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    Vincent van Gogh Le moulin de la galette 1886   • Elite Units of Ukrainian Armed Forces Discuss Overthrowing Zelensky (Sp.) • Pentagon’s ‘Ukraini
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    Dr. D

    “Doc Malik: Everything Is Heading Toward a One-World Government

    That’s their plan, what’s OUR plan? Are we really still at the point of accepting this is their plan? (A: Yes) That’s “Capitalism” as everybody worldwide complains every day? They say this is true, rich guys do this, corporations are evil they do this, government is in the pockets of corporations… Said here since 1910. Okay! I believe you! But apparently you all don’t believe YOURSELVES, or this would already have been your conclusion in like 1920. Why isn’t it?

    “TRIGGERED Jimmy Kimmel reads Trump’s Truth Social post LIVE at the Oscar’s”

    Living rent-free. They can’t resist. Because they can’t resist, it demonstrates he’s in the power position. Yet 8 years later, they never learn. #MentalIllness.

    “BREAKING: Adam Schiff states the U.S. Intelligence Community will” … Do exactly the same thing they did 7 years ago. And said they would do all along. This is considered news. Why? Because as above, when they see a thing they don’t see it. When they say a thing is true, they themselves don’t believe it. #Integrity. That is, to be “Integrated”. If you are Integrated, then one part doesn’t constantly conflict and disagree with the others.

    “Most Beautiful First Lady”. I don’t see or understand it. She’s okay, like all the others without distinction. What’s the excitement?

    Rickards: So they say “J6 crashes the UST market.” Is that a throwaway comment? They could point at any GOP policy they don’t like, so why this one? I pick it out because The Plan is to collapse the US like a Color Revolution by causing a Civil War, crashing the bonds and leaving Europe standing. J6 is the best they can do. Again, could be a coincidence throwaway comment.

    Chris Cuomo? WTF? I guess he really will interview anyone.

    “Ukrainians are hoping the miracle will be the arrival of a French battlegroup.”

    I forget the last 20 of these. Training. Javelins. 777s. Tanks. (“and that’s called WWIII, Jack”) Now F16s. Never learn. Look, if all NATO were there, stationed, ready to go, flag goes up, race starts, they couldn’t win. Russia would then nuke them/us. So they were “Hoping for a Miracle” since 2014 when the Donbas savaged them, outnumbered and outgunned, but clobbering them on the field? They signed Minsk because they lost completely in the war. #LosingLosersWhoLose

    So they remain psychotic and delusional. They really should join Europe! And most of America and the West is to since most of them follow this and believe it. They are allowed forward because the 20% slice that isn’t delusional say “Go on” for their own, cynical, military reasons. Like my theory that we do because we A) Crush Europe B) Kill Nazis C) Discredit wars and empire and D) “Hand” all Ukraine, a nation the size of France, back to Russia. All we have to do is talk a lot, pretend, feed them only exactly what bullets they need to keep going until EUROPE breaks. So EUROPE believes. That’s ugly, but war IS ugly, and it works.

    Okay, back to Ukrainian hopes: Suppose Macron sends the entire French Army? Then Russia would nuke them and they’d still lose. Like 2014, 2022, and always. This isn’t even checkers, they’re not thinking even One move ahead.

    “That has left Europe “sitting there, realizing that, frankly speaking, they are nothing without American money.”

    They were going to fight the whole war ONLY with American money and ONLY with American men. Every day a new, tiny, glossed-over quote appears about it. All Europe not mobilizing, not even a paper clip factory, demonstrates this. I don’t know where they thought they were headed, to run the world with literally no power at all??? But in rough terms this seems to have been their Plan.

    ““Ukraine is fully insolvent. However, international agencies do not risk assigning it a default rating.”

    Like MBS, MERS, US Treasuries, and Greece in ‘08. No one got downgraded at all. “We just didn’t.” The End. There’s a whole major movie about it “The Big Short” although that’s only glanced in passing, really that’s what the whole thing is based on. What is that? Translation: “We Just Lied.” Just lied. We didn’t like it, so we lied! We lied then and are still lying today or should the US with $36T, $1T every quarter, with a 130% debt ration be AAA?

    Open mouth: Lie fell out. “When it’s serious, you have to lie.” …But why wait until it’s serious? Lie now, beat the rush.

    Hey, if everyone’s lying about risk, are they lying about prices? If prices are lies, is there Price Discovery? If there’s zero price discovery, are there Markets? If there are no Markets, is there Capitalism? No, no, no, no, no aaaaaaaannnnddd….No. If everyone is LYING, it is FRAUD, which is not only illegal in Capitalism, it’s illegal under every social system ever known. Fraud is always a crime because it’s theft. I don’t tell lies to GIVE you money, to disadvantage myself. Never. Only to TAKE money and make you poorer, weaker, and dead.

    “The Yemeni militia has led a sustained campaign of ship seizures, drone and missile attacks against suspected Israeli-tied commercial vessels and Western warships operating in the Red Sea for nearly four months straight,”

    Oh no, we got back at them. We found a radar station from the 90s whose dish hadn’t worked in 20 years and we bombed it. Good Job, Brownie! You DO know the location of the ships is on the Internet, and you can see them with your eyeballs, right? Millennials wouldn’t know: they’ve never looked up from their phones long enough to tell. AI targeted it! Computer said No.

    “United States Treasury managed to underwrite”

    That is to say, Janet Yellen. With “Joe Biden”, whatever that means. We have tagged her as radical Trotskyite working entirely for Davos and Europe against the US. Her “Powell Pivot” that isn’t coming, has been footed and funded with a “QE Twist” type bond arrangement that rigs the market to look like it might possibly go that way. Powell let her; so what? That’s her job, she can do what she likes. But his job is NY Banks and the US Dollar. And none of that somehow makes him walk on stage and cut rates in 18% inflation and a record-high, record-hot bubble market with houses unaffordable in 100% of zip codes.

    Anyway, to be 100% merged with Israel is a Global, Davos, Euro thing. Not that our ruling class hasn’t done it, but that’s the war right now: the US Colonial Class vs US People and business industry. That is, anyone who does “Work”. They are losing, and acts like this expose them which is WHY they are losing. Cockroaches can only live in the dark. If not, why arrest Assange who brings it all in the light? Strafe all those civilians and reporters in Iraq with Pride! Put Abu Garib and the helicopter gunship photos on the front page and declare yourselves!

    Yellen, Biden, the Colonial Class outing themselves is giving them the death. Like in Michigan Primaries, “None of the Above”, with ONE candidate. Rigging it to ONE candidate STILL didn’t work.

    Do Americans LOOK like they’re going to shut up and take it?

    They won’t survive it and neither will Israel. But that is waaaaaaaaaay too complicated for me to guess or comment on. I got literally nothin’. How about one day, when Israel is slowly sapped, all their allies are in market collapse, 10 nearby Arab nations just send every rocket in one hour? Why not? Even so, Israel may not “Cease to exist” but it will be so substantially and forever changed it might as well be. They’ll have to live WITH the residents there. WIthout an Israel world, there is no “Arab World” to contract to. They will just be “All the different locals.”

    “• Chasing ‘Tactical’ Wins, Israel Now Faces ‘Strategic’ Defeat (Sweidan)

    I could think of no way to win. So it’s not that they’re playing badly. This is an outgrowth of an insane, psychotic premise and policies. As they are contrary to reality and all natural law, all physics, eventually this must occur and now it has. Essentially: that race purity exists and you can act on it.

    “European Gencode” YanisVaroufakis

    Which one? How does it occur that a Rwandan Genocide is those dirty, violent, backward savages, when Europe has more genocides more often in an area the size of two African countries than Africa has in decades. If you want to accurately point to backward savages, point to Europe as foremost on the planet. I now know know how they felt in WWI. They’re non-stop ethnic cleansing from Sarajevo to Greece like, there’s always one going on. As UK is the saddest country in the world right now (Literally, statistically) that ethnic cleansing is in Blackpool as everyone sleeps rough and white with Dickensian hunger.

    “The EU, whose initial vocation as a peacemaker in Europe has completely slipped and transformed into a warmonger..”

    There’s your Europe. They were always for war, but were also LYING about it. How darling.

    “• Biden a ‘Rare Kind of Idiot’ – Medvedev (RT)

    Like Putin wanting a bullet proof vest for Zelensky, Biden is a dream come true for the Right. If he didn’t exist, we’d have to install him. He’s done more for the Right than the last 5 Presidents. …And I mean the Republican ones.

    “• Macron is a ‘Coward’ – Medvedev (RT)

    This is fun talk but apparently it’s true, that’s why he says it. Macron is reported to cower even at home, from his own French Protests, which are pretty mild compared to what can happen. And you don’t navigate protests by hiding. Even in the sense of trampling the people, that’s not helping. Legend in his own mind. Melting down stamping his little feet.

    “Sikorski’s statement about NATO troops in Ukraine was not much of a secret for Russia”

    Yes. Who is he talking to? Poles? The world? Himself? Forgot which lie he was on that day?

    “Poland will have more tanks than the combined forces of the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium,”

    That’s amazing and shows at least some seriousness from ONE country on earth. Too bad they were Abrams tanks. Or tanks at all. That’s gonna smart as they’re nearly useless already. War equipment is like that which is why you should avoid it.

    “• Global Hunger Isn’t The Worst Food-Related Threat To Humanity (Bridge)

    There’s something in the food. You can see it in how unhealthy everyone looks. What, must be extremely widespread. I was talking to a guy from Jamaica yesterday and he said the same thing. At home, he and everyone may have problems, but the food is healthy. When he comes here, he feels sick, weak, unhealthy although he “eats well”. That is, not just stuffing fast food or something. So he’s cooking Jamaican but out of WalMart, so the base ingredients must have “the thing” Factor X in them. Used to be you could distinguish Vegetarian health nuts this way, but now I don’t see any group that isn’t “Poisoned”, affected by “It”. Whatever “it” is.

    Mass feeling is Carbs and seed oils but who knows if that’s right. Probably not literally, they are cutting out large, cloudy wings of whatever “it” is, when some still gets through.

    Anyway, that’s a large cause of your “Obesity”, which is probably “Inflammation”, which is related to pre TypeII Diabetes. Since that’s a top killer nationwide and fully preventable, nobody cares.

    Horse race is interesting. Two. First day hold a race of all 25 horses in sets of 5. The fastest horse won. Then hold a race of the 5 winners. Okay granted that’s six but in practical terms that’s how you’d book it at the track. But the top 3? You’d be close enough as makes no difference, but I also don’t care. Again in practical terms every horse might be faster or slower than his usual and it all falls apart.

    “Theory is a great place to live because everything works there.” Same with math. Like Bitcoin, your problem isn’t “math” it’s the transition from reality, which is analog. “You have 5 apples”. Really? And one is twice the size of another. One is rotten and one is sound. One is a type I like and one is inedible. Yeah, I know, but when you back-apply Jeff Sachs’ THEORIES to the real world everyone dies. And they know it since that’s been since the first day of Economics. “But Computer says!!!” Hahahahahaha! Riiiiiiight. You go with that, AI, Computer, Math stuff, and I’ll stay waaaaaay over here. In a bark hut if need be.

    Dr. D

    Clickspring making one using old methods:

    (like 100 hours of video?)

    Things they don’t consider: no “One Guy” made this. No one was sitting in a hut and made it up, although that is technically, physically possible. It comes from a generational system of not only physical tools and methods, but the culture and tradition of doing so. As humans work and always have, th first guy takes a gear, which is revolutionary enough. They then reduce the gear, change it to brass. Someone then adds Gear two. Then maybe gears 5, then stops. We make 1,000 of those for 50 years until it’s common and replicable. We have brass foundries and trade grow up. We have craftsmen or even geniuses come and go.

    Then, 100 or 200 years later, we have someone adding it altogether into one. And to me, this isn’t even the high show model, this is the Use Model. Utilitarian model. So what were the REALLY good people doing? Well, steam powered robots, they say. It’s written RIGHT THERE. They go down the streets and all the mannequins move, the Idols of Athena and so on. But that never happened although they wrote and history says it did. And we have one. But everyone lived in bark huts and ate mud.

    What were they actually doing? Probably something like this:

    Easy to do. That’s like 18thc right? With just ONE nation a peace for a few years without wrecking everything?

    Okay, recalibrate: IF such a mechanism existed, THEN an entire industry existed. For 1-200 years. IF that industry existed, then “Cities” as we know them existed. And IF such a mechanism existed, then it was the ONLY technical thing on the planet? No nothin’ anywhere else at all? No chemistry, no food science, no sound, math, engineering? YUP! That’s what they say. Why? BECAUSE I AM AWESOME. More awesome any anyone ever born before me. I am the sum total of the brilliance of all evolution as I sit drooling, illterate in my underwear overweight playing video games. That’s Science! Evolution says so.

    How about it’s EGO? We have a hard time thinking people — much less people of the distant past — are better than us. It hurts. This used to be the norm. They said Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, Iron age, each WORSE than before. I’m not sure that’s more accurate, but demonstrates you can take as a core premise the Opposite of the one we have. And in this case might fit the evidence better or at least as well.

    Just Some Randomer

    @ Dr D “Mass feeling is Carbs and seed oils but who knows if that’s right. Probably not literally, they are cutting out large, cloudy wings of whatever “it” is, when some still gets through.”

    My observation is that much of what passes for ‘Food’ in the US contains numerous substances that are outright banned and illegal to use in most of world. Examples include High Fructose Corn Syrup (there’s the cause of your diabetes epidemic right there), Genetically Modified corn, soy and so on, and any number of colourings/flavourings/preservatives.

    I am not saying that no other country has serious issues with the quality of, and nutrition provided by, the food consumed by the general population, but it seems that US food manufacturers have gone out of their way to include some really nasty and dangerous things in their products.

    Even a comparison of the US and European versions of a McDonalds meal containing what are ostensibly the same items reveals how much more polluted the US version is. The humble french fry, for example, lists 14 ingredients in the US version whereas in Europe they contain potatoes, oil, dextrose and salt.

    If I were looking to understand why so many people are overweight and unhealthy I think I’d start with the regulatory frameworks that allow all of this.


    I’m tired. After midnight haven’t read comments so excuse me if I repeat what others say.
    Lipidnanoparticles are synthetic pegalated lipids made of plastics. Pseudoeuridine is a nano plastic in the mRNA injection also. These are even smaller than viruses. The most micro of plastics in nearly 6Billion are from gene based countermeasures

    Kerry Wilson

    In the horse races:
    * Round 1: Run five heats of five horses each. The top three horses from each heat move on to the second round. There are 15 horses left after this round of heats.
    * Round 2: Run three heats of five horses. The first heat contains the winners from each heat of the first round. The winner of his heat will be the overall winner. The second heat contains the 2nd place finishers from the first round. The winner of this heat can be no better than 2nd place overall. The third heat contains the 3rd place finishers from the first round. The winner of this heat can be no better that 3rd overall. From this round, three horses from the first heat move on, two horses from the second heat move on, and one horse from the third heat moves on. So six horses total move on from this round.
    * Round 3: Note that the winner of the first heat in Round 2 has already clinched 1st place overall. 2nd and 3rd places can be determined by racing the remaining 5 horses against one another in a final heat.

    The total number of heats using this seeding strategy is therefore 5 + 3 + 1 = 9.


    Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead In A Truck From “Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound”


    About why some people’s arterial plaques show nano plastic particles and some plaques so not showthe particles. It’s a good question. I read a long long article from A Midwestern Doctor about colloidal suspension of blood cells in plasma, and reduced suspension causing “sludging” for various reasons. Are nano plastic particles affected this way? Another question.

    A Midwestern Doctor

    John Day

    What is not specified in the determination of the fastest 3 horses out of 25, is the degree of certainty required. What if the 5 fastest horses happen to be in one group of 5 in the first race?
    It seems that one “can’t” take fewer than 3 top from each competitive group of 5.
    5 groups X 3 winners each = 15 horses after first elimination.
    3 groups X 3 winners each = 9 horses after second elimination
    Now what?
    3 groups of 3, choosing 2 winners each, still leaves 6, which is more than 5, so 2 more heats will be run.
    A group of 4 and a group of 5, taking 3 winners each, still leaves 6, so 2 more heats.
    That gives 5 eliminations to get the 3 “fastest” horses.
    Anybody get anything else?
    Two $300 profits on the cow is $600 “earned”.


    psychotic and delusional.
    Don’t waste your time/breath trying to convince.
    He said, “I’m right and You’re wrong.”
    Save by earth by stopping the wars/killing/extermination/genocide/depopulation.
    Save the earth by holding/considering/believing that all life is precious.
    Save the earth by living in harmony.


    Michael R prev. thread : “.. power has shifted from
democratically elected interests to corporate and private interests….”

    Yes. > Defend us from Globalism:


    Col. Macgregor is CEO of this org.? A new political force?

    The acrimonious divide between the USA ‘right’ (Repubs, say) and the ‘left’ (Dems, say) has been so exacerbated, on purpose, to serve the oligarchs, that turning back is going to be very difficult, if not impossible, imho.

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, hate of senile Bid-> Admin as well. Much or all of the antagonism is built on ‘social issues’ – abortion, gays rights, PC behavior, hiring policies, sensitivity training, voting rights -to come back to that- sex change, school curricula, immigrants as nasties / lovely gals, etc.

    General economic and foreign policy is left in the shade. This is deliberate.

    Top ‘W’ 20% don’t give a fig about who sleeps with whom, who marries or not, who has abortions, etc., and they never have. Such matters are just for the Plebs to become riled up about.

    The ‘open borders’ policy in the US is actually an ‘attract illegals’ policy, yes to boost the DEM vote, but also to provide instant and cheap ‘labor.’

    Bringing up a child to participate succesfully in W society is hugely expensive, the bill is paid by the parents / family / State. Outsourcing that cost is advantageous, the sudden availability of 20, 25 yr. olds ready to work for lowish wages is a ! fantastic ! boon.

    Ex. Merkel promoted the influx of Syrian immigants into Germany on humanit. grounds, with the unspoken aim of augmenting the work-force. (Syrians have the reputation of having had a good education, being adaptable, etc.)

    Yes, kicking in an open door (sic) but it has to be said again.

    Doc Robinson

    To be sure to get the fastest 3 horses (assuming the relative rankings stay the same for each race), I got the same result as Kerry Wilson — 9 races.

    5 races to get the top 3 places of each 5-horse grouping.
    6th race of all the 1st place winners of the first 5 races.
    7th race of all the 2nd place winners of the first 5 races.
    8th race of all the 3rd place winners of the first 5 races.

    9th race with the 2nd and 3rd place winners of the 6th race, plus the 1st and 2nd place winners of the 7th race, plus the 1st place winner of the 8th race.

    The overall top 3 horses:
    Fastest = 1st place winner of 6th race
    2nd fastest = 1st place winner of 9th race
    3rd fastest = 2nd place winner of 9th race.

    (This works out to be the same method used by Kerry Wilson, above.)


    On: Macron is a coward, Medvedev, at RT, see top post. (About postponing a visit to Kiev.)

    Macron visited the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris, and had to RUN away, booed, and more, reportedly the Security Services ‘failed’ / ‘didn’t do their job right.’

    Print, in French:

    Vid in F – 4 mins.

    He did manage more or less to impose himself (a Frenchism) in a ‘secure place’ some time later with a small group (for the cameras.)

    Doc Robinson

    In case it wasn’t obvious, an underlying reason why 9 horse races are needed is because one of the first five races could include the fastest 3 horses overall. For example, a 3rd-place finisher in one of the first round of races could be faster than the 1st and 2nd place winners of the other first-round races.

    John Day

    Season Of Decay

    Samo Burja, Why Civilizations Collapse​

    Why do civilizations collapse? This question bears not only on safeguarding our society’s future but also makes sense of our present… ..Institutional failure comes as a surprise because organizations try to hide their shortcomings. They lean on other, more functional organizations in order to keep up appearances. During civilizational collapse, no organization can properly hide its own inadequacy, since the whole interdependent ecosystem of institutions is caving in on itself. States, religions, material technologies, and ways of life that once seemed self-sustaining turn out to have been dependent on the invisible subsidy of just a few key institutions​… ..The environment of societal collapse reveals much of the otherwise obscured inner workings of crucial social technologies. ​..In the West today, we operate under the influence of our own key philosophy, which we can call scientism: the tendency to rely on scientific claims to describe the functioning of society, even when there is no empirical reason to assume that they apply. We act as if we are already living in a scientifically-planned society, immune to collapse on a time scale that any of us have to worry about. This is very far from the truth. We are certainly living in socially-engineered societies, but they are not scientifically planned in any straightforward way. Our organs of economic management do not secretly know how the economy really works.​.. ​ ..To ascertain whether or not we are headed for collapse, we must first analyze the functionality of our own society and pinpoint where things go wrong.​.. ..Our society is dominated by large bureaucracies. These bureaucracies break down the processing of physical goods and information into discrete tasks, such as how a factory worker puts doors on a car, or a stock trader buys futures contracts. These tasks are shorn of their context and executed in a systematized environment whose constraints are quite narrow: put the car door in, increase the portfolio value. Our society is thoroughly compartmentalized. This compartmentalization isn’t driven by the division of labor, but rather by the need to make use of misaligned talent without empowering it. By radically limiting employees’ scope of action, you make office politics more predictable. By fragmenting available knowledge, you can leverage information asymmetries to the intellectual or material advantage of the center.​.. ..It is very difficult, though, to apply this analysis to the construction of society. No matter how large or how small, institutions always coexist in a symbiotic relationship with other institutions. There is no Amazon without the United States government, no U.S. government without—at least—some parts of the U.S. economy.​.. ..In addition to this complexity, non-functional institutions are the rule. Our institutions today rarely function in accordance with their stated purpose. Individuals within a given society are often very bad at judging institutional functionality. Some people spend their entire lives ruthlessly profiting from the misery of others, or greatly contributing to the prosperity of others, without even knowing that they are doing so.​.. ..Since society is so deeply compartmentalized, it rarely functions as a whole with a single purpose. Note that dysfunctionality is not a normative distinction; it often boils down to the simple reality of whether or not anyone ever follows up on key actions within the institution.​.. ..Institutions often become non-functional due to the loss of key knowledge at critical junctures. Take, for example, the recent failure of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) to reproduce a niche classified material known as FOGBANK that is necessary for manufacturing nuclear weapons. It took the NNSA ten years and millions of dollars to re-engineer a material that their staff in the 1980s knew how to make. That knowledge never should have been lost in the first place, but in a dysfunctional society, such loss of knowledge becomes the rule.​.. ​..Civilizational collapse, then, looks like this dynamic at the scale of an entire civilization: a low-grade but constant loss of capabilities and knowledge throughout the most critical parts of our institutions, that eventually degrades our ability to perpetuate society.​.. ​..The key dynamic here is the loss of the subtle social technologies that allow us to solve the succession problem. Running a large and complex institution requires skills which are often difficult to fully pass on. How can a successful founder ensure a successor who leads as competently as they did? The succession problem is the central obstacle to transferring the ownership and knowledge of institutions from generation to generation.​.. ..The succession problem is especially important when transferring secrets. In ancient Egypt, accurate measurement of the Nile river was a state secret, in order to allow the state to monopolize agricultural production and resource flows. This was crucial to the functionality of Egyptian civilization—it was the legitimating story of the state. By design, it was not clear to the Egyptian public how they would go about running their society if it weren’t for the expert knowledge of the state.
    ​ The failure to maintain implicit traditions of knowledge speaks to the extreme difficulty of transferring secrets between generations. Often the problem is that the kids “don’t get the joke”: if you create an institution with a false premise in order to mislead society as to your true goals, the people you hire into it might be fooled by the propaganda themselves.​.. ..Avoiding collapse is so difficult because succession failure is often opaque… The intellectual apocalypse is invisible if there are no true intellectuals around​ .Again, institutional failure typically comes as a surprise.​.. ..We can define civilizational collapse as a process wherein most recognizable large-scale institutions of a society vanish, coupled with a drop in material wealth, a drop in the complexity of material artifacts and social forms, a reduction in travel distance and physical safety of the inhabitants, and a mass reduction in knowledge… ..Loss of knowledge is especially damaging, since it accelerates the other aspects of collapse and ensures that they will be long-lasting…. Such losses of knowledge are a constant throughout human history: as with FOGBANK, or as with the state of New Jersey recently scrambling to find a COBOL programmer with the ability to overhaul their legacy information systems… ..Despite how difficult it can be to gather historical data, it’s still a far better way to understand societal collapse than purely theoretical models…
    ​..That exploration is still itself theory-driven. Good historians and theoreticians explicitly acknowledge the theses they work with, so I will do the same. My theory of history is great founder theory: I propose that social technologies do not evolve out of mass action, but rather are devised by a tiny subset of institutional designers. Looking at history, we see that new organizations and social forms often arise within a single generation, showing jumps in social complexity far too rapid to be explained away by collective action or evolution.​.. ..It often takes an exceptional individual with exceptional vision to create a new social or material technology. It’s hard to remember nowadays that the smartphone once had to be devised as a combination of the cell phone, the tablet, and the camera, and did not merely emerge out of mass market sentiments. It took a single individual, Steve Jobs, to see that while a combination of the car, the airplane, and the submarine would produce an inferior version of all three, the opposite case would be true in the creation of the smartphone. And then that individual had to implement the vision… ..A keen observer would examine the way that laws are made today and conclude that we have witnessed the emergence of a new legislative body all but in name, with Congress reduced to a vestigial organ of this governing structure. Law today is made mostly by the Supreme Court, or the civil service when it chooses what to implement and how, or occasionally via Presidential executive order. Yet very few people today come to such a conclusion, as the ideology of American government dictates that law is made in Congress, and does not make room for the development of new federal legislative bodies. If no one believes a hypothesis, the evidence for it remains unnoticed, even when such evidence is abundant…
    ..Establishing historical knowledge is difficult. Narrative fills the gaps; stories are told both by you and Obama and FDR, and by Julius Caesar. These are always a mix of accuracy and self-interest, which is, in fact, what history is… ..If we compare the roughly twelve identifiable Dark Ages following civilizational collapse on the Eurasian continent—the collapse of the Bronze Age civilizations, the end of Mohenjo Daro, the decline of the Roman Empire, Han China and so on—we always find that nearly all material technology is not self-perpetuating, but rather rests on foundations of social technology. The only material technologies that routinely survive collapse are small-scale agriculture and small-scale metallurgy, likely because the social technologies needed to sustain such smaller communities can arise organically.
    ​..Since collapse in material technology is always preceded by collapse in the practice of social technology, Dark Ages are always preceded by Intellectual Dark Ages. Knowledge of these social technologies is highly compartmentalized and, as a result, they are not understood explicitly by all parts of society. This means that a society undergoing an Intellectual Dark Age doesn’t realize it is going through one at all—all the people who would notice are long-gone, and those who remain are miseducated, role-playing the forms left behind by their predecessors without realizing that they’ve lost the substance.​.. ​..Take the Industrial Revolution for example: surely the most interesting thing that has happened within the last 500 years, and a process that most currently assume is still ongoing. But if the Industrial Revolution was over, what would we expect to see? Much as we see a late Roman drop in lead pollution, today we see drops in pollution in the West. The standard explanation is gains in efficiency and greener technology. But if we take a more global perspective, it seems that we outsourced not just production, but also the pollution associated with production to China. The economists’ argument here is that we have intentionally outsourced our industries to China, obeying the industry-agnostic logic of gains from trade. It is worth considering the economists might be wrong if the promised gains from trade haven’t materialized.
    ​..One could hypothesize the American worker and manager have, over time, lost the social technology that enabled them to run the assembly lines in the first place and that, now, our support for outsourcing isn’t so much due to greed as it is an adaptation to inability.​.. We should seriously consider the possibility that we are a post-industrial society not in a positive sense, but in the sense that in our society the Industrial Revolution has stopped. ​ Such a hypothesis is strikingly hard to defeat. A civilizational collapse under conditions of advanced material technology might look very much like what we have now. Our society is the product of what were once advanced, rational, self-catalyzing systems of production, but we have now reverted to a more customary system, where things are simply done as they were 40 or 50 years ago. We have the same bureaucratic and economic institutions as we did then, with some marginal tweaks. Thanks to narrow progress in the CPU industry, most of which has left the United States, we are now able to have Zoom calls.​.. ​..Augustus Caesar truly did save the Roman Republic from tearing itself to shreds through unsustainable warfare. His imperial system was in turn torn to shreds through warfare after long-standing economic and intellectual decay 300 years later. The sheer difficulty of reform, coupled with the accumulation of social and cultural technical debt, provides a fairly solid explanation for why civilizations collapse.
    ​ The United States is well-positioned to attempt such civilizational reforms, since it has a remarkable ability to integrate exceptional talent from all over the world and has put that talent to work on some of the most successful institutional projects in history, including the Manhattan Project and the Apollo Program. America is, for now, in an unavoidable period of relative decline​… ..A deep pragmatism runs through this country, and if reimagined, the 21st century could see another explosion in American economic, social, and cultural development.
    ​ The solution lies with a small number of people who can independently judge the generative minds behind the facts, rather than merely minding the integrity of the established body of theories and observations.​.. Such people are extremely rare, but if we create a socioeconomic niche for them, our civilization can rewrite its own future for the better.

    ​ The Depopulation Bomb​, THE HONEST SORCERER​ ​[It is happening. No, it’s not really a “bomb”. You will take care of yourself in​ your old age. “No problem:”, right?]
    ​ “There is a silent aspect of civilizational decline: a marked fall in population numbers. I write silent deliberately, as it happens in the background without too many of us taking notice, or realizing the gravity of the situation. When talking about the collapse of civilizations, most people envision mass casualty events (famine, war, natural disasters), wiping out half of the population in almost an instant. Sure enough, this looks both terrifying and extremely powerful in Hollywood movies, but nothing could be further from the truth. Especially not when it comes to our modern civilization, and its unfolding demise. A radically different world is unfolding in front of our eyes, and we are not the least prepared.​” ​ John Micheal Greer has steered my attention back to this topic. A couple of weeks ago I already touched on the theme of a slow but steady population decline, but now its time to take a deeper look into the matter, to see its implications and how it relates to the decline of modernity in general.

    ​ Hedge Fund Icon: “We’re Just Two Years Away From A US Debt Sustainability Crisis, Sparking A Major Global Market Event” “The last time the debt as a share of GDP was this large was in 1945-1946, at the end of World War II,” wrote Daniel Wilson and Brigid Meisenbacherat from the Economic Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. I was grinding through my stack, piled high with white papers. “Over the following three decades, the debt-to-GDP ratio steadily fell, reaching roughly 25% by 1975,” …
    ..“That 30-year decline contrasts sharply with the projected 30-year increase in the debt-to-GDP ratio, reaching 172%, over 2024 to 2054, according to the latest current Congressional Budget Office projections.” Wilson and Meisenbacherat point out that the Fed projects a longer-term real Fed Funds rate of 0.50%.
    ​ And their median projection for long-run real GDP growth is 1.8%. They highlight that the CBO, however, forecasts a lower 1.5% real GDP growth rate, and a longer-term real interest rate on US debt of 2.0%.​ “In this case, slow economic growth relative to interest rates would exert modest upward pressure on the debt ratio, primarily from higher interest payments,” they wrote.
    ​ “The main source of the long-run upward pressure on the primary deficit is spending on mandatory programs such as Social Security and Medicare. Current legislated formulas used to determine spending per recipient for Social Security benefits and government health-care programs, especially Medicare, combined with the projected aging of the population, point to large increases in spending for these programs as a share of GDP. This pressure was absent after WWII because the overall US population was younger and because Medicare was not enacted until 1965.”

    ​ Eventual Financial Death Spiral Now Imminent – John Rubino Analyst and financial writer John Rubino warned nearly four months ago of a “U.S. Financial Death Spiral.” This past week, Bank of America caught up to Rubino and issued a warning about a “US dollar death spiral” because the federal government was going deeper in the red by creating “$1 trillion in new debt every 100 days.”​… ..Currencies are being inflated away with all these bailouts, deficits, wars and all these things that are going on that are bad for the currency. So, people start selling government bonds, which push up interest rates and blows up even more bad real estate and paper . . . until you get a debt spiral, a real live financial death spiral than cannot be fixed. . . . I was talking to a real estate guy the other day, and he said this is not just inevitable, it is imminent. It is happening now. It is happening quickly, and it is going to hit the headlines. . . . In this case, what is inevitable in commercial real estate is also looking imminent.”

    John Day

    ​ Can Americans Have Hope?​ Paul Craig Roberts​ [I suspect ​changes in the imperial court in Washington DC need to happen this summer, or there ​can’t be an election.]
    ​ Tucker Carlson’s interview with Steve Kirsch reveals that it is impossible in the medical world to speak the truth. The top doctors and medical research scientists cannot state the truth about the Covid m​RNA “vaccine” and childhood vaccination without losing their jobs and becoming a nonperson…
    ..Movies such as The Matrix and V for Vendetta are not fantasy movies. They are accurate reports on our time….
    ..2024 is likely to be a determining year for the Western world. Two wars are ongoing on which the West is on the wrong side. Equally important is this year’s presidential election.
    ​ It is completely obvious that Trump is the favorite. The corrupt Republican establishment was unable to find anyone voters would accept to challenge Trump for the nomination. Trump is hands down the people’s choice.
    ​ Despite this fact, and remember, allegedly America is a democracy subject to the will of the people, we witness Democrat state supreme court judges ruling that Trump is an “insurrectionist” and is banned from being on the ballot. We see Democrat state secretaries of state and state attorney generals and city and county Democrat prosecutors using law as a weapon to keep Trump off the ballot and to keep him tied up in criminal and civil trials. The Democrats are weaponizing law because they know Trump will win the election.​..
    ..There is no possibility whatever of Biden being reelected. The fool lined up with Israel in the genocide of the Palestinian people. The fool has lost the war in Ukraine that absorbed untold billions of American money. The fool has violated his oath of office and has not only allowed but has actively participated in bringing in during his 4 years 48 cities the size of Pittsburgh full of immigrant-invaders, actually flying in at the expense of US taxpayers 320,000 immigrant-invaders. The fool is signing over to an international bureaucracy, WHO, the determination of your health care, which as of May of this year will be out of your hands…
    ​..(​Ouch, true-ish) For decades Democrats have been appointing legal and constitutional illiterates to the judiciary, knowing that the only way Democrats can achieve a one-party tyrannical state is by using stupid people to weaponize law.​..
    ​..Earlier I suggested that the Democrats would have Biden resign for medical reasons. Kamala would become president. She would be instructed to choose Hillary as her VP and then resign herself. This would leave Hillary and her machine in power prior to the election. Then the border conflict between Washington and Texas would be heated up. There would be talk of civil war, and the prospect would be used by Hillary to declare martial law to put down rebellion and cancel the election…
    ..As Trump has declared war on the American ruling elites,they are determined to keep him away from power. Has Trump been re-educated so that he no longer wants normal relations with Russia? We know he is in Israel’s pocket, which is a great gift to the control that the establishment has over Trump. The question before us is: Does Trump want vindication by reelection more than he wants to overthrow the elite and return government to the people as democracy requires?
    ​ If he hasn’t struck a deal with the elites, why would they allow him, their enemy, be in the Oval Office? …
    ​..My updated opinion is that the elites could permit Trump to assume the Presidency because they know that they can prevent him from achieving what those who elected him want, thereby demoralizing the American citizens who had hope that a leader would restore and revitalize their nation. They know that they can orchestrate an economic catastrophe that would destroy Trump’s presidency and keep Republicans out of office for many years.
    ​ If all else fails, the bullets that destroyed JFK and RFK are available. There is no doubt that the corrupt US media would attribute Trump’s assassination to “a lone gunman.”

    Can Americans Have Hope?

    ​ Rand Paul Teases Senate GOP Leader Run – Musk Says “I Would Support”
    ​ Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul on Friday hinted that he may jump into the race to become the next Senate GOP leader, and Elon Musk was quick to support the idea. Republicans must find a successor for periodically malfunctioning Mitch McConnell, who recently announced he’ll step down in November, though intending to keep his Senate seat until his term ends in January 2027, when he’d be within weeks of turning 86.
    ​ So far, the announced field consists of two quintessential establishment types: John Cornyn of Texas and John Thune of South Dakota.

    ​ NATO Can No Longer Hide Its Military Presence in Ukraine
    ​ Spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented on the statement by Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski about the presence of soldiers NATO countries in Ukraine, telling Sputnik: “They couldn’t hide it any longer.”
    ​ Earlier in the day, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said during a panel discussion at an event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the country’s accession to the alliance that some NATO countries have already sent their military to Ukraine.

    ​ Andrew Korybko wonders , Are France & The UK Plotting A Ukrainian Power Play Right Under Germany’s Nose?
    ​ The debate that French President Macron provoked over whether NATO should conventionally intervene in Ukraine exposed the existence of two distinct schools of thought on this issue inside of Europe. France, the Baltic States, and Poland appear to be in favor of “non-combat deployments” there for demining and training missions, which could be carried out through a “coalition of the willing”, while the rest of the bloc supports Germany’s stance that this shouldn’t happen under any circumstances.
    ​ “Scholz’s Slip Of The Tongue Spilled The Beans On Ukraine’s Worst-Kept Secret”, however, since he inadvertently revealed that there are already British and French troops there helping Ukraine with “target control”. The subsequently leaked Bundeswehr recording about bombing the Crimean Bridge confirmed that the Americans are there too. Nevertheless, what’s being proposed by Paris is a formalization of these deployments along with their gradual expansion in a “non-combat” capacity.​..
    ​..Their intent seems to be to prepare these on-the-ground forces for surging eastward in the event that the worst-case scenario from Kiev’s perspective materializes whereby the frontline collapses and Russia starts steamrolling westward.​.. [A very bad idea, unless the intent is to destroy these NATO countries.]​…
    ..Germany’s ​(merely hopelessly deluded) approach is altogether different in that it prefers to formally stay out of the fray in order to focus on building “Fortress Europe”. This refers to Berlin’s policy of resuming its long-lost superpower trajectory through “defensive” military means with US support in order to lead Russia’s containment in Europe at Washington’s behest while America “Pivots (back) to Asia” to contain China. A major component of this plan is the “military Schengen” between Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland.​..
    ..Like France, the UK also doesn’t want to see Germany resuming its superpower trajectory, and both might wager that they can either get the US’ approval for their intervention or do it unilaterally to make it a fait accompli…​ [A multinational form of “suicide by cop”? “Suicide by Russia”?] …
    ​..Romania’s “Moldovan Highway” ​[aka, “Mafia rat-line”] that’s being built in “emergency” mode is creating a new military corridor in the Balkans from which France can counter Germany’s growing military influence across the continent.
    ​ This emerging Greek-Ukrainian corridor is already one of the West’s most important logistical routes for perpetuating the proxy war after the traditional Polish one became unreliable following the farmers’ protests. It therefore makes perfect sense not only to invest in it for that sake alone, but also for countries like France and the UK to entrench their influence along the route in order to create their own “sphere of influence” there for decelerating Germany’s superpower trajectory.
    ​ That’s precisely what France is doing via its new security deal with Moldova, which will lead to closer security ties of the “military Schengen” sort with Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece in order to facilitate the dispatch of “trainers” to that landlocked country. The UK can either follow suit in some way or redouble its influence in the Baltic States and especially Poland, possibly culminating in its troops conventionally intervening in Ukraine through the last-mentioned while France’s enter from Romania-Moldova.​..
    ..German involvement in this conflict could further reduce the already dismal chances of it entering into a rapprochement with Russia after everything ends like many hawks still fear is possible and desperately want to prevent…
    ..If Germany formally stays out of the fray while France and the UK embroil themselves in it with disastrous or at least unimpressive results, including those that see their Baltic and Polish “junior partners” exploited as cannon fodder, then Germany might actually benefit a lot.​..
    ..It remains to be seen whether France and the UK will go through with this Ukrainian power play right under Germany’s nose, but there’s little doubt that this is what they’re planning. The US could possibly disapprove, however, and they might then lack the confidence to conventionally intervene through their own “coalition of the willing”. There’s also the chance that the US takes the lead in this respect if Russia achieves a breakthrough before NATO’s largest drills in three decades end in June…
    ..In any case, the top takeaway from this analysis is that there are indeed plans for a conventional Western intervention in Ukraine, but they’ve yet to fully form and their execution can’t be taken for granted.

    ​ Scott Ritter: Pentagon’s ‘Ukrainian Fantasy’ Is Falling Apart
    ​ Ukraine reportedly did not listen to tactical advice offered by the Pentagon. Ritter said he believes the assertions are not based in reality but instead are designed to shift the blame away from the United States.
    ​ “The Pentagon is definitely trying to create political cover for itself because their huge Ukrainian fantasy is falling apart,” Ritter asserted, explaining earlier that Ukraine had little choice but to hold Avdeyevka for as long as possible so that defensive lines could be built behind it, noting however, that Russian airpower prevented even that goal from being achieved…
    ​..The Kiev regime is “waking up to the reality that their so-called friends and allies are abandoning them and leaving Ukraine to its own fate” Ritter explained earlier while discussing Macron’s comments that French troops may be deployed in Ukraine, a hypothetical that Ritter says is only being discussed because of the position Ukraine is in.​ “To understand why Macron would be even talking about this, you have to understand how dire the situation is for Ukraine right now. They are facing military collapse, right now as we speak the last reserves of Ukraine are being thrown into the battle outside the village of Orlovka,” Ritter explained. “This is to buy time for a miracle to happen and the Ukrainians are hoping the miracle will be the arrival of a French battlegroup.”​…
    ..Meanwhile, Ritter argues, the election season is forcing the United States to step back from the conflict.

    John Day

    ​ Hungary’s Orban Says Trump Pledged Not to Provide Financial Aid to Ukraine
    ​ On Friday, Trump met with Orban at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida to discuss a wide range of issues of common interest for Hungary and the United States.
    “If the Americans do not give weapons and money, and the Europeans follow them, then the war will end. If the Americans do not give money, then the Europeans are not able to finance this war themselves, and then it will end. Trump is not president now, but his party interferes when the Democrats want to send money to the war. Trump said that if he returns, he will not do this, [he will] not [allocate] a penny. And then this war will end,” Orban said in an interview with Hungarian broadcaster M1.

    ​ Biden Issues ‘Red Line’ For Israel Over Rafah, But Won’t Do Anything About It
    ​ “[We] cannot have another 30,000 more Palestinians dead,” Biden told MSNBC in a fresh interview. He was then asked whether Rafah is a red line for him and he responded: “It is a red line.” … But Biden stopped short of saying he would cut off weapons and ammunition supplies to Israel, which remain vital in its war against Hamas.​

    ​ Defiant Netanyahu Vows To Cross Biden’s Rafah ‘Red Line’: “We Are Not Getting Off The Gas”
    ​ Sunday Netanyahu responded by vowing to press forward with the planned offensive on Rafah, believed to be imminent, when asked about the Biden red line statement. “We’ll go there. We’re not going to leave them. You know, I have a red line. You know what the red line is? That October 7 doesn’t happen again. Never happens again.”

    ​ Chasing ‘tactical’ wins, Israel now faces ‘strategic’ defeat
    ​Netanyahu’s focus on tactical wins has led to a disconnect with the broader strategic goals of the war.
    ​ The ‘progress’ made within the Gaza Strip, while significant on a tactical level, has not effectively advanced the strategic aim of eliminating Hamas, Tel Aviv’s number one stated war objective. On the contrary, US reports claim that 80 percent of the Palestinian resistance’s key military infrastructure remains intact.
    ​ This has left Netanyahu facing a critical dilemma: the pursuit of tactical gains has come at a steep cost, jeopardizing the achievement of his strategic objectives. His Gaza assault has resulted in the wholesale massacre of Palestinian civilians – predominantly women and children – widespread global censure, and thousands of dead and injured Israeli soldiers and officers.
    ​ This tragic toll has permanently tarnished Israel’s international image, undermining its fairytale narratives of ‘democracy’ and ‘victimhood’ and casting Tel Aviv instead as a leading perpetrator of state-sponsored terrorism in the world. Moreover, Israel’s actions have led to accusations of genocide and human rights violations on the international stage, most notably the recent high-profile case at the International Court of Justice.
    ​ Netanyahu and his war cabinet have fallen into a classic trap: allowing pyrrhic wins to distract them from an overarching victory.​..
    ​..History teaches us that tactical gains, without alignment with strategic objectives, are inadequate for long-term success. The crucial question that looms is whether US intervention will indeed succeed in preserving Israel’s strategic aims.

    ​ John Helmer, Last week it happened that God and the United States Treasury managed to underwrite a record issue of Israel Government bonds to continue the war against the Arabs in Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq – and Iran if necessary.
    The war financing comprised $2 billion of five-year bonds, and $3 billion each of 10 and 30-year bonds.
    The US Treasury guarantees bond holders that if Israel defaults on repayment of its obligations, the US will pay instead. Notwithstanding this, the Israelis were obliged to offer an extra 1.35%, 1.45%, and 1.75% more in interest over the going rate for US Treasury bonds for the same length of term.
    The Reuters news agency headline on March 6 celebrated “Israel sells record $8 billion in bonds despite Oct 7 attacks, downgrade”….
    ..With the higher interest rates the market has just demanded from the Israelis, the spread between the Israel bonds and US Treasuries has never been wider, and the worse this spread will become for Israel. This is a vote of no-confidence from the market which the Israelis, the Americans, and their media are trying to keep secret.
    The longer the war is protracted, the more obvious the costs of Israel Defence Forces’ (IDF) failure will become – and the deeper the negative bond sentiment will grow. By converting secrecy into money, the market is signaling that it has begun to turn against Israel – and profit at Israel’s expense…
    ​..Israel’s public genocide is a private secret among Americans who are paying for it, and among US government officials responsible for regulating the scheme according to US law.​ According to well-informed bond traders, this deal-making is worth in fees to the dealmakers, led by Goldman Sachs, about $100 million.


    John Day

    ​ Erdogan among ‘greatest anti-Semites in history’ – Israeli FM
    ​ Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ranks among the worst anti-Semites in history because of his stance on the Gaza conflict, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz has claimed.
    ​ In a speech on Saturday, Erdogan compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler, referring to the relentless IDF attacks on Gaza, which have killed at least 30,960 people and wounded 72,524 others, according to the health ministry in the Palestinian enclave. He also again refused to label Hamas a terrorist organization, saying Ankara “firmly backs” the leadership of the Palestinian armed group.

    ​ I signed this petition. ‘Reject AIPAC’ coalition forms against Israel lobby in US
    On Monday, more than 20 advocacy groups announced the launch of the “Reject AIPAC” coalition.

    ​ Hedge Fund Icon: “We’re Just Two Years Away From A US Debt Sustainability Crisis, Sparking A Major Global Market Event”
    “The last time the debt as a share of GDP was this large was in 1945-1946, at the end of World War II,” wrote Daniel Wilson and Brigid Meisenbacherat from the Economic Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. I was grinding through my stack, piled high with white papers. “Over the following three decades, the debt-to-GDP ratio steadily fell, reaching roughly 25% by 1975,” …
    ..“That 30-year decline contrasts sharply with the projected 30-year increase in the debt-to-GDP ratio, reaching 172%, over 2024 to 2054, according to the latest current Congressional Budget Office projections.” Wilson and Meisenbacherat point out that the Fed projects a longer-term real Fed Funds rate of 0.50%.
    ​ And their median projection for long-run real GDP growth is 1.8%. They highlight that the CBO, however, forecasts a lower 1.5% real GDP growth rate, and a longer-term real interest rate on US debt of 2.0%.​ “In this case, slow economic growth relative to interest rates would exert modest upward pressure on the debt ratio, primarily from higher interest payments,” they wrote.
    ​ “The main source of the long-run upward pressure on the primary deficit is spending on mandatory programs such as Social Security and Medicare. Current legislated formulas used to determine spending per recipient for Social Security benefits and government health-care programs, especially Medicare, combined with the projected aging of the population, point to large increases in spending for these programs as a share of GDP. This pressure was absent after WWII because the overall US population was younger and because Medicare was not enacted until 1965.”

    ​ Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead In A Truck From “Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound”​ (Certainly not “Arkancide”.)
    ​ John Barnett, a former veteran Boeing employee of 32 years, passed away from a self-inflicted wound on March 9, as confirmed by the Charleston County coroner, according to BBC which broke the news on Monday evening.
    ​ Bartnett’s lawyer said that he was found dead in a truck near a hotel parking lot in South Carolina from an alleged “self-inflicted’ wound”, with Breaking 911 calling it a ‘gunshot’ wound and BBC, the Gateway Pundit and numerous other sources referring to it as a ‘self-inflicted’ wound.
    ​ ..Barnett was involved in a whistleblower lawsuit against Boeing, alleging serious safety concerns at the North Charleston plant, where he managed quality for the 787 Dreamliner production. B​arnett was in Charleston for legal interviews related to the lawsuit when he was found dead…
    “This is not a 737 problem, this is a Boeing problem,” he said during a recent interview he took with TMZ, speaking out about his concerns with Boeing airplanes. “Back in 2012, Boeing started removing inspection operations off their jobs,” he continued.

    John Day

    ​ Pierre Kory MD, “Long Vax” Finally Enters The Lexicon We finally landed an Op-Ed in a major center-left publication which exposes this reality.
    In response, nearly every major academic medical center or large hospital began opening “Long Covid” clinics. Besides being worthless due to the fact they typically offer zero treatments (i.e. they are waiting for the RCT on Paxlovid), they also perform extensive, largely unrevealing testing followed by referrals to specialists like psychiatry and physical therapy. Note almost none of the physicians or specialists are trained in the disease as they; 1) do not recognize the spike protein as the pathogen and 2) do not read the FLCCC scientific reviews and/or treatment guides nor have they attended the three FLCCC medical conferences on the disease to date.
    ​ Worse is that, for most of 2022 into 2023, those centers consistently gas-lit the Long Vax patients who presented to those clinics. Gaslighting of medical injuries is the well-described inability for physicians to recognize or accept when their own treatments (i..e the mRNA vaccines) cause harm, a topic written about extensively by my colleague A Midwestern Doctor.
    ​ The stories my patients would tell me of the care they received included what I would describe as abuse or insults from the treating physicians when the patients tried to convince them that the vaccines were the cause. These stories still make my blood boil and have estranged many of my patients from “the system.” I believe the gaslighting responses have lessened somewhat but I don’t really know how much,
    ​ What angered me even further is that the health agencies only directed funding at Long Covid and the medical literature and media only referred to sufferers as having Long Covid. The contribution of the gene therapy vaccines are consistently ignored.
    ​ Problem: 70% of our practice are Long Vax, not Long Covid. I strongly feel that society must be aware of both syndromes given that I now believe there may be important differences in approaches to treatment based on the factors unique to mRNA gene therapy (no shut off on spike protein production, widespread dissemination of mRNA and spike to tissue, inflammatory impacts of the lipid nanoparticles, and the short and long term impacts of the DNA plasmid contaminants.
    ​ So I think it is important to the millions chronically ill after mRNA vaccination that this syndrome be recognized and appropriately researched along with Long Covid.

    ​ Sasha Latypova, Brook Jackson’s case v Pfizer under False Claims Act – DOJ plans to intervene to dismiss.
    After oral arguments were scheduled for April 17, the DOJ confirms they cannot afford discovery in a court of law.
    ​ I caught up with Brook Jackson at the conference, and she has informed me that she and her attorneys have received email communication from the Department of Justice stating that they are planning to intervene in her case (again) and move to dismiss it.

    ​ Woman Sues National Park Service After Being Told She Can’t Use Cash to Pay Entry Fee
    ​ When Elizabeth Dasburg asked in an email how she could enter the Fort Pulaski National Monument in Georgia if she had only cash, she was told that the site, part of the U.S. National Park Service, could accept cards only.
    ​ An employee suggested she go to the local grocery store or “big chains like Walmart” to purchase a gift card. “Since those are cards, we can accept them in leu [sic] of cash,” the site employee wrote.
    ​ Dasburg and two others were told the parks they wanted to visit couldn’t accept cash to pay the entrance fee on Wednesday sued the National Park Service, challenging its cashless fee collection policy.
    ​ In a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the plaintiffs allege the federal agency is violating U.S. law by refusing to accept U.S. currency as entry payment.
    ​ Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is financially supporting the lawsuit.

    Woman Sues National Park Service After Being Told She Can’t Use Cash to Pay Entry Fee

    ​Almost 8 minutes, reporting a 2015 masters dissertation generated within the USAF Academy. Pole Shift Disaster Is Coming | Military Paper

    John Day

    @Doc Robinson: That’s why my eliminations all chose 3 horses, not one, in case those were the fastest 3.

    Doc Robinson

    @ John Day

    Yes, although your method ended up with more than 9 individual races (of up to 5 horses each), if I’m reading it correctly.

    Figmund Sreud

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, … The mirror never lies! The fate of nations is ultimately a tow to Aliaga*) in Turkey. Sad, …
    The fastest ocean liner to cross the Atlantic faces eviction from a pier

    *) Aliaga, Turkey –

    Figmund Sreud

    Jeremy Grantham’s March 11 update. He points out that the current Shiller PE over 34 for the S&P 500 represents the most expensive 1% of all historical incidents. It has happened at a time when profit margins have also been at all-time highs and unemployment near all-time lows. What could possibly go wrong?



    If Macron is a scaredy cat then please add Justin Trudeau to the list!
    Justin is afraid of peaceful Canadian truckers!
    He hid in the other end of Canada, in BC, while the truckers where in Ottawa!
    A True Coward!

    Have you ever noticed how often the heads of the EU, von Der Lyin and Borrell, and NATO head Stollenberg are always saying that Ukraine will soon become a member of the EU or NATO?
    Well I think I finally know why they keep saying this!
    First. these 3 are amoung the most corrupt politicians in all of Europe!
    Second, It seems there is a considerable fortune to be made in Ukrainian gov bonds, if the Ukraine joins either the EU or NATO.
    If the Ukraine joins either the EU or NATO then taxpayers would be on the hook to pay the interest on Ukrainian gov bonds!
    Yeah, it is follow the money!

    The Ukraine currently is nearly 100% dependent upon foriegn money to operate.
    The Ukraine wants to mobilize another 500,000 troops.
    But in order to do so it needs more money to offset the lost of economic production these workers currently provide to Ukraine’s economy, and then more money to equip and arm and pay them.
    At the moment this money isn’t there.
    A “Catch 22” situation!
    Ukrainians see this, so are not co-operating.


    My solution to finding the fastest horse.
    Ship all of these horses to a French horse meat slaughter house.
    The last horse left a live, truly is the fastest horse!

    The Cow – Real World

    Buy at $900
    SELL at $1200
    = $300 capital gain

    Buy back at $1300
    Capital lost of $100
    Sell at $1600
    = $300 capital gain

    $300 1st capital gain – $100 capital loss + $300 2nd capital gain = net gain of $500 minus buying and selling fees and minus buy and sell transportation costs minus feed costs and minus farm overhead minus admin costs = minus $200 net lost!
    That is how your hamburger is really made!

    D Benton Smith

    Chuck Schumer’s dissy little hissy fit about the Intelligence Community (IC) withholding information from Trump is the third time in as many days that reference has been made to the weird but true fact that the IC can LEGALLY withhold information (at its own discretion) from Presidential candidates, or even sitting presidents, despite the fact that sitting Presidents actually CHAIR the all-powerful National Security Council. Say, wha?

    It’s time that this arrangement got clarified to the general public.

    In 1947 the United States was completely taken over in a bloodless coups d’estat in which the virtually unbridled and extraordinary war powers enjoyed by the executive branch during WW2 were handed over to a newly minted National Security Council as part of the National Security Act written by the Truman Administration top leaders, passed successfully through both houses and signed into law by Truman immediately following the death of Roosevelt and the nuking of Japan.

    Although as chairperson of the Council the President was ostensibly in charge of it, in fact he was not because the Permanent non-elected members of the Council (including the Director of Central Intelligence, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the heads of the Army, Navy and Air Force were authorized to act on their own initiative in certain National Security matters, and to withhold secrets about those actions if they determined it necessary to the National Security for them to do so.

    Long story short, with the legal authority now granted to them to plan actions, spend money, and keep secrets from anyone they chose to keep secrets from (including Congress and the President) the Council became the de facto government of the United States, and could do practically anything that they wanted to.

    They proceeded to do just that and we have lived under what is essentially a Military dictatorship ever since. That Council and its support structure are what Ike called the Military Industrial Complex. They’re the ones who shot Kennedy, stumped Trump, and decided that now is the time to “cut the grass” in what remains of America.

    Few indeed are the persons with the balls to go down THAT rabbit hole. The trail of corpses is quite long, and the depth of depravity quite dark. The only things blacker than their budget are their hearts.

    The truth can take them down, in fact the truth is probably the only thing that can take them down, but a certain amount of bloodshed is likely unavoidable.


    Seven races.

    Race all the horses in groups (A,B,C,D,E) of 5 and identify the winners (A1,B1,C1,D1,E1) – that’s five races so far and we get to eliminate the 4th and 5th placed horses in all groups. Race the winners – the sixth race. If the order of the winners race was A1,B1,C1,D1,E1 then we can eliminate all remaining horses from groups D and E as well as some more. In contention for second and third places we have A2,A3,B1,B2 and C1. We know that all other horses are slower i.e. A4/5 are slower than A2 and A3, B3/4/5 are slower than A1, B1 and B2, C2/3/4/5 are slower than C1 which is slower than A1 and B1. Run A2,A3,B1,B2 and C1 and take the top two as second and third fastest – the seventh race.





    My husband offers this:

    7 Race solution for horses:

    5 races, each with 5 horses, top 3 of each race gives 15 horses still in contention. Rank these as A,B,C for each race.
    Race #6. Run the five first place A’s (winners of round 1), and rank all the first three winners, in order, as Ai, Aj, Ak.
    We now have only the following possibilities:
    Ai>Aj>Ak [even Ak is faster than any B]
    Ai>Aj>(Bi or Bj) [Ak is not as fast as some B, either Bi or Bj; is faster than Bk]
    Ai>Bi>(Aj or Ci) [Bi faster than Aj, and either Aj or Ci is third fastest.
    Race #7. We already know Ai is fastest horse, this race determines 2nd and 3rd fastest. The contenders, from list of options are between Aj,Ak, Bi, Bj,Ci. Top two are 2nd and 3rd fastest, in that order, behind Ai.
    Or so I think…..


    Yay Babe!







    Twins married twins then both couples had twins

    What are the odds



    Nothing to worry about here, that kid of yours really shouldn’t reproduce



    Boeing’s Funny Like That When You Smack Talk Them Enough



    The News is awesome today in Duh’merica!

    I think Mental illness is now an actual ‘lifestyle choice’



    Notice that more and more medical studies are coming out where at the very end they “state that they still don’t know the cause”. “Further study is required”.

    You also need to know that the medical study authors can not publically state the obvious, that it is the covid vaccines!

    You need to insert the unwritten truth yourself!

    The best these medical study authors can hope for is that you are smart enough, to read between the lines, and to know the unstated cause is the covid vaccines!

    When you weaken the immune system, everything is caused by the covid vaccine!

    Also noticed the general decrease in trust of all vaccines too!


    Netanyahu Fucking Roasts Bidenand (Tears Him a New Asshole) After He Says He Wants Bibi to Have a “Come to Jesus Moment”. (in a Hot Mic Moment)



    Hard to top this for West Asian gaffes

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