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    Titian Christ Carrying the Cross 1565   • Why Americans Have Little To Smile About These Days (Bridge) • Trump Pushes Legal Challenges In Two Cas
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    “Why not focus on preventing diabetes?”
    No profit in prevention, in fact there is a lot to be lost. Prevention would require shutting down most processed foods as well as a big dent in the big pharma.

    Bit coin? Still fiat and also traceable right down to that old rocking chair you sold to your neighbour for twenty bucks! Did you claim that on your income?

    “Arab states, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are ready for a full normalization of ties with Israel.”
    I fully expect the opposite at this point in the turning.

    Peace talks for Ukraine? You mean sue for peace. Draw a line from Chernobyl to Transnistria everything east and south of that is about to be Russia. Poland, Hungary and Romania will want a piece of what’s left. Lviv wil be the new capital of whatever is left of the former Ukraine. Just a thought.


    Update on plasmidgate. As germ would say tick tock. Only time will tell but very foolhardy drug deign at best.


    The week at Retraction Watch featured:

    Following mass resignation, obstetrics journals place editor’s notes on studies
    Our list of retracted or withdrawn COVID-19 papers is up past 400. There are more than 48,000 retractions in The Retraction Watch Database — which is now part of Crossref. The Retraction Watch Hijacked Journal Checker now contains more than 250 titles. And have you seen our leaderboard of authors with the most retractions lately — or our list of top 10 most highly cited retracted papers? What about The Retraction Watch Mass Resignations List — or our new list of papers with evidence they were written by ChatGPT?

    Here’s what was happening elsewhere (some of these items may be paywalled, metered access, or require free registration to read):

    Weekend reads: Clinical trial fraud leads to prison; journal editors resigning en masse; who should police scientific fraud?

    Dr. D

    So another boat hit another bridge? I often wonder if this happens all the time, but something gets in the news, like Boeing, then all and only Boeings are reported even if a minor flight is diverted. AirBus is not. Translation: that is the definition of “Confirmation Bias.” Find out.

    “Kiev has lost over 444,000 troops killed and wounded in two years of hostilities against Moscow, including more than 166,000”

    These are more or less random numbers, so what is he playing numerology here. I’m not versed in it.

    “However, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky claimed in February that Kiev’s forces lost only 31,000 soldiers killed since the start of the conflict.”

    Why was this added? No one believes it. To add without comment leads the reader to think it’s plausible or no one knows. Like, “Could be IBM is worth $900, could be worth $10.” Did you check? Pretty sure we can get closer.

    “If this had happened, he explained last year, SpaceX would have been “complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation.”

    Yes, but providing them everywhere else was not? Gee, sounds like you have no rules but “politics.”

    “Ukraine must take into account the fact that its borders have changed drastically since 2022,”

    Look at it from Russian perspective and do a brain re-set. We added Alaska and Hawaii in 1959 (and New Mexico and Arizona in 1912). So in 1962, a year or so later, we then give them BACK to Russia and the Queen? (of Hawaii, not England) After all that work? Decades of merging motion? Uh, no. If you do, why not keep Un-Stating people like Arizona then? What’s the difference?

    Okay, do the PEOPLE of New Mexico and Arizona want to be ruled by trafficking drug cartels from Mexico City? No? Neither do the Russians in the Donbas.

    You don’t MAKE someone the 51st state then immediately UN-make them. Especially when you don’t have to, at all, and if you did, 100% of everyone living there would be killed. It’s a pegging problem of thinking “That’s Ukraine” ‘coz when you were born it was “One thing”. It never was is Putin’s point, and we already took the legal actions, past tense. If you won’t change your mind, he has an Army to make you.

    “drugs with numbers and without names were tested on people, with the tests also conducted on toddlers”

    Yes, because there are dozens of toddlers with Arthritis in Mariupol. Totally normal and ethical. The toddlers were totally in the psych ward.

    “Money Transfers Proof That Crocus Terrorists Followed Orders From Ukraine (Sp.)

    Yes but to be fair, they were only following orders from the U.S. and Britain.

    BTW, Luongo said the same thing in looking into Crocus and apparently he’s losing his temper like all of us. If the U.S. set up this attack, why did they ALSO stop the attack? That seems a given. 1) An attack exists 2) we warn Russia 3) Nuland is fired. 4) Russia stops the attack 5) the attack is done anyway later when it’s irrelevant, after security declines.

    That says there are two people, one for, one against. And those two people are in the same building somehow.

    To keep this from being a cartoon and too simple, Russia DID find and stop a terrorist attack on 7th. Now did the CIA burn them as a diversion, were they another attack, or are they unrelated and just hanging around for later? The trouble with intel work.

    “• US Marines Struggle to Adapt to Fighting Adversary That Can Fight Back (Miles)

    “The US Marines are unfamiliar with War” Translation.

    ““The Marines are striving to adapt to a maritime fight that could play out across thousands of miles of islands and coastline in Asia,”

    No it won’t. We don’t have ships, nor do we have any men, and China and nuke every ship from space as they are 100% visible to the Meter. Right now Ukraine was just on TV despairing of the grid because Russia moved up to 500kg FABS and they are not accurate to 30 meters – and seeing that you realize how big the world is, that you can see and hit a tank in a hedgerow, but if you’re not down to the METER it won’t matter. But these FABs are now accurate to the meter. Like they are dropping them inside the doors of train tunnels regularly.

    What does that also mean? You don’t need 100 bombs to take out a power station, badly. You can use only 8, then hit only the transformers so you don’t have to re-build the dam or boiler later. That is, a “10x in production” because 1/10th the number do the same job. Russia is now TEN Russias. And YOU did that Nuland, MI6, by starting the war.

    Now, back to China: their stuff is clearly better, and you can’t hide on the ocean. This isn’t 1939. It takes 25 years to grow a Marine and only certain personality types can do it. And as China adds, you think we’re not going to shell San Diego? Hey, what was that ICBM taking off out of the ocean off California coast the other year?

    Anyway, we’re supposed to HAVE this war, and LOSE this war. …Then the take the guns. You can now see the reason they needed the guns, importing 10M military-aged, hardened, gang-related men overnight. Why are we not so bothered? Because we can expel them in short order. Without a government. But only if the People have the guns.

    “• Biden Claims Saudi Arabia, Qatar ‘Ready To Normalize’ With Israel (Cradle)

    This is all 100% Israel’s plan. There is a two-state: Israel takes all the territory, and Palestinians move to Jordan. Simple. Then Israel gets to keep all the fruits of their crimes, and the whole Muslim world kisses them on their bum.

    “Last December, one of the most intrusive provisions in the federal statute book was set to expire. Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) authorizes the National Security Agency to vacuum up trillions of emails and other data.”

    This was “Emergency” measure and “Temporary”. The FISA court reviews them all, and if someone lies to the court, they get very mad and pay them more money with a pension and free healthcare. The world’s greatest existing stock trader oversees it all. (Wait for it)

    “In 1978, Congress passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to outlaw political spying”

    Under Carter. Notice: they were doing it. Congress outlawed it. They did it anyway, but harder: no change. Boy, sure glad I live in a Democracy!

    Developing Covid they were doing it. Congress outlawed it. They did it anyway, but harder: no change. Boy, sure glad I live in a Democracy!

    “From the beginning, federal agencies brazenly lied about the number of Americans whose privacy was ravaged. In 2014, former NSA employee Edward Snowden”

    Lied from 1940. Lied in Church. Lied in 1978. Lied after Snowden. Lies from Clapper and Brennan were front-page TV news. Nothing happened. Still lying now. Boy, sure glad I live in a Democracy! Under rule of law.

    ““..this 3rd Circuit ruling roundly rejects unlawful left-wing attempts to count undated or incorrectly dated mail ballot..

    How dare they?

    And “date”? So f-ing date them today with Nov 11 next year. That’s not like a real obstacle. I predict we will outdo ourselves this time. Past last time, past Australia, we’re going to have 400 Million votes in 2024. 150% voter turnout! You think Kim Jong Il gets votes? You haven’t seen nothing, brother. We’re going to have more votes then people this voting year. Or maybe start voting and vote all 3 years, who knows?

    Whatever it takes. Like Otaku and Woke Reasoning, Critical Theory, you are in a zero-sum game death match and therefore the ends always justify the means. Whatever it takes!

    “• Judge Rebukes DOJ Arguments Against Release of Jan. 6 Defendant (ZH)

    You know we had an insurrection because Alex Jones and everyone else told you not to go there. And then as Jimmy Dore says, we had the greatest concentration of 1A gun nuts in history doing an insurrection, and Whattya know? They forgot to bring their guns! Aw Cletus, I told yer te pack the guns in the pickup! Zero guns. None. In a statistic where probably there would be +30,000 guns on an average day. (10% of 300k gun-owners)

    ““day-to-day reality of confinement” “same political maelstrom”

    Wait: so he’s both terrified of prison so he’ll flee AND also terrified of prison so he’ll re-commit more crimes? Don’t Judges and Prosecutors have to not be Lunatics who believe opposite things all day? Pick one.

    “$935 Diabetes Jab Ozempic Costs Less Than $5 To Make (ET)

    Yes but like Jon Stewart, we’re worried the companies didn’t make ENOUGH money. It’s fraud if they could have made even more money but didn’t. Left: tireless defender of Government and Billionaire Corporations.

    Why is any of this happening? That we have to review and pass laws on prices? Because there’s no free market to begin with. No competition at all, all ordained and exclusively by government. The Government controls the means of production. So how are you really a “Corporation” at all if you never sell to a free market? Aren’t you really a Government Merger?

    “• Why is $BCH So Hot Right Now? (Kim Dotcom)

    BCH is an extremely strong currency. The BTC guys chose to remain in the stone age, with the BTC unmoved in vaults. That’s fine, I guess, they are the digital gold, but BCH kept with Satoshi’s vision that Bitcoin would be USED for something. Transferred more than once a lifetime. As it’s the simplest, it fills the digital gold function. Let’s say BTC are like the mines, and they don’t care if it’s dug up or not. BCH is like the International Gold Trading, Central Bank system. Where the gold moves between vaults.

    …Note it is not yet at the modern CB and trading system, where there is hypothecated gold, theoretical gold, no gold, and no actual transfer of it. We’ll leave that to Ripple.

    So it you’re buying Bitcoin, you may want to buy BCH instead, both for certain, and add Etherium as the only three.


    Trump sold Twitter for idiots

    Maher is a moron, but a popular moron, so maybe he is a clown. Is he saying that the real Twitter, as run by Musk, is for the sensible people and the Trump one is for idiots? So what is the message here? Is he just a tight ass TDS sufferer who wishes he could bed Trump, like Pelosi obviously does? They hate Trump’s wife so hard that you have to wonder what’s happening in their minds.

    I guess Musk will appreciate this little up vote for Twitter; you are for the sensible people, the clever people, the ones ensuring that America is better in the future than in the past. Ooops!

    America is a joke.

    those darned kids

    america may be a joke,

    but manyfist destiny tells us the rest of us will the punchline.


    Endless war creates endless debt, creating endless slavery. Jews sunk the Titanic and greased the right freemasons to create the Fed in 1913. Just in time for WW1 and it was off to the races.. Hasn’t stopped since. JFK, who was in WW2 figured out the who and the why and they murdered him for it.. Now it’s faggots and degenerates sending the brainwashed young off to die, become crippled, murder innocents and have to live with the memories. 110 years later, they own pretty much everything, so they want you all dead. Pension and social security problems solved with a needle. They even fund your replacements, coming to murder, rape and rob you. Wake up Whitey. Come out of that public education/TV fuckin trance or soon there will be no more tomorrows.


    John Campbell:

    Dr. D


    Notes on this: as Jesus already knew what was happening, he had already told the disciples and others. So then when the SWAT team came to the Garden at 3am (the usual at least they had a warrant), the disciples left. There was one who was called “Rocky” and hard-headed and DIDN’T get the hint though, and had also bought an assault weapon and used it on the Police. And although Jesus undid this attack he still followed him down the police station and stood in the waiting room for a signal. I mean, you KNOW he can, right? If he can throw soldiers back and walk on water he can walk out of a police station. I mean, have some faith, right? Maybe everyone else ran off scared, but not Peter. So he was hanging around there suspiciously, and eventually some others asked him about it. I mean, seriously? What is this, a coffee shop? A mall? You can’t just hang around a police station for no reason, giving desperate glances to prisoners.

    Well what happened is, eventually the cock crowed and then Peter remembered not the general prophesy, but his very specific PERSONAL prophesy. And that’s when he knew: “Hey, this isn’t an accident.” There’s not going to be a signal where the angels come down and push them away like so many times before. Suddenly he realized THIS WAS THE PLAN. This. Not to gather a crowd and become King David where Peter was General Simon and Luke was Surgeon General. That is, for whatever reason he couldn’t understand, it was Jesus’s INTENT to be crucified. That’s the GOAL. The purpose of the whole thing. And now that’s weird and calls for some thinking, but it’s all over now. He flees the station crying.

    …Of course that is recorded the #OPPOSITE. That the only guy who STAYED with Jesus until specifically commanded (with a look) to hit the road, is the guy who DENIED him. Wtf? Just use your head: it’s right there. Get some tables and chairs, act it out like a high school play. The guy most denying Christ is the one who never left? Where’s your head at?

    Everyone else, although they didn’t really understand it either, were hiding out from the Romans as they hadn’t got better orders of what to do. The Romans weren’t out for everyone, so they gradually re-joined at the cross because Rome had made their point.
    There’s not much else here, except the Ben Hur view of both racking him, and dropping the cross into a hole using ropes on a frame. And as again, it’s a very small place, he “knew” the thieves from before. One was old, one young, who convinced the young one to commit not theft but murder, and worse in a castle Pilot sometimes visited. So not “thieves” exactly except by profession. You’re not crucified for petty larceny. Usually.

    Again, risking the Romans, Nicodemus and Arithema sent word to the guards to buy off his clothes, so they gave up their game of dice and sold it. They may still be on earth somewhere. I’m often interested as how Roman crucifixion wasn’t very standardized, and even at this one, all three got different crosses and treatment, yet the details are so consistent from then through all time in painting etc. Like the type of cross, the lifting the placement of nails, the wood block at his feet and so on. Odd. How can they know? Artists take liberties all the time, so why not this?

    Although the Pharisees arranged it, Pilot had the last laugh but the INRI inscription: the Jews were super-pissed at him calling Jesus officially “King of the Jews”. Iesus of Nazareth, Roi, Rex, of the Iudaum. IESVS·NAZARENVS·REX·IVDÆORVM

    Anyway, that’s why they were so annoyed to tell him, “Hey if you’re the Christ, save yourself! Yeah! Save yourself AND us too!!” Hahahha. Good times, good times. I mean, that’s what I do when I visit prison, don’t you?

    That’s when the weather turned bad in what was essentially an eclipse. This part is hard to describe, however. Pilot is back at his house with Herod, getting very worried about the Omens of the Gods in the weather. This is why Pilot had wanted to wash his hands to begin with, and ordered up more police detail, fearing trouble.

    In the weather, everyone got suddenly so solemn and unsure that it got deadly quiet and most people left. And fair enough as it had hailed that morning. The Eclipse seems to last far longer than is astronomically possible, like an hour, and remained dim. The Centurions were trying to keep down a riot as the Pharisees were still insulting, while the people were pissed. I believe if someone is cut down and escapes, they will hang up there instead, so pretty serious to keep order here. At the death, the Centurion resigned, and went to tell the hiding apostles about the death, then to Pilot for paperwork of his resignation. Some soldiers did as well.

    Strangely the soul of Jesus went DOWN, not up as is most common at death. — Remember we don’t have official passages on this, but he first visits “hell”. Hell is actually “down”, in the physical earth? Maybe?
    They then had a major earthquake and reports of ghosts. Who were released from “hell”? This was causing a lot of trouble at the Temple where they were doing ceremonies. Especially as the two pillars were collapsed from the earthquake in opposite directions, which tore the fabric of the “Veil” in half, exposing the most holy to the whole crowd. Now everyone starts pointing fingers and saying “we had nothing to do with this! It’s Caiaphas!” Yeah sure.

    People who saw all that and were indifferent, were suddenly converted, and you would be, I’m sure! None of those things happens every day, much less all at once!

    Sorry I have things to do today, can’t be as long and careful as usual.


    Illusion of privacy
    Traceability is a business process that enables trading partners to follow products forward and backward through the supply chain. (Bitcoin Cash)

    Banker Know Secrets
    Bankers must keep accurate record keeping
    What is really happening requires accurate record keeping
    Bankers are liars
    Long covid – coughing, sneezing, drippy nose, shortness of breath, exhausted,

    (…the farther you are out from your last vaccine, the more likely you’re gonna be ok in terms of acute problems. That is to say dropping dead, heart attacks, strokes, all those things. )


    Always a good read, Dr D, I am very grateful to you for sharing your insights.. today is no exception.


    I didn’t know.
    Nobody told me.
    Is this an April Fools’ item?
    Our list of retracted or withdrawn COVID-19 papers is up past 400.
    @ Dr. D
    What happened around Easter Time got edited 300 years later in the official records of the bible.

    Dr D Rich

    Courtesy ZH via xymphora:

      Organized’ by a (((you-know-who))), and thus an issue of religious mockery and not just a disgusting fetish. (((He))) would not have picked an important Jewish religious holiday. Does Biden think this is the way to win an election, by mocking the most sacred religious holiday of the majority of the voters, especially the majority of the Hispanic voters?

    Creating tension but what if the masses, the proles and the Latins not only didn’t NOT (((that’s right…DIDN’T NOT)) get the intended message from (((president Biden))), but didn’t give a shit about God’s Chosen People’s Mouthpiece in the WhiteHouse mocking the most important Day on the Christian calendar??
    Actin’ all offended is a particularly unique and notorious reaction by the personality disordered folk from one of world’s smallest fringe religions.
    Why should 1.3 billion Catholics and their fellow 1.3 billion Orthodox and Protestants care what offense Joe Biden commits on Easter the highest of all Christian Holy days?

    After all, Joe Biden is the one going to hell for the sacrilege?
    Why would ((??Catholic¿¿)) Biden behave so?

    Speaking of resurrection. I never thought anyone could resurrect the Catholic church in my mind.
    You know, the venal, child raping Church but Christ, Joseph Biden certainly has a way with words.

    25 years to make a marine.
    Very few people can make it. it being marine.
    Dr D, tell us about Scott Ritter, Mattis, Fallujah and Haditha….for starters.

    D Benton Smith

    How long before the big guys start using AI to create AI that is designed to bring down the other guy’s AI?

    We will of course assume that it was just another weapons race from the start.

    D Benton Smith

    The biggest problem with Artificial Intelligence (other than the fact that it fails all the time) is that it is DESIGNED to fail. All machine solutions are designed to fail. It’s a damn PRINCIPLE of engineering for gawds sake! If you would trust your life to a rope that had not been tested to hold your weight, then please don’t designed things with any expectation for me to trust my life to ANYTHING you designed.

    ALL machine solutions are designed on the engineering principle of “designed to fail”. One tries to design a needed thing (a tool or a business or a computer, for instances) well enough that it can be depended upon to work well enough to meet the desired requirement. If pushed beyond that point the designed solution (whatever it is) can be expected to fail at SOME point (no one knows where or when until it gets tested to failure-point). No machine is perfect, and all solutions can be expected to fail if pressed beyond their limits. Good designers test and question things, in order to dsicover those limts

    Basically the engineer is saying is, “Look. This little baby is designed to work on time every time, up to the maximum that is marked right there in the contract. Beyond that you’re on your own.”

    Artificial Intelligence is presently able to do what it is PRESENTLY able to do. To do more than that will require that we invest more time, more money and more coordinated effort into making it more powerful than it presently is. In other words, if you want to control the whole farm then you must BET the farm that the investment in AI will work and pay off in the long run.

    But wait! What is it again about what ALL machine solutions are designed to do? That’s right! They are designed to FAIL whenever more is demanded of them than they are presently designed to do.

    So Joe Normal says, “Oh, that’s no problem, when the AI fails we’ll just fix it, and we can simply continue on doing things the older way while we’re working on fixing it.”

    Sorry, Joe, but you won’t. You WON’T fix it because you don’t know how, and you won’t just continue on simply doing things the older way because you don’t know how to do that either. You didn’t think you needed to know how because the AI system was doing it all for you. Why should I know how to spell or do simple arithmetic when I have an AI in my pocket that will do all that for me (and leave me free to listen to music and chat with my friends)

    So the so-called “Smart Guys” are telling you to bet the farm on Artificial Intelligence as the “Way Of The Future?” . Did you bother to ask them what that future would be? That it would be a future where no one knew anything about to do any REAL thing, and that when things broke no one would be allowed to fix it even if any of them knew how? Or that the ones who DID know how to fix things (including society itself) would be declared to be criminals, ostracized and hunted down like dogs to be punished, imprisoned or killed?

    Are all those Whiz Kid AI Geeeeeeniuses even remotely aware that the technocratic, autocratic and MECHANIC solutions they keep trying to force down our throats are DESIGNED to fail.

    THAT is the future of AI, good people. Those hyped up material atheist “geniuses” don’t know the fundamental BASICS of the field they claim to be the unchallengeable experts in. They don’t know because no one taught them as a child, and also because they arrogantly and ignorantly assume that they already knew the basics, which they DON’T. That’s the same reason that they won’t listen to knowledgeable people who try to inform them.

    AI will create a society of ignoramuses, and then the AI will fail (100% guaranteed), and people will die in droves because there is no fall-back position of knowing how to do (and being capable of doing for themselves) what the AI did for them before it failed.


    We don’t need AI to create a society of ignoramuses. We have that already.


    @Dr D Rich re: easter shenanigans

    Another, very powerful, very hated country (name begins with ‘R’) also has a very strong attachment to Easter. Are the trolls that petty, myopic, panicked? I dunno… This almost seems like an inverted South Park, offend anyone/everyone kinda schtick. Draw thousands more cuts. Segway into…

    re: mounting legal challenges

    Is Gaza a gigantic ‘wrongful death’ suit in construction? Merely a bigger bite out of the bloated, floundering carcass?


    You are describing the “Gamers” of today.
    ” Why should I know how to spell or do simple arithmetic when I have an AI in my pocket that will do all that for me …”

    Not only pensioners need to be feed but also the Gamers.
    A.I. will need to produce beyond its breaking point/capacity.

    John Day

    Outrage Ensues As Biden Celebrates “Transgender Day of Visibility” On Easter

    D Benton Smith

    I really don’t understand how governments and autocrats can think they can get us to not be “racist” (for example) just by forcing us to not say racist things. For example by making the word “nigger” illegal in one way and another. The sternly enforced prohibition doesn’t treat the problem (if there even is one) at all!. It’s just too easy to work around the rule without skipping a beat. All that the racist person has to do is say “person of color” (or the equivalent) and THINK “nigger!” at the same time. Just substitute one for the other, like a translation. The same sort of thing goes for all that other shit like transgenderism, Jews and “our democracy”.

    Ironically, in fact, the enforced solution is SO bad that it works to the opposite effect. There’s more racism and harmful sex-based discriminatory actions today . . . BY FAR . . . than there ever were before all the bullshit ideological enforcement actions became the near exclusive focus of our day-to-day interactions with government and all the other officialized institutions. I don’t know about you in particular but I’ve got a lot of other really important and practical things to do than argue about strangers’ sexual opinions and skin tone, or worry about politics when I’ve got mouths to feed.

    Test the politico-economic winds for yourself. Are there more people today, or less, who are starting to think along the same lines as the thoughts I just expressed?

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