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    Laura Knight The Green Sea, Lamorna 1918   • Ukraine Has Taken ‘Significant’ Losses This Week – US (RT) • West Has Done Everything For Ukraine –
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 9 2023]

    Dr. D

    Trump indicted or whatever. Yawn. OF COURSE. That’s who the DoJ, weaponized part IS. The shock was it hasn’t happened BEFORE. Which means they got nothin’ and are throwing Hail Marys. That’s weakness, not strength, and it demonstrates that the Fed deserve no taxes or compliance, not that we should fear and obey.

    Now you know why they already designated RFK as the next President, a good idea. It keeps the party system intact. He will do the same thing. Smashing.

    “Tucker Talks Taboos After MSM Ignores Instagram Kiddie-Porn Bombshell — “…when a crime has no definition, anyone can be guilty of it…”

    We make up crimes for our enemies, but we understand and have compassion for the victims, the hard, hard lives of our friends… Then there can be 100,000 pedo accounts on mainstream Twitter and Instagram and not one of them is a crime. Hunter’s crack pipe is really a victim of his oppression by the ‘Privileged’.

    “The FDA Pledges To “Stop The Spread” Of Misinformation

    … By disbanding themselves. They’ve been wrong about everything for years. Vioxx. Zantac.

    Because this, pretty important, Matt Taibbi:

    “If you’re keeping track, this new Nord Stream piece is about the seventh or eighth theory that the Washington Post alone has posted since September, which puts the Kakhovka story in perspective.

    Specialists in “anti-disinformation” insist a goal of foreign fake news artists is to assault the reasoning process itself, making populations distrust once-reliable sources, leaving them susceptible to conspiracy theories. If that’s true, how is it not provably the case that domestic officials are playing the same game, moving goalposts on everything from the origin of the coronavirus to vaccine efficacy to Nord Stream?

    The Nord Stream narrative has now gone from “No one thinks anyone but Russia did it” to “It’s a mystery!” to “There’s no evidence Russia did it” to “pro-Ukraine saboteurs may have done it” to “The U.S. and its allies have known for nearly a year Kyiv did it, but said otherwise the whole time.”

    What are we supposed to think next time officials make statements after a disaster?”

    And on the “Mr. Science” part:

    “The notion that science is always self-correcting has been falsified a few times in practice..When those in control of major institutions don’t want a correction, usually because it would destroy the basis of their reputations, the resistance is epic…for example…The plate techtonics theory had been pretty much established by fossils for more than 50 years before it was accepted by Academia, while the meteor impact 65 million years ago, clearly established by the worldwide Iridium layer, was resisted tooth and nail until very recently…Piltdown Man, a blatant fraud, was protected by the British Dons until the 1960s….etc…” — Comments

    Same comment section, different subject:

    “AV, the point is as simple as it is unmentionable in Marxist circles. The purpose of Marxism is not to liberate the proletariat. The purpose of Marxism is to allow an organized faction of the intelligentsia to seize power over the proletariat from the people who currently hold that power. It’s not about liberation, it’s a power grab — and as long as there are people greedy for unearned power, or who at least like to daydream about having it, Marxism will have a following.” — John Greer

    This is about as true as it gets, and hanging that fantasy out there helps the present power-controllers run the wannabes around like idiots, shooting themselves in the head. We know they – the Intellectual Democrat Socialist wing which may even be the plurality now — not only don’t want to liberate the proletariat, they HATE the proles with deep, irrational passion. For instance, they would, and have, NEVER ask them anything, never go down to do common outreach, instead order them around, outlaw their sodas and burgers, make their life a living hell, and lately, call them Deplorables.

    “Working” is the lowest possible form of life to them, as seen in contrapoint by Mike Rowe who stands ENTIRELY ALONE in the American universe in trying to say daily work should be honest and respected. All on deaf ears of course, especially by any academia or gatekeepers, which if they cared even a whit about their kids, would re-route a bunch of them out of college – all the gender studies companies have stopped hiring – and into far higher-paying jobs. Most people aren’t cut out for Graduate studies book learning, just as most people aren’t cut out for Ice Fishing or Figure skating. It’s a minority we pay to keep going, copying books and reading arcane manuscripts like we did in the Middle Ages. They won’t stop putting unsuitable people into these relatively useless Graduate Positions, and they can’t, because they hate Proles above all things in the universe, potentially more than Christians, if that’s possible.

    No, The IYI Democratic Socialists really think they’ll hold a protest and Zuck and Dick Cheney will say “You convinced me! You win: here’s the keys to my mansion and everything. I’m going to go meditate on my struggle session in a $200 flat now.” And they will be king and can REALLY start ordering people around. And then they’ll ALL BE SORRY! Bwhahahahaha! I’ll make them all pay! They’ll wish they had done my soy half-caf mocha latte properly!

    In reality, if they were ever a threat to the Dick Cheneys, they’d be first against the wall to be rounded up and shot in the face, as happens in all such revolutions. As if more proof? They say they’re all “Revolutionaries” “Resist”, while having no guns, no gun rights, and no training. Aligning themselves with Nike and Coke.

    Ask Malcolm X if “resisting” is serious business or not.

    “Jaw Dropping Stats – Reports Of Bud Light Memorial Day Sales Dropping -60% As Brand Boycott Continues

    Or if pissing off the People is a good idea. We still have 400 million guns and are still being really (astonishingly) patient with them. These are the first steps, and there’s a lot of them. Bud heard. So did Target. So did all the instant lawsuits because of them. So did baseball and the Navy (shocking) I guess we found out if Nike and Coke really support gays or are just capitalist scumbags who will do anything and believe in nothing. (Spoiler: it’s the latter.)

    Roger Waters: Idiots, The Wall and Roger Waters were the greatest art of our time AGAINST fascism and doing those things again. …That’s why they’re upset about it. They needed it to be hated then, but now the cycle needs them to install it – hate, government levers, police state — and destroy everything on command and Waters and The Wall are in their way. …Just as their own drive to interracial marriages is in the way of some idiotic, undefinable Race War here.

    Gosh, how did these guys ever win? (I say, watching everyone around me lose their minds and round me up for the camps.)

    “China went from 80% extreme poverty in 1980 to NO extreme poverty 40 yrs later”

    Aha! But we beat them! Poverty in the U.S. went from +10% in 1960 to ~40% now, thanks to the War on Poverty! Eat that, China! You should see our War on Drugs! From near-Zero, to nearly universal!

    Moscow estimates that the offensive has already cost Ukraine almost 5,000 lives.”

    If true – and I can have no evidence although I can’t see why not – then as said elsewhere the Media – fascist merger with government – will report it happens only if there’s a win. If there’s a loss, they weren’t advancing at all, honest! There was no offensive! Those Leopard tanks blew up themselves!

    They are indeed “probing attacks”, as 1,000 men/day is only twice the usual and not a full onslaught. Problem being: they can’t sustain it, and Russia has near-perfect intel. Men cannot BE amassed for an onslaught in the 21st century. It’s a technical impossibility. These are like the cavalry charge of WWI, and our leaders are just as stupid as then.

    “West Has Done Everything For Ukraine – Biden (RT)

    You’re kidding right? Is “everything” getting them all in a kettle with one .38 and getting them all killed?

    “They want US missiles to be fired at targets inside Russia.”

    Sure they do: Russia hasn’t nuked NY yet.

    “Had it not been for the US pressure”

    Huh. I seem to remember Boris Johnson over there somewhere, as a representative of London. Are you SURE it’s “the U.S.” and not Davos, EU, WEF, London finance? ‘Cause they sure seem to be in the middle of it, and all America outside of D.C. and Brooklyn seem to be against it.

    The FBI has known for 3 years that Biden was paid for services to Burisma when as VP he was in charge of Ukraine for Obama. “Well, son of a bitch, he got fired..”
    • FBI Document Alleges $5 Million Bribe Paid To Joe Biden By Burisma Exec (ZH)

    Now you see why he/they went nuclear when Trump merely asked about it. Impeached for ASKING. Why? Because it’s REAL. They don’t go nuts about fake things, lies are their friends. The Truth is the only enemy.

    ““..Trump is facing seven counts” “Biden to Indict Leading Opposing Candidate (Sp.) “

    Of course the U.S. will be fine and the US$ won’t drop on confidence or nothin’.

    I Didn’t Order Nord Stream Sabotage – Zelensky (RT) “

    Have you considered that, like our President, you don’t control anything? You’re an ACTOR. That the real Derp government runs you around on a BDSM leash and gives you the mushroom treatment. Like they did to JKF in Cuba and look what happened when he got mad about it. Nixon was the last to hold real power, and literally the CIA literally removed him, it’s Wikipedia fact. Look up “Deep Throat revealed.”

    “Russia Being Robbed By The West – Kremlin (RT)

    They have to, or they (London) would collapse. First they had to steal all Venezuela. Then all the Libyan gold. Then all the Ukrainian gold, flown out at midnight. Then they needed to steal all of Syria. Now the compounding interest means even stealing all Ukraine is a mere back-stop and they need a much, much larger country to forestall the collapse. They only have to “not lose” and wait, which is exactly what they’re doing, with 500k troops eating beans, doing nothing.

    “Pizza. • EU Demands Answers Over ‘Instagram Pedophile Network’ (RT)

    This guy didn’t get the memo of the UN prosecutor who sprung his brother out for Pedo. Is this like the Burisma bribe they didn’t look into?

    Answers? WE ALL KNEW IT WAS HAPPENING. All along. There are 100,000 accounts per platform, it can’t BE hidden, which is why they’re trying to normalize, sexualize all children. One of the books in contention right now, promoted by schools, teaches underage children how to find adult men on Grindr. (This Book is Gay). So every time you see a milk carton, you can know where the kids went and how much no mothers, no parents give a damn. 40 years in a row. “Shut Up and Take My Children!!!”

    Actually, we finally found a American Man: yes! They pushed back at school boards about requiring kids to learn (only) gay sex and attend Pride parades where (near) naked men grind each other in leather. …Oh wait, just kidding: they were ARMENIAN Men. Only Muslim and Immigrants have any residual morals remaining. (actually, if you weren’t an immigrant but were “white” they’d arrest you instantly, as they do around here. Ask the FBI.)

    Why no protest from ‘Americans’? Does no good. Who would believe in Public School competency in the first place? If you don’t want your kids getting a degree in drug dealing and prostitution, focusing on OnlyFans in Jr. High, you’d pull them out and home school. Heck, this was all true even years ago when I was in public school, just gradually worse, and gradually more protected and enshrined as each teacher sleeping with students was protected and hushed “for the reputation” …of the Superintendent.

    The only Enemy is Truth. The truth that they are suck, are criminals, who are completely derelict of duty but want to collect 6-figure salaries in PUBLIC SCHOOL. What? Does this town LOOK like it can afford a 6-figure salary to have ZERO graduation competency rates?

    Elephant: The machine operator knows that elephants will butt heads to commune. He was waiting for it.

    What happened the the Farmer’s Party in Holland?

    Was anybody following Spain’s elections?

    Want to take on Meroni, who was (not surprisingly) a total cave-in, tool, and shill?

    Has anyone heard from Lira?


    • Kakhovka Attack Lines Up With West’s Scorched Earth Scenario for Ukraine

    Well, the other 85%+ of the worlds population that is lined up forming into BRICS has a Scorched Earth Scenario for the Empire of Lies DOLLAR.

    Abandon it and help turn the Empire of Lies into a First World Shithole®

    You know, where people high on fentanyl take dumps on the used needles littered sidewalks in between shoplifting sprees and drag queen story hours promoting genital mutilation of children.

    Duh’merica the Beauty

    Scorched Earth tactics are a two way street.

    is going to be like a petrol soaked burning tire hung around the neck of Euroturdistan®

    Euroturdistan® is going to be Necklaced by the Ukronaziland they built for themselves.

    Necklacing is a method of extrajudicial summary execution and torture carried out by forcing a rubber tire drenched with petrol around a victim’s chest and arms, and setting it on fire

    The Collective West is owned by Suicidal Satanists.

    They control everything and ever aspect of life, finance, medicine, military, media, food…….

    Totally Satanic

    The rest of the world is looking forward to abandoning the West to it’s grim fate.

    This is what the West has become

    Worst than a freak show



    Another day, another …

    TVASSF(“suddenly, in sleep” – it’s the new normal)


    • EU Demands Answers Over ‘Instagram Pedophile Network’

    Eurotardistan® is a day late and a Euro short on smelling the java here on the pedo thing.

    Maybe even centuries if you really want to look under the rug.

    Euroturd ‘artistocrats’ have made a religion out of ritual child abuse forever and a day.

    OMG, there’s pedophilia going on!



    On June 10, 1963, JFK gave his famous “Peace Speech”

    JFK gave that speech less than a year after the Cuban Missile Crisis, in the middle of the Cold War, but he was able to elevate his listeners to think above their personal hatred for the Soviet Union.
    (I don’t remember hearing that speech. Sorry.)

    Similar info given in the 12 points for peace by China.
    Since we now have more communication channels, the web, then I expect more people will have heard about the 12 points for peace by China.
    Nation’s road map for peace should be embraced
    By Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan | China Daily Global | Updated: 2023-02-28 09:08
    Kiev’s Response is to request bigger, better killing machines.
    USA and NATO sent more and better killing machines.
    Kiev’s patrons are “absolutely uninterested in Ukraine’s lands or the people who live there…They do not care how many people will die, how many cities and villages are destroyed, how many environmental disasters and other calamities they face. They don’t give a damn about it,” the observer said. For Russia, these same territories are a kind of “shrine,” he said. “These lands were settled and developed by our ancestors. We fought for these lands in two world wars. We are not indifferent to these territories, or the people living there. That’s why we are trying to conduct a military operation, not an all-out war that destroys everything and everyone…Our enemy, and this is clear, consists of [30 countries], all of them members of the NATO bloc. This adversary…has already stated that they will [strive to] realize their goals ‘to the last Ukrainian.’

    Fighting getting dirty – attack on democracy.”
    • Mar-a-Lago Indictment Designed to Make Trump Reelection ‘Impossible’ (Sp.)
    “..there is no way that the government was going to default on its Treasury debt because, after all, the Treasury debt is held by the wealthiest 10%..”

    • Biden Admin Waging Class War Against Working Americans – Michael Hudson (Sp.)


    2023 has been a disaster for NON-Covid excess deaths in the young.
    Anybody care?
    Thought not.

    ‘Bob’ was right.
    That’s what happens when …



    80%+ of all of Ukronaziland actual valuable assets are in the territory Russia controls right now in Ukraine.

    If the conflict stopped today, Nazilensky and his minions would only have 20% of the value in the country.

    It would be worst than a ‘rump’ nation

    It would be pan handling Eurotaridistan for spare change, like, forever.

    It would be an anchor chain to help sink an already sinking EU enterprise.

    My Pro Tip advice to the has-been subcontinent of mouth breathers who lack even the most fundamental survival instinct and don’t even reproduce enough to replace themselves……



    It’s out in the open now –

    “SCD (Sudden Cardiac Death) should be closely monitored as a potentially fatal complication of COVID-19 vaccination.”

    COVID-19 vaccination-related myocarditis: a Korean nationwide study



    Germ – I think you are over looking the positive results of the chart for men over the age of 85 in 2023. The whole lockdown and vaccination rollout was a success if you could just look through the right lens mate.


    @ Oxy – Funny one!


    Merrick Garland is grinding the axe of losing his chance for a SCOTUS seat. ( Bullet, dodged.)
    At the end of his recent press conference, Biden says (in his poke you in the face way): “I’m honest.”
    This reminded me of the words “I am not a crook.”

    Soaring egos in the sky-
    Floating, circling up on high.
    Losing sight of what’s below-
    Fragile egos eating crow.

    Michael Reid

    When it comes to capital waste,
    there is nothing more destructive in all of history than
    the current disastrous campaign to eliminate CO2 emissions
    in the name of saving the planet from
    a phony climate change catastrophe.

    David Stockman on the Phony Climate Change Catastrophe… And Why Americans Will Foot the Bill


    @germ, @oxymoron: I think that the nth booster shot campaign in early 2022 wiped out all the vulnerable in the over-85 cohort.

    If you really want a deep dive into schadenfraude, Mark Crispin Miller has been collecting stories of the fallen in his “In Memory of Those Who Died Suddenly” series on his substack.


    The road to hell, they say, is paved with good intentions.

    We seek meaning in life. We want to understand. We want to make things better.

    But in the end, all we seem able to do about anything outside our immediate selves, is obey the king or denounce the king. As a result, we spend an amazing amount of time forensically analyzing the emperor’s invisible clothes by their skid marks. We end up emulating this guy:

    Who runs the world?

    World run by pedophile rings? Ho-hum. Ask Herod and the people of Bethlehem circa 1BC. A historical shit stain is a historical shit stain. Obsessing on it strikes me as destructive as the actual staine du shite.

    Take a moment, perhaps, and read about a real true decent good guy:

    The Swedenborgian Nomadic Orchardist

    Speaking of his Swedenborgian aspects: “He was a follower of Swedenborg and devoutly believed that the more he endured in this world the less he would have to suffer and the greater would be his happiness hereafter—he submitted to every privation with cheerfulness and content, believing that in so doing he was securing snug quarters hereafter.”

    One could dismiss this as mere mystical masochism, but one could say the same about the simple act of being alive on such a crazy planet. I think there’s wise logic in Appleseed’s approach. If the whole thing is booby-trapped, the less mucking about, the less things blow up in our face.

    What is the meaning of it all? We just returned from a few days in a rented McMansion on the Oregon Coast. PIcked up a few shells. Asked on just now, held it to my ear. It said: “Is That So?”

    Must be.


    Anecdotal – here in Denver, I am directly under the flight path for Navy training flights of F18’s. They fly from the base over to Centennial airport, have lunch, and fly back. Very standard. Almost always 2 of them.

    I was a weird kid and had Jane’s Military Aircraft Recognition manual and stuff like that. Like at 7. Weird lifelong interest in this stuff.

    Anyway, the F18’s have a particular recognizable sound to them. And it would be once a week at most, typically.

    Starting a week or two ago, I kept hearing, behind cloud cover, a slightly higher pitched, more crackle-y sounding military jet. I guessed F-16 because it sounded like a single engine military jet and in any case, I’ve heard them at airshows and a few times at the call center, which was right up against Centennial airport.

    The cloud cover lifted during a flight a couple days ago and I was able to confirm, yep, F16 – came by unusually low – and I reflected this new development of F16’s doing training flights multiple times a week where we used to almost never see them suggests perhaps I am watching Ukrainians in training.


    I watched the recent footage of multiple knocked out Bradleys, possibly an AMX-10, and what is probably a Leopard 2.

    Why the #%& are they so close together? Who on earth was in charge of that?

    I just got finished rereading Von Mellenthin’s Panzer Battles last week. This is handling of armor that would have outraged him on the western front in 1944! Horrifying to competent leadership almost a century ago.

    There’s an account of exactly that – of his corps staff advising a new divisional commander to make a movement at night and through a forest and EXPRESSLY not to bunch up nor go on open roads in daylight. Divisional commander knew better and took the main road and got absolutely massacred by endless swarms of gum chewing teenagers in Mustangs. (cocky young men apparently made the best fighter-bomber pilots)

    Who the $%#%& sends a tight column of armor on a road in the open during the day under enemy air superiority in 2023? To what purpose? Does training of officers of armored units no longer involve reading any accounts whatsoever of fighting without air cover?

    the last video in this article. wtf.


    I watched the recent footage of multiple knocked out Bradleys, possibly an AMX-10, and what is probably a Leopard 2.

    Why the #%& are they so close together? Who on earth was in charge of that?

    I just got finished rereading Von Mellenthin’s Panzer Battles last week. This is handling of armor that would have outraged him on the western front in 1944! Horrifying to competent leadership almost a century ago.

    Some might think of it as planned obsolescence for the arms industry. Beginning with the idea of announcing a planned offensive like a movie premier at the Chinese Theater of war.

    But since there is also a genuine globally relevant war happening, I’ll try being serious about armchair military analyses and suggest the not-solely-for=propaganda-purposes aspect of the Ukraine conflict ended when Zelenzky abandoned the motherland for another land(s).

    *sigh* I miss “we’re turning the corner”

    But c’mon, Biden, even genuinely clueless, doesn’t convey cluelessness as well as The Master

    We Report. You Decide.

    Michael Reid

    But in the end,
    all we seem able to do about anything outside our immediate selves, is
    obey the king
    denounce the king.

    There are other options.

    Perhaps ignore the king


    The F-16 is roughly 50 years old tech.

    In the late 70’s a 50 year old aircraft would have been a Spitfire at best.

    That’s the time frame, the Has-Been time frame.

    The blood drinking Satanists in the Military Industrial Mafia® want Ukronaziland® to be the graveyard for all there old military boondoggles so as to force the 15% of the countries in the world who don’t suppose the Russians to buy new garbage like the F-35 Lardbucket (with no spare parts).

    Throw all the old Empire of Lies® second/third rate military porn sextoys into the Ukronaziland garbage disposal so as to produce ‘new orders’ for more second/third rate military hardware that was designed for Profit not Performance®

    4th of July comin’ up

    Presidementia Pedo Joe wants to pull all the stops out on celebrations of warmongering.



    A BAD place to go for Opinions or Facts.
    I woke up.
    Another childhood truthful news source destroyed.
    No fact checking, and a lots of slanted opinions.
    Russia shells Kherson as dam breach and floods leave thousands homeless, Ukrainian officials say.
    (Russian officials not quoted or ignored as being not reliable source of info.)

    With the help of Russia, Ukraine has become the graveyard for all old military war machines and my innocence.


    I suspect it is not so much a matter of the airframe. F16 is still in production, it’s good, and surely an F16 coming off the line today would annihilate an F16 from the 1970’s.

    But the key thing is probably to take advantage of NATO integration. That was the major new development in US and NATO warfighting if I understand correctly, all that networked integration.

    Just for example, keeping the F16’s active radar turned off and using AWACS radar for targeting at a distance. Probably lots of other benefits to be drawn from a fully integrated NATO fighter by pilots trained to use it.


    AI – BING response

    Do you believe Ukraine opinions?
    Sent message.
    I’m sorry but I prefer not to continue this conversation. I’m still learning so I appreciate your understanding and patience.🙏

    It might be time to move onto a new topic. Let’s start over.


    …like, yes, Zelensky is the one publicly demanding F16’s, but I imagine that is coming from a whole bunch of NATO people used to using NATO stuff saying for the love of god, if NATO is going to be running the show and providing all this support, put NATO integrated planes out there so we can actually DO OUR JOBS the way the whole warfighting suite was designed and as our doctrine was developed for.


    Germany has put CJHopkins under criminal investigation for the crime of satire.


    Speaking of war planes, whatever happened to “stealth” F-117 Nighthawk?
    Downed by Serbs during the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia.
    Kill-missile was lunched from 4-ramp Russian beauty that papa-kultsommer was manning with his air defense battery just the decade before during the compulsory military service.


    Good as always -Jimmy Dore:
    Tucker Carlson being sued by Fox.


    “There are other options.

    Perhaps ignore the king”

    Shhh! Don’t say that! The king might not hear you! 😉

    Veracious Poet

    We The People were warned about the UniParty GlobalCap nightmare, starting in earnest during the 80s, nevertheless They kept voting for liars, thieves, cheaters & Machiavellian insanity…

    The poor ungulates couldn’t even gather a coherent awareness to the undeniable emergence of *HARD TRUTHS*, specifically that Their UniParty GlobalCap “leaders” were obsessively catering to radicals, degenerates, ideological bullies, banksters, blood lust villainy, corporate conglomerations & the criminally insane!

    Too bad, sooo sad, *now* We The People are utterly trapped without an electorate voice, staring into the abyss of deadly Imperial fascism, as Their lives, communities & families become scorched earth statistics 🙄

    Reality is a bitch…BOHICA!!!

    Buckle up chuckleheads, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!


    Veracious Poet


    “Helping Ukraine fight and win is a US national security imperative and signals to the world that thee US will stand by our fellow democracies,”

    The USA is providing a stark lesson to all of us that democracy becomes tyranny and at that stage should not be saved. All this talk of morality in their foreign policy PR, decrying the Russian impact on Ukraine families (mothers, fathers, sons, daughters etc) yet exactly the opposite comes out of them when talking of domestic policy and their war on conservatives. The only real question regarding the USA is when will the government start hunting down and imprissoning or killing conservatives. It is coming, they did a dry run with J6, you can see the Trump impeachment and all their other tactics are aimed at eradicating the conservative voices, the voices that reject their religion of slavery.

    The Trump impeachment is part of an attempt to fix the election and enrage the conservatives to such an extent that a national security emergency will be called by the new POTUS – or maybe even before the election – and the conservatives will be rounded up. It is almost as if the deep state is wanting to set up a Gaza strip in the USA, somewhere where the conservatives are imprissoned with only just enough freedom to survive, but basically imprissoned. It is coming and you will be put in the vast outdoor prison, the USA’s Gaza.


    “I am president and I give orders accordingly,” Zelensky said, as cited by Politico on Thursday. “Nothing of the sort has been done by Ukraine. I would never act that way.”

    Really? You sold your soul to the Americans and act as their agent, killing Ukraine men, women and children so that you can elevate yourself in this world. You would do anything and lie to anybody about it, you are part of the world’s prolems, not part of the solution. You are yet another tool of the USA killing machine, the tyranny of democracy, basically you are a common thief turned serial killer with all the weird mental issues of a serial killer.


    US President Joe Biden’s economic policies have further enriched financial elites at the expense of working class Americans, Prof. Michael Hudson, US economist and former Wall Street analyst, told Sputnik’s New Rules podcast.

    We can all see that the USA is dead and that what is happening now is the fight over the carcass. There is still some fresh meat left to be stolen, so the people indicting Trump and others are running as many theft operations as they can, stealing as much of the remains as they can. Ukraine is all about theft, they wanted to steal Russia, distribute the country to the powers in the USA, but Russia was too ambitious, but it was only one goal in a whole raft of projects to steal from the American people. When WEF said that by 2030 you will own nothing, how did you think that is planned to happen? They are going to steal your property and that is exactly what Ukraine and all these other projects are about, it is what they have always been about, the true soul of the USA is revealing itself, psychotic greed.


    This seems apt somehow:

    “The Mighty Wurlitzer”


    Meanwhile, here’s a song for that overworked, underpaid, and generally unappreciated buncha younguns doing what work robots can’t as yet do for us:



    Just Because


    Life needs/requires energy
    1. We eat/consume/obtain energy from other life forms. After death/consumption there remains energy.
    2. Some of that remaining energy get consumed in compost.
    3. Any remaining energy will go into reserve/coal/oil
    4. How long have we got to deplete the reserves?
    5. By 2030-2050 you will own nothing
    Adapt to the depopulation cycles.


    Uncle Shlomo was used as a battering ram to fuck everyone up the chews hate. They are done with that project. Everything has been stolen. Now is the time to destroy it all. Take a good look around you in this decadent ZOG empire. The termite people, never ,ever stop. The killers of Christ want White people dead, the only principled effective and intelligent opposition.


    Here’s a thing. There are a few commentators on this site when I see their name I without reading their comment I simply scroll past their comment to the next commentator. Odd, huh?


    You want it Darker?

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