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    Wassily Kandinsky Moscow Red Square 1916   • Zelensky Blasts West For Wanting Conflict To End (RT) • Russia ‘Done’ With Western Europe ‘For At Le
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    Russia ‘Done’ With Western Europe ‘For At Least A Generation’

    The Collective West & the Empire of Lies is a reverse real life manifestation of The Picture of Dorian Gray

    For 80 years the West has behaved like a debauched pervert while it’s cultivated multimedia PR image, it’s ‘portrait’, remains a ‘beautiful’ example of freedom & democracy.

    It’s major cities have become Big Shitties©

    Revealing it’s true vile nature, the West a cesspool of rent seeking corruption at every conceivable level, a gigantic horrific parasitic Satanic Tape Worm, devouring all it touches.

    It’s better to look good than to be good.

    You look marvelous


    Belousov as MoD Signals ‘Revolution’ in Russian Military


    Belousov as MoD Signals ‘Revolution’ in Russian Military

    I agree with Ritter, this guy is the real deal as far as fine tuning and turbo charging the Russian defense establishment.

    Russia today produces more tanks in a month than the Collective West & the Empire of Lies produce in a year.

    This will only get much worse for the West over the next decade.

    The West’s Military Industrial Mafia is only capable of Grift & Graft.

    I can’t produce cheap clever working weapons like Russia and China, it needs to steal most of the public budget appropriations for ‘defense’ as payoffs for it’s Myriad of Mobsters


    Get down on all fours Tony and bark like a little poodle bitch




    Blinken is such a little ass-wipe


    Nima and Larry bitch slap Pedo Joe

    Blinken is jealous that Putin got the hug



    Putin doesn’t want the Russian defense industry to dominate the civilian economy because ultimately the health of the domestic economy is the key to the long term health of the defense system.

    Belousov is The Man for this.

    Duh’merica’s Military Industrial Mafia is an animated corpse, like Weekend at Biden’s

    Dr. D

    The bubble is in some ways more frenetic and tight. I think it’s wobbling though. On Pocket, random news articles forced on you, they’re like 15/18 weird, (W.E.I.R.D) AWFL neurotic, useless content that anyone I know would go, “Who ARE these people?” Toughen up, Daisy-Mae. Not sure what that is but I’ve posted it before. How Scabble can ruin your life. How to Stop Obsessing of What Others Think of You. (Girls’ favorite shrieking thing is “Obsessing” Very cool, very IN.) What WE think of the 90s. I’ve posted these before but they’re growing, less funny and less sure. Reminds me of yesterday’s article that removing cell phones from girls was a 60% improvement in mental health. Seems easy to believe.

    Here’s one: “The Pill Makes Some Women Miserable. but Are They Really Quitting It En Masse?
    The internet is awash with stories of women throwing out their oral contraception. New data suggests a different narrative.” The New York Times

    This is the neurotic “We all do it together, right?” headline, but I only add here: “Safe and Effective.” Willing to LOOK? It’s been like 30 years unwilling to even LOOK. Where’s your “Sex in the City” woman’s liberation here? Or is it that so many more are coming around to how life is empty without a family, now that it’s too, too late? I didn’t read (‘coz why? NY Times, so it’s a lie) but the fact they have to POSE the question and not go nuclear on it shows the state of control better than any dial.

    Safe and Effective. So, what will the world be without that, and without the Pill. As an option, not as a 100% starting at thirteen? Well, the same as all the old boring people warned you in 1969, but different. Sex IS out, and won’t go back soon, but it will change. However, we may and ARE going back to valuing family, especially some minority of women have broken away. Ridicule is having no effect on them now, which is the end of that line of plans. However human birth will be a minority until we turn around some of these major effects and institutional acts.

    With: “Top Baby Names of 2024”

    “It’s Hard to Be a Moral Person. Technology Is Making It Harder.
    Digital distractions such as social media and smartphones wreak havoc on our attention spans. Could there be more?” –Vox

    Only other trend here is they contract with Pocket to forward these articles for visibility and promotion. Then half of them are paywalled if you arrive. Like YOU pushed ME this article! You offered it for clicking! Thanks for wasting more valuable human time, now nothing will get done. …But that means they’re dying. Everything’s an ad, everything’s desperate for a sign-up, a subscription. You think people are in the position to pay for Vox when they’re canceling Netflix? The whole internet plan, premise, is like a giant forest fire that burns over, leaving nothing. We’re at the point where ad value is zero, ad conversion to sales is zero, and no one has a job because we’re all clicking instead of working, so there’s no MONEY to pay for products even if we were clicking.

    …But I can’t stop it, all the people would have to choose to be responsible together. I can only note it and perhaps ride it. By selling Nvidia at the top here? These idiots are posting “AI takes over the Internet” articles, so they’re clearly dumping on the midwits in Brooklyn.

    “Ex-CIA Ray McGovern: Russia & China – Two Against One

    Alexander brought this up with new Lavrov releases, combined with details we knew but hadn’t focused on. There was a “Two minus one equals one” article Foreign Affairs wrote, back in 1970 which was creating the rift between Russia and China, one that was very well-played and successful. Also probably had an organic foundation. All know this, right? Then Nixon got in China (Had to be a Republican) and opened it up so Poppa Bush, the real handlers, could start the NAFTA, utter liquidation of the U.S. we see today. Robbing and scuttling our Pirate ship and commandeering China’s instead.

    But as they have “The Plan” and “The Plan” is always the same, Midwits like Blinken and Biden are doing the SAME THING now. Like literally, new information was, Biden went last to Putin (as VP?) and pitched Putin the line, “Boy, China sure can’t trust those slanty-eyed people, amitrite? They’re just loooooming over you. Better pitch in with your REAL close friends, US and Europe.” …After dropping life expectancy by 10 years and stealing everything not nailed down. Putin’s response in 2019? Immediately booked a high-profile tour with Xi.

    And that was it. The West suddenly realized: IT’S NOT 1965 ANY MORE!!!! Who knew? When you’re ten-thousand years old and president you forget these things. Russia was NOT going to fight with China. They were allied. Panic!!! Where did all this “Obvious Reality” come from??? Who brought that in here? To our air-tight fart bubble, sniffing each other’s bums all day and saying “Yum”? So Foreign Affairs, RAND, swing into action, send Blinken. He tells Putin, “Hey, you know we’re um, putting in medium-range missiles IN UKRAINE, go ahead and stop us. Ha ha.” That is, NUCLEAR CAPABLE missiles. Then as that plan is working, Ukraine then says they’re GETTING NUKES. And Joining NATO. We remember these parts.

    Because, THEY had the plan to set Russia and China against each other – and you can still see this every day, with Blinken visiting China and ORDERING them to stop, to completely sanction Russia – but when that plan didn’t work, they needed to ATTACK and TAKE RUSSIA OUT, using Ukraine. Of course, being glue-drooling morons who spend all day sniffing farts, they thought 10 sanctions and a whiff of grapeshot would shatter the Russian army and collapse the world’s largest nation for digestion. …Because once they set the ten-thousand year old guys aside and put in only the FIVE-thousand year old ones, THEY think it’s 1979, not 1969.

    That Russia would take a grim resolve to do their utmost come what may never occurred to them. And Russia herself had not realized until that time that they were so MUCH more powerful, and the West so MUCH weaker, just like us in 1915. Russia’s probably a 10x coming out of the 90s, but how would you check? Things on the ground are pretty modest, sure you got the Dacha fixed but it’s not like Beach condos with BMWs or anything. You see that stuff on TV where there ARE beach condos and BMWs from Bar Harbor to Miami in the ‘States. Right?

    Except it’s all on debt kiting, no underlying economy in the West whatsoever. We’re 10X, 30x smaller, all illusion. Then we meet on the battlefield. That plan would have been retarded in 2001, a LIFETIME ago. A Generation. Like, pop up out of Satan’s butthole and read a book sometime?

    I say that because RUSSIA had braced for the Final, inevitable end of everything. The erasure of the whole Russian people. Even to nuking the planet if they couldn’t avoid it. Very, and I mean galactically serious stuff. And did it anyway. They thought they might LOSE, it would be a hard, tight race, in the depressive Russian way. So for every attack to just bounce off is shocking to them, which makes for great power and great tactics. People are SERIOUS, they do everything right. And it can’t be one guy, just Putin, we could put one guy into the White House (and maybe did) but every person from him to the Janitor is an utter clown. Lazy, unserious, unmotivated, useless, worse than useless as they’re taking up space. You need everyone you tell your plan TO, to also be serious and capable. And Due to Russia’s hardships – that is to say, “Us”, WE did that – they are made up of those people right now.

    So there’s your short: These dips—ts thought it was 1969 and they’re just split Russia and China before a war THEY WERE TELLING CHINA THEY WERE HAVING. Jesus and Mary. The whole point of the Russia/China thing in 1969 your great grand pappy did, was that they WERE in a war with each other, but MAYBE not in a war with the West, so why not talk? If you’re DEFINITELY in a war with the West, what are the odds you’d attack your allies?

    As Nitwits from Harvard realized their “Awesome Master Plan” was a zero, like dumber than a bag of hammers, THEY STILL TRY IT, and are STILL trying it with every press release to China today. “Russia only gets x (wheat, washing machine chips) from China! China’s Fault!!” But then they said, “Aha! We’ll just crush Russia between Feb and June of 2020, THEN go on to conquer all China 2025 and be home for dinner by 2030! Ha ha! I have it written right here on this spreadsheet!”

    So they set up the missiles, nukes, NATO, to DEFINITELY get Russia to attack, and IN A HURRY. RAND put out a whole paper on “What’s the best and most certain way to make Russia attack us?” No joke. And so here we are today.

    What’s the point here, besides review? THE SAME PEOPLE ARE IN CHARGE. So…maybe they’ll move the clock up to 1989, not 1979 this time? They are right now, saying “Okay, you got us: tell you what, you just give us all Ukraine, in NATO, with Nukes, and you can keep the Donbas.” …Or we’ll send in our brand-new state-of-the-art fighter jet we just invented a few years ago in 1976, the F16. …I kid you not. See what I mean? Oh and send our massive WWII army of 3 Million stationed there. (It’s now 1M, split worldwide.)

    Needless to say, this is very dangerous. But thankfully we’re so weak, useless, and collapsing, much less than you’d imagine since 90% of it is all run and dictated by Russia, who has no interest. We’re going to do WHATEVER they say, WHENEVER they say it. So thank God it’s NOT Stalin to take over and absorb all Europe for the Glorious Revolution or they would be.

    Back to your regular program…

    “CNN just reported that President Trump has more than doubled his support with black voters.”

    One: ON CNN. Why am I seeing this? They’ve never told the truth before. Two: I forget the level by which the Democrats would never win again, but it was really low, like 15%.

    There won’t be an election. Or not with these two.

    “It’s quite a troubling sign…” CNN.

    For who? There’s a reason you’re not supposed to say these things. Then we know you’re not news but Propaganda. (And Fox too.) If you even START by saying good/bad, myguy/yourguy you’re going to lie and misreport the news because it’s SO EASY. It’s VERY HARD to be objective and stick to facts and not theories, implications, opinions that immediately lead you astray — and therefore lead all your readers astray.

    “Democrats are freaking out after “star witness” Michael Cohen testified under oath that he was coerced into flipping on Trump.”

    Did somebody not know this? Because I thought it was a Congressman who said it on the news. …As if the Feds going down there to begin with wasn’t enough.

    Maher looks nervous saying all that. As well he should.


    I smell a rat. There is definitely something on the tapes with all this staging. And I didn’t realize, Congress got the legal transcripts of everything already. So what do you need the live reels, what’s going on? Yeah, probably they weren’t transcribed accurately but are all more lies and cover up.

    Remember: in this war they can all read each other’s mail. WE have guys in there who can access and read the tapes. They TELL someone they should dog-hunt. The bad guys ALSO have the tapes, access, and blackmail files though.

    “• Zelensky Blasts West For Wanting Conflict To End (RT)

    I agree. We’re probably over 750,000 dead and possibly a million and certainly in other deadly categories. And again, a third of Ukraine is Russian because they were the resource-rich East, no longer citizens, and another third are in Europe. That’s 1M dead over 10M population. The collapse horizon of the People who study these things, like the US Army: Nation ceases to exist. Nor is Russia done yet, they’re getting started.

    “What are you fighting for?”

    Like yesterdays’ footage in the trenches, gives me nightmares. What are you fighting for? It’s really easy: You’ve been HAD. It’s a con. Fighting for nothing at your level, so some rich guy can snort a but more cocaine and buy a slightly better class of hooker. That’s it. Worldwide. Sorry, I’m not fighting for that. I’m fighting YOU. You could just leave us alone but I don’t see that in the cards.

    “• Russia ‘Done’ With Western Europe ‘For At Least A Generation’ – Lavrov (RT)

    Well, what would it take? A total revolution and turnover HERE, in the West. To expel all these guys and their 10,000 year old thinking. … And that takes a Generation. For US, not them. It’s not Russia that might come around, it’s us.

    “• Zelensky Details Ukraine’s Weapons Demands (RT)

    Zu already said this and wasn’t kidding. EVERY tank in Europe. EVERY gun. Etc. Now do you see why? Oh and Air support with medium missiles at a minimum, instant WWIII. He’s not wrong. So if the top general tells you we need this or don’t bother, what makes you say “Fight the war when we’ll lose anyway”?

    “is “intensely focused” on finding and delivering Patriots and other air defense systems to Ukraine.”

    Alexander mentioned this. They’re “Focused”. It’s nice to be “focused”, that’s sweet. However you know perfectly well the location of every Patriot ever made AND THERE AREN’T ANY. And worse, you aren’t making any. At all. So call me when you’re serious and not a clown.

    Addendum: It just came to my attention that the Patriot is a system, that involves the radar station, 5 missile trucks, support loaders, people, all that. So it’s like a Company? Somewhere like 200 specially-trained men? I mean, if you thought it looked like just one HIMAR on a Semi or something. Also why it’s so expensive, not ONE truck, but dozens, highest radar, all communicating, moving, needing tires, camo tents… The men also need tents, kitchens, whatever… It’s kind of a big deal. Especially for something that doesn’t work.

    Belousov would focus not only on macroeconomic concerns, but also on innovation within Russia’s defense industry:

    It’s not JUST this, it’s that someone, everyone, was smart enough to know they should do it in the first place. And when “Putin” (or the Putin collective) said do this, everyone said, “Good idea, I understand” and didn’t buck it for ego, push their own alternate priority. Belousov may be smart and good but the genius is a level back. We have all kinds of super-smart people here too, we just refuse to put them in power and in fact drum them out.

    “The US has been Ukraine’s single most important ally” in its conflict with Russia, observes analysis from Business Insider”

    I disagree. Our actions make us RUSSIA’s single most important ally. And Ze is Russia’s greatest asset and advantage.

    “demonstrating the weaknesses of a military industrial complex that for decades has been focused on “war against militant groups such as the Taliban* in Afghanistan” rather than combating large state actors.”

    Well that’s false. If so, we wouldn’t have catastrophically lost to them all. These small, cheap drones existed for years. No one made them as they didn’t cost enough. Your own documents said you should but you didn’t,focusing on the B52, F16, and Electric Dreadnaughts. (no, I am not kidding)

    “• Ukraine Asks US To Help Locate Targets In Russia (RT)

    …Compared to every day since 2014? Yeah, that’s a lie. They’re just trying to go official from limited hangout, just like thousands of official NATO troops.

    ““..there is one party that wants to end the war and then talk about the hostages, and there is another party who wants the hostages and wants to continue the war.”

    This is great since as long as they keep arguing, every last living Palestinian is murdered. Problem solved! Oops. AND we just built that dock to land stuff to build the new canal.

    “did we know what was really happening?”

    Yes, but the real key is a morality starts far before. WE all said not to do 2001, no Patriot Act, no surveillance, no GwoT, don’t shut down protests, allow free speech, shut down the government, shut off the money, make sure the elections are real and so on. Heck: no Consumerism. No TV. Focus on the Family. It’s the culmination of those 500 tiny changes that insulate them from us, keep us from stopping them now, no matter WHAT we do. If we had been more moral and fought all of those, Free Speech, Gun Rights, warrantless wiretaps, Fair Courts, togetherness, Free Assembly, not that this wouldn’t have happened but the battle would have come to a head at a much lower level. Maybe still epic, but not a 100% genocide.

    In a way, it’s not THEM, it’s YOU. It’s Us. Now I’m only one guy but I can tell you this. I can’t stand up at the barricades by myself, you know. We all need to hold the line in the dividing within each of our hearts. And help and support each other out here.

    Woody Harrelson: It’s US. Stop helping. Withdraw your consent. The System loves attacks but has no mechanisms for non-support.

    “• Study: Risk of Suicide Increases 12x After “Gender-Affirming” Surgery (NTB)

    This is why they’ll burn the nation down to keep it going: it kills more children than anything else they can find.


    This is why there is still income disparity with men and women. No, really. They’ve adjusted for DEADLY, and that’s the reason. So if you want to DIE, be a man. That’s how it is. There are only a certain number of deadly jobs left and they’re all done by men. The only one done by women in number is Nurse, that’s dangerous (Injury) but also death (Suicide, eg). Policeman doesn’t even rate, it’s practically safer than mailman, and I think it is safer than UPS driver. Maybe this makes women smarter than men – probably. But I don’t mind.

    Yaxi: We used to do this all the time. Still could if we want. I was more noting it’s a seismic area. If the road is super-high they should call it the “Biden Road.”



    It’s here NOW

    It’s the New Thing

    Accompanied by it’s Stalking Horse: Deflation

    All major countries in the West and Asia have collapsing demographics

    Too many geezers, not enough babies.

    High breeding migrants from the few high breeding countries will shut down after the second generation of assimilation into Modernity.

    No babies to buy all those endless tracts of flipped childless houses?

    Think of all those McMansion’s turned into chicken coops and places for livestock to shelter during the Great Demographic Retrenchment.

    Maybe just giant suburban pet hotels



    Evidence of Kiev as a proxy war waged by US/NATO against Russia.

    – • Zelensky Details Ukraine’s Weapons Demands (RT)
    – • Ukraine Asks US To Help Locate Targets In Russia (RT)
    – British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said Kiev had the right to use UK-provided weaponry for cross-border strikes on Russian targets.

    – material aid, the training, and the intelligence that the US and many European countries have been providing to defend Ukraine.
    – US-provided weapons in strikes on Russia

    – considering the fundamental anti-Russian consensus of the American elites

    – intend to continue trying to restrain the development of Russia,
    – continue the policy of aggression and
    – relentless pressure that they have pursued for years, or
    – look for a path to cooperation and peace?

    • Russian Supremacy in High-Tech Warfare of the Future (Miles)

    – Russia’s military innovation
    – new military doctrine, taking note of both tactical and technological innovations.
    – The realities of drone and electronic warfare
    – Russia’s electronic jamming capabilities

    “The collective West still believes firmly in its own full-spectrum supremacy in terms of political, economic, and military power, despite the growing body of evidence to the contrary,”
    Berletic added. “Russia for many years worked on making itself more self-sufficient in general, dismantling many potential dependencies on an increasingly aggressive and irrational West.
    This clearly paid off when Western sanctions in 2022 failed to have the crippling impact Washington, London, and Brussels had hoped for, and instead backfired on the West itself.”

    • Biden Currently Not Scheduled To Attend Zelensky’s ‘Peace Conference’ (RT)

    A Swiss-hosted conference on the Ukraine conflict, set for next month, is not on US President Joe Biden’s event schedule, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby has told reporters. More than 160 countries have been invited to take part in the summit, which is set to take place on June 15-16 at the Burgenstock Resort near Lucerne.
    Russia, however, isn’t among them
    Zelensky’s ‘peace plan’
    implies a complete withdrawal of Russian forces from all territories Ukraine considers its own, for Moscow to pay reparations, and for a war crimes tribunal.

    • Russia & China – Two Against One (Ray McGovern)



    “Think of all those McMansion’s turned into chicken coops and places for livestock to shelter during the Great Demographic Retrenchment.

    Maybe just giant suburban pet hotels”

    The fun part is keeping those starter castles liveable. I know of some in my area that have an older couple trying to manage these behemoths after retirement. These places are costly to keep up and running. With all the building requirements for energy efficiency air handling is very important for keeping the interiors mold and mildew free. So to try and save some coin they have shut down large portions of the homes and then complain about the mildew and rot that starts to build. Great store of value there?


    Truly Historically Epic

    Alex & Alexander Discuss Russia & China New Hybrid Organism




    Info behind paywall

    US Hedge Funds Test the Waters in Ukraine Warzone
    After a loan default, Argentem Creek and Innovatus face off local businessmen to take over assets in the port of Odesa

    … amid the violence, a duo of US funds are taking on local businessmen for control of a large grain storage complex in the port. Earlier this month, a bankruptcy manager appointed on behalf of Argentem Creek and Innovatus started doing inventories on the GN Terminal Enterprises facility, signaling a court battle that lasted for more than a year has entered its final stretch.

    Even Argentem’s fund managers — who almost a decade ago joined a successful campaign against a Ukrainian farming company whose founders were on the run from the local justice — have never tried to take over assets amid an armed conflict.

    “The asset itself is inside the warzone; there have been missile attacks close to the facility,” says John Patton, a portfolio manager at Argentem in London.

    In December 2022, ​​Argentem’s lawyers requested immediate repayment of the loans, kicking off the court tussle. This year a court in Lviv, Ukraine, instructed a bankruptcy manager to take over the assets on behalf of the funds. The process will still take time, Patton says.

    A director named by the company has taken steps to strip assets, he says. That means “the bankruptcy manager will now have to take steps through the Ukrainian courts to undo these transactions and safeguard the assets.”


    According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Russian forces intercepted 61 Ukrainian attack DRONES and 9 ATACMS MISSILES on this single night (18.05.2024).
    The majority of these drones, 57, were shot down over the administrative territory of Krasnodar and another three over the province of Belgorod. (…) In addition, 9 MGM-140 Atacms tactical missiles and an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) were shot down over the Crimean peninsula. Source: Sputnik Brasil. Automatic Translation.
    Posted by: Elber | May 19 2024


    CNN presidential debate
    What you will hear and see will be controlled by the camera men and the editing teams.
    (You won’t see someone picking his nose)


    A helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and the country’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has crashed in the northern Iranian region of East Azerbaijan, state-run media reported on Sunday.
    Earlier on Sunday, Raisi arrived in the province to join his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev to take part in the commissioning ceremony of the Khudaferin hydroelectric complex and the opening of the Giz Galasy hydroelectric complex, both on the Araz River.
    Follow Sputnik to find out more!


    Woody Harrelson

    To whom does he speak?

    Yes, all economic classes buy a lot of toxic junk. This, often, could be easily stopped.

    But not always.

    Does he speak to those that have incomes above the median? If so, then yes, go for it: follow his suggestions.

    But what about those of us with incomes below the median? Whose young children wear pajamas from Walmart or thrifted or hand-me-downs, that are impregnated with toxic chemicals to prevent the Jammies from burning? (WTF? Not a lot of open flames in our homes any more….) Not everyone can purchase Jammies of organic Cotten, carefully not marketed as pajamas so that they don’t have the toxic chemicals added as required by law. Sure, I can travel all the way to Whole Foods, purchase a bag of 10 organic corn tortillas without the junk and glyphosate, and fry them up for tostada night rather than purchase the ready-made tostada rounds from the Walmart a half-mile away, full of GMO corn — but the cost for the Whole Foods ones, per 6” tortilla, is about 10 times the cost of the ones from Walmart. Oh, and the Whole Foods tortillas must be refrigerated and used or frozen within about 4 days or they will mold — because they have no preservatives.

    I hear this stuff and I hear, “Let them eat cake.”

    Those who survive with incomes below the median can surely be smart, ignore the advertising, and reduce the toxins in their homes — and save money, too. But the idea that they can radically alter their purchases to influence the behavior of the large corporations is impractical on its face.


    Gone. The second largest gas storage facility in Europe – that’s all.


    Strike in Ukraine


    And if disease x shows up like a miracle, biden can wear a mask at the “debates” and they can morph someone else’s voice into biden’s.

    Iranian president…
    I hope my numb dread about this is unfounded.
    “I hit Krako, Krako hits Tepo, Tepo hits me…..”


    Maksim Dmitrienko was a French army soldier, who spent his days patrolling the streets of Paris “sniffing out terrorists”.

    Apparently, he wasn’t having enough fun there, so he joined the French Foreign Legion and went to Ukraine to try his luck…

    He’s in a Russian prison at the moment


    Nazilensky’s former adviser Arestovich has truly turned on his own government

    From his mouth to God’s ear…..

    Arestovich explained why Ukraine is ruled by “incompetent immoral monsters”


    The East, Russia, China, India…is beholden to the same jewmoneymasters we are. You’re falling for the big show, the dialectic…us vs. them. It’s worked for centuries. Build up, steal everything, cull the herd, bankrupt em, move on the greener pastures. The whole fuckin world sits in uncomfortable silence as the jews genocide women and kids. People slaughtered for beachfront condos and natural gas. No one does shit except some Houthis. Tells you, clear as day, who runs the satanic shit show.

    John Day

    Hug Heard Round The World

    Before getting to “the hug heard round the world”, let me present the news that Ukrainian military forces were “blind” at the outset of the Russian military offensive across the border, towards Kharkiv. They could not target Russian forces and could not see them. Starlink was out for the Ukrainian military. On Wednesday May 8th a series of solar x-class flares, from a sunspot aimed at earth, began. These have two components which arrive at earth, the x-rays and other photons in 8 minutes, followed by high energy protons in a day or two, depending on their energy. Higher energy protons arrive sooner. These high energy protons carry electrical current which is imparted into the earth, ionosphere and magnetic fields, creating geomagnetic storms. These high energy protons were predicted to arrive at earth Friday May 10, and they did, though they arrived about 6 hours earlier than expected.
    May 10th was the day the Russian border forces between Kharkiv and Belgorod began advancing into Ukraine. These advances were not expected so early. They were expected a week later, based on intelligence and Russian massing of forces on the border.
    Smaller Russian army groupings started moving in, in what was thought to be a testing of Ukrainian defenses, a reconnaissance-in-force. Ukraine has piles of tank-obstacle “dragons teeth” dotting the countryside, not arrayed in defensive lines with minefields, as contracted for. Ukrainian military forces were largely “special forces”, “nationalist” battalions, trained to make hit and run incursions into Russia. They uniformly abandoned their positions.
    These Russian advances began before the coronal-mass-ejection of high energy protons arrived, maybe 10 hours prior to that, but the Ukrainian Starlink seems to have already been blinded by Russian electronic warfare attacks. It is possible that the Russian incursion was testing both the border forces and the Starlink resilience to attack, just ahead of the series of geomagnetic storms, taking maximum tactical advantage of the space-weather, and remaining secretive, since the x-class solar flares aimed at earth were not predictable.
    This presented a “perfect storm” to the blinded Ukrainian army, not trained or prepared for this early attack, unable to see or attack Russian positions without their drones, and unable to respond with targeted artillery and rockets. Gaps in the incomplete defensive lines were large and numerous, so Russian armored vehicles moved in unhindered.

    WP: Starlink communications failed on the day of the Russian attack on the Kharkov region
    On the morning of May 10, when the Russian offensive began in the Kharkov region, the Ukrainian military lost all ability to track the movement of Russian troops from drones due to interference in the system due to Russian electronic interference. This was reported by The Washington Post with reference to the Ukrainian military.

    Not completely true, it seems: Global communications networks weather strong solar storm During the height of this weekend’s solar storm, on May 10, both AT&T and T-Mobile were monitoring the events but did not predict any serious disruptions, due to having networks that don’t rely on high-frequency bands, according to published CNN reports.
    Elon Musk, the CEO of Starlink, wrote that Starlink’s satellites were under pressure during the solar storm on the company’s website, but SpaceX has since reported that “all Starlink satellites on-orbit weathered the geomagnetic storm and remain healthy.”
    In the aftermath of this weekend’s solar storm, the Associated Press reported that federal agencies like The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Energy have experienced no significant issues due to the geomagnetic event, which persisted through the weekend into May 11 and May 12.

    From 2 months ago: SpaceX gets E-band radio waves to boost Starlink broadband
    SpaceX has secured conditional approval to use extremely high-frequency E-band radio waves to improve the capacity of its low Earth orbit Starlink broadband constellation.
    The Federal Communications Commission said March 8 it is allowing SpaceX to use E-band frequencies between second-generation Starlink satellites and gateways on the ground, alongside already approved spectrum in the Ka and Ku bands. (All high frequency bands)
    Specifically, SpaceX is now also permitted to communicate between 71 and 76 gigahertz from space to Earth, and 81-86 GHz Earth-to-space, using the up to 7,500 Gen2 satellites SpaceX is allowed to deploy.

    John Day

    Putin’s Presser Prior to Leaving China , Karl Sanchez
    Vladimir Putin: In general, the negotiations were very informative, very intense.
    The status of the visit is official, state, but this is a purely working trip, without any doubt. From morning to night, we spent almost the whole day together with the Chairman and his colleagues. A lot of topics were raised for discussion.
    And the fact that the future depends on Russia and China is partly, only partly true. Because the future of humanity depends on all of humanity. But, of course, both China and Russia are important components of modern civilization. And we have our own opinion about how we should develop. And this development of ours will certainly affect the development of all partners on the planet.
    Development, we believe, should be constructive, peaceful, without any doubt. It should take into account not only our interests, but also the interests of all participants in international communication.
    And of course, we need to strengthen the emerging multipolar world. There is no doubt that it is developing before our very eyes, and the world is becoming multipolar. I think that everyone understands this very well and is aware of it. And it is important that those who are trying to maintain their monopoly on decision-making in the world, on all issues, understanding this, and I think they understand this very well.

    Simplicius is very informative about all of the goings on in Russia with the cabinet reformation and the meeting with Xi, which seems to be laying the foundation for an actual BRICS-based “new world order”, which is commencing already, and may become much more apparent in the next half year.
    The DragonBear-Hug Signals Unprecedented Expansion of Ties

    The Bangladesh Post has a picture of the hug, with this caption: White House jokes about Putin-Xi meeting (Look at their hands. Different hands.)

    John Day

    From (as fate might have it) July 4, 2023, a reminder that Putin hugs-around (though he doesn’t seem to initiate it, himself):
    Putin says Russia is ‘united as never before’ during Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting
    hugging around

    RAY McGOVERN: Russia & China — Two Against One
    Xi Jinping’s reception of Putin yesterday in Beijing sealed the increasingly formidable strategic relationship, fundamentally misunderstood in Washington.
    Putin noted the “unprecedented level of strategic partnership between our countries.” He and Xi have met more than 40 times in person or virtually. In June 2018, Xi described Putin as “an old friend of the Chinese people” and, personally, his “best friend.”
    For his part, Putin noted Thursday that he and Xi are “in constant contact to keep personal control over all pressing issues on the Russian-Chinese and international agenda.” Putin brought along Defense Minister Andrey Belousov as well as veterans like Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and key business leaders…
    ..Putin has said he is aware that Washington’s policy toward Russia “is primarily impacted by domestic political processes.” Russia and China certainly assess that Biden’s policy on Ukraine will be influenced by the political imperative to be seen as facing Russia down.
    If NATO country hotheads send “trainers” to Ukraine, the prospect of a military dust-up is ever present. What Biden needs to know is that, if it comes to open hostilities between Russia and the West, he is likely to face more than just saber rattling in the South China Sea — and the specter of a two-front war.
    The Chinese know they are next in line for the ministrations of NATO/East. Indeed, it is no secret that the Pentagon sees China as enemy No. 1. According to the DOD’s National Defense Strategy, “defense priorities are first, defending the homeland, paced to the growing multi-domain threat posed by the People’s Republic of China.”
    The Pentagon will be the last to sing a requiem for the dearly departed unipolar world. May sanity prevail.

    Putin and Xi Jinping agreed on joint development of the previously disputed Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island
    The President of the Russian Federation and the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China signed an agreement on the joint development of the Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island. The previously disputed territory now has a chance to become a symbol of friendship between the two states.
    Note that the Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island is located not far from Khabarovsk. It is divided between Russia and China. Beijing previously claimed full sovereignty over this territory. However, the signed agreement indicates that the PRC has made concessions to the Russian Federation in this matter.
    However, as experts note, Beijing, apparently, expects to receive serious profits from investments in this territory, thereby compensating for territorial concessions.
    Let us add that Bolshoy Ussuriysky, together with the neighboring Tarabarova Island and the small islands surrounding them, were taken under protection by Soviet troops in the 1920-1930s. Since 1964, the PRC began to dispute the ownership of this territory. But the agreement signed today indicates that the territorial dispute has been resolved.

    John Day

    Thanks Eleni. What would be a good day for this? US chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says NATO will deploy troops to Ukraine
    In a major escalation of the US-NATO war with Russia in Ukraine, US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Charles Q. Brown told the New York Times Thursday that the NATO military alliance will “eventually” send significant numbers of active-duty NATO troops to Ukraine, which the newspaper said meant the deployment was “inevitable.”
    In asserting that NATO sending troops is “inevitable,” the Times means the decision has already been made, and all that is being awaited is the determination on how best to announce the escalation to the public.
    Brown’s statement that NATO will send troops to Ukraine, after US President Joe Biden categorically ruled out such a move because it would lead to “World War III,” continues the pattern: Every time the White House has said it would not do something in Ukraine, it has subsequently done it.

    “Political speech”, American style: WashPo: Wealthy Jewish Donors Pushed NYC Mayor to Launch NYPD Crackdown on Columbia Protesters
    Over a dozen Jewish billionaires working secretly in concert with the Israeli government were part of a private WhatsApp group chat which conspired to push New York City Mayor Eric Adams to crackdown on pro-Palestine protests at Columbia University, according to bombshell leaked chatlogs obtained by the Washington Post.
    The Post’s shocking report reveals how many of the most prominent Jewish billionaires and multimillionaires in America worked together in secret to advance Israeli interests on multiple fronts, suppress Americans’ free speech rights, reward politicians who do their bidding with donations and hide their connections with the Israeli government.

    5 Israeli soldiers killed, 7 injured in northern Gaza after IDF tank mistook them for enemy
    According to an initial IDF probe, a tank operating alongside the paratroopers in the Jabaliya camp fired two shells at a building where they were gathered at around 7 p.m.

    ‘Liars’: Israeli lawyer heckled at ICJ hearing
    Watch the moment an observer at the International Court of Justice called Israeli lawyers ‘liars!’, as they submitted ‘counter-evidence’ against South Africa’s petition to impose provisional measures on Israel under the Genocide Convention. The Israeli lawyer looked up at the public gallery in shock before the official ICJ live stream was stopped and the woman who heckled was escorted out by security.

    ​ EU Big Brother is Watching News of Fico Assassination Attempt
    European Commission says it is “actively monitoring fake news” of the incident, and ready to impose fines on tech platforms for “failing to tackle disinformation.”​

    John Day

    ​ Hey, the CIA did that during the cold-war, too. Small world! Documents were found in the Slovak archives according to which the accused of the assassination attempt on Robert Fico Tsintula was active in anti-communist activities in the 1980s.

    It sure wasn’t Pfizer or the CIA, probably just “Russia”, like Nordstream. Suspect in assassination attempt on Slovak PM may not have been ‘lone wolf’, minister says.
    The “worst has passed” for shot Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico, the deputy prime minister has said, but his condition remains “serious”.​

    ​”Remember Pearl Harbor”, as the saying goes… US Sending Nuclear-Powered Carrier For ‘Higher Stakes’ Red Sea Mission (The “Truman” as it happens.)

    US Political change signaled ? The ‘NYTimes’ finally publishes a comprehensive indictment of ‘Jewish terrorism’ against Palestinians
    The New York Times has astonished its readers by publishing a long indictment of a subject it has purposely ignored for years: “Jewish terrorism” against Palestinians.​

    John Day

    ​ 300 Pages of Emails Leave No Doubt: Fauci, NIH Knew Early on of Injuries, Deaths After COVID Shots
    ​ According to documents obtained by Children’s Health Defense, reports of injuries and deaths following COVID-19 vaccines — including a child injured by the Pfizer vaccine during a clinical trial and a fatal vaccine-induced case of myocarditis — reached NIH researchers, Dr. Anthony Fauci and others in 2021 and 2022.​

    ​ Dr. Robert Redfield, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said Thursday that many officials who tried to warn the public about potential problems with COVID-19 vaccines were pressured into silence and that it’s high time to admit that there were “significant” side effects that made people sick.​..
    ​..“Those of us that tried to suggest there may be significant side effects from vaccines … we kind of got canceled because no one wanted to talk about the potential that there was a problem from the vaccines, because they were afraid that that would cause people not to want to get vaccinated,” Dr. Redfield said… In September 2020, a few months before the first COVID-19 vaccines were given in the United States, Dr. Redfield testified before the Senate that COVID-19 represented the “most significant public health challenge to face our nation in more than a century,” and that the prevailing view among scientists at the time was that the overall case fatality rate of the disease was somewhere between 0.4 and 0.6 percent in the United States.
    ​ “If you were to look right now, individuals under the age of 18, it’s about 0.01 percent, 19 to say 69, it’s more like 0.3 percent. And if you’re over the age of 70, it’s about 5 percent now,” he testified at the time.
    ​ While there’s lingering controversy about the severity of COVID-19, a recent study estimates that the global case fatality rate was 8.5 percent in February 2020 but had plunged to 0.27 percent in August 2022, meaning that the estimated relative risk reduction over that time was a whopping 96.8 percent.
    In his interview on NewsNation, Dr. Redfield said that the vaccines that were developed as part of Operation Warp Speed were “important” and saved “a lot of lives.” However, despite their benefits, the drawbacks of the vaccines must be a matter of open discussion, he said.
    ​ “They’re important for the most vulnerable people, those over 60, 65 years of age. They really aren’t that critical for those that are under 50 or younger. But those vaccines saved a lot of lives, but they also—we have to be honest, some people got significant side effects from the vaccine,” he said.
    ​ “I have a number of people that are quite ill and they never had COVID, but they are ill from the vaccine,” he continued. “And we just have to acknowledge that.”​

    ​ Top Japanese oncologist says COVID-19 vaccines are “essentially murder”
    ​ COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are “the work of evil” and have amounted to what is “essentially murder.”​ The comments were made by Dr. Masanori Fukushima in a recent interview. The decorated oncologist set up the first outpatient cancer clinic at Kyoto University in Japan and was responsible for the first course at the school in pharmacoepidemiology.
    ​ He cited one particularly alarming side effect that the mainstream media in the U.S. hasn’t reported on – the prevalence of “turbo cancers” that were “previously unseen by doctors.” He said that these cancers started appearing after the rollouts of the vaccines and have been progressing so quickly that they are often in stage 4 by the time doctors diagnose them.
    ​ He added that the jump in these cancers has been accompanied by increases in excess mortality from cancer in general to a degree that cannot be explained simply by missed treatments or screenings during COVID-19-related lockdowns.​

    ​ Deadly Surge: CJD Cases Skyrocket Post-COVID Vaccines​ (I have cared for one patient with Creutzfeldt Jacob ​Disease and I would recognize it in a heartbeat.)
    ​ United States — A rare, highly progressive neurodegenerative disease, notably Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), has shown a concerning rise following the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. Prion diseases, characterized by brain deterioration leading to swift demise, have seen a notable uptick over the past three years, with many new instances reported post COVID-19 mRNA vaccine administration. Prions, known for their ability to rapidly degrade similar proteins, raise concerns about transmissibility when individuals are exposed to affected organs or blood.​

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, Is weaponized bird flu going to be the next pandemic? Bird flu: What is it, Who’s Doing and Paying for the GOF research, and Who’s Cashing In?
    Not to mention, why are we hearing about it NOW? And what about the vaccines?​

    John Day

    ​ How Food Giants Get Kids Hooked on Junk Food — and How to Stop Them​ , by Ralph Nader​ (Hey, I used to vote for this guy. They blamed Bush on me for that.)
    ​ Parents are protectors of their children. They have to be especially on guard to protect their children from pervasive direct mass marketing, using influencers, peer groups and abduction of their youngsters into the Internet Gulag.​
    ​..About 45 years ago, at a social gathering, I asked an executive of a Minneapolis-based large food processing company if he fed heavily sugared cereals to his children.​ He smiled as he shook his head. Smart person. His and other major companies producing what is now called ultra-processed foods (UPFs) had scientists and labs.​..
    ..These companies’ marketeers succeeded in getting these children, as my mother would say, to turn their tongues against their brains. The children were also shown how to nag their parents into buying junk food and drink.
    ​ In fact, Madison Avenue advertising firms would give high ratings for ads “with a high nag factor.”
    It was about 1980 when obesity rates started rising at alarming rates. Now about 30% of adults are obese, another 35% are overweight…
    ..During recent decades there has been an increase in peer-reviewed scientific studies showing that certain foods you can easily buy in the markets can increase your life expectancy while others reduce your longevity.
    ​ Long-time medical and science reporter/author Jean Carper boiled down these findings into a highly usable new little book titled, “100 Life or Death Foods: A Scientific Guide to Which Foods Prolong Life or Kill You Prematurely.” (See my recent column “New Book: Choosing Regular Food to Extend Longevity.”)
    ​ On May 8, 2024, The New York Times defined UPFs as “using industrial methods and ingredients you wouldn’t typically find in grocery stores – like high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and concentrated proteins like soy isolate.”​…
    ​..“Think sodas and energy drinks, chips, candies, flavored yogurts, margarine, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, sausages, lunch meats, boxed macaroni and cheese, infant formulas and most packaged breads, plant milks, meat substitutes and breakfast cereals.
    ​ “In a large review of studies that was published in 2024, scientists reported that consuming UPFs was associated with 32 health problems, with the most convincing evidence for heart disease-related deaths, Type 2 diabetes and common mental health issues like anxiety and depression.”​…
    ..UPFs make up two-thirds of the calories consumed by children and teenagers in the U.S. Still, the giant food companies are getting away with little regulation, especially for their heaviest advertising that pushes their profitable UPFs.​..
    ​..This corporate interference also extends to constantly putting such UPFs into school lunch programs.

    How Food Giants Get Kids Hooked on Junk Food — and How to Stop Them

    ​ WEF Demands Limits on Car Ownership Among General Public​ (They know ​that we are in post-peak-oil​ since late 2018.)
    The globalist WEF is demanding that regular families with more than one car should be forced to give up one of their vehicles.​.. The WEF insists that limiting the number of vehicles people can own will help to “save the planet” from “climate change.”
    ​ The WEF argues that members of the public must be forced into giving up a vehicle as part of the organization’s “One Less Car” agenda.
    However, the agenda appears to be a stepping stone for the WEF’s long-promoted plan to eliminate all private car ownership.​

    ​ Russia to continue expanding cooperation with China in production of cars — Putin
    The Russian leader stressed that he welcomes the active expansion of the presence of Chinese car makers and appliance producers on the Russian market​.

    ​(Recall from last week) ​Russia Discovers Massive Oil and Gas Reserves in British Antarctic Territory
    Russia’s Rosgeo uncovered oil and gas reserves in British Antarctic territory, estimated at around 511 billion barrels.
    ​ The discovery poses environmental risks and challenges the 1959 Antarctic Treaty, which prohibits oil developments in the region.
    Geopolitical tensions rise as Russia’s activities in Antarctica are viewed as a move towards resource extraction rather than scientific research, sparking concerns among international observers.
    The reserves uncovered contain around 511bn barrels worth of oil, equating to around 10 times the North Sea’s output over the last 50 years.​

    ​The first Aurora Borealis ever was seen in New Caledonia. First-Ever Aurora, Planetary Alignment Coming


    You know Trump’s trial is a political show trial when even Zerohedge doesn’t have any Trump click bait articles covering Thursday and Fridays show proceedings!
    Because there has been no msm coverage of Thursday and Friday, it is safe for the Democrat jury to convict Trump!
    And they will convict Trump because it is too dangerous for the jury not to!
    Once the juriers walkout of the courtroom they will receive no police protection!
    See how that works!

    Pleased to see that more than a few Ukrainians failed to show up for work Monday!
    Ukraine is fast becoming a country where only women work!
    The men are all in hiding!
    The Ukrainian elites are going to have to find a way to round up more cannon fodder or their money flows will suddenly stop!
    That is the deal!
    Bodies for money!
    Now if only the women are brave enough to go into hiding with their men, ill this proxy war end!

    Of course the CIA kills people they don’t like!




    In regards to that Russian soldier asking the Ukrainian soldiers why they are fighting?
    The Ukrainian soldiers are fighting to help the western bankers implement a central bank digital currency!
    I realize sadly 99.9999% of these Ukrainian soldiers do not know this fact!
    I am not sure fighting and dying to enslave oneself and family is a worthwhile cause.

    Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi is believed dead after “no survivors” were found at the crash site of the helicopter carrying him, according to Iranian state news channel IRINN and semi-official news agency Mehr News.

    IRGC confirmed that the heat signature detected by the Akıncı UAV belongs to Iranian President Raisi’s helicopter.


    Raisi had been in an aging Bell helicopter, with some reports saying it was over 40 years old… … as Iran’s aviation sector has languished under many years of US-led sanctions…

    Is it more likely that they were using a specific machine built during the Nixon administration, or one of their own new ones? “The aircraft is over 40 years old” meaning the MODEL?

    Iran appears determined to not only maintain its enormous fleet of hundreds of Bell helicopters in the wake of the ongoing U.S. arms embargo against it, but also to make indigenous and unauthorized copies of them. In 2006, Bell filed suit against Iran for making unauthorized knock-offs of several models including 206s and 205s… …During the 1970s, Iran’s then-leader, Mohammad-Reza Shah Pahlavi, developed a serious taste for Western aircraft… …Under the deal, Bell built a large aircraft factory in Iran

    …The knock-offs are being marketed under the names Shahed 276 and 278, and Shabaviz 275 and 2061 and Panha 2091, a remanufactured AH-1J Cobra. A light gunship derived from the Bell 206, the Shahed 285, was unveiled last year….

    …during the last 30 years, Iran has grown into a major arms producer and exporter, selling arms and military equipment to more than 57 countries. Iran’s home-grown “Bell” parts and helicopters were initially manufactured largely for domestic consumption. However, in 2002 it began marketing the Shahed 276 JetRanger knock-off to paying customers


    So the Iranian aircraft industry was languishing and they use 40+ year old helicopters to ferry their president around but ALSO have a burgeoning aircraft industry exporting brand new Bell knockoffs to 57 countries, they’re expanding way too much and need to stop starting back in 2002.

    Right, and if I have a fridge full of fresh groceries I just bought and my mom shows up and needs a snack, I root around past all that fresh stuff to feed her the one spoiled item I can find hidden in the back. What can I say, I’m a militant FIFOist

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