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    Edvard Munch Spring 1889   • It’s War: The Real Meat Grinder Starts Now (Pepe Escobar) • This Is Not ISIS – RT Editor-in-Chief (Sp.) • Scott Ritt
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    NYC murder % share

    Okay, so this is obviously from a diversity hire who did not have a math qualification but will certainly have a “I hate whites” qualification, in other words, one of the black army on the hate for white people. But, being nice white people, we have to congratulate these chimps on their participation. The real question is whether the democrats and their diversity hires are lying or are simply too stupid to do sums. My money is on them being too stupid to do sums; after all, ask a chimp to give you a banana and what response do you get? Nothing. I respect almost all Africans I met in Africa, but the American africans are retarded.


    Its an unusual graph but correct. The percents add up sideways by race. the columns show the perpetrator by race. Of 100% of Asians murdered, 6% were murdered by whites. Its really 4 graphs. The error is to overload the information vector count.

    Dr. D

    From Munch’s Wiki, he looked determined to be unhappy. When in fact, he was capable and talents, and following the route of many successful painters. …More successful than almost all of them, ultimately. You don’t have to maximize and make things worse than they are. If you have a thing you like, enjoy it.

    “America’s $280 Million Military Mission in Niger Ends in Failure”

    Yay! America First. End of Empire.

    “House Speaker Confirms He’ll Invite Netanyahu To Address Congress

    Aaaaaaand that took all of six weeks: budget with nothing, including border money for ALL OTHER COUNTRIES, still LGBT sex payouts, AND supporting genocide. He’s got it all! I know you “have” to do this to get anything done, because “process” with 500 clown each more corrupt and demented than the last, but…seems like “no”? MTG offers to remove him, this will be picked up next week.

    Why do they vote them in? A: They Don’t.
    “Michigan Man Sues To See Election Records After His Freedom Of Information Requests Were Denied

    Can’t see the machines. Can’t see the ballots. Can’t see FOIA Can’t see your own records. A judge ordered them to; they refused and deleted the evidence instead. Well nothing says “Confidence” “There’s nothing to see here” like that! I don’t know what you’re all talking about, if those aren’t the actions of innocent people who want open, fair elections, I don’t know what is!

    “Intel to Get $23 Billion in Government Grants & Loans Plus $25 Billion Investment Tax Credits, to Invest $100 Billion in the US, after Wasting $94 Billion on Share Buybacks in 15 Years” –Wolf Street

    Money well spent, I say. Capitalism! Companies take money directly from taxpayers, give directly to shareholders. No middle men. Efficient!

    Amy Barrett yes again a far-Left Liberal on Chevron cases. If Congress can’t be arsed to pass laws, can the agencies just make s—t up? She hasn’t ruled yet, but seems to be, “Yes, mostly. But keep it down.” 5/5 would make s–t up again. The other “far right” Judges all agree: as long as there’s any loophole, any ambiguity, the government power is limitless! Who knew? Like the word “Emergency” it’s an invisible everything proof force field.

    “Miller specifically implicates Liz Cheney”

    Not sure the legality of this. Witness tampering? But Congress is not a court. Assault or extortion? Abuse of power? Misuse of office? Clearly threatening people is a felony, but one which is difficult to prosecute. And probably prove, unless he has it on tape. Nothing happened to Kari Lake’s death threats, right? We just do that now?

    O’Leary is a jackass and a enormous failure o the level of Romney liquidating ToysRus. It’s hard to look at him, whatever he says.

    “He announced that he is willing to pay for all victims’ funerals”

    I feel like I’m going crazy. Every picture, not edited, Why is the word “CROCUS” in ENGLISH on Moscow’s stadium? Do they speak English in Moscow now?

    And geez, nice how they’re just like us: bombs all over the place, main st, city square: Meh, it happens. Bombs in the city where journalists and IMPORTANT people live? MELTDOWN!!! Dogs and cats living together! This outrage shall not stand! ….Some Russians are more equal than others. Journalists are always the le plus most important, delicate little flowers that must be protected. Only things that happen to them are important. Like shopping and concerts.

    “the face of the feminist movement, and compares herself to Jesus.”

    …Just the sort of thing Jesus WOULD say…

    “Regular troops from France, Germany and Poland have arrived, by rail and air, to Cherkassy, south of Kiev. A substantial force. No numbers leaked. They are being housed in schools. For all practical purposes, this is a NATO force. That signals, “Let the games begin”.

    Well so much for yesterday’s optimism. NATO is about to get flattened. That means US, and that means – for us peasants and normal people – the MARKETS. But they MUST start WWIII. They MUST blame the financial collapse on …anybody but them, who caused it with simple compounding math.

    “She added that the enthusiasm displayed by Western media when they tried to persuade everyone that ISIS was responsible even before arrests were made gave them away completely.”

    O. M. G. can’t we at least have COMPETENT crooks and psychopaths to rule over us?

    “but only if, like the US, a player sets the task of inflicting a strategic defeat on the enemy at the hands of its client state and expects that the enemy will not dare to use nuclear weapons.”

    That’s where all commentators are mistaken, and the back alley all psychopaths use: they WANT a nuclear war. They WANT death and destruction, ruination for no reason that we normal people cannot dream of. It makes them merry. They stay up nights in good cheer, dreaming of it. That you cannot FATHOM they would do this for the price of a pin, lets them hide behind shadow puppets the width of a pin. Yet normal people remain fooled. “The Big Lie” “the Mind Reels” etc.

    They haven’t “misjudged” whether Russia will do this or not: They see it as a win either way so they don’t care. If they “win” they get to kill Russia, or they “Win” and they get to kill US. Either way they win: it’s somebody else’s problem. It’s somebody else’s fault. That’s the communist manifesto!

    “The fact is that with the threat of a French directed invasion force entering Ukraine set out in the past week, with the delivery of F-16s to Kiev approaching, and with the delivery of nuclear enabled German Taurus cruise missiles still under discussion,”

    Yes, understand they are going to level NATO and erase our markets. I’m sure they will be clever and unexpected about it, the war can only end with the erasure of NATO. And London. Coffee-table prophets have already seen NYC as well. A tsunami-bomb “Accident”?

    “• Israel Announces Major Land Grab In West Bank (RT)

    Collateral. Using cover. Like hiding the bombing of civilian Saana under the Crocus attack. …But they weren’t coordinated or nothin’.

    Michael Reid

    So they want to be able to control the weather with power to unleash death upon many lifeforms in selected areas.

    This deliberate pollution in the sky with nano aluminum particules financed by the owners.

    AFKTT exposed to this 2 hour documentary might benefit.

    The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary

    The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary


    Re Kate. It may be AI as there is a lot of content to generate it, however – one cannot show a profile view and a front view to make effective comparisons – it assists with cognitive bias but not with detective work.
    We are getting into the total lack of trust in media phase where we just expect AI or lying but it could just as easily be what it says it is – a woman dying of turbo cancer who has a chance to live with aggressive treatment who probably feels absolutely shit and weird.

    If it is really her that is…


    don’ know what ya boys bitchin bout – it’s all in the national security interests
    IQ is a measure of usefulness to empire, it is plain as day all you boys are children from Lake Woebegone
    adding negative value as a mechanism to increase the measured productivity
    yassah mastah n sho hope dat watermelon cold

    Kerry Wilson

    @poppie #155384 – It took me a minute to work out that graph as well. A pie chart may have worked better. Otherwise, numbering the right axis with the percentage of the total would have been helpful.

    John Day

    @Dr. D: I watched this with little hopping through dull parts!-russia-rises!-eu:8
    Thanks. I think the UK royals, including Queen Elizabeth, who knew what happened to her indolent cancer after mRNA vaccines, and said so, are being taken out with this slow and somewhat indiscriminate poison.
    Princess Anne is taking up a lot of the royal duties. I personally think that she is a lot like her mother and would make the best (nationalist, not globalist) monarch for the UK.

    John Day

    @Tboc: Yes.

    : It is about morality vs. lies, theft, murder and blaming the victims, not about race. All races may be used by the vampire machine.


    Check out suspicious observers– there’s been some solar activity recently. I also visit solar ham every day, and there’s lots of stuff to peruse there.
    I’m shutting down my computer this evening.
    A very big reason for all-out war- especially nuclear- is to cover the “vaccine” crimes.

    Doc Robinson

    Using algebra, the area of the square can be determined to be 576 square centimeters.

    Basseterre Kitona

    As an American, I have a deep-seated distaste for the British royals & aristocrats and usually try to ignore them. Having said that, it might be worth sharing my own experience with cancer because it is similar to the recent timeline of events with Kate Middleton which is a news story that has caught my eye.

    One day (early March) while I was sitting at work (39 years old), I felt a bit of an unusually hard spot in the soft underbelly of my midsection. I didn’t panic but nonetheless made a doctor appointment. About a month later (early April) after seeing my local doctor, blood test and CT scan, it was determined that I had large liposarcoma tumor in my abdomen. I then met with a specialist doctor and a surgery was scheduled for early May.

    The scheduled 8 hour surgery removed the large tumor (as well as the right side of my colon and my right kidney). I spent 1 week in an intensive care room then another week in a normal hospital room. Next I moved to a convalescent home for another 5 weeks of care & rehabilitation.

    Shortly after leaving the convalescent home, I had another meeting with my surgeon where I was informed that they advised radiation therapy as an additional cautionary or preventative measure. Chemotherapy—in my case—was not recommended because there was no evidence of spread of cancer to other parts of my body.

    For me, the radiotherapy lasted about 9 weeks from August until October. In total, I spent almost half of the year not working as the treatment for my illness lasted from April until October. I easily lost 10 kg during the ordeal and definitely looked like a different person.

    Thus although I do not claim to know anything about the recent shady stuff with the royal family, based on my own experience with cancer I do not find anything suspicious about the reported details of the Kate Middleton case.

    And as much as I dislike the royals, I do not wish cancer on anybody as it is a miserable experience even in the best of circumstances. Fortunately, I recovered rather well and—minus a kidney—I’ve been back to living a normal life for nearly a decade now with a bit of added wisdom from my experience. I wish Kate Middleton (and all cancer patients everywhere) the same recovery.


    “Let the games begin”.
    A NATO force.
    Regular troops, (2,000), from France, Germany and Poland have arrived, by rail and air, to Cherkassy, south of Kiev.
    They are being housed in schools.
    For all practical purposes, a known stationary target.
    The Crocus massacre

    1. everyone knows who finances and weaponizes the ISIS goons imported from the Syria battleground – as it stands, probably Tajiks – trained by CIA and MI6, working on behalf of the Ukrainian SBU.

    2. to maintain a strategy of tension and prevent a negotiated settlement in Ukraine.

    3. “Who was behind this attack?
    Who are the masterminds?
    The Russian security services will find out.
    But whoever they are, they reside in Ukraine.”

    4. Washington’s attempts to pin the blame on ISIS*

    5. they were caught 400km from Crocus and toward Ukraine

    6. the CIA, to carry out an American policy objective, which seeks the strategic defeat of Russia.

    A new trend – Video Enhancement

    One of the terrorists was in Crocus on March 7.

    Most likely, he conducted reconnaissance of the area, inspected the premises and planned a terrorist attack.

    The photo was taken by a photographer working at the event that day.

    After the terrorists were detained, he recognized him in the photograph


    Assuming NYC = New York City.

    New York City had 386 homicides last year //2023//, according to new NYPD data, an 11.9% decrease from 2022. (…) This is the first time the city ended the year with fewer than 400 homicides since 2019. In 2020, there were 468 people killed, and 488 in 2021.

    These numbers are small (statistically speaking, of course horrible for the victims..) in a population of NYC of (via google) 8 + million.

    The chart is just nonsense, but is probably weirdly built on ‘real numbers’ which most likely DO show:

    — Convicted black murderers represent a higher % of black ppl population, as compared to other ‘Races.’ As they are poorer, have a longer history of being oppressed, and are targetted by authorities. Send the plebs to jail to work in the slave economy (prison)! Blacks in first place!

    — All ‘racial’ categories (imho BS, what is race anyway?) tend to murder ppl they know, are in contact with, are in their circle, etc. Personal revenge, hatred, in NYC, as elsewhere, is the primary motive.



    We have become so dependent upon our digital gadgets that we have largely abandoned other technologies, crafts, and learning. We often see animals as dependent pets (fur-babies) or part of “The Natural World,” which we must preserve in parks and manage with rangers and BLM staff. (Bureau of Land Management) But the native man interacting with the baboon sees the baboon as a resource and appreciates the abilities, personality, and knowledge of the baboon. It is refreshing to see a different perspective on interacting with the world and reminds me that current social mores may appear static, but are in actuality fluid, and will change.

    Doc Robinson

    Hints for finding the area of the square:

    2 variables (x and y, for the long and short sides of the blue rectangle).
    2 equations to solve for the 2 variables:
    Area of the blue rectangle equals the area of the orange rectangle.
    Area of the square (x squared) equals 5 times the area of the blue or orange rectangle.


    The Gas Storage Operator of Ukraine manages 12 underground gas storage facilities with a total capacity of 30.95 billion m³: Bilche-Volitsko-Uherske PSG (17.05 billion m³, the largest gas storage facility in Ukraine and Europe), Uherske (1.9 billion m³), Dashavske (2.15 billion m³), Oparske (1.92 billion m³), Bogorodchanske (2.3 billion m³), Chervonopartizanske (1.5 billion m³), Solokhivske (1.3 billion m³), Olyshivske (0.31 billion m³, is the first underground storage opened on the territory of Ukraine. It was founded in 1964), Proletarske (1 billion m³), Kegychivske (0.7 billion m³), Krasnopopivske (0.42 billion m³), Vergunske (0.4 billion m³, located in the Luhansk region on the temporarily occupied territory and not involved in the company’s activities).[4] It is the largest underground gas storage network in Europe and the third largest in the world.[5]

    Most Ukraine’s UGS were built on depleted gas fields. 2 of them (Brynske and Olyshivske) were opened on aquifers.[5]

    80% of the SSO’s storage capacities are concentrated near the western border of Ukraine.[5]

    Michael Reid

    In the video around 20 minutes in
    they mention chemtrails
    vaxes in the chemtrails

    CV19 Vaxed and Unvaxed Need Treatment Now – Dr. Betsy Eads

    Dr. Betsy Eads warned about extreme disease and death coming
    because of the CV19 bioweapon/vax
    since the beginning of Covid from infection to injection.

    She warned about AIDS, infertility, turbo cancers, heart disease,
    blood clots and many other problems caused by
    the CV19 bioweapon injection.

    Dr. Eads was right every single time.

    Now, Dr. Eads is saying everyone needs treatment
    whether you are CV19 vaxed or unvaxed.

    Dr. Eads explains,
    “We are getting transmission from the vaxed to the unvaxed.
    We are getting chemtrails.
    They are putting the mRNA in our food.
    People have to understand,
    people need to detox and protect yourself
    whether you are vaxed or not.
    I contend everybody should be taking some Ivermectin.”

    CV19 Vaxed and Unvaxed Need Treatment Now – Dr. Betsy Eads


    They want you dead. As dead as a 3 year old in Palestine. Surely, you can see it now. It’s all I’ve talked about since I got here. Been kicked in the ass from every direction. Listen to them, arrogant and boastful because they control the money, the media, the political class. Watch their soldiers crawl into into babybeds to mock the children they’ve murdered, or piss on corpses of people too weak to fight.. Muderers, thieves and liars, this is who rules you, not the shithead sayin blah, blah, blah on talmudvision., lapel pin, red tie, blue suit. All this power, from money, backed by nothing. Completely fuckin worthless, it’s astonishing.

    D Benton Smith

    I respect almost all Africans I met in Africa, but the American africans are retarded.”

    So how do you suppose that works? If murderousness was race based then the African Africans and their Yankee Africans kin, being cut of the same cloth, should be and behave very much the same as well. But in your personal experience you have noticed that they don’t. Could it be that behavior is not race based? Why, if that were the case then Whites must be as basically good and nice as Asians, etc.

    It’s a puzzle alright.

    D Benton Smith

    Imagine a world so hard and cruel that people were forced to experience the effects of what they caused.

    Therefore, people would be very well advised to practice good behavior even if they lack certain skills and aren’t really very good at that sort of thing at first. Practice makes perfect, as the old saying goes, and eventually most of them will get the hang of it.


    I do. Imagine a world so hard and cruel. However, I won’t put that image in my pre-teen grandkids.


    celt its late. i just wanted to thank you for your tough realism.

    D Benton Smith

    The Swift banking system ( ) is much much more than it modestly claims to be. It’s practically an entire civilization in itself (or at least nearly half of one, arguably).

    In a nutshell, Swift is the almost incomprehensibly complex interdependent web of treaties, contracts, arrangements, politics, military power, legal power, and currency power which must all work together in dependably predictable ways so as to enable ONE SIMPLE LITTLE THING which is the core that enables international business to be done not just “swiftly”, but to be done AT ALL.

    That “one little thing” is TRUST. Trust that one’s money and goods won’t get ripped off during the process of being exchanged. Belief that promises not only WILL be kept, but CAN be kept. That’s one helluva lot of trust and belief, especially in transactions involving existentially enormous sums of money.

    Can all of the participating businesses, institutions and governments in BIG MONEY deals (those enumerated in millions, billions and trillions) be trusted not to cheat? Will everything be secure and dependable from end-to-end, start-to-finish, for all involved parties? No surprises? No empty bag holders? No “frozen” accounts or seized assets?

    If the answer is “No” then that system is going to get dumped as quickly as financially possible by everybody who has ever been seriously screwed over by it.

    And if another system arises to take its place, and that new system CAN be trusted, then the switch-over from untrustable bad old system to trustworthy new system will be as close to instantaneous as humanly possible, and the dying Dollar is only going to accelerate that process.

    The world has learned that it can do business (indeed thrive) without Swift and without the Dollar.

    Don’t be the last guy to figure that out.


    DBS said

    So how do you suppose that works? If murderousness was race based then the African Africans and their Yankee Africans kin, being cut of the same cloth, should be and behave very much the same as well. But in your personal experience you have noticed that they don’t. Could it be that behavior is not race based? Why, if that were the case then Whites must be as basically good and nice as Asians, etc.

    It’s a puzzle alright.

    Maybe it is because you have always treated blacks badly in America. I know that nothing that happens in America or to America’s victims is the Americans’ fault, they are virtuous victims, it is just an idea.


    DBS said

    Could it be that behavior is not race based?

    No, it is culture based, anyone who has read a book can tell you that DBS. Africans in Africa live in an African culture, Africans in America live in American culture. Maybe the latter are in a bad way because of the culture they were born into, same as the Jews. You think the settlers in Israel are willing to murder Palestinians because they have two heads or because they are part of Jewish culture that brainwashes their children to think they are victims while they murderer the innocent. The Jew culture is the problem, the humans participating in it are lost, but it does not mean the next generation could not grow up in a new culture and be decent humans, but that is not happening at the moment.



    The Kate situation has certainly provided a major diversion for followers of MSM across the world. Note the following headline this morning in the Daily Mail:

    China, Russia and Iran ‘are fuelling wild conspiracy theories and disinformation about Kate to destabilise Britain’

    The more we question things, the more everything would appear to be fake…

    V. Arnold

    The more we question things, the more everything would appear to be fake…

    Very astute; questions are the enemy of the realm…all of them…

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