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    Vincent van Gogh Women Picking Olives 1889   • Time’s Up for Netanyahu and Biden (Dan Siegel) • Biden Is Fully Signed Up To Genocide In Gaza (Coo
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 19 2023]

    Dr. D

    “David DePape Found Guilty In Federal Trial Over Paul Pelosi Attack

    Well that stinks, are we never going to know what happened with Paul and his gay lover? The whole point of trials is to get the truth out so it’s over and we can all move on for better or worse. No good if when the trial’s over we’re all still suspicious of Pelosi. For him or for us.

    “…a growing number of US adults admit getting their news on TikTok… in contrast with other social media sites, where news consumption has declined”

    Yes, because Tiktok is a platforms of users uploading ideas. Like so many parts of YouTube etc are. While Facebook and others can’t stop lying. So you most likely have a rotation away from liars. And yes to man on the street uploads, but that’s what the Comment section is here, too. Or Patreon. It depends if their information is good. The problem I’d have to TikTok is it’s short. We are over-covered in short ideas with no long form foundation, etc., but when I was following nursing that was TikTok and they would post a 30sec each day or 4x a day, all adding up to they covered every tiny detail of the strike and news for months.

    “She states as a fact that Trump was guilty of incitement, a charge that no prosecutor has ever brought against him. That includes the D.C. Attorney General who announced his intention to pursue such charges. It also includes Special Counsel Jack Smith who threw every other possible criminal charge against Trump.
    Nevertheless, Judge Wallace concludes that Trump “incited imminent lawless violence”

    That was interesting. So this judge can declare him guilty without allowing him to present himself in court? And therefore has heard zero legal evidence? “Peacefully” has a different meaning in Colorado.

    Speaking of election deniers: “Stacey Abrams’ Brother-In-Law Arrested, Accused Of Human Trafficking, Choking Underage Girl

    All in the family! Is Abrams the greatest election denier in U.S. history? I don’t track such things so yes! Why not? To the Bastille with ye!

    “Elon Musk Plans “Thermonuclear” Lawsuit Against Media Matters

    They’re also taking down NewsGuard as a Statist Government Proxy. Which it is, moving ahead of buying the NYT(directly) and the WSJ (Indirectly via CIA-Amazon contracts) and going around the CNN model which was always owned in the first place. NewsGuard is part of the “Fact Checker” model, where all the fact checkers are House Speaker directed by lobbyists or DoD.

    Missing the Ukraine, where Russia isn’t in any hurry and very slowly Ukraine runs out of …well, everything. No shells, so now there’s 10x more fire disparity (measured in artillery) than before. As Russia moves into Avdiivka, they now can’t do anything but fall back, simply not having men, nor ammunition for them to shoot with. Like: pointless. Purely physics. At the same time an SU-27 pilot defected with his plane. And? What took you so long?

    Well because they’re giving Ukraine F16s (I thought they weren’t doing this??). And? So? Who can tell what a pilot is THINKING? You vet them as best you can, and have for many years by that point. Well, because he will fly a totally-viable, totally-intact F16 into Moscow for disassembly. So they can’t send F16s to Ukraine in these conditions.

    And? You think they haven’t seen one before?

    IT WILL BE EMBARRASSING AND A CATASTROPHE FOR BIDEN, politically, and the Democratic Party, and the more general war party, which is ¾ of them.

    Ooooooooohhhhhhh. NOW I understand. Yeah, Moscow parading an F16 on international TV from a Ukrainian who surrendered and didn’t want to fight, given to them by Joe Biden against the advice of the People and everyone? Yeah, that would be hard to recover from.

    So I hope it happens! How can we make this happen today?

    Thankfully, it turns out that the Milgram experiment was a total fraud. Would be great prisoner mind control for the population though!!!: it’s the “Prisoner’s Dilemma”, if every prisoner (American) believes that every other prisoner will sell them out certainly, then he DEFINITELY will squeal to the police first and ALSO boot-lick every authority. …Which is why it’s been so well publicized and everyone liking it. Intellectuals, so they can feel morally superior, although it’s actually rednecks who refuse. Notice the participants were WEIRD. White Educated Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic. In the 1950’s: the WEIRDest of the WEIRD. And he still had to fabricate the test to get those results.

    “Organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace and J Street represent ever growing numbers of American Jews. We are no longer cowed from describing Israel’s actions against the people of Gaza as genocide or its policies in the West Bank as apartheid.”

    Well good Lord, it’s about time…

    I’m saying the same thing I’ve always been saying, but everyone’s perception of it is different now for some reason. Being against ISRAEL isn’t related to being for or against Jews. Israel is a dick government, like all nations are dick governments. Why are they special or different? From Columbia? Kazakhstan, Sudan? You don’t say I hate blacks when I talk about Rwanda. For the love of Christmas, the stupid. Nor does “Israel” basically have anything whatsoever to do with a Biblical People or state. …Not that I can’t point out that God almighty himself does not “support” Israel but has hammered them many times on purpose in that book. That’s like conflating the USS Enterprise (1775), a Continental Navy sloop, the USS Enterprise (CV-6), an aircraft carrier (1938–1947), the most decorated U.S. ship of World War II, the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (1961–2017) the Slave Ship Enterprise, the Space Shuttle Enterprise, the USS Enterprise (CVN-80), a Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier, under construction and scheduled to enter service by 2028, and the NCC Starship Enterprise.

    For the love. Of God. Have you Christians never seen “Words” before? Even “Israel” wasn’t “Israel”; isn’t every other line telling them to stop killing babies, worshiping idols and having gay pride parades or else?

    Yet now at last people seem to have shaken off this cross think and are able to function for the first time in my lifetime. …Aside from the Christians who appear to have doubled down for Israel in a complete absence of human consciousness. Whatever. There aren’t enough of them to matter.

    “Israel is Shutting Down its Human Laboratory in Gaza (Chris Hedges)

    Ritter pointed out the obvious (which somebody has to do sometimes and he’s on camera) that Gaza is independent rule, and as Kunstler says, “Hamas squandered the people’s wealth on terrorism and tunnels” of billions a year. True! Huh.

    Ritter points out that Gaza, as a coastal nation, therefore has been recovering by doing world commerce and supply by boat. NOPE! Israel won’t let them build a PORT. They are doing world commerce and supply by land, with Egypt and Jordan. NOPE! Israel has fences and will shoot anything going in and out, and have. The only things that get in and out are what they allow, and they allow NOTHING. At all. Not even papers, movies, shoes, GI Joe Kung-fu grip, whatever they FEEL like on any given day. Items with no strategic meaning at all. Why? Because you’re Palestinian, that’s why. So Gaza took their billions in support from the world and built an airport so they could avoid this sort of blockade and treatment. NOPE. Israel won’t let them. Sooooo smart guy, what ELSE were they supposed to invest that billion in? …And then they found the gas field…

    So except for being the world’s largest prison camp, they’re totally autonomous, totally free, totally self-governing. Uh-huh. Spoken like a true maniac. Well, given those circumstances, there’s one thing Gazans and Hamas CAN do: shoot you all so they CAN have open borders, commerce, ports, railroads, and food. So they did. I would too.

    Hamas/Rave Attack: Well I expect an open apology from Kunstler later. (uh-huh)

    On that, it all just depends on being an “Us”. That’s what the emotionless psychos always use on (we) normal humans. We identify with an Us, such that “Us” becomes “Me.” It’s natural, we don’t see it, realize it. So kids will have an “Us” for their toys. Other toys are not an “Us”. If you take toys away, the “Me” shrinks like cutting off a toe. If you break the toys, it hurts “Me” personally, as they are an extension of “Me.”

    And so with groups. So the old ones are the national, American “Us.” Patriotism, nationalism. Way back centuries ago maybe we had an “Us” with our family, husband and wife even, who knows? But religious “Us”, my church and mosque. Cultural “Us” that you’re a Hippie, a Punk, a Jewish “Us”. So if someone attacks, say, Texas, or your Western AND Swing music both, then you take umbrage and get your dander right up. (No idea what these words mean). And so Psychos only see ME. There is no “Us” for them anywhere, but it’s useful to get US all to fight while they steal things, so they do.

    And Kunstler, and like everyone, ascribes to the Jewish “Us” which is extremely common. It only stands out because there is no longer any Polish “Us”, Italian “Us”, Texan “Us” to speak of. They all used to exist but “Jewish” is one of the few remaining and it’s pretty weak itself at this point. Too bad. I actually prefer a world where people from Long Island are different from Staten Island different from Vancouver Island and Grand Island.

    Going the other way, this is what they’re lathered to create in a Gay “Us” a Trans “Us”, a Progressive “Us.” They didn’t HAVE those things, so they were FABRICATED from outside in order to create divisions that never existed, or weren’t viable for 100 years. Every day I read articles on some new offense against Blacks and gays that HAPPENED 100 YEARS AGO. …This is just what they do in Serbia, in Northern Ireland. March the “Bloody Sunday”…that happened in Macedonia 600 YEARS ago. Let it go man, that was before your great-grandpappy was born. So they just CREATED this cartoon oppression of…whoever…more or less out of whole cloth. As we said yesterday: all top stars in 1920 Broadway, Hollywood? Gay. Black. Jew. And things we don’t remember: Italian. Irish. Etc. Everyone was super-duper Christian religious in 1920 America except everyone ALSO got divorces at the drop of a hat. (“The Opposite Sex”, 1956, based on snap-divorces already common in the 1920s) So except for all the people who weren’t: you know, everyone is history I can point at, everyone was White, Anglo-Saxon, Christian, NO ONE was White, Anglo-Saxon, Christian, etc.

    As Orwell said: Need a grievance, a revolution you control, a war, a sap, a sucker? Easy! Just re-write history! Because Humans have an “Us” they fall for it every time. And Kunstler as like near 70, has a legacy “Us” he hasn’t shed yet. But he might: he shed both America and the DNC. Shed Pharma, Doctors, media, his own Rolling Stone. He’s capable of it if it comes to his attention as it’s doing now. We’ll see, but he was born to this and it will take effort.

    …As all you jokers were, and I was too. Give him a break. He “Was born””? Wot a crime.

    “a Biblical covenant as his excuse for committing genocide to seize Palestinian land and destroy its existing population is a travesty of what actually is written in the Bible.”

    Yup all the Christian Right who can quote the Bible don’t understand a word of it. Just like Jesus said. They are the Pharisees he speaks of, and that’s been true the whole 2,000 years, although probably more 500AD to now. Although in this specific case Samuel is reputedly speaking FOR God, as his prophet. I don’t think that’s specifically confirmed though, the way it is for Jeremiah or Jonah. The Rabbinical tradition is that you can say, “Okay Teacher: stand and deliver: what makes you think so?”

    “The once-glorified clean-energy stocks are now facing their darkest days, plunging the industry into a financial abyss that threatens America’s ambitious environmental aspirations.”

    Sure it’s a classic pump-n-dump, everyone knew that, that’s why they were on board with Al Gore and super pissed at anyone outing them. It’s a classic Fascist merger between corporation and state to force the taxpayers and consumer to buy products at the point of a gun. You can tell this clearly by its construction: No government = no scam. Therefore, the Government is a pivotal, foundational party and participant. Not incidental by like, charging “penalties” to MBS fraud and keeping it for themselves which is ALSO bad, but in theory a function of government.

    So not only total merger of Corporation and State, but one so far back, so well-groomed and certain over decades, that it’s considered outside any question that OF COURSE they would work together to pump-n-dump consumers, citizens, and the world.

    “Plants will absorb 20 per cent more carbon dioxide than predicted by the end of the century,”

    So……all your models are totally wrong? Because you slipped a zero somewhere like in “Office Space”? And I’m supposed to believe you now? While you’re apologizing and explaining why your Climate Messiah Armageddon hasn’t arrived on Dec 21, 2012? But you’re pushing the date back to the next comet Hale-Bopp?

    Please make it stop. I would like to Make Science Great Again. Or just “Science” again.

    11 years is astonishingly short time for a Cathedral. What I say about now we have trucks, lifts, diamond saws, bulldozers but somehow can’t figure how to build what a teenager and a mule built in 1800? But I know this story in Germany: people found out they were doing this (and had the money), people went to their back garden, dug up the original statues they had hidden there, and gave them back to the church. For safekeeping those 50 years. Buried so the Stasi didn’t find them. Over time, and a lot of people hundreds of more original items appeared.

    Now it’s back, because merely they wanted it. They said so. So possibility for the Notre Dame yet, without Macron’s idiotic Crystal Cathedral 21st century mall ceiling.

    Dr. D




    Notre Dame

    OK Gen Zer




    The fish rots from the head down

    Hunter after Hormone Transition Therapy

    A Star is Born

    He will need a suit however to testify to Congress in.

    “Come on man!”×900




    The WEB is leaking into the MSM and causing the loss of control of the narrative.

    The American Empire is no more.

    Israel’s actions will not lead to peace
    criticism of the Israeli government is the equivalent of antisemitism.

    We are no longer cowed from describing Israel’s actions against the people of Gaza as genocide or its policies in the West Bank as apartheid.

    We are no longer intimidated by an American Jewish establishment that wields specious and exaggerated accusations of antisemitism and harassment to silence critics of the Netanyahu government.
    the optics – and that is all that concerns Washington – are disastrous.

    DO NOT READ Chris Hedges and comments, and references if you have already made up your mind on what is happening in the world.

    Gaza is the prelude to a frightening new world order.

    Chris Hedges: Israel is Shutting Down its Human Laboratory in Gaza

    Chris Hedges: Israel is Shutting Down its Human Laboratory in Gaza
    Israel ranked world’s 10th-largest weapons exporter in past five years
    Israeli exports accounted for 2.4% of global total, with India, Azerbaijan and Vietnam the leading recipients; arms shipments to Europe surged, and Russia’s stock dropped
    SIPRI Fact Sheet March 2022

    pieter d. wezeman, alexandra kuimova and
    siemon t. wezema

    Israel in recent years has been growing its arms export business. It also imports significant weapons from the UK, Italy, Canada, and Germany, but 92 percent of what Israel gets comes from the United States.1 day ago
    US secretly boosts arms deliveries to Israel: Report
    Despite public calls for a ‘humanitarian pause’ in Gaza, Washington has continued to send tons of military equipment to Israel

    News Desk

    NOV 15, 2023

    Washington is discreetly stepping up its military aid to Israel, Bloomberg reported on 15 November, citing a US Defense Department document.

    A document titled “Israel Senior Leader” requests, dating to late October, reportedly lists the arms which Israel is seeking for its ongoing war with the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip.
    (I cannot get/find this report. Can you? )
    The list includes “more laser-guided missiles for its Apache gunship fleet, as well as 155mm shells, night-vision devices, bunker-buster munitions, and new army vehicles […] extending beyond the well-publicized provision of Iron Dome interceptors and Boeing Co. smart bombs.”

    According to Bloomberg, the available US arsenal is already being shipped, while the Defense Department is working to make others available from stockpiles in the US and Europe.

    By late October, 36,000 rounds of 30mm cannon ammunition, 1,800 M141 bunker-buster munitions, and a minimum of 3,500 night-division devices were delivered to Israel, the document cited by Bloomberg shows.

    The Defense Department is “leveraging several avenues — from internal stocks to US industry channels – to ensure Israel has the means to defend itself,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

    “This security assistance continues to arrive on a near-daily basis,” it adds.

    Israeli media reported last week that Tel Aviv had received a cargo ship carrying around 2,500 tons of military equipment, and that over 120 planes and several ships have delivered over 7,000 tons of weapons to Israel.

    The US has deployed nearly a dozen warships as well as hundreds of troops to West Asia in support of Israel’s war efforts.

    The increased military aid comes as Washington continues to come under fire for complicity in Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

    New York-based rights group, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), on 13 November filed a lawsuit against US President Joe Biden and two of his cabinet members for “aiding and abetting” the unfolding genocide in Gaza.

    Since 7 October, Israeli airstrikes have killed over 11,300 people – more than a half of whom are women and children.

    Officials in Biden government “increasingly caution Israel about trying to avoid civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip,” Bloomberg writes.

    “The White House is getting increasingly frustrated with Israel’s conduct of the war against Hamas as the civilian death toll mounts and the administration’s calls go unheeded, widening a rift between the close allies,” another Bloomberg report from 15 November says.

    “Administration officials are having what they describe as more difficult conversations with their Israeli counterparts as the US tries to shape the conflict — only to have Israel ignore them.”

    Despite this, the US continues to provide unconditional political and military support to Israel.

    The White House on 14 November officially backed Israel’s unfounded claims that Hamas runs a command center under Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital. Israel has laid siege to the facility while continuing to bomb its vicinity.

    On Wednesday morning, Israeli troops launched a brutal assault on Al-Shifa, storming the facility. Hamas accused the US “green-lighting” Israel’s attack on the hospital.


    11 years is astonishingly short time for a Cathedral

    Cathedral building, a main theme at Ken Follett’s masterpiece book “World without end”.
    Brick size of the book makes audio version more suitable for busy folks, not to mention that backyard cleaning becomes something to look forward to.

    Dr. D

    Sequel to “Pillars of the Earth” (may recognize) and I’ve probably linked this as well:

    Guédelon Castle (all 4 hours)

    Dr D Rich

    Dr D keeps hearing ALL although they never say it….he knows they mean it.
    We they become the object of his projection, bad people, but not Kuntstler and his very revealing root canal analogy.
    How often is that mechanism, the train of thought, applied to The Other on behalf of the Israeli, Jewish, Zionist minority. Perhaps, the process seems similar to lumping ALL white guys under the same White Deplorable umbrella as some good folk will be by pure chance absent malignant intent unfairly targeted; blacklisted; lynched; hung and burned in effigy; gaslit; Scapegoated: and subject to diminished life’s prospects. So, they say, blowback is a bitch.

    Dr D: “is it safe?”


    but the first shot is of Harlech, my favorite! I love castles. I will enjoy watching that.


    It’s been interesting watching various public people change over time – Kunstler, Tim Pool, Jordan Peterson, Carl Benjamin.

    The excuse given by people unhappy with the change is “audience capture,” ono the audience is manipulating the pundit the same way you teach a planarian with shocks, light, etc in a behavioral experiment. That seems like a neat trick, that the thinker gets converted to a worm, to simple unconscious reactions to intruding outside influences. Convenient.

    Sometimes it’s the people on the opposite side that get you where you’re going, not the friendlies. I’m no pundit, but certainly 2020 rubbed my face in who I was definitely NOT with. That more than anything changed my mind about a lot of things.

    It’ll be interesting to see where Kunstler goes from here.

    Michael Reid


    Technocracy Videodrome
    A compilation of videos related to Neurowarfare, IoB, Synthetic Biology, Smart Cities, 4IR, AI, COGSEC, and so on

    I thought it would be a good idea to put together a mega-playlist. A one-stop shop, so to speak, with some brief summaries to let the viewer know what they’re in for, and what we might take away from the footage.

    Michael Reid

    THIS is How Global Government is Run (and What’s Coming Next…)

    NOV 19, 2023

    by James Corbett
    November 19, 2023

    Newsflash: contrary to the worries of conspiracy realists, global government is NOT a far-off, distant threat waiting for us in some potential dystopian future.

    No, it’s not a future threat. The truth is that global government is already set up and functioning. Here. Now.

    In fact, it’s not even happening in secret. It’s happening in the most visible way possible: a party.

    Oops! Did I say “party”? I meant “Conference of the Parties,” of course, aka the mechanism by which individual nation-states have been willingly ceding their sovereignty to the globalist technocrats for decades now.

    Never heard of “Conference of the Parties,” you protest? Of course you have. I talk about the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) COP pretty much every year. In fact, I’ve been covering it since at least COP 15 in Copenhagen in 2009. Lest we forget, 2009 was the year EU President (and Bilderberg lackey) Herman von Rompuy declared to be “the first year of global government,” specifically citing the COP in Copenhagen as “another step towards the global management of our planet.”

    Another step, indeed.

    Fast forward to 2023. The globalists are fueling up their private jets and chauffered limosines for another wine-and-dine fest—this time COP 28 in Dubai. Yes, it’s just a matter of weeks until we get to bear witness to the annual ritual of these would-be global rulers jetting in to lecture us peons about how we’re not doing enough to save the planet.

    But do you know what a COP really is? And did you know that the UNFCCC’s COP is not the only COP being run by the de facto global government? And did you know that the real point of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) so-called “pandemic treaty” is to establish yet another COP chamber in this increasingly bloated shadow government?


    Yep, Dr D.
    i mixed up the sequences like I often do with the “Girl with dragon tattoo”. . Yep the first one and both heavy volume books.
    Since into traditional carpentry skills here is the master.
    In the mean time zen story of Alan Watts which goes:
    “Lumber was ready and cut under the guidance of master carpenter to be assembled the next day, Jealous competitor sneaked in during the night and cut one foot of some pieces.
    Next morning apprentice noticed the cuts and warned the master to which he replied:
    I knew that he will do that. Proceed with the erection of structure.Now all the members are cut to size.”


    The jew wants every White Christian dead, but not until they have stolen everything you own. Get ready brothers and sisters. Palestine is the canary in the coalmine.


    Rosalyn Carter has died. She was gracious.
    That couple was a “duprass”, which means Jimmy can’t be far behind.
    National funeral. No one will notice by the half-mast flags, though- ours around here have been down for months.

    Dr. D


    That’s alright, just thought you liked #2 better but people wouldn’t connect it to the series. The video shows how “easy” it is to build a castle. …Everything is easy once somebody knows how. Still very expensive though.


    Creepy Pedo Jo-Joe to a little child: “I love your ears”


    Biden’s DOJ Scrubs Child Sex Trafficking Information From Gov Database

    What a Satanic little shit-maggot, Garland needs to have some burning tires hung around his neck.



    Gosh, Pizzagate was true and it’s ties into Media Matters

    I hope Elon gives Media Matters an lawsuit enema with a red hot wire brush

    Ream them out Musk, ream them out.

    Dave Collum reposted


    All the people who were ridiculed for these discoveries in relation to pizzagate and all the surrounding degeneracy back in 2016 deserve a massive apology.

    The deplorable conspiracists were right yet again.



    Did you know that David Brock (left), the Founder & CEO of Media Matters for America, was one-half of a DC power couple with his partner James Alefantis (right), the owner of Comet Ping Pong pizzeria?

    Yup. That’s the restaurant at the center of the infamous Pizzagate (child sex trafficking ring) scandal. Oh, and James notably belongs to the Rothschild family as well.

    Weird, right?


    You are often otherworldly, Dr.D. Catholic- in the best sense.

    Googlebrains. (tmtmtmtm):
    I don’t have to know that information. I can always google it.
    And the more “AI” “takes over”, the worse googlebrains will get.


    Suspend your suspicion-
    For now, they’re mistaken.
    It’s the human condition.
    It takes time to awaken.

    A man makes an axe
    And the axe makes a board
    And the board builds a church
    That gives praise to the Lord.

    What does a woman admire in a man?
    His knowledge of tools and the gift that he can.

    Dr D Rich


    Dr D is catholic??
    In what sense is Dr D catholic? Mormon catholic? Jew catholic?
    Like Bishop Wm. Connare, Greensburg Pa?
    Perhaps not the kind of catholic that sent Fr. George Pierce an established pedophile of 10 yo boys to Holy Family Parish Seward PA?
    We, the world, already know the Pope, Holy See enacted official policy through transfer/cover-up to deal with priests like Pierce.
    And certainly Holy Family’s Seward many devoted parishioners still devoutly attend mass with full knowledge since 2018 of Connare’s and Pierce’s crimes sanctioned by the Pope/Vatican/Holy See.
    D can’t profess to be THAT sort of catholic either.

    I mean shit, man…nobody’s perfect. .

    However, when it came time to pay up, as in compensate the victims, the Catholic church cried poverty. At least the Jews make no such absurd assertion, but instead have their proxies shakedown Congress for more money to wage war on Palestine.


    The leaders all around the world ignore their populations.
    They have their own agendas aimed to gild the upper crust.
    They’re set on running everything- their wicked machinations
    For profits and for power: we beat them or we bust.


    chirp chirp chirp.
    catholic: including a wide variety of things; all-embracing.
    smiley face grin

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