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    V. Arnold

    Caitlin Johnstone

    Three days before President Trump announced him as the new National Security Advisor, deranged mutant death walrus John Bolton…

    What a hoot.
    We’ve learned two things; Trump won’t be “allowed” to make a deal with Kim and Moon Jay In has learned the length of his leash.
    U.S. maroons talk of a Lybian model; I think not; surely China and Russia have something to say about that.
    Of course the U.S. idiots in charge may try; but they have an entire carrier battle group to lose, including thousands of men and a 12 billion dollar carrier.

    V. Arnold

    Well, fuck me; how about Libyian? Sorry, my bad.


    V. Arnold

    LoL, Yosemite Sam Bolten.
    But I guess not really funny; at least in the literal sense.
    More the ironic sense…


    Those stupid nk refused the USA investments of a string of beachfront hotels.
    They refused foreign investments that would have made life better for the common people.
    They refused USA guarantees that the rulers would not be deposed.

    Those stupid rulers of nk refused to give up their gun while being threatened and surrounded by gun fanatics.

    Dr. D

    Killing Hospitals are part of the signed and approved Agenda 2030 “Green” policy. “Behold a Pale (Chloros) Horse!”

    The idea — or really more of a demand-or-else-we’ll-murder-you — is to make a fixed number of sci-fi 1984 megacities where people are easier to control, that way we’ll “save the planet” for the rest of the wildlife. …You know, the wildlife they cared so much about when spraying roundup, drilling for oil, paving for malls, and harvesting every living thing on or below the surface of the earth for profit. Funny thing, those big wild areas sure will make great medieval hunting estates, to be enjoyed by everyone provided you have a couple million dollars a pop to get out there. The rest of us will be in coffin cities seen by Japan, but really developed in China right now, using VR glasses so you never have to interact with the actual windowless shipping container you live in, much less jump out the window to Foxconn’s waiting nets.

    …You’d think I was making this up, but I’m not.

    Anyway, if rural people are … as the National Review said, “too stupid to rent a uhaul” and move where we tell them, central planning Chairman Mao- style, then they deserve what’s coming to them.

    You might think this is being a crankee Yankee, but France has this plan a couple decades ahead of us, such that “national health” France has not only no hospitals in the countryside, but no doctors either. Love at its finest! Not content, they are driving the few stubborn holdouts into the sea, to insure there is –literally– no health care outside of the megacity.
    “It’s over for doctors like us. I’m among the last,” said Alain Ducoq, 67, of Leyme, southwest of Sousceyrac. “By 2015 there won’t be any more doctors around here.” Why? They won’t even keep telephone service up much less other infrastructure, yet invested $57B into cities, pulling cash OUT of the country. Like here, and Flyoverland. You can see if you have no telephone and health care, it’s hard to attract or keep people in your small town, but it’s our fault ‘natch, for being stupid and ignorant, ‘natch.

    Why? You be the judge. But I’m a coincidence theorist. Everything that happens is a big, god d–ned coincidence, and this coincidentally matches exactly the de-facto treaty initiative these same countries signed as far back as 1992, and started at exactly the same time. Hope they don’t expect any food! But you know they won’t worry: they’ll just eat cake!


    We used to have hospitals dotted round the country side but the neoliberal experiment of the 1980s classified them as too costly to continue having. Saying that though technology advancement has meant helicopters are used to transport urgent cases to the main centres and emergency clinics have also emerged. Midwives have replayed Drs as the main medical source for women having babies.

    V. Arnold

    Hmm, interesting article re: French rural dwellers; but it’s also from 2013, a bit dated.
    Here in LOS I’ve never not had cell service, and we’ve driven to areas where I’ve met people who had never seen a westerner before.
    In any event, I’m not as taken by that article as some might have been.
    Some sci-fi writers predict that city dwellers will live in hives; unless of course they are rich.
    On that, I’ll win the death bet and miss that entirely. 😉

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