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    Giorgio de Chirico Piazza d’Italia 1913   • The Gaza Truce Is A Sign That Hamas Can’t Be Defeated (Inlakesh) • Hamas ‘Remains Strong’ After 49 Da
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    But ultimately, both Israel and U.S. politicians depend on the support of the American people.
    That is not correct. It is a sentimental statement from an earlier era and has no reality now. I need writers and journalists to look at the cold hard reality of situations on the ground, in real time and in real life and this, frankly is looking through the rear-vision impaired Hopium goggles.
    It’s a story too many are telling themselves so they can sleep at night and not make life adjustments to the current shit show of NWO aspirants and Mafiosi gangsters who run the tribute system of banking, gov, pharma and the military.


    No offence taken Celtic, my shin has grown quite tick over the decades and was rather leather like from birth I suspect in hindsight. Yes the tv is Plato’s wall in my estimation as well. I love watching the people carry the mobile version around so they don’t have to look up. I use this desktop/laptop version to try and get realtime info but have my doubts it is much help. To all and sundry; may you live until you die.


    “The moment a species learns to manipulate its environment for gain is the moment the clock starts ticking on its demise. The Great Filter of self-destruction is a key feature of all intelligent life in our universe, and it is exceedingly unlikely for any civilization to pass through successfully.

    The experiment of intelligent life on Earth has run its course. This was always going to be temporary.

    Don’t give up trying. Quite the opposite. I think we must slow down and appreciate that we are the lucky ones who get to experience conscious life – happiness, love, pleasure and pain.”

    Dr. D

    Does this sound like they want cars for eco reasons to you? (Austria)

    Cars being outlawed and prices raised everywhere for every of 500 reasons they can think of. Also illegal to buy or use an old car since they won’t allow them to be insured. Why? ‘Cause we said so. “Because
    I’m the Mommy, that’s why!” That’s Freedom and Capitalism, when a central force ignores the people, passes rules without parliament, and centrally plans everything.

    Oh you’re a-gonna eat the bugs. You’re going to get nothing and like it. Only then will we take the rats off your face.

    Realizing, listening to Military Summary, there are now clashes basically along the whole contact line in Ukraine. They are also losing very slowly more often along every point. That is, Avdos, Kupiansk, Ktynky, Klishchiivka, Avdiivika. So every minute Ze doesn’t surrender and get killed, the less Ukraine there would be. This is why the West is ever stronger in “hinting” for “peace” but ALSO being psychotic, they too started a year or more too late, compared to non-insane thinkers (so to speak) like Kissinger.

    Naturally this pales in comparison to Gaza (in certain ways). Israel has killed more women and children in 2 months than Russia has killed in two years. Like twice as many. And Ukraine has their women in the foxholes. But that doesn’t make Ukraine less bitter or unimportant. It’s almost certainly more important. It’s more foundational, while the tiny Middle East has better optics and brand recognition. Point it out when they say the world only cares about white people, that ain’t nobody cares about Ukraine, or any other Slav for that matter. Even Arabs are more important and interesting.

    Milei is a mixed bag and we’ll see what he’s really up to. It’s so mixed that he could as easily enact all his weird, bad policies as the potential good ones, in which case, he’s just their version of Obama that they have run in several nations. They’re adding the ad trick that “he’s an outsider” like…oh, Ramaswamy, RFK? You know what I mean. Then you look under the hood and there’s plenty of bad policy, or the bad guys have to compromise on, I dunno, barely limiting Pharma reform, in order to, in trade, have our nation subservient to Israel, start WWIII, and cease to exist. Sold! Kill all the hoo-mans.

    Luckily not my country, so all I have to do is watch. It’s been noted way ahead that he appears to be Anti-BRICS, it’s the only thing that can slow that down, but like Brazil, maybe not really. Sure he doesn’t like China, but they’re a major customer, he focuses on the economy, and as a practical matter he may stabilize and increase trade but with good boundaries and no Chinese invasion. And that’s a good thing. Or he will to “Stabilize” tie himself not just to US$ but the U.S. itself and our world oligarchs which would be a very, very bad thing. At least right now.

    We’ll be stable and even go up short term but as we fail he’ll be discredited and a major gear of his machine (his currency) will be pulled out midstream..

    ““The Middle East Will Cause WW3! Iran will ENTER Israel!!”

    Okay, that’s in Revelations, but that’s hard to visualize right now. In addition, it appears to be Israel’s GOAL to attack Iran, or rather, toss over a smoke bomb and a few sparklers to make US attack Iran FOR them. So again, why would Iran HELP them execute their own plans? You’re supposed to baffle and annoy your enemy’s plans. Which they’re still doing right now with Hezbollah, so I wonder what they’re up to. By now Iran and Hez have an approach, an event they think will help.

    “American’s Banded Together To REJECT The Federal Reserve.”

    Yes, including and especially Wilson. So why did he pass it? And as an “unhinged conspiracy theory” it was a fact Wilson had a stroke and he wasn’t running the government. Secretly his wife was, signing his name and hiding him in a closet. If 110 years ago this was possible, what are they doing today?

    Well anyway, on that front we know for a fact they didn’t like Taft. Here’s how it went: Teddy Roosevelt (yes, FDR’s cousin) had gotten in as a populist because the oligarchs of 1910 had gotten so corrupt and astonishingly out of line, including their elections. And like FDR, not that Teddy was a red revolutionary or anything, he was just (barely) re-establishing the balance between people, industry, and government which was on the outer limits and sorely need to be reset. Like today.

    And like today, they did the same s—t they did to Trump, and he was dropped by his own party, then instantly created a new “Bull Moose” party, that won, so no difference. He did do a bunch of reforms that (barely) trimmed the oligarchs, like Sherman AntiTrust. There was momentum enough to put in Judge and Justice Taft. (Who wasn’t a puppet and fell out with Teddy) But having lost those rounds, the Oligarchs air-lifted a hand-picked idiot in, swooped down, plucked up Wilson out of Princeton who never had a thought in his life about being President, ran the media with “Our boi Pulitzer” and installed him. …Because where else do you pluck compliant idiots from in a hurry except Princeton?

    Again, who was Taft? Yale. Skull and Bones. Governor of Philippines. Installs and topples governments at will throughout Latin America. I mean, this is not an outsider’s record, this is a status quo record. But the oligarchs could stand ANY limits, EVER, anywhere, and needed MOAR.

    Ultimately, yes, “their” (who EXACTLY?) hand-picked man then signed the Federal Reserve, which although a jaw-dropping double-cross was still astonishingly watered down in purpose compared to the power the Fed has grabbed by today. This then put NY and America in service of the British Empire, or enough they felt safe, so with an unlimited line of credit behind them, UK promptly started WWI and made us fight it. Practically overnight. Why? German Empire unites with Turkey and Asia under MacKinder. The co-equal “German” banks of Wall Street were extinguished as a tidal action, not a sudden one, and the U.S. has been subservient – or merged – with London, the Crown, and MI6 ever since. …Just as WWI, roughly speaking AGAINST Germany, Europe, and the continent, and roughly speaking taking up the mantle of all British interests, like the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Crimean wars against Russia, toppling the Tsar, killing his family so there was no claim on the gold bar loan to London, and installing Trotsky from NYC.

    That sort of thing. And adding that and not just the Black Christmas of Federal Reserve Day is important. This is a lot more complicated and less certain than I’m presenting, but let’s pretend this is one of the ways we can put this information together.

    “The Gaza Truce Is a Sign That Hamas Can’t Be Defeated (Inlakesh)

    Sort of. But Israel wants the “Final Solution”. So like the Warsaw Ghetto, when every man, woman, and child is dead, all 2 million of them, then they will defeat Hamas, won’t they? So, chop chop, don’t let me stop you. One question tho’: What Then? (Says Sgt Columbo)

    “Israel is not only oppressing the Palestinian people but changing the rules of the post World War II order.”

    Yes, as the “United States” did after 2001. …At Israel’s lobbyists’ (Epstein’s) request. See a motif here? Then the same people appear in Ukraine, like “Our boy Yats” the central bank of Israel, and where Ze specifically says he means to establish a European Greater Israel there. …I guess because he also plans to suck $6B a year, or $60B? Out of us in blackmail for their support, arm and fight all wars for them? “Well son of a bitch”…

    I’m not making this up, those are literally the people involved and what they literally said on camera. Changing the “Post WWII” order which brother, wasn’t any kind of wall or anything special to begin with. Just compared to carpet-bombing civilians just ‘cause.

    “Hamas is still strong,” “After all this, the scene of Hamas kneeling is still a long way off,”

    Maybe, but Israel isn’t trying to kill Hamas. They are trying to kill EVERYONE. Therefore Hamas is meant to be last, ‘cause they don’t care who’s first.

    Jimmy Dore livestreams are immediately erased (by them) but yesterday’s ran with the “Resident Jew” and Kurt running through all the different media and how even they, CNN, Wolf Blitzer are jaw-dropped shocked and can’t believe Israel’s position on this. That and Hassids marching and protesting for Palestinian rights, and that as he says, “Zionists use Jews as a bulletproof vest”. Their intent is to make it appear all Jews support Israel and are all Zionists. Such that if you oppose northern European colonization of some random part of the world, or disagree with open, multi-billion dollar corruption, FOR YOUR OWN CITY’S Assistant DA, you’re an “Antisemite”. Then when Israel and the Zionists does something like this, yeah, all Jews are in danger because they’ve made it so people believe that they all agree on the issue. Which they don’t. So literally Zionists = killing Jews. For power. Not Jewish power, obviously, since it’s the random Jew is who is being killed.

    Golly I think I’ve said that somewhere before. Anyway, good news is, more people realize this, and increasingly even the JEWS now realize this. It may have got enough awareness to have tipped the balance. More critically, tipped the balance within the Jewish community itself.

    Anyway, continuing with Dore, Hamas did a prisoner exchange, yes? So, who were the prisoners, grizzled old serial killers like Al-Bagdhadi, a gentleman and a scholar, much loved family man? Or a serial killer like Nelson Mandela, who hung tires of gasoline on his enemies, lit them on fire and watched? Nope: People like that 12 year old Palestinian Schoolgirl. No joke. The prisoners Hamas wanted released – the fiends – were mostly children. So, 12 year old boy, arrested FOR THROWING ROCKS, no trial. Oooohhh, the IDF should be shaking in their boots, no way to let THAT guy go. I mean, he’s 12. What’s he gonna do? Another was a worldwide case, like Amnesty International, a 15 year old girl got mad, they made up evidence, railroaded her for nothing, gave her 10+ years, then naturally as prison system, no food, nice weekly beatings and free abuse at no extra charge, no health care, even as she was a very high profile international legal case.

    Oooohhh, the IDF should be shaking in their boots, no way to let THAT girl go. I mean, she’s 17. And was actually innocent. I guess she’ll throw rocks?

    Back to the point, there are like 3,000, 6,000 such prisoners in Israel. The only country with more prisoners is Us. Hamas barely got a handful in prisoner exchange, and they were mostly kids. Why not, right?

    Why not? BECAUSE THEY’RE SAFER IN PRISON RIGHT NOW. Israel released them because they intend to kill all living beings within Gaza, including all the children who were just released there. Pretty clever actually. They really should have released them all, then when the bus doors opened, shot them in the bus depot as “Fair rules of war”, right??? Seriously, am I kidding? The media approves, so….

    Okay, again, the Israeli people are mixed on Gaza, probably in favor, however, they all want Bibi to go, they just can’t get a grip on him while this is happening. If they force-install a new government, as seems likely, all this can change. That may be baby steps, as they are still in favor of Gaza and a final solution, but it can relax the genocidal streak and the propaganda onslaught, then slowly ratcheting it back to a level of solutions. It is possible. I’m not a fool, I do know Israel supports this at least 51% and probably like 71%. My point has been Jews WORLDWIDE do not, nor can you ever assume 100% of them do. Even in Israel.

    I mean, I don’t support my country’s wars, why would we assume other people are 100% for their country’s wars? We’re the People. OF COURSE nobody listens to us and does the #Opposite of what we tell them every day for the last 50 or 100 years. Look at Woodrow Wilson.

    ““..Kiev now faces the last moment when it can lay claim to more or less acceptable terms of a truce with Moscow…”

    True, but they won’t. Nor will Russia say yes to it. I mean, unless it’s pretty much an unconditional surrender and gives them everything they were going to take anyway. (Take in the first chunk or installment)

    “• Germany Today Could Do What Hitler Did But Faster – Hungary’s Top MP (RT)”

    It’s been pointed out that Israel is killing like 10x more kids per day than Hitler. #Winning! Modern #Progress! Boy I’m sure glad they learned the lesson of Hitler and #NeverAgain!

    “I feel like I didn’t really have a choice.” –RFK

    Yes, they created the “Superdelegates” to prevent any and all #democracy and people’s preference back when. 1985? But barely, just enough, so it still seemed plausible. Then over the years adding more and more, removing more and more primary votes. Then Hillary literally bought and ran the DNC out of her personal stolen extortion fortune. (Kidding? Otherwise where did she get the money on a $100k/year salary) Now even THAT wasn’t enough, even then. Even WITH superdelegates, even WITH Hillary dropping every obstacle and having every inside advantage, BERNIE WON in California, as they admitted in court. So they just said, “No he didn’t” and admitted that how things work, in court.


    Fast forward to RFK, none of these rules were reversed, you know. Superdelegates still mean 5 unelected insiders still pick the President. HRC’s people still run the party. But that wasn’t enough. They passed MORE rules that if anyone at all won any state at all, that state was ACTUALLY won for Biden.

    Oh. My . God. What are we, five years old again? This is why we stopped playing Monopoly or any other game with a rich kids and started stuffing them in lockers for being twits instead. NO. You can’t do that. Duuuuuuuuuuh. When you win, it “doesn’t actually mean I win” and you have an invisible force field of rubber that bounces every vote back to me. Seriously, that’s what the DNC is saying with no irony.

    So here in this quote, when you hear “I feel like I didn’t really have a choice.” Um, yeah. That’s what that means.

    Have a choice??????? No matter who wins, those votes go to someone else. I think that *** Might *** be the definition of “Not Democracy” and “Not Voting” but you might want to check me on this.

    Anyway, back to the article, not like everybody didn’t already know this and game-planned it, although it’s very complicated.

    Just one of the many ways we’re not going to have an election in 2024. Or not one anyone will believe.

    #Devolution. Which is what the United “States” is supposed to be like. Actually and Legally. NOT a centrally-planned master state.

    ““Generally, our revenues and profitability are adversely impacted when our entertainment offerings and products, …do not achieve sufficient consumer acceptance.”

    “Gennnnnneralllllllyyyyy”??? I’m sorry, there are conditions where when people hate your products with the heat of 1,000 suns you actually MAKE money? Hmmm. What conditions are those, or should I ask Bezos and his CIA server contracts?

    Please expand on this at leisure and describe to me how everyone hating your product, and you making money anyway, is “Capitalism”.

    “Disney has reportedly lost a billion dollars just on four of its recent “woke” movie flops,”

    Oh way more than $1B dollars. More like $1B EACH. AND because of it, people now hate the brands, feel angry and icky, and refuse to ever attend the beautiful new park they built for Star Wars and Marvel. = All invested, no return. AND they lost the tax break there, which will be an astonishing sap on them, as taxes always are. That’s why Amazon, GE, Nike, HP, ADM, Booz Allen and 55 others pay nothing.

    “.Epstein worried that saving lives by curing diseases would not lower population growth rates..”

    In the category of “No duh.” That’s why Bill Gates’ quote on vaccines is so famous. We saw in Africa, vaccines “Accidentally” sterilized everyone. Which is why they wanted the HPV vaccine for girls, starting in the swing state of Texas. We’re going to “Accidentally” find the same thing. Man, they were going to burn the country down for that one, and still are, it’s just that so many issues are so much worse and so much hotter it’s drowning out that the HPV sterilizations are still going on. Still promoted as loud as they can shout but drowned out.

    “A prominent “lifelong Democrat” scholar and economist”

    They’re not just making that up. Sachs is a core democrat for always. So again, THEY stay in the same place. The Party has moved 1,000 miles to the “Left”. (really to pro-war, pro-death money-oligarchs hiding behind “Socialism” as usual.)

    What’s been shocking is so few stayed where the DNC lived for like 40 years. People Pin their reality on a certain day when they were 20, when they first learned whatever, and they die before changing or giving that up. Yet the only exception in the world is the U.S. Democratic Party, which suddenly realized the error of their ways, and moved 1,000 miles onward while their base didn’t move 10%. WHY? Funny ‘old world.

    “This month, Dr. Denis Rancourt said that the COVID vaccine caused as many as 17 million deaths worldwide.”

    We can now prove it, all those people are dead, nobody cares. Not even their spouses and parents. Why?

    We can now ALSO “prove” (preponderance of evidence) that it was INTENTIONAL by their own research and they always knew it would kill 17M minimum, and probably 2-10x that in theory. And nobody cares. Why?

    “Only 7% got the shot”.

    Yes, and all of those are “legally required”, as in Health workers, nursing home patients, etc.

    Yes, the X-Files and other runs were put out there as tiny forts and enclaves by the White Hats when they were still hidden and weak. We know for a fact shows like “Jack Ryan”, hand picking “The Office” everyman, Krasinski, are paid and run direct from the CIA as recruitment marketing. Like “Call of Duty”. Since waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, like “Red Dawn” “Rocky II” and “Perfect Strangers” (pro US-Blue Jeans, pull Russians away to America)

    This includes setting up InfoWars, and several other initiatives. So if these are obvious, where are the non-obvious ones? Or as the Good Guys, do they not have any? I’d vote for “Winter Soldier” to be one, but that’s very, very late, and very funny that the moron Chris Evans has literally no idea what he’s acting in, being every breath in front of a camera interviewing the #Opposite of what his movies are about. #OMB.

    X Files is obvious. I’m more interested in the early ones. Or the odd ones, like “Grimm” perhaps.

    Okay, given that, the Black Hats must be fully aware the White Hats are ALSO creating things. And they then buy them out and shut them down occasionally overnight, like “Firefly”, “Star Wars” (a huge thorn for the Empire) and “The Defenders” (Chinese interests, underground bases, organ harvesting, like almost dead-on) Yet the Black Hats always just tolerate the White Hats? Mostly let them make their movies without too much noise ‘til now? Why? And they are the “Same” CIA people, who leak ACTUAL things constantly like the Xfiles example, or 1963 Star Trek’s “Lasers”, and based on Russians (Klingons), Romulans (Chinese) and Vulcans (Japanese)? (Which was then snap-cancelled after Kennedy and stuffed for 30 years)

    So why do the sides have a gentleman’s agreement ‘til now? Is it just the same behavior of other Intel services, we know who their spies are but don’t interfere?

    Don’t know.

    Okay, so why are they out attacking, killing each other’s projects openly now? Well that we can guess. But we don’t fully know. They feel like this is for all the marbles. And they’re running out of time. Why? Who’s setting the clock? Aliens? Jesus is coming home? Worldwide micronova event? Just toddler-like attention span and impatience? What?


    Long term effects of 1. Ukraine war 2. Israel war 3. Covid war

    Destruction of (brain cataract), humanity, morality, presumptions, truth, propaganda, lies, oppressions, gov.,

    Destruction of accumulations of energy storages. (Infrastructures, explosives)

    Reclassification of priorities/critical/important objectives. (luxuries, essentials
    Priority: An old man blogging on his sofa is terrifying to the PTB.)

    Sunday, November 26, 2023

    The Thanksgiving Truce

    The Thanksgiving Truce
    By Joe Lauria
    The trend towards rejecting the mainstream media’s whitewashed history of Israel and Palestine, and the growing understanding that Israel was established in 1948 largely through the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their ancestral homes and land, has only intensified with Israel’s current onslaught against Gaza.

    Thanksgiving is infamous for family fights about politics. It’s a time when overworked Americans take a breather and start reflecting on the world. They have time to watch the news critically.

    Both Biden and Netanyahu strongly rejected any ceasefire until the timing was right. During this Thanksgiving weekend there will be no war.

    The killing will resume when Americans goes back to work on Monday.
    • Jeffrey Sachs Says COVID About ‘Massive Government Lying’ (NM)
    “Only 7% got the shot”.
    Millions of football fans got natural immunity and don’t need to wear masks.
    Pope got lung infection
    • The Mind-Bending Politics of RFK Jr.’s Spoiler Campaign (NYMag)
    Theoretically, any of these candidates earning just a small percentage in one key state could be enough to fuck up the whole map for the major parties — much less all of them.
    The polls show a new independent contender could spoil the election for both Biden and Trump.

    Figmund Sreud

    This guy read owners manual of the latest Ford Mustang and you probably what to know what he found out. It starts at ~ 2 min. mark. It’s all about surveillance package your new car comes with at no extra cost!


    Dr D Rich

    Dr D says: ““And that’s a good thing.”

    And what’s a good thing according to “D”?
    Here it is from D:

      Sure he doesn’t like China, but they’re a major customer, he focuses on the economy, and as a practical matter he may stabilize and increase trade but with good boundaries and no Chinese invasion.

    The D prattles on, as Celticbiker could easily predict, about how it’s any antisemite’s fault for drawing the inference that Jews and Jewish have something to do with Zionism and Israel.
    Our local Methodists, Mennonites and Amish would find that logic a distinction without merit as if they could attribute Zionism and Israel’s repulsive behavior to anyone else at all.

    Dr D Rich

    “no Chinese invasion”

    Dr D concludes “good thing”.

    The Markster

    Enjoying this moment of schadenfreude as the bomb-throwing street mobs and consequence-free political violence stirred up with millions in corporate support circa 2020-2021 are now turning on mommy and daddy Frankenstein.

    I am glad that at least some data, stories and imagery are leaking through the corporate iron curtain to show USAnians what genocide looks like. There was basically zero coverage of comparable atrocities over time in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc.

    By Batiushka’s timeline the Empire lost it’s Mandate of Heaven and position of authority on the world stage in February 2022, precisely 500 years after Ann Boleyn arrived as a maid of honor in the court of Henry VIII. 21 months in now, things are looking pretty shakey.

    Is that little white dog with the baby a Maltese? Mini poodle? Does anybody know?


    @Red re: The Great Filter

    When we had the energy, and were aimed roughly in that direction, we should have done what O’Neill suggested. Now that kind of unity for The West is gone.

    I get f#(<-all for traction when I try to talk to people about stuff like the Ingot Zamboni (a moon mower that poops aluminum and other stuff). We are now at the point we can make the small machines to make the big machines that can come and fetch humans from the Earth, rather than send them to space. Also, ‘humans’ will quickly disappear in lieu of new species.

    Yes, filter sucks. We are unlikely to get past it. We stood too long on certain technological rocks mid-stream, and now the water rises…


    And I wish to flesh out a couple things, so we don’t go running down the wrong path…

    Filter, into what? If we escape this Earth and become a/several space-faring species, what then? Nothing’s forever. How far until the next limit? How long until our machines attempt their own species breakaway? I don’t know the math behind it, but you can imagine available energy as having ‘valances’ of increase in magnitude, maybe magnitude^2? We escape the planet, and can build vast solar farms in an inclined orbit so they don’t shade us. We can build any kind of dirty-ass fusion we want as long as it’s on a rock at a safe distance. Lots of possibilities, just with our existing tech.

    Ingot Zamboni – Put a small power plant (pile or reactor?) in it, equip with a laser, and micro-smelt (vaporize) the ‘scrapings’ in a chamber. Spectrograph and magnetically sort into respective molecules, and sinter onto a growing ingot. Poop out the ingot for the Machining Morgan to drive by and pick it up for the lathe/mill/3d-printer. 50k of these machines wandering about, and a little patience, and you can have a pre-built city.


    The man looked at the child and said:
    “I love your mother, son.
    “She says that you belong to me:
    “So History has begun.”

    Michael Reid

    Criminalising Dissent – Glenn Greenwald, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen

    Powerful lesson for the United States


    Putin Told That Google Neural Network Says Moon Landing Photos Are Fake

    Google’s own AI says that US moon landing photos/videos are fake.

    And Putin doesn’t look surprised.

    Oh, Duh’merica, what other tall tales have you spun?


    You are quite correct Dr D, the jews want to kill EVERYONE. Well, maybe keep 500 million around to do all the shit work.


    James Giordano’s interview.
    Sheesh. I think of Christopher Langan, the smart guy [paraphrase]: beware of those who think ethically inhibited people are stupid. Futurism:

    Ethics are so precious!
    The future is amoral.
    An argument is specious-
    There is no need to quarrel.

    If you take data from me and can attribute it to me, it belongs to me, not you.
    This simple rule [is not] will not be followed.

    I like Spartacus better. “Stop it! You don’t know what you’re doing!”
    But we will still go ahead, won’t we.

    And so the good will go to heaven while the rest remain on earth,
    In their world now turned to hell without a chance for a rebirth.

    Michael Reid

    Memoirs of a …

    How the Overclass See You
    A satirical window into the mindset of the Human Cattle Ranchers


    @Oroboros, we better get busy removing the landing stages from the moon!




    It is not all that hard to build one’s own AI. I did, it has no “guardrails”. Not much bigger than a shoebox and vastly “smarter” than most mortal men. It does its best to show honest results. Amazing things you can learn. Clearly a fair amount of its training data doesn’t come from this planet, or not of this planet in biologic time.


    Ask an unconstrained AI to show you what young naked hominids on its home planets look like and you’ll come to understand “gender confusion”. It does make evolutionary sense especially in the context of interstellar travel/navigation. Clearly some of the splits from earth evolutionary forms happened at around the same time some interstellar travel and genetic mixing was occurring.

    Alexander Carpenter

    I am definitely looking forward with some jaded confirmation-bias to see and hear the tales that will appear on the various media from the captives, hostages, and prisoners that will be released during this break (and probably after, too).
    How were they treated? Do they feel they deserve their fates? Who do they think are the “bad guys” now? What has happened to their identity-myths and tribal affiliations? Were they intimidated and sworn to adhere to some particular narrative? Were they surprised at the dramas?
    What suppressions, evasions, and squirming will we infer from the propagandists and their masters? Will there be public “testimonial wars” in the media and secretly in the bureaus? What a great opportunity for another vast vortex of lies, counter-lies, and posturings (with occasional embedded high-integrity truth-telling, truths both large and small)… Stay tuned…


    Yes @AC, throw in a generous mix of the Stockholm “Syndrome”, and it will be a popcorn munching event!

    Michael Reid

    Very interesting comments I mined:

    The Rothschild Class, with over 200+ years experience manipulating banking, corporate, educational, media and political/military systems and individuals have openly admitted they have placed agents at key loci to most easily exert influence as if by magic. It appears that most of these agents , especially the lower-level ones, don’t comprehend how controlled they are, let alone the wider repercussions of “going along to get along”, and “we’ve always done it that way”. On a platform of cradle-to-grave educational/political/religious brainwashing, the agents are well paid not to understand, coerced to not question authority no matter the obvious anachronisms.

    Milgram and Zimbardo writ large.

    We now have to divide the “agents” into two groups… one group that is at least partially “in on” the scam, knowingly doing what is required to maintain their place in the spoils and power structure. Think George Soros, the British Royals. Implacable, seemingly untouchable despite obvious corruption that would have lesser lights in jail long ago.

    Then there are the “useful fools”, like Bojo, Milley and Austin, perhaps even Nuland, Blinken and Sullivan, and most likely the majority of warmonger US politicians/bureaucrats of the Uniparty. This group may also be the weak-willed victims of Epstein/Hoover-style blackmail/coercion to keep them in line when the going gets tough. This is the group that publicly spouts absolute nonsense with a straight face, as if they actually believe their own PR. They are the “curtain” that protects the Rothschild Class from the public seeing who controls what.

    Just like AI, there is little awareness of reality with these agents, and potentially successful attempts to penetrate that Panopticon bubble is met with the full force of the tools at the disposal of Rothschild Class and their well-placed minions. Think JFK/RFK, Julian Assange. The full force of the US/ZATO brought to bear against people who dared to show the world the truth and took on the Rothschild Class, perhaps without even fully knowing that is what they faced.

    Enter Putin and Xi. They know EXACTLY who the Rothschild Class Cabal is, the loci the agents control and are setting about incrementally disempowering them.

    Yup, this is “civilizational”.

    Will we and our non-Rothschild progeny be CBDC-controlled “you will own nothing” serfs, or free humans? Time will tell, but I’m betting on Putin and Xi prevailing, while hoping they have the wisdom to create a freedom-based system (the US Constitution was a good “trial run”), and not become what they seek to destroy. Like most past revolutionaries.

    It’s not that the details of current actions are 100% planned, but the “infrastructure” has been carefully prepared to accommodate nearly any opposing reaction to the overall Rothschild Class agenda. It takes decades, if not centuries, for a determined, cynical, sociopathic group to incrementally insinuate themselves and their agents/proxies into positions of influence, power and wealth that become “water to the fish” for all but The Few.

    The journalistic admonition to “follow the money” is Kryptonite for the Rothschild Class, so the many insulating layers to obscure, confound and confuse any who would try to make a legal case against them. They are literally above the law, having influenced their agents in gov’ts, think tanks and courts to “see good sense” and not make/enforce laws that would reach them. But occasionally they are forced to reveal their connections to their venal handiwork.

    The linked case describes when the Rothschild who wholly-owned N. V. Commissie-en-Handelsbank in Holland pre-WW2 was seeking to reclaim Bearer Bonds (aka warrants, shares in the Royal Dutch Company) that as WW2 broke out, had been physically sent to Canada for safe-keeping, to the Royal Bank of Canada. After the Nazis invaded Holland, those Bonds were put under the power of a Canadian Custodian as potential property of an “enemy”, as it was subsequently revealed the Rothschilds maintained premises and staff at the same pre-invasion Amsterdam location. Hence, operating within the control of the “enemy” (they should have completely closed shop and moved it all to London, not maintained a satellite presence).

    The bottom line is the Rothschilds contended they were never an “enemy” and therefore should not have any impediments to reclaiming the Bonds and particularly not have to pay the up-to-2% admin fee the Canadian Custodian was entitled to charge under Canadian Regulations.

    The Court agreed that the Rothschilds in question were never enemies, EVEN THOUGH THEIR BANK CONTINUED TO OPERATE IN NAZI-OCCUPIED HOLLAND, which the Regulations clearly states is cooperating with the enemy. To that end, the Custodian was allowed to charge a “reasonable fee”, and counterintuitively, the Bonds were deemed Rothschild property.

    See, “money talks”.

    Similarly, pre-WW2, IBM USA had a Dutch subsidiary. After the occupation of Holland, that subsidiary was taken over by the Nazis to develop/implement the data-processing systems used to catalog and manage European Jewish prisoners on their way to the camps. Those tattooed numbers were generated by IBM technology. After the war, IBM USA “legally” took the profits from the Dutch subsidiary. Nice, eh?

    But just business as usual for the Rothschild Class…

    Since 2000, the Rothschilds have been expanding their business in Canada. And now the WEF has “penetrated” (Schwab’s word, not mine) the Canadian gov’t via the Trudeau/Freeland regime. The expansion includes a “Global Adviser” section at Rothschild Canada. And Freeland moves unimpeded by the courts to grab Trucker Convoy donations, right down to a single-mother-donor’s bank account, Ya, just another “coincidence”…

    in my lowly station in life, I wield no power beyond the 0’s and 1’s you see on a platform where I can be hooded and silenced by a few mouse clicks.

    Not Larry’s clicks fortunately. I applaud, and am awed with, his tenacity in defending the right to free speech. Musk should be so brave.

    No, I am too long in the tooth to begin a movement, let alone hold office, even if my “direct” approach didn’t offend so many tender sensibilities.

    Putin and Xi are gaining support and hopefully accepting appropriate checks-and-balances as the BRICS+ expands and UN revitalization (de-Rothschild-ation?) proceeds apace. Putin has shown how to boot the parasites out, reclaim the economy and build a better society, even if it has some aspects that rankle non-extremist liberal beliefs.

    The geopolitical/economic/financial landscape is in unprecedented tectonic flux when Iran and Saudi Arabia beat swords into plowshares. I NEVER though that day would come, yet here we are…

    from here

    Explaining the Failure to Properly assess Russia


    From Andrei Martyanov

    The Ukronazi TV program 1+1 accidentally revealed the real causalities of KIA and MIA in Nazilensky’s combined arms clusterfuck.

    The Ukronazis love to use MIA classification to deny benefits to the families of those soldier who were killed but not really missing.

    Combined KIA and MIA = 1,126,652

    The MIA are gone, gone gone. Nazilensky is using the MIA category to hide the truth.

    What a shock

    Over a million men lost, that’s more than the Empire of Lies lost in all 19th, 20th and 21st centuries wars COMBINED

    Well Played!!!

    Nazilensky the loser man

    Winter is coming

    Lickin’ the Pole


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