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    Edgar Degas Les repasseuses (women ironing) 1884   • Reminder, What Was in The Mar-a-Lago Documents (CTH) • So About Trump’s Second Indictment (D
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    Totally Fucking Normal

    Mike Batayeh dead: Breaking Bad actor dies aged 52

    “The actor and comedian’s family told TMZ he died at home in Michigan in his sleep on 1 June after a heart attack. Batayeh did not have a history of heart issues, according to the family, describing his death as very sudden.”



    Dr. D

    “political rallies filled with tens-of-thousands of people were extremely rare – almost nonexistent. However, … the scale of the people paying attention has grown exponentially.”

    When people participate in Democracy, it becomes “Demagoguery” and “Populism”. Brrr. Unacceptable.

    Denninger: I’m afraid I am beyond caring too.

    “Spilled secrets…He was just the least graceful.”

    Was he now? Looks like it’s working great to me. He has enough power that they can’t touch him, they can do nothing but reveal themselves and also reveal that the entire Federal government is a complete sham, devoid of all law, to an ever-increasing portion of the people. As this will reclaim the country, what would you pay for that? What would you DO to get that, planning back as far as Nixon and Kennedy? Usually it takes leveling half the cities for a loss of 150M lives, looks like we’re getting it cheap.

    Snowden, like everybody else: Everything Trump does is a big, dumb accident. That 95% of the time goes in the right direction to expose the villains and return the nation to the People, which he accidentally said in his accidental inauguration speech.

    Speaking of secrets, Dore has the same impression I do on UFOs. Like, after 85 years? So…why now? What makes this dumb, worthless footnote, total irrelevance, worthy of that kind of attention to destroy lives non-stop, with a single fail for 100 years? And now – just now – they decide it’s okay, we’ll just let it all out and not attack. Rightie-o then! Carry on, nothing to see here.

    “• The Great DOJ Werewolf Hunt (Jim Kunstler)

    If you missed it, this is a long reference to John Greer article, who he also just interviewed on Kunstler. Same thing: Trump is teaching “initiating” young men into participating in their nation and society, and being awake and active.

    “The outcome is millions of dead people.”

    Way over 6 million, we did a million in Vietnam alone. And he missed about 200 other ones.

    So…um…Medvedev.. We may vote out Putin and put in hard liners since NATO can’t learn their lesson. That may not go instant WWIII, but it won’t be fun and apparently that needs to happen, so it will. That’s next year? Everyone wanted it? Your wish is my command.

    “At the end of the Cold War, the military-industrial complex faced an existential crisis.”

    Not really, they’d have to make washing machines and space ships. They didn’t want to because they’re corrupt, provide deadly, substandard, failed, no-bid projects, and don’t do any work. You can only do that for government, no private commerce will tolerate you army of massive, pointless failures. …The MIC people, I mean. How else are people from Harvard going to get by except by corruption? Their education won’t help.

    “During his meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi SuNak”

    Who? Boris Johnson is still flying around the world meeting with everyone setting world policy as he did under Miss Truss as well, pretty sure he’s Prime Minister. And meeting with who? One leader, who is running nothing, is going to meet with another leader who is running nothing, but also doesn’t know he’s President?

    “if you don’t achieve any significant results as a result of the counteroffensive, […] then there will be a decrease in investments,”

    Like if you lose 5,000 men a day by lining up your soldiers single file like British red coats, and driving all your armor together like a parade?

    Warsaw to claim and annex the territory of Western Ukraine in line with the 1939 borders,”

    I thought Ukrainian borders were sacrosanct and we had to support Stalin’s lines even in the whole world was destroyed. What gives?

    The new target is sometime this year before the weather turns cold,”

    Too late. It would already have to be happening. Just like last spring, summer, fall, and winter when they did nothing.

    ““Did any of the U.S. or NATO leaders really think that the Ukrainian forces would have a f***ing chance by senselessly running into well prepared Russian defenses?”

    They’re Nazis. They don’t think. They feelz.

    But he also doesn’t specifically add “this means they have no men.” None. If any one was slightly competent, they wouldn’t do the world’s dumbest, most offensive behavior on field, not least of which bc it will get everybody ELSE killed. They didn’t, which means they don’t know. They tied Lira to the steering wheel and put a brick on the accelerator.

    “• Saudi Crown Prince Threatened To Damage US Economy – Media (RT)

    Threatened? He’s delivered several times now.

    “I am firmly of the belief that the future will show that this whole hysteria over climate change was a complete”

    Pretty sure. But it remains to be seen. Please provide your evidence and I’ll keep reading it. …Unlike the other side.

    “Media Blames Climate Change For Canada Wildfires Despite Multiple Arrests (LSN)

    I for one am glad we let those trees burn instead of harvesting them first. Far more ecological that way. What was that about how forests “Sequester carbon” and never let it go, we’re all saved?

    ““The FBI is helping Ukraine censor Twitter users, including journalists,” Maté reported.”

    So they’ve been arrested and jailed for breaking Federal Law on egregious Civil Right abuses, right? I mean, that’s the most serious crime there is.
    Naomi is focusing a lot or even exclusively on Christianity now. Interesting, I don’t think that’s normal, although they got Kunstler to finally say there appears to be actual evil in the world, along with a battle of Good vs Evil.

    “When it comes to capital waste,
    there is nothing more destructive in all of history than
    the current disastrous campaign to eliminate CO2 “

    Yes, and ALL OF IT WASTES MORE CO2. What we have here is: “This hole is too deep, so I brought some shovels….” Plus ruins more farmland and creates more toxic waste. What’s not to like?



    I think you can used TFN as an abbreviation now, it’s a normal thing ;>)



    8 of the top 100+ US colleges and universities are still mandating COVID vaccines.

    These so called “Institutions of learning”, poisoning their brightest, have leaned NOTHING.
    What morons, idiots, dolts.



    Can you find//separate the serious news from fluff/propaganda/politicking interference?

    Trudeau, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, arrived in the capital on Saturday as President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s government struggles

    Missing children found after 40 days in Amazon survived like ‘children of the jungle,’


    Russian FPV Drones Wrecked Entire Columns of AFU In Yesterday’s Assault

    POV loitering drones snuffing Ukronazis vehicles, like shooting fish in a barrel

    The Markster

    Orlov may be right that it does not matter who our President is, but I am not quite ready to go there, having been indoctrinated into a sentimental attachment to the White House. Mom worked on Bobby’s campaign in 1968, and the 8.5″ x 11″ glossy black and white photo she got of Bobby later that year still hangs proudly on my living room wall. Lately I’ve said a couple prayers in front of it for peace. The hand-written inscription on the lower right side of the picture reads “To Melanie ______ ,. With So Many Thanks, -Ethel, Christmas 1968”.

    What they are doing to Trump now with this climax to 6.5 years now of open, brazen Stalinist Lawfare will not succeed. Although in my personal opinion Trump is no hero, and caved to the merchants of death in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Israel, and the Pentagon/FDA/NIH/CDC, etc., he is being made into a martyr and folk hero by these Team Obama Gangsters. Of course they are too smug and arrogant to see this, as usual. Unfortunately the joke is on us all.

    Nevertheless, for $hits and giggles if nothing else, I will campaign for, talk about, volunteer and vote for Bobby Jr. in the 2024 primaries. And then, after the DNC has sabotaged Bobby Jr.’s campaign like they did to Bernie (2016) and Tulsi (2020), I expect to vote for Trump in the general.

    Not because he is a good man who can lead the country or will have my support, but because he pisses off all the right people. And I get the distinct sense these days that I am not alone there. ☮️


    Jim Kunstler talks to former Vermont Governor James H Douglas about how the state got so phucking Woketarded®

    KunstlerCast 378 – Former Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas on How His State of Vermont Got So Woked Up



    More than 66% of U.S. at risk of power outages due to Biden’s green transition: Regulators

    And, yet, the Bitcoin is the lifeline and the way of the future?


    The Youth is Snapping to the Right… Fast

    Styxhexenhammer666 observes youth going conservative as they age


    “The scientific method has not been applied in such a way as to prove that carbon dioxide is causing the Earth to warm… I am firmly of the belief that the future will show that this whole hysteria over climate change was a complete fabrication.”

    It is nice that he separates the “hysteria over” climate change from the basic hypotheses comprising the basis if anthropogenic global climate disruption theory.

    Elsewhere, we read: “Patrick Albert Moore (born June 15, 1947) is a Canadian industry consultant, former activist, and past president of Greenpeace Canada. Since leaving Greenpeace in 1986,[2] Moore has criticized the environmental movement for what he sees as scare tactics and disinformation, saying that the environmental movement “abandoned science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism”.”

    The mid-1980s was when Hollywood and the more-or-less tabloid mediaplex surrounding it, discovered the environment. Money was made abundantly available. Greenpeace et al were a “success”, “mainstream”, “legit”… in other words, a successful sellout.

    I remember when anthropogenic climate disruption was a cautionary concept, not an hysterical proscription.

    I both tremble with fear and giggle with glee as I throw out this raw chum to the crowd:

    “Waterworld is a 1995 American post-apocalyptic action film directed by Kevin Reynolds and co-written by Peter Rader and David Twohy. It was based on Rader’s original 1986 screenplay and stars Kevin Costner, who also produced it with Charles Gordon and John Davis. It was distributed by Universal Pictures.”…”The most expensive film ever made at the time, Waterworld was released” in 1995.

    “Writer Peter Rader came up with the idea for Waterworld during a conversation with Brad Krevoy where they discussed creating a Mad Max rip-off.”

    “In July 2021, it was announced Universal Cable Productions was in early development on a follow-up TV series to be directed by Dan Trachtenberg.[46]” Our culture has run out of not just fossil fuels and nearly all of Eden’s hereditary low-hanging fruit, but it has run out of dreams.

    Richard Thompson said something wise about day dreaming and dreaming in general, noting how 24/7 on-demand video was stripping our younguns of their agility to just daydream.

    Meat and Sugar and Water: the stuff that dreams are made of

    They seem crass but they stare death in the face every day and can therefore recognize life for what it essentially is.

    We lack this capacity. We have in fact become so lost we can hardly recognize gender as THE binding agent, via reproduction, of the species.

    A life spent hunting with dogs and fellow specie friends. Rudimentary singing around the fire. Good days, bad days. Good luck, bad luck. One is free to invent one’s very own personal chocolate Jesus… or not, as it pleases one’s fancy. Nothing is serious but what IS serious: meat, honey, water, shade, shelter, warmth, comrades, a preference for good times over bad times.

    Yes, I am atavistic. Some people confuse atavism with degeneracy although degeneracy is more closely associated with “progress” than primitivism. What’s another little mistake?

    A Bellyfull of Peace


    “And, yet, the Bitcoin is the lifeline and the way of the future?”

    It just occurred to me per this remark that bitcoin is ultimately a religion, a form of faith. We’ve already enshrined Mammon as our God of Everything, now we just seek the currency that has been granted the latest official Divine Right to Rule.


    “Yes, and ALL OF IT WASTES MORE CO2. ”

    EVERY thing humans do involves creation of C02. It’s our primary waste gas. It is not entirely implausible that adding the CO2 residue of burning 100 million barrels of oil a day will have some effect.

    EVERY thing humans en masse do these days involves the burning of fossil fuels in ever greater amounts from a finite supply. Period. Why do we even talk about this stuff? It certainly isn’t because we’re interested in the science.

    You call this hooting around a campfire? We sound like Furbies running an AI virus scan.

    Tribal rites


    “Orlov may be right that it does not matter who our President is, but I am not quite ready to go there, having been indoctrinated into a sentimental attachment to the White House.

    While a president, however good, can’t fix our problems, the hard times these problems are causing will want real leadership to get people through the rapids. Times get really hard, people suddenly crave real leadership. We might actually get one yet.

    And it could be fun: “Why should I vote for a Kennedy brat?”

    “Cuz he’s not Biden and he’s not Trump. Any other questions? Have a nice day and I hope we get your vote.”


    “Trudeau, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, arrived in the capital, (Kiev), on Saturday as President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s government struggles”

    How ignorant/uninformed do you think that the Canadian MSM, CBC, Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland are compared to TAE bloggers? Maybe they are too busy to read ….

    “Report of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the progress of the special military operation (as of June 10, 2023)”

    The 47th is supposed to be elite, as it was trained and armed by NATO countries.

    Two columns of the brigade were hit and stopped before they could reach the line of contact. What was then left to attack failed to break through
    Posted by b on June 10, 2023 at 13:42 UTC .


    @ dr d
    When people participate in Democracy, it becomes “Demagoguery” and “Populism”. Brrr. Unacceptable
    So happy to see someone point this out. Some weeks ago I ran across a definition of populism that suggested that a populist candidate was ALWAYS a bad thing. It insinuated that populism=fascism, which is ridiculous. I think what it comes down to is that populism is organic, edgy, and impossible to control — and that is the antithesis of what our powers-that-be management desires.


    Kunstler, brilliant as most of the time, itching for some revolution.
    Revolution in such divided society of “lone individuals focused of outrunning fellow countryman and becoming rich” is a pipe dream.
    Interesting, first long batch of comments was nothing but the “wet dreams” as what they would loved to do to perpetrators of our misery, followed by the various excuses as why not to participate in revolt. Crown takes an asshole who claims that it would not be fair to his kids to leave them without inheritance that he worked hard for all his life and that would be lost if he had been a “revolutionary”.
    Never forget builder of Levittown homes who once famously said that “if everybody bought his home there would not be any communists (read revolutionaries) in the USA”. Mortgage, car payments and generally still comfy life is great deterrence from the no-no behavior. I may add that there is also a general distrust that fellow neighbor would follow through.
    Two years ago I had a thought that our 2nd amendment is the last chance to save the world. Not sure any longer, given what I have written just now.


    When will she jump into the race
    10 Jun, 2023 13:28
    HomeWorld News
    Hillary Clinton trolls Trump following federal indictment
    Clinton advertises merchandise with the slogan ‘But Her Emails’ after Donald Trump’s federal indictment


    Think it’s over?
    Think again …

    WH Brings Back Face Masks, Social Distancing for the Unvaccinated

    “Masking guidance: Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask on the White House grounds. Guests who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask at all times and maintain at least six feet distance from others while on the White House grounds,”

    The US has gone batshit craaazy!!



    @kultosummer re: “And, yet, the Bitcoin is the lifeline and the way of the future?”

    Pro tip – you can perform bitcoin transactions with an abacus or a pile of pinto beans. It just takes a little longer. You can also write the contents of your wallet onto a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket.


    Britain is ‘recklessly exposed’ to new pandemics, expert warns

    “”Dr Clive Dix, the former chairman of the UK’s vaccine taskforce, said the abandonment of schemes developed during Covid now left Britain “fraught with danger”.

    Dix said there was a complacency that mRNA vaccine technology, which worked against Covid, would be a “golden bullet” against future threats, despite warnings that it may not work against new viruses.””

    It worked?
    The UK has gone batshit craaazy!!



    anthropogenic global climate disruption theory.

    indeed and to go even more basic, what’s the theory even?

    A theory can be disproven. By definition/qualification.

    So for Climate Theory, Race Theory, Gender Theory, etc

    okay, what’s the potential disproof that makes it a theory? Supply ways in which it might be wrong


    er, not Theory. Supposition? Conjecture? Surmise? Guess?



    Wife was complaining about clients dying.

    Most recent one, she said:

    “A client’s daughter died OF AN UNDISCOVERED HEART CONDITION” my caps. Matter of fact, as if that’s a thing, an unfortunate thing, and an explanation in and of itself.

    “Also, the client has cancer now from Agent Orange in Vietnam” no questions there? Only NOW does cancer from 1965 pop up? They know how the cancer that just happened now is caused by Agent Orange????

    I didn’t even do my usual repeat key phrases solemnly while raising my eyebrows this time.

    We don’t have cable nor a connected TV arial. We don’t pay attention to mainstream news. We started watching mostly black and white films about 2-3 years ago

    Nevertheless, she “knows” solidly RFK is a moonbat wingnut. From WHERE? The bluetooth connection via her post vax personal mac id? What?


    Be quiet, jb-hb. You’re embarrassing even the nits you’re picking on.


    @phoenx: “I think what it comes down to is that populism is organic, edgy, and impossible to control — and that is the antithesis of what our powers-that-be management desires.”

    Well said. And true. What needs to be acknowledged is that genuine populism (in today’s world) is always corrupted/co-opted by TPTB. What need to be understood is how fast and completely that is accomplished – and what might be done in response. When organic expression is overridden by stealth manipulation designed to rewrite/rewire the original inspiration, we lose.

    Right now RFK Jr is organic – authentic and hot. Truth burns bright! I believe he can finish what Trump spoke of doing but was unable to do. The “wildcard” aspect of his candidacy is that he is resonating with people from all sides of the political spectrum.

    Ilargi: Appreciate all you do here…and beyond. Smiles returning to faces.

    LOVE to the LOVERS.


    “Warsaw to claim and annex the territory of Western Ukraine in line with the 1939 borders,”

    So will Poland give Prussia back to Germany? Or keep the pre-ww2 German territory AND all pre-ww2 Polish territory



    Be quiet, jb-hb. You’re embarrassing even the nits you’re picking on.

    boscohorowitz, You’re always picking fights or jumping into existing fights that weren’t yours, then crying victim

    By all means though, if you have anything to actually say, go ahead and say it.

    What is it you are passive aggressively trying to cringe your way towards this time?


    “suddenly and unexpectedly”

    Justine Covault Arlington MA, Guitarist and record label owner has died



    A Covidiot does what Covidiots do …

    TVASSF (nice one Mike)

    D Benton Smith

    Mike Batayeh, Ypsilanti actor who had role in ‘Breaking Bad,’ dies at 52. Niraj Warikoo. Mike Batayeh, an actor and stand-up comedian known for his role in the TV series “Breaking Bad,” died June 1 of a heart attack in his Ypsilanti home. The native of southwest Detroit was 52.

    D Benton Smith


    You’ve got his number alright, but don’t underestimate the wakizashi of nihilism when in the hands of the gifted professional.


    Thomas Frank wrote a book about the war on populism, “The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism.”
    I saw him on video discussing it and I think one of his contentions was populism was by definition anti-authoritarian.


    u picked the fight, jb-hb. While you’re savvy enough to mostly figure when you’ve had your ass kicked, you’re still not getting that it’s usually because you asked for it.

    but fwiw, theories become established as canonic dogma (albeit ever pending further review as needed) as they will. All a theory is is a hypothesis/es that survive the first elimination round. Anthro climate disruption has gotten that far. It’s just a theory. For that matter, evolution is just a theory. It works well here, not so well there.

    Theories come and go. They can be interesting and useful whether one believes them or not. Me, I stick with the original hypotheses. They can be wove together a number of ways…

    Air Defender 23
    In the multinational Air Defender 23 exercise, 25 nations train together in the airspace above Europe in joint air operations.
    From June 12-23, up to 10.000 exercise participants from 25 nations with 250 aircraft will train air operations in European airspace under the command of the German Air Force.

    Veracious Poet

    From June 12-23, up to 10.000 exercise participants from 25 nations with 250 aircraft will train air operations in European airspace under the command of the German Air Force.

    Remember kiddos, you voted for (i.e. consented to) Them & the pathogenic madness roiling from sea-to-shining-sea 😐

    Enjoy The Churn!

    Veracious Poet


    Ukraine is destroying everything that it knows that will not be under their control. (Conquered by Russia.)
    Kakhovskaya hydropower plant collapse:
    what is known by the end of June 10

    ▪️It is the fourth day since the destruction of the Kakhovka hydropower plant. The situation in the region remains difficult, but is already relatively more under control.

    In Aleshki the water level has dropped by two metres, in Goloy Pristan – by one. In Novaya Kahovka the water is almost gone and the authorities have already started to clean the streets. Most of the settlements are supplied with electricity.

    RusHydro believes that the Dnieper will return to its normal course below the destroyed hydroelectric plant by June 16.

    ▪️ More than six thousand people have already been evacuated from the flooded area. The Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations, Russian soldiers and volunteers from various public associations are taking part in the rescue work.

    Almost two thousand people have been relocated to temporary accommodation centers.
    (Ukraine missile attacked a temporary accommodation center. Ukraine is distroying Kherson)
    According to the latest estimates, damage from the destruction of the dam at the hydropower plant amounted to about 11.5 billion rubles. Over 60% of the Kakhovka reservoir has already been drained.

    ▪️Meanwhile, authorities have set up a special commission to deal with the consequences of the flooding, to be headed by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin.


    Plandemic 3 – The Great Awakening. On Rumble.

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