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    Jackson Pollock Reflection of the Big Dipper 1947   • US Will Take Massive Hit In Global Standing Over Israel (RS) • Rights Group Sues Biden For
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    no upsides and only downsides in regards to U.S. interests.
    I believe the upside is a huge gas field with no body left to claim it so they can then also use 512 small nukes to make a new Suez canal allowing for power/ control is most definitely an upside.
    ‘Kill them all”

    Dr. D

    Is the Pollack upside down too? How could you tell? I’m sure this sort of joke is now 100 years old.

    “Israeli Legislators: Western Nations Should ‘Welcome Gaza Refugees’

    You are totally right!, and I had not thought of this. The nearest western nation is Israel. So Israel should take them. In a move that seems ordained by God, they are already there! So there’s really no possible reason for Israel NOT to take them.

    I mean, if they’re all scum, animals, and born terrorists, why would they be any better in Canada? It’s only logical to murder them all, methodically, by ethnicity, if that’s true. While if they’re not, then there’s no reason Israel should need to move them. After all, why are they refugees in the first place? What’s that? Our Western Allies SHELLED them? Why?
    Okay, so if Spain just shells the Basques or the Catalans, then France should have to take all 2 million of them, just ‘cause? I don’t see why YOUR genocide should be MY problem, and when you do that, you make me want to arm the other side so they can stay put and not BE my problem. Savvy?

    But Jimmy Dore helpfully explains why:

    (we here already knew that, and there are yet more reasons)

    “Owner of Chinese Biolab Busted in California Linked to CCP Military Program: House Report

    China is enormous and you can’t expect everybody knows everything through every chain of command. So don’t go nuts. However, I also don’t care. You can’t run biolabs out of a storage container which seem to have – everything – laying around in them. So you get the full sentence and prosecution of the law.

    Bidenomics’ Media Blitz Failed: “Democrats can’t just hammer people over the head with an insistence that the economy is great.”

    …Or so says Bernays anyway.

    “In High-Stakes Gamble, Toyota Will Make 2025 Camry Hybrid-Only
    Consumer be damned:

    Well, not exactly. The EPA regulation, which is Central Planning and “Government Controlling the Means of Production” demand certain arcane results. That probably means that Toyota cannot meet these standards by selling the cars people want. In fact, that is absolutely lead-pipe certain. So the EPA – and not Congress, as there is no law – just SAYS Toyota can only sell cars that cost 2-5x as much, of the type nobody wants to buy. Like Ford E-Trucks, where they just lost (another) billion dollars. ($6B?) Losing money: that’s Capitalism! Giving the people what they don’t want? Capitalism. FORCING them to buy it, like it or not? Capitalism. Then going bankrupt because of it and either getting more 0% fiat loans or being actively bailed out? Capitalism. Central Planning? Definitely Capitalism. With Byzantine regulations delivered by a locust swarm of harassing officials minus all solid definition of law, which is applied with total favoritism (VW)? …Well you can ask the Founding Fathers about that part.

    Erdogan: It’s very difficult to understand Turkey (Turkish peoples) and their rhetoric. As they wax hyperbolic. Yet they are not just talking, Turkey is happy to act and militarily at times as well. But when and why is a mystery. Sometimes seems they overreact like to Greece. Sometimes take over a whole nation like Cyprus or Syria. Sometimes don’t act at all. Why? From the outside, it seems reasons must be internal to themselves. So if say France were saying this it would have quite a different meaning. But the gravity and meaning of Turkey saying it is probably only known by regional experts. Like: I don’t think they plan to invade with NATO’s largest army. But they might under regional circumstances.

    Blinken. I’m sorry, when he started speaking I forgot who he was again. He works for the government or something?

    Sachs: Well I do appreciate Sachs coming out and saying what he thinks. So many are cowards. And although we may disagree on meaning and details, in general he is merely saying the obvious, and supporting very run of the mill, average American values, which is enough to get you in prison right now.

    “”It’s not just blind rage, it’s a political agenda.”

    They don’t have blind rage because it’s an emotion and they don’t have those.

    Their logic matrix looks like Chess board changes each day > Is there anything new I can steal? > If yes, then .: steal it.

    “These are, by all accounts, war crimes.”

    Er…there’s a bunch here but of course it’s illegal either way. Israel occupies then it’s a war crime. If Gaza is Israeli – where of course under liminalism it both is and isn’t – then they are genociding their own people, Israeli citizens of a certain ethnicity.

    This of course was the same as Ukraine. So I guess the overall view of people and reporters is if governments kill their own people by the ten-thousands, that’s totally normal and nothing to be bothered about. What else is new? So they all are as one with the mind and ethos of The Joker:

    “Nobody panics when things go “according to plan,” even if the plan is horrifying! If I tell the press that a gang banger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it’s all “part of the plan”.”

    So, killing ordinary civilians is now “Part of the Plan” according to their reactions. Theirs, the press, and ours, the people. Killing us is good, and right, and legal, and moral. I guess because The Government owns the People, not that the People own and run The Government? That’s what I hear: ask anyone on the street.

    “Biden has done more to damage the standing in the region than Bush”

    Gosh I hope so. Does that mean we can go home now?

    “administration officials are already warning the war is going to inflame terrorism, the very thing the United States spent the past two decades, thousands of lives, and trillions of dollars trying to combat.’

    …Er…by creating more terrorists in every country we go to, like Israel is and like Ron Paul warned us for 20 years? Oh and “Nobody Knewd”! Right. Just like “That giant sucking sound” EVERYBODY knew, and like 100 million of us tell you EVERY day.

    “The Roar of the Street is getting louder … halt the Israeli genocide … But Washington will not comply.”

    That’s democracy! When we all tell them to do something and they say no. Then it’s our fault, see? It’s like magic! Magic for psychopaths. “I kill people and it’s your fault if I do.” Sound familiar? Every abusive household, every day. How about this: GFY. I’m not going to comply so you won’t because it’s YOUR action and YOUR crime. Has nothing to do with me besides extortion.

    “extended humanitarian pauses and corridors”

    Not having them is an open war crime and the paperwork has been filed worldwide.

    ““..since Gaza is “one of the world’s most densely populated places, 155mm artillery shells are inherently indiscriminate.”

    You mean the 155 shells we ran out of and don’t have? We seem to have plenty to drop on civilians.

    BTW, there’s a general media blackout but Israel has lost 160 tanks and has gained essentially nothing. So they’re sitting on top of a corridor and the coastal road, but unlike usual, they don’t control them. So they’re merely surrounded. They have apparently dispersed no troops outside of vehicles, and approached no tunnels. So it’s a general starve them out system, I guess.

    “The Chinese simply do not understand such poor manners.
    • Biden Calls Xi a ‘Dictator’ Hours After Meeting (Sp.)

    I’m sure he understands it perfectly well. It’s meant to be inflammatory, personal, national, insult. And it is.

    “Ukrainian Officials Embezzled 20%-36% Of All Western Financial Aid (TASS)

    Sure, but that’s only of the 30% that reached Ukraine. So 10% of $150B. The U.S. embezzled the 2/3rds, or $100B. For political campaigns and suppression of speech, a Federal and Civil Rights Crime.

    “Germany’s Energy Woes Spark ‘Deindustrialization on Considerable Scale’ (Sp.)

    And here Kunstler said Japan would go Medieval first. Nope, the prize for NeoFeudalism, or just “feudalism” is going to Germany. But England has to be top-tier contender. It’s hard to imagine they’re not further along as they’ve had no industry but banking for a generation.

    Biden is seeking the testimony of Trump, Barr, and two other Justice Department officials in an effort to prove that the federal investigation of him was politically motivated.”

    In an amazing feat of Irony.

    “misdemeanor tax fraud charges.” Really? Misdemeanors? For hundred million dollars and FARA violations? For booking appointments for testimony then blowing them off? Where do I sign up?

    ““These confirmations of communications give more than a mere appearance that President Trump improperly and unrelentingly pressured DOJ to pursue an investigation and prosecution of Mr. Biden”

    Maybe. But we appear to know Hunter Biden was indeed plausibly guilty of the crimes. And that quote says quite the opposite. Maybe Trump was pressuring, but Barr was stalwart in defending Hunter such that no political influence got through. Right? From what we know now, does that not mean Barr was the real political actor, and it was in Hunter’s favor?

    But go on: the more this is in the news, the better. The trial isn’t for Hunter but the FBI, IRS, DoJ, and America. That is, this “Trial” exists for US. WE are the jury, and the ones who need to see.

    “• Lawyer Admits To Leaking Witness Videos In Georgia Election Case (JTN)

    I saw this, but wasn’t it public footage given to them by the State of Georgia itself? Therefore it’s not “leaked”, it’s just “Information.” And he knows it was so illegal that he got up and said he did it. …Because it’s not illegal, and he’s at no risk to be disbarred.

    So I guess the headline is “Government actually provided facts instead of marking them “Top Secret” and denying everything as usual”? Yes, that would be Front Page, as the first time in 20 years they were honest. Ask the Shooter Manifesto people in KY. We still don’t know why, how, or who defied a direct court order for release.

    Michigan: Again, the law is just far out here, all innuendo. So Trump is guilty of “Insurrection”? Without a finding or trial, anywhere, including Michigan? And that’s because of J6? Where not a single person was charged with “Insurrection”? So Trump is guilty of robbing a bank that according to prosecutors wasn’t robbed? That’s what I’m getting here. Surely in order to even ATTEMPT such a thing, you’d need one or two prosecutions, to say nothing of convictions, of his minions in order to establish that any “Insurrection” happened at all?

    N. O. P. E. We only do innuendo, never law. Okie-dokey then!

    “denying that any duty outside of following orders even exists.”

    I imagine the exact same military code exists as here: It is illegal to follow out illegal orders. The problem being “Who decides” but that’s okay we have a lot of experience with that issue over centuries. Covering up is also an illegal order.

    So it has nothing to do with the People of Australia, arcane “Public good” arguments, although those are all true. He just has conflicting orders, and picked one of the two. Soldiers do this all the time, and it’s clearly of direct courtroom relevance.

    Dr. D

    I’m not being mean or sarcastic when I say I don’t understand Kultsummer’s position at all. It is probably a language and culture difference, but it does seem cryptic to me. Overview: Kultsummer lives in Switzerland, and is from, or has interactions with, the Eastern bloc both then and now. He is probably circa 70yo. Correct me if I’ve mixed people up and it’s relevant here.

    Great. And I do understand that in general we are not very Socialist, and not considered Socialist, and what Socialism we have is a pale version to say, Europe’s overall “Democratic Socialism”. Except of course Americans don’t accept it, so our leaders just installed it anyway and lied about it. A much worse version, as I think we pay higher taxes in several ways, and yet have no health care either.

    I think the grump here is that when Socialism is brought to a country, and the agitators and promoters of Socialism go about their business of promoting their views – which is their right – they have always done it in a series of very specific, predictable ways, which are written down both by them, and by the historians who come after. We are following exactly this pattern as laid out for 100 years. Their pushes, the people’s or government’s responses, and so on. But why look for shadows? The people involved openly TELL you they are. BLM SAID they were “trained Marxists”. If I go to College, ask kids or college graduates, they will TELL me they are Marxists and love Marxism, and want it installed today. They have to work for a few years before they realize what a load of bollocks it all is and deprogram themselves back to reality. Now granted their brains are whipped cheez, but where would they get such an idea? They haven’t talked to anyone or been in contact with anything that wasn’t A) the Media or B) The Schools until they’re 25. Since it’s not their parents, um, we can be pretty sure where they get such ideas from. Schools which are themselves a form of GOVERNMENT here.

    Such ideas as they progress in a given nation that is later converted, or attempted to be converted to Socialism run along these lines. I doesn’t happen overnight, they set the stage, and take whatever power they can get away with when the opportunities present themselves. Eventually, — and perhaps only maybe – they feel safe enough to have an “emergency” and stop government altogether. Like the National Socialist Worker’s Party did. Or take over, kill everyone, and sort it out with a running civil war like the Bolsheviks did. Or not. If people are getting everything they want without the bother – like the UK stealing all the national wealth while her people are white with hunger – then why rock the boat?

    Nor is it “Actual Socialism” which has never been tried. You know what I’d like to see? Actual Capitalism. Socialism ends up AGAINST all the PR about Workers, sharing, etc and is run by the insiders and oligarchs. …Just like what we CALL Capitalism in the West, which is against all PR about “Competition”, “Markets”, “Bankruptcy” etc. and is also run by the – gasp, insiders and oligarchs.

    What’s the difference? Follow a good example of it in the USSR, and Us, both of us through our ups and downs. I prefer our style, which is my right, and I find it to be less bad in that you can agitate and give them a hard time much more easily. Other than that, it’s not like I just make them a bogeyman, “’Merica!” and all that. Socialism provided a lot of stuff to a lot of people just like “Capitalism” or our form of non-capitalism does, but it also provided a storm of intractable problems just like our form of non-capitalism has.

    But what I see most is that we either A) already solved all these problems decades ago or B) the problems we have are easily solved now. In either case, the people are going out, trying to fix them, and are stopped by the government. They are regulating, that is, “Controlling the Means of Production” in every corner, in every way over every line and screw. That they don’t CALL it “[Centrally] Controlling the means of Production” makes no difference, because it’s what they ARE doing. If you track back to the people who created, promoted, installed, and operate these plans, they are Socialists, generally from Universities and Think Tanks, who are happy to tell you so. Maybe they’re not but THEY say they are, at the same time they want “Government to Control the Means of Production” and are in favor of all 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto. What can I say?

    However, your approach is most peculiar in stating people who do these things, write, promote, enact the things directly from textbooks, directly from history, are NOT Socialists when they themselves say they are. Take it up with them, I guess? I can’t put up an handrail without a central planner’s permission in When, How and IF; I can’t have a Church Social without central planner’s certification, oversight, and permission? But this is Free-market Capitalism where the people decide in a Wild West manner, the government not interfering at all. Both? Neither?

    Very confused. Because I thought, sure, you were soft on Communism, having experienced the good it can do, which is has. Being European, you’re just responding to our overblown American rhetoric, as our way of life is extinguished, but that’s okay because then we’ll merely be as blight, happy, and prosperous as Scotland. But you seem very firm in saying when historical patterns are happening in headline news, BY people who openly say they are Socialists, enacting Socialist theories, laws, ways, governments, norms, that it’s still not actual Socialism. What is it then? Does what we see have any name at all? If it’s “Capitalism” now, then what was it before? since the change is a revolutionary alteration from our former legal and social norms. What markers would indicate that 1) Something, anything, is happening here at all? And 2) What markers would occur that would indicate they are Socialist? Since them SAYING so, and creating parties, and funding them, and marching signs, and waving flags, and burning things, and taking over courts, police, and laws, is not enough?

    Perhaps they are Spaghetti Monster people, or Moon Bat people. Or the Mole People Party, I dunno. Can you clear this up?


    Student debt in the us revisited. Raul the numbers are where you predicted they would be…


    There’s a lot of questions about the Israel videos of the hospital. But scores of Kalashnikovs and ammo in the MRI room? Really, magnetic resonance and metal objects?

    Mr. House


    I’m beginning to Think El Gato is controlled opposition. Not that his articles aren’t good, but he omits quite a bit when recounting history.


    Evidence or hearsay

    Information received, out of court, from other people, that have a reputation of truth telling or that one cannot adequately substantiate not to be lying, or to be a fact. and not to be a rumor).
    • Rights Group Sues Biden For ‘Complicity’ In Gaza Genocide (Cradle)
    US President Biden sued for ‘complicity’ in Israel’s ‘genocide’ in Gaza
    The reporter, whose name and outlet were not clearly audible in the video, first asked if Biden could share the evidence he had that Hamas hid a headquarters in Al-Shifa hospital, something Biden said was a “fact” earlier in the press conference. Biden said he was confident in the evidence he saw, but declined to provide it. “No, I can’t tell you. I won’t tell you.” The same reporter then asked if Biden still calls Xi a “dictator” as he did earlier in the year. Biden confirmed that he still does.
    Wisdom for everyone. Do the math.

    “There is no surer way to fail to become a rich person than by aping the expenditures of rich people at a time when you cannot afford to.
    Buying a ferrari with a $400k car loan is not the path to prosperity. neither is eating at places you cannot afford or taking posh vacations.
    These may make you look like a rich person to an uninformed observer, but they are, in actuality, a poverty traps.

    Avoid student loan debt.”

    how higher education became a cargo cult
    WHAT ! Journalist are trying to do their jobs?

    There’s a lot of questions about the Israel videos of the hospital.


    D pattern recognition is not all it is cracked up to be. Jamie Dimon says he is a capitalist. Blinken and Biden say they are defending and protecting the Constitution. The EU says they are staunch defenders of free speech.
    “where of course under liminalism it both is and isn’t” Dr. D 11/16/23
    kind sir you wish me to view the present moment in terms of thought generated in 1848.
    highly charismatic, amoral, spiritually depraved humans rise to the surface from time to time and declare they are using one system or another. After a time another such rises to the surface and everyone declares the presence of the same system. No, another charismatic and depraved personality has risen to the surface and the less charismatic sociopaths and psychopaths are drawn like moths to the flame.
    Discovery of value precedes price discovery. When both of these mechanisms are absent in an economic system the system is organized theft, capitalism has nothing to do with it.
    Either there is transparency or there is not. The economic system without transparency is not capitalism. Of course as you so readily note, it is and it isn’t.
    even a cracker can see that


    Yes, I an Atheist have defended, to some extent, Christendom when Christianity is accused of every evil in a 1000+ year period. Evils that happened while Europe was Christian. The same people accusing Christianity of every evil will, in the same breath, accuse Christianity of hypocrisy for the same exact evils.

    This is confirmation that the actions are at odds with the belief. Ergo, Christianity’s detractors inherently agree that the beliefs of Christianity are contrary to evil. Else no hypocrisy.

    When it comes to Communism, you have a system created BY highly charismatic, amoral, spiritually depraved humans tailored FOR highly charismatic, amoral, spiritually depraved humans. It is intrinsically unhealthy. Ruins things, makes people miserable. The strategies and tactics to bring it about ruins things, makes people miserable. The underlying theology/superstition is dehumanizing.

    There’s a stark difference between doing x while ostensibly being y in contradiction to y as opposed to doing A while ostensibly being A.

    Update 11/16/23, 8a.m. ET: This article was updated with further details of those said to have attended the event.
    Full List of Business Leaders Said to Have Spent $40K To Dine With Xi
    Nov 16, 2023 at 5:04 AM EST

    Kate Plummer
    According to The New York Times, tickets for a dinner and reception after the summit while executives could spend $40,000 to sit on Xi’s table, although that price also included eight seats at another table.

    As per a Bloomberg News report, the top executives who sat at the Chinese leader’s table included:

    Mr. House
    Mr. House

    “Putin has withstood the West’s best efforts to reverse his invasion of Ukraine, and his hold on power is firm. The U.S. and its allies need a new strategy: containment.”

    Nah we don’t need containment, we don’t need to be enemies with Russia. What we need is new leadership, at all levels. Local, State, Federal, Corporate. Until the mass of society can admit that, nothing will change.


    the following word salad is a musing on The Zeroeth Law of Thermodynamics, Thermal Equilibrium and the Permeable Connection. Of course the laws of phyics don’t apply to human beings. Language is wonderful!

    The thought that US tax dollars are being used to purchase anything needs some serious abuse. In 2022 total US tax revenue was $4.71 trillion and the 2023 budget deficit is $1.71 trillion. The budget deficit is equal to 36% of tax revenue. The 2022 outstanding value of US financial corporate and non-financial corporate debt securities can be presented as $24 trillion. The 2022 GDP of the US economy can be presented as $27 trillion. The Federal Reserve holds 25%± of the $33 trillion US debt and the balance is debt liability. The $24.75 trillion dollar debt, as an unfunded liability, represents 92% ± of the 2022 US GDP. As i am not a member of the Chicago school i can organise the above this way: $24 trillion in corporate debt plus $24.75 trillion in national debt, $48.75 trillion of debt, carries a GDP valued at $27 trillion. I will attempt to be discreet and only give passing mention to unfunded state and US federal pension liabilities. The recent announcement that interest on the US debt reached $1 trillion and is in the neighborhood of 20% of tax revenue did not cause Mrs. Yellen to lose any sleep. One wonders if she is awake. US federal and US corporate debt is the punch bowl not US tax dollars. The value of the back window at the FED is unknown. No audit please.

    now put this into context within the current geopolitical debacle. To make the numbers easier to handle let us use 8 billion as the global population. The global south contains about 80% of that population or 6.4 billion human beings. What would be the result of 6.4 billion humans withholding $0.01, a penny, from western goods and services each day for a single year? No boycot, no divestment and no sanctions just a little grassroots demand side economics. The amount that would be withheld is $23.01 trillion. Want to ring the margin call bell? One less Coca Cola or Pepsi per week, one less cup of Starbucks coffee, one less trip to McDonalds at the global level. A moderately secure family decides to purchase four scooters valued together at $5000 versus a used car. There goes a large percentage of a $1.5 trillion dollar market and the compound interest generated. Will the Global South continue being the pipeline and the medium of it’s own demise?
    Will there be equilibrium, will all of the world’s value be financialized to the point that there is no differentiation of asset value and entropy overtakes the human experiment? Or will the connection to western debt be broken and entropy reign supreme in the west?
    ask a socialist or a communist or a capitalist i’m sure they know and each knows why the other is wrong. and humanity continues to murder children for profit. and i am encouraged to take this foolishness seriously. i have been and will continue to be disadvantaged because i do not take any of this seriously. angels on the head of a pin in the 21st century. and we continue to murder children for profit. and declare with all of the joyous pomposity of an idiot “I’m A Capitalist”. and we continue to murder children for profit – thermal equilibrium, count on it

    Maxwell Quest

    A couple thoughts on communism that come to mind whenever the subject is broached…

    Firstly, I am against central planning, since it always seems to be the case that the further you are located from a problem, the more out of touch you are in respect to its causes and solutions. I saw this play out in my own technical field, where the higher one was in management, the more they lost touch with the day-to-day realities of production and support. What is the job of management then? How about providing a vision, employee cohesion, morale, finance, legalities, PR, etc. – those things that pertain to the level of management and its associated business abstractions, and NOT determining how many squares of toilet paper an employee may use during bathroom breaks, or how much to charge for a yogurt cone in the cafeteria.

    What often comes to mind are the New Testament verses that describe how some communities of early Christians “had all things common” and “parted them [their possessions] to all men, as every man had need.”

    It seems to me that this is the utopian ideal that most communists aspire to. One which promotes brotherhood and provides for the least and most vulnerable of its members. However, it is wholly unsuited for a humanity at its current stage of development, where love is in short supply and self-interest dominates the ego. Where the community team of oxen will be returned to the barn overworked and unfed so that Farmer Gates can rise in rank by foisting these externalities on the rest of the community. True communism requires an abundance of love, so that the “other” is considered as “oneself,” the community children are as one’s own. It will quickly morph into a sick tyranny wherever fear, hatred, and greed predominate.


    “…Er…by creating more terrorists in every country we go to, like Israel is and like Ron Paul warned us for 20 years?”

    Saw this headline yesterday:
    Pentagon Admits Failure in ‘War on Terror’ in Africa, as Attacks increase 75,000%


    The Israelis are disobeying the wishes and directives of the USA. Orders to follow rules of war engagement and humanitarian rules
    ( Israel would obey if USA would threaten to stop delivery of military aid)

    John Day

    Arguments For Genocide

    Israeli civilian, military and religious leaders make their clear case for the genocide of all Palestinians within Occupied-Palestine here in a 3 minute video compilation.

    ​ Israel, then and now: ‘kill, kill them all’
    ​ On 7 October, the armed Palestinian resistance smashed through the Gaza border fence to carry out an unprecedented surprise assault on Israel, in which some 1,200 civilians and security forces were killed.
    ​ While Israel attributes its entire death toll to the resistance fighters, in particular Hamas and its military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, evidence has emerged that Israeli forces bear responsibility for a significant number of deaths…
    ..But would Israeli forces willingly kill their own – and why?
    ​ The key lies in understanding that the primary goal of the resistance operation was the capture of prisoners of war (POWs)— both soldiers and settlers — to be taken back to Gaza. These captives were intended as leverage to press Israel to meet Hamas’s demands, including ending the 17-year siege on Gaza and releasing thousands of Palestinians held without trial in Israeli prisons.
    ​ It is equally key to understand that Israel, doctrinally, will go to the most extreme lengths imaginable to prevent the taking of captives – including killing them. In an attempt to prevent Hamas from taking POWs, Israeli forces took drastic measures, including launching airstrikes on their own military base, firing tank rounds at civilian homes, and using overwhelming firepower to enforce the highly controversial Hannibal Directive.
    ​ This infamous military policy – which was altered but not removed in 2016 – allows commanders to sacrifice their own soldiers to prevent them from being captured, aiming to deny the enemy any leverage over the occupation state. A notable case was in 2006, when Hamas captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit on the Gaza border. After holding him captive for five agonizing years, Hamas was able to exchange Shalit for 1,027 Palestinians held prisoner in Israel.​..
    ​..Palestinians targeting Israeli civilians is understandably a controversial talking point, especially in the west. However, Hamas justifies this by claiming all Israelis are settlers living on land stolen from Palestinians in 1948 during what is known as the nakba or “catastrophe.”
    ​ That year, Zionist militias employed rape and massacre as tools to effect the forcible “transfer” of some 750,000 Palestinians from the land needed to establish Israel. Future Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion and other Zionist leaders understood that the majority of the indigenous population of British Mandate Palestine, the Christian and Muslim Arabs, needed to be “cleansed” from the land to create a state with a Jewish demographic majority.
    ​ Today, many Israelis — civilians and politicians alike — are loudly calling for their army to “complete the job”.

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 41: Israel ignores legally binding UNSC resolution, saying ‘it will not happen.’
    ​ Following Israel’s refusal to comply with a new UNSC resolution, the Israeli military stormed Al-Shifa Hospital for the second time, terrorizing civilians and finding no evidence of a Hamas command center.
    ​ Israeli forces violently stormed Al-Shifa Hospital twice within 24 hours, destroying the inside of the medical complex despite finding no Palestinian fighters inside.
    ​ The UN Security Council passed a legally binding resolution calling for “urgent and extended humanitarian pauses,” unrestricted aid delivery, including fuel and medical evacuations, and the release of captives inside Gaza; however, Israel says “it will not happen.”​
    ​ UNOCHA: Those fleeing to the South using the Israeli force’s “so-called safe corridors” face arrest, and the UN has received reports of “beatings and people being stripped of their clothes by Israeli soldiers.”

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 41: Israel ignores legally binding UNSC resolution, saying ‘it will not happen.’

    ‘Chaos & Power Vacuum’ in WH is Why Israel Snubs US Advice on Gaza – Sy Hersh​ (or “because they CAN​”​, or “it’s only for show”)
    ​ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not been listening to the “waffling” of the Biden administration, the US investigative journalist wrote on Substack.
    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been intensifying their Gaza operation to eliminate Hamas amid global protests over the spiraling Palestinian civilian death toll.–power-vacuum-in-wh-is-why-israel-snubs-us-advice-on-gaza—sy-hersh-1114939951.html

    John Day

    ​ Rights group sues Biden for ‘complicity’ in Gaza genocide
    The US president and members of his cabinet have escalated their support for Israel’s brutal bombing of Gaza even as Israeli leaders have ‘expressed clear genocidal intentions’

    ​ Biden Calls Xi ‘Dictator’ Hours After Meeting Meant to Repair Relations with China
    The reporter, whose name and outlet were not clearly audible in the video, first asked if Biden could share the evidence he had that Hamas hid a headquarters in Al-Shifa hospital, something Biden said was a “fact” earlier in the press conference.
    ​ Biden said he was confident in the evidence he saw, but declined to provide it. “No, I can’t tell you. I won’t tell you.”
    The same reporter then asked if Biden still calls Xi a “dictator” as he did earlier in the year. Biden confirmed that he still does.
    ​ “Well look, he is. I mean he is a dictator in the sense that he is a guy who runs a country that is a communist country that is based on a form of government that is totally different from ours,” Biden stated.

    ​ US will not restrain Israel in Gaza: Lavrov​ , The Russian foreign minister says Iran and Hezbollah do not want a wider war
    ​ The US does not want to restrain Israel’s ongoing military campaign in Gaza, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview to RT on 15 November.
    Russia has proposed several UN Security Council resolutions seeking a ceasefire to the all out conflict that erupted between the Israeli military and Hamas on 7 October.

    ​ Knesset members mull Netanyahu impeachment​ , As the war against Gaza enters its second month, two-thirds of the Israeli public say they want Netanyahu out of office as he has refused to take responsibility for his role in the crisis

    ​ Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been very clear thus far in condemning Israel’s ongoing military operation in Gaza … He told members of his hardline Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in a speech before parliament: “I say clearly that Israel is a terror state.”​ …
    ​..”While we curse the Israeli administration, we do not forget those who openly support these massacres and those who go out of their way to legitimize them,” he continued, in a clear reference to the United States and Western allies of Israel. And not for the first time, he denounced “genocide” unfolding.
    ​ “We are faced with a genocide,” Erdogan emphasized, perhaps in reference to the broader Muslim world. He also personally lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying he’ll soon be a “goner” from his office, amid growing Israeli domestic anger at his failure to protect citizens, in the wake of the Oct.7 terror attacks.
    ​ Erdogan also once again pressed Israel to formally declare its secret nuclear arsenal: “Your end is nigh, anyway, whether you have nuclear weapons or not” – and in response he drew loud applause.

    John Day

    ​ Why the US needs this war in Gaza​ , Washington needs to win its Gazan war against Iran because it failed to win its Ukrainian war against Russia.​ Pepe Escobar
    ​ Arab leaders were forced to take some sort of action beyond suspending a few ambassadorships with Israel, and called for a special Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit to discuss the ongoing Israeli War Against Palestinian Children.
    ​ Representatives of 57 Muslim states convened in Riyadh on 11 November to deliver a serious, practical blow against genocidal practitioners and enablers. But in the end, nothing was offered, not even solace…
    ..History, even if written by victors, tends to be unforgiving towards cowards.
    ​ The Top Four Cowards, in this instance, are Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Morrocco – the latter three having normalized relations with Israel under a heavy US hand in 2020. These are the ones that consistently blocked serious measures from being adopted at the OIC summit, such as the Algerian draft proposal for an oil ban on Israel, plus banning the use of Arab airspace to deliver weapons to the occupation state.​ Egypt and Jordan – longtime Arab vassals – were also non-committal, as well as Sudan, which is in the middle of a civil war. Turkiye, under Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan, once again showed it is all talk and no action.​..
    ​..Riyadh and Abu Dhabi are supposed to reinforce the energy clout of the BRICS sphere and be key players, further on down the road, in the de-dollarization drive whose ultimate aim is to bypass the petrodollar.
    ​ Yet, at the same time, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi also stand to benefit immensely from the not-so-secret 1963 plan to build the Ben Gurion canal, from the Gulf of Aqaba to the Eastern Mediterranean, arriving – what a coincidence – very close to now devastated northern Gaza.
    ​ The canal would allow Israel to become a key energy transit hub, dislodging Egypt’s Suez Canal, and that happens to dovetail nicely with Israel’s role as the de facto key node in the latest chapter of the War of Economic Corridors: the US-concocted India-MidEast Corridor (IMEC).​..
    ..That was also the logic behind Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s UN charade in September, where he flashed the whole “international community” a map of the “New Middle East” in which Palestine had been totally erased.
    All of the above assumes that IMEC and the Ben Gurion Canal will be built – which is not a given by any realistic standards…
    ​..Beyond the fog of Washington’s “worry” about Tel Aviv’s genocidal rampage, the crucial fact is that we are right in the thick of a war against BRICS 11.
    ​ The Empire does not do strategy; at best, it does tactical business plans on the fly. There are two immediate tactics in play: a US Armada deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean – in a failed effort to intimidate Resistance Axis behemoths Iran and Hezbollah – and a possible Milei election in Argentina tied to his avowed promise to break Brazil-Argentina relations.
    ​ So this is a simultaneous attack on BRICS 11 on two fronts: West Asia and South America. There will be no American efforts spared to prevent BRICS 11 from getting close to OPEC+. A key aim is to instill fear in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi – as confirmed by Persian Gulf business sources​…
    ..Tens of millions across the Global Majority are asking why the Hegemon is desperate for a ceasefire in Ukraine while flatly refusing a ceasefire in Palestine.
    ​ Freezing Project Ukraine preserves the Ghost of Hegemony just a little bit longer. Let’s assume Moscow would take the bait (it won’t). But to freeze Ukraine in Europe, the Hegemon will need an Israeli win in Gaza – perhaps at any and all costs – to maintain even a vestige of its former glory.
    ​ But can Israel achieve victory any more than Ukraine can? Tel Aviv may have already lost the war on 7 October as it can never regain its facade of invincibility. And if this transforms into a regional war that Israel loses, the US will lose its Arab vassals overnight.

    ​I have been seeing this same story for weeks.
    Israel considering deal with Hamas for temporary Gaza cease-fire in exchange for release of some hostages

    ​ Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said, on Monday, that an ambulance and the patients inside came under attack near the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, Anadolu Agency reports.
    ​ When we sent the ambulance to bring the patients, a few metres away, they attacked the ambulance. There are injured people around the hospital, they are looking for medical care, we can’t bring them inside​, the French-based humanitarian organisation said on X, quoting one of its surgeons in the hospital.
    There’s also a sniper who attacked patients, they have gunshot wounds, we operated on three of them.

    ​ On Monday, the United States directed the United Nations and its bodies, including the World Food Program in Yemen, to completely stop the aid granted to beneficiaries in Yemen.
    ​ According to the source, the complete suspension of food aid comes within the framework of US pressure following the Yemeni stance in support of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

    ​ The United States was forced to scale back its global military-biological programs in the wake of Russia’s revelations about their extent, Radiological, Chemical, and Biological Defense Troops chief Igor Kirillov has said…
    ..Kirillov and the RCBD Troops have spent 20 months briefing Russians, Ukrainians and the world community on the extent of the US military-biological programs in Ukraine, revealing work on a dizzying array of dangerous pathogens, from hepatitis A and E to typhoid fever, cholera, and a host of viruses, as well as programs seeking to utilize local flora, fauna and waterways to spread disease, including using pathogens which target specific ethnic groups. Along with Ukraine and Eastern Europe, the RCBD Troops also revealed the extent of American military biological research in other countries and regions across the globe, from Africa to Asia.
    ​ Russia’s revelations, based on thousands of seized documents, also uncovered some of the minutiae of the intricate workings of bureaucratic mechanisms and US big pharma involvement in funding pathogen research​…
    ​..Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland confirmed in Senate testimony in the spring of 2022 that there were “biological research facilities” in Ukraine, and expressed fears that these facilities might fall into Russian hands.

    John Day

    Surge in Vaccine Lawsuits Forces Biden Admin to Hire More Attorneys​ NEWSWEEK

    ​ A COVID-19 vaccine reckoning is coming for the DOJ over federal mandates​ N.Y. Post
    ​ The Justice Department has just posted a new jobs ad — it’s looking for eight new attorneys to defend the federal government in vaccine injury cases.
    Presumably, the hiring spree is in anticipation of a surge of COVID vaccine lawsuits, as people who were forced by government mandates to take the jab, and suffered serious side effects as a result, try to extract compensation from a system that is stacked against them.

    ​Meryl Nass MD , Better organized New World Dis-Order chart


    Jb – from yesterday
    Profits at any cost for a few private hands, jb. Profits at any cost for a few private hands.
    As for DR D
    I am wrapping up a huge project so can not answer at the moment and clarify/define an enigma called kutsommer.


    @DrD: love your stuff, but I have to correct you regarding Toyota’s decision to switch all Camry production to hybrids. Full disclosure: I bought a 2018 Camry hybrid new in, well, 2018. The price difference was not 5X, it was not even 2X… it was about a $2.5k difference on a $26k car (now a $28.8k car in 2024). So a little less than 10%. To me the astounding fact is that ANYBODY buys the standard gas version. The hybrid’s gas mileage is 36% higher, even on the highway (53 vs 39mpg); in the city it is 82% higher (51 vs 29 mpg). My almost-six-year-old Camry hybrid routinely hits 60 mpg over a tank cycle in the summer.

    Yes, a hybrid is more complex. No, I didn’t buy it to save the planet. At 10k driving miles per year I’m saving 120 gallons of fuel per year, easily $500 at $4+ gas (thanks, Joe Biden!). I would guess that I will have saved that $2.5k already, even allowing for Trump’s lower gas prices. I think Toyota is making the logical decision to consolidate into a single drivetrain, a single bill of material, and a single assembly workflow.

    Your point about the EPA acting as a version of Central Planning still stands, however.

    Dr. D

    Thank you. It’s a big topic and a big ask.

    Note our Capitalism has a decided LACK of profits at any cost. Aside from the constant and certain bailouts, we’ve been discussing all year about how not a single company that does anything has a stock price. While every company that loses money, Tesla, Meta, WeWork etc, was making multiples, some for decades. Some of that has reversed, but it’s still every top stock in the index: they do nothing practical at all and most have no profits at all.

    And that’s aside from Disney, Netflix who torch billions as a double down on the LAST billions. Right now Facebook subscribed me (don’t ask) to a pro-gay site. What? I subscribed to zero sites as policy. …Nope! THEY subscribed me, and I cannot BE unsubscribed. You’re GOING to eat these bugs, and you’re GOING to like it. Infuriating. So…now all my friends think this is the think I like the bestest of all ever, my one and only interest, my true love, since it’s my only subscription. Good thing I don’t actually care that much, but THAT is the level of the antagonizing of customers. When people drop and boycott them en masse, don’t care. Why? Money means nothing. Profits mean nothing. They’ll go to a bank who will print the money FOR them. Like Hunter, a 0% loan with no terms, never paid back.

    Wot a crock.

    Dr. D

    Rototiller: that’s awesome. I wonder on the battery cycles and life. We were all amazed at getting 50 on diesels and now they’re 20% over that.


    Walmart Locks Up Their Jeans

    I guess too many were just walking off.

    Pretty soon you won’t be able to go into the stores.

    Pick up or delivery only.

    Which is probably what they want.

    Brick and mortar stores are expensive.

    A pure online model is probably the future we are moving towards.

    Total Surveillance



    Once they move everything online, then the fun will begin.

    Digital id to use the Internet, social credit score to spend and buy online.

    Gen z (The Worst Tard Snowflake Generation Ever=TWTSGE) is already primed to buy online stuff and eat only delivered food.

    Locked n’ Loaded






    Loose Lips Sink Ships



    Ukronazis Send Their Women to the Met Grinder

    Nazilensky wasn’t satisfied with exterminating the male population,

    now he’s sending girls to slaughter too.

    Before and shortly after

    the First Women Are Finally Seen on the Front…Russian Forces Storm Trench, find it’s all women


    Liars, theives and murderers, the happy merchant mask is off. Take a good look at what you see.

    Dr D Rich

    D says he doesn’t understand and then goes on to explain it: “I’m not being mean or sarcastic when I say I don’t understand Kultsummer’s position at all. It is probably a language and culture difference”

    “Covering up is also an illegal order” sayeth Dr D but that is exactly The Talent rewarded by the system particularly when this skill is coupled with guile, propensity and willingness to deflect the blame onto a 3rd party, the designated scapegoat.
    In my example from yesterday, those two Jew surgeons and the Jew colleague author took full credit for “fixing” the disaster (if you open that journal article you’ll see a genuine medical malpractice disaster for that patient and his family). Those three “cover-uppers” despite being contacted never arrived amidst the crisis, a crisis dumped on a 4th party not party to the first part. The 4th party surgeon at the time of The Dump was engaged in 2 compatable crises simultaneously at a 3rd medical center:
    A. Fellow employee with mental status changes and vision loss from undiagnosed and widely metastatic breast or lung cancer to the eyes (choroid) and brain.
    B. 59yo Asian American female status post cataract surgery (by a 5th party not party to the first part) gone awry and evidence of permanent vision from the same.
    How would you humans “cut short” the care, counseling and treatment for those last 2 patients with bilateral retrobulbar hemorrhages staring your career in the eyes?

    Deflection, scapegoating and cover-up ARE the coins of the realm

    None of those 4 ophthalmologists, 3 authors and one unskilled cataract surgeon, lost their jobs, ad their reputations maligned or ever enjoyed complaints against their professional practice.

    Cover-up and acquiring credit dishonestly


    I did not think Blinken was intelligent enough to realize that the dictator comment was a gaffe.

    Michael Reid

    Dr. Michael Palmer MD was a biochemistry professor at
    University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada,

    one of the universities that I went to

    and his thinking reflected mine with covid

    CV19 mRNA Vaccines Were Meant to Harm & Kill People – Dr. Michael Palmer

    Michael Reid

    Renowned radio host, filmmaker, book author and archeological dig expert Steve Quayle says just about every aspect of American life is under attack by Deep State demonic globalists who want to “take down America.” Let’s start with the U.S. banking system that is teetering on insolvency and locked in a growing liquidity crisis. Quayle explains, “This is a watershed moment in the world today. In the world of financial happenings and events, we are watching the takedown, breakdown and total onslaught by multiple nations, namely the BRICs nations with total abandonment of the U.S. dollar. World War III is underway. . . . It’s happening before our eyes, and the mainstream media, which is an accessory to genocide, do not report anything accurately. . . . For the first time in the history of federal banking, the ACH (automated clearing house) problem happened . . . multiple millions of people, from my sources, were waiting to get paid their paychecks. For the first time in history, you know what the Fed said to the banks? ‘It’s your problem. You deal with it.’ I believe the Fed is in survival mode. It’s treading water. There is simply no more money to back up the big 5 or the big 12 banks. We are seeing a focused liquidity crisis in the United States of America. Our T-Bonds, T-Bills and T-Notes are selling at horrific discounts. What people need to understand is banks of all sizes park their excess capital or their client’s funds in T-Bonds, Bills and Notes . . . and when the value goes down, that puts them into a position of financial jeopardy. . . . We are watching a breakdown, a takedown and a meltdown of the Federal Reserve Bank. . . . You need to get out of the big banks, and you need to get out of online banking because of cyberattacks and hacks . . .and the U.S. dollar is being vomited out by other nations.”

    Another huge ongoing attack is at the southern border. Quayle says, “I think what we are watching is the displacement of the American citizen and replacement by everyone else. You can’t deny this. The people orchestrating this are demon possessed, supernatural evil people, hellbent on destroying the United States from within.”

    Quayle says there is a covert move by Deep State globalists that are wanting to shut down alternative news and conservative websites. Quayle says, “They not only want to shut us down, but they want to shut us up. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, when they shut down free speech and shut down free thinkers and speakers, then the world you thought you lived in has come to an ultimate crash with reality.”

    Quayle says the coming war will see the need to “reinstate the draft” because Lucifer hates humanity and wants more to die. Look for a new techno feudalism to control society. Quayle also predicts a massive loss of jobs, and at some point, you will see a million jobs disappear in a single day because companies will have to cut costs quickly as the economy implodes. He also contends there will be a continued takedown of Donald Trump throughout 2024. The evil Deep State will continue to do anything and everything to stop Donald Trump from running for president again.

    In closing, Quayle says, “This is the reality of Biblical, End Times. . . . Resist evil . . . Never believe the lie ‘aliens made us.’ They did not make us. . . . and put your faith in Jesus Christ. He’s the real Savior of the world.”

    There is much more in the 1-hour and 13-minute interview.

    America Attacked on All Fronts, WWIII Underway – Steve Quayle


    I think that the MSM has been ordered not to keep showing/repeating the news from Gaza.
    BTW is Ukraine still winning against Russia. /s

    The cease fire demonstrations are demonstration on bridges in different cities.

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