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    Johannes Vermeer Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window 1657-59   • Kiev Resorts to ‘Human Wave Attacks’ (Sp.) • How the “Surovkin Line” Works (
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    Powered by a strong EU? A few assumptions there, me thinks. What say you?

    Based on the EU Global Health Strategy and WHO Global strategy on digital health, the initiative follows the 30 November 2022 agreement between Commissioner Kyriakides and Dr Tedros to enhance strategic cooperation on global health issues. This further bolsters a robust multilateral system with WHO at its core, powered by a strong EU.


    Johannes Vermeer Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window 1657-59

    The elephant in the room is the dick hanging above her head. Daddy was a pedophile? Well, if daddy wasn’t a pedophile, he will be very angry to discover that his son’s member features in Bill Gates’ porn library.


    Not sure how to take this article, however I do see iVerify being much the same as Prop-or-not.



    Almost four years have passed since the Highlevel Panel on Digital Cooperation published its
    report. More than two years have passed since the
    release of my Road Map for Digital Cooperation
    and Our Common Agenda, which outlined options
    for practical action to advance digital cooperation. The High-level Advisory Board on Effective
    Multilateralism has offered important new ideas.
    The time for talking about the need for digital
    cooperation has long passed. We need to focus
    on how we make this a reality. We need to act now,
    and with speed, if we are to recover the potential
    of digital technologies for the equitable and sustainable development that is slipping away from
    us and the planetary crisis that confronts us. We
    must work together if we are to restore the trust
    that unconsidered, irresponsible or malicious
    use of digital technologies has damaged in and
    among societies, the private sector and States.
    Furthermore, we must commit to sustained
    follow-up and review, so that agreed principles
    and priorities are translated into practice and we
    do not retreat into siloed debates.
    The ideas set out in the present policy brief are
    neither exclusive nor exhaustive. They can, however, provide a basis for discussion and debate in
    the consultations on the Global Digital Compact
    that are currently under way. The United Nations
    system stands ready to assist, at the deliberations in the Summit of the Future, in considering
    those ideas and in exploring new ideas. Whatever
    directions we take, they must be towards concrete and meaningful multi-stakeholder action if
    we are not to leave our planet, our people and our
    humanity behind.

    Dr. D


    Whoops. Wrong again. For the 30th year in a row. Step 1) Create a slush fund. Step 2) Create a reason for the slush fund. Step 3) Profit.

    Dow not looking too good. (10 year Dow) No where near the high, and trying VERY hard to break up and firmly, completely capped at the lower high. Like 20 times. Forever. Like a year. So if it goes, watch out below. Of course caution if it breaks up too. Although the U.S. is a wreck, it could rise on sheer hyperinflation like all the other banana republics. (It’s nice to call us a “Republic,” even in accusation and jest. We haven’t been a Republic for 100 years.)

    If we collapse, it’ll also be a giant megaphone formation, with a low waaaaay down there. 20K again, easy? Adjusting for inflation, is that a Dow 10,000?

    “BlackRock Recruiter Claims Senators Can Be ‘Bought’ For $10k, War ‘Good For Business’: O’Keefe

    I told you. They’re such cheap wh—s that I could take out a HELOC and buy one. The return-on-investment would be 100:1, higher than any honest work. However, I don’t deal with import/export or regulation much.

    This was the whole POINT of regulation. To get in the middle and be a tollbooth to dispense regulation for money. But I have a solution: More regulation! More government! We’ll get out Gensler and put in another guy from Rand and Yale, that’ll fix’er. We’ll have the media oversee them, they can be bought much, much cheaper.

    “Western Countries Have Sent Broken Weapons To Ukraine: NYT

    NYT comes out on the side of Ukraine, not America. Which is appropriate since that’s the true capital of the world, and the NY Times’ owners. In reality, both we and them are so corrupt, who could tell? Pretty sure it’s 50-50. The U.S. this morning just “Forgot” they had another $6 Billion dollars. Their accounting was so bad $6B appears and disappears on the books all the time! No one blinks, instead of firing everybody in that dept up to Milley. Yeah, who would you replace them with, even as special auditor? Standard and Poors? Target? There are no honest Americans around, or certainly are very hard to find.

    “Qatar Ready To Ink New 27-Year Gas Deal With China

    Well Qatar has a quarter-century of gas to blow without blinking. That certainly suggests they have an actual 50-75 years. We’re saved!!! Front page news!

    You know what’s even better? Europe doesn’t want any. Great! More for me!!! All the cool kids sit in the dark and eat bugs now, don’t you know?

    “Today’s Democratic Party has led us to the brink of nuclear war. The party is led by cowardly warmongers who are firmly in the grips of the military industrial complex, and don’t know or care about the cost of war, or who pays the price.” — Tulsi

    Why do they hate women, people of color, and strong female role models so much? Is it because she’s also pretty?

    Anyway, no the point is – and no sense saying it since no one will believe you – they actually, actively, passionately WANT to kill 2-5 billion people. Maybe 7.5Billion, including you of course, who knows. We normal people always imply they’re careless and it’s an accident from greed (and capitalism). No. This is the GOAL, they’ve written and published the goal 10,000 times, and it’s going pretty well.

    “Kiev Resorts to ‘Human Wave Attacks’ (Sp.) “

    Reality check: 400 isn’t actually a lot. Not to diminish this, their death, and the pointlessness of it. But we can kill 400,000 in about 10 minutes, so…

    Western intelligence agencies fear that Ukraine’s counteroffensive could lead to completely opposite results from those expected by Kiev,”

    Of course! We’ve lived in #OppositeLand quite a while now. That’s what happens when you really internalize #AntiLogos.

    ..what they want to do is try to provoke Russia into taking actions that will then bring NATO into the conflict directly..”

    Yes. And to foray into Russia with nuclear F16s to do the same. Although at this point Europe is so sapped it’s doubtful if they could anyway. I wouldn’t test it though, sounds like a trap. One little Russia may have the factories of a Germany or Italy, but there is still Spain, Portugal, England, Denmark, Belgium, France… Since they’re already shooting French women in the face, Macron would be elated to round them up and do human wave attacks on St. Pete.

    ““The use of these missiles outside the zone of the special military operation will mean the full involvement of the United States and the United Kingdom in the conflict,” he added.

    Obviously, that’s always been true. What he’s doing is telling them Russia will now ACT like it’s true.

    “Ukrainian Counteroffensive To End In Weeks – Russian MP (RT)

    Counteroffensive went so well, they decided to take a break already. That’s how these things work, doncha know? We landed at Normandy, got a town, then took a vacation on our success for 9 months.

    “Putin’s Warning On The F-16 – NATO’s Article 5 Is Now For Burning (Helmer) “

    For this, and Hal Turner who warns nuclear WWIII is 4 days away

    Armstrong’s model showed all the U.S. failure, the failure in our elections, etc, but does not show WWIII for some time yet, like next year. …As if that’s any consolation. Because if it shows it, it’s nearly certain to happen.

    ““The biggest danger of AI is that we attribute these godlike characteristics to it and therefore let ourselves off the hook..”

    I think we had a commenter saying this. The POINT of AI is: “I create garbage in, that like Climate Models, will put out the answer I want (Socialism, power, more slush funds) regardless of what data you put in.” Then, like “democracy” everyone just complies and says, “Well, the majority said!”. In this case, “Well, Computer said!” …When 100% of us all work jobs where the computer has never been right once in a single working day since we were hired. How this works, and how the answer is “More computers” I can’t figure out.

    They don’t care what s—t they have to tell you to have you comply, the dumber the better. “AI” is as good an excuse as any. And no one can cross check us; isn’t that nice? Just like being an Aztec priest. 10,000 hearts a year and no one complains or asks questions. Like us!!!

    Can’t go on enough about Hunter, but we should run Biden’s 1994 video about how “Any possession” will land drug users in “Jail” … if they’re black, under his crime bill … put it on loop in Time’s Square. No one will care, but it’ll make me feel better.

    “• GOP Outraged Over ‘Sweetheart Deal’ Handed to Hunter Biden (Manley)

    Confidence must fall. The center cannot hold, nor should it.

    with a bank that’s so dirty, it got shut down for money laundering.”

    Someone was revisiting Silicon Valley Bank, now like FTX , down the memory hole, never happened. They were like “13 people were holding over a BILLION dollars per account, uninsured. Why would you do that?”

    Why indeed? Since they’re not stupid. Maybe because the bank was giving them something no other bank could and this was the price of admission? That is to say: massive, unprecedented, open, money laundering? Okay. So it’s DNC money laundering out of Ukraine, then what happened?

    Powell’s NY Fed closed them down without comment and shut them off. Not a word, not a ripple. Davos’ prybar taken out of bad hands. …Amongst other effects.

    Where did Swiss bank go? The EU wasn’t even in the room. Closed down for massive, embarrassing (Ukraine) money laundering. Another Davos/Nazi conduit, shut off. Sure, who likes NY to win, or for JPM not to fail on their market rigging or whatever, but can we compromise to restoring law and sovereignty? Would that be enough?


    Start the day with some mild madness in Duh’merica




    All quiet on the news front. Titanic-adventure-sub with millionaires still missing

    The US Department of Justice announced on Tuesday it had filed charges against Hunter Biden, refusing to pay income tax and illegal possession of a firearm.

    Biden has entered a plea deal on the charges, which could put him in jail for up to 15 years.

    However, experts told Sputnik that the prodigal son admitted to far worse crimes that those he is being tried for, but that the DoJ is refusing to file them against him.

    “But even if they did bring it, I guarantee you that Joe Biden would issue a blanket pardon to his son. He may still do so, just to cover the bases before whenever he leaves office,” Nixon said.


    What a hoot this gibbering homunculus is.

    TVASSF (from the horse’s mouth)


    The first rule of power: kill the good guys.

    John Day over at The Slog.

    John Day

    Good, thoughtful explorations of the nature of existence in comments last night.
    Short night.
    Take a siesta today.

    John Day

    MPSK noticed that JAW liked my recent post and re-posted it.

    D Benton Smith

    I don’t usually comment about the artwork Raul posts to the wite, I like it all, but in the case of Vermeer painting the girl reading a letter there is something so special that I’ve just got to say something.

    There is a term in the visual arts called “gesture” which is one of those really hard to nail down definitions that are critically important to the art form, and yet nearly impossible to describe. It means the portrayal of the subject so that it displays the dynamic inner tensions and vectors of motion and mass that are in the REAL thing. Gesture is not about photo-realism. It’s about evoking the fundamentals of dimensionality, and can be accomplished (by Masters) with a squiggly line or a brash splash of a single stroke of paint.

    Anyway, the quality of gesture in the Vermeer painting is just absolute stunning. The way she stands, bends her head and grips the letter is so evocative of the real that it’s as though he captured actual life and displayed it on a canvas.




    Nice to see JD get some kudos. He not only sacrificed a career, he lost countless patients-as-friends who in turn lost a doctor-as-friend.

    Love those Wise Old Owl eyebrows and how his wife looks like she’s fully recovered from her health challenges. Downright radiant, she r.


    In our new digs, I rapidly became patron/ friend to a local crow couple raising chicks.

    We had a freakish hail storm three days ago. 1 inch hail. Raised welts where it hit.

    I didn’t see the crows next day. I worried. Two days after, the storm they showed up as I walked the dog, landing in a tree above and cawing gleefully.

    ‘ We survived! Thanx for the corn bread. What happened to the ever lovin sky!?!?!’

    Seems they hid under shelter for a day, terrified to come out?

    I’m so happy they’re still with us. That hail coulda crippled/ killed them with ease. Delightful couple. ALWAYS together, never solo.



    Classic but lesser known MOdern Era composer:

    Alexander Tansman


    We’ll see lots more of this. Not just from general anomie, but strategic power. Can’t afford the rent? Kick in the doors. Copycats see the news story and follow suit. Property values fall, so does rent. Affordable hovels at last!

    Developer pulls out of Portland after four decades: ‘What does a property owner do?’


    I echo the praise for the Vermeer. From an article John Updike wrote when I was wee:

    “”For my own money, Jay, the French are the people to beat. We have four Degas ballet dancers in our living room in Chicago, and I could sit and look at one of them for hours. I think it’s wonderful, the feeling for balance the man had.”

    “Yeah, but don’t Degas’s paintings always remind you of colored drawings? For actually looking at things in terms of paint, for the lucid eye, I think Vermeer makes Degas look sick.”

    Uncle Quin said nothing, and my father, after an anxious glance across the table, said, “That’s the way he and his mother talk all the time. It’s all beyond me. I can’t understand a thing they say.””


    My. TAE Summary was on a roll yesterday. I laughed often reading his latest.

    D Benton Smith

    The reason that the bad guys are compelled to show and tell you what they’re doing and intend to do is that by you allowing them do that action, without consequential restraint or punishment, is demonstration and proof that you find it acceptable. Really!? Well, you accepted it didn’t you? That’s proof that you find it acceptable, and since it is acceptable then I’m going to keep on doing it.

    John Day

    Thanks for kind comments.. Your Next Move

    China Plans Military Base In Cuba In Response To US Support For Taiwan
    US intelligence and the WSJ are catching on and belatedly acknowledging this crucial factor…
    ​ ​”Some intelligence officials say that Beijing sees its actions in Cuba as a geographical response to the U.S. relationship with Taiwan: The U.S. invests heavily in arming and training the self-governing island that sits off mainland China and that Beijing sees as its own,” WSJ writes. “The Journal reported that the U.S. has deployed more than 100 troops to Taiwan to train its defense forces.”
    ​ ​And additionally, the report spells out the following:
    Taiwan is roughly 100 miles from mainland China, about the same distance Cuba is from Florida.

    ​Great, we’ll draw China into a war in Cuba and bleed them to death!​ Or is this the legendary “ability of Joe to f**k things up”?

    ‘Blatant Provocation’: China Lashes Back After Biden Labels Xi A Dictator

    On Wednesday China lashed back at US President Joe Biden for his earlier referring to Chinese leader Xi Jinping as a dictator. The timing of Biden’s Tuesday night remarks, issued at a fundraiser, were especially awkward given he had just dispatched Secretary of State Blinken for a two day visit to China where he met with Xi.
    ​ ​”That’s a great embarrassment for dictators. When they didn’t know what happened,” Biden said while speaking on recent tensions at the California event, and while referring to the Chinese spy balloon shootdown in early February.
    ​ ​The irony, obvious and yet perhaps lost on Biden, is that Blinken’s trip was a desperate attempt of administration to rescue spiraling US-China relations, and with Biden’s one single “dictator” comment these efforts have likely come to nothing.

    ​Hey, Cuba would be a great addition to BRICS!​

    Beijing Welcomes Expansion of BRICS

    ​Moon of Alabama (gloating?)​ U.S. Admits Defeat In War On Russia And China

    Confronted with the realities of life the Biden administration has in the last days acknowledged defeat in two on its most egregious and delusional foreign policy games.
    The Ukrainian counter-offensive has failed. Its army is getting slaughtered on the battlefield. The ‘counteroffensive’ of the ‘NATO trained’ Ukrainian brigades has made no real progress on any front. The high level of losses of men and material make it impossible that it will ever again regain the initiative…

    ​..​After more than 20 years of pursuing that aim the U.S. threw the towel:
    ​ ​President Biden on Saturday said he won’t make it easier for Ukraine to join NATO, adding that the country at war with Russia has to meet the requirements to be a member.​..

    ​..​The much hyped counter-offensive has indeed become a death trap for the U.S. EU and NATO.
    ​ ​The other U.S. defeat was acknowledged by U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken at the end of his trip to Bejing:
    ​ ​The United States will not support Taiwan breaking away from China, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has said, amid a series of confusing statements by Joe Biden on the issue.
    ‘We do not support Taiwan independence,’ America’s top diplomat said in Beijing after meeting with Chinese president Xi Jingping.

    John Day

    ​ Everybody says Russia will push westward to the Polish border, but Putin does not say that. A lot of Ukrainian units have mass surrendered in the past week. I think​ Putin would like the killing to stop.
    Putin Says A Political Solution Is Still Possible
    ​ ​President Putin believes that the odds favor at least freezing the Line of Contact (LOC) through a ceasefire, if not outright ending the conflict by reviving last year’s now-defunct draft tre​n slaves.​aty with Ukraine, albeit with amendments reflecting the new ground reality of Kiev having lost four more regions. There’s even the chance that a creative diplomatic-legal solution can be found for making the LOC the new international border without violating the Russian Constitution’s prohibition on ceding territory.

    Putin Says A Political Solution Is Still Possible

    ​If you make it to the field hospital alive they harvest your good organs and cremate your remains.​ Fresh organs are better business than slaves.
    Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the Kiev regime is rapidly turning the country into a global hub of human organ trafficking

    Scott Ritter: Ukrainian Counteroffensive’s Second Week Ends in Failure
    ​T​he counteroffensive gambit has failed. While there is still considerable combat strength left in the Ukrainian military, including more than 75% of the NATO-trained and -equipped 60,000-strong cohort Ukraine had assembled in the past eight months, fundamentally flawed assumptions about the quality of the force on which Ukraine and its NATO allies had placed their collective hopes for victory over Russia have been exposed. In short, Ukraine lacks the military capacity to overcome Russian defenses.​..​
    ​ ​Ukraine’s most elite assault brigades, equipped with the latest Western military technology, failed to advance out of what Russian defensive doctrine calls the “cover” line of defense—the buffer that is designed to channel and disrupt an attacking force prior to reaching the “main” line of defense.​..
    ​ This short-sighted posture will result in the inevitable military collapse of Ukraine, probably sometime between late summer/early fall of this year. When this happens, NATO will be left scrambling to construct some sort of face-saving mechanism to salvage its weakened geopolitical position vis-à-vis Russia. What that will look like is unknown at this time. But one thing is for certain—because NATO refuses to consider an off-ramp from the Ukrainian conflict today, there will be no future for Ukraine tomorrow. NATO political pride will be the downfall and destruction of the Ukrainian nation, its military, and its people.

    D Benton Smith

    Of course the reason that you accepted the behavior was because of your belief in some lie. Indeed that belie was a major factor in your calculations and decision about whether to accept it or not. Some politician says he will lower your taxes so you vote him in and he raises your taxes. Whose fault is that?

    To that bad guys that doesn’t matter or count. Telling a lie is usually not technically “illegal”, and even then the law says its legal until proven to the contrary it in a court of law. They reckon that it’s YOUR responsibility to do your due diligence on incoming information to see if it’s true or not. If you don’t choose or manage to do so then that’s YOUR problem and responsibility, not theirs. What matters is that you DID accept it, and it is therefore acceptable. All legal and everything until proven otherwise . . . and good luck with proving that in the Courts that the bad guys own.

    John Day

    ​This is a cringeworthy four and a half minutes. I’ve never seen Bobby Kennedy Jr. this uncomfortable.
    He says things like “Palestinian-occupied Israeli territories”.​
    It’s better to speak the truth than to get elected, Bobby
    Kennedy denies Zionist deliberate ethnic cleansing of Palestinians
    Interviewed by Glenn Greenwald, Kennedy twists and perverts reality

    Pentagon program hunts those who ‘embarrass’ its generals – Intercept​
    A new system is capable of pinpointing the ‘exact location’ of anyone who could cause reputational damage to its charges

    ​ ​Former President Barack Hussein Obama has called for “digital fingerprints” to be mandatory to help law enforcement agencies target and arrest users who read and share “non-mainstream news” online.
    “And the need for us, for the general public, I think to be more discriminating consumers of news and information, the need for us to overtime develop technologies to create watermarks or digital fingerprints so we know what is true and what is not true,” he said.
    “There’s a whole bunch of work that’s going to have to be done there, but in the short term, it’s really going to be up to the American people to kind of say.”
    Obama and Axelrod went on to say that today many consumers are only viewing information from sources they are predisposed to agree with and will likely believe what they see.
    “Obviously, we saw that during the vaccination stuff,” added Obama, referring to Covid shots.
    “So, I am concerned about it.

    Obama Calls for ‘Digital Fingerprints’ So Police Can Arrest People Who Share ‘Non-Mainstream News’

    ​ ​NH Democratic Party Freaks Out As RFK Jr To Speak At Libertarian Festival
    ​ ​On its Facebook page, the Free State Project called the letter the “best endorsement yet! Thanks, Chairman.” Kennedy flatly rejected the plea within two hours of it being posted to Twitter by the New Hampshire Democratic Party.
    ​ ​Referring to the national party’s announcement that it has no intention to hold primary debates, Kennedy tweeted, “The Democratic Party Bosses who promote censorship, who have stripped New Hampshire of its rightful First in the Nation primary status, who have shut down debate, who refuse to campaign in New Hampshire, are in no position to tell me who to talk to.”
    ​ ​
    YouTubewill not allow users to hear what it considers harmful thoughts.
    ​ ​On Sunday, both Kennedy and podcast host Jordan Peterson tweeted that they were the latest to be censored by the company. Kennedy tweeted: “What do you think… Should social media platforms censor presidential candidates? My conversation with [Peterson] was deleted by [YouTube].”
    ​ ​He added: “Luckily you can watch it here on [Twitter] (thank you [Elon Musk]).”


    Tim’s Vermeer

    A documentary of Vermeer produced for Sony by Penn & Teller Films

    John Day

    ​Tucker Carlson savaged the Biden family on Tuesday, hours after it was announced that Hunter Biden would receive a slap on the wrist – and would only be required to plead guilty to simple tax crimes and a gun charge, despite what many would say is obvious evidence that he’s been acting as a foreign agent.
    ​ ​Carlson noted how none of the charges have to do with influence peddling – including Hunter’s alleged role as an international bag man for the Biden family (alleged, of course), which included a $10 million payment from Burisma to Hunter and Joe Biden, according to an FBI source.

    ​ ​While Hunter will receive no more than two years of probation, Trump was charged with 37 counts for allegedly mishandling over 300 classified documents found in his Mar-a-Lago home following an FBI raid.
    ​ ​”Hunter Biden is getting away with a slap on the wrist when growing evidence uncovered by the House Oversight Committee reveals the Bidens engaged in a pattern of corruption, influence peddling, and possibly bribery,” tweeted House Oversight Committee Rep. James Comer (R-KY).

    ​ ​BlackRock Recruiter Claims Senators Can Be ‘Bought’ For $10k, War ‘Good For Business’: O’Keefe
    ​ ​The undercover chaps and lasses at James O’Keefe’s new undercover media venture have done it again – this time tricking a BlackRock recruiter into making several damning admissions.
    ​ ​In a series of covertly-recorded meetings, recruiter Serge Varlay describes how BlackRock – the world’s largest asset manager – is able to “run the world,” and that it’s easier to pull off shenanigans when “people aren’t thinking about it.”
    ​ ​According to Varlay, US Senators can be ‘bought’ for as little as $10k.
    “The senators…are f***ing cheap – you got 10 grand, you can buy a senator,” he remarked.
    ​ “​You can take this big f*** ton of money and buy people, I work for a company called BlackRock…It’s not who is the president it’s who is controlling the wallet of the president. You could buy your candidates. First, there is the senators these guys are fuckin cheap. Got 10 grand you can buy a senator I’ll give you 500k right now It doesn’t matter who wins they’re in my pocket.”

    If vaccines don’t cause autism, then how do you explain all this evidence?​ , Steve Kirsch​
    We see an odds ratio of 5 when comparing autism in vaxxed vs. unvaxxed in MULTIPLE studies. The before:after odds are even more extraordinary. How can we ignore all this evidence?

    D Benton Smith

    Here’s an example:
    Obama said you could keep your doctor and health care plan.
    He immediately inacted laws that took away your doctor and health plan.
    Did he tell a knowing and calculated lie?
    Yes he did.
    Does he care if everybody knows that?
    No he doesn’t.
    Why not?
    Because he got what he wanted. He took away your doctor and health plan (thus profitably tightening the grip of control over you), you accepted all of it, and he was rewarded with a second term in office rather than punished. What more could he want or hope for, another cash bonus with kisses? Well he probably got that, too, so he has no reason to give a damn what it is that you think you know.

    Michael Reid

    JMG latest

    Naomi Wolf, one of the few journalists who responded to the Covid-19 phenomenon by doing what journalists are theoretically supposed to do and asking hard questions about the party line pushed by government and corporate flacks, has continued to follow that shocking act of independent thought into wider territories. It’s been quite something to watch.

    Beyond Thaumatophobia, Part One: A Door Into Springtime


    According to

    Ukrainians Go For Broke. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.06.21

    There seem to be a build up to give another try to “break through” the lines of Russian defenses

    D Benton Smith


    Thanks for the link. What a wonderful read, like scarfing down huge scoops of my favorite ice cream. Not much doubt about which side of the dichotomy I fall on. Thanks again.


    “It’s better to speak the truth than to get elected, Bobby”

    Everyone lies. EVERYone.

    Choosing when to lie and what about is about as good as we get.

    As a recovered junkie, BobbyJ surely knows how dangerous lies are. Put you in a backroom with a needle in your arm before you can stop. You could see how much he hated it. I think BobbyJ will show us some interesting things yet. He may not rise above the blatant moral compromise he’s making. Odds are against him, imo.

    But at least it’s political theater that I can watch as if it it just might matter at some point. Say what one will about BobbyJ’s sincerity etc., he mos def has major skin in the game, including his own.


    “Everybody says Russia will push westward to the Polish border, but Putin does not say that”

    Why would he want to inherit a failed nation, especially after bombing it to bits? Russia has a depopulation problem, now exacerbated by its foolish submission to the covid nightmare. So does Ukraine. For human purposes, land without enough people to work/hold/protect it is just a burden.

    Putin/Russia ARE willing to absorb Ukraine into the fold, but only on Russia’s terms, and at this point, Ukraine couldn’t meet those terms even if it wanted to.


    It’s in the bag. Shaman power!


    Someone’s got ambition.
    Someone wants some power.
    Take him to a party.
    Ply him for an hour.
    Bring him some young girly-
    Head’s all swirly-whirly.
    Tape the situation,
    Pad his reputation.
    Now you’ve got a crony-
    Pocket sized and phony.

    TAE Summary

    * Global warming will liquefy slush funds

    * For only $250K you too can have an authentic Titanic steerage experience

    * The misdemeanor charges will vaccinate Hunter Biden against felony indictments
    – “If you are vaccinated you can return to your previous lifestyle while those not vaccinated may experience severe illness and death” – The Big Guy

    * Obama: “The digital watermark will guarantee info authenticity similar to the guarantee of value from a watermark on paper money”

    * Hotez California
    – Relax said the vaxx man, we are programmed to inject
    – You can check out any time you want but you will still be wrecked

    D Benton Smith


    re: “Hotez California”

    Very catchy. Keep that kind of stuff up and you’ll be giving @MyParentsKnow a run for his money as Rhymer Laureate around here.


    DBS- on the Vermeer- yes, gesture! The letter is not good news, imo. Her posture is deflated; the brow we can see is arched in her otherwise passive face.
    Cupid is a very recent restoration- RIM put the unrestored picture up a while back. He is not an appealing putto. Militant, too old and large…
    WikiP says a Polish buyer of this painting thought it was a Rembrandt. Gads!

    John Day

    The girls with the letter is completely engrossed.
    This intensity without a clear emotional thrust otherwise makes the painting riveting.

    You Just Can’t Tell.



    Where is Gonzalo Lira?


    Hotez California
    – Relax said the vaxx man, we are programmed to inject
    – You can check out any time you want but you will still be wreckedinfect.

    Tasty nit I picked there. Yum. Originally, I just felt that “you will still be wrecked” was a tad clunky for TAE Sum’s usual concise elegance. But then, I realized that the alteration was more correct. I know of many people multiply vaxxed who are in fine shape two years later, who could catch a covid variant tomorrow and spread it around just swell. Just as the vax doesn’t work reliably to protect from covid, it also doesn’t reliably produce harsh side effects.

    As disturbingly misguided and/or corrupt and/or insane Monsieur Hotez may be, there may be hope for him yet. Maybe if he loses that bow tie. Hey! It worked for this guy:

    And his bow tie had polka dots. While he wore a plaid jacket. A seemingly hopeless case. But he got his head bashed by a professional comedian (Jon Stewart), and it turned some kind of light on?


    Meanwhile, I think this is something to watch:

    Ignoring Russia’s demographic crisis would be ill-advised

    I’m curious what effect on Russia’s cooperation with the WHO (via its native “Faucists — a Faucian deal) might come from this growing, effectively populist, awareness might.


    (reading a bit on Carlton’s departue from FOX):

    “In his private communications to a colleague, Carlson called Powell an exceptionally vulgar and denigrating term for a woman.”

    ‘an exceptionally vulgar and denigrating term for a woman’ is a LOT of letters for a 4-letter word, and there’s nothing wrong with the word ‘cunt’. It’s another word for ‘vagina’, and vaginas are lovely things. In a culture in which ‘fuck you’ is an insult based on the concept of rape, of unwanted sex), I am amused by the hysteria focused on cunt (a very insulting term, btw, associating women with insanity via the Greek word for uterus, hystera).

    Wadda buncha dumb cunts!

    Q: What is wrong with the previous sentence?
    A: Not the word cunt but its malicious intent.

    But then, we endure the nonsensical concept of hate crime, which itself I could handle but only if we also made it a crime to hate, period. What’s another stupid law among a zillion? But hate sells almost as well as sex, so hate is functionally encouraged even as we blabber mouth-noises against it.

    Blibbering Humdingers

    Don’t you just hate hate?

    Maybe JC was on to something when He said, “Love thine enemies?” (lest you become like them?)


    effectively populist, awareness might.’

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