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    Jean-Léon Gérôme Slave market 1866   • World Wants More US Intervention – Blinken (RT) • World on ‘Escalation Spiral’ Towards War (Sp.) • BRICS a
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    Dr. D

    “Watch: Globalist WEF Speak Complains ‘X’ Is “Toxic, Scary”, Musk’s Policies Are “Problematic”

    It’s not scary, you’re a p—y. As Kunstler said! “Are they making up the new Virus ‘X’ just to f with Elon?” Yes!!! They are just that dumb, ““I have given up on X. What a scary name that even is…” — WEF Globalists. Who are you talking to??? Other WEF will eat your lunch and throw you in a locker, and the general public will laugh at you and think you’re so lightweight and not worth being afraid of. Either way: never stop talking. Tell us all your amazing master plans and how a million Iraqi and Gazan kids were “Worth it”.

    ““I’m hearing from virtually every country: They want the United States,” Blinken said. “They want us present, they want us at the table, they want us leading.”

    I’m sure that’s quite true: they get in with our position and help, and would be kicked out without it. That’s Empire. So when things are rocky at home, they need and want more foreign aid, more guns, more training in the School of the Americas. But Mr. Blinken never occurs to him is that what the PEOPLE want? People of the world? Of these nations, who like us would vote them all out if they could? No, because when you’re the “Garden People” and Practically Perfect in Every Way, when you are the GOOD guys, well-meaning, well, all your murders become the GOOD murders.

    It’s an outlook thing. They’re above root concepts. For most nations, doesn’t matter a bit who’s on top, which empty suit sits in the chair, everything will roll on institutional, cultural memory of “This is how it is done.” The U.S. Derp State, which is the world NeoLiberals, have the money and violence to bend national expression into something warped and alien to the People, and do.

    What I’m saying is: so dump all the leaders that want and need U.S. help and intervention. It’s a mark of their utter failure and subservience, and proves the fact of a warped national destiny and expression. When it stops, no one will be worse off and most especially we who are paying for it.

    Blinken translation: Yeah, Rich people like free candy. They take it from the poor. “If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can count on the support of Paul.”

    ““Foreign policy in the Middle East will become hostage to American domestic politics, which is very dangerous..”

    Just what I said: why? If we didn’t exist, they’d be fine and work it out for themselves. So wtf does our domestic policy have to do with anything unless we’re being evil to begin with? Putting our nose where it doesn’t belong?

    “All the “fairy tales” that Russia intends to seize Europe and unleash a third world war are just a figment of Washington’s fantasies”

    That WAS true. But if they keep it up long enough Russia will be so powerful and Europe so sapped that they will MAKE it true. This is pretty common in psychology and the world. Don’t know why. It’s “The Secret.”

    “• BRICS and Global South Challenge ‘Globalist Elites’ With Multipolar World (Sp.)

    Or you could say they’re ignoring a bunch of stupid ideas and just dropping to very simple and direct self-interest. They’re not “Opposing” anyone. “Opposing” predicates that “You matter.” You don’t. Europe is hollow, pointless has beens, with London especially, and the U.S. isn’t nothing, but simply has to focus domestically for 10-20 years. All these things, all the stories, battles, reports, approaches, strategies, outrages, all act like Europe isn’t some nowhere like Gabon and Angola. As central to the world as Kyrgyzstan and New Guinea. Get with the program. Nobody cares what you say or what your problems are. You have no army, no power, you’re the pimple on the end of the nose of Europe as they used to say of Ireland. Gabon is going to build Wakanda cities while yours collapse and you can’t get petrol for a Taxi across Paris. Fix that and you’ll be relevant again, it’ll be lifetimes.

    Oppose who? You have to matter and capture my attention for me to notice I need to oppose you. If it wasn’t obvious enough Russia just held a mega-party coming out about this AGAIN this week and was ignored AGAIN by Europe. Worse, Russia has given up and just assumes Europe will never listen and are correct. For them it’s like us spending all our time and attention worrying that Cuba will attack us. Why? It wouldn’t matter if they did and we have actual real things to do.

    “at its height, ISIS consisted of more than 35,000 fighters in Iraq”

    Experts say a lot of these were “Russian” rebels such as the other half of the Chechnian civil war. …And they’re all dead, solving two problems. No problem in Russia, no problem in Syria no more. Seems like there’s only one problem: the United States. Or rather, the anti-American parasite as these are all CIA/Global Ops in coordination of anyone BUT the United States, where 99% of the United States would and do oppose them.

    “US was supporting an ISIS revival in the region.”

    Great! As we say with Ukraine: “With what men?” “With what guns?” Amazing it takes to this level, but if it takes what it takes. Every Saudi-Bush created jihadist is dead, and every 777 shell is fired. Oh well. I guess you can fight with sticks and stones then, but at that point the people have the upper hand.

    “Sunak gives Zelensky a few billion, on the condition that he’ll never talk peace. US and UK want the war to continue. Germany and France follow their lead.”

    Translation: even after two years, they can’t come up with another “Plan”. If this stops, it’ll collapse. It will collapse ON THEM, with no reason, no cover, just mismangement and lies, theft, and accounting fraud to the people. They’ll all be hung and dragged around the city, so of course it continues. That’s what “Criminal” means. Criminals gonna criminal. So why do you OBEY? Make me.

    “The Plan” is only two things, as they say of the Fed: “Print money and hand it to my friends” and “Bullshit.” That’s it. That’s the master plan you guys can’t seem to defeat. Really??? That does NOT reflect well upon us. If we can’t beat that I guess we deserve to lose.

    “West Cannot Let Russia Win – Macron (RT)

    …As long as anyone but France pays for it.

    “Germany will shell out more than €7 billion ($7.6 billion) on military aid for Ukraine this year, “

    Hmmm. How much is that per farmer? €2.500?

    “• How US Coerces France & Germany to Fund Zelensky’s Failing Conflict (Sp.)

    Do we? Or are we trying to get them to pay for any of it? They think cost should be €0.00, and the U.S. pays 100% Aaaaand what do we get out of it? From their speeches they all really, really want this done. …By somebody else. Both the cost, the men, and the blame and scorn. And we would do this why?

    Again, if 99% of American people don’t support this then is “America” doing it? No, a parasite minority is doing it against our express wishes. And so why are THEY doing it, as we’ll eventually drag them from their mansions into the streets? A very different worldview reporters should get their head around. If the German people likewise don’t support it, is it 1% of German, Polish, British leaders? So we have a war of the 1%. That’s not necessarily ON somebody, it’s the same as Kings and Queens where George is fighting his cousins in Germany and Russia: IT’S ONLY THEM. No matter who wins, the same family owns the same countries. So wtf should I care? If we “Win” if anything and I survive, I’ll own LESS of it while they’ll own the same. Screw that. Make Me.

    Same thing here: So the 1% globalist billionaire class are arguing about WHICH idiot son-billionaire with a dick rocket owns it. And? This is relevant to me how? You’re not RELEVANT. You have no power and don’t exist. I deal with people and things that MATTER. You’re all a joke.

    “Warsaw was willing to host German troops on its territory for the first time since World War II”

    And London says they’re expanding the war by getting Poland attacked – a thing they already tried 2-3 times.

    Okay, you short-bus drooleratis: SUPPOSE YOU DID. Then what? YOU HAVE NO ARMY, you feckless crayon-munchers. IT’S NOT 1979 for the love of God and Mary. If you got in a war of all NATO with Russia, Russia would win handily and without much problem.

    So…again, you’re going to fabricate that Poland was attacked — good – that then NATO must be involved – good – so that you can give the entire continent to Putin on a platter. …What part of “Step 3: Profit” is going through your fevered toddler brains? I guess at least then it’ll be “Somebody Else’s Fault.”

    “• Brussels Starts ‘Screening’ Ukrainian Laws (RT)

    No, this means they think Ukraine is going to imminently collapse, the government will cease, and they are de facto absorbing administration Ukraine to the EU officially. I mean, more than they already did, obviously since 2014 Ukr has not been a sovereign state with elections but a puppet proxy. This is just official. Aaaaand again, since the U.S. Paid $6B and “F the EU”, how did we BUY this whole nation the size of France and hand it to Europe? Because ‘Merica?

    “Supreme Court to Hear Potentially Historic Chevron Case (Turley)

    Unfortunately although everything said about Chevon is true, it is going to be hazy and impossible to define. It’s simply not POSSIBLE for Congress to write laws that are detailed enough for every case. Therefore any regulation HAS TO make stuff up on the ground, in detail, or in wide policy. That goes to “How much” and the “Spirit of the law” which are undefinable. Maybe three or more parts here? 1) Congress should make fewer laws that are even possible to be defined and executed. (Viz Tao te Ching) 2) Enforcers need to adhere to the minimum possible authority unless clearly defined. 3) There’s no money for any of these things, and all regulation is used BY THE CORPORATIONS to get advantage, make money, and run other corporations out of business, eclipsing all public benefit which in any case can be brought as a civil suit. All three of these are redline maximum abuse right now, but that doesn’t make the answer easy: the answer lies in us. We have to have the intent, the morality and self-control or no law will help.

    Personally, I’d erase it, but that’s going to trade one problem for another. Congress has been writing “Hey go do some things” and then the regulators favor friends and punish enemies which flip-flop every election. Not a single company is punished, for anything, ever, as Wall Street in ‘08, and in fact are given the world’s largest bonuses up to that time. The more laws you break, the more bailouts you get, and the higher bonuses instead of jail time. “Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the results”.

    “• Trump Vows To “Never Allow” A Central Bank Digital Currency (ZH)

    Sure! We’ll use a PRIVATE CBDC run by Facebook as a merger with government and can pay your taxes in them. Ask Blinken and his daddy.

    So, isn’t the very definition of Blinken’s father, “Fascist”? And whaddya know, they’re all Ukrainian! Along with Kagan, Nuland, Freeland, and the rest!

    Nope, no conflict of interest here! K-Pop Mafia.

    Dr. D

    For windmills, yes I have a nostalgia for the water windmills I’m sure we all do, but it’s not the windmill that’s the issue: I’m sure they’re perfect for their purpose, ran for years, then years without maintenance. Torque = power, it can be converted, and people have used spocket chains to prove it and speed up to generator speeds. The problem is elsewhere and demonstrates the sharp cut of Mr. Tesla vs all previous history, and why we don’t use compressed air, water, etc which is suggested all the time.

    Suppose the two windmills were equal, electric and water, and you were choosing. It’s actually not sensible to pump water when the trough is full, it’s become a waste. Also you’re stuck with the trough at the windmill tower. And the windmill and trough now have to be at the point of wind, not were the water trough is convenient, like the barn. Tesla’s AC, — and indeed compared to Edison’s DC – solves everything. By jacking the “power” up to “high” voltage, it can be cheaply, easily, safely transmitted all over the farm…or county. Tiny, cheap motors turn on all over the farm with a switch, cheaply, easily, safely, with no freezing, no maintenance, basically immortal as the original motors from 1930 are still fresh as new. When you don’t need them, they are merely shut off and wait with no warming up, no waste and zero wear.

    Which leads to the batteries, which water is corrosive, erosive, freezes, leaks, etc, and that’s with the too-high loss of pumping. A battery is very poor but still is far higher than any water moving unless it’s free. A hydraulic ram is one of these, and can often get away with it via regulation, but tends to be low-flow, using water hammer to Pop a few milliliters of water at a time, if at 24h a day for “no cost.” (ton of piping and corrosion if not maintenance).

    We all know, known for 100 years that batteries are the thing, but if it were easy, we would have done it. It’s number of things: why not use ultra-capacitors? Well batteries are stored energy. If not made well it will release all that energy in an instant, meaning IT’S A BOMB. Air tanks are like this, but capacitors are too. Tesla lithium batteries are, but there’s usually a speed at which it’s released. Not only does petrol STORE more energy per inch – it’s not wasting space with a battery matrix – but it has a nice middle ground of being not-that-explosive. It is, of course, but to a level that is cheap and practical to contain. One reason why diesel is superior, being higher energy and lower explosion, although obviously flammable on ships, won’t explode if spilled across roadways.

    So, how do you store energy without building a bomb? And get the energy out?

    There are better batteries, obvious new lithiums are nice but very expensive and high-tech. More destructive than previous, better for a power/weight ratio than just use. Look into nickel-iron “Edison” batteries which are better, more tolerant, and last decades longer. That goes to the next problem: suppose you had to build a pond berm, a creek, a sluice, a pipe, a turbine, then a turbine house, a canvas shaft, all to get 2hp. Infrastructure can never be paid back for years, it’s capital investment on an industrial scale. Same with efficient steam engines, Sterling engines, etc: size and cost is so high, you need 2x machine to do the work of 1x machine. …Which is exactly why we chose the inventions we did. They might only beat a Sterling by a small slice (true) but if they keep beating by 17% for 100 years, you’re just never going to sell and mainstream one.

    This is the Edison batteries: yes, they’re tolerant of everything and eternal, but 2x the cost? Probably you’d get your money back on them, but suppose your golf cart conventionals last 12 years. Then you won’t payback for 25 years? What if something happens? You make an extra-colossal screw up and damage them, your house burns down? That’s why they’ve been used in industrial applications, where the cost isn’t relevant and the lack of maintenance saves.

    See how we’re at this intersection of all sorts of things? Costs, practicals, lifespans, familiarity, safety, all?

    No, if you had to choose – and you may not want to – you just could NOT get the mechanical windmill, you’d have to get an AC one and get power all over the property for free.

    Early guys did know the lift issue, there are certain sail configurations that cause it, although of course they called it something different. Using a wing has different issues, which is why we generally don’t use a fixed wing on sailboats although we’ve tried it and can. More issues of “Yeah, what about storms?” What about driving this thing into the keel and it’s size and pivot bearings? I don’t want to be on a boat where you’re Gale III and I can’t drop the sails while the thing takes on 900lbs of ice spray.

    Water turbines probably had more to do with metallurgy and cost. Sure copper blades might be better even on an overshot, but not at the cost of plating a simple pulp mill with solid gold leaf. Costs have to come down, strengths go up, better forming is invented, so it’s no surprise you don’t see it until after cheap iron then steel. Roman aqueducts had amazing and nation-busting expensive projects. Obviously high-pressure, with pipes and mills. But they were different tech.


    Lying or detached from reality
    Work around

    US designates Yemen’s Houthis as ‘global terrorists’ thereby avoiding the legality of having declared war on a country, Yemen, without the approval of the house and senate.
    Biden ‘playing with fire’ by re-designating Yemen’s Houthis as ‘terrorists’
    Preemptive Attack

    US launches new strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen

    On fourth day of strikes, the US military says it targeted 14 Houthi missiles that were ‘loaded to be fired’ from Yemen.
    The US on Wednesday redesignated the Yemeni group as a “terrorist” organisation in response to its continuing attacks and threats to shipping and imposed sanctions on it.
    The designation does not go into effect for 30 days.

    The Houthis said the designation will not affect its operations to prevent Israeli ships or vessels heading to Israel from crossing the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Bab al-Mandeb Strait.
    18 Jan 2024

    We are at the start of something new—analyst-1116227253.html
    BRICS and Global South Challenge ‘Globalist Elites’ With Multipolar World – Analyst
    “Wars happen when the government tells you who your enemy is.
    Revolution happens when you work it out for yourself.” – John Wight

    We know, we cannot control complexities.
    Nobody cares if TAE reached “The Wisdom of Crowd”
    The Wisdom of Crowds
    The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations, published in 2004, is a book written by James Surowiecki about the aggregation of information in groups, resulting in decisions that, he argues, are often better than could have been made by any single member of the group. The book presents numerous case studies and anecdotes to illustrate its argument, and touches on several fields, primarily economics and psychology.

    Table of Content
    1. Introduction to the Wisdom of Crowds

    2. The Power of Collective Intelligence

    3. How Crowdsourcing Works?

    4. The Benefits of Crowdsourcing

    5. Real-Life Examples of Crowdsourcing

    6. The Potential Risks of Crowdsourcing

    7. How to Maximize the Wisdom of Crowds?

    8. The Future of Crowdsourcing

    9. The Collective Brilliance of the Crowd


    jb-hp ” I’m curious what would you do if your batteries wore out and no new ones were available?”

    Alright I’ll play, If the batteries are worn out, i.e. won’t hold charge, they will still function as your conversion point for the incoming power. Regardless of the generation method. The inverter running your system requires a certain voltage input between steady points. Dead batteries will provide this even when enough energy is flowing in. So you become children of the sun or of high wind/water which ever is your source. As for freezing food we also can, dry, salt and smoke food for storage. The frozen veg/meat/fish tends to be of better nutritional value than the other methods. Our freezer stands empty and unplugged during early summer, the one as part of the fridge is plenty, until the harvest starts coming in. During the summer months and early fall there is more than plenty of sunlight getting through to run the freezer even if it was left running empty.
    It follows as well that if batteries aren’t available I’m thinking that a lot of other things won’t be readily available either. Things like copper and lead for the simple lead acid type as for the more advanced ones such as ni-cad or lithium well I think you get my drift. We then become truly children of the sun. As far as energy loss at conversion from vdc to vac it is approx 15%. I used 20% when calculating my needs. I always go high on this as to help cover any mistakes I may have made along the way.

    My totals for yesterday:
    12 panel array 60 amp hrs, 3.04 kws, max voltage 114 vdc
    9 panel array 47 amp hrs, 2,43 kws, max volage 115 vdc

    Enough to go without any generator help. Todays forecast is for sun all day so the laundry will get caught up and the dishwasher will also run. I might even spend a little time in the workshop running some pine boards through the table saw. You have to make hay while the sun shines!


    The concern for BC is second/another ‘snow day’



    Vivek Ramaswamy

    I’m a “survivor” .


    Matt Walsh
    Check the comments to see “conservatives”[rinos] actually offended by this joke. Absolutely pathetic.

    I guarantee @VivekGRamaswamy is not in the slightest bit offended.

    You guys really don’t need to be his white knight to protect him from Babylon Bee headlines. He’ll be okay. I promise

    1:07 AM · Jan 17, 2024


    The Uni=Party wants to resurrect the concept of “The White Man’s Burden” to “protect” poor Vivek from hateful unwoke humor.

    So who’s the real ‘racist’?

    He’s got a great sense of humor, he called Nikki Haley “Dick Cheney in 3 inch heels”


    Stop you’re killin me!



    Meanwhile Pedo Pervert Jo-Joe tries to clean up his act



    Vivek has catchy tag lines I must admit:



    As per the windmill-turbine-gasbag postulations



    Canazida, Oh Canazida!


    Rebel News

    “The Ontario Court of Appeals has ruled against former psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson, who must now undergo remedial social media training to maintain his clinical practice.”


    Dr D Rich

    The Chevron case IS important.
    If so, then why does the “brilliant Columbia Academic” emphasize the grave danger to “tripartite government” in lieu of Govt’s 40 year run of deference, 1984 to 2024 still equals 40 years I think, To Corporate Governance.

    Corporate Governance appears to govern the Government, well, at least the few, strategically placed government officials paid handsomely to give Corporate Governors what they want.
    How else does John “alcoholic seizures” Roberts become Chief Justice USSC other by way of his family’s controlled demolition of Bethlehem Steel?
    How else does Nance Pelosi become a 100millionaire on a modest salary?

    Who(m)ever is paying Brilliant Columbia Academic to run interference for the heart of the matter (corporate Governance run amok) 40 years after the fact knows exactly they’re paying for a diversion that is the logical fallacy of an appeal to authority.
    Ah hell let’s just watch in awe

    Not warriors not poets:
    Sean Buck
    Michelle Howard
    Lisa Franchetti
    Don Arthur
    Dave Tam
    Lloyd Austin
    Mark Milley
    Antony Blinken the Belligerent
    Sunak the Height-Impaired
    Vivek Ramaswamy a ?billionaire? Out of $$$?
    Nimrata Haley
    The Forgotten One, Dammit I forgot her name but not her White Forelock


    The Indian “Johnny Bravo”

    I like it, the Empire of Lies needs to go “Full Cartoon”




    Jordan Peterson is the one Canazida thinks should be ethically reprogrammed



    Please don’t forget Westinghouse.

    Over the last twenty four years the most ignorant humans i have met all were in possesion of a masters degree in education. Within the next sub-unit were those with bachelor of arts in, you guessed it, education. Even made a short foray into the corporate world to appease a b.a. in education. You all know, only those of lesser intellect actually work as an artisan, can’t afford to damage the public image. Self-employed and choose the job, choose the day, choose the tools and choose independence, not a good look among the salaried ass kissers. Twenty years to reach the threshold between journeyman and master in multiple mediums – no value.

    “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” ~ James Madison

    Central Banks:
    “A private central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army. We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    Breaking News:
    The image of all THEY can be viewed today. Go stand in front of a mirror.

    The press, free, fair and balanced:
    “You know well that government always kept a kind of standing army of newswriters who, without any regard to truth or to what should be like truth, invented and put into the papers whatever might serve the [government] ministers. This suffices with the mass of the people who have no means of distinguishing the false from the true paragraphs of a newspaper.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    Let Fani suck on THIS one:
    “To consider judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    “Disarm the people- that is the best and most effective way to enslave them.” ~ James Madison
    Disarm yourself, seek the approbation of an imaginary majority and enslave yourself. Works every time!

    “A Republic if you can keep it.” Franklin

    A store of knowledge vs a store of electrons


    An analogy, or maybe a metaphor

    You decide

    The current relationship of Russia to Eurotardistan

    You can “Riddle Me This Batman” as to who’s who

    A guy walks into a doctor’s office with a frog apparently stuck to his head.

    After an awkward silence, the frog finally speaks up and says:

    “Hey Doc, can you cut this thing off my ass”



    And just one more Whiff of Defeat from Canazida:

    Viva Frei

    Do you know what it’s called when 96% of a population’s “growth@ is driven by immigration?

    It’s called replacement.

    You are being replaced, Canada.

    Understand that.



    Vivek on stage with Trump, polished, his white, bright teeth — he reminds me of Sesame Street’s Guy Smiley.


    Johnny “Guy Smiley” Bravo

    Trump and Vivek after a Vulcan Mind Meld




    The day Israel and Ukraine stops receiving an endless supply of arms and money is the start of peace/end of war.


    Man, that pissed me off thinking how efficiency improvements just wind up raising your property taxes. Time to start up a bootleg outlaw solar system in the woods next to the distillery…

    Anyway I’m 98% convinced my dumb water tank as capacitor/regulator not storage idea is no good at all. And I’ve learned a valuable lesson on why cities, towns, and villages formed around rivers and streams. Free hydro was already there.

    I wonder. What if you had an enclosed windmill/tower system using and optimized for mercury instead of water? Nevermind.

    I’ve been hearing from every angle – resource/peak oil, environmental – that things cannot go on this way, will not be the same in the future. I don’t get why no one crusades for making things that aren’t disposable. My Note 2 was a beast, always did what I wanted without flaws, used it for like 12 years until they deactivated the LTE network it used and then forced me to switch to a different device despite my willingness to drop back to 3G. So all the Note 2’s as well as all the CDMA LTE network gear ends up in a landfill, the ocean, whatever. And the kids get to mine more cobalt for my replacement phone, joy. (I bought a used replacement because cellphones are blood diamonds…)

    Why the hell SHOULDN’T we be making the less efficient durable thing that lasts for decades? What if we lived in a world of those things? Of course we’d need people knowledgeable in stuff like engineering making that world. Rather than a call center worker’s imaginary ideas. I could take the related phone calls and try to support that world as best I could. Eddie Willers couldn’t fix the locomotive either.


    The conflicts in Ukr. and Isr. are similar.

    The CIVIL WAR aspect: One party tries to kill off, displace, get rid of the ‘bad, scum’ inhabitants, the undesirables, within a territory that is defined ethnically (etc.) and/or has a history or a hope as a ‘country’ ..

    Isr. has no settled official borders, Gaza is controlled by Isr., the W. Bank is a patch of ethnic / religious enclaves controlled by Isr.

    > *Pals / Arabs are scum.* (making it short.)

    The Donbass in Ukr. was prev. for a long time part of Russia (USSR) and its inhabitants have been under attack since 2014 at least (Maidan) by the ‘Center’ + ‘W’ of Ukr. (Crimea managed to split off w. Russian support.)

    > *Donbass Russkies are scum.* (short.)

    Both are ‘controlled’ conflicts, they are not Great Powers in all-out war, but ‘minor’ (of course no. of deaths, etc. is horrific..) and various factions have different interests.

    The glaring difference:

    The Ukr. conflict was planned and directed by the US (+ allies, weakly..) since the collapse of the USSR, to the failed first Color Revol. in Ukr. (2004) to the harder, murderous, Maidan ‘coup’ (2014), followed by support for the Banderistas, targetting of Donbass ppl, and the ‘selection’ of Poroshenko, next, Zelensky, a better controlled puppet.

    To provoke Russia, the Bear, attack it not only by sanctions, but on the ground in the Donbass, provoking it into a military response, which worked.

    In Isr. the Locals in power, Netanyahu and other in his cabinet etc. reacted to all this concentration of US attention on the Donbass by creating mayhem that made them out to be victims, aw usual.

    > Hamas attack that they certainly knew about, or directly sponsored … to get the US re-involved in defending Israel, as the US is turning away from the minuscule territory oupost in the ME. Obama and Biden loathe(d) Netanyahu. Negotiations, accords, if they take place, will be with Arab States. (Oil etc.)

    Juat one take, one aspect.


    From my venue, I can’t tell who’s paying attention as conversation seems to fly past each other

    I read and appreciate everything. I could kinda chime in on tales of fighting for competence and integrity in the medical, governmental, educational, or military sphere with “I can relate” but each of mine was a battle of mice. or gnats or something.

    I’d be like the kid in Say Anything at the gas n sip that chimes in “Bitches, man.”

    Thanks to people who had real stakes and put real things on the line.


    @ jb-hb

    Years ago in a flea market I picked up a beautiful ornate antique doorknob-lockset, probably 1890-1920 vintage.

    The doorknob shaft was mounted in the lock set with ball bears.

    It was pushing one hundred years old then and it was smooth as glass, no play, shimmy, no forward/backward motion in the shaft.

    The lock sets now are pure crap, they barely go five years before tremendous play and shoddy rattling.

    They made them 100 years ago, so why not now?

    Because the Hardware Industrial Complex© is just another two-bit mafia racket run by third rate corporate thugs and hoodlums just like everything else in the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation.

    If you tried to market an affordable ball bearing home owner lock set to push out the gobshite lock sets of the ‘major brands’ they’d torch your factory and toss you in the river with cinder blocks chain around your waist.

    A criminal rentier cabal culture doesn’t tolerate ANY competition. Period

    Make something that lasts and you’re a Dead Man Running for Your Life.

    The list of everyday items you could make that would last a century is too long to compile.

    When Your Lock Set Can’t Open




    not ball bears. (interesting concept)

    Ball Bearings


    Maybe Russia’s “plan” in Ukraine is so simple TPTB just cannot get it.

    –Some regions of Ukraine refused to go along with a publicly admitted foreign coup
    –The new coup government attacked their own people for years instead of any kind of negotiation or legal proceedings
    –those regions broke away formally after this went on long enough
    –Russia recognized these regions
    –These regions voted to join Russia
    –Russia moved in to defend these regions

    Talking with anyone outside of NATO, Russia can say “What? We haven’t even completely managed to move our military into the territories that voted to join us. We’re just sitting here inside this territory defending the people the Ukraine govt attacked and formally discriminated against and they keep using military resources to attack the same civilian population – they keep diverting military resources to that end despite being in a losing war. IF the people in these territories were Ukrainians, why would they keep shelling them? Hands thrown up. WTF do you want from us?




    I just had a chilling thought.

    Over the last few months I have been listening to Vivek speak good words.

    He had convinced me that he was genuine and was eager to do the right things for our Country.

    However, lately, some concerns about him have come up. A few niggling doubts that put a couple question marks next to his name.

    If his is a shill of the power brokers, how would they have him act?

    Exactly. Just the way you see him.

    But how would he be useful in the upcoming election? He would steal votes from Trump. But they know that he could never steal enough votes from Trump to tip the election.

    But what if that is not what they have in mind?

    What if they get Vivek and Trump apparently trusting each other, and Vivek seems to be damaging his chances to be President, as appears to be the case. What if Vivek says that he is All In on Trump and that everyone should vote for Trump.

    We go down the campaign trail a few months and Trump is obviously going to be President.

    Then, one or two months before the election, Trump dies in a plane crash or some such. You know that they can bump him off at any time.

    Who else would people vote for since they can’t vote for a dead man? Vivek, neatly installed.

    You see my reasoning. I hate that I have these suspicions since he really speaks to what we are concerned about, but I can see that this is exactly the kind of thing that the power brokers will do to continue in power.



    Vivek is just trying to move into his next role of shiving up close to Trump, gain his trust, before they betray him, lust like Jeff Session did in 2016.

    So, yeah, Vivek is a snake! Not to be trusted!


    About Michael Moore’s tweeted clip:

    I always wondered what the Dem/GOP party bigwigs would do for an encore after passing NAFTA and cutting union jobs, fully integrated union jobs. It looks like they decided on CRT, DEI, and cries of “Ra*sist” from above to sow divisions below. “Othering” my neighbor doesn’t create good jobs or offer more opportunity.


    About Vivek. Great speech. I don’t trust him. It was funny to see him almost perfectly mimic Trump’s hand gestures after watching him in an earlier video perfectly mimic Obama. It was a good speech, though.

    Dr D Rich

    On “How The AntiChrist Works, Edition 666”, the webs give us Scott Gottlieb straight from Devil’s horse’s-ass…pretending to create some distance between him being the former commissioner FDA and an entity called the CDC Director.
    Here we go!

      Gottlieb: similar comment made by former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb.The six feet rule was arbitrary in and of itself,” Dr. Gottlieb said during a September 2021 appearance on “Face the Nation” while discussing COVID guidance. “Nobody knows where it came from. The six feet is a perfect example of sort of the lack of rigor of how CDC made recommendations.”
      Fauci: Former White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted in a congressional deposition last week that the federal government’s COVID guidance for six-feet social distancing was not based on scientific evidence, stating under oath “it sort of just appeared.” Fauci’s testimony came during the second day of his closed-door deposition before the House Select Subcommittee

      I suppose a variation on the circular fire squad, Catholic on Jew Version, with the quintessential component of shooting oneself in the foot as an act akin to providing aid and comfort to the opponent, er ah, I meant enemy.

    Dr D Rich

    Scott Gottlieb firmly meant “nobody knows” because in his tight circle everybody isn’t a nobody and the rest will never experience the glory of Scott.G-MDs handler bestow a brass ring on us, too.

    ***hat tip C.S. Lewis, right?

    Dr D Rich

    I assume The Fauci, ?Italian, is Catholic.
    I sit or stand corrected if I’m incorrect.


    The Due Dissidence guys on Jimmy Dore talking about DEI. On Rumble. Listen as a radio broadcast here, or search Rumble for title “United Airlines CEO Dragged For Pushing Diversity”. (no quote marks.) (I still don’t know how to format Rumble for TAE.)
    O,r cut/paste this link into your browser, replacing the space after Rumble with a dot, “.” .

    https://rumble com/v47q99c-united-airlines-ceo-dragged-for-pushing-diversity.html

    John Day

    No New Global Sheriff

    ​ Douglas MacGregor: Iran launches MASSIVE military move to protect Houthis, regional war breaks out​
    [First 3:30 opens with MacGregor, who has some more to say for another 4 minutes shortly after that. Iran attacked ​only Israeli assets, no Americans.​ Netanyahu runs the show.]

    ​ Russian combat aircraft appeared on the Syrian-Israeli border
    ​ Combat aircraft of the Russian Armed Forces began patrolling the Syrian-Israeli border. In particular, Ka-52 Alligator reconnaissance and attack helicopters are already on combat duty in the Golan Heights region.
    ​ Observation posts of the Russian army are being created in the Quneitra province in southern Syria. As noted by local media, there are already five such points. It is possible that more will appear.
    ​ The purpose of such observation posts is to prevent tension in the region. As a rule, military personnel who have the necessary training and experience in performing various tasks in Syria are sent there.

    ​ Informed sources revealed to Al Mayadeen today that the Iranian Islamic Revolution’s Guard Corp was behind the targeting of the two Israeli ships in the Indian Ocean earlier this month on January 4th.
    ​ The sources emphasized that “the IRGC attack against two Israeli ships came as a retaliation to the assassination of the head of the political bureau of Hamas, Saleh al-Arouri [in Beirut], and the Iranian commander in Syria, Brigadier General Razi Mousavi.”–irgc-behind-attack-on-israeli-ships-in-indian-oce

    Yemen is declared “not a country” by the US: US Re-Designates Houthis as ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorists’
    The designation will hamper aid deliveries and could complicate a peace deal between the Saudis and Houthis

    US Re-Designates Houthis as ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorists’

    John Day

    ​ Any attack on Yemen is an attack on us: Iraqi Hezbollah to Ansar Allah
    The chief of the Iraqi Kataib Hezbollah sends a letter of solidarity to the Ansar Allah leader following the US decision to re-enlist the Yemeni movement as a “terrorist group”.–iraqi-hezbollah-to-a

    ​ Hezbollah’s Burkan ravages Israeli site in the Lebanese Shebaa Farms
    The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon has announced several operations, on Wednesday, while Hamas’ military wing has also attacked Israeli sites from South Lebanon.

    ​ The Yemeni Armed Forces announced on Wednesday evening the implementation of a targeting operation against the American ship “Ginko Picardie” in the Gulf of Aden with a number of naval missiles.
    ​ The Armed Forces explained in a statement that the Naval Forces carried out the targeting operation against the American ship in the Gulf of Aden, and the hit was accurate and direct.

    ​ Pentagon acknowledges attempts to ‘deter’ Sanaa unsuccessful​ [Remember that ​Benjamin Netanyahu is commanding this American operation.]
    Pentagon press secretary Maj Gen Pat Ryder says the US would not be surprised if it saw retaliatory strikes from the Yemeni Armed Forces over the aggression on Yemen.–deter–sanaa-unsuccessful

    ​ Joint US-UK aggression on Yemen, fourth in less than a week​ (The navy needs to use​ up land-attack missiles, because it is running low on ​air-defe​nse missiles.)
    CBS cited a US official as saying that the United States has launched another round of strikes on targets in Yemen, which marks the fourth aggression launched by the United States against Yemen in less than a week.
    CENTCOM confirms that its forces carried out strikes on 14 missiles that were loaded to be fired by the Yemeni forces.–fourth-in-less-than-a-week

    John Day

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 103: Israeli army attacks vicinity of southern Gaza hospital, kills 7 in West Bank drone strikes
    As Israel attacked the vicinity of the Nasser hospital in Khan Younis, causing panic among sheltering civilians, Israeli drone strikes killed 7 in the West Bank. Qatar brokers deal to allow medical aid to reach Israeli captives and Gaza hospital

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 103: Israeli army attacks vicinity of southern Gaza hospital, kills 7 in West Bank drone strikes

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 104: Israel’s unrelenting assault continues – ‘If we’re not killed by bombs, we die from the cold, starvation, or disease’

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 104: Israel’s unrelenting assault continues – ‘If we’re not killed by bombs, we die from the cold, starvation, or disease’

    Patients in Gaza hospitals beg for food and water as they lie ‘waiting to die,’ WHO official says

    ​ Technicality Could Sink Genocide Case v Israel​ , Joe Lauria
    ​ In order for a claim to reach the International Court of Justice, there must be an established dispute between two states. Israel’s argument is that such a dispute was never established and thus the ICJ lacks jurisdiction to hear South Africa’s claim.​..
    ..(Former UK Ambassador) Craig Murray added:​ “I am sure the judges want to get out of this and they may go for the procedural points. But there is a real problem with Israel’s ‘no dispute’ argument. If accepted, it would mean that a country committing genocide can simply not reply to a challenge, and then legal action will not be possible because no reply means ‘no dispute’. I hope that absurdity is obvious to the judges. But they may of course wish not to notice it…”

    Technicality Could Sink Genocide Case v Israel

    ​ Israel targets places of worship in Lebanon
    For the past 100 days, the Israel Defense Forces has hit forests, residential homes and roads in the border area, but on Wednesday an Israeli drone raided the National Evangelical Church in the center of the town of Alma Al-Shaab, causing major damage to the home of the church’s cleric, Pastor Rabie Talib.

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