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    Gustave Courbet The bathers 1853   • The Three Strands to the ‘Swarming of Biden’ (Alastair Crooke) • EU Squanders Another €50 Billion on Kiev Re
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    What If?

    What if the first president of the United States of America warned the nation of the danger of foreign entanglements?

    What if Adams, a Federalist, introduced corruption by means of the press into the second selection of the president of The United States of America?

    What if 620,000 citizens of The United States of America died to ensure the industrial and financial sector eminence of The Federalist’s and the emerging racket?

    What if the racket murdered sitting presidents of The United States of America?

    What if a man named Smedley Butler wrote and spoke war is a racket?

    What if the man that ran the racket for the United States of America in World War II warned the nation of the danger of the racket?

    What if the racket murdered the two most courageous proponents of peace, human rights and equal opportunity of the twentieth century in the United States of America?

    What if it were common knowledge the racket lied it’s way into every foreign entanglement since World War II?

    What if the Supreme Court of The United States of America stopped the count of ballots in a presidential election and awarded the seat in a grotesque display of disregard for the Constitution of The United States of America?

    What if a sitting president of The United States of America bragged about his ability to murder innocent human beings in north Africa?

    What a sitting president of The United States of America murdered a human being that was a gift to humanity from One Truth Most High and braggs about it to this day?

    What if a sitting president initiated a Warp Speed project to poison the populace of The United States of America?

    What if a sitting president used an executive order and a national emergency to insure the populace of The United States of America were forced to be poisoned?

    What if a sitting president of The United States of America initiated and oversaw a “mostly peaceful” destruction of the nation?

    The usual suspects will show up day after day on comment sections on the internet across the imaginary political divide to tell each other how noble they are. They will tell of their thirty years of ass kissing duplicity to further the racket in a self serving effort to gain personal profit. These “noblemen” will slander and bear false witness against the just and least among us. These ubermenschen will refuse introspection or examination of conscience and point their fingers at the poor and the innocent as a salve for their wicked souls. Then in a final act of nobility they will deny any responsibility for the state of their nation.

    my new years resolution was to stop being nice, and here i have already broken that resolution


    Close associates of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban are reportedly responsible for organizing the farmers’ protests in Brussels over the past week, the Financial Times reported on Friday.

    At least it tells us who the FT is working for, and it is not its readers. There are no MSM organs of virtue, they are all rotten pussies.



    Deport NYC’s cop-beating illegal migrants — if we can find them after the judge let them loose on no bail




    Biden Administration Wants To Force Foster Parents To Sign LGBTQ Pledge.

    The Satanic Cabal wants to destroy and disorient tradition culture and replace it with depraved perversity

    This is a tool to that end

    Republican lawmakers are reacting with outrage to a newly proposed policy by the Biden administration that would force foster parents to sign a contract agreeing to promote gender ideology in their homes.



    The Tucker and Brett Weinstein interview.
    illuminated the scope of “the border crisis’ and exposed the extremely odd fact that there are these segregated Chinese ‘immigrant camps’ built to a high standard that are off limit to enter for non chinese in the jungles of Panama.

    The Chinese in these camps did not have to endure the horrors of the Darien Gap like the other teeming hordes of non-chinese masses.

    Also hints that the Chinese government would like to complete the road through the Darien Gap to finally finish an unbroken Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Patagonia. A new ‘Silk Road’ will be for seamless Resource Extraction® and immigrant trafficking (child)

    The Panama Canal Zone, now control by Panama, is packed like a sardine can with UN and other NGOs pimping ‘immigration’ as fast as their greedy little pecker heads can scheme.

    Must just be a BIG COINCIDENCE

    I know we have a bunch of Coincidence Theorists© here at TAE.

    You can really get your rock off on this one.





    Ron Paul
    What if our foreign policy was deeply flawed the entire time?

    What if it was the plan.

    It’s planned division. I’ve said so since I heard about balkanizing Russia. It’s really the USA that is on the chopping block. If the USA can’t get its internal divisions mended they will succeed in splitting it up, this decade. North America should be defended from its edges. Get the troops home to our own soil and this includes Canada. We have two massive oceans that are great moots, let them come to us instead of us crossing over. The energy and material wasted fighting overseas would be better spent on our home turf. The turmoil overseas is on behalf of corporate, if they wish to keep it going just to pillage for the benefit of their shareholders then let them do it on their own dime.




    It’s planned division. I’ve said so since I heard about balkanizing Russia.


    Satanic Psychopaths project.

    It’s their OM

    Gaslight if you will, same difference.

    Psychopaths are extremely talented mimics.

    Hey, it’s no country for an old man…..


    Just stand still here a minute, you won’t feel a thing…..



    The Duh’merican Dream Writ Large

    Evolution of a Clown Nation®

    The Long Road of St Ronald of McDonald



    The Troubled Teen Years


    The Early Twenty Something Years


    Finally Dreams Come True



    Today, Its All Good News -> Diversion -> Super Bowl

    Oscillation -> Potential -> Kinetic -> Depletion – > At Rest -> In balance -> Adjust
    Change -> News -> Action -> Inaction -> Repeat

    People Power -> Focus
    Bankers are assleeepp/Impotent/evil/

    EU Leaders Squander Another €50 Billion on Propping up Kiev Regime… and Self-Destruction

    • EU Squanders Another €50 Billion on Kiev Regime… and Self-Destruction (SCF)

    European elitist regimes are waging war in Europe against nuclear-powered Russia by wasting the public’s money to lavish a Neo-Nazi mafia in Kiev.

    Finally, the European Union’s threats, blackmail, and arm-twisting have paid off to push through a giant €50 billion aid package to the hopelessly corrupt Kiev regime. This is while European farmers revolt against the EU leadership over higher energy costs and cheap imports from Ukraine that are putting them out of business and wiping out their livelihoods.

    The EU leaders are committing the entire bloc of 500 million people to political suicide. The reckless cavalier attitude is something to behold. Bring on the pitchforks, Merci!

    The allocation of €50 billion to a non-member state is astounding. Even more bewildering is that the latest largesse is only a fraction of the total aid that the EU leadership has pumped into Ukraine since the proxy war against Russia erupted in February 2022. Over the past two years, the European Union has given the Kiev regime an estimated €100 billion.

    There is simply no precedent or justifiable rationale for this mobilization of financial support for Ukraine. This has all been done as a fait accompli by an elite class with no democratic mandate. No referenda have been conducted to consult the public about the inordinate expenditure. Indeed, polls indicate that the European public – like the American public – is opposed to their governments supporting Ukraine.

    Squeeze the chokepoints. (Energy/Oil delivery)
    A collapse is coming and heads are going to roll.



    People Power
    800+ US, European Civil Servants Condemn Governments for Fueling Israeli War Crimes
    “We are obliged to do everything in our power on behalf of our countries and ourselves to not be complicit in one of the worst human catastrophes of this century.”
    Feb 02, 2024



    Black Pigeon Speaks: “Starfield” & Why Memes ENRAGE the Humourless


    The Elite 1 Percent Behind The Cultural Civil War

    While doing their two weekly national surveys, Rasmussen and his team noticed an anomaly. Out of every 1,000 or so respondents, there would always be three or four who were far more radical than everyone else. After several months of finding these unusual responses, Rasmussen realized they all shared three characteristics.

    The radical responses came from people who had graduate degrees (not just graduate studies), family incomes above $150,000 a year, and lived in large cities (more than 10,000 people per zip code).

    When Rasmussen aggregated the responses from more than 20 surveys, he realized these people made up a unique elite 1 percent.

    He then did a national survey of only people with these characteristics – and found some astonishing results

    When all other voters gave President Joe Biden a 41 percent job approval, the elite 1 percent rated him at 82 percent approval.

    The elite 1 percent are surprisingly young. Sixty-seven percent are between 35 and 54 years old. They are 86 percent white. Almost half of them (47 percent) favor “Sanders-like policies.” They are overwhelmingly Democrats (73 percent)

    While 57 percent of all voters say there is not enough individual freedom in America, 47 percent of the elite 1 percent say there is too much freedom. If you ask the section of the group that is politically obsessed (people who talk politics every day), 69 percent say there is too much individual freedom in America.

    the elite 1 percent have great faith in government. Some 70 percent trust government to do the right thing most of the time.

    35 percent of the elite 1 percent (and 69 percent of the politically obsessed elite 1 percent) said they would rather cheat than lose a close election. Among average Americans, 93 percent reject cheating and accept defeat in an honest election. Only 7 percent reported they would cheat.

    While only 6 percent of most voters have a very favorable opinion of members of Congress, 69 percent of the elite 1 percent have a very favorable view

    While 10 percent of all voters have a favorable view of journalists, the elite 1 percent really like them (71 percent favorable)

    17 percent of all voters have a favorable view of college professors, the elite 1 percent just love them (76 percent)

    77 percent of the elite 1 percent would like to impose strict restrictions and rationing on the private use of gas, meat, and electricity.
    72 percent of the elite 1 percent favor banning gas powered vehicles.
    69 percent of the elite 1 percent favor banning gas stoves.
    58 percent of the elite 1 percent favor of banning sport utility vehicles.
    55 percent of the elite 1 percent favor banning non-essential air travel.
    53 percent of the elite 1 percent favor banning private air conditioning.

    …the most radical of the elite 1 percent were educated at what he calls the “dirty dozen:” Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern, John’s Hopkins, Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, Cornell, MIT, and the University of Chicago.

    The elite 1 percent who graduated from these schools deeply believe in government. Fifty-five percent believe there is too much individual freedom in America and that Americans should obey government and follow government leadership.

    It is the elite 1 percent who dominate the universities, news media, judiciary, intelligence agencies, giant foundations, and most major corporations. Although they are relatively few, they marry each other, their children go to the same schools, and they hire and promote each other.

    …graduates from “dirty dozen” universities that Rasmussen described live, work and play in the same zip codes. They are an isolated set and create a “power aristocracy” that has no knowledge of the rest of us – and contempt for most of us.


    “I have never known a fortress or city to stand which possessed a postern gate wide enough to admit an ass laden with gold” –Philip of Macedon


    @ tboc

    As if “being nice” cannot coexist with sharp, cutting communication. Irony is a powerful tool, and wielding it while simultaneously “being nice” will reach audiences that otherwise might not listen.


    53 percent of the elite 1 percent favor banning private air conditioning.

    Let them “practice what they preach” and live in their fancy winter homes in the greater Phoenix metro area (and similar southern parts of the US) in JULY sans air conditioning!


    Yeah I get the sense that the percent of support for those measures went up as they felt they would be an exception to the rule and down as they felt it would be more difficult to be an exception.

    So they think THEY will still be able to get meat and afford the expensive electric vehicles, have access to electricity and infrastructure to make them work somehow, but cannot imagine as good a chance at keeping their air conditioning.

    The majority could recognize that the air travel thing would be harder to get around, although 45% believe something magical will happen and THEY will still go to Trinidad or Fiji or at least Cancun or Cozumel. It’s just that we have to stop all those auto workers and welders and plumbers from going to Fiji, you see.

    John Day

    @tboc, jb-hb & Phoenixvoice: Good work today. Decorum is a bit different from “niceness”.
    Incisive with gets style points.


    Which one of these is different?
    Proxy (for USA), Mercenary (for Iran), Peace/ceasefire (People Power)


    Canada has weaponized the Baguette against Gaza/Hamas


    I just realized what the 55 percent of the elite 1 percent who favor banning non-essential air travel are counting on.

    Their CorpGovNGO employer will send them to very, very serious essential trade/business/thinktank/charity/policy/education/science etc “conferences” in all the glamorous places. On an expense account. …they already do.


    There is a 9 million gap between the number of U.S. “Jobs” and the number of “employed” workers

    How could that be?


    The ‘gap’ is the nine million DEAD and DISABLED

    The Empire of Lies explains every gross Reality abnormality with a New Lie

    It’s how they roll.



    The Clotshot finally shows up in employment Stats





    D Benton Smith

    I (me and everybody else, apparently) want to talk about Elon Musk’s so-called “compensation package” .

    So Elon’s pay is hard welded to the financial performance of his company. Am I supposed to be happy, grateful and worshipfully admiring about how brave and honest he is by taking such an unheard of outlandishly risky risk? Should I place him seated at the right hand of God for being so “buck stops here” style RESPONSIBLE?

    Well, maybe yes and maybe no. It all depends on two little things.

    The first little thing is the question of who actually put up the dough for all that investment. Where did the cash dollars that built all those factories and products come from? Who took that financial risk by coughing up so many billions and trillions of hard dollars earned by hard work? In other words, whose frigging money was “risked” in the first frigging place! Was it Elon’s money, or was it OUR money?

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I seem to remember that all of Elon’s big risky adventures were (and continue to be) paid for by the Government. Paid in advance while ramping up and paid for again after delivery, and all of it paid from tax dollars and Federal Reserve debt, that was pumped out of OUR pockets and on up through the Military-Industrial complex, straight into Elon’s pocket.

    So, what did WE get in return for all that risk we took? Point to what we got. I would love to see it because right now I’m looking hard to find any kind of pig in that poke and it just keeps on looking like an empty poke.

    So if it was us who took all of the risk by underwriting all that government issued debt why wasn’t it us who received all the profits? (or ANY of the profits, for that matter.) What, exactly, did Musk risk and invest? Kindly identify the items (along with their fair value) , in the form of a simple list, that lays out what he chipped in as his personal contributions to the total enterprise. I would love to see such a list, especially compared side-by-side with the list of what all the rest of us pitched in.

    The second little thing on my short list of fishy little things about Musk’s status as richest (and thereby best, smartest, most important and wonderful) human being in the whole world is a little question about whether or not the things he is being credited with producing are worth what was paid for them.

    You know, the rocket ships, sky-net satellites, self-erasing lithium cars, dank tunnels under Los Angeles and perennially promised (and yet to be delivered) cruises to Mars. Are any of those things actually worth anything to you?

    Yeah, I know they are all fantastically difficult, flashy and impressive endeavors that only an OCD genius could accomplish, but that’s not the question. The question is whether or not they are WORTH anything, and in particular are they worth anything to YOU, relative to what they cost you (and are STILL costing you.

    Seems to me the only people those things have much value to (or usefulness for) are the already obscenely rich powerful assholes who used YOUR money to obtain them for their own benefit alone, and leaving YOU with bupkis and an abraded rectum.

    Let’s recap. Your money was given to people like Musk to supervise the building useless shit they dreamed up without asking you about, at YOUR incomprehensibly enormous expense (possibly QUADRILLIONS of dollars equivalent) , thereby turning the controllers into untouchable billionaires and turning the CONTROLLED POPULATION into dirt poor debilitated disposable meat robot deplorables.

    Sure looks like a great deal to me, but not necessarily very much FOR me. Or you either, I bet.





    Woke White Upper Middle Class Women Having Tea

    The Steel Spine Stormtroopers of Pedo Joe’s core constituents



    The irony of urban hipsters embrace of ecological hypocrisy


    Just sayin’…..




    D Benton Smith

    The story about those New York cops getting jumped and beaten by immigrant delinquents is bigger than it looks. How long do you suppose the NYPD is going to take being thrown under the bus as Fair Game for any immigrant criminal to kill at will? Not very long, I reckon, and when the cops STOP taking it then what happens next?

    That’s where this is headed and I see no indication that it’s changing directions.


    Kill, kill.
    You got to go after Iran, if you want peace.
    Cease fire.
    You got to go after the USA to stop the killing.


    I hired some workers far away
    To crunch my numbers for low pay.
    But now they’ve quit and I can see
    Those bastards were were front-running me!


    Somebody notify Jinbo Clusterfuck….Jeff Zients is a jew, just like everybody else around biden. Just cohencidence of course.

    John Day

    Countering Dysinformation Empire

    Aleks , Black Mountain Analysis (Serbia) , Chickens in the Middle East [i] How dare you?
    Let’s focus on the recent attack on the American base in Syria. Syria? The US Government is insisting that these three Americans were killed in a base in Jordan close to the Syrian border. In a camp called Tower 22… Bullshit. These troops were killed and injured in Syria in the illegal occupation base in Al-Tanf. Here, “resistance fighters” (this is what Al-Qaida is called nowadays) are being trained to fight “against Assad.” Meaning: Conducting Terror attacks against Syrians and Iranian IRGC officers within Syria.
    Now, why does Washington insist that the attack (Drone? Missile? We will never know!) by the resistance axis has been conducted on the base in Jordan and not in Al-Tanf in Syria? That is very simple. The Americans have no business in Syria. From an international law perspective, they are sitting ducks there, free to shoot—legally. They are occupying another country to “protect” (steal) its oil and to “free” (kill) Syrians. Whatever happens to them is legal from the perspective of international law…
    ..There are reports from Iran that the Americans tried hard through the Swiss Embassy in Tehran to convince the Iranians to let them hit some empty building in Iran and not to retaliate. To save face…
    Moreover, the Americans are trying to convince regional actors to stop the attacks against them, and MAYBE, as a reward, the Americans will eventually withdraw from the region… No regional player will buy into that any longer…
    ..On October 7th, a war was started by the Axis of Resistance. It was started against both Israel and the Western occupation of the Middle East. As stated above, it will not end before all occupation forces are out of the Middle East, the Two State Solution has been implemented in Israel, or all people in the Middle East are dead…
    ..Israel’s prime minister condemned his country to strategic defeat. I acknowledge that Iran, with Chinese help and Russia’s approval, showed a red cloth to the Israeli raging Bull (Netanyahu). And this bull made a fatal but entirely predictable error and charged right into this red cloth—right into Gaza. This was a fatal mistake! And it can’t be reversed…
    ..Israel’s next goal would be to conquer southern Gaza. From a military perspective, the logical move would be to cut it off from the Egyptian border. And yes, Hamas withdrew to southern Gaza and would commit to a last stand there. But then… Israel began to withdraw from several places in Gaza. It withdrew significant brigades to reposition them to the Lebanon borders. Why?…
    ..I assume that Netanyahu received credible intelligence, perhaps from the Americans or others, that Hezbollah is ready to enter Israel from the north as soon as the Israelis are fully committed to the battle for Southern Gaza. Which essentially would deal a death blow to Israel.
    Now, we must understand that Israel does not have the forces left to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon. It has already lost significant armored resources; it has no experience in peer-to-peer combat. And it is far too small. Hezbollah is battle-hardened, as it learned through its ground operations in assaulting occupied Syrian cities. They are well-equipped, organized, and trained. Moreover, they have the modern missiles needed to decapitate Israel’s infrastructure and airfields within days.
    Frankly, I think this is a very tense situation. I don’t know whether Israel will invade Lebanon. Israel is physically not able to do that but still, Netanyahu could decide to do it out of desperation.

    Gilbert Doctorow , U.S. Military Strikes in Iraq and Syria: A discussion on Iran’s Press TV
    U.S. support for Netanyahu and the Israeli genocide in Gaza will end not because humane considerations have taken the upper hand but because domestic U.S. politics so dictates if Biden is to have any chance of being re-elected. As always, domestic U.S. politics account for 90% of the direction of foreign policy, with the remaining 10% driven by the actual state of affairs in the world outside U.S. borders. In present conditions, underweighting the risks of provoking full-on war with Iran may have devastating consequences for U.S. power in the region and beyond.

    U.S. Military Strikes in Iraq and Syria:  A discussion on Iran’s Press TV

    US Strikes Killed At Least 39, Including “Many Civilians,” As Iraq Warns Stability Is On “Brink Of The Abyss”
    Widespread reports say at least 39 were killed in the Friday US airstrikes on Iran-linked targets across Western Iraq and Eastern Syria, which used over 125 bombs and precision munitions, according to a Pentagon statement.

    The Iraqi Armed Forces stress that these “strikes” flagrantly violate Iraqi sovereignty, undermine the efforts of the Iraqi government, and pose a significant threat that could drag Iraq and the region into highly undesirable consequences.

    John Day

    Iraqi parliament calling to ditch US dollar for oil trade , Washington has exercised strict control over Iraqi oil revenues for the past two decades
    The Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament made a statement on 31 January calling for the sale of oil in currencies other than the US dollar, aiming to counter US sanctions on the Iraqi banking system.
    “The US Treasury still uses the pretext of money laundering to impose sanctions on Iraqi banks. This requires a national stance to put an end to these arbitrary decisions,” the statement said.
    “Imposing sanctions on Iraqi banks undermines and obstructs Central Bank efforts to stabilize the dollar exchange rate and reduce the selling gap between official and parallel rates,” it added.
    The Finance Committee affirmed its “rejection of these practices, due to their repercussions on the livelihoods of citizens,” and reiterated its “call on the government and the Central Bank of Iraq to take quick measures against the dominance of the dollar, by diversifying cash reserves from foreign currencies.”
    Washington imposed sanctions on Iraqi Al-Huda Bank this week, under claims of laundering money for Iran.

    The Three Strands to the ‘Swarming of Biden’
    The U.S. seemingly aims to find a way to hurt Iranian and Resistance forces just enough to show that Biden is ‘very angry’, Alastair Crooke writes.
    “The Iranians have a strategy, and we don’t”, a former senior U.S. Defence Department official told Al-Monitor: “We’re getting bogged down in tactical weeds – of whom to target and how – and nobody’s thinking strategically”…
    ..The strategy to ‘swarm’ the U.S. on multiple fronts was plainly stated at the recent ‘Astana Format’ meeting between Russia, Iran, and Turkey on 24-25 January. The latter triumvirate are busy preparing the endgame in Syria (and ultimately, in the Region as a whole).

    The Three Strands to the ‘Swarming of Biden’

    Israel Bombs Belgian Agency in Gaza After Belgium Refuses to Cut Funding to UNRWA

    Israeli Defense Minister: Two-Thirds Of Hamas Have Been Taken Out (Straight face, firm voice, and steady eye contact are essential to effective lying.)
    He said in the remarks that the military has effectively neutralized 20,000 of the estimated pre-conflict total of around 30,000 fighters. He essentially declared the defeat of Hamas in their southern stronghold of Khan Younis, saying that in addition to the 10,000 killed there’s been another some 10,000 wounded. Currently, there is no way of verifying this and Hamas does not publish on its own casualty rates…
    ..”Hamas’ Khan Younis Brigade boasted that it would stand against the IDF,” Gallant said, but then declared instead the group has been “dismantled.” “I am telling you here, we are completing the mission in Khan Younis and we will also reach Rafah and eliminate everyone there who is a terrorist who is trying to harm us,” Gallant told a gathering of Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

    The paramedics sent to rescue a five-year-old Palestinian girl, who was trapped with her dead family in a vehicle surrounded by Israeli forces, have not been heard from for five days, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) reported on Friday.
    Hind’s mother, Wissam Rajab, told Middle East Eye that the family decided to flee when tanks approached the area they were staying in.
    Due to poor weather, she had put her daughter in the vehicle along with her uncle, his wife, and their children, while the rest of the family, including Hind’s grandmother, fled on foot…
    ..Rajab thought they were all dead until she got a call from Layan Hamadeh, her 15-year-old cousin, saying; “Hind and I are wounded, and all my family is dead, I don’t want to die. Please call an ambulance to save us. I’m scared, the tanks are 500 metres away from me.”
    The line went dead, Rajab thought they had both been killed. But when she called again, Hind answered and said: “I’m alive, but Layan was martyred. Mum, I’m afraid, they are all dead. Come and get me.”..
    ..She recalled that Hind said she was in pain, and that her arm, leg, and back were wounded…
    ..”I’m scared of the dark, come get me,” she said… “Don’t leave me, I’m cold, hungry, and afraid.”

    John Day

    Mike Whitney, Israel’s Starvation Strategy
    “It’s not a coincidence that the attacks on UNRWA took place after the ICJ ruling. Israel is trying to discredit the International Court of Justice, and one way of doing that is by rubbishing UNRWA. But UNRWA has fulfilled the heroic role of providing health, education and all other services to the Palestinian refugees since 1948.
    And it’s really heartbreaking that Israeli propaganda is now demonizing UNRWA and leading some countries to cut off aid. So, my sympathy and support is entirely on the side of UNRWA, and I hope it can long continue to play the vital role it has always played in supporting the Palestinian victims of Israeli aggression.” —Avi Shlaim, Israeli historian…
    ..Israel is boldly laying down its cards so the entire world can see the strategy it plans to employ to eradicate the native population and fulfill the Zionist dream of a Jewish state from the river to the sea.

    Israel’s Starvation Strategy

    Israel Announces It Will Attack Gaza Border City of Rafah
    Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said Israel was winning in Khan Younis, and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) would move on to Rafah. “We are achieving our missions in Khan Younis, and we will also reach Rafah and eliminate terror elements that threaten us,” he proclaimed.
    When Israel began its military campaign in Gaza, it ordered all Palestinians to leave the northern half of the Gaza Strip. Most of the internally displaced Gazans fled to Khan Younis, the largest city in the southern half of the Strip. Now, following the IDF bombardment of the city, most residents and refugees have fled, many to Rafah.
    The last remaining city and refugee camp in Gaza is Rafah, a city along the enclave’s border with Egypt. Before the war, Rafah was home to 250,000 people. Currently 1.7 million Palestinians are packed into the city. Jens Laerke, a UN spokesperson for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, explained, “Rafah is now a pressure cooker of despair, and we fear for what happens next.”…
    ..Gallant has claimed that Israel needs to attack Rafah to rescue hostages held by Hamas…
    ..The IDF has yet to rescue a signal hostage through its military operations in Gaza. The IDF has killed several hostages, including three who escaped and were waving white flags. Hamas has offered to release the hostages if Israel ends the war and allows aid into Gaza.

    Israel Announces It Will Attack Gaza Border City of Rafah

    Moon of Alabama (Germany) , Boycott, Divestment And Sanctions
    Despite its utter cruelty and destructiveness Israel is far from achieving its goal of ethnic cleansing Gaza. It also has not even dared yet to attack Hizbullah in south Lebanon. This while Zionists settlers had to move out of the areas surrounding Gaza and from the ground near to the Lebanese border.
    Netanyahoo is in a trap. He has to ‘do something’ to allow for the return of the internal refugees to their homes. But any action towards that will cause more death of his troops and may well hurt Israel’s strategic viability.
    It seems that the Zionist idea of a settler colony exclusively for Jews is coming, slowly but surely, to its inevitable end.
    There have long been signs of this. The boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign (BDS) against Israel has been continuously growing.

    The Ethical Skeptic, What is Dysinformation?
    Dysinformation (alternately, ‘dystinfo’ or ‘dystinformation’) encapsulates a specific and nuanced concept within the realm of information distortion. It’s a form of disinformation that is particularly insidious because it uses facts or mostly-truths in a way that is misleading or deceptive. This approach is distinct from outright falsehoods or fabrications, as it relies on the selective presentation of truth to shape perceptions or narratives – particularly when applied to future events or a progression of adverse conditions.
    Dysinformation proliferates under a circumstance wherein a single Party has gained excessive amounts of power (cultural, political, social, scientific, and/or industrial) and is aligned with a servile and corrupt media, under a legal condition defined as State (Joint) Action.
    Example: WHO Warns Cancer Cases Will Jump 77% by 2050 – Here’s Why
    “Tobacco, alcohol and obesity are key factors behind the increasing incidence of cancer, with air pollution still a key driver of environmental risk factors.” ~ Agence France-Presse: Science Alert, 2 Feb 2024 …
    ..In the context of “Dystopian Disinformation,” this term suggests a deliberate strategy to manipulate collective awareness or create a mass formation paradigm. The aim here is to condition the public’s understanding or expectations in a way that aligns with certain agendas or prepares the populace for future adverse events or developments. By doing so, the orchestrators of dysinformation seek to control the narrative in advance, influence public opinion towards acceptance of a simple and easy-to-understand explanation for the state of things, and potentially mitigate backlash or resistance when these events unfold.

    What is Dysinformation?

    (Butt) Cracks Begin to Show at Davos , Trepidation flows like honeyed vinegar at the elite’s annual humanity-hating bash. (Dark) Simplicius
    Officially, climate and mis-/disinformation dominated their program’s agenda, which was sponsored under the byline: “Rebuilding (Enforcing) Trust.”
    ….So if you’re a Davos class type — in finance, private equity, multinational business, certain think tank/academic/nonprofit types who depend on political connections — your gut instinct is to SURVIVE at all costs. If that means a deal with the populist, well then…
    ..WHO director general Tedros Ghebreyesus got accosted on his way to Schwab’s soiree by an intrepid reporter: “When will you release Disease X?”…
    ..An environmental lobbyist told viewers of British News channel GB News Tuesday that having children presents a “moral issue” because of the amount of carbon they will produce over the course of their lifetime.
    Donnachadh McCarthy argued that people should have fewer children, and that having only one child is “great”.
    In the meantime, European capitals have been blazing—supermarkets in dystopian Paris empty owing to the widespread farmer strikes…
    ..Rubber bullets and water cannons were deployed against hundreds of European farmers protesting outside the EU Parliament building in Brussels on Thursday…
    .. The White House, for one, is setting an example by replacing John Kerry with a new more ‘wholesome’ Climate Czar, John Podesta…
    ..But the final most immediately troubling focus from the globalists was on ‘disinformation’.

    John Day

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Organ was warned that he would be stripped of the right to vote within the European Union should he refuse to support financial assistance to Ukraine

    Von der Leyen celebrates ‘a great day for Europe’ as farmers trash Brussels
    The unelected European Commission head made her priorities crystal clear by praising another cash dump on Ukraine

    Orban linked to farmers’ protests — The Hungarian leader personally met with demonstrators in Brussels ahead of an EU summit on aid for Ukraine
    Close associates of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban are reportedly responsible for organizing the farmers’ protests in Brussels over the past week, the Financial Times reported on Friday.

    The German parliament, Bundestag, said on Friday it had passed in the final vote the 2024 budget which envisages cutbacks in subsidies for farmers.
    In December 2023, the German government announced plans to scrap diesel subsidies for farmers amid the budget crisis, which would bring 440 million euros ($476 million) to the federal budget. The government also planned to end tax breaks on vehicles for forestry and agriculture, gaining an additional 480 million euros.

    Around 90,000 public transport workers at over 130 companies in Germany staged walkouts on Friday to demand reduced working hours and extra days off.—reports-1116564462.html

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