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    Pablo Picasso Blue nude 1902   • Americans Are Officially Freaking Out (BBG) • Mueller Mugs America: The Case Of Baby George Papadopoulos (Stockm
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    “An end to Australia’s property boom will be welcome news for first-time buyers, who have struggled to break into the market…”

    If that were the reality, the bubble wouldn’t be over. It doesn’t work that way. If there are deals to be had, first-time (wanna be) buyers–if they could actually afford it–will be outbid and beaten to the punch by another round of late-to-the-party corporate buyers.

    V. Arnold

    Ah, the Picasso is sublime; nude in blue…
    Food. Interesting. On so many levels people just ignore the micro; while being blinded by the macro; a construct, designed to do just that.
    So few, so very few, have any idea of those things for which their daily lives depend.
    Food. So basic and taken for granted…at one’s own peril.
    No longer having any idea about eating/buying seasonally; that art of living, long relegated to the past.
    The U.S. has largely outsourced everything it needs to survive; which largely includes agricultural products (not just manufacturing). Possibly, coming soon, a very high price will be payed for that folly.
    The farmers markets, so popular today (a feelgood luxury), cannot sustain 320,000,000 people.
    Wake-up time is nigh; but the piper is not heard…


    “Germany Forced To Pay Consumers To Use More Electricity ”

    The reality in Germany is that when there is no wind for weeks at a time in the middle of Winter, Germany is hugely dependent on importing electricity from long-suffering neighbours. The instability in Germany is sent abroad.

    Here is a chart from last December showing how dire this can be. It also shows that the critical factor is not how much the wind turbines can produce. The critical factor is how little they can produce when you are desperately keen to have the power.

    The online Die Welt here reports that storm “Herwart” which swept across Germany late last month – with wind gusts of up to 140 kilometers per hour – led to a wholesale electricity “price collapse” and thus “exposed the madness of the Energiewende“.

    In sum, the article above is a piece of propaganda.


    You should all notice by now that Syria has largely disappeared from the fake MSM. When the Israel/USA succeeded in displacing and murdering the leaders of Iraq and Libya, the papers were full of Zionist-inspired gloating. We had a flash of that a few days ago with the fake referendum of “Kurdistan” – in which only a select group of Kurds got to vote and non-Kurds were excluded. Happily, the Zionist plan B failed in no time at all and the Iraqi government – with the help of another faction of Kurds – retook Kirkuk.

    The minor setback when the US-led SDA terror organisation grabbed some Syrian oil fields – by agreement with the other US-led terrorist group that goes by the name of ISIS – is of minor importance. Strategically it is irrelevant as they cannot ship the oil to Israel. All they can do is deny it to the Syrian government until they get kicked out in turn.

    The big news was that the criminals who cooperated in devastating Syria – Israel and it proxy the USA, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are now arguing over who did most to finance, train and supply these terrorists. The Syrian government has captured huge amounts of NATO and Israeli-made weaponry.

    Former Qatar Prime Minister: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and USA colluded and coordinated to fund Al Qaeda and destroy Syria

    The Zionists are not content with controlling and lying on the MSM of the West. They also lie to the inhabitants of Israel. Here is an article that tries to make out that Putin is working on behalf of the Israeli government. Yesterday, Putin and the Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev were in Tehran to meet the Iranian leadership. They are trying to portray that as some sort of Israeli success story. Absolutely hilarious.

    The last time Putin went to Israel was 5 years ago. In the past year, Israel’s Netanyahu (an American BTW) has been shuttling to Moscow almost non-stop begging the Russians to desist. Netanyahu has been far more often to Moscow than to Washington – where he goes to give US presidents marching orders.

    Personally, I think that smart Israelis with the means should start moving back to where they came from or the USA. It is never too early.


    Sorry, Must have made a mistake in my HTML. Here is the article I mentioned above.

    Netanyahu Allies Putin and Aliyev Are Visiting Iran. Here’s the Message They’ll Relay From Israel

    As you can see, the article pretends that Putin and Aliyev are allies of Israel. That is history – just like the story that Turkey is an ally of Israel. Countries have interests not friends. It is only a matter of time before Americans wake up and realise that those who blew up 3 buildings in NYC are not their friends.

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