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    Rufino Tamayo Perro aullando (Howling Dog) 1960   • Ukrainian Army’s Offensive Attempt Failed – Russian Defense Ministry (TASS) • Ukraine Lacks W
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    A Hatrick!
    Let’s go for quads!

    Myopericarditis following COVID-19 vaccination in adolescent triplets




    • Biden’s Health Is A National Security Issue – Ex-White House Doctor (RT)

    Could this be the plan? Have him die “unexpectedly” over the next few months sticking Harris in as the “first” female pres, haha if they can describe a female, and then run other nominees against her as all seem to know she’s unelectable in such a position. As I have read about it I’m left to think she does her best work lying down. You can then hang the Ukraine thing on her and trash the female gender even more. I don’t know but nothing seems to happen out of the blue at that level. Nasty business but some black form of amusement trying to guess the way forward.


    • Biden’s Health Is A National Security Issue – Ex-White House Doctor

    Which Pedo Joe are we talking about?

    Heads or Tails?



    It’s Stockholm Syndrome Month

    Let’s celebrate!



    The Wonders of Nature

    Let’s get a closer look!

    Whale swallows two Women in Kayak


    Dr. D

    ““The problem is that we have a lack of people and equipment,”

    Uh… The problem is we lost the war and don’t have an army?

    CEI”, yes, and like all their other “Rules Based Order” they just make it all up. Companies that destroy the whole environment like Tesla are rated high…until they own Twitter and are suddenly rated low. Berkshire is rated Zero (I hear, check me on this) while Exxon is rated pretty fair. …Then reverses whenever they like, for any reason they like, no basis.

    So it’s ONLY a scam that extorts money FROM you, TO my friends. I can’t believe anybody buys this s—t, like “Who are you guys?” but I should know better. There’s nothing they like better than DEI-ing. They’re a DEI-cult. To who, is the Mafia.

    “the Federal Aviation Administration has been breaking its own rules” …as has the FDA, UN, WHO, and everyone else.

    Woke? “The three great fallacies that define woke consciousness are, first, that being a victim makes you morally superior to other people; second, that this superiority can be inherited; and third, that this superiority is unaffected by your actions — thus you can be a bully and a tyrant, and still remain morally superior to other people because your ancestors were victims.” –Archdruid

    “The adversary’s objective was to break through our defense on the most vulnerable front sector, in its opinion. The enemy failed to perform its tasks and had no success,”

    No, but sure killed a lot of people. Biden will be very pleased.

    They lost 16 tanks a day? Tell me again how this is going to work. Do we make 16 tanks a year?

    “• Ukraine Lacks Weapons To Launch Counteroffensive “

    Yeah. I bet. But above they also said they lack men. So other than no men and no weapons, their army is doing Great!

    “Is the United States Losing Its Control of Ukraine? (Snider)

    I thought it was the other way around. Clearly, Kiev and its people are the world capital. For the article’s point, they clearly and intentionally invaded Russian territory and killed Russians expressly with U.S. army equipment, and everybody liked it, no one was bothered by it at all. So that tells the answer. Russia has been informed of the answer better than we were.

    “will “contact the Ukrainian authorities and ask for clarifications,”

    Going to send a strongly-worded letter. Along with $50B in explosive arms.

    “the 80-year-old president “doesn’t know where he’s at half the time and every day he brings us closer to an all-out war”

    As said above: which one? The 80 year old one, or the 67 year old one?

    “they have yet to cite a single actual example of it.” “You can run, but you can’t hide,”

    So…they found the man but they’re still hunting for a crime. Got it. That’s Just-us.

    “cost-cutting measures. Perhaps policing narratives is bad for business.”

    …And it makes you a PUBLISHER, which is not protected. Anyone ever going to enforce that? Oh wait, it’s a law so we don’t do that.

    “Just saying [someone’s name] was counted as a hate speech thing. So I thought, well, maybe the definition is a little broad.”

    This is STILL true of Eric Ciaramella, even today. His name alone is a banning offense. But nothing to see here. And all the other people named Eric Ciaramella? Sucks to be you. You and all your friends and family were banned. “maybe the definition is a little broad.” Eric Ciaramella stole my family name but to go to court I’d have to be able to say it.

    “Elon Musk Uses Team DeSantis Twitter Community Notes to Undermine Trump (CTH) “

    That’s cool, but I thought the opposite. Musk was hilariously uncaring on the DeSantis launch failure. A tech guy unable to predict 1/10th the volume of a video game? And doesn’t know how to mute his mike? It’s a way to make sure he doesn’t win without actually sabotaging his career for the future. What I don’t know is if they’re both in on it, WWE style. Clinton and Soros both came out in favor of DeSantis which should tell you something.

    Since Rupert Murdoch is on the Left, as per Australia and UK, that should finish the picture. They cut Tucker and Bongiono to hold them hostage and shut up free speech, hoping at this point they could re-create the fake trust they developed as controlled opposition for the Right in order to sway the election. Instead Fox is going to cease to exist like NBC and HuffPo, but that will take time. They had to invent Fox news to occupy the Right space or it would have been captured by Alex Jones, and they needed to cock-block him. I can’t believe people don’t see this, particularly the Left. (for some reason. Don’t know why I expect them to see it, they can’t see anything else, just seems more up their alley.)

    If you don’t know it won’t make sense, but to keep things open, Clinton and Soros openly hope to split the vote, Perot-style. If Desantis pulls out last minute, they will have A) blown a fortune B) aided Desantis for the future C) failed to split the vote and D) wasted time, ammunition and bankrupted themselves when the Derp State is bleeding cash and having to attack like Bud Light to get any. Pathetic. Shows their contempt just to be open about it, they think we’re morons, and apparently, since any Republican Joe can read this and will still help, I guess they’re right.

    “Germany To Deploy Warships To Indo-Pacific (RT)

    Germany has a warship?

    “which Beijing views as a breakaway province.”

    Lie. So does the United States. We and China agree that Taiwan is China, one-state. So…what’s going on, doc? I’m glad that’s all settled: let’s have a war anyway!

    “• Lawmaker Probing J6: ‘People Of Interest’ May Have Withheld Critical Intel (JTN)”

    Uh, we caught them like 100 times withholding evidence, lying on the stand, refusing documents, doctoring evidence, inserting evidence, stonewalling Congress about how many agents, etc., all of which are grounds for immediate dismissal. Like Tim Pool, these 100 instances of open illegality, on record, are no sign that anything went wrong or there was any tampering. This elephant is not the elephant you’re looking for.

    “• Wave Of Defaults Looming – Deutsche Bank (RT)”

    Constant props and awe to them for not having a collapse already. Good on ‘em. Must cost a fortune to forestall this economic vaporization.

    I may have said this yesterday, but the debt was agreed by McCarthy, someone said, “What difference does it make? We’re not going to pay ANY of the national debt. Ever.” Never were, never can; we will and can only default. So why WOULD you have a standoff? (Moral principles. That’s why I would.)

    So market rockets up, Party on Wayne. Let’s leave that behind: what now? Open the floodgates, and apres moi, le deluge. That is, they HAVE to print to keep Derp State control, pay off everybody, buy weapons, etc. But they CAN’T print everything when Reserve Dollar is now broken because it will cause hyperinflation. But they can’t NOT print because the system will collapse if they stop and take all their systems of power down with them. So where are we?

    The GOP is the only way it could work. THEY have to be blamed for shut down and collapse. With GOP saying “Print everything you want and much more” then when it collapses what do they hide behind? Narrative: GOP warned you, but did everything you asked. Also exposing the RINOs. Then there was hyperinflation and collapse just like they said.

    What’s the only alternative? World War. It would both print enough and be the excuse they need, both to print, and to ration 1/3 of the home folks to death.

    So I * think * that’s where we are. The GOP has to stonewall and pretend, one to get a high profile on the issue and risks, and two to keep the idiots busy before they reverse themselves and make all their laborious Master Plans worthless.

    • Police Omitted Folder Called ‘CIA’ From Laptop Of Assange Spy (El Pais)”

    Laws? We don’t follow those. We’re a “Rules based order” that is, #Opposite to law. Rules are whatever I made up a minute ago.

    I heard there was huge doings in Spanish elections just now. Anyone know about that?

    “Will 75-100 million Americans die by 2028?”

    That’s what Deagle said. Still waiting to hear WHAT they thought would kill all those people but by amazing coincidence their predictions precisely followed the Covid compliance states.

    Muehlenhauser chart: This is what I didn’t take up yesterday as the Hindu cycle comes out of the Iron Age (war) and into a Bronze Age headed to the Silver and Gold. This is the Age of Aquarius appearing after 2,000 years of Pisces, the Age of duality and fish schooling. (Before was Aries, war) If that’s not enough, I’ve felt this in my own life and mind, the lights come on and I’m like “So stupid, how could I ever believe that? It’s obvious.”

    As this is a Loooooong age of knowledge and the dissipation of war, less schooling and herding, more individualization, so you can see why it rises to “Bronze” with merely that. However, it started only in like 1750AD and will take a long time as we can see. That long to only get this far. We’ll be dead.

    How’s Lira?

    Dr. D

    I can’t know and didn’t listen real well, but the doctors here can tell me that Chemo thing is generally false. Not to say Chemo is great, I totally believe there are cures for some cancers, “cancer” is several different things, and the immune system handles it, while Chemo runs you down and later causes a recurrence. But if chemo cured no one, even to walk out of the hospital, you couldn’t hide it, and there are 10 million health workers and 100 million patients who would notice. So it’s a more subtle scam of just not being as good at their job as they might be.

    Finishing that quote from a long time Trans person yesterday:

    “As far as I am concerned the trans movement is a suicide squad. It never used to be like this until the woke ideology took up the cause of trans people. I know that straight white men are treated as the enemy by the woke ideology and have a hard time of it. However I think you should get down on your knees and pray that the woke ideology doesn’t start treating you as a victim and stand up for your rights. Things will get far worse for you if this happens.”

    Yes, every time they start helping someone, Blacks, etc, or Help some thing, like Poverty or Drugs, it gets about 100x worse. The only approach right now is to remain invisible. Whether they start helping you or attacking you, the result is the same. #Death #Cult.


    Been a long time since SNL actually defended humour by being funny. It gives me hope they aint woke coz they sure as hell were not helping during Covid.


    Does the truth hurt?

    Website hosting Hunter Biden photo archive shut down for distributing child porn.
    the Ukraine counteroffensive!
    Ukraine failed to perform its tasks and had no success,” Konashenkov noted.

    The Ukrainian armed forces lost more than 250 persons, sixteen tanks, three mechanized infantry combat vehicles and 21 combat armored vehicles,” Konashenkov stressed.

    Ukraine needs 50 US-made Patriot air defense batteries to sufficiently protect its cities and troops on the battlefield ahead of the counteroffensive, Zelensky said.
    With the price of a single Patriot battery estimated at $1.1 billion, the overall cost of the demand would be around $55 billion
    This man, (Biden), not fit mentally or physically to be our president.
    disinformation – that oppose the establishment narrative.
    enforcers or gatekeepers of the establishment narrative.
    Russia will extend its voluntary oil production cut by 500,000 barrels daily until the end of December 2024. Cut supplies to increase cost/profits.
    • Wave Of Defaults Looming – Deutsche Bank (RT)
    Depopulation is happening – ☠️☠️☠️ TVASSF
    Follow the money

    Как американские банки и инвестиционные фонды зарабатывают на Украине

    How American banks and investment funds make money in Ukraine
    June 4, 2023
    If you don’t know, does that mean that it doesn’t exist?


    but by amazing coincidence their predictions precisely followed the Covid compliance states.

    Yes I had pondered this too. Clock is ticking but mistakes get made and the human body/mind is less predictable than standard physics so they may fall well short. Having said that the Justin Beiber’s and Jamie Foxes of the world are starting to accumulate so who knows.

    Not me.


    I keep thinking Glasyev is the smartest man in the room and makes ‘behind the scenes’ cabal types annoyed with his Vulcan mind.


    “Website hosting Hunter Biden photo archive shut down for distributing child porn.”

    We are now officially in another dimension.


    Ireland Mulls Over Plan To Kill 200,000 Cows To Fight Climate Change

    I guess bronze statues of Buffalo Bill – the Climate Meltdown peoples’ greatest hero – should be going up in every European capital soon?


    So when the earth had far more CO2 and was already much warmer – therefore surely even MORE on the brink of turning into Venus than now – they ALSO had this species of very large, combative herbivore that none of the animals wanted to hunt. Nobody messed with Triceratops except one or two apex predators. Spread all over the planet, covering MORE than what would be livable habitat today. There were triceratops at 40 degrees north and south.

    1.) It was much warmer
    2.) There was far more CO2
    3.) Gagillions of Triceratops and other large herbivores farting continually for hundreds of millions of years

    Ergo, we were never born. The planet melted down hundreds of millions of years ago. So kill all the cows, because we might die/were never born.


    The main issue about Musks’s takeover of Twitter is the threat of ‘freedom of speech’ becoming a reality on Twitter.

    EVERYONE who is opposed to Free Speech is an enemy of humanity. The main reason to ban free speech is to aid the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’, the effective enslavement of mankind.

    A list of companies who removed advertising from Twitter should be made public. This is just one example of ‘Enemies of Humanity’, there is a growing number of groups and individuals who deserve to be on the list.


    Air Defender 23 – NATO’s largest ever air exercise, coming June 12-25

    I saw Russia Today headline yesterday saying a Major Offensive had been stopped. My first reaction was to disbelieve that it was a major offensive.

    Massive NATO activity should presumably put some sort of a drain on Russia’s monitoring, intelligence, and decision-making capabilities. Possibly constrain how to deploy/use their assets.

    So if there is a big offensive planned, it would be stupid of Ukraine not to wait for 6/12.


    You “trust” you have cancer if your doctor says the test says so, even if you are asymptomatic. The second (blinded) opinion is gone. It’s easy to cure [not]cancer.

    A gift from Miles M: an hour of red pandas.

    Figmund Sreud

    The Hunter Biden photo website is not shutdown. Click the link.

    Judges. They really need to grow a pair. Issue a writ and send the Marshalls out. Arrest the miscreants and lock their sorry asses up.


    The Ukronaziland ‘offensive’ will be crushed

    It will allow Russia one final garbage disposal before it’s own offensive

    It own the skies and the artillery space

    There is a buffer 10-25km the whole lenght of the contact front referred to as ‘the crumble zone’ that the Ukronazis will have to enter.

    It is a preprepared killing field

    It is the graveyard for the remnants of what was the Ukronazi army.

    The western MSMediawhores will try to spin it as not so bad for Nazilensky, but he will be traveling when it happens and never come back.

    It’s bailout time for the rats leaving the sinking ship.



    The Russians have an operational plan

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation® only has a racket grift masquerading as a plan



    Found and pasted

    Regardless of what the exact numerical totals of Ukie losses from Sunday & Monday forays, it’s clear they got their clocks cleaned. That can’t possibly be what they expected or wanted. Why give the Russians material over which to crow? Then there is the silence across the West, even among the uber mendacious UK pseudo-journalists. They’re desperate to put up headlines touting a Ukie success, any Ukie success, but Sunday and Monday were so disappointing that even Blighty’s whoring press corps didn’t dare lie about what happened. The captured Western media’s refusal to touch the matter tells you that things at the front are even worse for Kiev’s forces than the Russian dispassionate accounts indicate.

    Fee, fi, fo, fum, I sense a bloodbath in Ukrainidum.

    Posted by: Jack Gordon | Jun 5 2023 21:11 utc | 157


    Superb painting by an artist whom I did not know makes my day.

    I newer thought that Mel was crazy. His drunk Jew-rant incident was “quietly settled” and not elaborated further – as what it is that bothered him. It was obvious that it did not come as “sour grapes rumble” from a Hollywood waiter=wanna-be-actor but from the top earner, thus with the benefit of merit behind it.


    Plandemic 3, the Great Awakening..


    Time for Happy Feet!


    There’s no joy left in the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation.

    Duhmericans have lost all integrity and positive spirit to ever generate such foot work.

    They are Ghosts in the Machine




    Aurthur was 1 of them. Like Aldous Huxley, they have to inform you 0f intent before fucking you over.. 911 embolded them, not confronting that mossad op, brings us to where we are today. The chew is mad for power and control, to ignore this is sighning your own death warrant.


    Germany, the ‘economic engine’ of Euroturdistan is going into a DEPRESSION

    No, not a ‘prolonged deep recession’ but a depression, like Weimar Germany, but far worse.

    Wonder how that will play out this time around the ‘history rhymes’ wheel of fortune.

    It will take several more years before all the transplant-able industries leave Germany for greener pastures, (pun intended)

    No coal or nuke plants to produce cheap electricity for industry. N

    No cheap Russian gas from a stones throw away.

    Wonky intermittent solar and wind.

    Parts of Germany are as cloudy and overcast as Seattle with 300+ days of rain.

    Good luck with running industrial processes on that.

    No VC’s or banks will lend into an environment like that.

    Throw in massive amounts of predominently young unskilled third world immigrants and what do you get?

    A Shit Show

    Or as I like to say:

    Eine Deutsche Scheißshow

    Germany goes down, Euroturdistan pulls the pin out and sits on the grenade


    Major butthurt



    Russia Cancels More Ukrainian Air Defenses

    Look out, Russia’s running out of missiles!

    Bombs away Chicken Littles!

    Look out, the Collective West is Cruisin’ for a Bruisin



    Ukronaziland the day evening waiting patiently for Russia to run out of missiles!



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