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    Eugène Delacroix Femmes d’Alger (Women of Algiers) 1834   • And Now There (Really) Are Two… or Three (Denninger) • Col. Macgregor Response to B
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    Dr. D

    On a long cartoon theme of such things:

    “Biden Orders “Emergency Mission” To Build Port In Gaza For Aid Shipments”

    America building a free port for Israel to pump that offshore oil and gas from. When every Gazans is dead…about next week.

    Thanks Yankee! Another billion dollar acquired. This message is Trump approved.

    “Killadelphia: 8 Teens Shot Near SEPTA Bus In Northeast Philly

    I guess Black Lives Matter. Hey, aren’t guns illegal in Philly?

    Speaking of, the Cromwell Martial Law in NY Subways. Soldiers in the streets! Mass hysteria! Okay, um, maybe y’all are Liberals and incapable of math but 750 soldiers are policing 8,000,000 people. That’s a 10,000 : 1 defense ratio. So….whatcha planning on doin’, fellas? Dropping a banana clip of .223 into the crowd on the “A” Train? A: Checking bags.

    Wait: so this is Biden-caused, Biden approved citywide stop n frisk? A: Yup. …But they promise it won’t be racially targeted…same as the last 30 promises over the last 30 years.

    Okaaaaaay, so do NYC underground usually keep their guns in their bags? A: No. They do not.

    Okaaaaaay, suppose the NY National Guard see something and say something, what do they do? A: Nothing. They have no legal authority for any police work at all. They can effect no arrests. They have less legal authority than a mall cop.

    So…do they make you take off your shoes? ‘Cause I sure see a lot of security theater here.

    Duran comments on more Macron Pinheaded posturing and comments, more pinheaded than even the usual for him. I know that seems impossible he could be more arrogant than before but it appears to be true! Some here are from Europe: my take is as we Yanks say: “He’s a Legend in his own Mind.” He thinks he has the gravitas of Napoleon, but everyone hates his guts and thinks he’s an idiot. Now, question: We know no one on the rest of the planet likes him, DOES anyone in FRANCE actually like him either? Or is your voting system as bad as ours? If so, my guess is he’s the equivalent to our UniParty RINOs, and he gets by on people over 60 and divides the others. Let me know, but I bet the first. Nobody likes him now AND nobody EVER liked him AND your voting system hasn’t worked in 20 years.

    Luckily, when he stood up yesterday and said France ought to go to open war with Russia, literally EVERYONE told him to shut up and sit down. ZERO pickup.

    AND, in British papers, the Pro-arms-dealer wing said in an OpEd: “Either they are all lying about Russia’s risk here, or we are very much under armed.” Uh, yeah…about that. You have ZERO arms being made. ZERO. UK tried to get FORTY nations into a world war; their contribution? ZERO increase in UK military budget. Um…All hat, No Cattle.

    HOW could they do all this with a straight face? Only ONE way: The UNITED STATES was going to fund, arm, and man it all SOLO. For FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! While Europe gets free healthcare.

    And I thought yesterday’s comments about Nikki were insane. This is 7 League Boots more insane than that. They make Victoria Nuland look like Einstein. Those naughty Amerca Firsters. Now why won’t they bankrupt themselves for our convenience? It’s YOUR JOB and our right!

    “DOD Report Shows Proposal To Look Into Reverse-Engineered UAP Craft

    Aliens again. IF we had Reverse-engineered UAP’s, and they don’t need rockets and thus oxygen, could they then land on the moon and use that nuclear power y’all were talking about?

    $1 Trillion every 100 days, and with free airflights and houses on demand to 10 million illegal non-citizens, rising fast. Here’s the thing: BOTH sides want it all to crash. Because it has to anyway. They just want it to crash on their terms. Each side wants to control what is built on the other side. That’s the only thing being jockeyed for here.

    “Jack Smith Says Trump Retention of Documents “Starkly Different” from Biden

    We totally agree. Trump’s was way better. First of all, Biden never had legal authority to have anything in the first place, ever. He also didn’t have “The head of the f—king Cinese spy agency” over at his house with his son. They were also locked and camera’ed, deep inside a (privately) secured facility.

    Listening to RFK, the people need structure. The Party of Chaos is against order, #Logos of any kind. Why are people living in cars? If they had structure, a job to go to, a goal to work towards, knowing what will happen tomorrow and plan and save for, it would all be fixed in no time, including a enormous swath of mental illness. ORDER. Being on time, everyone gets 10% more done, then can get paid 10% more! Magic!

    It is sad to count the Health Care issue. I’m not trying to pick on it, but it’s so huge and widespread I don’t want to forget it because there’s a war somewhere.

    Like Germany, if you get rid of the Nazis, stop lying, and fix the corrupt money, the nation booms overnight.

    “While I wildly disagree with many of Kennedy’s views I might actually vote for him rather than write in Beelzebub or Cthulhu this November,”

    That’s true since Trump also supports Israel in Gaza. One problem: so far so does RFK. However, it’s best if Congress decides RFK when both candidates are dead.

    “Since both of the current “mainstream” candidates claim the situation is a critical problem (and I agree with this) but at the same time claim they don’t have the legal tools to deal with it and that is absolutely a lie”

    Let’s see: if you’re a citizen and trespass, you can be held in solitary for three years without trial. Um…sure seems like they can do something!

    Col MacGregor: perfect example of a Grey Hat. So, he was happy to serve in Iraq, as a violent, voluntary, offensive war in the Middle East on patently false terms, in an opening bid to have a world war that the U.S. would reign supreme? Until that failed and the military realized they might need to adjust but the Secret State refuses? Yeah, I know. But you take allies where you can get them. We’re stuck with the Banks as our allies as well. Brrrrr.

    “Scott Ritter on Biden’s SOTU: ‘America’s Running Away From Ukraine’ (Sp.)

    Running away from Lira’s dead body. I like the theory that Nuland, being essentially the Secretary of State for Europe, was trying to start a nuclear war as a way not to lose the game. Although everything we see is already a puppet show, this was/is clearly “out of control”. White Hats have to pop out of the woodwork to tip the balance on her already borderline situation. The point is for Russia to DESTROY them all. But that can’t work if we lose trust in each other OR go full nuclear. It needs to bleed with Russia on top, reclaiming all Ukraine and bringing Europe to heel. Our “handing” Ukraine back to Russia is our reparations for all the s—t we’ve done since 1990. Probably what Trump-Putin discussed in that meeting they went bat s–t insane about. (I know: which one?) And we both need every neocon and Nazi dead, particularly in Europe. And to re-create a multipolar world. All that happens if there IS a Ukraine, but a Ukraine that plays out exactly like this, with us “barely involved”. That is, we have no more bombs to drop. We are disarmed. Every Nazi and soulless mercenary worldwide is dead, all the ones we missed sending to Syria. Such wars are utterly discredited, and about to be moreso when we monetarily collapse. Every NeoCon and everything they stood for, every slogan they had will be hated for generations to come. Pointed to as we say “What is that THING? That horrible inhuman THING?”

    But only if Ukraine is lost against Europe being stuck-in, and not if there’s a nuclear war, or a loss of trust on us both smashing Europe (really the UniState) together.

    Thinking, why do I have to suppose all this? About London? Well, they ran scenarios after “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1955), what if a foreign, alien power were puppeting … possibly anyone? Could be a 4-star, could be the President. What would you do to protect the country and fight back? This. So understand, ANYTHING THEY SAY, it’s also being READ BY LONDON. You literally can’t have communications in government that aren’t being also read by your enemy as well. Instantly. Preeeeeety hard to fight, yes?

    Now I believe they’ve turned tables on that. I think the White Hats now have equivalent back-doors into FISA and the Classification system and can, for instance, read everything Vikki Nuland writes. On her government computers. Trump can, and almost certainly did, write a letter as in “Clear and Present Danger” and if Biden has no idea the writ exists, he can’t reverse it. So 3rd CIA director of special projects is doing a light day job, but really 60% of his time is covering this and sliding the relevant points back to America First. No one knows. Why? THEY built the system. Like “The Winter Soldier”, it’s all compartmentalized so they can accomplish secret, hidden evil. But once you do that, you can use the same structures to accomplish hidden, secret good.

    So they are all, each reading each other’s mail, but also have to know WHO to read, since like Sauron, it’s not SEEING that’s relevant, it’s knowing WHO to focus on. So they post like MAGA, like the Federal Reserve “Wishes and Rainbows” comic books, Sauron discards them even though they’re right in front of his eyes. They’re “The Little People”. Like Hobbits, they don’t count. That makes the situation very like a chess board: each side can see most of the other’s pieces. Yet it doesn’t matter.

    We just have to outplay them. And apparently are. Because they are mentally ill and can’t resist very specific, identical weaknesses. Like Fani.

    However, that means when someone like Nikki is moving from predictable, a course we don’t mind her taking, to unpredictable, we have to expose ourselves and act. Sending F16 Nukes and 300 mile cruise missiles outside the President is one of those lines.

    • Biden Tries to Blame Republicans for Coming Loss of Ukraine (Sp.)

    Absolutely. But like the Woke video above, we need the People to see that as a GOOD thing. It’s all paradigms. Perception. Interpretation. Remember: right now 1/3 of the nation thinks importing 1 million violent prisoners and giving them free houses is a GOOD thing.

    “Zelensky is against Russia’s participation in the peace summit”

    Speaking of perception, so everyone thinks it’s sensible, reasonable and the “Rules and norms” to have a two-party conflict end without one of the parties?

    Okay, I’m sold! The only way that can work is if Ukraine unconditionally surrenders to them! Ze’s sneaky plan! Bet you never saw that coming! …Because if RUSSIA isn’t invited, they can’t surrender. There is only war, and no “Peace” summit at all. It’s a “Dictating terms” summit. Newsflash: when someone is sick of having terms dictated to them by moronic pinheads like Macron, that’s when they prefer to go to war.

    “If Russia wanted Zelensky dead, he would be.”

    Are you kidding??? Zelensky’s like a gift from God! He’s the gift that keeps on giving! There is no worse leader, or image on the planet than him. I don’t know if we even could accomplish the sapping, undermining, discrediting of all war and neocons without him. The irony is, he’s so dumb, he thinks he doing the #Opposite! Like Chris Evans in “Captain America: Winter Soldier” above. He’s literally IN THE MOVIE, says memorized every line, and doesn’t understand it. Not a thing.

    Paradigm. Perception.

    “what we see in Ukraine today is the result of a wide-ranging project to break up and submit Europe to the neoliberal, hegemonic and imperial interests of the USA.”

    Exactly. Except it’s not “The USA”. Clearly no one in the US is getting any benefit from it. Only about 50 globalists, all of whom can be traced, named, and subpoena’d. Assets stripped.

    ““Western political leaders are only digging a deeper hole for their eventual collapse..”

    What did we say yesterday “The US needs to withdraw militarily and rebuild domestically” – 2011. This was Trump’s plan, although soft, 2016. This is the same “America First” plan from the Generals, 1996. This was finally generalized in the ranks after Iraq, by people like Ritter and MacGregor, perhaps 2009. So 30 years of the obvious, still resisting. Why? The U.S. needs to be bankrupted, chopped up, balkanized, destroyed. Re-African-colonized. Finalizing the 1812, then 1913, then now. Recaptured, freedom and human rights re-extinguished forever. We are the colony, that is clear. Who are the Colonizers?

    “• DC Court Greenlights Flurry of Jan. 6 Lawsuits Against Trump (ET)

    Um, read all this, and … free speech? Do we have any of that, even as a distant notion? Did he take any ACTIONS that indicate…anything? ACTIONS, you see, are DIFFERENT from speech, that’s why we use two different words for them. What you have is a Federal Judiciary, so many decades past-Stalin 99% conviction rate, ALWAYS using conspiracy and incitement as charges, which should be vanishingly rare, so they’ve come to think speech IS a crime. It’s the only crime I’ve EVER prosecuted, through my whole career! Of course it’s Illegal! It’s not only illegal to SAY things, it’s illegal to THINK things! (Conspiracy. Intent.) And I daily use my PutinTelepathy to tell me what JoeJackson was THINKING when he was in that bar with a paid FBI informant getting $10,000 if he can get him to SAY something off-color. 13 out of 15 FBI informants agree!

    …This just shocks everyone when it reaches THEM. The rich.

    It was always illegal. Everything Federal Prosecutors were doing to 30 years was illegal. We all know it. They always admitted it. Look at Peltier. Just only NOW, when it’s you, do you care.

    “• Jan 6 Comm. Hid Exonerating Evidence of Trump’s Push for National Guard (Fed.)

    They not only HID it, they ERASED it. And although the Internet is forever, now you have to find a copy that has legal purview. And offered the troops to WHOM? Pelosi. But all that’s a Conspiracy Theory, although it’s written down. Perception. Interpretation. I can read this right out of the Federal Register to 90 million people and they won’t care. Won’t have the slightest effect on them at all.

    “Rothschild” Yes, but Roths are the upstarts. There are older families that keep their names more secret.

    Porcupines are awful nice fellows. This one looks really sleepy in winter though.

    “Found in the Pirin Mountains”

    Yes. Gravity. Stories of Giants worldwide just like stories of the flood. The stories are all from a certain age and era. Why did the Pueblos build cities in the cliffs? Ask them. They are “Humans” and can talk and have language you know. They say to hide from red haired, 6 toed, cannibalistic giants. But I guess brown people are dumb. …Just like every other people on earth, as they all tell the same stories, even in Grimm. But I am a coincidence theorist, and when every culture on earth says the same thing, it’s False! That’s Science!

    Translation: Whenever we have a worldwide body of evidence, that evidence is wrong! ‘Cause: Reasons! I thought it here in my head, and I am very schmartz!

    Just Some Randomer

    @Dr D. “……If so, my guess is he’s the equivalent to our UniParty RINOs, and he gets by on people over 60 and divides the others. Let me know, but I bet the first. Nobody likes him now AND nobody EVER liked him AND your voting system hasn’t worked in 20 years.”

    Macron got into power purely and solely because all the other parties agreed on an ‘Anyone but (that dangerous fascist!) Le Pen’ policy and coordinated during the second round of voting to ensure it was implemented. Luckily for Rothschild-backed Macron he was the anointed spoiler candidate and so it came to pass that the lions lay down with the lambs across virtually the whole political spectrum (other than Le Pen’s team) and all supported his run.


    Eugène Delacroix Femmes d’Alger (Women of Algiers) 1834

    Just goes to prove that trannies are nothing new, humanity has always produced freaks.


    Politics makes for strange compromises sometimes and whether you like it or not that’s never going to change. While I wildly disagree with many of Kennedy’s views I might actually vote for him rather than write in Beelzebub or Cthulhu this November, should he run on the Libertarian ticket.

    Denninger is pro-genocide Israel? Wow, I never knew that, maybe I will stop reading his column. You have have principles because nobody else does.


    “..Israel has the green light from this White House to commit the worst and most flagrant genocide since the Second World War..”

    So what genocide happened in the second world war? The fable of the Jew holocaust, the fable they tell that is really their dream for the Palestinians? So which MSM story deserves more sympathy? The Jew holocaust or the Palestinain holocaust? Tricky huh. Depends on which one you KNOW to be true.


    Drones are the Future of Warfare

    Russian Fiber Optic Drone Can Beat Any Jammer

    This new kind of drone is annihilating the Ukronazis, they have nothing but the old radio style drones which the Russians are jamming with electronic warfare techniques which improve by the day.

    The fiber optic drone solves a lot of problems in drone warfare

    The Russians invented a drone guided with micro thin fiber optic cable, 10km long, that has no radio or electronic signature so it can’t be jammed.

    It has triple the range of a radio guided drone and does not lose signal as it approaches the ground like a radio controlled drone is prone to do.



    Scary stuff: Russian RBK-500 cluster-glide-bomb hits now regularly slaughtering AFU positions

    Because the Ukronazi/NATO violated the international ban on cluster munitions FIRST the Russians are now returning the favor by blanketing Ukronazis postions with their own vast stockpiles of them

    Even the cockroaches don’t survive these things.

    What goes around comes around……


    RIM DOES IT AGAIN. How many ways can the truth be told?

    Save Democracy – By the people, of the people, for the people.

    Democrats will weaponize violent far-left groups to prevent Trump from becoming the 47th president.

    It was a campaign address, not a State of the Union speech,

    “.. Biden is a “mad, mentally disabled individual who set his mind on dragging humanity to hell.”

    “There is lie after lie. ‘Ukraine can stop Russia.’ No, it can’t. This has been going on for over two years. ‘NATO is stronger than ever.’ No, it is not … It was crazy talk..”

    • Tucker Carlson: Biden’s Address to Congress ‘Most Un-American Speech Ever (Sp.)

    unprecedented loss of legitimacy
    hypocrisy of Western leaders
    No moral authority when they are seen to be inveterate liars and shamelessly corrupt?

    Western leaders are complicit in the genocide of Palestinians

    The blatant double standards and duplicity

    Ukraine is a scamming regime comprised of NeoNazi ideologues.

    Western governing parties are rightly seen as elitist and serving powerful minority oligarchic interests such as the military-industrial-corporate-financial nexus.
    Their declared vows about democracy are a contemptible joke.

    All this crazed folly is based on utter lies and deception
    Trump posts $91.6 million bond as he appeals E. Jean Carroll defamation verdict
    by Kevin Breuninger

    Elizabeth Jean Carroll is an American journalist, author, and advice columnist. Her “Ask E. Jean” column appeared in Elle magazine from 1993 through 2019, becoming one of the longest-running advice columns in American publishing.

    Born: December 12, 1943 (age 80 years), Detroit, Michigan, United States

    The appeal came just three days before Trump faced a deadline to pay $83.3 million in damages to Carroll for defaming her in 2019, when as president, he first denied her allegation that he had raped her in a Manhattan department store in the mid-1990s.

    Carroll said, adding “He lied, and it shattered my reputation.”

    Former Rep. Liz Cheney’s January 6 Committee suppressed evidence that President Donald Trump pushed for 10,000 National Guard troops to protect the nation’s capital, a previously hidden transcript obtained by The Federalist shows.
    Cheney and her committee falsely claimed they had “no evidence” to support Trump officials’ claims the White House had communicated its desire for 10,000 National Guard troops.

    Ian Graham

    Climate news worth noting.
    If the fracturing of our once stable climate doesn’t terrify you, then you don’t fully understand it. The reality is that, as far as we know, and in the natural course of events, our world has never — in its entire history — heated up as rapidly as it is doing now. Nor have greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere ever seen such a precipitous hike.

    Think about that for a moment. We’re experiencing, in our lifetimes, a heating episode that is probably unique in the last 4.6 billion years.
    Posted on CNN< who have to say Editor’s Note: Bill McGuire is professor emeritus of geophysical & climate hazards at University College London and author of “Hothouse Earth: An Inhabitant’s Guide.” The views expressed in this commentary are his own.


    Superstitious leftists use phrases like “The ____ of ____” – or “____’s _____” a statement with a possessive in it, their idea being that you must implicitly accept that part and move on to the next. Best approximation of a Jedi Mind Trick attempt

    He thinks the climate “fractured.”

    “Nor have greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere ever seen such a precipitous hike.”

    “a heating episode that is probably unique in the last 4.6 billion years”

    He has just demonstrated here he has no knowledge of science, indicating he probably does not know what it is.

    What separates the Cretaceous from the Jurassic? Was that within the past 4.6 billion years? Time is hard.

    But he thinks the atmosphere suddenly heating up so much that the ocean at the equator was at boiling temperature was NOT as much of a change as what, one and a half a degree? Numbers are hard.


    “Bill McGuire is professor emeritus of geophysical & climate hazards at University College London and author of “Hothouse Earth”

    Why would you go out of your way to advertise that you are citing a witch-doctor-activist instead of a scientist as your appeal to authority? Are you so far gone, you don’t know how to make an argument?

    Those guys that lied to you, faked data from asphalt roofs, parking lots, and probes inserted directly in the hot ground, who changed the models to confirm their belief when the “wrong” result popped up, who kept telling you you’d be underwater and dead 2 decades ago, yeah, one of THOSE says:

    “heating episode that is probably unique in the last 4.6 billion years”

    There’s actually a ZERO probability of it.

    Like some guy doing sportscasting for baseball saying a home run was “probably a unique event in the last 125 years” Duh, grab a sports almanac. Open it. Swivel your eyeballs to point at the page. Dude got hired to narrate the game and apparently lacks all contextual understanding of the game somehow. But he’s an expert at baseball anyway somehow? Because they called him sportscaster emeritus and I’m just a call center worker, so I’m wrong about baseball, shut up?


    When in a state of bliss
    We humans want to kiss
    The object that inspires our hearts to swell
    And as our lips connect
    The yearning to protect
    Creates a space where love and goodness dwell.

    Except maybe porcupines. 🙂

    Dr. D

    It’s astonishing. THEIR OWN CHARTS show this. The ones they use to try to convince us.

    They hand me the chart, I point at the spot on their chart where they are wrong, and what they say is the #Opposite.

    WHY Won’t It Read???

    No? They took a brick to the teeth for exactly this, the missing “Hockey Stick” chart. Still nothing? No behavior change?


    “the fracturing of our once stable climate”

    You just want us to subconsciously think of The Climate as a porcelain dish which humans have shattered without question.

    No. Make your case for “climate brittleness.” No, saying “our” does not make it so.

    Please explain how the surface of the earth going through extreme temperature shifts involving getting covered in miles-thick glaciers and then melting over and over is “stability”

    Your stability is very, very unstable, isn’t it?

    You argue that the climate balance/stability is FRAGILE and also that climate balance/stability is the most natural thing and that humans are interfering with that natural thing.

    Please explain how something that is naturally fragile, teetering on the precipice of “fracture” such that minor disturbances (Human use of combustion engines as compared to massive volcanic activity, huge comet strikes, etc, etc, etc) can destroy it? How can something be NATURAL when apparently all physical laws, circumstances, the universe, NATURE are against it?

    Do weak, defective offspring maladapted to an environment naturally survive and prosper so long as humans do not intervene, or do they die and not have offspring of their own? Do you believe in the opposite of evolution as well? You’re telling me The Climate is maladapted to reality itself and also that it is most naturally stable. WHAT.


    We have two types of climate records.

    One record is written on paper going back a thousand years or so.
    The second is recorded in our rocks going back millions and billions of years.

    Climate Changers need to constantly lie to get us to believe them.

    Climate Changers want us to ignore the records stored in the earth’s rocks and only believe their recently written on paper lies.

    The rocks tell the truth!

    Climate Changers only know to lie!


    The Ritual Humiliation in Duh’merica is Bottomless



    The Russians are slowly perfecting all their weapons system to an even higher degree.

    The FAB 250, 500, 1500kg ‘dumb’ bombs were repurposed to amazing levels by retro-fitting them with glide wings and precision remote steering allow them to be dropped well behind the contact line and out of range of Ukronazi AD.

    Now the Russians have fitted these devastatingly effective hybrid weapons with small jet engines which dramatically increase their range.

    Clever, creative idea, unlike the Empire of Lies Military Industrial Mafia who can only produce delicate wildly overpriced weapons that need massive amount of maintenance, don’t work half the time, don’t work against actual PEER armies and are impossible to redesign because the original concept is so fatally flawed.

    Something like this miniature jet engine with 500lb of thrust is no being fit onto FAB glide bombs giving them astonishingly long precision range.



    Somewhere lost in Woketardlandia©

    Gender confusion

    I wonder what his pronouns are?


    Yoa Disney, the bloom is off the Rose!



    Why YES!

    Now that you mention it.




    This is truly hilarious!


    Twerk it baby!


    We have pictures of General de Gaulle’parents who were born in the 19th century but absolutely no pictures of Brigitte Macron with her first husband and their young children…

    Something to hide?




    A degree in ‘journalism’ is four wasted years of a young life that can never be reclaimed

    “Journalists” are propaganda maggots at this point in the Collective West.

    But visually they shape shift into this:






    The Modern dating scene looks like Hell on Earth

    I’m glad I’m old



    A Day Late and a Dollar Short!




    Empire of Lies Ritual Humiliation #757

    The Haircut in Search of a Brain

    God Bless Duh’merica!



    Take a good look at Gaza, its coming for everyone. There are no countries, only 1 big corporation. No one will stop it because they are all in on it. All in. The only real enemy is the regular person, the useless eater. Daily bullshit and nonsense is fuckin theatre. You are eyewitnessing 150 years of planning. How do you deal with the cattle, now that you own it all? Take a good look, this is how you do it.


    Trudeau, Did you read this ….
    ‘Israel’ Pressured UNRWA Employees to Make False Statements on Hamas Links: Agency

    Israeli occupation forced employees of the UN Relief and Works Agency into falsely stating that the agency has Hamas links and that staff took part in the Oct. 7 Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, the UNRWA said.

    The assertions were contained in a report by the UN agency reviewed by Reuters and dated February 2024 which detailed testimonies of mistreatment in Israeli detention made by Palestinians, including several working for UNRWA.

    UNRWA communications director Juliette Touma said the agency planned to hand the information in the 11-page, unpublished report to agencies inside and outside the UN specialized in documenting potential human rights abuses.
    “When the war comes to an end there needs to be a series of inquiries to look into all violations of human rights,” she said.

    The document said several UNRWA Palestinian staffers had been detained by the Israeli occupation army, and added that the ill-treatment and abuse they said they had experienced included severe physical beatings, waterboarding, and threats of harm to family members.

    “Agency staff members have been subject to threats and coercion by the Israeli authorities while in detention, and pressured to make false statements against the Agency, including that the Agency has affiliations with Hamas and that UNRWA staff members took part in the 7 October 2023 atrocities,” the report said.

    The UNRWA, which provides healthcare, education and other vital services to the Palestinian people, was accused by the Zionist entity last January of having links to the Hamas’ Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, prompting more than 10 donor countries, including the United States, Germany, the European Union and Canada, to suspend financial support.

    “Cautiously Optimistic”

    Later on Saturday, the head of the agency said he was cautiously optimistic some donors would start funding it again within weeks, warning it was “at risk of death” after Israeli claims on alleged Hamas links.

    “I am cautiously optimistic that within the next few weeks, and also following the publication of Catherine Colonna’s report, a number of donors will return,” UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini said in an interview with Swiss broadcaster RTS that was aired on Saturday.

    Lazzarini told RTS that UNRWA was at “risk of death, at risk of dismantlement”.

    John Day

    New York AG Letitia James Sued For Overriding Transgender Sports Ban


    i do believe those are boys in the picture. I just missed that completely. Just said to myself “those are lovely outfits” and read the news. Adams apples covered up. No tits. well.

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