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    Michael Reid said

    Lies written in ink cannot conceal truth written in blood

    Recently in the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh which shows you what animals Americans were at that time and how things never changed, with the same evil – thinking Kissinger etc – roaming the world arranging the killing of innocent civilians.

    What did it take for an American soldier to bayonet a baby? Why were they happy to do it? Why does the “I am a vietnam vet” still hold some cache in the USA? Why did the Americans allow the Jewish Hollywood to glorify the American “Heroism” in Vietnam? Nixon even freed some war criminals to get votes!

    The USA and the Israelis will soon be starting their next My Lai massacre in Gaza, but this time there is no substantial anti-war movement to worry about.

    Humans are inherently evil and willing to kill each other regardless of their faith, principles etc. After Vietnam, the Americans begged forgiveness from their God then went on and executed their next war. Nothing changes, the depleted uranium in Ukraine is the agent orange of Vietnam. The malformed babies will appear – in families on both sides – and the perpetrators will walk away as heroes. Nothing changes because the people are weak and are willing to accept this sort of evil being done in their name and many are willing to participate.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)
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