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    Pierre-Auguste Renoir Parisiennes in Algerian Costume 1872 1834   • Europe Is Living In A “Pre-War Era”: Polish PM Tusk (RT) • EU Must Develop ‘B
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    That Bloke

    Cat + Rat = 10
    Dog + Rat = 20
    Dog + Cat = 24

    Dog – Cat = 10
    2 x Dog = 34
    Dog = 17
    Cat = 7
    Rat = 3

    That is one heavy cat! A 3kg rat is terrifying. A 17kg Labrador is near starvation.


    the cat is in the third hat.

    American political system is in the spiders web.


    Second hat.
    (under 1st hat) “in this hat” false
    (under 2nd hat) “not in this hat” false
    (under 3rd hat) “is not in hat 1” true
    one of these statements is true

    Dr. D

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir Parisiennes in Algerian Costume

    I want one. How much?

    “Two hours, 23 minutes, 8 seconds of an unwell, confused Joe Biden.”

    Wow, that must be painful.

    “valuation of $TSLA into the $ trillions”

    Actually no, it’s the government money printing which is shoveled into Tesla. Since we’re in a merged, fascist system I don’t care if that’s direct money for incentives and solar, indirect money like 1% rates, or once-removed money like Blackrock at 1% rates and Switzerland pump-n-dump it directly. All the same to me. And why? Not that Tesla can’t be good, but they’re overpriced. That’s all a “Bubble” is. They’re worth more than the next 10 companies combined? Worth more than Exxon, GM, Toyota, Microsoft? They make niche cars like Porsche and I don’t think they’re even the company that puts up rockets – different accounting entity.

    Price – EARNINGS. Price – SALES ratio. We are all-in, the all-in is higher than it’s ever been. We’re already at FORTY YEARS earnings to pay you ONCE today. So. You’re twenty? Okay, I can give your money back when you RETIRE. At 60. Like housing being unaffordable in 100% of zip codes, that doesn’t work. It’s the symptom of broken money and inflation, fleeing. There is most often a psychological tipping point somewhere when people realize and start buying only GOODS to flee money. …Then governments and economists say “Look at all these Sales numbers!!! We’re saved!!!” Three months later, the currency is repudiated, refused worldwide. That’s Tesla. Tesla = Inflation, as only 7 companies are holding up the entire market. Russell 2000 has been dead for 20 years. Why? Europe is paying themselves by colluding to rig a certain insider portfolio they can offset losses on. So long as they work together – and I don’t know if Switz is in on it or tagging on being aware of it – then it works. …For a while.

    When Tesla is worth more than Mars and Saturn, worth more than all companies worldwide combined — which they’re very close to — is that a good buy? This is Cisco at 1999, having sold 100 routers to every company on earth said they were going to double sales again next year. No. You are not. You need a Planet B to do that and we don’t have one. Also if their bubble VALUE drops — for whatever reason it existed — they very suddenly become capital constrained and the pressure, however inappropriate or not their fault, most often collapses the companies and the engineers are out of work. That’s “A Bubble.”

    Solzhenitsyn: Yes, the Left hates this, but what they don’t get is that no one knows what makes a person successful. That’s why we have Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Or a stubborn, deaf, -sshole like Edison. Or some impractical, unreasonable dreamer like Buckminster. Also there are many ways to be successful. What would Jiddo Krishnamurti do with his 1,000x multiple Tesla stock? A: Laugh. Wander off. Not worth the trouble. So he’s a failure? Or a Success? If you’re a Marxist, you can only see the world in one set of terms: money and power. How sad and shallow.

    (Or only in terms of NOT money. How unworking and impractical.)

    “He was not qualified to do the job earning $700,000”

    This part needs to be further emphasized, but there are so many crimes it doesn’t stand out. He was a family law lawyer? Very different. And the Judge in Trump’s case (I know: which one?) was a traffic Judge.

    Europe’s peaceful era has ended, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has said,”

    Yes, because he is going to use every power of his office to MAKE SURE. So that’s The Plan™. And I agree. …It’s just that the war he’s talking about here is AGAINST HIM. The people vs the elites. Macron vs Macron SHOOTING HIS OWN PEOPLE.

    “either we fight to protect our borders, territory and values, and defend our citizens and future generations, or [accept] the alternative that is defeat.”

    You are so totally right. And since you are against all of these things is why the people are at war with you now and will win.

    “Putin stated last year that the West’s true goal is “the breakup” of Russia.”

    Because “RT,” they decided to go with “He claimed (without evidence)” instead of quoting the West themselves in the 500x they wrote this was their exact and express goal. How about run quotes from Cheney, Stolz, Macron, Blair, BoJo, all in their own words instead? Nope. Never happened. If I print it out and show people, they will deny and punch me.

    “• EU Must Develop ‘Battle-Winning’ Weapons – Von der Leyen (RT)

    Yes, but that would require “An Economy” and not only do you not have one of those, you HATE it on general principles. To do any of this would require Capitalism, which you are expressly, methodically opposing and dismantling with zealous hatred and extreme prejudice. Don’t take my word for it: you’ve said so yourselves. 1960, 1990, 2008, every day for generations. It’s why he EU was born: to hate and kill Capitalism. That is to say “The people working to make stuff.” Don’t back out now!

    “European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has called on EU member states to invest heavily in the defense industry.”

    Also, why? Shouldn’t you invest heavily in the love and happiness industries? In the “Let’s have children” industries? No. They are doing the #Opposite.

    But, this is Europe, so it’s all a lot of talk, 20 years of talk and about 6 weeks of action. TIME is what fights and wins wars. So. They lost.

    Okay. You’re starting an army. WITH WHAT MONEY? Oh the Euro WAR Bonds?? Yeah, nobody wants them. There are two parts: either they can sell these bonds (they can’t), or they can print money. (Actually: can’t do that either.) And war for what? We already know: to have a Pan-Euro army so they can ship some Poles down to shoot French Women in the face. And vice-versa. And like the ‘States, conscript all the immigrants who will be happy to shoot every European for a dollar. That’s “European values” Tusk is defending: Every European shot. Every nation: liquidated, erased.

    Ritter pointed out a thing I said but don’t emphasize enough. EUROPE HAS NO ARMY. Anywhere. NATO doesn’t exist. So, Romania’s going to send how many? Portugal? Okay, CAN you get them mobilized, CAN you move them to the front? Er…not really. Are they really interoperable, say all speaking one language on the radio? Er, not really. Okay, you mobilize Spain, a large country, so NATO has 200,000 troops there, right? Nope. At least half would have to remain in Spain. And probably they have no Jeeps or tanks for the others.

    Conclusion: NATO ONLY EXISTS ON PAPER. They are the universe’s biggest definition of a “Paper Tiger”. How many could the REALLY field? No one knows. A lot. Depends on why, how, amount of lead time, etc. But like 1/10th of what they say right now? So, again, EUROPE HAS NO ARMY. THhey were going to use OUR army. For FREE.

    “Trump’s recent comments, suggesting that the US should not be expected to defend European allies who refuse to fulfill their military spending commitments to NATO.”

    Not that this is wrong or misleading; it’s an accurate, relevant statement, however, the author seems to miss that it’s a nuclear bananas statement. Like, “Concerns in Europe are exacerbated by news America won’t buy every European caviar and a solid gold toilet seat.” Yes? The meta-meta is that that is a reasonable thing? Discuss? WHY would we do that? Because we’re an all-around swell guy?

    “Biden selected a backdrop of unity to highlight and play on our divisions. And many in the media were thrilled”

    Yes, but you can’t help them because we’ve tried. They are circling the toilet bowl, ever smaller but ever faster, sniffing each other’s farts in an increasing spiral of Social Media derangement. Yes, they have important positions of influence, but they have to influence SOMEBODY ELSE. As long as the real country keeps getting larger, further away, it’s all the right direction. And it’s very slow but happening for years. What’s CNNs ratings again? WHO are they bringing over to the Biden flag?

    “millions of Americans) as representing an existential threat to the nation, like the Nazis or the Confederacy.”

    Actually, neither President acted this way when there WERE Confederates (shelling DC) and WERE Nazis (sinking U.S. Ships). They were moderate and unifying in their speeches, because it works and we need the help, the allies. Biden needs the nation divided and to fall into Civil War. That’s his plan, goal, and actions. When you hit the bullseye on every shot, it’s not an accident; that’s your real target.

    “It was a moment that reminded the nation that we are still capable of reaching these moments of civility and decorum.”

    That is the whole point. To try to erase this “coming together”, compromise, rules and institutions that make our system operate. Biden is lying, a traitor, and will probably try to have me arrested. But should I yell at him in the rotunda for it? No, that’s not the time, it’s inappropriate. Like suppose you sit down in a tent in Appomattox: is that the time for Generals to yell at each other over war crimes? No, that is NOT the time. The thing itself is enough. We don’t need to add or remove from it with abstractions. We use all the abstractions because we have no Reality.

    “media figures like Wallace are praising a president for giving a speech that is “a punch in the face to every Republican in the room” …and outside the room. So 150 Million people are now aware, if given a chance you would love to punch them in the nose. Personally. Steal their assets, railroad them in court, that sort of thing. Okay then, see how that works.

    ““The question is, can he be this ‘Dark Brandon’ through November?”

    Sure he can. He has to start WWIII or else all his minions and backers will be arrested and hung. In September. It’s a no-brainer, which is perfect.

    ““..the US census currently counts, for purposes of voting power, all people in a district, regardless of citizenship..”

    Yes, and I can’t believe this was upheld by the Supreme Court, but I believe it was. So should we import French and Chinese tourists and count them? Let them vote? However, the census is 10 years and just passed. Yes, this is true, and it has thrown about 30 seats: a lot, but that’s not what they’re up to this year.

    “• Trump’s Return Would Be Better For The World – Orban (RT)

    Why? So he can install more Neocons and do nothing? I mean, it was great DJT was unable to get anything done, but also bad. If he got elected and so they would shut down government for four years, I’d vote for him. But no matter who or what, they always accomplish the evil things, and never move forward on the good things.

    “Robert De Niro says Donald Trump will come “looking” for him and will cancel Bill Maher’s show”

    If only Trump had been President before and we could test this thesis. Oh well. FOUR YEARS OF REALITY don’t matter. Never happened. Just like we’ve never had a Black President. Racism is worse than 1859. Russia is going to land and occupy us.

    “and another [case] alleging that Trump attempted to overthrow the government while he was the head of that government.”

    Um…what case is that? He’s never been charged with anything remotely resembling that.

    “citing that Trump had “erratic” behavior.”

    What is the legal definition of “erratic”? Is that a medical diagnosis, like a smear test?

    “intelligence agencies to brief candidates from both major political parties on some of the most critical national security issues and this has been standard practice for 72 years.”

    It would be better if they didn’t: they’re just going to lie. Like Dulles vs Cuba (x2). But WHAT lie? And it’s no Treason: arguably they shouldn’t do it at all, it’s a favor. However, it’s possible getting your major opponent shot by refusing all Federal Security to him might be.

    “Russia cannot be allowed to win in Ukraine, because after that it will move further and attack NATO.”
    “Macron to send troops of Western countries to Ukraine.
    “US envoy to the United Nations, was “modest and said nothing” about the network of secret bases [of the] (CIA)
    “senior German military officials, who discussed how to help the Ukrainians destroy the Crimean Bridge and deliver more strikes deeper into the territory of Russia.”

    Yes, but all that is “Reality’ so it might as well not exist.

    “‘Cut a Deal’: Sacks Calls for Russia-America Detente to Prevent WWIII (Sp.)

    Sacks, like everyone in the West is incapable of realizing they cannot “cut a deal.” All deals require trust and we have none. We are “Not Agreement Capable” so Russia and indeed the BRIICS in general cannot “deal” with us. It’s over. Everybody knows but you.

    Duran just waxed on about this. The “West” has decided they are going to – like Macron – plant troops all over Western Ukraine and make a rump state in Kiev. Um, really? Because Russia has told you they will kinzal every man that crosses the border into ashes, and has. So you are going to ASK Russia, “Pretty please may we take and occupy all of Western Ukraine up to the Dniper River and turn it into a de facto NATO because we totally, totally lost, have no men, no tanks, no shells, but will drive a Fiat 500e as our only remaining military vehicle?”

    What. The. F—k? NO you don’t TOTALLY LOSE and TAKE THE WHOLE COUNTRY ANYWAY, you morons! That’s what “You totally lost the war” MEANS. But this was the “Let’s make a deal” of men like Sacks. THERE IS NO DEAL. You will do WHATEVER Russia says, WHENEVER they choose to make you. That’s what happens to losers. That’s why you don’t start wars.

    “• Pope Francis Urges Zelensky to Find ‘Courage of the White Flag’ (Miles)

    Wasn’t the Pope totally pro-war only last year?

    Ritter pointed out something very different and much more important. We consider Soviet Technocracy, which SHOULD have worked, but central state efficiency planning doesn’t. That was one way. Then we therefore consider they can only do Jeff Sachs’ NeoLiberal Capitalism (HRC, DNC, that is: NOT Capitalism) as an alternative. But Russia being Russia, they are doing something different. So don’t count that they are like, I dunno, English Capitalism of the 1800s, American Capitalism of the 1900s, and so on. Those were all shades of Capitalism anyway, each not pure in some way….or later, in any way. Russia is also like this. In a way, they are now just standard Capitalists – and note that word has always meant literally nothing, since it was created by Marx who was a moron, to distinguish it from his opium fantasies that never existed called “Communism”. We forget this, but the entire economic lexicon is essentially borrowed in from a theory that never worked anywhere and killed 100 Million people. Like, can you borrow in Smith and Ricardo? Yes, the economists adjust the words for their arguments, but their incorrect foundations contaminate all thought, similar to the way the British divided Iraq SPECIFICALLY not to have the legal borders follow the ethnic borders, so the official definition never matches reality. Non-stop brush fires, getting nowhere.

    Back to Russia, in similar fashion, they are, roughly speaking, Capitalist. …But of course they say the U.S. is “capitalist” and we’re crossing the event horizon of total erasure of capitalism. But let’s take that as a baseline. Russian former state had “Factory cities” and the problem you had was, they were in charge of the HOUSES, they were in charge of the SCHOOLS, the commissaries, etc. So if you didn’t produce enough missiles or they were twice the price, was that the MISSILES, or was it because they just opened a new block of town houses that year? That is to say, “Money as a Unit of ACCOUNT.” The Soviet System couldn’t tell what was going on, even ASIDE from how, lacking money, decisions are made on the basis of political popularity, not hard BTU-realities.

    So these same factories – let’s pretend it’s larger than any U.S. factory, an “Alien Dreadnaught” factory – is in the middle of nowhere, Central Russia. How exactly do you UN-Socially integrate say a GM factory from the people who work for it and have no options, in say, Central Alaska? You can’t. But they have.

    Also, so Russia orders Defense goods, calls down, says “Make Rockets”. Okay, great, that’s just like us. Government buys, prints money, total regulated, monopoly market. I mean – I – can’t make RPGs in my basement and sell them at the Greenmarket, can I? So it’s ALREADY a “Soviet” system?? Both there AND here. Except for them, this is cultural: IF Putin calls down and says, “Hey pal, I think it’s a good idea to make more luxury cars for our new, wealthy Russia” they get the message and make the cars. Not as an order, but as a favor. Like, yes, I applied pressure to your request as much as I though appropriate for my situation. If it’s not enough, I’m sure I’ll hear more yelling next quarter. But that’s neither “Capitalism” (it’s not following the money) nor Socialism (they are not taking and obeying orders). What is it?

    …Nor is that different from here, either. That’s what Trump was doing by TALKING to our manufacturers and SAYING he would put on tariffs…but he mostly didn’t, he was jawboning, which is appropriate. That’s the same as FDR “Fireside chats” trying to set a DIRECTION for the country, an atmosphere, a goal.

    But Russia’s system works like this now. Soooo….how many widgets can they make? Like say, drones? No one knows. It can’t be calculated, because we have no models for their system, which also has no rules. But unlike our system which has no rules in favor of lying, cheating, and stealing, their system has social cohesion and pull-togetherness we had in 1950, where they use the optionality of rules to ACCOMPLISH a task instead of avoid it. Like, make themselves richer. By making washing machines. And I’m richer because I have a washing machine I didn’t have yesterday. This is inconceivable because we (because we are now radical antiCapitalists) only make money by STEALING it from others.

    Anyway, they are making “Something New”. Since “It Works” it may travel worldwide, and we may need a name for it. …But not a Marxist name, for the love of God and all things holy. You would think that a theory, not only 200 years old, but claims that gravity comes from angels dancing on the head of a pin, discredited, never worked anywhere once, could be set aside by now.

    …But you’d be wrong. Look at the state of Global Warming an Quantum Physics, both also failed for 100 years. No one notices.

    those darned kids

    math puzzles?!

    on a sunday morning>?!>!>>#>$>^#%&?

    those darned kids

    “the only way to save democracy is to fry it in butter!”

    those darned kids

    “I want one. How much?”

    i think you have to pay extra if you want costumes..


    Devious Logic
    Women Power – World Leaders who want Peace

    Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden the first lady of the United States
    Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland
    European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen
    Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs of the United States1 Victoria Jane Nuland
    Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron, wife of Emmanuel Macron, the current president of France

    All Mothers want a ceasefire to protect their children

    On March 1, the editor-in-chief of the Rossiya Segodnya group, journalist Margarita Simonyan,
    • ‘Cut a Deal’: Sacks Calls for Russia-America Detente to Prevent WWIII (Sp.)
    Parse out fact from an overwhelmingly fictional narrative
    • What the Western Press Didn’t Say About the Leaked German Conversation (Vasco)

    Simon Jenkins’ column, the only one who was allowed to say that the leaked conversations demonstrate that NATO is threatening Russia with an escalation in the conflict. As we all know, this drop of water in the middle of the ocean has no chance of counterbalancing the flood of war propaganda and fake news from the British press against Russia.

    If at least one of these newspapers really were a journalistic tool, and not a propaganda tool, it should publish an article with a title like “German officers considered blowing up bridge in Russia” or “Audios reveal discussion of attack on Russia with German weapons”. After all, which is more serious: the leak of the audio by Russian intelligence or the discussion among senior German officials about a military attack on Russia? No honest person would choose the first option. But we are not dealing with honest people when we talk about “journalism” in Europe and the United States.


    Devious Logic
    incorrect foundations contaminate all thought,


    Along with the recording of the Luftwaffe high command discussing surreptitious involvement of both themselves and the British in directly fighting Russians in Ukraine, there is Macron from France.
    “Masterful takedown by Dominique de Villepin, former French Prime Minister, of Macron’s utterly irresponsible rhetoric on sending NATO ground troops to Ukraine (Villepin himself calls it irresponsible). I translated it in full, because I think it’s so important people are aware of the extreme danger behind Macron’s (and some other NATO leaders) attempt to escalate the conflict:”

    “For this debate [over sending ground troops] to have been useful, it would have first been necessary for us to be able to answer 5 questions. Five risks associated with this escalation, this step we would be taking if we were to send ground troops, send fighters.
    Five risks.
    “The first is the expansion of the conflict. If we send ground troops, do we know if on the Russian side others will send, on the other side, ground troops? Will we face African fighters, will we face Asian fighters, will we face Middle Eastern fighters in this global south that also wants to take on the West? First risk. [Host comments: This does not seem to me a favored scenario…] If Westerners, Europeans, French send troops there, don’t you think that solidarity will also play on the Russian side? I think we still need to ask ourselves that question. In any case, our diplomacy has not done what it should have to isolate Russia. If Russia were isolated, we would know it… I think, by the way, that we are more isolated, unfortunately, than Russia.
    “Second major question: new front. Risk of a new front. I warned, I was among the few voices to say ‘be careful, Ukraine is a dangerous situation but what happens if another front opens?’. The front in Gaza and the Middle East has opened. But there are other fronts that can open: in Korea, in Africa… And so, are we going to wage war like this on all 5 continents? This reality must be taken into account: the world is not limited to the drama and tragedy of Ukraine. It turns out that America is a global power and that we claim to be a global power too, so we are concerned by the major balances and the order of the world, and unfortunately our diplomacy does not sufficiently take into account these disorders which concern the Congolese, the Sudanese, etc.

    “Third risk which is important: the terrorist risk. I am not thinking of terrorism that would come from our opponents in Ukraine, I am thinking of opportunistic terrorism. When there are situations of this type of disorder, terrorism strikes. And I remind you: we have planned here in France not a year of war, but a year of celebrations. In a few months, we will commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings and delegations will come from all over the world. We are going to spend several months celebrating the Olympics. If we need to mobilize, let’s mobilize, but maybe it should have been done a bit more: I don’t see a war economy, the preparation of minds in terms of civil defense and hybrid warfare, I see nothing… You don’t just pull the idea of going to war in Ukraine out of a hat without having prepared a little…
    “Fourth risk: we are on the eve of an American election that will determine the new world order. It’s a safe bet that we are heading for a new era of isolationism and protectionism like the world has never seen. We are seeing a split in this new world order between Trump and a China that has just celebrated the reunion of its parliament and is becoming more introverted, more focused on its security than ever. This is a general global context that must be taken into account.
    “And then there’s one last element that may be one of the most important, which is the nuclear risk. I know the good experts, the great experts who speak on this subject and I respect them immensely. But sending ground troops, fighters, places us in a situation in terms of deterrence that we have never known. Forty years of Cold War: the forces of the Warsaw Pact and NATO forces never clashed. And it’s not by chance: it’s because of a reality that relates to the grammar of nuclear. The rule of deterrence is based on the principle of mutual assured destruction. That is, if one uses the bomb and the other responds, we’re all dead. […] I think the nuclear grammar means that today the risk of NATO ground troops in Ukraine presents a risk and that this risk, for responsible powers, is unacceptable. I travel enough around the world to have observed something for 15 years: the use of nuclear weapons is based on political cultures, societal cultures, and civilizations. The world is changing and what seemed unthinkable 10 or 15 years ago appears today differently: the rhetoric of the enemy, the hatred of the other, has developed to a point where we live in an international community that may want to settle scores with the other. […] Today, and I’m not just thinking of the Russians, let’s not forget nuclear proliferation with countries like Pakistan and many others that now have nuclear weapons. And it is in this that the principle of responsibility is essential, and there is a rule that must be drawn from all this: the logic of force, when not controlled, leads to an escalation that can be deadly. This is what makes the situation in Ukraine a real danger and it’s also what makes – because this principle of the logic of uncontrolled force I would gladly apply to the situation in Gaza – it’s what makes the Israeli policy applied today to Gaza a real danger. Because there is no control over the use of force. And when you look […] all fronts are linked, all crises are linked.”



    What strikes me is most, if not all” of the women you listed are “not mothers”!

    I am not going out on a limb again!
    It is too early in the morning to try and exercise my brain!,
    Especially with the clock springing forward an hour for daylight saving!

    Brussels wants direct taxation powers of the EU so it can issue bonds.
    Brussels needs to create emergency situation to grab direct taxation power.
    Thus the war with Russia propaganda!

    Yeah, those German Air force generals were planning on launching their missiles from Ukraine but were going to directly control the missile from Germany!
    Certainly an “act of war”!

    Remember Nuland saying a few weeks ago that surprises were coming to Russia?
    Then she gets sacked!
    German PM may not have known about this until after leak.
    Pentagon saying Nuland had her own agenda.
    Nuland planning a big NATO escalation?
    Russia worried that German PM losing control of his own military.

    those darned kids

    HEADLINE NEWSER! –– Vicky Nuland to join Ladies of THE VIEW! “A fresh perspective.”

    victoria nuland.
    victoria nukeland.
    victoria nukelamb.
    victoria newland.
    victoria gnulamp.
    victoria null and void.

    those darned kids

    everybody says michelle is gonna run..

    but what about lady mcbiden?!?

    i mean check out this quote. she’s d.o.d. ready:

    “Come, you spirits
    That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here,
    And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full
    Of direst cruelty. Make thick my blood.
    Stop up th’ access and passage to remorse,
    That no compunctious visitings of nature
    Shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between
    Th’ effect and it. Come to my woman’s breasts,
    And take my milk for gall, you murd’ring ministers,
    Wherever in your sightless substances
    You wait on nature’s mischief. Come, thick night,
    And pall thee in the dunnest smoke of hell,
    That my keen knife see not the wound it makes,
    Nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark,
    To cry “Hold, hold!””


    So what is the difference between Trump and Biden? (see articles at top post.)

    US Presidents come and go.

    All of them (since, say, the Vietnam war, I am no historian) just looove having enemies, to feed the MIC, other big biz, maintain hegemony, kill slant-eyes, kill slavs, kill any etc., keep ppl afraid and riled up at home, while pretending there are some disagreements, arguments, etc. re. any topic that can be conjured up.

    Ex. the Dems were the only ones to mildly object to the bombing (destruction..) of Iraq, because that was (ostensibly) a G. Bush move. Then when in power they went on to destroy Lybia and crow about it. At present, Syria devastated (via Obama) is still being occupied in part.

    The Genocide in Gaza is heavily supported by the Bidadmin, by Repubs, Trump, and all in powerful positions, incl. the latest Kennedy, and prob. others I don’t even know about. Ex.

    6 March 2024. Donald Trump has voiced explicit backing for Israel’s war on Gaza, suggesting that he supports the goal expressed by the hardline government in Tel Aviv of continuing the assault until “total victory.”

    Figmund Sreud

    Abby Martin on NATO, WW-III, history, et al



    More Nuland.
    We could suggest that Nuland may not have left on a sour note.
    Maybe most objectives of the deep state were fully achieved with remarkable success, and maybe military defeat of Russia wasn’t necessarily one of their goals.
    They managed to sever a growing partnership with Russia and Germany.
    They have set Germany and the rest of Europe on a path to bankruptcy through deindustrialisation. In the process they hope to scoop up many of the best industrial assets of Germany, while imposing an impunitive LNG ‘energy’ solution.
    Europe is suffering from sanctions, while Russia is mired in an endless war.
    Thousands of Russians (including those from Ukraine) have died or been maimed.
    The destruction of Ukraine has been achieved, with expensive reconstruction and rehabilitation facing Russia, if it decides to rebuild a wasteland with a greatly diminished and resentful population.
    The prospect of a wider European war with Russia would be the icing on the cake for the hegemon and it’s rapacious masters.
    Where they have not succeeded is in uniting the world behind them. A split has occurred between the hegemon and its vassals, and the rest of the world. They continue to try to split the resistance and bring the global south back into line. They won’t.


    “everybody says michelle is gonna run..”

    This outcome might have been a hope at some time for some ppl.

    Michelle might, would hopefully, win a LOT of votes!

    Yet, she herself and Obama know that would be a recipe for disaster for them, negatively impact their fortune, life-style, image — future.

    They are smart enough to realise that and so it won’t happen.

    Michelle herself has said, No Way.

    Shows: candidates for the Presidency in the US are boosted as Popular Actors, Figure Heads.

    Voting becomes supporting some guy/gal on some TV show Desert Island Style. Or, as a person of your ‘color’ or as has movements and slogans that you like, pro this or that, against this or that, trivial stuff.

    Meanwhile, the PTB / the Deep State / the Elites carry on with their program.

    Maxwell Quest

    Gaza Hunger Games

    John Day

    Assault Of The Shadow Power

    Iurie Rosca (Moldovan), recommended by Dr. Nass. The best explanation of our current war yet. UNRESTRICTED WARFARE: A Holistic Approach to the Great Reset
    ​ The total assault of the shadow power, which had already been going on for many years, gained a great acceleration in 2020. That was the launch year of a special operation called “the Covid–19 pandemic” which aimed at the mass extermination of the world’s population and genetic modification, as well as impoverishment and subjugation of the survivors.
    ​ This state of alert, prompted by an event of unprecedented severity in history, requires a complex, exhaustive and deep analysis, because the very survival of the human species is at stake.​..

    Take this in the context of the first story, considering the identity of the shadow-enemy. ​ Who Will Prevail in World War 3? Exploring the 7 Key Battlefields

    Who Will Prevail in World War 3? Exploring the 7 Key Battlefields

    ​ (10 minutes of truth) Col. Douglas Macgregor (Ret) Provides Nation With Alternative View Of The State Of The Union
    ​ Macgregor begins by explaining how the Constitution mandates that the government promote the general welfare. This obligates Washington to secure the basic necessities of life, such as energy, food, and shelter. “Regrettably, the current administration is failing to perform these tasks.”​ …
    ​..”It’s impossible to drain the swamp with unsound money and colossal debt that we cannot sustain,” Macgregor said.
    ​ He continued: “Tragically, DC beltway politicians are controlled by the so-called donor class. This form of corruption is enabled by a cancerous central banking system … this ruling class orchestrates endless wars, enriching themselves and their cronies while sending our soldiers to serve in foreign lands of marginal strategic interest to the United States.”

    ​(Well, Duh!) China wants Russia at Ukraine peace talks – media , Beijing reportedly told EU officials that no settlement can be discussed without Moscow

    John Day

    Simplicius, SITREP 3/7/24: Macron Raises Rhetoric Temp, First HIMARS Kill, Black Sea Fleet Setbacks & More
    ​ On the developing Moldovan front, escalations likewise continue:
    ​ Military expert Alexander Zimovsky: “Moldova has indefinitely withdrawn from the Treaty on Conventional Arms in Europe (CFE Treaty). This opened the way for the free entry of NATO forces into the territory of Moldova in any numbers.” So what did you think? NATO intends to destroy Russia, as they stated earlier. Have you heard them abandon this idea? And I didn’t hear it either.
    ​ Which is why Putin has now met with the Gaugazian rep. to hear her security requests:
    ​ Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, met with Evghenia Guțul, the highest representative of the Gagauz people (the Governor of Gagauzia) and a politician from Moldova, in the city of Sochi on Tuesday.
    ​ “I informed him about the illegal actions of the authorities in Moldova, which take revenge on us for our civil status and loyalty to national interests,​ Step by step, Chisinau takes away our powers, cuts the budget, violates legal rights and causes instability and destabilization in Gagauzia and across the country.​”
    ​ The public meeting was a clear message sent by Putin that he will be taking up the Gaugazia and Pridnestrovie issues as a counterbalance to increased NATO provocations.

    ​Eleni sends this from MK Bhadrakumar, ‘Novorossiya’ rising from ashes like phoenix
    (Moldovan President) Sandu is a semi-finished American product — an ethnic Romanian who got transformed as a graduate of John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and had a stint in the World Bank and was pitchforked into the top rungs of Moldavian politics, eventually as the pro-European candidate in the Moldovian president election in 2016.
    Sandu has the same genetic make-up as another colourful figure in the post-Soviet space whom the US groomed for “regime change” in Tbilisi — Mikheil Saakashvili who was the president of Georgia for two consecutive terms from 2004 to 2013 following a colour revolution stage-managed from Washington. The strategic calculus both in Georgia and Moldova basically aims at NATO’s expansion into the Black Sea which has been historically a Russian sphere of influence.

    ‘Novorossiya’ rising from ashes like phoenix

    More from Bhadrakumar, who hints at possible secret US/Russian negotiations, which I also suspect. Is ground beneath Biden’s Russia policy shifting?
    ​ All things considered, therefore, there could be added meaning to the intriguing remark yesterday by the head of Russia’s foreign intelligence Sergey Naryshkin promising his CIA counterpart William Burns that he will scrupulously observe their mutual agreement not to allow any leaks about their communication. “It was our mutual agreement not to allow leaks not only about the nature, about the issues that are being discussed or will be discussed in our face-to-face meetings, in telephone conversations, but also about them happening. I am standing by this agreement,” Naryshkin said. [Emphasis added.]
    ​ It could be coincidental that Naryshkin was messaging to Burns on a tumultuous day marking the news that Victoria Nuland is stepping down — and within a week of Putin’s unusual nuclear warning to the US. But it will be extraordinary for a seasoned politician and intelligence chief to speak up fortuitously.

    Is ground beneath Biden’s Russia policy shifting?

    ​ March 7. /TASS/. The explosion in Odessa, about which the Greek newspaper Proto Thema reported the day before, occurred 500 meters from the motorcade of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and visiting Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, CNN reported, citing a source.​ According to TV channel, the participants in the motorcade felt the impact and noticed a “mushroom cloud” of smoke.

    ​ Medvedev: We Would Have Hit ‘Genital Musician’ Zelensky if We Wanted to
    He called Zelensky a “cocaine shadow of his master, a blind anti–Russian weapon.” He also called Zelensky a “genital musician,” referencing his experience playing the piano with no hands.

    John Day

    ​ Biden Parachutes TV Dinners Into Gaza. Sounds Absurd? It Is
    ​ It’s a classic American public relations stunt. All show and drama signifying nothing else. President Joe Biden ordered U.S. military transport planes to airdrop food aid into Gaza purportedly to save starving people.
    ​ Well, they’re starving to death because the United States is supporting the genocidal siege by the Israeli regime of 2.3 million people for nearly five months.​..
    ​..The U.S. Air Force has parachuted in 38,000 dinners to Gaza so far, and more are reportedly on the way. That’s only crumbs for millions of people who are starving to death because the U.S.-backed Israeli regime has blocked the hundreds of food aid trucks that should be entering Gaza daily.

    Biden Parachutes TV Dinners Into Gaza. Sounds Absurd? It Is

    War on Gaza: Faulty aid drop kills at least five Palestinians in Gaza City
    Botched deliveries of humanitarian assistance fell at great speed in a busy neighbourhood, eyewitnesses said

    ​Caitlin Johnstone, This Is What Our Ruling Class Has Decided Will Be Normal

    ​ This shifts blame off the Netanyahu government. “The people wouldn’t let the aid trucks in.”
    ​At the edge of Gaza, Israelis try to stop aid trucks
    ​ Angry Israelis cut across a field of stubble to try to get around a police blockade to disrupt shipments of food and supplies intended for Gaza.
    ​ For weeks Israeli border officers allowed protesters to disrupt the critical aid convoys at Kerem Shalom, the country’s sole functioning border crossing with Gaza. But at the end of last month, with international pressure and condemnation mounting, authorities announced they were moving additional officers to the crossing to take back control. But even with the area now declared a closed military zone, protesters continue to arrive and try to outmaneuver the police.

    ​ ‘​Israel’ Pressured UNRWA Employees to Make False Statements on Hamas Links: Agency​ (Torture confessions)
    ​ Israeli occupation forced employees of the UN Relief and Works Agency into falsely stating that the agency has Hamas links and that staff took part in the Oct. 7 Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, the UNRWA said.
    ​ The assertions were contained in a report by the UN agency reviewed by Reuters and dated February 2024 which detailed testimonies of mistreatment in Israeli detention made by Palestinians, including several working for UNRWA.

    John Day

    ​ Biden’s Offer for a 6-Week Pause in the Genocide in Gaza​
    Hamas wants an end to the war, but the U.S. is looking only for a 6-week pause, and Israel is willing to allow a pause but resume the genocide afterward.​..
    ​..The U.S. is promoting its ‘pause’ deal at the UN, even though the U.S. has vetoed every UN resolution aimed at peace in Gaza, with the most recent U.S. veto on February 20.
    ​..Netanyahu says IDF will remain in Gaza for 10 years​…
    ​..On February 29, at least 112 people were killed and 760 were injured when Israeli tanks opened heavy fire on Palestinian civilians attempting to collect flour to make bread near Gaza City.
    ​ The attack was investigated by the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor. The attack was captured on video in which gunshots and weapon fire were heard. The victims were examined and had gunshot injuries, the scene was strewn with blood on flour sacks and aid boxes, and survivors’ eyewitness testimony attested to the Israeli attack on starving Palestinians in search of food for their families. Many of the survivors stated they were shot in the back while running away from the scene.
    ​ Israel tried to blame the deaths and injuries on a stampede in the chaos of scrambling to get the flour. However, the aerial footage the IDF released of the scene proved there were IDF tanks present. The people running in the aerial footage were running from Israeli gunfire directed at them.
    ​ After the ‘Flour Massacre’ happened, the first response from the Biden White House, as parroted by CNN on the front lawn, was the Israeli version of events: people stampeded because of chaos while trying to get some food.

    Biden’s Offer for a 6-Week Pause in the Genocide in Gaza

    ​ Eleni sends this analysis from Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism, which expands on other analysis I’ve seen. Israel is not prepared for a long war. Israel: Quietly Fraying?

    Israel: Quietly Fraying?

    Consciousness of Sheep (UK) , Ending the social contract (Rigging it to fail soon.)
    ​ There is a good argument in principle that if employers want to have healthy and well-educated employees, they ought to make some contribution to the public services that – in theory at least – provide this. But during recessions and depressions, Employers’ National Insurance acts like a tax on jobs – the contributions for roughly every four employees would be sufficient to employ another worker or to provide significant pay increases all round. And since, during a recession, the aim should be to encourage both job creation and wage increases, cutting Employers’ National Insurance makes far more sense.
    ​ It is though, for this reason that we see the ideological nature of yesterday’s cut. Employers’ National Insurance is not being cut, so it will continue to be a block on jobs and pay increases. But the removal of workers’ National Insurance serves to further fray the final threads of the social contract, turning us from citizens served by a state system funded by our contributions, into some version of neo-feudal peasants who live or die at our overlords’ whim.
    ​ The fact that the Labour Party, which, in the distant past introduced this core pillar of the social contract, sees no reason beyond filthy lucre to maintain it, tells us that we urgently need a new party, a new social contract, and a new economic consensus. Because none of the establishment parties of 2024 is leading us anywhere other than to collapse and chaos.

    Ending the social contract

    ​ Where Charles Hugh Smith says “low-trust”, I might say “untrustworthy”. A Low-Trust Society Is an Impoverished Society
    The sole remaining reservoirs of trust in American life are personal networks, local enterprises and local institutions.

    John Day

    ​ William Makis MD, mRNA & Pregnancy – 28 year old Pittsburgh nurse Cheryl Strobel had a normal pregnancy. Went to hospital for delivery, had a cardiac arrest & died. Cardiac arrests, aneurysms, sudden death!

    Pierre Kory MD, “Long Vax” Finally Enters The Lexicon
    I have been trying for 2 years to make the public aware that “Long Vax” is far more common than Long Covid. We finally landed an Op-Ed in a major center-left publication which exposes this reality.
    ​ The stories my patients would tell me of the care they received included what I would describe as abuse or insults from the treating physicians when the patients tried to convince them that the vaccines were the cause. These stories still make my blood boil and have estranged many of my patients from “the system.” I believe the gaslighting responses have lessened somewhat but I don’t really know how much,
    ​ What angered me even further is that the health agencies only directed funding at Long Covid and the medical literature and media only referred to sufferers as having Long Covid. The contribution of the gene therapy vaccines are consistently ignored.
    ​ Problem: 70% of our practice are Long Vax, not Long Covid.

    ​ Veterans Affairs Kept COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate In Place Without Evidence​ [Veterans are considered to be the highest risk group for ​”domestic terrorism​”. Less = better?]
    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reviewed no data when deciding in 2023 to keep its COVID-19 vaccine mandate in place.

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, whose efforts are spreading awareness. The narrative shifts: (WHO Pandemic)Treaty must be approved because it is NOW or NEVER.
    That is because there is nothing in it that any sane person might want. Thus: emphasize process not product
    My comments in italics. They are getting desperate. Note the vague terminology regarding the treaty’s ephemeral benefits

    ​I choose this article because it explains this position on climate-change well, not because I agree with it all. The climate-change narrative, while partly true, is a control-narrative of our globalist owners, who do not have our best interests at heart, since they need to get rid of half of us to start, because we are consuming their world. (I suspect the problems are worse, coming sooner, largely natural, and not amenable to what we are being force-fed. & People who don’t grow food only assume that they understand it.)
    ​ Planetary boundary pioneer Johan Rockström awarded 2024 Tyler Prize​
    I think we will fail on solving the climate crisis if we only phase out fossil fuels. We also need to have a transition back within the biosphere boundaries to have any chance of avoiding [climate disaster]. Even if we stop emitting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from society’s industrial sectors, we’ll still have massive greenhouse gas releases from methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide due to our transgressing the biosphere boundaries. So, however we twist and turn, we are in a realm of global transformation today.
    ​ What needs to be done? To begin with, in my view, it offers quite a lot of reassurance that the most straightforward, number one task is to get off fossil fuels. If you take a planetary boundary assessment, it tells you, which I know is provocative, but it tells you that one of the easier challenges we are facing is to phase out fossil fuels. It’s the most mature policy area. We have most solutions there. We even have emission trading schemes and cap and trade systems and carbon pricing. We have the IRA [Inflation Reduction Act] in the U.S.
    ​ We just need to get on with it, because halting biodiversity loss, avoiding destroying freshwater and keeping land systems intact and avoiding overloading of reactive nitrogen and phosphorus are potentially even more challenging. So, getting off fossil fuels is one step in this transformation.
    ​ The second step is we need a food system transformation, and it’s an equally important transformation as the energy transition. The reason for this is that the food system is the number one cause for transgressing planetary boundaries, due to its freshwater use, overloading of nutrients, biodiversity loss and land system changes.
    ​ And here, we have the solutions. Number one, we know we can feed humanity on current cropland without destroying the 50% or so of remaining intact land on planet Earth, if we just reduce food waste and start transitioning towards more healthy diets.

    Planetary boundary pioneer Johan Rockström awarded 2024 Tyler Prize




    Ritual Humiliation #784

    Duh’merica Youth Morphing to the Darkside

    It’s just a phase, don’t worry be happy



    As the Ancient Sages Cheech & Chong used to say,

    “I use to be all messed up on drugs, now I’m all messed up on the Lord”



    Ritual Humiliation #785

    The Empire of Lies sets The Tone for Truth

    This has filtered down to “The Little People” of Duh’merica

    Nothing is sacred.

    Dunkin’ Donuts (or as we used to call it Fuckin’ Gonuts) has been defiled and pimped out as the Vegan Religion new sugary sacrament.



    Migrants, ya gotta lovem’, they work for less and don’t complain and whine as much as the Natives


    Drones, they started way before you think they did

    Over the churning waters of the Pacific in 1944, a new kind of warfare was unfolding.

    Armed with cutting-edge technology, the US Navy unleashed its secret weapon: the Interstate TDR, a fleet of unmanned drones, some with primitive wireless TV cameras that could guide the drones into Japanese targets without loosing US pilots.


    They were made largely of wood because the War Department couldn’t spare the metal

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