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    Paul Wolff Frankfurt Opera House 1934   • It’s A 2-Point Race, Not 16 (WE) • Biden Says Voters Don’t Deserve To Know If He Would Pack Supreme Cou
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    V. Arnold

    Paul Wolff Frankfurt Opera House 1934

    Great photograph; love that little convertable Coupe in the foreground……….

    Michael Reid

    Financial matters are not an area that I consider myself well versed in. However I recently stumbled upon references to this book:
    Giants: The Global Power Elite

    Front Cover
    Peter Phillips
    Seven Stories Press, 2018 – Business & Economics – 384 pages
    0 Reviews
    A look at the top 300 most powerful players in world capitalism, who are at the controls of our economic future.
    Who holds the purse strings to the majority of the world’s wealth? There is a new global elite at the controls of our economic future, and here former Project Censored director and media monitoring sociologist Peter Phillips unveils for the general reader just who these players are. The book includes such power players as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jamie Dimon, and Warren Buffett.
    As the number of men with as much wealth as half the world fell from sixty-two to just eight between January 2016 and January 2017, according to Oxfam International, fewer than 200 super-connected asset managers at only 17 asset management firms–each with well over a trillion dollars in assets under management–now represent the financial core of the world’s transnational capitalist class. Members of the global power elite are the management–the facilitators–of world capitalism, the firewall protecting the capital investment, growth, and debt collection that keeps the status quo from changing. Each chapter in Giants identifies by name the members of this international club of multi-millionaires, their 17 global financial companies–and including NGOs such as the Group of Thirty and the Trilateral Commission–and their transnational military protectors, so the reader, for the first time anywhere, can identify who constitutes this network of influence, where the wealth is concentrated, how it suppresses social movements, and how it can be redistributed for maximum systemic change.

    And a review of the book:

    And a video of Abbey Martin speaking with the author:

    It seems to shine some light on how capitalism has transformed governments and societies


    @ Michael Reid
    I put it in my bookmark.

    It used to be that +60% of people couldn’t meet a small emergency, (didn’t have the savings), (were living paycheck to paycheck).

    Since almost 1/3 couldn’t pay the Oct. rent, then that must mean that there are less than +60% still in financial trouble.
    Things must be getting better.
    I didn’t need Larry K. to tell me.
    What are your thoughts?
    1. no-one cares about the abuses of power that took place
    2. almost everybody has already been bought
    3. The voters will tell us the truth on voting day

    Dr. D

    Anyone know what that car is? Looks easy to fix. Rear vents make it like a VW.

    “34% Small Business couldn’t pay”

    Couldn’t? Or didn’t? There may be some that can but declined, but I expect there were a number who increased debt to pay: a poor bet. They will keep things shut down for a thousand years if you let them get away with it. Even as Fauci’s article about how CV is less dangerous than the flu makes the rounds. His paper: Flu = 0.1%. CV? 0.06%. “Shut it down Mr. President, shut it down.” There’s a child in Omaha allergic to peanuts undergoing chemo. Shut down planet earth and all those dirty workers and business owners. …Oh, and round up the Jews. Of course! Did I really need to add that? That’s a given for CIA-Iran families like DeBlasio’s.

    It’s closer than you think,” … survey puts Biden’s lead at two points, 49%-47%.”

    Yes, totally discarding the electoral college. So like ‘16 which they seem desperate to re-enact, they are going to lose in a big way according to the 230-year election rules. Sounds like I’m against them, but I’m not: I’m advising how NOT to lose, like getting an actual candidate, one not despised by black voters, and paying attention to states: They just won’t do it. He is campaigning in home state of PA, so that’s good news: just with the message he’s going to take the guns of every hunter from Harrisburg to Pittsburgh, and pack the court with 10,000 judges. I mean, really? Can’t you at least lie? Show some spirit. And the voters “don’t deserve”? Yeah, screw us, we wouldn’t tell you the truth if our life depended on it…because the people would depose them and never support again.

    Another victory lap, Erdogan again trying to re-establish the Ottoman Empire: not exactly a mystery, he ran on that very platform, but constantly ignored. He doesn’t dare attack NATO Greece, and has been squeezed down in Syria, so he turned to Armenia. Like all despots, he’ll bloody well attack somebody and doesn’t really care who. So if you’re pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan and making peace in the Saudi peninsula, what kind of despot are you, really? And obeying Congress and Courts: you’re an embarrassment to dictators everywhere. Too bad they got back into NoKo and reversed that pretty well. But with CIA, China, and Google in there trying to make sure WWIII is on-tap, no surprise it didn’t go smoothly first time ‘round.

    Never fear: they will simply report the opposite. And the opposite of the opposite. And anything they make up in their heads in the next 60 seconds. RussiaRussiaRussia. Still at it.

    Trump is “letting down his side” by arresting for 10,000 felonies leading to sedition and possible treason. ‘Cause “our side’ supports a two-tier justice system where we taze and arrest you outside in a park, in your home with your kids, for even DISCUSSING not wearing a mask, but if you commit an open Coup, and write it in public, publicly discovered, plant evidence, tamper with judges, in the open promotion of WWIII with Russia, while erasing human rights and free speech, free journalism worldwide for reporters that have never been there, aw shucks Cleetus, that’s just good fun.

    In 2003, Biden was “a senator bullish about the push to war [in Iraq]”

    And in 2016, bullish on WWIII with Russia over Syria by supporting Obama’s/HRC’s “no-fly zone.” Yay total destruction of planet earth and all things on it! Very Green. Very “Save the Planet.” But…they got that open-air slave market in Africa’s most prosperous country, so that’s a win. Biden was there when Obama bombed so many brown people they ran out of bombs! Stunning and brave.

    “50 Richest Americans Now Worth More Than Poorest 165 Million (ZH)”

    Why do you support these 50? When are you going to stop? They get their wealth through monopoly and government protection and contracts. Why don’t you take that away and remove the power of government to determine winners (50 Billionaires) and losers (you and everyone you know)? Nope. We need MOAR government, and despite 100 years of the dead-opposite, THIS TIME government will make all the rich billionaires and Senators POOR, not rich. Trust me. What we really need is Socialism. I mean, not like now, which is: Socialism.

    Oh, and Covid lockdown, on a dead-flat death rate – couldn’t be flatter, no medical access crisis anywhere – has doubled their wealth. They didn’t do that: only the government has the power to double their personal fortunes that fast with unscientific edicts. And all those governments that shut down to make all those Billionaires while making you lose your house? Democrats and Democratic Socialists.

    FBI lying and prosecution: shows why they haven’t enforced the law. Under a populist, they must first build popular desire, then fill it. Also shows my U.S. affiliation 30-30-30% perfectly. Paradigm, really, as each group is immune from the perception and facts of the other.

    “• EU Agrees Common ‘Traffic Light’ System For Coronavirus Travel (R.)”

    Wiggling around trying to figure out how to lock down in totalitarianism and fascism, the new Feudalism, for 1,000 years while having it done somehow with the people’s support. This while there is no medical crisis, the hospitals are not full, and we are +15 weeks past their 15-day guarantee. Of course. As if the dumbest guy, drooling in a corner, couldn’t see this coming. They are not going to give this back. They will never, ever unlock until you go make them. Why would they? All their fortunes have doubled. Yours have halved. That’s why you, the people, are the enemy of the State. Oh wait, aren’t the PEOPLE the ‘State’, not the government or corporations (merged)? I thought that’s how it worked. Not under the “Post-Enlightenment” where after we have ‘light’, we have darkness.

    COVID-19 cases spiking across Europe,”

    Is that like here where 10 people have it, then 10 more get it? Not exactly what you call ‘epidemic’. And “cases” ah, is there anyone left on earth who cannot get screwed white by bait-and-switch? “Cases” that lead to no deaths? That kind of “case”? The sort that don’t matter and you’d never even know you were sick without a test having a possible 90% false positive rate? Keep it up: then complain bitterly your own actions have halved your wealth and doubled the wealthy. Tell me all about it.

    “New Italy Mandate Requires Face Masks At All Times When Outside (JTN)”

    Because: no science. No logic. The only law is P O W E R. Didn’t Orwell tell you this? We don’t get power TO do something, POWER is the end goal itself. It is its own addiction and its own reward. The boot on the face of humanity…forever…isn’t to GET something; it’s because we LIKE crushing. Destroying. Lording. Stomping innocents is the only purpose to get power. So go ahead and give the government more then tell me all about how their stomping is the “Bad Thing.”

    Points up Right and Left are the same. I’m too generous: even confused by the obvious Anarchist flag in his background, I still figured it was finally the Right who was after Governor Whitmer. You know: it’s been 15 out of 16 mass-shootings from the Left, so it was time, maybe the Right was just thoughtless and confused as happens with those guys. Nope. Conspirator was indeed an Anarchist attending BLM rallies. Described as the “Right”. Being the anti-government right? Bookends to the anti-government “Left” of 130 days of non-stop anti-government rioting? With their motto: “Revolution, nothing less”? So these are the Anti-Trump-Government Trump supporters? You know, where Trump’s executive ARRESTED the plotters. Logic. Reported media-wide. Yes, I always fight myself while rallying WITH the enemy: that’s just common sense.

    Okay, that’s not my point, my point is that there are only two sides: Liberty, and Authoritarianism. “Left” and “Right” are now meaningless buzzwords, a fake setup both believe in government as all power and humans as bugs to be directed and exterminated by them. By the collective. (Top anchor Olbermann 10/10/20: Trump supporters are “maggots” who must be “removed from society” in a ‘final solution’ I’m sure.) “Liberty”, the value of the Enlightenment, believes you can’t have the means of erasing man and freedom as a path to man and freedom. You can only leave men alone as much as you are able. And where you are not able, having erred on the side of caution and restraint in speech, action, in contracts, then we must have a government get involved to defend life, liberty, and propoerty. A government that is dangerous, like fire, and its destruction must be constantly contained and minimized lest it imprison all men in I dunno, universal wiretap-and-tracking, house arrest and “The Man in the Iron Mask”, and you know, double the fortunes of the Senators and their owners who are free to go, do, and say as they please while picking up your 13-year-old daughters in Minnesota band camp and imprison them for serial-rape in St. James. While mass-murdering with bombs and drones worldwide. You know. If we’re not careful, something like that MIGHT happen. I mean IF we didn’t keep government under control.

    Only two sides: Liberty, and Slavery. Not Left and Right. Left and Right are the same prison. Choose wisely.


    to kidnap Michigan Governor
    to join BLM
    to join whites
    to be an enabler for the 10%
    to seek justice
    to seek freedom
    to fight
    to say what you think
    to be different
    Its frightening

    Doc Robinson

    Dr. D: “Anyone know what that car is? Looks easy to fix. Rear vents make it like a VW.”

    Looks like a Hanomag 2/10 PS “Kommissbrot”.

    Manufacturer Hanomag
    Production 1925–1928
    Body style coupe, roadster
    Layout RMR layout
    Engine 503 cc OHV single-cylinder engine, water-cooled.
    Transmission Manual, 3-speed
    Wheelbase 1920 mm
    Length 2780 mm
    Width 1180 mm
    Height 1600 mm
    Kerb weight 370 kg (816 lb)

    The Hanomag 2/10 PS was an economy car manufactured by Hanomag from 1924 to 1928. It was one of the first cars with envelope styling. It was affectionately referred to as the “Kommissbrot” or “Army Bread” due to its identical shape with the usual used loaf of bread at the German army in this time.

    The 2/10 PS (two taxable / ten brake horsepower) had a single-cylinder half litre engine behind the passengers. The rear axle was chain-driven, with no differential. With a fuel consumption of 4.0 litres per 100 kilometres (71 mpg‑imp; 59 mpg‑US) it was the world’s most fuel efficient mass-production car between the two World Wars due to the low-friction one-cylinder engine and its very light weight.

    V. Arnold

    Looks like a Hanomag 2/10 PS “Kommissbrot”.

    Great. Thanks Doc; I want one…


    That is one mighty virulent virus. /s
    With the activities in Australia and elsewhere, how can anyone not see this is not about a pathogen of the body, but of the body politic?

    V. Arnold

    And a video of Abbey Martin speaking with the author:

    Thanks for that MR; very edifying, but my observations of Usians is that they are utterly lost…
    Kept distracted by debt and the entertainment news machine.
    I see no mass understanding or self awareness in operation: just mindless self pity and anger…
    What is frightening is their vulnerability to the man on the white horse…
    As I’ve said before, it’s one of many reasons I left…

    Michael Reid

    Abbey Martin seems wonderful to me and she does the empire files and a podcast on apple called media roots radio with her brother Robbie Martin that I have been following this last year. I have enjoyed most everything they have said but most recently they have said that they were excited that Trump might die because he got COVID-19. Other than that I have enjoyed their podcast.

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