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    Dr. D

    You missed this onePretzel Logic

    Evil is unconsciousness, which is extreme separation from source and unity. We get a lot of that ’round here.


    Dr D said

    they do the exact same thing to Ukraine they do to the Jews: kill them all by hiding behind sanctimonious “caring” oh-so much “saving” them and “How dare you!” why! Goodness and pearls! Don’t you just love the Jews/Ukrainians as much as we? By killing every last one of them?

    First they are the Americans, second they are the Nazis? The we’s are whom exactly? This makes no sense at all.


    Thanks for the interesting link, Germ. it just confirms what many of us already knew. Few ever mention ocean acidification, another unseen killer.

    Although there are major surprises in politics, commerce and military activity etc. there are no major surprises with respect to the continuous degradation of the environment nor the eventually-deadly addition of around 40 billion tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere and oceans every year via the burning of fossil fuels.

    Jun. 11, 2023 424.81 ppm
    Jun. 11, 2022 421.18 ppm
    1 Year Change 3.63 ppm (0.86%)

    As Germ has pointed out, TVASF (well many of them are) But so are most of those who didn’t volunteer for clot shots or didn’t get bullied or conned into accepting toxic jabs; they are also ‘so fucked’. -especially if they are young.

    It’s just a matter of time before industrial humans push atmospheric CO2 through the super-critical 450ppm level. The critical 350 ppm necessary for the Earth’s long-term thermal stability was broken through decades ago!

    The time lag of the heat of fusion of ice and ocean heating has given us some ‘breathing space’.

    No one can accurately predict when we will break through 450 ppm, since numerous positive feedbacks that have already been triggered, including self-reinforcing loss of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice, destabilisation of permafrost and buggering of the Jet Streams to mention just a few. The heat dome over Canada is sure having some interesting effects. And it’s not yet the height of summer, nor El Nino.

    At the current rate of around 2.7 ppm per annum it will take around 10 years. (today’s jump was on the high side).

    Ten years, if we are lucky and great swathes of forest don’t go up in flames.

    Undoubtedly those who don’t understand what is happening will fight tooth and nail to deny reality and come up will all sorts of phony graphs to justify their insane stances on the matter.

    ‘sfunny how we keep hearing about ‘high energy prices’. Yet oil is incredibly cheap; much cheaper in real terms (allowing for devaluation of fiat money via the central bank ‘printing presses’) than it was a couple of decades ago, when the financial system nearly imploded and the Shrub appeared on the deck of the Titanic and demanded $760 billion, to give to his corrupt friends and backers on Wall Street.

    Brent Crude (July Contract) $71.84

    Following on from the warmest May on record, temperatures on Airstrip Five have dropped significantly recently, as cold air has moved across the land mass from near Antarctica.

    I cannot think of any aspect of life on Airstrip Five that has not been made substantially worse over the past year by the managers installed, owned and operated by The Corporation.

    As I said to my local MP a few weeks ago., if he still has a job one year from now and we meet again, we can be certain that every factor will have been made worse by ‘the government’. The Corporation will keep doing what it does util it can’t. By they way, I did tell him that his stance on environmental and energetic factors was insane. Like many others. he is prepared to sacrifice his children’s future on the altar of Ponzi economics and entitlement in the Age of Consequences. In fact, he is young enough to sacrifice his own future on the altar of Ponzi economics and entitlement in the Age of Consequences.

    I am not anticipating a quick end to the various military conflicts instigated and fueled by ‘Oceania’-NATOstan. The Ponzi financial system is just as dependent on war now as it was when it was instituted over three hundred years ago.

    What will bring it all down is the inability to acquire easily transported ‘liquid energy’ (just as energy starvation put an end to the plans of the German and Japanese fascists 80 years ago), plus the loss of habitat and loss of infrastructure that comes from pushing atmospheric CO2 so high, so quickly, recreating a Mass Extinction Event from the past, but at an unprecedented rate. Ponzi finance will obviously continue to play a role in the meltdown.


    oxymoron said

    Australians could learn a bit about the spirit of having a go and Entrepreneurialism from a certain breed of American.

    Just wanted to say that Australians have made big contributions to the home brew scene both in business and inventions. I could say the same for windsurfing. There are definitely some entrepreneurial and innovative Australians out there, although obviously not enough in the younger generations, from what you are saying.

    Dr. D
    Dr. D

    They want to run AS5 as a summer camp and Bug Out Shelter, the oil problem is unavoidable for you in the biggest way. Not that there isn’t oil, but that they will shut it off for the common man and keep it for the owners, which is if possible worse than just having it run out honestly. Since they got the guns too, it will not go well. However, a ragged upstart people who don’t wish to cooperate can Vietcong the place to a standstill and a certain victory, making the overlords sorry they ever came. However, the people have to want to, and it will also level the place.

    I don’t envy it, even being here, but they all have their exploits. I can back up and move around, there are resources somewhere, but you have to get to them and everything is in contention with no order.


    “Twilight zone” in color:


    The jew wants you dead and gone. They got the money, which they print, to do it. They got the media to shove illusions up your ass. Wake up Goyim, you’re in a war.


    One ant from my earlier post today:

    Figmund Sreud

    Interference in another country
    $500 million to Ukraine neo-Nazi.


    Prigozhin is in open conflict with Shoigu and the MoD. In his June 5th interview he said,

    “Shoigu and the higher-ups should be at the front, like the Ukrainians do”

    “Shoigu and his idiot daughter will do what they always do”

    “Shoigu needs to get his ass over to Belgorod”

    “A genocide of the Russian people has been organized, Shoigu is deliberately participating in the genocide of the Russian people”

    “The two safest places in case of a nuclear war are where Shoigu and other MoD officials are because the West will never touch the people who are winning the war for them”

    “Gerasimov is an alcoholic who drinks to the point of hallucinations”

    “The Russian people will rise up against them, eventually, if the Duma doesn’t order the execution of MoD officials”

    Prigozhin’s harsh statements against the head of the Ministry of Defense provoked a strong reaction on social networks (Telegram) 85% supported them, about 7% say that there is no need to engage in civil strife in such difficult times for the country.

    Check out this body language.

    John Day

    Thanks for the Steey Dan, Dr.D (i’ve got it on vinyl, but don’t much listen in the new millenium.
    Thanks for the Alastair Crooke, FS.
    Thanks for some truth Bobby Jr.


    Sooo off topic, but I keep dubia roaches for pet and chicken food- for about five years now. The Science assured me males have wings and can flutter but they cannot fly. Well, one just flew into the kitchen and when I put it outside, it landed and took off on its own into the night.
    This is astonishing, to those who know these critters.
    I am not alone- there are others who have seen it as well.
    Luckily, they can’t take a freeze, so they won’t infest the area, but it puts a whole new light on keeping them in the house.


    The skinny on the Wagner thing:

    Wagner boss refuses to allow his mercenaries to join Putin’s forces

    From what I can tell, Wagner is being exiled to Ukraine. Wagner soldiers who miss Russia will dump Prigozhin, I assume. I suspect he will be fragged.

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