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    Henri Matisse Bathers by a River 1910   • Biden Calls Hamas Attack Worse Than 9/11 (RT) • Rushing Into Catastrophe (Paul Craig Roberts) • Israel
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    Dr. D

    Insurrection at Capital! 1,000 “Protestors” shut down Congressional business and won’t leave!

    Get woke, go broke: Victoria’s Secret reverses trans, fat, and annoying models (they added Rapapoe). But for no reason, they’re just being more inclusive to allow thin people to shop.

    Oh wait: But you’re all Socialists, who want ESG, how is it you want 6-figure paychecks at major corporations, like Marxist Moroccan Doctors from Harvard and BLM?

    Also down for their “Equality”, “Equity”? They FIRED THE WOMAN. So they pick women to put into these failing positions as a kind of sabotage, undermining woman as CEOs, same as they destroy women in sports, and in safety, safe places everywhere such as prisons. So Woke ESG Corp, Fires the Diversity hire. Maybe they should put in an old White man like Biden, then when it doesn’t work out, go around the black woman, and put in another old white man like Newsom.

    See, — I – don’t care. It’s not MY fight. I’d hire a person with qualifications and success. But YOU decided those factors are irrelevant and the only thing that matters is their grievance matrix, so I’m giving you appropriate grievance for it.

    BTW, Victoria’s Secret models were never sexy to begin with. Women who look like heroin junkies and have the chest and hips of a 11 year old boy are not attractive. I dunno, make them look like women or something? I’m funny like that. Victoria’s Secret was notorious for having no sizes over 10 or something as well, therefore being wearable for like the top 10% of American women. “We support the top 10%!!!”

    Honestly, they could have done that foray into selling successfully. But a much better use of our time than Israel.

    Speaking of grievance, Israel, shopping for a massacre, here’s a Bill Maher but only on related subject:

    Muslim-American comedian makes everything up. Every act, every story of racism and hardship of his entire life, his whole set. Just made up. Because there’s so much racism in America, he has to fabricate it, having NO racist experiences of his own, at all.

    So he, like so many, pray, PRAY for massacres, genocides, “Oh if ONLY there were a genocide in my neighborhood to protest! So exciting! And I’d jump in on the side of slaveowning Nike and Genociding Apple, not…oh wait…”

    So now they’ve got one they are jumping in! I mean, not the boring one of everyone in America being killed with opioids, deaths of despair, etc. That’s the WRONG genocide. We need a shiny fashionable genocide, that’s the only one that counts. One that has a hashtag.

    France Evacuates Six Regional Airports after ‘Threats of Attack’ 

    Point. So WERE there any attacks? Or is the French Service just using a payphone and yanking your chain?

    “British Energy Secretary Warns Of UK Dependence On Foreign Regimes
    Coutinho said the UK would be forced to import up to 80% of its oil and gas by 2030, rendering it “subservient to foreign regimes”…

    Ah, IF ONLY they owned Russia in the 2nd Crimean War, this National Security Threat would be solved! How did OUR gas get under THEIR snow?

    From yesterday, Why would Israel call for the evacuation of the hospital if they didn’t plan for 3 days to level it? Yet Bibi says it’s a loose RPG whut dun it. Sigh.

    Back to important things, someone pointed out that the Fed is raising due to inflation. That’s the true part of the lie, because no one is going to buy a 30 year bond that loses 30% on the day of purchase. However, that is a RESPONSE by them to the situation, not one they are in control of. Because bond auctions are ALREADY failing, even in a war, they have to take off the pressure by raising rates to find more buyers. Now note this is a rear-guard action, and history says one they can keep going a long time, as rates rise for decades, a decade, and stop somewhere, last time 21%. But they aren’t controlling it.

    As that occurs you will have the same as the 1970’s inflation as well, and repudiation of currency, and shrinking of the United States and its power. Which means…? Commodities all go up, oil, imports, etc, until we reach a steady state where we buy so little overseas as we can’t afford it, and make so much here, because of cheap labor, that we’re 1:1 and the currency halts there.

    Unf unless you’re in oil futures and have a iron stomach for 50% swings, there’s no place to hide. It’s culture-wide. And if you’re rich, including the crime, riots in Chicago’s Louis Vitton stores. Home invasions and rapes where they light you on fire in trendy Williamsburg. But don’t worry, rape and light your wife on fire and they’ll be on the streets of NY by morning, just like you wanted.

    ““The scale may be different, but I’m sure those horrors have tapped into some kind of primal feeling in Israel,”

    …Or at least we HOPE it did. That was the point in doing it, after all. Calls out there, Israelis know Bibi did this. He is responsible, however it was done. Don’t believe the media, we know they lie up close, so why would we trust them to report accurately on sentiment in Israel?

    They’re under the same occupation we are, where the government is now almost entirely against the will of the people. ..As discussions yesterday about “who’s responsible”. I voted, and then they picked the other guy anyway, and that other guy ALSO did the exact #Opposite of everything he said. So the moral thing to do in that case is start a civil war and remove that government? O Rly? No, it’s just a strategy in game theory. We voted AGAINST all these wars, including Israel, over and over again, and the elected just did it anyway.

    “..Ha’aretz, Israel’s oldest daily newspaper, said Netanyahu “bears responsibility” for the attack. On Tuesday, the newspaper published an editorial titled “Netanyahu: Resign Now!”

    Like this. So (Insert group here) is collectively responsible? Try to not have cartoon thinking. We have courts because ONE man is responsible, and we seat him in the docket.

    “Eighty-six percent of Israelis believe their government and Netanyahu are to blame for the attack, according to a new poll released Thursday.”

    So should we take out the 86%, or the 14%? Or both? Should they start a civil war, go up and shoot the Lukud. Cmon be productive, what are your suggestions?

    “The risks are being ignored. It is starting to look like the Armageddon that Revelation describes.”
    • Rushing Into Catastrophe (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Yes because they read that book and WANT that to happen. Knowing you are soft on that story. They are using it as a template. For your mind.

    “US forces accumulating in the war zone are a “war fleet,” the purpose of which is to finally bring regime change to Syria and kick out the Russians”

    Yes. They have “Plans”. Their “Plan” never changes, no matter how long or who is involved. Cue 200 year old Crimean War here. Well at least they’re easy to predict, being Alien insect Overlords with no imagination.

    “If Israel’s army is sent into Gaza, Hamas will keep it there,”

    An excellent point. Hamas may or may not win, but they can tie up half of the Israeli army while everyone else cuts them to pieces. They may have suddenly realized this and delayed, but they also can’t just attack Syria (they have) without losing the PR “signaling”. Then it’s all obvious. Israel is merely attacking Syria and Russia. That’s the α to Ω.

    So then Russia tsunami-bombs London for amusement? There’s hardly any point, Israel is a non-entity, lacking an army and a culture. If it goes here, the U.S. will – precisely as they wished – remove and exit the war just as Tsar Nicolas did. America First.

    “• Russia Says ‘Masks Are Off’ after US Vetoes UNSC Resolution on Ceasefire (Sp.)

    Voting against peace is the American Way!

    “It’s worth noting that prior to the Hamas assaults, the trajectory of support for Ukraine already showed signs of waning.”

    Yes, follow the media, the “Signaling”. They clearly said we are abandoning Ukraine. “As Long as It Takes!!!” Therefore unless we surrender and all the warmongers hung, they must open a new front somewhere. “And Then a Miracle Happened.”

    ““..up to 77% of young people in the United States cannot enlist for a variety of reasons, including being overweight, drug abuse, or having physical or mental impairments..”

    This could not be more intentional. After WWII – WWI actually – the U.S. was on a hot and heavy, universal nutrition and health kick in order to have soldiers who could fight. After the Robber Barons of the 1910s, American men were too thin and weak to carry a pack, no joke. Like now.

    But somewhere after the Cold War, they flipped to do everything AGAINST health and nutrition. “And Then a Miracle Happened”, all on its own! Nobody did it but suddenly everyone did the #Opposite of the last 100 years! Huh. So strange. As they attacked and colonized the internal flyover states like an African colony, drugs were handed out like candy and nutrition cut more under Clinton et all than Reagan’s “Ketchup is a vegetable” that was so advertised. Erased all the Civil Readiness, bomb shelters, organizers…

    If you keep going where you’re headed, eventually you arrive. Fast forward 40 years and here we are! The American male, who was arranged to LOSE the war, is now too sick and weak to resist. And although we’ve reported monthly on it for 40 years, 480 months in a row, it’s the world’s biggest surprise! Whooda knewd?

    We’ve been fighting glyphosate alone for 30 years? Here they can erase smoking in 5 years and are about to outlaw menthols yet we have a city’s worth of fentanyl arriving daily? So helpless! Can’t figure it out! NY Times, c’mon. YOU said you wanted this. “Learn to Code”. “If they’re too stupid to rent a moving van…”

    “Marines had already exceeded its goal of 28,900 enlistments – and did so with little-to-no extra perks or financial incentives.”

    Get woke, go broke. The Marines remain FOR America, and AGAINST high heels. Unlike the Army, Navy….
    BTW the Marines are the only force that is solidly pro-people in the U.S. Civil War games.

    “• UK Arrests Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray for Supporting Palestine (ICH)

    What the actual F?? Craig Murray is an f’ing diplomat. I guess you see why they arrested Count Dankula. Well there you have it, UK, the only country less free than Ukraine.

    “• Elon Musk Considers Removing X Platform From Europe Over EU Law (Sp.)

    * And all of Europe.


    They had ones that use styrofoam beads for insulation. Much better idea as sand will also glaze the glass. (The beads had too much static and were hard to control though)


    The derivative Market is at nearly 700 trillion! As Celente says: when all else fails they take you to war!
    700 trillion! 700 trillion. One dollar per second 24/7/365 for approx. 30,000 years =one trillion only 30 years for one billion 700,000,000,000,000 and now I’m hearing quadrillion!!!? The next eighteen to twenty four months will be interesting for a lot of bad news as TPTB try to distract from the coming mess. War being the best distraction of all and helps remove some of that fake debt.

    Remove the space between . and com.
    https://rumble. com/v3plqq4-derivatives-and-the-coming-collapse-w-alex-at-reporterfy-live.html


    So if everyone is looking at the US AND Russia AND Iran AND Israel AND Hamas AND Syria, who are they NOT looking at.


    Nobody look at China. Innocent as babes they are. I think they have some moves up their sleeves (see Wuhan and the WHO)
    I am cautious of the powerful ones that are NOT involved in a fight. Sun Tzu and stuff.

    Just Some Randomer

    @Red – a lot of people will argue that the notional 700 trillion figure is gross and actually nets out to a much smaller exposure, e.g. I have an outstanding derivative of $1bn with Joe but I have a hedging derivative with Bob. If one transaction loses money the other side will gain so my exposure is actually way below the notional value of the two combined.

    This of course works splendidly until someone in the hedging chain goes broke and cannot pay up, so I lose $10m on the deal with Joe and go to Bob to collect my $9.5m offsetting gain – only to find that Bob has gone bust and can’t pay up.

    It is at this point that my supposedly small net exposure very suddenly becomes a very large unhedged exposure.

    The chances of that 700trn total outstanding derivative pool ever being unwound calmly and completely without some party in the chain going under and triggering a cascading failure is somewhere in the regions of zero.


    • Rushing Into Catastrophe (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Intense war fever

    What we are witnessing is Republicans, (and FOX NEW), who are as extreme as Hamas.
    Defend US borders, first in Ukraine, then in Israel, eventually in the south.
    The smell of death is everywhere.

    Israel is defending its borders with Gaza, West Bank, Jordon, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, the Arab world.
    Israel is defending its action from worldwide protests.
    Civilians streaming into hospitals after missile attack in Southern Gaza city.

    • Israel Delaying Gaza Invasion for Fear of Hezbollah Attack (Tweedie)
    MSM Description/allegations of Amas, and sympathizers

    A savagery, they’re repugnant, disgraceful, obscene,
    Our condemnation belongs squarely with terrorists who have brutally murdered, raped, kidnapped hundreds.

    • UK Arrests Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray for Supporting Palestine (ICH)
    He had taken part in a pro-Palestinian protest outside Iceland’s parliament building.

    • Israel’s Culture of Deceit (Chris Hedges)

    Israel engages in the kinds of jaw-dropping lies that characterize despotic regimes. It does not deform the truth, it inverts it. It paints a picture that is diametrically opposed to reality.
    Is another proxy war/front similar to Ukraine being repeated in Israel/Amos/middle east?
    • US Facing Military Recruitment Crisis – NYT (RT)

    In other words 77% of young people in the USA have been deemed legible for the meat grinder.
    I remember:
    Last time 21% interest rates.
    As that occurs you will have the same as the 1970’s inflation.


    Yes, all the woke employee-activists that want the 6 figures and want to prevent the 6 figures. It’s not beside the point, it’s destroying entire industries now.

    We found the flawed, least-worst ways to cooperate, developed at cost, painstakingly, slowly, over thousands of years. We were ALREADY using a complex, interconnected system of cooperation.

    Then along came some people saying “No! You should be COOPERATING!” and proceeded to shut down all modes of cooperation. You must give up all those Old Ways. (shit that beta tested for 30,000 years as the only thing that marginally works)

    It has hit dating like a ELE meteor, like a supernova. Which is kind of everything, really, when it comes to society, to humans living. Finding a partner, raising kids, stuff like that. Here’s what has been done to current teens, 20 somethings and 30 somethings. And this is no joke, no trivia, no inconsequential by-they-way. This is how human beings LIVE and what is happening to them currently:


    “Israel seems holding back on an invasion of the Gaza Strip for fear that Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement will open a second front in the north.”

    Not sure if this is true. With no power, water or food then the longer the delay the weaker the opposition will be. Why should they risk Israeli lives when they can sit back and watch Palestinians die, especially after bombing the hospitals and destroying residential buildings.

    It seems that Israel intends to empty Gaza by any means. Egypt will be the ‘bad guy’ if they don’t let hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in. Any remaining in Gaza will be killed.

    You have to be suspicious. Netanyahu has a map of Israel which no longer shows the Palestinian enclaves. Hamas has a surprisingly successful attack. Israel uses this as justification for clearing out the Gaza strip. Neat!


    …up to 77% of young people in the United States cannot enlist for a variety of reasons, including being overweight, drug abuse, or having physical or mental impairments.

    Who are these “young people” who would enlist? I never heard of “young people” fighting any war.

    Are we worried 77% of young women cannot enlist? (starting with the 25% on psychoactive medications…) …to fight as front line infantry? Women are people, right? But there are no men’s issues, I forgot. Please remember to rebrand any apparent male issue as more properly a “peoples'” issue.

    The video I put above calls some attention to the dynamics affecting males for a good 30 years now. Increasingly. Poisoning them far more effectively than any fentaynl or prescription drug or suicide overdose they take as a result of the poisoning.

    Men were making more on average because they were working more OVERTIME than women. And choosing a few more practically useful professions a bit more (useful to women, I might add…) They were doing this to up their game. FOR women. For their place in society which is half women.

    So what happens when you shut that engine off, make it a punishment/shame system instead of a reward system? Then you get unhealthy men – sorry… “people” unable to fight in a war, which taken by itself, maybe is meh depending on your vested interests in victory, but as a completely overarching measurement of your society’s health is QUITE alarming. You might not be interested in it, but it is very very interested in you.

    What happens if men STOP working for their place in society and to up their game for women? We are already finding out because it is already happening. The effects are pervasive, spread out, unmeasured, but not unexperienced. Amongst other things, women are the unhappiest they’ve ever been, so men need to start doing better. Male suicide and drug addiction and unemployment and disability is through the roof – Women Most Affected. Not even men’s issues, really. Just means there’s more men need to do better.

    And of course under the current value system, a man crying about bad circumstances isn’t being a real man. A REAL man would suck it up, figure out a way, do better, make it work. By complaining about it, you establish yourself as an icky, ew, gross, lower value man. Yuck. Do better. Or go die somewhere – message received.

    Like if you got rid of all the grass and then said hey, where’s all the milk? I used to buy milk in the stores for my baking, for my breakfast cereal, to put in my coffee. Cows need to Do Better. And things like military readiness – or industrial readiness for a materials war – are not somehow floating in space, free from consequences and causality.

    And I say this as a long time atheist libertine liberal 2x idiot obama voter. (what was I going to do, vote for Bain Capital?) It sounds like I am some sort of christian conservative from the 1980’s, but damn, nobody in a position of authority – you know, 70-80 year olds – sees what they are doing to children-30’s people. Or what, consequently, they have done and they are doing to their own families, communities, cities, nations, and civilization.

    Just like the leaders of the US and Isreal trying to play out a drama from what, 1967? Dudes, the world isn’t 1967, but even more so, YOU turned your own power base into something that cannot make your dreamt-of scenarios work. That was YOU. Your own genius made 77% of your population incapable of enacting your plans

    Just retire. Just golf and enjoy your sea-level mansion and stop stopping people from finding real solutions to real things that are happening. And that applies to practically every field of interest in human society now. You had some great dream of standing on top of the world’s biggest cheese wheel evar and you killed all the grass as part of that plan or something?


    Israel is waiting until Joe leaves. Has Joe left yet?
    No Joe is waiting for his Israeli birth certificate so he can get an Israeli passport!
    It is part of Joe’s exit “off ramp” strategy!

    Michael Reid

    @ aspnaz

    You lack understanding of groups.

    Let me provide you with an example that you may reflect on and hopefully improve your understanding.

    Consider the family as the most simple group.

    Father, mother and children.

    If the father is a murderer, rapist, thief and arsonist then he is a criminal that should be annihilated.

    The mother and children are not necessarily guily of any crime by being a member of that family/group.

    Reflect on this.

    Next increase the group size to community, and then country.


    Do you ever consider our lives may have become a poor parody of Sancho Panza?

    There is a video of a conversation between Hoyle and Feinman that could be accessed from Youtube. The setting was contrived and the role of narrative was quite visible by today’s standards, yet there is value in the conversation. There is gnawing evidence that some reject the Uncertainty Principle the Observation Problem the double slit experiment – Particle/Wave duality – and indeed entropy. At times it seems as if everything from Heisenberg through Hawking and Penrose have gone out the window with the baby and the bathwater. Nature of course abhors a vacuum and the empty space has been filled with the absolute certainty of Brooksian whataboutism. I do miss Feinman’s impish grin and wrinkle of the nose.

    There seems to be quite a lot of certainty in the peanut gallery of late


    The chant …. kill, kill, kill, Iran is multiplying.

    Michael Reid

    Deep Dive on WHO Plot to Take Over the World!

    James Roguski discusses the plot to take over all nations through a framework convention and how the core issue stems from the 1969 World Health Assembly (WHA) and the illegitimate manner in which the International Health Regulations (IHR) were passed. He describes the stealth techniques and Delphi method used by various actors who are attempting to ram through totalitarian legislation all the while violating international law. He still holds out hope some leaders will reject the upcoming IHR amendments but the onus is now on citizens to pressure their governments to put a stop to this.

    James Roguski: Deep Dive on WHO Plot to Take Over the World!

    John Day

    Fascists Crave Genocides

    Former UK Ambassador, Craig Murray, who was recently detained by UK counterterrorsim forces, with his phone and computer confiscated (again). Murray had spoken against the genocide of Palestinians at a conference in Iceland, and they had some important questions they had to ask him about who else he had talked to, and so on. Thx. Christine.
    Fascism in the West to Enable Genocide in Palestine
    ​ The UK and the US are both sending military assistance to Israel to commit a calculated and deliberate act of genocide, which is already underway.​
    ​ Over 500 children have been killed in Gaza in the last week and over 2,000 maimed, many with life changing injuries. Nobody can claim they do not know what is already happening or what is about to unfold. The cutting off of food and water to Gaza is a major international crime, which the western proponents of the “rules based order” universally refuse to condemn.
    ​ In both the UK and the US there can be no more stark illustration of the lack of any kind of meaningful democracy, than the fact that there is no major political party that opposes the genocide – despite massive public opposition.
    ​ The bought and paid for media and political class in the west are extremely nervous, throughout the western world. Now they have come to the final genocide for which zionism has always aimed, they face a good deal of popular resistance.
    ​ Throughout Europe there is a massive gap between the zionist unanimity of the politicians and the much greater understanding of the Palestinian situation among the general public. Tellingly the response by the zionist political class has been a wave of outright fascist suppression.

    Fascism in the West to Enable Genocide in Palestine

    ​Also from Christine. (I missed the Sunday protest at the Texas State Capitol, but it looks like a very good turnout from the pictures.) It’s not “just lefties’.
    Mass protests erupt in US against Israel war crimes

    ​The US veto was the only vote against. Russia presented a previous and broader proposal, better for Palestinians, which had already been voted down before this one.
    Russia Says ‘Masks Are Off’ After US Vetoes UNSC Resolution on Israel-Palestine Ceasefire

    ​ Many Israelis blame govt for Hamas attack, believe Netanyahu must resign: Poll
    ​ The polls revealed that four out of five Jewish Israelis have been blaming Netanyahu and the government for the Operation Al-Aqsa Flood carried out by Hamas against Israel.
    “An overwhelming majority of 86% of respondents, including 79% of coalition supporters, said the surprise attack from Gaza is a failure of the country’s leadership, while a staggering 92% said the war is causing anxiety,” it stated.
    “Furthermore, almost all of the respondents (94%) believe the government has responsibility for the lack of security preparedness that led to the assault on the South, with over 75% saying the government holds most of the responsibility,” as per the report.

    John Day

    ​ Defense expert refutes Israeli military claim about hospital attack in Gaza​ Detailed and straightforward analysis. Thanks Christine. 500# or 2000# JDAM?
    ​ A defense expert on Wednesday dismissed the Israeli military’s claim that the hospital attack in Gaza, which killed 471 people, including women and children, was caused by a rocket fired from within the coastal strip, calling it unrealistic and asserting that if it was fired from Gaza, Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system should have been activated.​..​..Aslan said, while referring to various assessments made regarding the munition responsible for the attack, that “in attacks targeting populated areas, munition fuses can be time-delayed to explode 50-100 meters above the ground before hitting the target.”
    ​ “This increases the impact of the attack. Looking at the area affected by the explosion and the traces left on the ground after the explosion in the attack on the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, it can be suggested that the munition was set to explode prematurely in order to achieve an explosion in the air for a greater impact. This seems to have ensured a wider area of effect for the explosion,” he said.​..
    ..He emphasized that there is a high likelihood that the munition used in the attack was dropped from a warplane.
    “Therefore, the possibility of Israel using the ​(500# US made) MK82 bomb, which they have used before and can guide through a kit, is emphasized.

    ​ The Israeli attack on a hospital in Gaza was carried out with a “proximity fuse” bomb that explodes high above the ground, an expert told Anadolu on Wednesday.
    Retired military officer and ammunition specialist Engin Yigit said there was a strong possibility that the attack was carried out with an MK-84 guided bomb.
    Yigit said considering the images of the moment of the attack, the probability that the ammunition was a JDAM-equipped 2,000-pound (910-kilogram) Mark 84 (MK-84) bomb increased.
    ​ He noted that Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) is the name of one of the guidance kits. “You can make the bomb guided with a kit that you attach to the front or back of MAK-82, MAK-83, MAK-84 bombs.”
    ​ “JDAM is a type of kit that allows precise delivery of the bomb to the target,” he said. “The said kit attached to the bomb makes the bomb smart and provides precision strike capability.”

    ​Simplicius has: Israel + Ukraine War Mega-Update (I’ll excerpt a little, but it is all important, and much of it new.)
    ​ Credible reports state that Israel’s true reason for getting cold feet is that it fears Hezbollah’s threat of activating the northern front if Israel were to commit into the bog of Gaza.​.
    ..The other announcement is that the White House is very “concerned” about Israel’s lack of strategy related to a Gaza assault, and wants the settlement to be more “political.” The amount of aid is said to be held up partly due to this…
    ..The U.S. knows that global sentiment is drastically turning against it and the West in general. To create another ongoing bloodbath in Gaza would mean the U.S. may lose critical support and geopolitical influence…
    ..Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and many others have come out with big statements in support of Palestine. Particularly vis a vis Saudi Arabia, the motions are huge because KSA has always been one of the key linchpins holding the global Atlanticist Empire afloat…
    ​..The scale of how much U.S. debt Saudi Arabia secretly holds is said to be off the charts and if it were to dump it all, it could potentially collapse the entire global financial system in one swoop.
    ​ So the fact that KSA is now being led increasingly into the arms of Russia and China (recall KSA is now an official member of BRICS, starting on January 1, 2024), is a big deal. Inroads were made toward Israeli normalization but now KSA has cut them off and is increasing its entrenchment with the Eastern bloc.​..
    ..Iran can wreak havoc on global markets, transits via the known chokepoints of the Persian Gulf, etc. This is underscored by the fact that the Iranian minister called for a total oil embargo on Israel during this meeting…
    ​..Thus, these are some of the reasons U.S. is frightened of the risks, and is likely transferring that fear onto Israel, which is now unsure of what to do.
    ​ In fact, Putin just announced a new full-time Mig-31K patrol of the Black Sea, armed with Kinzhals, and appeared to imply that this was to put the U.S. carrier groups in the crosshairs…
    ..Blinken’s and Biden’s recent MidEast tour has, by all accounts, backfired as a disaster…
    ..At the UN Human Rights Council, members even turned away from the U.S. ambassador​ (Impressive video clip of mass shunning during US Ambassador’s speech) …
    ..While the U.S. continues to stumble into zugzwang traps, isolating itself as the global villain, Russia and China continue to build a new world…
    ​..Current news is that Biden is once more in the process of presenting a $100B aid bill, but this time split between both Israel and Ukraine, though there’s no information to the actual split percentage.
    ​ As a last note on the Israeli situation, this Israeli woman claims that her sources confirmed that Netanyahu issued a deliberate 7 hour ‘stand down’ order to all IDF at the start of ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’. If true, this would confirm the entire thing being a Pearl Harbor and 9/11 style falseflag​.

    ​ Chris Hedges, long a Mideast reporter, on Israel’s Culture of Deceit (long and detailed)
    ​ When oppressors speak to the oppressed exclusively through indiscriminate violence, the oppressed answer through indiscriminate violence.
    ​ The cartoonist Joe Sacco and I watched Israeli soldiers taunt and shoot small boys in the Khan Younis refugee camp in Gaza. We interviewed the boys and their parents afterwards in the hospital. In a few cases we attended their funerals. We had their names. We had the dates and locations of the shootings.
    ​ Israel’s response was to say that we were not in Gaza. We had made it up.

    Chris Hedges: Israel’s Culture of Deceit

    ​ Meryl Nass MD presents Emanuel Pastreich, The Forbidden Truth: Israel and the U.S. Are “Toys of the Billionaires”. “A War with Iran Is Just Around the Corner”.
    ​ Tel Aviv is an hour from Gaza, but it took 6 hours to send troops? Bibi has some ‘splainin’ to do
    ​ Finally, we must recognize that as this scheme for total global control starts to fall apart, the rich and powerful will quickly launch into a “blame the Jews” campaign, just as they did in the 1930s. The financial collapse will be blamed on Israel, and on the vilified “Jew.” Do not deceive yourself.
    ​ If Netanyahu calls the Palestinians “animals” today, future politicians in the United States and Europe will not hesitate to refer to the Jews in similar terms to avoid exposing the true hidden hand of the spider’s web economy spread out in the tainted ashes of the British Empire.
    ​ And so here we are. We see the children of the Jews who watched furious Germans and Poles screaming for the murder of the Jews, and what are they doing? They are collaborating with the dark forces planning the liquidation of all Palestinians in Gaza.

    John Day

    Professor Anthony Hall provides History from Auschwitz to Gaza
    ​ As I am writing, a massive genocidal assault is underway on the stateless people of Gaza. Most of the 2.3 million people in Gaza were born into this open air prison where Israel is using its absolute control over what can be brought in and carried out to deny the inhabitants food, water supplies, electricity, and fuel. The inmates of this tightly packed urban space are being bombed, killing tens of thousands with the promise of a ground invasion to eliminate those trapped inside the densely packed and foul urban strip of Mediterranean coast line.​ The US Armed Forces is backing up the many violations of international law that are underway in an unfolding abomination that clearly belongs in the very Big Leagues of terrible war crimes.

    Putin, Xi In Beijing Pitch For ‘Alternative World Order’ As Biden Departs A Burning Middle East

    ​Last month I wondered how long this would take. You can’t refine diesel fuel out of fracking liquids. Texas is set up to refine Venezuelan heavy crude.
    Biden Lifts Sanctions On Venezuela Dictator Maduro In Exchange For Oil

    ​ Megawatt Power military radar installations kill mass populations of endangered birds, but are otherwise safe and necessary. From Meryl Nass MD’s site:
    ​ GLOBAL EXTENT OF BIRD ARMAGEDDON by Arthur Firstenberg​, And how it will be spun to push avian flu shots on poultry and people​
    ​ Anders Brunstad alerted me to the installation of one of the most powerful radar stations in the world on the Varanger Peninsula in Finnmark, Norway just before tens of thousands of birds fell dead all over the peninsula. The southern and eastern coasts of the peninsula also have 4G+ and, increasingly, 5G service, added recently.
    ​ At Ekkerøy Nature Reserve, on the southern coast of the peninsula, at least 15,000 endangered kittiwakes died at the end of July and beginning of August 2023. They nest there in the summer on high cliffs where they are directly in the line of fire of the radar, which is 50 kilometers away. The restaurant at Ekkerøy was forced to close for the summer because it was “raining down” dead birds. The total population of these seabirds in Norway was only about 50,000.

    ​ Steve Kirsch , The “died suddenly” vax vs. unvaxxed statistics tell you everything you need to know
    ​ The vaccine advocates claim that people have been dying suddenly throughout history and it’s nothing unusual. But they aren’t telling you that nearly all the “died suddenly” were COVID vaccinated.

    John Day

    Jessica Rose Ph.D. Confirmations emanating from VAERS of Epoch Times report on seizure safety signals for toddlers and young children​
    It’s even worse than reported.

    ​Peter McCullough MD on results of mRNA COVID vaccines on cultures of rat heart cells.
    Direct Cardiac Effects of mRNA-Based SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines​ , Isolated Cardiomyocyte Study Finds Dysfunction within 48 Hours

    ​More from Gadfly of the Globalists, Meryl Nass MD: The WHO, the Coup and You
    (your taxes, your body and your mind. WHO is not limited to diseases that spread across countries, either)
    Tricks of the WHO Trade: Coverage not Care, Mental Health, Non-infectious diseases and Financing

    ​Sasha Latypova may be counting unhatched chickens today. I hope they hatch.
    Breaking: Pfizer is going under the bus…​
    Health Canada miraculously “found” SV40 promoter in Pfizer vials! So many governments are suddenly finding things that have been lost for years…

    John Day

    How come I never heard of this globalist “owner”? Thanks Christine.
    ​Liechtenstein’s Prince Hans-Adam II’s Family-Owned Firm LGT Group Reported Record Assets Under Management Last Mon­th
    ​ Europe’s richest royal family builds nearly $300 billion finance empire
    ​The finance empire behind Liechtenstein’s Prince Hans Adam II is flourishing from its main area of expertise: managing money for the world’s superrich.​..
    ​ The prince, LGT’s sole beneficiary, is now the world’s 215-richest person with a fortune of about $9.2 billion — 71 spots higher than at the start of this year, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.
    ​ Unlike other European monarchs, such as Britain’s King Charles III, the prince owns his family’s most valu­able assets personally, making it the oldest fortune on Bloomberg’s wealth ranking.

    ​John Michael Greer, Bracing for Impact
    ​ Those of my readers who’ve been poor, as I have, know that it takes a fair amount of skill to live comfortably on a scant income. The more practice you have, and the more time you have to explore the options before it counts, the easier it will be for you to get by. Since the crunch hasn’t hit yet, you have the chance to get some of that practice and some of those explorations out of the way now, while you still have your current income and resource base to fall back on if you need to. That’s what collapsing now, ahead of the rush, gives you the freedom to do.
    ​ Imagine for a moment that your income were to drop sharply—or, which amounts to the same thing, that runaway inflation were to make it worth much less than it is today. Take some time over the next few days to figure out where you would cut back so that you can get by on less. Focus on ways to decrease your outgo, not to increase your income; that latter’s a different project for another day. Make a list of possibilities. If you live with other people, discuss the subject with them and, if they’re willing, get them involved in drawing up the list.
    ​ Then—before raw financial necessity forces you to do so—take some of the items on your list and put them into practice. Make some changes to save money, cutting an expenditure here, doing things in a cheaper way there. Pay attention to the results, and discuss it with the people you live with. Then try something else. Get some experience under your belt so that, when the crunch arrives, you aren’t left flailing.

    Bracing for Impact

    John Day

    Russia inactivates Global Hawk spy drone over Black Sea, and more from Military Summary:

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