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    TAE Summary

    * The Daily Covid
    – Viruses take advantage of imprinting
    – Malaria is the new Covid
    – The vaxxed are smoking guns but claim they aren’t inhaling

    * Politics
    – If DC implodes there will be no election; James Cameron says we shouldn’t have made the government out of carbon fiber because it accumulates damage with each election
    – Biden’s new 2024 campaign slogan: More US made weapons for Ukraine! Let’s go Brandish!
    – To fight global warming the Biden administration plans to limit solar radiation to 8000 lumens for verified users and 800 lumens for unverified users
    – Paris to change its name to The City of Fires
    – Gas prices fall when it heats up but will heat up when it’s Fall
    – Higher prices = more energy extraction = we can inflate our way to energy independence

    * Truth
    – Belief perseverance = Tribal cohesion = Just the way the brain works
    – Theories can only be proven false; Nothing is completely true or false; Truth is fuzzy
    – Models are never reliable and can even trip and fall on the runway


    Get ready,set,go!
    Russia blocks $150 Billion in Western Assets,escalation%20in%20tensions%20between%20Russia%20and%20Western%20nations.

    Bloomberg writes that the Russian government has frozen Western assets worth about $150 billion. Among the “victims” are global financial giants such as JPMorgan, Black Rock, etc.


    Everybody has to believe in something. And I really do mean that they HAVE TO. If one doesn’t believe in something then they will be paralyzed, unable, for example to believe that there will be solid ground under their next footstep or safe air available to be drawn as their next breath.

    I will try to be concise- the above is false and simply not true. Dig deeper and train more thoroughly if you seek truth and reality.

    Awareness does not “believe”, it experiences openness without constraints or boundaries other than the ones you impose.

    The Nature of the mind is empty. Part of it’s restlessness is the mind seeking itself, so it then grasps beliefs/ concepts/ ideas- imprisoning itself.

    Describe a color to a blind person.

    Describe sound to a deaf person.

    Describe silence.

    Ask a newborn that cannot speak- ‘what time is it ?’

    Are newborn animals (or humans) frozen in stasis ? Of course not, they are drawn to exploring the world, existing without “beliefs”…

    Read the Diamond Sutra (Red Pine translation is excellent) and Lankavatara Sutra to sort through the matrix of “belief”. The Buddha himself said “discard the Dharma (teachings)” to be free- a belief is a tool to discard to be free.

    Many believe (haha pun) that Zen originated with the Oral transmission (which was then written as the Diamond Sutra) as an energetic transmission from the Buddha to his student without words.

    Beliefs are impediments to our Original Mind- helpful to communicate but definitely not necessary for inner peace. But as noted with the origins of Zen, no words were spoken.

    Clear, quiet and empty your mind. Breathe awareness. No beliefs necessary to experience “what is”

    Take a vow of silence for a day and observe your mind. Clear, calm, quiet, contented.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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