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    Henry Matisse Bouquet of flowers for July 14 Oct 7 1919   • Japan and Europe Start the Central Bank Reset (BBG) • The Bubble That Could Break the
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    Good one! Typo or intentional?

    V. Arnold

    This is not going to work. It’s a one way ticket back to Mao.

    Hmm; would this be a totally bad thing?
    Revolutionary’s do revolutionary things; isn’t this what is needed?
    The U.S. no longer thinks in revolutionary ideas; but rather surveillance and control.
    Maybe a bit of Mao would be a good thing…
    Notwithstanding the bloody/cruel history of China’s long march; aren’t they better off now?

    V. Arnold


    My guess is CONomy; intentional.

    Dr. D

    “central banks could start issuing digital currencies”

    They don’t want to stop cryptos, they want to capture them. And one part of the government saying they want to regulate, while most other departments and the people say no, when there’s no legislation written anywhere much less signed, is a long way from shuttering Asian crypto exchanges and Bitcoin dying.

    Bringing some of that $3T home reminds me of “Too much money chasing too few goods” (Or in Carter’s words “Inflation is a bunch of mysterious things working in mysterious ways.”) It could kick off inflation/rate hike cycle that attracts more money from abroad because inexplicably, the RoW is even worse than the dreadful U.S. If so, it could eventually drive the US$ 50% lower (at least vs goods) which is the crushing inflation and debt relief they’ve been claiming to want. Enthusiastic cheer! It’s possible.

    And of course it’s awesome because it hurts pensioners and the most vulnerable the hardest! Hey, you didn’t think they were going to hurt K-Street lawyers the hardest, did you? Although a debt-relief reset would ultimately be good, nobody will like it. So DJT will need something to blame it on. His success, probably.


    I love socialism! Always so predictable! <3 “China’s Communists Take More Stakes In Private Companies (BBG)”


    Yesterday, finally, we had a bit of hot weather in Melbourne. For much of this past December/January (your June/July) I had been compelled to put a woollen blanket over me in bed. This reality has not however stopped our local MSM from putting out scary articles.

    Melbourne weather: Summer scorcher as mercury tipped to hit 42 degrees

    They are predicting (not happened yet) that it will be the hottest day in 2 years. So what? It was fat hotter in the 19th century.

    The discrepancy between the official maximum daily temperature and what I (and many others) note from their own more primitive thermometers is becoming quite obvious.

    Yesterday, I measured a 37C (98.6F) and the official temperature was 38.9C (102.0F). The distance from my house to the centre of Melbourne is only 10KM. Where I am is residential and there is a sports field across the street and the Botanic Gardens next to it. The sea is near – but the hot winds come from inland. This discrepancy of 1.9C (3.4F) can only be explained by the Heat Island Effect. Melbourne is not the same as it was 150 years ago when they started logging temperatures. Furthermore, they did not measure temperatures at one-second intervals which can only exaggerate things on the upside – it has been revealed that they stop this process on the downside.

    Take it from me, pretty well anything that is official is fake. Reality must be pretty bad when they even lie about the weather.


    A very interesting article that puts things in their proper perspective – regardless of QE, interest rates, inflation, share prices and all the rest of that secondary stuff.

    The Russo-Chinese “Alliance” Revisited


    The US is busy rescuing its mercenaries. It does not matter what label these people operate – ISIS, al-Qaeda etc. – they are the same individuals. It is like supermarkets that display 10 types of toothpaste – all made Proctor & Gamble

    US Gives Green Light to Hundreds of Terrorists for Relocation to Libya from Iraq, Syria

    I expect Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria will have to do something about it. Do expect some news about the Egyptians/Tunisians/Algerians using “sarin gas” against some innocent “Libyans”. The Neocons are so stupid that they are going to turn the whole of North Africa against the USA in no time at all.


    As you saw earlier, the forecast was 42C (107.6F). Now, at 3:30 PM, the hottest time of the day, the temperature according to the BOM is 35.8C (96.4F). In reality, at my house, it is only 28.8C (83.8F). My car has been parked under a tree all day and the temperature gauge said the outside temperature is 31C (88F).

    It should be pretty obvious to the most committed warmists that the BOM is fudging the numbers – always upwards.


    Nassim – I like a lot of your comments, but this temperature obsession is getting me irritated. First, predicted top temperatures and actual top temperatures are not the same thing. BoMs predictions are the best going around, but they are still only predictions. Today in Adelaide the prediction was for a top of 35c, but it got to 39. So what?. Second, the hottest time of day (and I’ve lived in Melbourne too) can just as easily be mid-morning, or early evening – so not necessarily the convenient time of 3.30pm. As you would well know, it depends on when the northerlies are strongest. Third, your use of Williamstown as a reference point is interesting, given it is stuck out in Port Phillip bay. Conveniently for you, BoM does not measure at Williamstown, but I imagine it would be a fair bit cooler than Central Melbourne. After all, western Sydney can be several degrees hotter than central Sydney. It’s a big place. How about using Melbourne (Olympic Park) as the measure – that’s pretty central. It also happens to be where the Australian Open tennis is being played at the moment – anyone wanting to know what was going on there yesterday should google “Australian Open tennis” and “heat”, It didn’t look like 28c to me…

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