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    I am back at the island cottage as my son is enjoying 2 weeks of vacation after working up north on Manituilan Island in northern Lake Huron. I try to drop in every evening to the TAE to see what is happening.

    Yes the badness about the horrible effects that the vaccines have done keeps coming out of the woodwork along with more government efforts to suppress such knowledge. The one question I have not seen an answer to is whether the negative effects of the vaccines are permanent or whether over time the natural immune system will regain it’s former functional status?

    Certainly the vaccines where a great economic success adding to GDP in the same manner as breaking windows does. The vaccines more than paid for themselves in reducing government pension payouts by killing off present and future pension recipients.

    In corrupt Ukraine there is a connection between these two random statements. Ukrainian commanders under counting their dead, particularly foriegn mercenaries. Ukrainian troops complaining they are being left at the front without any officiers to lead them.

    Ukrainian officiers certainly believe in not letting a good crisis go to waste. Ukrainian commanders are certainly leading their men. But just not in the manner you would expect. By under counting their soldier’s deaths, commanders continue to collect the dead soldier’s pay. This scheme only works however, if the commander avoids accidently getting himself killed.

    One way to speed up the ollection of such monies, is to quickly kill off the mercenaries under your command. Often mercenaries are being ordered into forward positions when there is a general retreat. An example of this is ordering mercenaries to hold a town across the river and then blowing up the last remaining bridge, leaving the trapped mercenaries to their fate with the Russians. As such, the supply of new mercenaries has dried up!

    Once the Ukrainian commander has collected sufficient monies, he can then leave retiring for parts unknown.

    As always corruption rules in the Ukraine! A war certainly isn’t going to stop the corruption!

    Doc Robinson

    from The New York Times archives site:
    March 11, 1933, Page 7
    By Arthur Krock

    Congress Backs Grant of Authority to President Unprecedented in Our History.

    WASHINGTON, March 10. — One week from the day when Franklin D. Roosevelt assumed the office of President of the United States, he will have been invested by two acts of Congress as a Constitutional dictator. This will be accomplished when Congress has passed, and he has signed, the bill introduced today to effect government economies — events firmly scheduled for tomorrow…


    How do I know FDR planned Pearl Harbor?

    FDR knew battleships were old dinosaurs (but good bait) and aircraft carriers (plus submarines) the new rulers of the seas.

    Pearl Harbor was the trap. Battleships the bait. Cutting off oil to Japan provided the motivation.

    So once the war in the Pacific started, why did Japan invade Hong Kong, then Indochina and then go all the way to Burma/India border?

    Answer: To cut off all avenues of US military aid to China!

    Hong Kong finally cut off the last remaining sea link to China.
    Indochina cut off the sea/rail links to China’s interior.
    In Burma, Japan tried to cut off the Burma sea/road link to the deep interior of China.

    Most people don’t realize this basic fact of the Pacific war ⁿntil they look at a map and try to figure out how the US would supply China and how Japan would try to stop the US. Then everything starts to make more sense!

    D Benton Smith


    Please excuse my bad manners for tossing in my two cents when your question was addressed to John, but I think I’ve got at least part of the answer.

    It’s this: the inescapable precondition for organic life is that organisms are going to engage in potentially life and death competitions in which some will survive and others die. That gets complicated beyond human comprehension but the bottom line is to do our best to simply not die (a task for which we are supremely equipped), BUT in endeavoring to do that, never lose sight of the fact that YOU are not ‘organic’ (you are not material). You are a non-material conscious awareness . . . . a “soul”, if you will. Power, strength and cleverness are not the keys in this great game. Awareness, truth and love are the keys. That’s not smarmy. It’s as factual as factual can get. Applying that fact should not be done as a pastime for those hours not filled with more important things. It should be worked at as a full-time job, with minimal breaks, because there isn’t anything more important.

    So what we all should do is earnestly endeavor to be as aware, truthful and loving as possible . . . . and encourage others to do the same.

    And then we’ll just have to see how that goes.

    TAE Summary

    The precondition for life
    Is conflict and unending strife
    You think it’s not right
    We’re destined to fight?
    It’s nature, just go ask your wife

    Veracious Poet

    Some “people” just believe what “authority” figures pronounce as absolute truth, no where have I observed this phenom on a more ludicrous level than with rank & file democrats…

    Oh that FDR 😉 The president is just trying to save the US from economic horrors, it’s a good thing he’s like the all powerful Oz now!

    I’m not even upset he gave us $20oz when they confiscated our gold coins, then let the FED/.Treasury/Banksters revalue it to $35oz two weeks later ~ FDR’s watching out for us little peeps!

    Every so often the party of chaos will extend anointment to republicans like they did with Sen. McCrazy ~ It’s totally freaky how so many of the (D) Anointed are given credence carte blanche when it’s beyond obvious to an outside observer the avg. apparatchik is no more trustworthy than a 3 year old around a jar of cookies…

    Took a long, long time, but the consequences of reaping to the whirlwind are about to shake the monkeys out of their trees 😕

    John Day

    My ParentsSaid Know said:
    “What do you do when powerful people are trying to kill you and they really aren’t all that subtle about it, but no one else seems to care that they are also targets, but you do.
    If you were to seek counseling, you would be diagnosed as paranoid. You’re not. There are people who are trying to kill you- not you specifically, but you- an excess human.
    What do you do?
    They are inexorable. It is discouraging. It is this raw. There are those who are trying to kill us. What should be done?
    Not 1984- we’re all livin’ in the twilight zone.
    They’re doing it to babies, now, people.”

    I really like D Benton Smith’s answer just above.
    This is not different from forever, just different than we were tught in herd-school.

    Cognitive Dissonance is created if you try to take in information which leads to a realistic evolutionary world view, after actually believing what you were taught as a child in herd-school. Furtunately, i had already been exposed to more realistic worldviews, and grew up on USMC bases during Vietnam, so I never thought that peoeple would not be fed into meat grinders as policy. I sought to understand WHY this kept happening.
    “Temporary insanity” never seemed like a plausible answer in either side of my family.

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