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    Samuel Melton Fisher Asleep 1902   • Russian Military Emerging Bigger, Stronger From Ukraine War – Martyanov (Sp.) • Ukraine ‘Offensive’ Has Not
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    Clot: a stupid person:
    “Look what you’ve done, you clot!”

    TVASSF(clots will believe anything they’re told)


    My super death vaxxed brother is recovering from his third viral respiratory infection this year.
    He’s still on board with the death shot.
    Utterly clueless, and will simply not countenance any questioning of the narrative.
    And he has a PhD in physiology.
    It’s astonishing.

    TVASSF(my brother included)


    TVASSF (mystery? – NOT)


    If you thought Event 201 was the last of it …
    They are planning to do it again.

    Last Year, The Bill Gates Foundation, with John Hopkins and the WHO held a war drill called “Catastrophic Contagion” that predicted a pandemic that reflected exactly this.

    TVASSF(will you fall for it next time?)


    Idiot alert.

    Sen. Dick Durbin tests positive for COVID-19 a third time

    TVASSF(covid – again, and again, and again – what a hoot)

    Dr. D

    “No Joke: Ursula Von der Leyen’s EU Commission Just Received “World Prize For Peace And Freedom” Genocide.

    “NASA’s Solid-State Battery Breakthrough Could Transform Air Travel

    No it can’t. But I’ll leave the engineers to explain why.

    “Mitch McConnell Escorted Away After Freezing During News Conference”
    McConnell just stopped abruptly during his opening statement during the GOP leadership presser and appeared to be unable to restart talking…”

    Oh thank God. People have been praying for this for years.

    “Another Aerial Near Miss Over Syria Involving Russian Jet & US Drone: Sixth This Month”

    Why do they miss? Are they bad at it? They’re illegal in every domestic, international, and moral way. Shoot them down. Shoot them down before they take off for all I care.

    “Let me put it this way: We have witnessed, in the last 15 months, a ‘21+ mature audiences only explicit’ demolition of the American military mythology and American technological mythology,”

    No we haven’t. No one is smart enough to recognize they’re in a delusion and carry on as if nothing happened. While saying it happened with their mouths. But nothing changes, which means there’s no reality yet.

    Remember, as example, when there’s “Reality” you get “Price discovery”. That is, the prices change from fake to real, they are different numbers (or there wouldn’t be a ‘lie’). That has happened exactly nowhere with exactly nothing.

    “not equipped to operate with basically what amounts to operational values, [i.e. “common sense”] and they don’t even understand what they’re looking at,” As they are too retarded, drug addled, with too much brown stuff on their nose.

    “they don’t have the ability to comprehend realities on the ground”

    As per the “Foreign Affairs” article yesterday. Just MADE UP! I used Words! Did you see my words? They were nice words, big ones! Such wow. Much amaze.

    Speaking of nonsense, one was to sanction China for Chinese companies selling stuff. Bullet proof vests in this case. TO BOTH PARTIES. Because they’re a COMPANY. Or drones. TO BOTH PARTIES. Because they’re a company.

    That kind of retarded 3rd grade thinking is universal as Brawndo, but I bring it up bc Russia just ordered 100,000 new ones. One. Hundred. Thousand. And it’s not like they don’t already have their own. It’s standard issue and every soldier has one (Dat’s a lot of body armor). They have 500,000 men and are planning 100,000 MOAR.

    “Russia produces as much steel as the United States. And it produces six times more aluminum…And when you look at these fundamental economic and military indices, how can you explain it? [Meanwhile] they still believe that they are the number one economy in the world, while China actually dwarfs the United States.”

    A thing I say every day. Never comes through to anyone because that’s “work” and we don’t do that. We tell “Lies” about GDP, and that works because when you have inflation, central banks, and Cantillion effect, 100% of all money is issued to LIARS, who do no work. Therefore your nation is run by people who steal things and hate people who don’t and make stuff for a living, and trade it “Voluntarily”. That is, “Capitalism.”

    WE may know this. And WE may have said it ceaselessly since 1992 and “that giant sucking sound” but so long as they issue the money power, what we say is meaningless and ignored. If we push harder than that, we are openly shot in Waco and everywhere else as an example to others. So that they can keep their lies, and make the nation they run work ever LESS.

    Isn’t working less and gaining Moar a GOOD thing? I’m sorry—isn’t that the POINT? The whole goal, the very meaning of life? So why wouldn’t you want ZERO production and INFINITY profit, amirite?

    Aaaaaand so here we are today.

    No. No you don’t. Because it doesn’t work well. History does not smile on wealthy, helpless, besotted idiots. “A Fool and His Money Should Be Parted as Soon as Possible.” By violence if that’s easier.

    “NATO stands no chance against Russia”

    That’s not true. However, it would mean falling back on the single remaining weapons we have that work, as we have no “escalation dominance.” And I’m not saying we would “win” by sub-nuking Russia. Just as Russia isn’t going to land and occupy us either. Just that we can level them for 500 years such that the very name “Russia” ceases to exist.

    “Boris Johnson was sent to Ukraine by Joe Biden to stop any negotiations”

    I thought it was the opposite. But as the UniParty UniState it hardly matters.

    “in February 2022, he noted, Russia sent “40,000 troops in. That’s not enough to conquer the country. Clearly, [Putin] wanted somebody to come to the negotiating table.”

    That’s why he did it while we ordered him to blitzkrieg the country, occupy it, and have the Ukies pop up everywhere and shoot them in the streets. We were super-mad and wrote that he was weak, useless, and lost when he didn’t. We Signaled.

    Point is more that RFK is able to present these ideas extremely well. There are like 100,000 mines in the mediascape. He hits almost zero while he’s able to communicate his ideas to the people. Complex issues. To simpletons. (No offense, they’ve been violently given the mushroom treatment for 50 years the shock would be if they DID know anything)

    Adding the specifics, the times, dates, and quotes BUT NOTHING ELSE. Not getting drawn in or baffled with the (important) details I’m sure he’s aware of. In contrast to Cornell West on CNN the other day, where he was lost in EVERY subplot, detail, and nicety and got NO message out at all.

    “Ukrainian troops have encountered formidable resistance in their pursuit of strategic objectives.”

    Speaking of not communicating. In English, we have this tic of hiding all knowledge by using our Latin words. If we want to say something honestly, we use Saxon words. This is 100% Latin words. What he means in Saxon is, “We were blown to s—t.” See? Direct. Short. Simple. Not that hard. What he hides by burning up the clock with long-sounding words is, “We all knew it months before we started, as we watched every mine be laid, 24h a day, on satellite, but because “Ve follow ze oorders!!” Ve then RAN INTO THE MINEFIELDS, on purpose, knowing we would never get ½ of one level deep, nevermind 5 levels deep.” This is now NATO wins and NATO training is the best in ze vorld.

    An illiterate Zulu, (no offense) fresh out of the bush with his first spear could figure that out. To NOT know that Mines blow people up, you’d have to go to Harvard or something, where your brain is removed.

    “US Official Shares Details of Secret ‘Track 1.5’ Diplomacy with Moscow (MT) “

    Question: since the command-chain is run by the NeoCons, Nazis, and Derp State who openly refused to negotiate anything, is 1.5 being run by “America First”? Such that not ONLY do they prevent nukes from flying, but have, hmmm, say, a plan that losing a war to Russia as Joe just did, would cause his removal, collapse of the Empire, and for some concessions they don’t extract us, be happy to hand all of Ukraine to Russia (but in stages)? I would.

    Remember, “Not Agreement Capable”. But you don’t need “agreements” as such, to position and execute this plan. If Joe loses, THAT WILL HAPPEN. It doesn’t happen because somebody signed paper. It happens for real as natural consequences.

    Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on Wednesday proposed to extend the state of emergency, thereby effectively canceling the parliamentary elections scheduled for October.”

    Democracy in action! Just like Canada.

    “That percentage has actually shrunk over the past year, as the financial sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine conflict”

    As said elsewhere, the U.S. is going to ringfence and Iron Curtain THEMSELVES, and as they make and do nothing, only exports are porn and diabetes, the rest of the world will ignore us as irrelevant. That’s not an attack, that’s just a fact. Like you don’t need to sign a piece of paper to make it happen. Only raw violence prevents it from happening.

    “No IMF member state has ever been allowed to take a six-times multiple of its borrowing quota at this money volume except for the Ukraine.”

    Well the Derp State has never been fighting for their ancestral homeland before. So…if not a penny of that is paid back and Ukraine collapses, does the IMF go bankrupt? And with it, Europe? And so Turkey never repays last week’s loans?

    “Neither East Nor West: Turkiye’s Travails as a ‘Swing State’ (Bhadrakumar)”

    I’m suspicious when we can know nothing. Then I ask “why isn’t it good and all planned with Putin?” For example: just as Russian offensive begins, all arms smuggling to Odessa stopped, NATO is exposed to Africa and the South, grain deal collapses as not Russia’s fault, NATO not in Black Sea able to open a new front (that they would lose in 60 seconds but be very dangerous). So….how is this not pre-planned? Turkey is given reprieve from NATO pressure while remaining inside the tent to listen in and rope-a-dope them.

    It’s as easily all pre-planned as all a terrible accident that Russia lost. And isn’t that suspicious enough?

    “EV Suspected in Fire of Massive Cargo Ship Carrying 3,000 Cars (ZH) “

    An engineering problem we haven’t had to deal with as much before now: does it break/fail gracefully? For example, they tried but couldn’t use aluminum on suspension parts as if decay or damage, steel rusts and deforms, leading to a trip to the shop. Aluminum cracks in half at 70mph on the road. (technically, it’s too expensive to use alloys that don’t) A wood fence weathers and looks rustic and elegant but a vinyl fence looks like crap after one year (the mold, stains, lichens) and stays looking like crap for 19 years before becoming brittle and unrecyclable. As with lithium as we saw with insurance companies: IF the car is in a minor bump, the batteries MIGHT light their whole house on fire, who knows? So they total the $60,000 car for a headlight.

    These need to be solved, but as above, they can’t. A “gas tank” needs a certain energy density. Concentrated energy IS DANGEROUS. Period. That’s what “danger” is: potential. But we understand the type of danger petrols provide, and they aren’t too bad. If lithium showed damage and drained out on the ground, it might be the same, but it isn’t. It’s half as powerful and about 6x more dangerous.

    “Utterly clueless, and will simply not countenance any questioning of the narrative.
    And he has a PhD in physiology.
    It’s astonishing.”

    Yes. It has not raised my view of humanity.

    “TVASSF(my brother included)”

    Oh but Germ hates everyone, he wants all the vaxxed to die, doncha know?

    “Last Year, The Bill Gates Foundation, with John Hopkins and the WHO held a war drill called “Catastrophic Contagion” that predicted a pandemic”

    Yes. So we’ve heard but it’ll be different in half will already know, and the other half will drop dead at a feather (sadly). I hate to say but I think that’s how it goes.

    “Is race overplayed?” Ice: “Yes. It’s not about race.” “It’s like a bad movie you can’t get out of.” “Is it being pushed on us?” “Yes.”

    Sounds like a lot of guys I know. This is what normal Americans sound like if you listen to the whole 20min video. Not the Kardasians, not what’s on TV.

    Dr. D
    Participant ·

    “Medicine Is Plagued by Untrustworthy Clinical Trials. How Many Studies Are Faked or Flawed?

    Investigations suggest that, in some fields, at least one-quarter of clinical trials might be problematic or even entirely made up, warn some researchers. They urge stronger scrutiny.”

    Yes. But everywhere EXCEPT Climate. The Climate ones are totally real and not made-up at all. And to Covid ones. Totally trustworthy. And the Science of the Skripal case. Not suspicious at all, totally true, how dare you sir?


    To stay in power, Zelensky needs martial law to continue. For that, Zelensky needs the war to continue.

    • Zelensky Uses Martial Law To Avoid Election (RT)


    (Other reason why Zelensky’s war must continue and why Russia must not win.)

    When Russia wins …. all negotiation is with Russia …. Ukraine loses …. Blackrock loses … IMF loses…. Financial system loses more



    This is being done, they explain, by borrowing more and more in government bonds at a 25% interest rate guaranteed by more IMF money flowing into the central bank; lending less and less to zero for customers; and ignoring the increasing pile-up of defaulted, non-performing, or fraud loans.

    IMF Executive Board Approves US$15.6 Billion under a New Extended Fund Facility (EFF) Arrangement for Ukraine as part of a US$115 Billion Overall Support Package
    March 31, 2023

    Publication Date: March 31, 2023ISBN/ISSN:9798400240270/1934-7685Stock No:1UKREA2023001 Pages:167


    Lesson on how to tell lies like an expert
    IMF Executive Board Completes the First Review under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) Arrangement for Ukraine
    June 29, 2023


    Secret Track 1.5″:

    “it was apparent that the greatest issue was that the Russians were unable to articulate what exactly they wanted and needed.”

    The United States has articulated what they want – EVERYTHING on the planet.

    Now tell me who is confused. Then tell me why RF would want to articulate anything to “former senior U.S. national security officials”? Are not ” former senior U.S. national security officials” the group who formulated the Ukraine fiasco? Oh to be irreplaceable and indespensible and believe everyone but you is a backward moron. Well at least they have the chops for the perspective, ” former senior U.S. national security officials” are backwards morons. i guess ” former senior U.S. national security officials” did not hear about the proposals for mutual security in December 2021 or either of the Minsk Accords.

    and MacGregor is advertising for increased military budgets. That MF did not give an aerial fornication about anyone in Iraq or Yugoslavia. i think what we have here is situational unawareness. As the wiki says, he has unconvential military strategy. Perhaps that is an understatement. The Dems turned down his appointment as ambassador to Germany, maybe that is what is driving his bus.

    as ole Dandy Don Meredith used to intone “Turn out the lights the party’s over”

    Sweet Kenny

    I’m constantly getting spam pop ups and forced to other websites when I click on links – this sites is becoming annoying to use.


    Blood drinking Satanists Fauci & Hiltlary team up to market their latest depopulation idea, a turbo charged appetite suppressant called AYDS

    It really works to lose weight and stubborn fat

    You’ll never want to eat again!



    Putting the Empire of Lies Woketard Military Mafia up against battle hardened Chechans

    That’ll work!




    German-tard In Moscow Can’t Believe Stores Are Filled With Items Even with Sanctions from the Garden!!!

    Moscow shoppers have more choices than I do in Bugswat Duh’merica.

    Russian economy expanding, on course for 2% growth next year as Collective West heads for Depression


    Famed Russian Zoopark-1M Counter-Battery System Helps Russian Artillery Crews Destroy Ukrainian Artillery units

    For those with an engineering background, this is quite intriguing

    “The Zoopark-1M complex calculates enemy artillery along the trajectory of the projectile.

    Within 30 seconds, the flight trajectory is being processed, and the station gives out the coordinates from where the shot was fired.

    Calculates almost all types of artillery, also gives out the nature of the target: either it is a mortar, or it is a gun, or it is an enemy MLRS,

    It also shows the caliber, ”said the station operator“


    @ Sweet Kenny,

    Happening to lots of us on TAE. Even happened when I click on this comment box to leave this message. I wasn’t trying to click another site. I have a suspicion that a browser redirect virus is lurking somewhere in the TAE ecosystem, not on visitors’ machines. It is annoying. ( If anyone is tempted to download any presented game or click any popup button: Don’t Do It. You already knew that. )


    After several tests on different machines, I’m convinced the problem is Not on the home user’s machine.
    I left the above link to give more general information about redirect viruses.


    The redirect problem continues.

    Even a bit worse as you have to really “work it” to get access to any link including having the replies/comments to show up. Only happening at/on TAE site. Is this post #19?

    Have cleared my browser history. After every attempt.




    TAE’s software ‘problems’ are undoubtedly a ‘soft’ cancel by the Owners

    Make the site progressively worse and drive people off

    Really think the NSA doesn’t have TAE on it’s corrupt radar screen?


    I remember when life was simpler

    You know, without Total Surveillance



    Problem posting…but didn’t lose the comment. Trying again, with this at the head to avoid the “duplicate post” tag. If it really is a duplicate, my apologies….(just skip over.)


    I experienced the random browser redirects both yesterday and today. They remind me of similar behavior on a website that I use occasionally when I need to download a video from YouTube.

    @ oroboros — store owner scaring thieves with bong yesterday
    I can’t help but like these store people…they are keeping kittens under the counter, lol. However, the wearing of pants so tightly that they slip down the hips has really got to go.

    Here’s the thing with climate change:
    (1) Atmospheric CO2 is currently higher than it has ever been during the existence of humans on the planet.
    (2) In the famous “hockey stick graph” with data from ice cores, tracking temperature and CO2 through earth’s ages, there appears to be a correlation between higher temperatures and higher CO2 levels. However, the temperature leads and CO2 follows.
    (3) This means that, quite frankly, we humans don’t know what the long term affect on the planet will be from releasing all of the carbon trapped for millions of years in fossil formations into the atmosphere.

    We humans don’t know whether our planet’s temperatures will be significantly affected by this free-flowing carbon or not.

    It is appropriate that scientists collect data, construct models, create hypotheses, test theories and that they — and the rest of us — have glorious discussions and arguments about it.

    One thing is increasingly clear:
    The current big pushes to address the additional carbon floating around are grounded in the desires of well-positioned people to secure their own high position in society and to reduce the sovereignty of the masses, reducing the liberty of the masses.

    Electric cars, as currently built, use less fossil fuel to run, but over their life cycle do not consume less fossil fuel inputs. The bulk of the burgeoning “eco” economy has similar problems, including toxic byproducts and child and slave labor to keep costs down.

    Do humans need to cogently address the wastes of their lifestyle? Yes, of course. And it is not uncommon for advanced human societies to ignore their wastes, and to have this ignorance eventually contribute to civilization failure. However, the problem of our wastes is currently being wielded as a police baton to cow the populace into submission. This is not going to create a healthy civilization and will lead to civilization failure even faster than the issue of ignoring our wastes.


    No viruses, don’t worry. Just overzealous ad servicers. But TAE needs ads, so we try from time to time. I think Dan took care of it by now. Next!


    Hunh. Same posting issue. Here goes another attempt, maybe this time it works?


    Another thought on climate change:

    When big business was ignoring environmental issues and government was so cosy with business that it, too, was, for the most part, ignoring environmental issues, there was a certain logic to being involved with environmental activist activities to “wake up” the populace, the government, business to the need to address our wastes.

    However, the Cabal/Deep State/WEFfers decided that in order to enact their totalitarian aims, they needed to have “moral warriors” in order to hypnotize the populace with fear and moral rectitude. (‘Cause totalitarianism only works when you can frame it in moral terms.). So, they chose a variety of issues, all of which were calculated to resonate strongly with Millennials and later generations. Hence, we have “Woke folk” taking a “moral” stand on climate change, LGBT(etc.), race, and words-that-make-you-feel-badly. The older generation folks who are in league with the deep state are the pied pipers in this routine, and so they add to the “moral” mixture other issues that support their agenda, such as “trust science,” masks and vaccines for grandma, and censorship of “hate.”

    It seems that regular, run-of-the-mill environmentalism has been totally lost in the shuffle — human rights also.


    Studies show clots are so gullible



    That’s funny the img tag doesn’t work

    third time is the charm



    Afewknowthetruth said yesterday:

    Jul. 25, 2023 422.04 ppm
    Jul. 25, 2022 418.67 ppm
    1 Year Change 3.37 ppm (0.80%)

    I love that in the space of 12 hours, CO2 1 year change went down from over 3%, progressively decreasing through various percentages until it hit 0.8%

    That would indicate that the rate of change of CO2 change must be decreasing quite rapidly if it goes from 3.7+% to only 0.8% in the space of 12 hours – we know rapid change is super significant

    so it’s like you are trying to slowly creep towards accuracy while not having to admit any mathematical errors

    but STILL

    Jul. 25, 2023 422.04 ppm [0.04%]
    Jul. 25, 2022 418.67 ppm [0.04%]

    0.04% – 0.04% = 0% change

    This time, I’m using this thing from science (you know Science, right?) called SIGNIFICANT DIGITS. I convert 422.04 ppm to % and get 0.042204%. Then I realize the farther to the right the #, the less fine our precision in scientific measurement. The less scientifically RELAIBLE. We stand an increasing chance of being way off once we are getting into thousandths of A percent or tens of thousandths OF a percent. So we stick with significant digits to hundredths OF a percent and lop off the rest. FOR SCIENCE. We like science and not witch-doctoring, after all.

    If you combine your new knowledge of the scientific term significant digits with an online calculator to help you convert ppm to %, I think this will really help you.

    Do you understand that I have been continually showing my work, like any 3rd grader could do, but you never do show your math – do you realize how that looks, how the more you argue, the more you project confidence, the more you project contempt for people who disagree with you, the WORSE you look?

    I don’t know why I should believe you when your entire argument rests on the far righthand numbers – the LEAST significant digits – of figures created BY Climate Scientists

    Less than a week ago, you were crowing about “highest temperatures ever” about “scientists” purposely measuring hot ground instead of air temperatures. But you never retracted nor apologized. And you NEVER EVER do. For verified lies.

    Despite various scandals involving Climate “Scientists” measuring jet engine exhaust temperatures, manipulating models, and outright lying, you express NO concern for accuracy in this “scientific” realm, never report on THAT, never apologize for parroting lies, never retract anything. So you are not interested in the science of climate per se.

    Why should we even believe your ppm figures? At the very least, as scientific people ourselves, we should abide by the scientific principle of significant digits, out of an abundance of caution with someone who is known, for years, to act in bad faith. To keep your figures semi-honest at least

    so 0.04% CO2 – 0.04% Co2 = 0% CO2 change. That’s our new baseline, AFKTT – are you happy with where you brought things? Due to the distrust you have engendered? This is what must be done to keep you honest. Wake us up if your CO2 changes enter even ONE significant digit – ie if it goes up ONE HUNDREDTH OF ONE PERCENT.


    418.67 ppm = 0.041867%

    If CO2 went up 0.80% from 418.67 ppm, then it would be 0.841867% CO2 ie 8,418ppm

    Show your work from now on, please. If you are capable of this. Future failure to show your work will be assumed to be incapability.

    John Day

    @jb-hb,AFKTT,and Aspnaz: [Damn! just got sent to video-pugatory clicking in theis box!]
    None of us is going to convince another about the relative effects of man-made CO2 in our changing world. There are a lot of threats, and I suspect that human super-predators are our biggest threat ths decade.I’ll openly ask the favor to let this one go,and engage in less controversial topics, like 9/11 being an inside-job to justify the global-war-on-brown-people-with-oil-or-opium.

    : Whaddaya know about “Lucky Larry” Silverstein?

    John Day

    And Aliens, let’s do Aliens now!


    None of us is going to convince another about the relative effects of man-made CO2 in our changing world.

    The guy insisting CO2 is increasing and will kill everything – you’ve watched him re-broadcast outright lies many times over the years. You’ve seen him fail 3rd grade math in front of you.

    You’ve seen him gradually revealed as holding a whacko unscientific ideology as the motivation FOR his continual posts about CO2.

    His basic MATH makes no sense. He’s doing 2 + 2 = 5 on you, which you KNOW is not merely mistaken, but a thing that a person does TO another person as psychological torture.

    He is RELYING on your attempt to be even-handed and maintain civility. He acts with contempt for your values while totally dependent ON them to accomplish anything he really wants to accomplish. Which includes total destruction OF the civil culture you are attempting to maintain in your reply.

    HE has no shame, but WE should.

    Michael Reid

    3 rd attempt

    the prime directive of any living entity—
    an amoeba, an individual, a corporation, a government, anything—is to survive.

    The government is an entity as distinct as General Motors or Apple Corporation, with its own peculiar interests.

    It isn’t “We the People”; that’s just a promotional catchphrase—propaganda.

    Its prime directive is to survive. And it will attempt to do so at any cost.

    However, the US Government is already manifestly bankrupt.
    It has vastly more recognized liabilities than assets—
    forget about its huge contingent and hidden liabilities.

    But that’s just its balance sheet.

    Its income statement is equally out of control,
    running trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.
    To finance itself, it can only tax, borrow, and inflate the currency.
    Of course, it will do more of all three, but that will no longer be enough.

    It’s finally at the end game.

    Doug Casey on Governments Targeting Retirement Funds… and What You Can Do About It

    Michael Reid

    1st attempt

    Riggs Eckelberry: A Worldwide Water Market is Being Born & H2O Eventually Tokenized

    Riggs Eckelberry discusses all the problems related to water today
    (e.g. freshwater shortage, soaring costs, unsafe public systems, failing infrastructure).

    The government has stopped investing in water infrastructure and is
    only maintaining the systems built many decades ago.

    He describes the decentralized modular water-on-demand solutions
    OriginClear is providing to mitigate water problems.

    It also allows the average person to invest in water.
    Water is now coming out of government monopoly and becoming a private activity.

    There is no worldwide water market or economy, but
    he is involved in the eventual tokenization of water via stablecoins.

    Riggs Eckelberry: A Worldwide Water Market is Being Born & H2O Eventually Tokenized

    Michael Reid

    1st attempt

    The last comment was hard to get through

    It wanted me to answer some question which I would not

    Had to retry, go back, go forward and eventually it showed up

    Definitely save you comment in notepad prior to attempting to post

    Which is why I start my post with the attempt number

    so I know duplicate post is lying if it occurs


    4th attempt test

    Michael Reid

    1st attempt

    so when you get to question

    the way to get the comment to go through using Brave

    is to click on the Reload this page,

    maybe multiple times until it goes through


    5th attempt

    Website seems to be blocking practically anything and taking me back to a Stop Spammers screen

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