day, year, eternity. Boring.

    You always know what’s going to happen, Boring, because even the created beings, the angels, being so close to Logos, are orderly and predictable. They do what is “Good”, they can’t help it. They want to. That means in a real sense THERE IS NO FREE CHOICE. We can’t even conceive of this from our end, being entirely alien to every second of our existence. The Universe itself is founded on God, which means it is founded on ORDER, which means there are no choices. The marble is at the top, falls down the track: Order.

    So God, to create any world that isn’t WHOLLY, Entirely, completely predictable, has to do A LOT of work. He has to basically turn the proper, natural universe upside down, where the rules are reversed. And why do it? For the Love of God: Anything NEW. God is the whole universe, then he KNOWS the whole universe, nothing new can happen or be built. You need God to FORGET himself in order to SURPRISE himself. …And then, maybe, just maybe, also not just be surprised, but actually create something literally unthought-of. New.

    This is the Parable of the Prodigal Son. You have to go out, and in going out, you have to be able to screw up epically, and because you CAN screw up epically, YOU, someone, WILL screw up epically. Because he opened the door to that possibility, that Free Will AT ALL, somebody out there will do it. Hit their neighbor with a hammer.

    So what does that mean down here? Well, one, we are a LIGHT, the light of God, but we are in a lampshade, a prism, a kaleidoscope of …something. Let’s call it Shadow. “Things” cannot exist without contrast, Light AND Shadow. Matter AND energy. WE, in forgetting ourselves, our God-Ness, become that Shadow, and it’s only by this that something NEW can happen at all here on the end of the Universe, the furthest ‘distance’ from God. Okay, that’s your Physics. But as comes to TIME, God created a universe where both This AND That can happen. They CAN happen, but only one WILL happen. God wants to watch the unfolding story, delighted, season after season, finding out which WILL happen, because he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know because it’s up to US. Free Will.

    And although there’s a lot of variation innate from the root down here, a mountain is going to mountain according to predictable geology. A tree is going to tree and respond pretty closely to the wind and weather it sees. A squirrel can only squirrel, all their breadth of choice is something but very, very small. Except Man. Man from the root of his construction is chaotic, is able to imitate the others, have narrow, pre-ordained predictable choices, or random, strange choices, or imagine incredible, new choices. Then Choose and build them. Physically. Man is more Special because he’s NEW. Because, as they say in The Garden, He can CHOOSE. Choose Good and Evil for instance, but all the other things too.

    So we became his Special, interesting favorite creatures, unlike boring predictable Angels like Lucifer, because we are NEW. BECAUSE we are epic screw-ups. And he does and must forgive us for being epic screw-ups because that’s baked in the cake. It has to happen in order for anything to happen. That doesn’t mean actions don’t have consequences, Karma, but it’s not some personal fury and disapproval about it.

    Now back to TIME, that means when we CHOOSE, it’s kind of a big deal. We CHOOSE and we choose forever. Irreversible. One-way. The door to every other option snaps shut. It becomes the ONE thing. We choose the direction of the New Universe – not God. Or rather God-through-us, as a surprise, but “as through a glass, darkly”.

    So for your addition, what are they trying to do? Stop God. Stop Time. Stop Choice. Stop the whole experiment. Or rather DEFY God, and not choose. DEFY time. DEFY choice. …Which of course can’t be done, but it won’t stop them from trying.

    What can you do? If they could understand it as God does, they wouldn’t fight it and stop it, but as they become more God-like they become every more predictable too, which is also rather against the point. You can see this even here at the bottom of the cesspool, if you go up a level to spirit guides, etc they already immediately follow rules slavishly, almost never break them, get involved, reveal improper information, and up a level from them to the lower angels is already a fat zero.

    So, short run on reality, time, and existence for a Wednesday morning.

    “Life, the Universe, and Everything.”


    Networked cameras everywhere with facial, gait, text, etc recognition, digital currency…. they KNOW central planning and micromanagement is a civilization-ending event akin to an asteroid, don’t they? Surely they do. Time and time again in history.

    And their retort is, it seems, “Yes, but this time we have AI and microchips and social credit, digital currency, biometrics, insanely massive computer storage and computational power, also money printing and sophisticated financial instruments and facilities therefore we will be able to interfere and micromanage at a granular level never seen before”

    And the one thing they AREN’T working on is actual wisdom. wtf to actually DO with the ability to micromanage moreover when or WHY. And when not to. And why not to. Just, this is definitely what we do.

    Like they ARE petty enough not only to make political journalism into a skinsuit. That’s just standard totalitarianism, okay, reasonable if you start with the right premise. But running the same play, spending billions to achieve Full Spectrum Dominance of… comic books? Fucking pencil/paper/dice tabletop role playing games?!? Grandma’s knitting circle forum?

    Go on and laugh, but if I were to relate the mind numbing intricacies of Gamergate or Comicsgate, it would be obvious it is the exact same play being run. The “gate” in it is everything that wasn’t the actual fans becoming a big blob (the companies, the “journalists,” bots, new “fans” that knew nothing of the hobby but had strong opinions, etc) that colluded behind the scenes and in the open to malign and gaslight the fans, cancel anyone in the business that didn’t overtly agree, and generally ruin the actual thing people liked. There was a Tolkiengate in which the Tolkien Society and other groups got totally overrun and then ran the same kind of plays in synchronization with “journalists” all leading up well ahead of time to the Amazon Rings of Prime abomination. As if on a timetable.

    This takes money and manpower. There aren’t actually unlimited autistic savant thing-ruiner meat-puppeteers with infinite resources and time to do weird useless annoying shit that nobody asked for and that normal people revile once they know about it FOR FREE.

    There’s no reason you should care about geek culture in particular, it’s just that it shows The Blob has infinite resources and infinite pettiness. Whoever is reading this, whatever you do, no, they WON’T leave little ol you alone to do your inconsequential thing. They WON’T be common-sense. That would be Letting Them Win, apparently. “Oh but that would be crazy” won’t stop crazy for a moment. Picture the people in geek culture as deplorable or contemptible as reassurance as you will, but it should not be reassuring. “They” ARE that vociferously petty. And to use a phrase from a different topic: they haven’t even really started anything yet.

    Just Some Randomer

    @ Dr. D “The marble is at the top, falls down the track: Order.”

    And sometimes quite beautiful order….


    Highlighting RIM’s collection of “Its my story and I’m sticking by it.”
    Read and learn …

    ” accepted the medical evidence and official certification that the cause of his death was an embolism, or blood clot, which stopped his heart.”

    ” … did not present documentary evidence for her assertion.”

    “a purported exchange of Russian spies in prison outside Russia in exchange for Navalny and Americans in Russian prisons. “

    If you have suitable premises

    “The Reds are holding the evidence that Navalny was not murdered and that everything the Whites are saying is false.”

    https: //
    by John Helmer, Moscow

    The 7-minute Pevchikh video applies the method of repeating the lie several times over with the juxtaposition of unrelated evidence to create the appearance of veracity.

    https: //

    “The first priority of the country is our border and making sure it’s secure,” Johnson told reporters.


    Vladimir Putin
    “If Ukraine joins NATO, you won’t even have time to blink your eye when you execute Article 5”


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    https: //


    I had a dream
    Liars told the truth
    Liars admitted to lying


    AI don’t know how to apply suntan lotions to white skin, in generated pictures.


    Dream only lasted a few second.

    Sputnik Receives List of French Mercenaries Allegedly Present in Kharkov During Russian Strike
    12:39 22.01.2024


    It seems like there are two types of gods. One of chaos, one Logos. (Thank you Michael Moorcock and Roger Zelazny) But it seems like we mix the two up.

    One of them – All the making deals with dark powers, contacting clockwork elves, making sacrifices, finding incantations or other means to break the rules, seeking to acquire power to get stuff or make stuff happen OUTSIDE of just judiciously sizing up reality, coming up with a plan, and actioning that plan using your own limited resources…. prayers to any god to make something happen or change that would be outside causality. Please god give me a million dollars, make me beautiful, cure my disability, frustrate the evil (or good), create plenty where there is hunger. Please break the rules for me.

    And all beliefs or sub-parts of chaos belief that say It Should Be Different, It Should Not Be This way. All beliefs that play around with language to play-pretend things aren’t what they are.

    Why do they hate the working class, the deplorables?

    Because the deplorables, generally, find a way to accept the limitations of reality, what they are, where they are, who they are, their circumstances. Play out the little challenges with some dignity and integrity. Face their tragedies. Have their pathetic tiny PTAs, Rotary Clubs, backyard barbeques, t-ball, and so on. And somehow on that basis propose to have their own COUNTRY run by these people and along their lines with their values. Non grandiose. Inherently the opposite

    The deplorables accept, imperfectly live in Logos, have found a way, demonstrate they carry the burden, the unbearableness, the injustice, of BEING. And keep doing it with a kind of small courage and dignity. Year after year, day after day, second after second. And even find meaning and even enjoyment sometimes. Often with decency – by virtue of their acceptance of Logos, their definition of decency IS the definition of decency. Flawed as they are, but they infuriatingly deal with being flawed too. How dare you.

    So of course chaotic degenerates who don’t want to choose and don’t accept Logos and want it all to be different without causality making it different (by the sweat of their own brow with limited results) have to call the decent deplorable. Have to invade every bit of language to turn every meaning 180 degrees upside down, every structure.

    I’m an atheist, but I do acknowledge existence itself is a miracle, is the supernatural. It would be easier for nothing to exist than for something, so wtf is all this something AND what is this consciousness and free will that every “expert” keeps telling me doesn’t exist WHILE they insist on not disappearing in a puff of smoke themselves? If there is no Logos, why do they work so passionately and specifically on fighting it? …which, if they overdo it, forms a giant arm and hand with a finger pointing at it – THAT, RIGHT THERE. THAT THING. THIS THING RIGHT HERE THAT I AM OBSESSED WITH DEFINITELY DOES NOT EXIST.

    I don’t accept that the world needs evil to not be boring. You could decrease the world’s evil to nil and I would have more to do that was interesting than I have time left in my life. You could give me 500 years and there’d still be so much that was interesting to accomplish, or try to accomplish, just with the limitations of myself, the material world, causality, etc. And I’m sorry, but if you make a universe in which Evil is legitimately Bad AND everything is boring without it, then you’re creating universes wrong. er, probably maybe.

    And let’s say Evil is required FOR free will – ie, Free Will is a higher good than evil or good, evil/good serves the higher- ie the only ACTUAL good, good itself not being good, but cooperative with evil to achieve the only real good, free will, Good being not-good. Good is just a means, and only in combination with evil, to the end of free will. Since Hitler created so much evil, thus combining with good to achieve the ACTUAL good, free will, he deserves heaven as much as anyone, since he served the actual, real, true good as well as anyone. If reward is proportional to contribution, surely he deserves MORE heaven than most of us.

    If I’m supposed to choose, why are my FACULTIES defective, such that I choose wrong regardless of my intentions? It’s all about making sure free will gets to play out – we must even tolerate massive amounts of evil to achieve it. Be comforted that all this evil achieves free will, the actual goal of creation and your existence. Also by the way, we made it so you cannot choose properly. Fuck your free will, now go play in a world with Evil and make sure you do that free will thing – remember it is most-important.

    Also, you’ll be in a word filled with freewilled individuals. You’ll be interacting. Don’t worry, I’ve decided on a system for what happens when 2 or more free wills conflict.

    German soldier in Warsaw enters a Polish Jew’s apartment. “Git in zee truck. We are taking yoo to zee cattle carz!!”

    Polish Jew: “I did consider your request, but I don’t want to, and I’ve decided to use my free will not to. Uh. Sorry.”

    German soldier stupified, stymied, stands blinking for a moment, hustles, his soldier’s kit jangling, downstairs to his commander.

    Commander: “Shultz! Where are zee Jewz?? You were ordered to bring zem down!!”

    “Jawohl Unterofficer, but they used their free will to not come down.” Palms raised to each side, exasperated, helpless gesture.

    Commander: “Hmm, well, it DOES work zat way, but zee here now Shultz, bring zem down somehow or you will be considered insubordinate! You know zee thingz that will be done to you which are terrible for zee noncompliance!!!”

    “Actually, I’ve decided they won’t, Unteroffizer.”

    “Ah. I zee. Well, let’s pack up and go home then”

    Psych, no, when 2 free wills disagree on something, I WON’T order reality such that one free will can’t be forced into what it doesn’t want. Totally different system instead. Now go have “fun” with it.

    You cannot have it both ways – good is good and good isnt actually good, this other thing is the real good AT THE EXPENSE OF and subordinating good.

    Free Will cannot be paramount if, when one’s free will comes into conflict with another, free will is not the deciding factor, some OTHER thing turns out to be paramount, above free will, as a determining factor. In actual reality, observably. Else the polish jews are sipping tea in their apartment 3 floors up while germans argue over their own impotence down in the courtyard.

    I played Hearts of Iron for awhile, a simulation game that starts in the 1920’s and goes until the 1950’s. Mainly intended as a WW2 wargame with the idea that you’d play one of the major powers, you CAN literally play any country.

    I’ve played Czechoslovakia a bunch of times. You CANNOT win. But there’s an attraction to trying all the different things, flipping Germany the bird, and going down fighting. Attractive enough to try different ways of doing it a few different times, fully knowing the only outcome possible is that you lose. Czechoslovakia’s faculties are not up to the reality-set within the game by any means.

    There’s nevertheless a perverse pleasure and kind of… integrity in working with what you get. When Sid Meyer’s Civilization gives you a start in the Tundra and you just accept it and play it out, when you roll straight 3d6 for each stat of your D&D guy and just take it with no re-rolls, no fudging and play what you get. An ugly weak unlikeable moderately-dexterous idiot is what the dice seem to want to give me most of the time.

    So, limited capacities and acceptance. And tragedy. I haven’t yet figured out WHY there is decency, integrity, dignity, in accepting circumstances, limitations, imperfections. Why on a deep level I mean. But it rings true. So acceptance and fealty to Logos then, yes? Carry your burden instead of wishing, objecting, pleading.

    And now why do religions give a mishmash of the chaotic god and Logos? We’re confused. Maybe you get a great Logos religion only for people to keep adding antilogos until it’s a self contradictory mishmash of limitations, imperfections, acceptance, and God turning water to wine, stopping the sun in the sky, raising the dead, having food appear in peoples’ cupboards because they willed it, putting 900 year old women through successful pregnancies, and so on?

    And so we pray to the Logos god as if it were Chaos God, making Chaos requests of it. It should not be this, it should be different, please make it different. Maybe we believe that God himself agrees with the principles of chaos – it should not be this, it should all be different. Is this still the same god that made this universe??? Is my call being routed properly, operator?

    If you accept Logos, ANY prayer to alter things would be evil. Except changing yourself. Seems like that is the one exception that breaks no rules – you’re supposed to have, within your limited and imperfect faculties, a kind of freedom of action in yourself. If that’s what you’re here for, then doing that surely cannot be against the rules, by the proof that your consciousness exists.

    So if I utter a prayer for protection of and help for the White Hats, am I not a traitor to Logos? Please god confuse and confound their enemies? Did I just switch teams? I’m asking for the rules to be broken, aren’t I? Have I EVER been remotely adequately loyal to Logos? Do I make the cowardly, sniveling flip to Chaos every damn time I want anything? Did I not, do I not still, agree with what Polemos said a few weeks back about God, if he exists, being evil and unjust? Because of how different it ought to be? Isn’t he right? Shouldn’t those polish jews be sipping tea and not on a boxcar?

    All this stuff that ought-not-to-be emanating from merciless causality and we want to break the rules. The rules are bad! The only useful power that would be would be IN chaos, would it not? What wrong can be truly righted when the bedrock of the universe is this causality? What can Logos even offer as an alternative? Where is the power of Logos then? We should all be fatalistic mystics then, the kind Ayn Rand hates? If A = A = mystic fatalism, how does A = A take Ayn Rand anywhere else? And if she’s full of shit why does she keep getting proved right, which is in total seriousness, awful and horrible and needs to stop asap?

    Look at David Goggins. He started off with “I should just do whatever, eat whatever I want at the time, lie whenever to whoever” but got sick of it. Made himself scrupulously honest, humbled himself to be one small and particular thing rather than amazingly everything. And look at the incredible, formidable result. Based solely on specific causality. And he brings up his own incredible limitations practically anytime someone compliments him. “Look man. I fuckin suck at talking. I spent the last 6 hours before this just getting ready for this interview just to be even fuckin coherent. It’s fuckin shameful and embarrassing.” Causality is magic also?

    I try to model what the hidden Masters of the Universe believe, what idiotic superstitious wishful thinking guides their hand. Maybe they see reality as a big sheet. Each person establishing their own meaning of reality and collapsing potentialities down to specific existence by their own will is a tack in that sheet, tacking it down to some sort of cork board behind it. One can control the whole sheet IF you pull up all the pins. Thus, everything should be corrupted, made chaotic, un-pinned. The chaotic dream belongs to the strongest dreamers, thus we cannot Have It All unless everyone else is made a bad, weak dreamer, gives their allegiance to chaos, or is dead. I guess? Every new person whose creed is “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Have It All” is another pulled-up pin? And just less people in general would be a good thing overall – less consciousnesses, less pins?

    I hate all this woo-woo hand-wavey bullshit. But I’ve come to accept that human beings simply do not have the computational power to model a value system, a meaningful understanding of existence, with conscious formalized thought. The times they try are their biggest screwups. Human beings have near infinitely MORE computational power to understand meaning and value if they use imagery and parable. So if you want to live with some sort of top to bottom integrated meaning, sorry, this is the broken machinery you have to do it with. Either you do it the way it is actually possible or you don’t do it at all. Fuck.

    Anyway, I’m obviously and embarrassingly still figuring stuff out and I will probably run out of time before I do. Sorry for the woo woo, but assholes who won’t leave us alone apparently believe in woo woo shit and in any case, it seems like a right goal, to achieve integrated meaning if at all possible in time to face whatever needs to be faced. A lot of the time, it seems like the ONLY thing I can try to do.


    A deep dive
    NATO’s Debate Over Direct Military Intervention In Ukraine Shows Its Desperation
    The problem, however, is that Poland also doesn’t want to be put up to this only to be hung out to dry.
    Poland might fear that NATO won’t activate Article 5.

    French President Macron hosted over 20 fellow European leaders in Paris on Monday to discuss their next moves in Ukraine, including the possibility of a conventional NATO intervention, which he said they hadn’t ruled out for reasons of “strategic ambiguity” despite not reaching a consensus on this.
    His Polish counterpart Duda also confirmed that this subject was the most heated part of their discussions.
    The very fact that this scenario is being officially considered shows how desperate NATO has become.
    Here’s How Poland Is Slyly Taking Control Of Western Ukraine
    JUL 28, 2023
    Poland’s “Ukraine Reconstruction Service”
    Poland’s Military Aid & Security Guarantee Demands
    Russia & Belarus Warn About Polish Plans For Ukraine
    Read more …
    It’s not a secret. NATO IS PREPARING

    Steadfast Defender 24 is NATO’s largest military exercise since the Cold War.
    Over 90,000 troops from all 31 NATO
    From January to May 2024



    What does LOVE/HATE have to do with resignations.


    You know sometimes I think the only defense we little people have against our crazies, is to let them gain power so they can fail.
    And fail they will!
    It seems to be the default option, since we seem to be powerless to stop them from gaining power.
    Yeah, the default option costs can be rather high, like WW1 and WW2, for example.

    So they hold a meeting about planning to put boots on the ground in the Ukraine.
    The meeting hosts say we can’t rule out putting boots on the ground. (Bad cop.)
    The other meeting attendees all say we have no plans to put boots on the ground. (Good cops.)

    OK you just held a meeting about loaning to put boots on the ground. (Trial ballon.)
    But you have no plans to put boots on the ground.
    Wait and see if trial ballon gets shot down.
    You already have boots on the ground in the Ukraine!
    Send more boots on the ground into the Ukraine as peace keepers!
    Do you really think we are fooled by this political maneuve?.
    Yes, it works everytime!

    So Navalny’s wife, in name only, has a script writer and a press secretary!
    Mysteriously, is able to travel at will.
    Navalny’s Mother picks up son’s dead body.
    While Navalny’s wife, travels to California to meet with Joe Biden
    Perfectly normal.

    The FBI and CIA are 2 perfect examples of institutions that have failed.
    Their only mission now, is to protect the rich ruling criminals, both domestic and foreign, from honest Americans, by any means.

    The FBI and CIA stole the 2020 election from the American people.
    They suppressed any descent.
    Their rule has turned the country into a total failing mess.
    Since we could stop them, we had to wait and watch as they failed without our help.
    Because they failed, they need to steal the 2024 election to try and cover up their 2020 election steal.
    Stealing elections has consequences.
    May the FBI and CIA, finally be scattered to the winds.

    Notice people who talk excessively about something they want, often do so because they are feeling insecure about it. Like abortion, curtailing freedom in exchange for security.

    One former merc, left Ukraine, after 4 months, because why should he fight for people (Nazis safely hiden behind the frontlines) who don’t care about their country.


    Banks must have work around plans
    Here’s What Will Be Affected During Impending Government Shutdown

    That said, activities considered essential to public safety, economic stability and the president’s constitutional authority would be exempt –
    such as air traffic controllers, who would stay on the job, but go unpaid. FDA food safety inspectors would similarly remain working.

    Veterans’ benefits – including health care and pensions, would also continue during a government shutdown per the department’s contingency plan, the Washington Post reports, which adds that 96% of the agency’s nearly 414,000 employees will continue working – either because their pay isn’t linked to annual appropriations, or they are exempt from furloughs.

    Programs such as SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) or WIC (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children) will see ]no interruptions for the foreseeable future, as both have sources of contingency funds that can float them along past the deadline.


    One good thing about the Ukrainian and Gaza wars, is it let’s our crazy neocons do whatever their little hearts desire now, while their giddy blindness allows them to destroy their future power in an attempt to achieve today’s doomed total power grab. They are going for broke. They are woke!

    For example, our crazy neocons are busy sending all of our military’s hidden Nazis to the Ukraine where hopefully the Russians will kill them all for us! And the ones they don’t kill, we will at least know who they are, when weeding time comes!

    Our crazy neocons are so busy emptying the shelves of military hardware, that the cupboard will soon be bare! They are so power mad they don’t care about tomorrow! It is today or never!

    Our crazy neocons are also very busy emptying the social benefits coffers to fuel their failing military dreams.

    When our crazy neocons fail, they are already failing, they will ensure there is no money for rebuilding the military but their cuts to social programs automatically guarantees they will all be kicked out of power, hopefully for a long time! Sadly only until the people forget again.

    So our crazy neocons are too busy sowing the seeds of their own destruction, to even notice they are failing!
    And all we can do is sit back watch them kill some more of us until they complete all of the steps of successfully failing.


    The latin repetition at the end is “Dona nobis pacem” give us peace

    for pop-out:


    You definitely have a unique way of expressing things.

    Dr. D

    Well it’s taken me every day of my life to even understand this much, and we certainly have matter and energy, light and shadow, up and down, order and disorder. It’s not saying much to propose these were created. However, we are asking WHY they were created, as we get many objections that it’s a cruel, stupid, unjust God who would do so. …Many of your arguments are exactly the arguments evil and nihilism make, because they are good arguments. We’re mad and salty about them because they do suck. They aren’t fair, and so on. But it may go like this: they propose there is an Unjust God, and then fill in the blanks to prove how he is unjust. That’s God, we don’t really know what God’s up to, do we? OR, you could propose a JUST God, and then fill in the blanks as to how in the heck could this ever be just? Like why is this happening? In fact, as you say “WHY” at all? Surely nothing is more logical than everything. Yet “It” is, and is really, really, really abundant. There’s one heck of a lot of “It”: universe, energy, and time, almost infinite of “It”. Infinite minus 1. Why?

    My explanation is just the plumbing. IF you want a world that is more than a clockwork nothing, THEN you’d have to add…chaos, wouldn’t you? Randomness? How does the pinnacle of Order create and generate chaos? I don’t know if you know video games well, but there’s the most serious problem in all computers is a Random Number Generator. Oddly. Against all visible and daily reality it is REALLY hard to make something truly random, almost impossible. And all computer ciphers, as well as math…and thus graphics…depend on it. What does it say about the Universe that when you get down to the smallest level, you can’t even MAKE it be random? By force? It’s make up of fundamental order? Apparently? God has this problem but like infinity worse.

    So like I said, what he’s done is forget himself. Ask any Buddhist, Hindu, New Age person. We are made of the stuff of the universe, which is God, and as the math experiment shows, a universe-in-order. We partake of the one God, “When you see me, you see the Father” but we FORGET the full connection. We are light, but we put ourselves in the lampshade. So that things could happen. ANY things could happen. Anything at all. If we didn’t, literally there would be only One God, one light and NOTHING would ever happen. It would be going in a theater and looking at the projector bulb blank on the screen, no film. Sound like a good movie to spend infinity by?

    So those Jews are God-in-man. They have free will, and did. Most of them stayed, did nothing, and by inaction, chose to die. They didn’t lift a finger for anyone, even themselves. The Germans ALSO had free will, they are God-in-man and chose whether to follow orders or not, and most did but some didn’t. What’s God’s perspective on this? Well we have no idea, but stand Waaaaaaay back and think. Like CS Lewis you might say, “Nobody died. Nobody died in WWII. Nobody died in WWII that wasn’t going to die anyway. Human Mortality is always 100%” “Zero Hedge” as they say, where that title name comes from, insurance brokers. 100% of all life insurance holders die. Am I wrong? So what does God care who lives or dies? Spoiler: they are midges, tiny mayflies, they live for a single day and they all die. The Nazi kills the Jew or the Jew kills the Nazi. Or neither, I guess. And? Why would he have a perspective on this, any more than, as Mark Twain said, all sides are praying to God before a war? Should he intervene? ALL of you are all dead either way.

    Does it suit his purpose? His purpose is to WATCH. And find out what happens. Obviously like playing Czechoslovakia, if you have even a slightly higher knowledge base you can predict this easily, but you never know. Czech may lose like House Stark AND YET something new happens. Without adding randomness and the lampshade NOTHING happens.

    So the Germans here, why isn’t Evil = Good, and all things the same? In fact GREATER evil is actually GREATER good. Ha ha!! (…Literally there are cults who live and enact this by the way, if you didn’t know. They LITERALLY think, as the IllumiNaughty, like J Roths who died after having that portrait painted, that they are DOING God’s work. The more they hammer us, the better we become, no? So they are the hand of God, are they not? That’s in “Babylon 5”) Well what you’re asking for in that case is no Cause and Effect. If you want no cause and effect, then we’re back to the white projector bulb on a white screen. This universe IF something happens, THEN something happens next, and only ONE thing. What the Germans do in their choices is create KARMA. (Actually Karma is plural. You can create just one, a Karman, but we generally speak of one’s whole life and undecipherable rat’s nest of ALL actions.) When you choose as they do — evil, let’s say — then it creates Karma, complications, entanglements, hardships. If it didn’t there would be no cause and effect, and thus no universe. You’d punch someone and they wouldn’t punch back? You’d not take an umbrella, but not get wet anyway? That’s the dissolution of reality itself.

    If you choose Good, then you ALSO get Karma, but we don’t call it that. You become freer of complications, entanglements, and have fewer hardships and more successes. That’s how you know Good is Good and Evil is Evil, of course. By its fruits. So is God going to just suspend somebody’s cause and effect for Lols? That’s vanishing their Free Will, the whole POINT of their free will, really erasing them as a Being. No, you can’t. White Projector again.

    And you can choose ever-worse Karma. Nobody’s going to stop you. It’s your choice. You can keep making film after film until the frame is jet black and lets out no light. But what does that do? The Light remains in the projector, AND you have no goodness, no happiness, no gains at your end. Fine, I guess, for hate, for spite. And? No one cares that you’re spiting. God won’t even notice. You’re only hurting yourself. So generally most people are lost, confused, take some angry, hard-nosed lashing out and march in this direction. Fine, I can’t stop them. Free Will again. However, almost all of them turn back. Why? Because Karma. Cause and Effect. That s–t don’t work. Quicker, easier, easy to steal stuff, and then what? You’re more empty and worse off than before. Then you have an even bigger problem: not only THAT you are far away and done things, but you have to Stop being angry, Eat Crow, swallow your ego, and TURN AROUND. And most people can’t do that.

    So back to the Free Will, what you have is an “Implicate Order”. It’s hard-wired into the universe that people, things, living things, consciousness itself, Expands. That is, gets larger. That is, comes into Unity. That is, joins and re-unifies with God. Becomes God, sort of. They can resist a long time, but why? Sure if you want to you can keep doing drugs, screwing people, running around, but does that WORK? Does it have good results? Everyone says it doesn’t so don’t take my word for it.

    The problem down here is that there’s always a new crop of idiots entering the stage, newborn. Because it seems and has been reported that when you “Rise”, go up, into the Light and the “Implicate Order” then you become “Enlightened” and stop incarnating here. Taoists say you can literally turn into a light being and dissolve to vanish. You move on to the next things, whatever that is. But some newly born soul moves into the 3rd Grade class of Mrs. Tunabaker of 2024, where the old 3rd grade class just left. From the class’s perspective, nothing changed. Nobody learned anything. Still teaching same ABCs, going nowhere, not getting smarter. Zoom out and LEGIONS of kids came in, learned after a while, then graduated on. Where they come from and go to I don’t know, but it certainly SEEMS like that is happening here. An eternal class and a graduating class would act differently and we seem like a graduating class.

    So everyone THINKS they’re being smart. Because we are small sparks of God’s light, and shut up in a lantern. We misread things. The Evil THINK they are being sensible, Good, really, God’s hand on earth. So do I, so that’s a big caution to us all we might be wrong. Yes, they literally think killing everyone is good. They literally think they are justified and since evil has to exist, why shouldn’t I be the one to do it?! It Pays Great!!! It’s Good to be a Gangsta’ And the confusion, the shadow + the Light is all of what’s going on down here. That we are too small and DON’T know. When we know, we are pretty much instantly shot up a level and out of here.

    If you talked to those people, like masters or spirits, I think they would say they’re about as far away from God as we are. Like We’re at level 110,000 away from God, and they’re at like level 95,000 from God. Not close at all. It just seems that way in relative terms ’cause down here is so dark, thick, and sucks so much. What we know as Angels might be level 5 from God or level 75,000, who knows? It’s so far up from here I can’t tell the difference, nor does it matter.

    Anyway, what was the last thing? Is asking for intervention an affront to God? Apparently not. That’s not what stories and experience says. It’s like — and in Bronze Age terms literally is — going before a King or Lord, Chieftain, power center of the area and asking for a favor. He may grant it or not. You may try to bargain with something you own, or not. But that’s the principle. As the — far– higher power, he can just say no. You have no business wasting his time and asking. But he might say yes, who knows?

    In Christian terms this is called “Grace” and it’s a favor that’s undeserved. Being a low-life scoundrel, you might be really scared and apprehensive going before the Clan’s Chief and asking for a favor after rustling his cattle and treating his cousin badly when you were young. But you discover, maybe you have to. Maybe you’ve go no choice and better some chance than no chance at all. Maybe he’ll kill you for asking, who knows? But you dare and you ask. Is that bad?

    If someone less powerful comes to ME, and asks ME, is it bad for ME to interfere? We all think not, although there’s a lotta considerations. Like, CAN I? AND…then what happens? He takes it and keeps being a lowlife crumb? What happens to everyone else? There are places where you might. For his asking. For reasons of your own. For no reason at all. There are reasons you might retaliate for his even asking. Or CERTAINLY test him.

    What you might consider from the Biblical examples are, besides that we haven’t the faintest idea what God’s will is (you see in Job), those answering the requests might not be “God”. They might be Angel/consciousness level 75,000 down. Barely above us. Or Angel level 16, very very close, basically on express written orders to get this done. Or God himself, I couldn’t tell. None of them seem to be breaking the rules, as more powerful Lords and Being can always interfere, nor can they help it. I interfere with ants, and don’t want to, just walking in the lawn. What can I do? If they asked, would I help? Probably yes, but I have my own life and focus, and would have a really hard time not mucking them up trying. TAE posts videos of giving water to animals all the time. SHOULD they? They’re interfering. It may cause overpopulation that collapses if you stop. But we CAN. And because of empathy and cohesion, we do and we LIKE to. So with God, I suppose.

    Out of time. Thoughts for the day.



    Thank you.

    Just want to let you know I much appreciate the research that you do to bring hidden things to our attention.

    Har,d to believe US Veterans Affairs is as big as the US army!
    Yet they provide very poor service if any to veterans.

    Anything that supports or serves the criminals hold on power never gets cut.

    Maxwell Quest

    Just when you think that things have leveled out, TAE erupts with another glorious plume of ideas to chew on and stimulate the imagination…

    I gave up on the fear of getting bored with life many years ago when I discovered that I was just a puny little creature in a vast multi-dimensional universe of other life forms; although puny and insignificant, yet important and worthy of attention from above. Even a taste of this takes years to process and come to terms with before one stops jerking at the chain like a crazed dog trying to break free from bondage. From then on it is “What is my mission in this life?”, “Please light the way before me for I am blind.”, “How can I serve life though weak and flawed?”, “Teach me to love and grant me wisdom.”, “I am unworthy but grateful beyond words.”, etc. etc. etc.

    When new faculties and perceptions begin to awaken in that block of wood that sits upon your neck and that shriveled heart within your breast, you realize that all is not set in stone, that some progress can be achieved in one lifetime, that effort and sacrifice are eventually rewarded, that the hunger and longing for a higher life is like a gravitational field that pulls down blessings from above – Not Oompa Loompas or Unicorns, but what is needed to move you forward. That life is an endless upward spiral from incarnation to incarnation with ever expanding abilities and perceptions. There is no death!

    Does this sound boring?

    So, what is earth life but a school in which you are continually forced to make choices, where you are given certain opportunities and challenges based on your level of development.

    Do you feel like you’ve been overlooked? That your brilliance and gem-like qualities are being ignored by the higher powers? That you are ready to take your place in the heavenly halls, instead of dragging your body to work every day on this forsaken planet of woe? Then you should also be aware that nothing is hidden. Even your inner thoughts and motivations are well known. No one is overlooked, and everything hidden to our perceptions is open for inspection and scrutiny by those above.

    Unlike here on earth, where one can advance in status based on fraud or connection, it is not so on the path of spiritual development (or whatever term one wishes to use for the evolutionary impulse). All qualifications must be met to advance, no cheating allowed. Assume you are always being tested to be found worthy and fit for what they rejoice in giving you. Prepare yourself.

    Below is a quote from Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, the only ebook that Steve Jobs kept on his computer. I consider it more food for thought:

    A few mornings later I made my way to Master’s empty sitting room. I planned to meditate, but my laudable purpose was unshared by disobedient thoughts. They scattered like birds before the hunter.

    “Mukunda!” Sri Yukteswar’s voice sounded from a distant inner balcony.

    I felt as rebellious as my thoughts. “Master always urges me to meditate,” I muttered to myself. “He should not disturb me when he knows why I came to his room.”

    He summoned me again; I remained obstinately silent. The third time his tone held rebuke. “Sir, I am meditating,” I shouted protestingly. “I know how you are meditating,” my guru called out, “with your mind distributed like leaves in a storm! Come here to me.”

    Snubbed and exposed, I made my way sadly to his side. “Poor boy, the mountains couldn’t give what you wanted.” Master spoke caressively, comfortingly. His calm gaze was unfathomable. “Your heart’s desire shall be fulfilled.”

    Sri Yukteswar seldom indulged in riddles; I was bewildered. He struck gently on my chest above the heart.

    My body became immovably rooted; breath was drawn out of my lungs as if by some huge magnet. Soul and mind instantly lost their physical bondage, and streamed out like a fluid piercing light from my every pore. The flesh was as though dead, yet in my intense awareness I knew that never before had I been fully alive. My sense of identity was no longer narrowly confined to a body, but embraced the circumambient atoms. People on distant streets seemed to be moving gently over my own remote periphery. The roots of plants and trees appeared through a dim transparency of the soil; I discerned the inward flow of their sap.

    The whole vicinity lay bare before me. My ordinary frontal vision was now changed to a vast spherical sight, simultaneously all-perceptive. Through the back of my head I saw men strolling far down Rai Ghat Road, and noticed also a white cow who was leisurely approaching. When she reached the space in front of the open ashram gate, I observed her with my two physical eyes. As she passed by, behind the brick wall, I saw her clearly still.

    Suddenly the breath returned to my lungs. With a disappointment almost unbearable, I realized that my infinite immensity was lost. Once more I was limited to the humiliating cage of a body, not easily accommodative to the Spirit. Like a prodigal child, I had run away from my macrocosmic home and imprisoned myself in a narrow microcosm.

    My guru was standing motionless before me; I started to drop at his holy feet in gratitude for the experience in cosmic consciousness which I had long passionately sought. He held me upright, and spoke calmly, unpretentiously.

    “You must not get overdrunk with ecstasy. Much work yet remains for you in the world. Come; let us sweep the balcony floor; then we shall walk by the Ganges.”

    I fetched a broom; Master, I knew, was teaching me the secret of balanced living. The soul must stretch over the cosmogonic abysses, while the body performs its daily duties.

    John Day

    Forced To Face Reality

    The Honest Sorcerer , The Net Zero Stragedy (tragic strategy)​
    So, why don’t we “just stop oil” and reduce our emissions right away? Well, that’s the beauty of the story, and the prime reason why people from the poorest farmer to the richest oligarch is reluctant to do so: because that would end this civilization. Sure, it is possible to run a civilization on the power of the sun and the wind alone, just not this one… Sorry to be so blunt, but its neither technically, nor physically possible to get rid of fossil fuels and continue with modernity. This is why the core tenet of the Net Zero belief system, namely that we can “decarbonize” the economy and survive it, is what it is: a myth.

    ​ Why California’s climate disclosure law should doom green energy
    ​ To lower their state’s carbon footprint, the legislature recently passed a law requiring all companies doing over $1 billion in business within California to “publicly disclose” (by 2026) all their “direct” greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions stemming from fuel combustion they utilize, as well as all “indirect” GHG emissions derived from the electricity, heating and cooling they consume.
    ​ By 2027, they must also disclose “indirect upstream and downstream” GHGs emitted by sources they do not own or directly control but from which they purchase goods and services, including GHG emissions associated with the “processing and use of sold products.”​ This certainly appears to cover almost every mega-scale entity doing business in the once-Golden State.​..
    ​..The new mandates should also cover wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicle batteries, grid-scale backup batteries, transformers, expanded and enhanced transmission lines, and other equipment associated with California’s emerging “clean, green, renewable, sustainable” economy.
    ​ And they absolutely should also cover the extraction, processing, refining, and other activities required to obtain the nonrenewable metals, minerals, concrete, plastics, paints, other materials – and fuels – needed to manufacture and install those technologies…
    ​..If such an inventory is accurately taken, which is admittedly a bit “if”, it won’t paint a pretty picture for those touting renewables, Green building construction, and EV transportation “fixes”.
    ​ The International Energy Agency and other experts report that electric vehicles have six times more metals by weight than their internal combustion counterparts. Photovoltaic solar panels require six times more metals and minerals (other than steel and aluminum) per megawatt than a combined-cycle gas turbine that generates electricity pretty much 24/7/365; they also require at least 100 times more land area.
    ​ Weather-dependent, intermittent onshore wind turbines need 9-10 times more than a CCGT, and offshore wind turbines require fourteen times more raw materials…
    ​..For every 100,000 tons of copper (enough for 2,275 gigantic 12-MW offshore wind turbines), companies would have to blast and extract nearly 60,000,000 tons of ore and overlying rock and then use heat and chemicals to process almost 23,000,000 tons of ore. Every step involves fossil fuels.
    ​ Nickel for powerful nickel-cobalt-aluminum and nickel-manganese-cobalt EV batteries is found mainly in Indonesia, where companies mine the ore using diesel-powered equipment and send it to smelters fueled by coal. Once fully operational, a single nickel-processing industrial park in eastern Indonesia will burn more coal per year than Brazil.
    ​ Cobalt for cobalt-lithium batteries comes mostly from the Democratic Republic of Congo, involves extensive child and near-slave labor​…
    ..One can’t help but wonder what happens when Californian politicians realize their grand scheme to save Planet Earth from a manmade climate crisis actually results in possibly spewing out more greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

    Why California’s climate disclosure law should doom green energy

    ​ Surplus Energy Economics, “Peak almost everything”, part one , WORSENING STRESSES IN AN INFLECTING ECONOMY
    ​ There’s a growing feeling that ‘things aren’t working’, and that the continuing affluence of a minority is in striking contrast with the deteriorating economic circumstances (and worsening insecurity) of the majority.​ One can almost sense a collective holding of breath as we wait to see ‘what happens next’.​..
    ..Stated at its simplest, growth in material economic prosperity has long been decelerating towards a point at which the economy as a whole inflects from expansion into contraction.​ Some years ago, this decelerating rate of growth fell below the rate at which population numbers have been continuing to increase. Since 2019, the world’s average person has been getting gradually poorer, even as aggregate prosperity has carried on edging upwards…
    ..We’re now very near indeed to the moment at which prior growth in the overall size of the economy goes into reverse. This is when the Big Numbers – the size of product and service markets, revenues and profits in the business sector, employment, resources available to governments, and the quantity of sustainable credit – all start to get smaller…

    ..You’re likely to be told that the economy is ticking over pretty well, and would have been doing even better if it hadn’t been for the sheer bad luck of running into a global pandemic and a European war in quick succession.​ Some have alleged that these events have been engineered in order to disguise economic deterioration, and/or to cloak a grab for wealth and power by a self-serving minority…
    ..The economy is an energy system, not a financial one. Nothing that has any economic value at all can be provided without the use of energy. Money has no intrinsic worth, but commands value only as an “exercisable claim” on the output of the material economy.​ We know that the large and complex economy of today has been built on an abundance of low-cost energy sourced from oil, natural gas and coal.​..
    ..Energy is never ‘free’, but comes at a cost measurable in terms of the proportion of accessed energy needed to create and sustain the infrastructure required for energy supply. This cost is known here as the Energy Cost of Energy, abbreviated ECoE.
    ​ Globally, trend ECoEs reached their low point in the quarter-century after the Second World War, explaining the super-rapid economic growth enjoyed in that period.​ Since then, ECoEs have trended upwards because of the depletion of fossil fuel resources.​..
    ..Nobody needed credit deregulation, QE or sub-zero real interest rates in the 1945-70 period, because low ECoEs were driving the economy along, ‘very nicely, thank you’, without recourse to financial manipulation. Only as the economy has decelerated have we adopted various forms of monetary gimmickry in order to pretend that the illogical promise of ‘infinite economic growth on a finite planet’ remains a valid expectation…

    ..Accompanying this, financial stresses have been worsening. Debt has massively outgrown reported GDP as credit expansion has been deployed to create purely cosmetic “growth” (Fig. 3A). It required annual borrowing of more than 11% of GDP to sustain illusory “growth” at a supposed average of 3.5% (3B) over the past twenty years…

    ..The net effect of these trends is severe compression of the affordability of discretionary (non-essential) products and services. This, it should be stressed, is already happening, though ‘the powers that be’ are, with only limited success, managing to present this as a temporary ‘cost of living crisis’ rather than as the structural phenomenon that it really is..​.
    ..All of these processes are going to change the balance of forces in civil society, such that politics becomes ever more unpredictable.​ A point that cannot be emphasised too strongly is that economic deterioration, with all of its attendant stresses, is moving from the predicted to the experienced.
    ​ Some discretionary sectors are already contracting. Politics is already becoming dysfunctional. The hardship being presented officially as a temporary problem is, in reality, a foretaste of the shape of things to come – or, perhaps more aptly, the shape of things to go.

    #271: “Peak almost everything”, part one

    ​ The moment of “truth” approaches, when promises of future repayment of investment will be broadly acknowledged to be imaginary. The elites know this, and seek to stage emergencies to justify emergency-powers for their puppets, so that current elites and puppets can maintain their positions of power. We non-elites will take all losses… simple.

    ​ Russia builds equality-based cooperation with partners, unlike West — foreign minister
    Sergey Lavrov assured the congress attendees that Moscow, together with its allies, partners and associates from the countries in the Global South and East, will continue to work on shaping a more just multipolar world order

    John Day

    ​ ‘Time is Running Out’ – Big Four Leave Oval Office Without Plan to Avert Shutdown​ [This ​delays funding for Ukrainian and Israeli wars.]​
    According to one report, those meeting in the Oval Office with the US president “ganged up” on the house speaker to allow more money for Ukraine, with Biden telling him that history would “judge him harshly” if he did not act on the issue. Meanwhile, Johnson said his first priority is securing the US-Mexico border.—big-four-leave-oval-office-without-plan-to-avert-shutdown-1117024667.html

    ​ The shutdown will come in two phases – around 20% of government funding will run out in two phases – one on Friday night, and the other a week later on March 8. The other 80% of government agencies would see their funding expire on various other dates if Congress can’t come to an agreement.

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 145: Hamas warns Israel and U.S. of ‘political machinations’ amid ceasefire talks​. UN humanitarian officials say that thousands of Palestinians in Gaza are “just a step away from famine” by May. Russia calls on UNSC members to refrain from endorsing Washington’s resolution on Gaza, denouncing it as “a license to kill” for Israel.
    Hamas armed wing launches volley of missiles from southern Lebanon at northern Israeli targets on Wednesday morning.
    Hamas says it bombed “the headquarters of Israel’s 769th Eastern Brigade, and its airport barracks in Beit Hilal in northern occupied Palestine (present day Israel), with two missile salvos consisting of 40 Grad missiles.”
    Hamas attack causes severe damage to Israeli buildings in Kiryat Shmona settlement in the Galilee panhandle area, close to the borders with Lebanon.
    Ismail Haniyeh says “any flexibility we show in negotiations, out of concern for the blood of our people, is matched by a willingness to defend them.”
    On ceasefire talks, senior Hamas figure, Basem Naim, says: “The gap is still wide. We have to discuss a lot of points with the mediators.”
    Russia calls U.N. Security Council members to refrain from endorsing U.S. proposed resolution on Gaza, saying it constitutes “another license to kill” for Israel.
    Carl Skau, deputy executive director of WFP, says there is “a real prospect of famine by May [in Gaza].”
    Al-Awda Hospital in northern Gaza cancels all orthopedic and plastic surgeries after Israeli bombing destroyed two operating rooms.
    The Commission for Prisoners warns that the life of Palestinian prisoner Moatasem Raddad, 38, is at risk inside Israeli jail.
    Israeli settlers block Palestinian cars from traveling on road connecting Asira Al-Qibliya and Urif villages, south of Nablus.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 145: Hamas warns Israel and U.S. of ‘political machinations’ amid ceasefire talks

    ​ Egyptian aircraft successfully dropped ten tons of foodstuffs on northern Gaza. At least 45 tons of humanitarian aid were dropped, in addition to the northern areas, in the central parts of the enclave, with the active involvement of Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    ​ Biden Moves​ (slowly)To Attach Conditions On Israel Using US Weapons In Gaza
    “The Biden administration gave Israel until mid-March to sign a letter, provided by the U.S. on Tuesday, that gives assurances it will abide by international law while using U.S. weapons and allow humanitarian aid into Gaza, three U.S. and Israeli officials told Axios.”

    John Day

    Houthis Deny Israeli Media Reports They Sabotaged Internet Cables Under Red Sea
    “We are keen to spare all cables and their services from any risks and to provide the necessary facilities for their maintenance. The decision to prevent the passage of Israeli ships does not include ships belonging to international companies licensed to carry out marine cable work.”

    ​ US border a higher priority than Ukraine – Republican leader​
    The House speaker faces renewed pressure from Democrats to approve a vote on $60 billion in military assistance for Kiev

    ​ Mitch McConnell – Longest Serving Senate Leader In US History – To Step Down From Position In November​ [What gave Mitch such sudden “clarity”?]
    “As I have been thinking about when I would deliver some news to the Senate, I always imagined a moment when I had total clarity and peace about the sunset of my work,” the prepared remarks continue. “A moment when I am certain I have helped preserve the ideals I so strongly believe. It arrived today.”

    ​ An initiative organized by dissident Democrats outraged over President Biden’s handling of the Israel-Gaza war has sent a powerful shot across the bow of his presidential campaign, as more than 100,000 Democrats voted “uncommitted” in the Michigan primary.​ That’s more than 9 times former President Trump’s 10,704-vote victory margin in his 2016 defeat of Hillary Clinton, in a critical swing state that will be worth 15 electoral votes in the November general election.

    ​ Simplicius: Desperate Globalists Float Boots on Ground to Save Ukraine
    “There are no words. The gap: here in Kiev the Supreme Commander-in-Chief says one thing, but at the front something completely different is happening. I want to say: beyond Avdeevka no field lines of fortifications have been built to this day. I saw our soldiers in holes in the middle of a field being attacked by Russian drones,” said Ukrainian military propagandist Butusov…
    ​..Officials are now getting worried. The next ‘thread’ which neatly follows the last report is the looming inevitability of Kharkov and/or the northern region falling.​..
    ​..Schumer intimates “if we wait two or three months we will lose the war.”​ (also if “we” act today.) …
    ​.. [Ukrainian soldier] “We have lost our fighting spirit. We simply do not have the means to fight. If this continues for a few more years, it will be a disaster: either we will run out of people, or everyone will simply leave the country,” one of them said.​ He added that now the Ukrainian Armed Forces are forced to leave advantageous positions and decide “which village to give to the Russians next.”​…
    ..CIA Director William Burns secretly visited Ukraine last Thursday, February 22 – New York Times According to the newspaper, this is Burns’ tenth visit to Ukraine in two years. The purpose of the visit is to “calm down Ukrainian leaders” who fear that American intelligence services, due to the blocking of US aid, will become less active in helping Kyiv “fight Russia”…
    ..Western intelligence agencies report that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will exhaust their ammunition reserves by June…
    ..We’ve seen the repeated projections for two months or so being the time period when things could unravel. This happens to roughly coincide with when Zelensky’s presidential mandate runs out, and questions of his legitimacy will begin rising…
    ​..“Maidan-3”: Russia is preparing a special operation to question Zelensky’s legitimacy after May 20, when his term ends​. [The propaganda statement is published by the Intelligence Committee under the President of Ukraine.​]…
    ..Russia may strategically time a larger operation to coincide precisely with the political meltdown coming in May, which we spoke of at the start of this article. Suppose that May comes around and Zelensky is drowning amid a court whose ‘knives are out’ against him. The AFU situation is catastrophic with no aid nor ammo, and suddenly an even larger, perhaps unprecedented, Russian operation begins…

    John Day

    Transnistria Asks Russia For ‘Protection’ – Setting Stage For Military Intervention [NATO wants the excuse to intervene​. Transnistria has always remained Russian.]
    A special congress of pro-Russian officials passed a resolution which charges the Moldovan government in Chisinau with unleashing “economic war” against Transnistria with an aim to turn it into a “ghetto”, which has included blocking imports.

    ​ Eleni sends this from Andrew Korybko: The Ukrainian Intelligence Committee Is Preparing For The Worst-Case Scenario (How much will Russia take by June?)
    ​ What’s regarded as the worst-case scenario from the perspective of the ruling Ukrainian elite and their Western masters is the best-case scenario for the rest of the world. In the event that Zelensky is deposed and peace talks immediately resume right as Russia breaks through the Line of Contact, then NATO might not feel as pressured by its security dilemma with Russia to conventionally intervene in Ukraine, thus reducing the risk of World War III by miscalculation.

    ​ US not to send troops to Ukraine — White House​ . Earlier, Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico said that a number of European Union and NATO countries were looking at sending their troops to Ukraine under bilateral agreements with Kiev

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow, Emmanuel Macron’s provocative advocacy of European troops on the ground in Ukraine
    ​ Russia devoted a lot of attention to French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements during a meeting at the Elysée Palace of a Conference in Support of Ukraine which was attended by a great many European heads of government or their immediate deputies and at a press conference which followed. Macron yet again has positioned himself and France at the vanguard of a new direction for European foreign and military policy, namely to send ground troops to Ukraine to participate in the war directly and thereby ensure Ukrainian victory and, what is more important, Russian defeat…
    ..Macron’s proposal was immediately rejected by all major European leaders, including the hitherto most aggressive defenders of Ukraine among them, the United Kingdom, Poland and Germany. High-flying French ideological, geopolitical messaging ran into a brick wall of down-to-earth and justified imperatives of self-preservation…

    ​ Le Pen lays into Macron over comments that sending troops to Ukraine not ruled out
    “Emmanuel Macron is playing military leader, but he is so careless about the lives of our children,” Marine Le Pen stressed

    John Day

    ​ French Civil Servants’ ‘Secret’ Meetings With Le Pen Show Macron’s Waning Influence​ [The Economist is ​largely owned by Macron’s Rothschild bosses.]
    French civil servants have reportedly held secret meetings opposition National Rally (RN) leader Marine Le Pen, undermining President Emmanuel Macron.
    According to a report in British magazine the Economist, party leaders and state officials have been meeting secretly in Paris to discuss a range of issues. Strategists are working on draft legislation shaping a detailed roadmap for a possible Le Pen presidency following the next election in 2027, the report claimed.–report-1117010405.html

    ​Thnks Eleni. Andrew Korybko again. The Financial Times Is Freaking Out After Italians Started Souring On The Ukrainian Conflict

    ​ Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani has come out against sending troops to Ukraine.
    “We are not in a state of war with Russia, we are defending Ukraine. And I am personally against sending Italian troops to fight in Ukraine.”

    Majority of Germans support Scholz’s decision not to send Kiev Taurus missiles
    In addition, 28% of respondents believe what Berlin is currently giving Kiev is excessive

    Polish Truckers To Rejoin Farmers In Border Crossing Blockades

    John Day

    ​ With almost half of the world’s population residing in countries holding executive or legislative elections in 2024, it’s set to be the busiest election year ever recorded.​ (All before mid June except the US.)

    ​ Celia Farber, Ontario Woman Paralyzed From Neck Down After Moderna Booster Is Twice Offered To Euthanize Herself By Medical Staff: One MD Recorded Saying Vaccines Caused It, Another Suggested She Get Psychological Evaluation; Her Bowels Are Even Paralyzed And She Can’t Even Turn Herself, And Is Helpless If No Helper Arrives

    Shocking Findings of New Study: Excess Deaths in the UK Pandemic were Iatrogenic and Caused by Midazolam and Euthanasia.

    Shocking Findings of New Study: Excess Deaths in the UK Pandemic were Iatrogenic and Caused by Midazolam and Euthanasia.

    Meryl Nass MD, International CRISIS Summit #5 , I will blow up the slides for you here.

    Meryl Nass MD, The Globalists’ Threat to Sovereignty: the WHO and the Climate Agenda. An important panel at CPAC
    Watch the video at the Sovereignty Coalition website. Join the movement.

    John Day

    Meryl Nass MD, James Corbett and I discuss Solutions to stop the WHO Coup

    Ride a regular bike. Wear a comfortable helmet.
    E-Bike Injuries Skyrocket, With 1 In 10 Requiring Hospitalization

    After 16 Years, Apple Abandons Work On Electric Car

    The Official Solar-Heinrich-Magnetic Cycle​ (3:31 min short video)

    Ocean Collapse, Weird Quake, Weirder Animal Migration​ (2:31 min short video)


    My first response to the story was, placing myself in the shoes of the student “No! I should NOT have any such power. Take this away from me. Do not even give it to take away. You horrify me.”

    The second response – did you not have a responsibility all along to bear and wield whatever power you could, in wisdom and restraint? To be actively good rather than passively innocent/powerless? Have you not buried your talents and therefore shirked all responsibility?

    “Do you feel like you’ve been overlooked? That your brilliance and gem-like qualities are being ignored by the higher powers? That you are ready to take your place in the heavenly halls, instead of dragging your body to work every day on this forsaken planet of woe?”

    I definitely do not deserve a place elsewhere. I slogged around in call centers a little nauseated if I thought of being management. The man. I worry about my unmet responsibilities far, far too late but am unsure what I should have done to have any real positive influence here, now in the 2020’s. I’ve no idea where the point of leverage was to place myself at to be a White Hat, but I surely failed to position myself there.

    “What is my mission in this life?”, “Please light the way before me for I am blind.”, “How can I serve life though weak and flawed?”

    Yes. Agreed. But I’m a fuckup. I’ll uh, do my best. It won’t be fantastic or anything.

    Maxwell Quest

    “I definitely do not deserve a place elsewhere.”

    Same here. I’m reminded of another quote from the same book… if you’ll bear with me:

    From transient teachers of my earlier life I had imbibed a few erroneous lessons. A chela, I was told, need not concern himself strenuously over worldly duties; when I had neglected or carelessly performed my tasks, I was not chastised. Human nature finds such instruction very easy of assimilation. Under Master’s unsparing rod, however, I soon recovered from the agreeable delusions of irresponsibility.

    “Those who are too good for this world are adorning some other,” Sri Yukteswar remarked. “So long as you breathe the free air of earth, you are under obligation to render grateful service. He alone who has fully mastered the breathless state* is freed from cosmic imperatives. I will not fail to let you know when you have attained the final perfection.”

    “But I’m a fuckup.”

    Yes, and I am king of the blockheads, who entered this world as a lazy, stubborn, selfish brute. Yet, I take joy in knowing that I get to build upon the experience gained through all the failures and the few successes from this life into the next. That nothing of value that I’ve managed to garner is ever lost.

    Dr D Rich
      Aaron Bushnell claimed to have classified knowledge of US forces fighting in Gaza tunnels on night before setting himself on fire.
      completely escaped me at the time but apparently in October the Biden administration uploaded & then deleted photos of Special Forces members participating in “hostage rescue” for Israel & the following month it was reported several Western nations had troops in Gaza.

    Christ I can’t wait for Ritter, Tulsi, Hersh, DBS, Dr D to opine on the aforementioned. In fact, I don’t think I’ll be happy until Dr D hunts down and kills all the undeserving anti-Semites.
    Tarnish the image of U.S. special forces by killing on behalf of their heretofore unacknowledged genocidal Pay-Masters. Maybe they did it for base pay, per diem and travel reimbursement, individual self-sacrifice as it were.




    Then I asked Google Gemini psy-op:

    “Draw me a freedom fighting illegal immigrant”



    D Benton Smith


    I tried to imagine a political cubby hole that would comfortably fit the likes of Ritter, Gabbard, Hersh, Dr D and myself, all at the same time and with undue squishing. Couldn’t quite manage it.

    It could be that my political views are not what you think they are.

    Nevertheless, you asked and so I will answer. Here’s an article reporting what little is publicly released about what Aaron Bushnell communicated to others immediately before he forever captured the attention of a confused world:

    My best guess is that US special forces of several kind have been militarily active in Gaza since Day One (7 Oct 2023), carrying out the usual war crimes that are their stock in trade. It’s what America does, apparently, or at least it’s what America’s government and Zionist ruling elites do and have always done.

    Personally, I think it’s despicable, just as I think that the American/Israeli collaborative genocide is horrible almost beyond definition. It is Satanic.

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