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    Pablo Picasso La lecture 1932   • Americans See Civil War Within 5 Years, Upcoming Election as Flashpoint (Sp.) • Ukrainians are God’s Chosen Peo
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    “. . . . These people are desperately just trying to hang on to power. Nobody wants to give it up, and nobody wants to reform.” Armstrong

    “. . . . Then, you do not know what they are going to do with the currency. . . . They will do whatever they have to do to survive. That’s what governments always do.” Armstrong

    another believer in The Second Passover. Everything is going to collapse, but not for me. Look forward to and profit from two four years of major economic creative destruction. Just remember when the market correction is complete the western financial and political centers will return to the apex of hegemony. There will be plenty of debt to buy so position yourself now to buy into debt at the bottom.
    The faith is strong in that one. Hope he has a blue tarp.

    “Nobody wants to give it up, and nobody wants to reform.” hmm – must read the comments section @ TAE


    Have a look at this, look where Taiwan is. It is in position 14, just above Hong Kong at 15.

    Top 100 Richest Countries In The World

    and again

    How is this possible? Hong Kong is a first world country and Taiwan is a second world country; just visit and see the difference in the money on the street. Just look at the salaries offered to workers in these countries and you will see that there are no advanced jobs in Taiwan, especially in finance, they are 50 years behind Hong Kong. Taiwan is making injection molded plastics, that is their main industry, their semi-conductor industry is mostly not in Taiwan.

    So what is going on, how does Taiwan have such a huge GDP per capita. This is a country that cannot even afford to have safe electricity in its buildings, death by fire caused by electrical faults is the primary cause of accidental death in Taiwan. In fact, over 40% of all building fires are caused by electrical faults. So why is the 14th richest country on this planet suffering such shite electrical installations, do they like dying in their sleep?

    Taiwan has the lowest corporate tax rate in Asia, it is west-aligned, so it is used by many companies for registration. All this GDP that they talk about, it is not happening in Taiwan, it is happening in mainland China, in Vietnam, even in America. Taiwan is the poorest of the Chinese-world countries.

    GDP is a measure used to fool you, do not be fooled. However they concoct this number, it is totally misleading and is therefore worthless. GDP is bullshit, it is blatant lying.

    Dr. D

    “Russia out of Weapons: can they still win the war?” -Military TV

    WHO are you talking to??? You think a guy wakes up in Novosibirsk and says, “Golly, I wonder what CNN is saying today?” “Boy, the BBC sure is helping me out! Telling me all these things about how we should surrender! I’m sold! My income has gone up 20x and there’s food imported worldwide in every store but this Putin guy is terrible!”

    What. The. Actual. As I say every day. Reality free zone. Get the idea of Logic right out of your head.

    However: “Putin will launch a devastating attack if Kersh bridge is struck.” –Times. More bread crumbs. They hit it, Russia cuts the Dniper, the war is over 1 week after Republicans gave the money to not get blamed…but no weapons ‘cause we ain’t got any.

    “The protests are a stress-test for network development ahead of the 2024 election”

    …And then a miracle happened. 200 days after Oct 7, not with 5k, not 10, not 20, not 30k, but RIGHT ON CUE, ALL colleges – oh wait: NOT ALL Colleges, just a score of SPECIFIC colleges – SUDDENLY all protested one day, in unison, all at once. And the media stopped whatever they were doing and covered it, ignoring everything else INCLUDING GAZA, all at once. …Oh, but only when finals are here, they could lose the whole semester, and are really busy. THAT is when I stop everything I’m doing and protest people I don’t know.

    What’s the key? Like ISIS, they love their “Flags”. Fresh, newly printed FLAGS. Must all get royalties from that screen printing shop, like ISIS did. Some people noticed:

    As he said, THAT is when I protest people I don’t know instead of becoming a dead-ss broke peasant mistreated at home.

    Funny ‘ol world. Like he says, this is not to say it isn’t worth protesting. It has nothing to do with what’s going on. But IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT’S GOING ON. What’s going on is: they pushed a button, you all jumped.

    Back to Bannon, DOES it have to be put down? Put down ‘hard”? Why? Was anyone injured? Are they not allowed? WHO is reporting this, or failing to? Failing to mention they’re not students but paid agitators? The MEDIA IS HALF THE MOVEMENT. And we know for a fact they’re paid. Look at who owns Fox, or Reuters taking millions from MI6.

    Shut off the money and it all goes away. It was never real to begin with. The Father of Lies.

    Putin: That’s the name of my new Church Group: “Our Lady of Reduced Social Responsibility”. No the reason this didn’t happen is Trump a serious germophobe. On the edge of it being a problem. And also mildly paranoid he’s being set up. Living in NYC with Epstein and Bragg all his life, I wonder why? I wonder why he tells his managerial crew for decades “Be careful who you talk to, who you meet in bars. When a beautiful woman for no reason suddenly gets close.” Because 4 decades of Stormy Daniels’ scamming shakedowns, since he was 19? ‘Cause that? THAT is why the Moscow thing never happened. But they’re “Reporters” so they don’t know how to use the “Phone” and “Ask.” …Reporters are half the Movement, just as they are paid to be. “Don’t tell anyone I’m a HACK” – NYT reporter to Hillary Clinton.

    “If you don’t vote for Trump, this great big empire is gonna crumble.”

    If you do vote for him, it will crumble too, but in a different way. Some people DO believe this, but I think the number is way below 50%. “They said it, therefore it’s a lie.” So this poll was taken of people who just left the Theater of the new movie ORDERING them to have a Civil War, suggesting, teaching them how? Why now? Why am I reading this? Civil War was Waaaaaaaay more likely from 2001 to 2016 under Hillary. Now it’s more talked about but less likely than before. It will be Devolution, the center doesn’t have enough gravity to hold because it never should have been doing anything in the first place. 90% of what they do is unconstitutional, 80% of that is illegal, like planting evidence and dicking with the economy.

    The “Boogaloo” boys come from this, what, how long ago? 10, 15 years? And it wasn’t they were making a “Boogaloo”, an Event — they specifically Weren’t — they thought that some sort of unrest was inevitable now and wanted to be prepared for it in Hawaiian shirts. Point being: Why NOW? Why am I reading this NOW when it’s been true for 20 years, and LESS true than ever?

    A: Do What You’re Told. Now I ORDER you to have a civil war so we can escape.

    “Despite his invoking of the Almighty, Zelensky has led a crackdown on the Orthodox Church for the last two years.”

    Yeah, historically, how does that work out for nations who try it? I can think of only one: Soviet Russia. Everywhere else getting rid of church and tradition goes badly, weakens the movement, it goes too far, and collapses.

    That’s why you know that if religion returns – and I say this for whatever reason, however this works – like Russia 1997 – the nation coheres and strengthens. You will see that if we also turn back toward God, #Logos, and whatever religion here, whether we will become New Age, or Buddhist, or whatever. We haven’t yet, but the underlying current is close now.

    “which at this point seems in the realm of fantasy.”

    If it’s fantasy, we print it. Thank God they’re all psychotic delusionals who don’t know what a “Gun” is (as seen by their 2A Congressional testimony) or we’d really have trouble. They ran down the list of equipment we have and are giving them, and it includes only and everything that failed forever. Javelins, Stingers, the 50-year-old F16. You know: stuff that’s worthless and expensive to dispose of. Big discount to make fields of Ukraine our dumping ground then we have warehouse space for REAL arms that might work against someone past 1972.

    “The rapid crumbling of Ukrainian defenses, leading to military retreat, prompts questions about the Kiev regime’s failure to maintain the front line.”

    I disagree: I think their fighting and defense has been brave, inspired, and exemplary. …But also very, very, very stupid. I’m not putting down their willingness to fight, for whatever reason (e.g. they’re on drugs and will be shot), only that by fighting the wrong battle, Ukraine will cease to exist and probably has. Ireland fell back and took England over 100 years, and won. Win the battle before the battle — Sun Tzu.

    The rapid crumbling of Ukrainian defenses, leading to military retreat, prompts questions about the Kiev regime’s failure to maintain the front line.”

    Again with fantasy and psychosis: IF you had INFINITY resources and men, sure I would have done both. But this is planet Earth, not a CG movie. Then they were down on corruption of badly made lines, fortifications of sand that they had to immediately abandon. Well, yeah, when you give me $10 and 30 days, that’s what you get. I would love to have 400 days right next to a cement mine too, but that didn’t happen. Ukraine was busy.

    Our people throughout the West are if possible, even MORE psychotic. They actually think MONEY does something. The printed the MONEY and poof! Guns appear like WalMart! Crappy Little Elves stock the Crappy Little Shelves. “Its not like you can go down to Sainsburys and get some” West said.

    YOUR MONEY MEANS NOTHING TO ME. Just. Stop. Everybody with half a brain knows it, but that’s now 0.1% so nevermind.

    “This is piece of legislation is a betrayal of our First Amendment rights and a testimonial how AIPAC Israel through bribery and blackmail”

    Hey was that Epstein guy related to AIPAC and Israel? Where’s that client list?

    So I presume just as Blacks are being called “White Supremacists” widely with no trace of irony, all the Jews will be arrested as Antisemites. But I support the Jews so I have to Protest – I mean NOT protest – I mean Protest. Both. Neither. Ai. …I’m an antisemite either way, no matter WHAT I do, or WHO I support, and we enforce it according to who is my MINION, who is my friend.

    …Oh. That makes sense then. #Logic-free zone, it’s just #Power. Right.

    “• French Foreign Legion Dispatched to Ukraine, Ex-DoD Official (Sp.)

    To do what? To DIE. They’re the tripwire force. Every one of them must be killed to MAKE the United States fight this war for them. I ORDER you. Newsflash: (and as Ritter says) it’s not ONLY that we don’t want to, it’s not ONLY that we won’t, WE COULDN’T EVEN IF WE TRIED. The Entire U.S. military couldn’t beat Russia, and that’s IF we pulled out “Team America: World Police” from everywhere on the globe. Is it possible in theory, someday, given enough lead time? Maybe. Our weapons are still from 1964, but maybe. It would take 20-30 years of intense hard work though. Your money means nothing to me. We’re not coming Jupiter, but please kill every Frenchman so we know who you are. I knew who you were when you sent out the SS to shoot French women in the eyes. But we know your kind hate and attack women everywhere.

    They’re a tripwire. Their purpose is only to DIE, and the purpose of THAT is only to start WWIII and Nuke Russia Europe.

    ““..NATO has no justification to send troops to Ukraine, because Kiev is not a member of the bloc..”

    They set this up decades ago and we all said it at the time. Why is NATO in Kosovo? Why Iraq? Why bombing aspirin factories in Africa? And now they’re in the Pacific? They had no business there either for 30 years but you all let it slide. Tony Blair was found guilty of any number of crimes, still out there, let him go. NOW you suddenly care? Okay, happy to see you but…

    Israeli Piranhas clearly don’t work worth a hoot. And Russia is using glide bombs. Like most things this is eyewash, bulls—t, a con.
    Hey how’s that Israeli “All digital Ukraine” going?

    “We have kicked the can down the road as far as we can go. It’s not just in the United States. Europe is in the same boat.”

    That means they need an excuse to steal, and someone to steal from. They have started the China sanctions already. Stealing: It’s a way of life! Not just for West Virginians anymore.™

    “Gold is bouncing around the $2,300 level,”

    That’s not high unless prices tank. It should be $20,000 minimum. Or Bitcoin $1 Million? Why? It’s an ETF on Western Corruption, OF COURSE it can only go up. I didn’t cause that. Stop corruption and it all goes away. But you can’t.

    Dr. D

    …Come to think of it that does make sense. If they know they’re over the horizon on Devolution, they already lost the Center, then their backup position is to try to get States to fight.

    Like, Tennessee attacks Atlanta. Only then can they win and steal and escape because if the States just do what is legal and normal — Connecticut and Hawaii go rainbow, Oklahoma and Mississippi are red and everybody leaves everybody alone — then the U.S. carries on just fine according to the Constitution the way the Founders intended. And THEN how am I going to kill everybody and steal everything? #DisasterCapitalism

    So this would make sense. They know they lost. They lost the Russian Revolution 2.0, they lost Communism, they lost the Center. But if they can get us to tear each other apart they can still salvage something out of it.

    …And I will do this for why? Wtf do I care what they do in Connecticut?


    Taiwan is a country? When did this happen? As far as I know it is still part of “one China”. History before it happens, or history the way it was supposed to happen, according to whom? Also some of those listed are city states not countries, a city state! Where does its wealth come from? The mines, the fields or vast amount of forest products? Cities……humpf, good luck within them.


    Dr D said

    As he said, THAT is when I protest people I don’t know instead of becoming a dead-ss broke peasant mistreated at home.

    You protest people you don’t know every day, they live in your head rent free, they drive you to waste your time writing stuff on TAE, stuff that most of us either can’t follow or do not have the time to read, or in my case, alternating between the two. Shame your protests are to yourself, or your imaginary audience on TAE, they might mean something in the real world.


    it is numbing to witness the callous amorality of western culture

    11.5 % of US population in poverty – 2022 – 37.9 million lives
    650,000 estimated homeless in US

    Armstrong’s crash
    4 years
    Deagle’s numbers

    when the automated delivery vehicle brings a robotic mechanic to your residence to clear the DWV system will you be able to afford the service? The AI can do all the calculations to reveal possible remedies and send the delivery vehicle equipped for every possibility. The years of coding and mechanical refinement required to produce a problem solving robot will certainly be a profitable investment. One must of course wonder how large a market niche would be available to encourage the scale of investment required to have the service available with minimal wait times for service.
    Logic has nothing to do with it, thats for the coders. That’s for sure!

    of course one might ask “What is the DWV system?” – “Why would it need service?”


    French Foreign Legion Dispatched to Ukraine, Ex-DoD Official

    As the French get kicked out of Africa, they can send their Goon Squads of Legionaries Who Enjoy Killing People (LWEKP) to Ukronaziland.

    A perfect segue for a dying colonial has-been.

    The Russians enjoy snuffing mercs, They get a pay bump for each one.

    Rumor has it that as you crush a French Legionarie, they sound like a dog’s squeaky toy.




    Just Think.
    A false prophet
    is a person who falsely claims the gift of prophecy or divine inspiration, or to speak for God. • Moscow Ridicules Zelensky’s Claim About God and Ukraine (RT)
    Loss of control result in the likelihood of imminent war or apocalypse

    Collapse of global civilization, defined as a significant decrease in human population and/or political/economic/social complexity.

    • You Need 2 Years of Food – Martin Armstrong (USAW)
    Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong has new data on how well the Biden economy is doing.
    Apocalypse movies,

    A detailed Ukraine-Russia peace plan

    • New US Antisemitism Law Turns Israeli Genocide Critics Into Criminals (GR)

    to ensure that Zionist Israel always gets what it wants with total impunity
    People Power
    “Looking to the future, peace and development remain the trend of history and the aspiration of the people,” proclaimed Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi in 2023. When all countries pursue peaceful development, the future of humanity will be full of promise,”

    John Day

    @Aspnaz: Thanks for explaining the Taiwanese GDP. There are knock-on implications for western oligarchs.


    Aspnaz, oroboros, glad you liked it. I have had some exchanges with the writer and some other of his ilk on substack (kinda my haunt these days).
    Breggins v Desmet is hotting up over there
    Latypova performed a serious knockout on Malone and Sage Hana and Yeadon are seemingly terrorizing the Ivermectin crew.
    It’s juicy down the never ending rabbit hole.

    At the end of the day Those banking family shits working through BIS and the policy implementers like gov and DoD are just parasitic arrogant arseholes that have no sense of humour and gross me out.

    John Day

    @Oxymoron: I read it, too, and passed it on to somebody who will like it.


    Women, young adults, and non-white voters were found to be most likely to predict an imminent conflagration

    So the people who LEAST predict a conflagration are… the ones everyone who DOES predict it pictures in their heads as fighting it? Also the ones with the most guns?

    Dr. D

    Not sure: they get really excited with any opportunity to emotionally “Let’s Pretend”, in say that 100% of the U.S. are White Nationalist Nazi fascists, but then learn nothing, do nothing, save nothing, train nothing, and shop on Amazon with the same guys they say are Nazis. So if you ask them, it’s a little possible they’ll get excited and elated by the idea, but: Goldfish! Two seconds later it never happened, they never believed, it, and you never asked.

    …Get #Logic right out of your thinking.


    : There are breaking reports from several Middle East outlets, including Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya that Hamas has accepted the ceasefire proposal of Egypt and Qatar.

    BREAKING: Hamas says in a statement it has accepted the Egyptian-Qatari ceasefire proposal.

    However, almost immediately on the heels of the above statement came this rejection:

    Israeli army radio journalist: “Sources in Israel: Hamas actually approved a softened Egyptian proposal that is unacceptable to Israel.”

    Israel says this is “a trick” and a ruse intended to cast Israel as the side refusing…

    Israel says this is “a trick” and a ruse intended to cast Israel as the side refusing…


    Maxine Waters Claims Right-Wing Groups Are “Training Up In The Hills Somewhere” For Civil War If Trump Loses

    Oh yes, give us your wisdom on maintaining a civil society and preventing civil war, o woman who advised her followers to harass people who disagree with her everywhere all the time, advocated for assassination of the president, and threatened a jury using an angry mob during deliberation

    “I want to know about all of those right-wing organizations that he’s connected with who are training up in the hills somewhere and targeting you know what communities they’re going to attack”

    Since we know they function on projection,

    Translation #1: “We have leftists training up in the hills somewhere for this right now”

    Translation #2: “We have fake right wingers training up in the hills for this right now”

    “They are planning on a civil war if they have to do that,” the Congresswoman concluded, adding that “Donald Trump is a pure racist… and I am worried that the attack is going to be on people of color.”

    Translation: “We are planning civil war ‘if we have to do that’ and we plan that it will be violence along racial lines”

    Meanwhile the “they” she refers to are the people who are LEAST convinced there will be a civil war. “Women, young adults, and non-white voters” all believe in it more. Yeah, the bad guys always think about the dreaded bad guy thing and say “nah.” That’s evil for ya.

    Farmer McGregor

    @aspnaz wrote concerning Dr. D: “…you … waste your time writing stuff on TAE, stuff that most of us either can’t follow or do not have the time to read…”

    Interesting. I go to the comments looking for Herr Doktor’s rants because I enjoy his logic in shredding the foolishness of so much of what is published out there. I also find his snark, sarcasm, and hyperbole amusing. Keep it up, Doc.

    I’ve taken to scrolling past comments from @Aspnaz, on the other hand, since I have no interest in vulgar, hateful attacks on other commenters, or the rabid anti-jew BS. This in spite of his (sometimes) good observations. He certainly has no business speaking for “most of us” at TAE!

    Speak for yourself, dude, and try to keep it civil.


    Russian Ka-29 Choppers Take Out Ukrainian Naval Drones Now Equipped with R-73 Air-to-Air Missiles

    R-73 Air-to-Air Missiles are old Soviet short range fighter plane missiles the Ukronazis tried to adapt into a Mickey Mouse naval ‘attack drone”


    Quite the Kludge

    Ukronazis getting very,very desperate to slap these little Franken-weenie ‘weapons’ together.

    It looks like loads of fun blowing them up like an old fashion pre-computer analog arcade game.

    Kaboom Batman!

    Dr D Rich

    Hey D,

    Unpack that letter to the ICC for me and aspnaz


    Ah, that pesky old Climate Change Monster rears it’s pointed little head

    ClotShot? Keep movin’, nothing to see…..

    Pissin’ on yer shoes and callin’ it Rain…



    Oy Vay

    Say it isn’t so!



    Since last November the regime of Vladimir Zelensky in Kiev has been advertising the products of a company called Piranha-Tech for newly developed electronic warfare (EW) technologies which the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu (right) is now supplying the Ukraine for operations against Russia.

    They can’t stop Iranian drones so they have no chance against Russian drones. What they do do is to transfer a sum of that lovely US cash from the Ukraine to Israel, one big free for all, with the oligarchs getting the majority of that cash.

    John Day

    How Much Is Enough

    The pervasive tension in global affairs at this moment in history is due to the impending collapse of the monetary and financial structure, from debt which can only be serviced by further borrowing at interest within the western financial system. Western currencies are debt-based, and their “value” is maintained by repaying loans at interest. The US interest rates have been above the rates of growth of the real economy since at least 1979. This has hollowed out the productive economy, much of which was moved to countries with low wages for labor and lax pollution laws. The collapse of the system is now hastened by the freezing of $300 billion in Russian assets, a caution to Saudi Arabia, China and others.
    Countries are winding down dollar debts and investments as they build alternative trade arrangements in local currencies, gold and new exchange systems. The “owners” of the debts, their “assets” have come to this position by creating money through fractional-reserve creation, while requiring repayment in actual goods and at interest. With the collapse of the current system, as currently structured, the holders of derivatives-contracts will seize all assets, even though they have been “gambling with other people’s property”. Structuring the seniority of “rights” to property this way stabilized the financial system temporarily after 2008-2009, but it created an inevitable crisis, a political crisis, founded upon the injustice of this structure, when the derivatives crisis does inevitably occur. The injustice of the ownership structures is unknown to most, but is well-established. However, the US and other western countries cannot expect to carry it out, because people will just not accept it.
    Other emergency powers for global finance are sought through the WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR (international health regulations) amendments, though public awareness has been raised, and elected representatives are beginning to see how bad these regulations would be if accepted.
    This leaves World War-3 as the special emergency to justify the kinds of emergency powers needed to maintain control of the world through such blatantly unjust machinations.
    There are reasons to avoid world war-3, even for large-portfolio globalist owners, who are also mortal, and who only have wealth within the context of stable and productive industrial societies. There is no ideal choice for even elite globalist dynasties, but they have gone through world wars before. In those wars they generally increased their wealth and power, which is not possible in the same way as industrial economies are at the brink of a long decline, due to increasing costs of fossil-fuels and mineral ores, while their quality and availability decline.
    In my view WW-3 will be broadly destructive of real wealth and manufacturing capacity, while the globalists stand to lose “ownership” to different “owners” aligned with the “winning” side, which would not be the “collective west”, already floundering to under-supply the proxy-war in Ukraine, and surprisingly failing to prevail victoriously against starving Palestinians in the rubble of Gaza and the West Bank.
    So western globalist owners can choose to invest in BRICS+ and Eurasian Economic Union, and expect a reduction in standing, or they can sign on to some kind of controlled-demolition of WW-3, which would turn against them if it got out of hand, because Russia holds a great military advantage, and China holds a great manufacturing advantage.
    My hope on this physical plane is that each day WW-3 is deterred and delayed until it becomes completely unattractive, or unfeasible for the elite globalist dynasties.

    Russia-analyst Gilbert Doctorow, Will the NATO war games on Russia’s borders trigger a nuclear response?
    Yesterday evening’s brief interview on Iran’s Press TV alongside panelist Don Debar from the USA focused on one question: what risks to the peace are presented by the ongoing massive NATO military exercises at Russia’s borders in which more than 90,000 soldiers are participating and which Moscow considers a provocation.
    ​ I say here directly that if the exercises were to be turned into an actual attack on Russia to distract Moscow from the battleground in Donbas then I envision the Russian response to be a strike with tactical nuclear weapons that would decimate the NATO forces instantaneously. Unlike my fellow panelist, I do not see such a Russian response, which is clearly laid out in Russian warnings over the past six months or more, as triggering a full scale nuclear war, because Washington knows full well that whatever damage it may do to Russia in such an exchange, there will be nothing but ashes left of the USA, with no one left to vote for Joe Biden in November.​

    ​”And furthermore” Doctorow: Here we go: further down the slippery slope to WWIII​
    ​ My efforts to ready for publication two further installments of my Travel Notes have been interrupted by latest announcements and counter-announcements from Macron and other leaders in the West, on the one hand, and from Russian officials on the other hand. These should deeply worry anyone hoping for a rational resolution of the conflict surrounding Ukraine. To the contrary, they point to major escalation and the possibility of things spinning out of control.
    ​ Yesterday France officially announced that it has sent Foreign Legion troops to Ukraine. Their numbers are expected to reach 1500 and they are said to be artillery and reconnaissance specialists. The purpose of this announcement was to make legal the initial dispatch to Ukraine of several hundred of these troops over a month ago. The fact that the information is postdated matches the Russians’ claim today to have already ‘destroyed’ seven of the French Legionnaires on the Ukrainian battlefield not far back from the front lines…
    ..Now we see that the Ministry of Defense has gotten the message from Russia’s elites and experts, and the tactical nuclear arms, of which Russia has a vast assortment, will be prepared for use.
    ​ The foregoing is not all the bad news that has been pouring down on us. Another item, widely reported in Russia but apparently unnoticed in Western media, was the issuance yesterday by the Russian Ministry of Interior of arrest warrants against former Ukrainian president Poroshenko and current president Zelensky. Among other things, this means that if either of them appears close to the front lines for yet another photo opp, they may be snatched by Russian special forces and hauled off to Moscow.
    ​ The timing is surely related to the expiry of Zelensky’s constitutionally mandated term in office later this month given that the presidential elections that should have taken place in March were cancelled by him. However, the bigger dimension of this move is the clear indication by Moscow that it considers the Kiev regime illegitimate and will not negotiate with them. Nota bene, that the same logic will surely apply to any replacement president that Washington tries to slot into office in the coming weeks. Further arrest warrants against other former as well as present high Kievan officials may be expected in the coming days. Moscow is said to be preparing a tribunal to try the Ukrainian leaders in the near future, either in the courtroom or in absentia.​

    ​ Israeli industry braces for economic damage amid Turkish trade ban​ (This is a major attack on Israel’s economy.)
    Construction industry is already in ‘dire straits’, while Israel’s largest refinery warns of significant hit to crude oil imports​

    ​ Turkiye Expects West’s ‘Attack’ Following Suspension of Trade With Israel – Erdogan
    ​ “We know perfectly well how the West will attack us in connection with this decision [to suspend trade with Israel],” Erdogan said while visiting the Turkish Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association.
    ​ Ankara will “hold itself upright,” knowing that one can only move forward by helping the suppressed, the Turkish leader added.
    Erdogan voiced hope that Turkiye will set an example for other countries displeased with the status quo.​—erdogan-1118245186.html

    John Day

    ​ Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon has some hypersonic anti-ship missiles from Russia and likely some from Iran, with ranges to 180 miles, which can deny Israel shipping through the Mediterranean. This article is from last November: Hezbollah’s anti-ship missiles bolster its threat to US navy

    How? With what? With help? From who? Yemen’s Ansar Allah movement, also known as Houthis, are ready to attack any ships heading to Israel from Mediterranean Sea if the Jewish state launches an offensive in Rafah, Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saree said on Friday.—military-spokesman-1118244428.html

    ​ The land and sea blockade against Israel is working as Israel takes a strategic hit
    Netanyahu’s plans to turn Israel into a regional transportation hub connecting Asia with Europe has just suffered a major setback. The reason is the maritime and land blockade against Israel in response to its genocide in Gaza.​

    ​ ICC Threatens Action Over ‘Intimidation’ Tactics As Netanyahu Arrest Warrant Looms
    ​ The government of Israel is now essentially in a full diplomatic war with the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the possible impending arrest warrants which could be issued anytime for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his top officials, including the defense chief.
    ​ The back-and-forth rhetoric has grown so heated that the Hague-based ICC has issued a new Friday statement warning against ‘intimidation’ of the court. While not naming Israel or any specific officials or actions, the statement warns that legal action could be take against those “threatening to retaliate” or else trying to “impede or intimidate” its officials and the world court’s work.​ (US Congress made threats.)

    ​ Israeli government shuts down Al Jazeera
    The Qatar-based news channel has called the decision “dangerous” and politically motivated

    John Day

    Hamas says it has agreed to ceasefire proposal from Egypt and Qatar
    In a statement Monday, Hamas said the head of its political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, told the Qatari prime minister and Egyptian intelligence minister that the militant group had accepted their proposal…
    ..It’s unclear whether Hamas has agreed to the most recent ceasefire proposal, as outlined last week, or a revised version of it.
    The most recent framework, which Israel helped craft but has not fully agreed to, calls for the release of between 20 and 33 hostages over several weeks in exchange for a temporary ceasefire and the release of Palestinian prisoners.
    After the initial exchange, according to that framework, there would follow what sources describe as the “restoration of sustainable calm” during which the remaining hostages, captive Israeli soldiers and the bodies of hostages would be exchanged for more Palestinian prisoners.
    A diplomatic source familiar with the talks told CNN that after a day-long meeting in Doha, Qatar’s capital, between CIA Director William Burns and Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, mediators convinced Hamas to accept a three-part deal. “The ball is now firmly in (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu’s court,” the source said.
    As news spread in Gaza of Hamas’ announcement, Palestinians began to celebrate in the street in Deir al-Balah, in the center of the Strip, and Gaza City in the north…
    ..Asked whether Hamas’ acceptance of a deal could change Israel’s plans for Rafah, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Daniel Hagari said the military would continue to operate in Gaza. He said operations are ongoing, but that the IDF is making every effort in the negotiations to bring the hostages home as “fast as possible.”
    Netanyahu has come under fierce pressure from the more extreme wing of his coalition not to accept the ceasefire proposal outlined last week, and to focus instead on destroying Hamas in Rafah. ​ Orit Strook, Israel’s settlements minister and a member of the far-right Religious Zionism party, said last week that accepting the deal would “throw” Israel’s military progress “in the trash.”
    Itamar Ben Gvir, Israel’s national security minister, said Netanyahu had “promised that Israel would enter Rafah, assured that the war would not end, and pledged that there would be no reckless deal.”
    But large parts of the Israeli public have demanded Netanyahu accept a deal. Families and supporters of the hostages blocked the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv last week, holding a banner reading: “Rafah or the hostages – choose life.”

    ​ Israel: Hamas ‘Acceptance’ Of Ceasefire Deal Is A Ruse
    ​Israeli army radio journalist: “Sources in Israel: Hamas actually approved a softened Egyptian proposal that is unacceptable to Israel.”…
    ​..According to a WSJ description of the “Egyptian proposal” in question:
    ​ Egypt offered a new proposal for a truce between Israel and Hamas in which some Israeli hostages would be released in exchange for Palestinian prisoners and a three-week cease-fire, in a bid to stave off an Israeli military offensive in the southern Gazan city of Rafah.
    ​ Israel, which helped create the proposal, according to Egyptian officials, would commit to entering longer-term discussions once Hamas releases a first group of 20 hostages over the truce period—a formulation designed to overcome the militant group’s reluctance to release any hostages without any prospect of ending the war.​

    Israel Moving Forward With Rafah Ground Offensive
    -Over 50 targets hit as IDF prepares for ground operation
    -President Macron warns against ground op
    -Civilians warned to evacuate. Tens of thousands of flyers dropped
    -Biden phoned Netanyahu to urge against Rafah ground op without acceptable evacuation plan
    -Axios reported that for the first time the US has paused ammo shipments to Israel…
    -Senior official: Israel will achieve all its war objectives
    -‘Bibi is abandoning the hostages!’: Protesters in Jerusalem demand deal
    -European Union says offensive is “unacceptable”​.

    ​ Israel comes up with post-war solution for Gaza – NYT
    ​ Israel could offer to share control over Gaza, after the war currently devastating the Palestinian enclave ends, with the US and a coalition of Arab nations, the New York Times has reported, citing officials.
    ​ In a report on Friday, the paper cited anonymous sources who claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is avoiding detailed public discussions about Gaza’s post-war future, but that behind the scenes officials have been developing an “expansive plan.”
    ​ Three Israeli officials, and five people who have discussed the proposal with the Israeli government, told the NYT that the Jewish state would offer to share oversight of Gaza with the US and three Arab countries – Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.​ According to the sources, Israel would do so in exchange for a normalization of ties with Saudi Arabia.​

    ​ Israel’s Plan for Postwar Gaza Ignores Will of Palestinians and Regional Players
    ​ Citing individuals familiar with the talks, the newspaper wrote that Israel appears to be ready to share oversight of the strip with a number of Arab countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as well as with the US.
    ​ Under the plan, the coalition of nations would govern the strip for about 7-10 years and then allow Palestinians residing in Gaza to vote on whether to become subordinate to the united Palestinian administration. The Israeli military would maintain its presence in Gaza in the meantime, as per the proposal. The NYT emphasized that Tel Aviv would agree to the scenario in exchange for normalization of relations with Riyadh.
    ​ According to the newspaper, Arab officials and analysts have largely denounced the plan since it does not contain provisions opening the door to legalizing the Palestine state.
    “I don’t see the possibility for this plan to become a reality,” Dr. Mehmet Rakipoglu, assistant professor at Mardin Artuklu University and researcher at the Dimensions for Strategic Studies London-based think tank, told Sputnik. “Even if it’s implemented, I don’t see any concrete solution for the problem, because the problem is all about the US and Israel.”​

    John Day

    Israel closes Gaza terminal to humanitarian aid after rocket fire​ The Israeli army shut the Kerem Shalom crossing with the Gaza Strip to humanitarian aid on Sunday following rocket fire from the besieged enclave.​

    ​ World Food Programme Director Cindy McCain Says Northern Gaza Experiencing ‘Full-Blown’ Famine
    Cindy McCain called for a ceasefire and for the WFP to have ‘unfettered access’ to Gaza​

    World Central Kitchen serves 1M meals in Gaza since resuming operations
    ‘We’ve provided 46+ million plates of food through hot meals & food kits since first responding to the conflict,’ says food charity​

    Ship carrying over 5,000 tons of humanitarian aid for Gaza sets sail from Türkiye​ , Aid on ’11th Goodness Ship’ includes food, baby care products, sleeping bags​

    ​ Corruption Sped Up Ukraine’s Retreat More Than Weapons Shortage
    ​ Military purchases and tenders are currently classified and do not go through Ukraine’s public procurement platform ProZorro, allowing corrupt politicians and their business partners to steal quietly, according to Kozyulin. Moreover, he added, the same individuals who seize these funds are responsible for overseeing their expenditure.
    One might ask why Ukrainian authorities and business sectors are shooting themselves in the foot by undermining the country’s defensive capabilities.
    ​ “Ukrainian oligarchs who support Zelensky and work with him understand perfectly well that their fate is sealed, and they are laying the groundwork for departure. While preparing to escape Ukraine, they create some kind of financial safety net for themselves,” Mingalev explained.​

    John Day

    This is not the EU that Hungary joined – Orban​ , Budapest did not subscribe to same-sex marriages or war with Russia when it became a member, the prime minister says​

    ​ Simplicius, Macron Again Struts Feathers, NATO Troop Paranoia, & More
    ​ The most interesting development surrounds the Kremlin having designated Zelensky himself—as well as several other top Ukrainian officials and generals—as “wanted”, though oddly enough, the precise legal reason is unclear and not listed on the Russian Interior Ministry’s site.
    ​ The most immediate repercussions of this are:
    ​ Russia may be sending a signal and setting the groundwork for the revocation of any “peace deals” with Zelensky, as placing him on the wanted list ensures that the Russian state cannot legally parley with a wanted criminal.​ Even more darkly, it potentially sets the stage for Russia to eliminate him following his total loss of legitimacy on May 21st, when the Ukrainian presidential inauguration would have taken place.​..
    ..Russia may be looking to create another fixing operation in the north and then play things by ear depending on where the AFU commits its rundown reserves and forces. Should they overcommit to the potential Kharkov breach, then Russia could slam an offensive through the center front around Donetsk to create breakthroughs.​..
    ..Many were again taken aback when Macron essentially said that if Russia creates a breakthrough in Ukraine, and Ukraine requests aid, then France will consider sending troops. But in truth, he’s merely trotting out the same threats made previously, hoping to spark headline buzz to maintain his ‘strongman of Europe’ facade.​..
    ​..Russian forces potentially aiming to surround Kharkov don’t require Belarusian territory. Only to take Kiev would they need to come from Belarus—so reading between the lines, it means NATO is quietly implying that they would only intervene to save Kiev.
    ​ The second red line is more troubling: a provocation on Moldova, Poland, or the Baltics is an easy route for NATO to create falseflags to blame Russia for a casus belli to enter the conflict. Just blow something up with a missile and claim Russia did it. Or, they could of course stoke the Baltics into provoking Russia into taking some action, just as they floated in the Kaliningrad train saga a while back.
    ​ As Legitimny channel writes:
    ​ That is why the former secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine Danilov was sent to Moldova now, and Moldovan telegram channels insider about a certain disagreement between Sandu and Zelensky, according to the timing of the defrosting of the conflict in the PMR, where Maya pushes him away for 2025, and Zelensky needs him in the fall of 2024.
    ​ And Rezident UA:
    ​ Our source in the OP said that Danilov was specifically sent to Moldova as the creator of the CPD for working with cognitive operations. It is important for Bankov to draw Moldova into conflict with Russia in order to play the Transnistrian case in the summer.​..
    ..The Italians claim “100,000 NATO troops” could take part in such an intervention; not really much against Russia’s new 500k+ man second army, but certainly enough to at least block off a particular corridor.​ In the end though, most of this is just posturing.​

    ​ As unlikely as it may seem, U.S. officials now admit the Biden administration’s strategy of pressing Niger and other African countries to break off ties with Moscow is no longer working.​.. That the U.S. has essentially lost a foothold on Chad, Central African Republic, Mali and Libya, and now Niger is a stunning admission.
    ​ U.S. troops will now be forced to leave Niger, according to this report and others. However, the most damning evidence my country has abused African nations comes straight from the mouth of a former CIA intelligence officer. Cameron Hudson told Politico:
    ​ “When all of these countries kicked out the French and turned inward, we then tried to pivot to become the peacemaker in the hopes that we could keep our presence there. All of that is clearly not working. We are now out. Russia is now in.”
    ​ The larger story of U.S. neoimperialism is amplified in this statement. Calmly, a CIA expert on Africa spells out how America stepped into the role of French colonialists/opportunists/pirates. He went on to mirror what we’ve been saying for years now, that African nations no longer want to be “told what to do.” Our role in Niger, in fact, across Africa and the world, could not be magnified more clearly. Politico quoted another U.S. official who punctuated this for us with his admission,​ “There’s a long history of the West telling African countries how to govern, and they’re finally saying ‘enough.”​

    ​ Thanks Oxymoron in Oz. Are Putin, Xi and Khamenei really puppets? The global world order is centralized at levels above the nation-state. The illusions of a transition from a “unipolar” U.S. to “multi-polar” BRICS order

    This keeps coming up, but will there be an election this year? Six Reasons Why Tulsi Gabbard Is Donald Trump’s Best Choice As A Running Mate
    Reason Number Six: I’ve saved the best for last. Can you imagine Gabbard again on a debate stage in October, as early voting is starting, across from Kamala Harris?

    John Day

    Professor Anthony Hall, Israel Lobby in Canada Pushing to Criminalize Pro-Palestinian Free Speech , The Tyrants Are Getting Desperate.

    ​ New US Antisemitism Law Turns Critics Against Israeli Genocide Into Criminals
    ​ On Wednesday May 1st, the House overwhelmingly passed the Antisemitism Awareness Act by a 320-91 vote, with only 21 Republicans joined by 70 Democrats against it. Expanding the scope of what is legally considered antisemitism, this is another bipartisan uniparty trap to ensnare the thousands of protesters exercising their free speech against the apartheid Israel’s extermination of Palestinians, in effect criminalizing those that are critical of the genocide.
    ​ This is piece of legislation is a betrayal of our First Amendment rights and a betrayal of the American people… Foreign national influence is outlawed in the United States except with one exception, the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) that allows Zionist Israel money and bribery control to essentially own the treasonous US Congress.​ Through intelligence agencies Mossad, CIA and MI6 in addition to AIPAC, US politicians are systemically coerced, bribed and blackmailed into unconditional support for Israel.​

    ​ Cat McGuire , Mayday! Mayday! U.S. has soft coup d’état​ , May 1, 2024: The day America was Zionized by an “Antisemitism Awareness Act”​
    Notice the ambiguous catch-all wording indicating the law would target not just education programs, but also be “for other purposes.” Well, that’s certainly a dangerously open-ended mandate.​

    ​ Because the “Truth setting you Free” is a non-starter for our “owners”. Red Herrings, Transhumanism and well… Pitchforks , The Honest Sorcerer
    ​ The fundamental issue, no one really wants to mention here, is that every technologically driven society needs raw materials and energy to build up and maintain itself. And while all previous civilizations used the power of the sun, wind and muscles to grow crops, raise temples, and travel to distant lands, this current iteration uses fossil fuels to do all that. Thanks to their energy density, portability and abundance, these fuels remain absolutely essential to everything we do to this very day.
    ​ Metals, sand, stone, even nutrients used up by our crops are all extracted or “produced” by burning diesel, coal and natural gas. Out of the many energy resources only fossil fuels provide us with the necessary amount of work and high heat needed to mine and refine these raw materials at scale, and at a reasonable energy return on investment… Something which is also worsening as rich metal and fossil fuel deposits deplete and being replaced with ever lower quality ones. We have found ourselves in an energetic conundrum. The energy demand of mining every resource (including fossil fuels and the metals needed to build “renewables”) are just going up and up, while the energy returned to society is falling. We are approaching a technological tipping point where it will be impossible to power all these activities, let alone growing the economy.​

    ​Oil Analyst Art Berman, Technology and Innovation are Overrated–Implications for AI
    ​ Most people believe in the progress narrative—that almost all of society’s advances are because of technology and human ingenuity. Clever machines have increased human productivity far beyond what was possible a generation or two ago.
    ​ Some of that must be true but it’s hard to support with productivity data. I was surprised to discover that departures from the long-term productivity average were surprisingly modest, and that they didn’t last very long.
    ​ Personal computers, the internet and associated advances only resulted in about a 0.5% increase in US productivity growth in late 1990s and early 2000s (Figure 1). Maybe that explains why the technology and dot-com bubble burst at the turn of the century.
    ​ An earlier increase in the 1950s and 1960s was greater (0.7%). It was unrelated to technology but to the greatest historical period of oil production growth. Other positive productivity departures were mostly because of recoveries from recession.
    ​ That doesn’t mean that technology doesn’t matter—just that it’s probably less important than energy, and that it’s probably a lot less important than the progress narrative suggests.
    ​ That shouldn’t be surprising. An economy runs on work and work comes from energy. Technology and innovation arrange the deck chairs.
    ​ Fossil energy accounted for 82% of world energy supply in 2022 (wind and solar contributed only 6%). Productivity is therefore proportional to the amount of work that can be harnessed from fossil energy, at least for now.​..
    ​..Goldman Sachs goes even farther and expects that AI could increase U.S. productivity growth by 1.5% annually.​ These forecasts imply that in two years, AI will exceed all previous periods of productivity. That does not seem reasonable.
    ​ Another problem with McKinsey’s and Goldman’s forecasts is their narrow focus. They largely ignore the feedback loops introduced by the new layers of complexity that AI will introduce into society.
    ​ For example, Elon Musk recently warned that AI and EVs (electric vehicles) will produce an electric power shortage by 2025.
    “The world will face supply crunches in electricity and transformers next year…However much electricity you think you need, more than that is needed.”

    John Day

    ​Meryl Nass MD, The attempts to impose control over us “for pandemics” are being implemented at the state, federal, and World level. Newest versions of the treaty and amendments included , All these laws need to be revoked or (at the WHO) stopped
    ​ Lawrence O. Gostin, who was hired by CDC 25 years ago to craft the laws that made governors dictators during the COVID pandemic, is now assisting the WHO to craft its new instruments of control, but this time on a global level.​

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, How to Stop the W.H.O. NOW: 10 Tips for lawmakers
    Important to share this, and I am happy to speak or zoom with any Parliam​entari​ans or Congress members with questions​

    ​ States Move to Oppose WHO’s ‘Pandemic Treaty,’ Assert States’ Rights
    Utah and Florida passed laws intended to prevent the WHO from overriding states’ authority on matters of public health policy, and Louisiana and Oklahoma have legislation set to take effect soon pending final votes. Several other states are considering similar bills.​

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, WHO treaties get another gut punch from UK MPs and a former Attorney General/ the Telegraph
    As I said from Day 1, you only have to read these treaties and you will hate them. The globalists only got them this far through secrecy, lies and misdirection.​

    ​ Head of Nonprofit With Ties to Wuhan Lab Should Face Criminal Investigation, House Committee Says
    ​ A House committee investigating the COVID-19 pandemic on Wednesday called for a criminal investigation into Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, and further investigation into failures in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant-funding procedures.
    ​ In a statement released after the hearing — accompanied by a 59-page report — the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic called for permanently terminating funding for EcoHealth Alliance, which has ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
    ​ Both Republican and Democrat representatives explicitly called for defunding EcoHealth Alliance, which Daszak said receives about $16 million in government grants annually.
    ​ However, journalist Paul D. Thacker cautioned against allowing Daszak to become “the fall guy” — because the NIH and Dr. Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), aided Daszak “in this multi-year cover-up,” he said.​

    John Day

    ​ FAA Opens New Probe Into Boeing Over Potentially Falsified Records, 787 Inspections​
    ​ In the span of two months, two Boeing whistleblowers have died under mysterious circumstances.
    ​ The first, 62-year-old John Barnett, died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound on March 9. He was found dead in his Dodge Ram truck holding a silver pistol in his hand in the parking lot of a South Carolina hotel after he failed to show up for the second half of his testimony for a lawsuit against the company. Barnett, who retired in 2017, warned that Boeing had cut corners to speed its 787 Dreamliners into service. He gave numerous interviews in which he described how he lodged internal complaints about serious security flaws.
    ​ The second, 45-year-old Joshua Dean, a former Spirit AeroSystems quality auditor, died last Tuesday from a fast-growing infection. In 2022 he raised the alarm over improperly drilled bulkhead holes for the 737 MAX, and was fired less than a year later.
    ​ “I think they were sending out a message to anybody else,” Dean told NPR, adding “If you are too loud, we will silence you.”
    Now, Boeing faces 10 more whistleblowers – and attorneys for the deceased men are hoping that the deaths don’t spook the rest away, the NY Post reports.


    Farmer McGregor said

    I’ve taken to scrolling past comments from @Aspnaz, on the other hand, since I have no interest in vulgar, hateful attacks on other commenters, or the rabid anti-jew BS.

    Ha ha, nothing like a woman scorned. BS about the Jews? The only BS I can think of is that I did not realise that more Americans appear to want to be Jew than Jews themselves, that is the surprising outcome of the Jew genocide. While all the Chinese are asking what is going on with the Jews, the Americans are crying out to join the club and defend their chosen ones, their chosen genociders. Jesus would be so proud.

    I see you are another one of the crazy Americans, you have fooled yourself into believing that Israel is doing something for America, even though all rational people can’t see what that is, or has ever been. Enjoy living in your false reality, it will come crashing down around your ears soon enough.


    Less War? This Is How

    I wonder whether Trump’s plan to end the Ukraine war will involve forcing all the people wanting the war in Ukraine to get on a plane and go to boot camp, learn to fight and head to the front lines? I doubt it, Mr Bone Spurs is just another oligarch farming the people, just another coward who skipped military service, paying for an appropriate diagnosis from yet another bent doctor.

    Trump is obviously working with other oligarchs to execute their plan for the USA, and modern oligarchs don’t like putting themselves in the line of fire. They are not like the Kings of the past, these days most oligarchs are cowards, that would not have been possible in the distant past. In the past Trump’s neighbours would have already taken his land while he hid in his basement with Biden and the others.


    TV was the jew trojan horse to mindfuck the West. It’s worked quite well. They are carrying out a genocide , but if you mention it, you’re antisemitic. Amazing what money can buy. Scroll right by me too, Farmer, you’ just validate what I’m sayin.


    Just from observation alone it’s clear Dr. D is an android. Look at the timestamps, imagine typing within the posted frame (even give yourself the luxury of imagining having read the original, linked sites with close attention to provenance and cant and the sly) such a prodigious amount, and try it out. I’m just saying, that’s impressive, for a bot.

    Ian Graham

    Jeff Bridges shares the screen with scientists, profound thinkers and a dazzling array of Earth’s living creatures to reveal eye-opening concepts about ourselves and our past, providing fresh insights into our subconscious motivations and their unintended consequences. Energy is the currency of life. Bridges reveals the keys we need to move into the future wisely.

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