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    Pablo Picasso Self portrait 1907   • Middle East On Brink Of Full-Scale War – Russian Envoy To UN (TASS) • Gaza War as Indicator of West’s Crumbl
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    V. Arnold

    Allegedly Israel has nukes; at what point will they use them?
    The Yahoo is unhinged; and out of control…
    Pray to whatever god you follow this gets resolved without war…

    Dr. D

    Bitcoin Spot ETF is coming through. Yes, the AntiBitcoin. No doubt like other things, everyone will own this INSTEAD of the actual. Hypothecation. Most stocks are owned in Stock Funds. I believe most bonds are owned in bond funds. Gold and silver is traded on paper, ETFs, run by JPM and BlackRock now bought in. And Bitcoin is made so it would be to self-owned; that is its whole and only purpose.

    Nope. Not a person wants an account or wallet where they can “trade” it directly and cut out ETF fees, peeks, and front runs, etc.

    What I was saying yesterday. If The People are 99% pro-corruption, all day, what do you THINK the leaders or industries will do? I would suspect be corrupt and cheat, yes? And whose fault is it then if you can’t even bother to change your bank or use cash?

    Gold up $64. But not even over $2k so they’ve done their job well. Looks like wheat really will be more valuable than gold as the Bible says.

    “You Could Get A World War Cascade Where Everyone Gets Involved… It’s Hard To Like Stocks, I Like Bitcoin And Gold” –Paul Tudor Jones

    Or not.

    Hamas Cartoon: Note they read from Right to Left.

    “We need to understand that Qatar funds Hamas, not Iran. Qatar also funds Turkey and The Turks are the real power.”

    So…we’re going to sanction and bomb Qatar, right? Just like we invaded Saudi Arabia after 911?

    Nope! Completely random. We live in a world where no cause has an effect and wonder why everyone’s gone insane. If you’re bad or responsible, nothing happens. If you’re good and hardworking, nothing happens. It’s only whether you have power enough to steal and hand it to your friends.

    “In this event, the House of Representatives will decide the next president from among the FIVE top candidates. Kennedy running as an independent has changed everything. For better or for worse. Assuming he makes it to the finish line.”

    They don’t seem to fear about security much. That must mean the other side keeps losing power. They are locked in the nuclear control room but because of that, they have a hard time projecting power out anymore. Owning a few key people is different from owning the town, although it may not seem like it on the outside. As a cartel and Secret Society, they by definition have to be tiny and against the masses. If they were for the masses and expressing the mass will, they’d simply be Populists.

    “Netanyahu’s been waiting for this all his life. And he doesn’t see, just like the US doesn’t, that it’s too late now.”

    This is a very important underlying. I say the same thing, like “What are you doing?” “Did you think about any of this?” No, like other old people (no offense) they pinned reality at some former date and think the world is still back then. As they are dottering dinosaurs with an average age of 80, they think Israel and Russia are what they were in 1979.

    Like if their anchor-date were 2009, I could understand. 1999 we’d still lose. But 1979, 1989? Are you kidding me? So yes, Nuts-n-Yahoo thinks Israel is 1996 when he first took office. So Netanyahu (real name Ben Mileikowsky) hasn’t noticed a thing as the entire world changed around him.

    In history, they are all trained Americans (like Bibi and his father), so the merger is deep, and also from a family of core racists, where Bibi himself ran SS-like war crime campaigns on Muslims which got him great support. As his father said quote: “The tendency to conflict is the essence of the Arab. He is an enemy by essence. His personality won’t allow him to compromise. It doesn’t matter what kind of resistance he will meet, what price he will pay. His existence is one of perpetual war.”

    The just said the same about Russians last year. It’s in their DNA. Why? They’re not human, they’re animals, as they are proudly saying in headlines right now. It’s just straight eugenics, ethnic cleansing, it’s not complicated. And I’m not taking a stand on any ethnic cleansing against them right now. Just saying they’re not morally different, they want stuff, then say things and take it. All governments do as they attract mentally-ill felons who believe in that sort of thing.

    “Hamas attack as “pure evil” and insisted that Israel had a right to respond. …he urged them to “observe international rules of warfare.”

    Which is of course all lying, CYA stuff. As they cannot possibly respond as there’s nothing in Gaza but civilians. So they greenlight it on one hand, then tut-tut and blame on the other, claiming they had no idea and didn’t approve.

    This is of course the same thing Bibi Mileikowsky said: “Well whatcha need to do, is turn out 1.1 Million Palestinians from their homes, move then all to Egypt, leaving the land completely vacant for us like in 1947, and also do it in 24 hours.” I’m sure they would LOVE for all Palestinians to no longer reside in their view of the borders of greater Israel, which is why as I’ve said yesterday, Jordan and Egypt ALSO criminally close their borders to the Palestinian plight. So ARAB countries are one half the ring fence of the concentration camp. But if they let them in – as indeed they did back when – then Israel merely says “Thanks!” and takes the land. The End. So it’s a complete surrender.

    So Bibi’s opening warning is that Gaza and the whole Palestinian needs to unconditionally surrender before we start, but it sounds better when he says it. This is the same call of the same people saying in order to hold talks, Russia needs to unconditionally surrender to Kiev all the way out to Vladivostok, or at least cede Moscow and all the way to the Urals. Only then can we talk about a fair settlement.

    History buff: nor is this unusual, particularly among the Anglos. Best example was WWI, where Germany, yes knowing they lost, agreed to terms of demobilization during those talks, quite obviously, and as a show of good faith. The Allies then did NOT demobilize and ran their still-functional army all the way to Berlin, thereby giving Germany no negotiating leverage at Versailles and we all know what happened then. Same in Berlin 1945, but with finance. Same with the “stalled” thrust to Kiev last year. “Stop attacking and we’ll talk.” Then they do NOT keep their word, keep attacking. Always. Always, always, always. The Anglos haven’t kept a treaty since before Queen Elizabeth….the First. But heck, look at Longshanks, it goes way back.

    Same here. Completely surrender, vacate, and hand over all Hamas for us to execute by carpet bomb and we’ll give you…Um, we’ll give you…actually you know what? Don’t care. You’ll get nothing and like it. We’ll get everything we ever wanted. That’s negotiation to us. And why not? …Well, that’s why humans have war. Liminalism, it sets the rules and boundardies. These narcissists and BPD-spectrum cannot mentally conceive of boundaries and rules, that’s why they’re “Mentally ill”. All their stuff is their stuff, and all your stuff is merely theirs too! See Armstrong interview below.

    Back to the issue, the world is a big place but has ANY people EVER been moved at the tune of 1.1 Million in 24 hours? I have to say no. The panicked evacuation at Dunkirk was like 300,000 in seven days,* but they were soldiers already with equipment, order, and on the march. That’s a quarter of the number Bibi demands with a straight face.

    “Well, if you can jump over the moon, I won’t shoot you in the face in this parking lot,” says the lunatic felon with a gun behind Hooters. Yeah! I bet! So is there any activity I CAN accomplish not to be robbed and raped? Nope, probably not, that’s why he says it. It’s your fault now! If only you’d done what I asked…!

    So the question is, does the rest of the world see how PROFOUNDLY mentally ill they all are, and do they have enough power to DO something about it? Not Israel, I mean the whole collective West. They all act identically.

    “all my sympathies for Israel – which they unfortunately wasted after 15 minutes..”

    I’m covering a lot of Israel’s crimes here, but not covering the many times Palestine or the Arab states also double-crossed, attacked and refused, keeping it going. Just wanted to note I’m aware of it.

    “After all, that barbarism’s brutal efficacy has perversely become a unique selling point for Israeli killing apparatuses, surveillance “solutions,” and battle tactics worldwide.”

    Um…they might notice that none of that worked and it got worse than ever? No, I’ve been in corporate committee meetings before. That never occurs and even voicing the THOUGHT would get you fired…you negative Nelly. Why would you want to bring up that the (insert overexpensive, nonworking solution here) hasn’t worked at any other company it’s been implemented in? That’s not what the salesman told me.

    This was the comment on Bibi calling this “Israel’s 911”. You did notice that 911 GWoT totally failed, killed a few million people, and collapsed the United States, right? Like maybe a better metaphor and rallying call would be in order? No, because they are mentally ill.

    “Trump’s Unflattering Story About Netanyahu Elicits –– Fake —- Outrage (ZH)

    It’s not consensus-reality, but it is widely believed Bibi was involved in special war crimes when he was IDF. That’s how you get into these places of power. You either steal a lot of money, or kill a lot of people. ..You know: same as any other 2-bit street gang.

    ““Now is not the time to be attacking our ally,”

    Yeah, see? Trump is a Nazi antisemite. All Nazi anti-Israel antisemites always have Jewish families, are elected with Jewish money, then give Israel everything they want, down to and including the historic change of moving the Capital to Jerusalem. Yup! Attack, attack, attack. Trump always attacking Israel by giving them everything they ask for, including peace.

    “comments that give aid and comfort to Israel’s adversary”

    This is the legal language of Treason. …Which would apply only if we are a colony of Israel, and Jerusalem is our capital. Other than that, what relevance is it? So Christie apparently is suggesting Israel is our master or at least we are merged as one. I don’t remember voting on that. …We also provide “Aid and comfort” to EVERYONE, as said yesterday. To Hamas, yes, but to Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Israel…

    No surprise, we were just running guns and buying jumbo jets for the Zetas so they can invade us and take over and colonize the whole border area. Cue quotes of “Three World Wars” here, a conflict of disorder, all against all, paid for and on purpose.

    Dr. D

    “Terror attack on Israel a joint intelligence operation to draw RUSSIA into World War III” –Armstrong This is an unusually good interview where he doesn’t say the same thing as usual.

    “They moved their kids…they needed this war…opening a second front against Russia…that’s the way it is…”
    “It doesn’t even make sense anymore…”

    Anyone want to fact check this is a real quote?

    “”America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control… This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly.” – Bibi Netanyahu

    Whether it was said or not, it’s certainly what is done. We’re at $6B a year for 50 years or more while out bridges collapse and no one has water, everyone lives in RVs and Tents.

    * Reading on Dunkirk, they mention the famous Maginot Line. But like King Canute hauled the courtiers to the beach PROVE he wasn’t king of the sea, like Peter was the only Apostle who STAYED with Christ, the Maginot Line is the #Opposite of its billing. That is, it was MEANT to be gone around. The idea was to have the war in BELGIUM, to not level France, and give them time to attack Germany with ready-made arms and tactics waiting for them from that side. …Of course if that doesn’t work, you’ll get a historical black eye, but the Maginot Line did indeed work to make Germany go around it as planned.

    Clueless Honky

    Clueless Honky has a new blog post up:
    “That Ball Has No Sides”
    That Ball Has No Sides


    I would argue with John Lennon that artists are MORE important than politicians or policemen. History has shown very few politicians and less policemen to remembered or held in the hearts of the human story as artists. I’m bias as I have 2 art degrees and a record deal and gigged tonight!


    Here is my latest track Doomsday Prepper for anyone inclined to like hip hop – I even mention Hubberts peak for the nerds out there.


    Doh! here it is.


    His next attempt at self-portrait might be better – Pablo Picasso Self portrait 1907
    Total blockade of Gaza .
    Shooting ducks in a barrel.

    Bombing and destruction on Gaza and the Palestinian enclaves, in West Bank, Lebanon and Syria.
    Why should this become WWIII?
    “the right to self-defense does not include vengeance and killing civilians,”
    • Israel Lost My Sympathy – Croatian President (RT)

    Israel’s “surgical strikes” on Palestinian civilians and infrastructure
    Why are the buildings being turned to rubble and civilians being killed by smart bombs when Israel has maps of the tunnels?

    • Israel Targets Hamas’s Labyrinth Of Tunnels Under Gaza (BBC)

    Another way to say, you are lying – ” distort reality” – Putin


    In prev. thread J. Day posted Sy Hersch’s ‘take’ on current Pal-Isr ‘war.’

    Following on, re. Hamas:

    Haaretz. June 2019.

    Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen visited Doha on February 5 in order to ensure Qatar continues its financial aid policy to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. (internet archive)

    Haaretz. June 2021.

    Hamas Warns Israel: If Qatari Money Not Let In, We’ll Renew Gaza Border Protests

    (only the beginning is visible, pay wall)

    Jerusalem Post. October 2021.

    Hamas has secret foreign investments worth hundreds of millions – report.

    ‘Intelligence information indicates that from the early 2000s until 2018, Hamas controlled some 40 commercial companies in Turkey, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Algeria and Sudan, Double Cheque reported.’

    (Hype yet interesting)

    The Times of Israel. June 2021.

    Former Mossad chief says Qatari payments to Hamas got ‘out of control’

    ‘Former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen suggested on Monday that it was a mistake to rely on Qatari funds in an effort to bring calm to the Gaza Strip.’

    Back to the past, the Intercept, in 2018…

    ‘But did you also know that Hamas — which is an Arabic acronym for “Islamic Resistance Movement” — would probably not exist today were it not for the Jewish state? That the Israelis helped turn a bunch of fringe Palestinian Islamists in the late 1970s into one of the world’s most notorious militant groups? That Hamas is blowback?’

    Blowback: How Israel Went From Helping Create Hamas to Bombing It


    The point in saying the babies were beheaded, rather than “shot” or “crushed under a falling building” or “aborted” or “droned” or “starved and severely dehydrated through economic sanctions forcing an entire society to choose between their adult selves or someone’s fragile yet reproducible tiny offspring,” is that it’s considered barbaric to behead something, whereas all these other ways in which we terminate someone else’s children, or our own, are ordinary yet regrettable facets of life in our contemporary progressive society. Obama stood in front of recording cameras and said he droned some people, but he’s not in jail, not in a coffin, not even shamefully unnamed —much less silently mouthed— in polite conversation with coworkers. That’s the dominant society, all around me, a veil shadowing a sunrise. So all these people around me, they don’t bother to notice how babies actually are treated, so why should I? The real barbarians are over there, beheading babies, because they are the ones who aren’t like us. So, please help us civilize their babies as we treat and regard ours. Then we can all get to debate about whether or not detachments actually happened and not see right in front of us how our current collective death drive unmakes many babies each day we need this dream machine going.

    oxymoron, I sped up the video to 1.25X and found that it really hit me much better. I easily adjusted to 1.5X, but I don’t think most people listen to that kind of cadence. I guess I’m saying if you spit faster, it’ll work well, but I’m one person.

    Figmund Sreud

    About 15 min. of hubris by a professional capital manager ( … guy in the blue shirt!), … showing arrogance and ignorance at the same time:


    Figmund Sreud

    Couple of quotes fronted via Anthony Jams Hall:

    “Indians and wolves are both beasts of prey, tho’ they differ in shape.”

    – President George Washington (1789-1797)

    “The Arabs will have to go, but one needs an opportune moment for making it happen, such as war.”

    – Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion (1948-54 and 1955-63)



    oxymoron – great to hear your single! I enjoyed it – well constructed, performed, written and ALSO it sounds good – the mixing and mastering, I mean.

    I think polemos’ faster tempo idea could make a great outro for an extended cut or something, like the song could stop, then start up at a faster pace with additional doomer things.

    Chemtrails, DUMBs, EMPs & CME’s, CERN, DIA, shape shifting reptilians (and attractive women on planes who can recognize them), Meltdown, New Ice Age, Planet Niburu, Jevon’s Paradox, Yellowstone Supervolcano, clockwork elves, Fukishima, Gladio, Mockingbird, Carnivore, Glomar Explorer, those damn japanese beetles in everyone’s victory gardens and what have you. lol or it could be a rant about preps. Oxygen absorbers, buckets, mylar bags, toilet paper… and as The Road taught us, above all else, tarps.

    But I think it is well done, really doesn’t require changes – thank you for sharing, it was fun


    Last year, the Times of Israel reported that in 2021, the country’s overall cybersecurity exports were estimated at $11 billion. In addition, 33 percent of cyber unicorn companies operate from Israel, and a whopping 40 percent of global private cyber investments have been funneled into the country, according to the Israeli government.

    Israel’s business is helping governments oppress the goyim. Why are people not pissed off about this, why is Israel not the most hated country in the world, they are trying to undermine democracy and help the tyrants. We are told that not all Jews are bad, but the longer we look at the Jews the more we discover that the Jews ARE bad for the rest of us. Societies around the world are paying the price. The Palestinians are currently paying the price of Israeli vengence killing, as Israel acts out its dreams of Palestinian genocide, while at the same time complaining about anti-semitism and duh holocaust. Makes some of us sick to watch, the ones of us with morals and traditional values. It is about time someone other than the USA takes control of this situation and disables the manic raging child that is Israel, the USA’s gift to the world. The USA cannot do it, the USA is run by people who are unwilling to criticise or even question Israel, it is impossible for the USA to help the world to fix the USA’s Israel mess, the USA has it’s own internal Israel mess.


    But then, you can also easily imagine that gang thinking now is the optimum moment to try and grab Taiwan and its riches, with Western Civ all tied up elsewhere.

    And what riches would that be? Loads of Taiwanese work in mainland China because there is not sufficient work in Taiwan. This situation has been going on for years with the mainland providing employment opportunities for the Taiwanese. Of course, the current Taiwanese government is against such opportunities, it is heavily influenced by America which wants confrontation. Even Taiwanese semicinduction does not have huge riches, it is simply permitted to use sanctioned western technology, and if China invades Taiwan then it will be sanctioned along with the rest of China. So again, what riches are we talking about, I am sure the Taiwanese would like to know.

    Western idiots writing crap about China, made up bullshit about something they cannot possibly know.


    “Taiwanese semicinduction” sounds interesting, should have been Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC).


    Trump was recounting the events and hours leading up to his decision to kill top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in a 2020 drone strike outside the Baghdad airport.

    It was murder. International law clearly defines it as illegal (apparently, although I am not a lawyer) and we generally describe illegal killing as murder. From a moral standpoint it is also murder, so why is Trump able to brag about being a murderer? Because the Trump followers in the USA have a relative morality, where they can be impressed by this sort of bad behaviour because the victim was a baddie. This is the Jewish morality I often talk about, where killing is okay as long as the victim is our perceived enemy. Fuck what it says in the Bible, the Trump Christians give him a free pass, the Biden Jews also give him a free pass. The USA has no morality, it thinks it does, but it does not, it is happy to kill people illegally and the Christians and other spiritual Americans mostly support it, it is their share of the Kissinger hypocrisy. How do you think the USA managed to fight so many wars, recruit so many into their armed forces, if they had any real morality? Well, the chickens are home to roost, the USA morality is tearing the USA apart.

    John Day

    H/T to Dr.D: Bibi’s real last name, Mileikowsky, is a Russianization of a town in Poland, so he’s a Jewish Polack by extraction, which is close to “Ukraine”, of course, the good old Khazarian stomping grounds, but not just them …

    John Day

    @Aspnaz: We are in agreement about murder and “relative morality”.
    I am dealing with a lot of usually rational people on Dr. McCullough’s listserv for COVID who are rabidly wanting to kill everybody in Gaza because terrorists killed and raped women and cut baby’s heads off. They hammer and hammer and call me a terrorist and say I’m irrational, so I just keep being simple and rational… We were all on good terms before, good-guys together before.


    V. Arnold said

    Allegedly Israel has nukes; at what point will they use them?
    The Yahoo is unhinged; and out of control…
    Pray to whatever god you follow this gets resolved without war…

    Netanyahu is a duly elected leader of Israel, this is what the Israeli’s want. It is not as if the Israelis had no idea that he was a maniac, he has always been a maniac and that seems to be how he survived in the eyes of the people, he will beat down the Palestinians and will not spare the rod. Netanyahu is not the problem, he is the symptom, the problem is Israel as a whole, the people of Israel and the mess the USA has put them in, with the massive help of the Jews in the USA.

    John Day

    @SF: Good-on-Ya reading Tony Hall’s binary internet rag! 🙂
    Leave some comments.

    John Day

    @Oxymoron: I like Doomsday Prepper, but you’ve got to open up those pipes, resonate down to into your chest, loosen the cords and make like Ike Turner’s voice.
    I looked this up for you. You will have the oomph nd authority this calls for if you can drop it an octave. More of the girl’s voice, too. Looked this up for you. (Tibetan chanting helps me.)

    How do you rap with a deep voice?
    Make Your Rap Voice Deeper With 4 Steps
    Place your finger on your adam’s apple.
    Speak in a yogi bear, or rocky balboa type voice and feel the larynx move down. …
    Practice rapping while trying to keep your larynx down as much as possible.


    Polemos – yes I agree. Gigged last night and felt slow. Too late now, just throwing em out here and there while preppin’,
    Jb-Hb – you are a genius. Loved that list although the Japanese beetle gets substitution with slaters here where I am.
    Dr John. Maybe my voice just isn’t that good…? I’ll give it a burl though.



    John Day

    Goog on Ya, Oxy!
    Go Basso Profundo!


    Random thinking To stay alive/healthy:
    Bowel movement needed before 3 days.
    Urinate before 12 hours
    clean diapers
    baby food
    Shelter ( People in Gaza are taking their foamy and blankets. No sleeping bags.)
    First aid kit


    Here it cleared up just enough before noon tp see the sun with a big bite out of it. This phenomenon had to be impressive to anyone anywhere at any time in history,
    If Gates doesn’t obscure the sky, wonder will continue to happen, and spirits will thrive.
    This must piss him off no end.


    Israel doesn’t need to enter Gaza to destroy Gaza.
    All they need to do is to deliver explosives into the tunnels to cause the building to collapse.


    I am dealing with a lot of usually rational people on listserv for COVID who are rabidly wanting to kill everybody in Gaza because terrorists killed and raped women and cut baby’s heads off. They hammer and hammer and call me a terrorist and say I’m irrational, so I just keep being simple and rational… We were all on good terms before, good-guys together before.

    I have not seen, nor has any evidence been provided that any, or 40, babies heads were cut off. Nor raped, nor evidence of a massacre at a ‘peace fest’. Have you? Biden said he saw proof of babies heads cut off- which the White house then quickly denied and retracted.

    I was told a plane sank into the mud in Pennsylvania and disappeared, that a plane hit the Pentagram, and apparently “disappeared” too. I was told high speed aluminum planes cut through steel.

    We were all told many things about covid. A very large segment of the usually presumed rational good-guys and gals turned out to be not so rational didn’t they?

    They called you anti-science, anti vax, anti community and selfish didn’t they ? Fired you too.
    Now another segment is calling you a terrorist supporter. Have you noticed that little by little each segment of good guy Americans falls for lies and narratives slowly turning against everyone ?

    We are told that not all Jews are bad, but the longer we look at the Jews the more we discover that the Jews ARE bad for the rest of us. Societies around the world are paying the price.

    Yes. We can also swap Jews for Americans at this point. Pretty much all Americans are fucked up-
    slowly, all of them are creeping into the narratives of lies and wanting to kill anyone or thing that disagrees with their lies. America the consumer nation- now consumes all the lies and hatred they are “sold” by their overlords of hate and lies. Rational good guys ? I don’t see it-

    I see a Nation of liars that have caused massive destruction through endless wars of aggression- now self destructing and falling for anything all the time.

    “You gotta stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything”

    Americans are lost and dangerous. We stand for Ukraine, Israel, Covid vaccines, science, transgenders…. Americans will Stand for anything they are told-

    Maybe there are still a few good guys left who know that Oz is really behind the curtain pulling their chains ? But I think at this point I’d need to see the evidence- got any?

    Dr. D

    “It was murder. International law clearly defines it as illegal …Trump followers in the USA have a relative morality, where they can be impressed by this sort of bad behaviour because the victim was a baddie. This is the Jewish morality I often talk about, where killing is okay as long as the victim is our perceived enemy. F–k what it says in the Bible, the Trump Christians give him a free pass, the Biden Jews also give him a free pass. The USA has no morality, it thinks it does, but it does not, it is happy to kill people illegally and the Christians and other spiritual Americans mostly support it,”

    Yes, absolutely. We can easily put Trump on trial and see what he has to say about it. So that is of course the only real crime — an International War Crime — is the only crime they WON’T indict him for. Here in #OppositeLand.

    Then you have to deal with people of this morality in WalMart or if they bump your car. They will lie and make up stories about anything, for any reason, or no reason at all. You can google “parking lot videos” or something on made up events, made up racism, made up…anything. On TikTok only yesterday, a guy who wasn’t even a influencer killed himself because some other viewer started a vendetta merely claiming he was a pedo to his kids etc. Why? No reason. No reason at all. And after? Nothing happens, neither regrets nor consequences.

    You can’t expect to be both Rich, and Stupid, Lazy, Violent, and Immoral. Those don’t go together. “Rich” — as everyone forgets — is roughly aligned with “Cooperation.” That is, keeping your word with voluntary exchange, the only two legs of Capitalism.

    If there’s any defense, in the U.S. there is basically NO group of morality, to merely introduce the very CONCEPT of morality, law, equal treatment, anywhere in the country, or indeed the continent. So where would you learn it? They have a hazy gut-sense of it, but without some mental order to support it, there are no lines and find themselves way over the borders at a moment’s notice. So it’s more “literally never thought of it.” At 40, “literally no one has ever asked me that question.” You’ve seen that on TV regularly now, like when Musk says, “Can you please provide an example,” and it’s not the EXAMPLE they’re baffled about, it’s even the IDEA of logic and supporting evidence that confuses them. They’ve never experienced the request and get disoriented and confused.

    Yes, what the heck is with the West and Taiwan? Is it again they are 1,000 years old and didn’t notice their “Plans” for it from 1970 no longer make any sense? ‘Cuz I’m with you on this: WTF? Not only is Taiwan not what they say, not only are they already integrated(ing), but the U.S. has no men plus zero ships and can’t get there except with a canoe and a telescope. There is no war. It’s impossible unless they put it on green screen in the basement of “Dreamworks”. Yet they keep talking like cocaine-fueled chimpanzees.

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