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    William Blake Europe Supported by Africa and America 1796   • Leaked: Israeli Plan To Ethnically Cleanse Gaza (Cradle) • Israel Faces ‘Near Impos
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    Drawn by a man who has only ever seen one breast and is excellent at pussy obfuscation. Today, most of the breasts in Europe would be knocking on the doors of the mole hills, the American ones would block out Europe altogether and they would all be the same colour. How times have changed, at least we can be thankful that we have breast variety in the modern world.


    Trump tells Republican Jewish Coalition donors he’ll “stand with Israel all the way, 100%, without qualification.” Reminds wife of the late Sheldon Adelson that he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem just like he wanted. Says if he’s not elected in 2024 Israel will be eliminated

    Israel is the walking dead. Unless some amazing deal is done between Russia, China and the Arab states, there is no way that Israel can survive. China and Russia could probably do it, but why would they bother? As for Trump, this Trump murdered that very popular Iranian General Soleimani; he is probably hated as much as is Netanyahu. Trump has his head up his arse, but he pisses off the opposition, so good to vote for him for a laugh and to see the ensuing mayhem, but not for results. He will do what the Jews want him to do, as he did last time.


    Israel’s best bet would be to simply locate tunnel entrances and seal them off, leaving the Hamas forces underground to die of thirst, hunger, oxygen deprivation, or disease.

    The USA tried that in Vietnam, also pumping poisonous gas into the ventilation pipes. The USA lost the tunnel wars. Do you think the Hamas tunnel people have not looked at Vietnam? Do you think they have not seen the list of mechanisms that the USA tried to use against them, including flooding, poisonous gas, etc. As for sealing off tunnel entrances, that is simply impossible, remember that the Vietcong would booby trap the entrances so that anyone trying to seal them off or using them to get into the tunnel would set off the explosives. Also, they had high points that could be broken through to create new entrances, that is just a stupid idea. As for the supplies of food etc, you seriously think that Hamas has not worked that all out, you think they just brought a few boxes of instant noodles to last the extreme period which will probably be six months? Admittedly the vietcong had wells in their tunnels, but I am sure that Hamas will have a very reliable solution to the supply of water; they probably also have a reliable supply of electricity.

    Scott Ritter should read up a bit more about the last tunnel network to beat the USA.


    Trump – “And then a sin happenned”…


    little comfort is to be found in the realization that with two hundred and fifty thousand years of the selection process humanity has managed to raise the specie’s intellectual capacaity to a level on par with that of the yeasts

    at least when the yeasts poison themselves humanity may have wine and beer. Proof, as Doctor Franklin noted, that God loves man.
    Perhaps the fungi will have some benefit from humanity poisoning itself with the sucrose of superiority

    “How can you mend my, please help me mend my broken heart
    I think I, I believe I, I’ve got a feeling that I want to live and live and live” – Al Green – B&R Gibb

    D Benton Smith

    Israel criticizes and attempts to condemn Hamas in the eyes of the world as a “terrorist” organization that both deserves to be wiped from the face of the Earth and which Israel believes itself capable of doing (with help from its dupes and captive minions). Zionist Israel invites and encourages pure ravening hatred to such a degree that the obsession can only be called the outright worship of mind consuming hatred. Satanism is not too strong of a word for it.

    But the sad truth, heart breaking fact and bitter irony is that Israel is doing all of this TO ITSELF. Israel purposefully created Hamas, raised it to power, and then waged a campaign of calculatedly intolerable terror against Palestinians which drove Hamas (through the existential necessity of preserving the lives of women and children) to become a force which Israel CANNOT wipe from the face of Earth, and which will, instead, inflict that fate upon Zionist/Jewish Israel itself. In a very real sense, Israel trained Hamas HOW to defeat its torturer, and then gave it both the necessity and the means to do so.

    Zionist Israel is the terrorist, and always has been. Israel is the monster which the humane world must (through the sheer necessity of preserving its humanity) now remove from the face of the Earth. And in this case the rest of the world is indeed capable of doing just that, and must, and will.

    There is a message contained in this horrifying debacle, and it is that the contemplation, worship and attempt of willful murder for personal gain ALWAYS ends in the ignominious destruction of the murderer. It is the slowest, protracted and most exquisitely painful way to end, because on the way down to total oblivion it passes through every single stage of agonizing raving insanity and loss.

    Hate kills itself, horribly. Dying that way is something you should not wish upon even your worst enemy.

    Dr. D

    Blake, a favorite etching, as it provides a very different point of view of how people felt and thought then.

    Russia, no good for sound mortars, as we haven’t heard from the autolocating counterfire system, and no strategy or motion has changed on the battlefield. However, new strategy from the Russians, showing that if you have any brains, there are solutions, and Ukraine has none. Nazis have no imagination because it is forbidden. “Do what you’re told.” Anyway, no silver bullet here, Russia has just felt out that this is the least-bad way to approach it, like the chess or Go pieces, they are cutting the WWI lines into the smallest possible pieces, as in dissolved, taking them one by one. Divide, advance, divide, advance. I guess you can only do that if you can control the supply lines, which Ukraine can’t properly do without air support.

    Trump, what a punk for Israel. Imagine if the GOP base has got behind this dork. Oh, wait…

    So there we are, top everyone, President, Candidate, Speaker, Senate, right on down to Rand Paul, all 100% Israel. First vote, first order of business: well what is the most important, A#1 issue for all Americans? What are Americans, Louisianians, DESPERATE for you to tackle first Mr. Speaker? Exactly HOW MUCH of our money are we giving to Israel. For a genocide. While we live in RVs with no drinking water. Apparently Israel is our one true capital. #AmericaLast.

    …And I’m quite sure they still have full pensions, free health care, and eggs in Kiev too.

    Speaking of dum-dum, Jack Smith: “Anybody can run for president. I am going to protect my staff…”

    Fair. Good point. All I have to do to not be arrested is run for President? Or in Biden’s case, NOT run for President, not even be a plausible candidate? Done. You won’t see that in the first scene of “Heat” or “Reservoir Dogs”. But Jack? One problem: IF WHAT TRUMP IS SAYING IS ILLEGAL, WHY DON’T YOU ARREST HIM?

    I mean, straight question, right? Trump needs a gag order because he’s going to “Incite to riot” on your staff. Fair enough: you cannot do that. (leaving aside no one can define what “that” is.) But if he does that, wouldn’t you arrest him WHEN he does it, which is 10x better charges than the ones you have now? No? So by NOT arresting him, aren’t you admitting, NOTHING HE SAYS OR HAS SAID IS ILLEGAL? According to you?

    Go on. I’ll wait. And if it’s not illegal – and you say it’s not – then why would you harass him? It’s illegal or it isn’t, right? #SeaSponge. #NotALawyer

    ““..the ten-page document is authentic but “was not supposed to reach the media..”
    • Leaked: Israeli Plan To Ethnically Cleanse Gaza (Cradle)

    We’ve watched for 80 years inch by inch, mile by mile, is there anyone who doesn’t know this? Was there something Israel failed to do to communicate this is their real and active intention?

    And Duh, the first minute they said this:

    You 1 million people have 12 hours to move to another country. After we locked the gates. But it ain’t a genocide or nothin’. Tomorrow: the other 1 Million in the “South”. (can you really call “North” and “South” in a place the size of an American Mall? It’s ONE place. That’s like saying “we’re going to bomb your living room but you’ll be safe in the kitchen.”)

    “• Israel Faces ‘Near Impossible Task’ in Gaza (Scott Ritter)

    I heard they already did a minor popup on the IDF already, who then retreated.
    P.S. reference to this:

    I mean, militarily, this is pretty fabulous. Not fawning over Hamas or anything, but it’s rare you get an arrangement where one approach, a single minor move so fully checkmates everything, everyone, for all time. Not just there, but IDF can’t go in fast and hard. They also can’t go in slow and be slow bled and divided like Ukraine. Any move here will lead to rear attacks from Syria. Any escalation will involve Iran and immediately nukes and kinzals from Russia. Any failure will lose the PR war both for Israel’s legitimacy, and already a major hit to their power which is all built on pointless PR and fabricated reputation.

    I can’t think of any solution, but backing up, what is the overall solution? No humans are illegal, can people not be ALLOWED to move to the Levant and build gardens, water treatment plants? Sure they can. I can move to Italy, Poland, or there myself. Okay, and when they move can they not vote or whatever? Sure they can. So the “State of Israel” already exists right, if you do that? Basically.

    So where’s the problem? The problem is, you cannot be a racist, apartheid, genocidal, ethnic superiority state. Their problem is blinding white-hot RACISM. ISRAEL can be a state. However, it cannot be a state that murders all people of other races and religions, whether they are inside the borders or outside. So what’s the real problem they have? Thou Shalt Not Murder. Too hard for you? I think it’s in a Book y’all have somewhere, right Moshe? Right, Rabbi?

    So at the moment they have us talking about whether “Israel” has a right to exist, which “they do” in main. And do the Palestinians, the “other” have a right to exist, and they do. And very carefully keep the discussion from anything useful or curative, which is “Thou Shalt Not Murder”. All three religions recognize that.

    Anyway, the translation is “murder” because they, like all human cultures in all time and space allow for war and self-defense, capital punishment, and so on. That’s a form of “kill” but is not “murder”, although there are legal thresholds and gateways one must pass (like declaring war coughUSCONGRESScough) for them to also not be “murder”. Like shooting a 12-year old at a guard station? Probably murder even though “army”, even though “gate,” and needs to be investigated and adjudicated as necessary and actual self-defense, which is deeply unlikely.

    Villains like things complicated. They like an absence of specific facts. Don’t let them. Life isn’t actually all that hard. The sun also rises in the east. Water is wet. S–t rolls downhill.

    ““Netanyahu and Hamas are political partners,” declared a recent article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz,”

    Sooooo…. Haaretz and the people are against Bibi. Sooooooo…apparently things are a lot more complicated than we punks are being let in on, getting the mushroom treatment out here, and taking big mouthfuls? C’mon. Look: Bibi was about to be arrested, and about to Dictator-for-life as part of a gambit to wipe out their Supreme Court. That’s a lot of moving pieces and power blocs who are for and against that. The IDF hates Bibi, and THEY may have done, arranged this, to STOP him. Thus you see Haaretz. What paper, anywhere on the planet, doesn’t do exactly and precisely what their secret service tells them to? So when Haaretz says this – as they did from the first hour – who’s calling them on the phone and MAKING them? Who’s PROTECTING them?

    I’d say, it’s somebody trying to wipe out Bibi, just a guess. And we have Mossad, IDF, and general Business in Israel, anyone who believes in any rule of law, on the side of removing him. That’s a lot of suspects, but you don’t have to pick one: they can all work together or just know they’ll have their support if you move on him.

    From the outside we carelessly say “Israel” did this, “Israel” did that. Israel who? Who, SPECIFICALLY? Evil loves to have no details, no facts; so what are the details and facts in this case, this attack?

    …And that’s beyond the minor discussion floated about China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, new Indian pipelines, Euro-money flows via Israel’s shifting alliances. Flipping to BRICS, btw, and that’s Waaaay off the ranch. So WHO precisely? The US? CIA? Anglos? MI6?

    Now does Mossad suck Bibi in, knowing him, having worked with him for years? Does only one PART of Mossad suck him in, the part that’s like “Sure I’d kill every Arab, but we ALSO need to keep some semblance of democracy from this maniac”? So they feed him garbage, make him move the army to the (illegal) West Bank, and THEY give the standdown, or advise Bibi to standdown on their advice, at 3am after a drunken night of Ukrainian hookers? They tell him “Nah, this’ll be great for you: trust us!” See what I mean?

    “India’s Solidarity With Israel Is Untenable (Bhadrakumar)

    This is what I’m talking about with BRIICS, and Indian gas pipelines, to (from?) Israel, to Leviathan, to Europe, to get Russian gas back-paid to Berlin? To get Med gas TO Bombay? The Anglos MUST destroy them both, or they will be outside of London’s control. There’s more than a case of the “feelz” in India-Israel. Neither ever gave a rip for the other, but as written above it’s ENORMOUSLY complicated. A pro-BRICS Israeli will look exactly like a British Anti-BRICS Israeli until the last dust settles. We can’t know because even THEY don’t know. Even the people deciding probably don’t know until the minute of the vote.

    “The US makes the decisions.
    • Israel Scaled Back Gaza Ground Campaign After US Intervention – NYT (RT)

    Maybe? NY Times wrote it, so it must be false. Israel can’t NOT go into Gaza, because dum-dum said they would fire and brimstone. But as they are all pathological liars with every waking breath, don’t worry about what he SAID. Obviously whatever he said is as if he never said it, a lie he has no intention of doing. But if Bibi DOESN’T commit national Suicide on national TV, he’s merely going to blame us. Right? He knows he has 100% out: blame America. Everybody else does. The Israeli people clap like baby seals and everyone believes it.

    I suspect all that is irrelevant, and yes, we have actual Marine generals with Counterterrorist from Iraq actually advising this is the worst military idea the planet has ever seen. But that doesn’t make it untrue. Even without US, if the US didn’t exist at all, anywhere, his own Generals would have told him, so they would have lied a different lie in a different way. Nothing they say is real, ever. It’s a parallel to “Not Agreement Capable”. They are “Not Honesty Capable.” We on the outside think they wrangle and push for or against honesty, but at this pitch I suspect honesty never occurs to them at all. It’s irrelevant as the Methane Weather on Pluto: never occurs. Since we are normal people, with consequences and emotions, we can’t fully grasp this. This, you know: raw bleeding insanity. Complete psychotic break from reality they all have.

    ““.. I don’t know how many of them are in there already. They are catching Iranians on a terror list. How did Iranians get to Mexico?“

    Somebody had an interesting line: What if they are releasing the PR that “We ain’t doing nothing” but we are? You tell your enemy, as Russia does to supply roads in Adiivka, that “C’mon in, water’s fine! Nobody here but us chickens.” Because although you may be overrun, may have no choice but to let a lot go, you are only looking for IRANIANS, terrorists, telling them to be careless, get picked up, and they get on “Bus B” and are shipped to Leavenworth, not Levittown. Then we’ve rounded up and stopped the prospective military attack. Sure it’s expensive, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have them in custody as the prospective war starts, instead of them being free, in Iran, Europe, Mexico…or here.

    Oh, so the REPORTERS would have told you if that was happening? Hahahahaha! Sure they would have! As soon as they stopped munching crayons and learned to spell “THE”. There is no more illiterate, uncurious, retarded cadre in all America, and believe you me, that’s really saying something. They’ve won the American Limbo Awards: How Low can you go?

    “Practically all EU countries are standing upright before the United States and Great Britain and have begun to obediently fulfil their orders to support the Nazi regime [headquartered] in Kiev”

    Meta-talk here. Europe is subservient to WHO? The Anglos. London alone, since London runs the BidenCo, the Lettermen, and our Media. And London obeys who? Who is running the Anglos? “The Nazi regime.” K-pop. Is that clear enough for you?

    So WHY am I hearing this, WHO is Medvadev’s audience here? Actual leaders in Paris, Prague, etc. who still live the fantasy that there are sovereign nations who make decisions here. Medvedev is pointing out that clearly, they are not. If this is happening, everything in Prague, Krakow, Copenhagen is pointless, their lives are pointless and they shouldn’t waste their time. If they can grasp that very obvious point, maybe they can go looking for “I thought I was on top, who’s really pulling the strings here?” And he’s directing them to who MUST be doing by pointing out who everyone always obeys: London.

    All wars lead to London. We are in the Third World War? No, the Third Crimean War. Maybe the Fourth. And the most pointless poem of the most pointless military raid of all time should educate us on it: “The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Kipling.

    “Our is not to reason why/ Our is but to do…and die.” Die by the millions. For London. Sure, that’s what I signed up for, right!!?? You signed up too?? Amsterdam, Christchurch? Suuure you did.

    Whyyyyyyyyyyy is London at non-stop hot war with Russia for 300 years? Well you tell me, because clearly it’s true. 300 years of war, 100, 200 million dead ’cause King Putz got a hard-on for onion domes.

    “Western Media ‘Cancel’ the Ukraine Conflict (SCF)

    Yes, because above, they are winning. Russia is slow, and pretty annoyed, removing another General today, but they are chopping up the front lines and moving forward each day. Ze threw all remaining into Adiivka, and rightfully so. They are aware that it could break at any time, they lost, and they need the TV cameras off their utter and total failure.

    “It never happened. Even while it was happening, it wasn’t happening.”

    What is “IT” in these terms? The only thing that matters, the only thing of value in this system is COLLATERAL. Who has it, who doesn’t. Europe doesn’t. They needed ALL Russia’s collateral to even survive, but at LEAST Ukraine’s collateral. A trillion-dollar country leveraged 300:1. Now they have neither. They may knock your eyes off it, but the markets will seep in and respond the same, but slower. Dragging their feet at bedtime is all they have now.

    ““In a sense, the Hamas attack on Israel was a kind of Pearl Harbor moment. It opened a second front.”

    Nailed it. First intelligent thing I’ve seen printed in LA Times for years, decades. Okay, since she told the truth, why was she allowed on? Is it because of “Axis of Evil” nonsense new Speaker Johnson is on? Yes, kiddies! Every single person in China is now evil! Just happened yesterday! Sign right up…. No one notices: clap clap! Yesss!!! Every single person of <racial group> are now evil because of <racial group>. But we ain’t racist or nothin’!

    But WE sure get mad when like Iran says WE are evil…just because we’ve been attacking them non-stop for 40 years, embargoing medicine for their children, stealing their money, bombing them openly, and assassinating their scientists. I mean, what gives? How could they call US evil just because we invaded Iraq, illegally on false pretenses, salted the earth with 10,000 year birth defects, and killed 6 million brown people in 20 years? Does that sound like “Evil” to you?

    …Oh, it does? ??? Huh.

    And that’s what it sounds like to CHINA when we call them “Evil”. Like, Srs? Wtf? Unfriend.

    Anyway, so the Speaker is Waaaaaaay Pro-Israel, TOTALLY Pro “Axis of Evil” thingie you’d think we’d have learned our lesson from in 2001. With bush being a failure, failure failure, now a great-personal-friend-and-pal of the left? Can you even hear that word and not think it is Stupid, Stupid, Stupid? The Left used to. They marched against it en masse. Not now, Rachael Maddow couldn’t love war more if she tried. Since when is the Far RIGHT the anti-war party? That’s like the SS telling the Bandarites, “Whoa, slow down on killing Poles and Jews there!”

    ““There can be no sympathy, no excuses, and no escape for these monsters. We will do what has to be done.”… isn’t a battle between “equal sides,” … “This is a fight between civilization and savagery, between decency and depravity, and between good and evil.

    “• US Judge Reinstates Gag Order on Trump in Federal Election Case (Sp.)

    Can you put a gag order on his statements like that? ‘Cause I am a-gagging. NOW who am I going to write in a vote for? Not rabidly anti-American, pro-war, blood gore guts veins in my teeth Trump, that’s for sure.

    ““Federal prosecutors have quietly withdrawn a subpoena seeking records from former President Donald J. Trump’s 2020 campaign”

    Like the LA Times, how did this get in the paper? Why am I seeing this? They’ve never reported the truth before, at least not in 21 years, why is today a special day?

    ““Federal prosecutors have quietly withdrawn a subpoena seeking records from former President Donald J. Trump’s 2020 campaign”

    Sounds like they better come to heel and beg Chairman-for-life Xi for money. He can print it.

    Goes with focus on the real war: the Financial War. As “The Automatic Earth” oil goes, sure, but the financial representation of that system fails first. Remember ’87? It was the greatest collapse ever, except it wasn’t a stock collapse, it was a BOND collapse. Currency collapse. Like us.

    Abner Doon

    “Israel is doing all of this TO ITSELF”

    D Benton Smith
    Why are weak governments and/or extreme political movements more likely to embrace religion or nationalism in times of economic and social instability and/or when distractions appear helpful to bury other more important issues?

    It may not be in some non-democratic Arab government’s domestic political interests if Israel lives side by side with a democratic Palestine.

    Maybe it’s more convenient for the totalitarian governments surrounding Gaza to keep them poor, brainwashed with hate and miserable, to control unhappy populations elsewhere by giving them someone else to direct their hatred toward.

    Gaza is/was/continue to be a proxy war funded and supported by neighboring countries who use hatred to control/distract their repressed populations from the corruption/totalitarianism of some US allies and enemies.

    If Hamas had the firepower the Israeli’s have, how many causalities would there currently be?

    Are there times when compromise isn’t appropriate?

    Gaza and Israel are stuck with each other.

    They are stuck with hate.


    It is now becoming clear that many of those deaths were actually caused by the Israeli military using indiscriminate excessive lethal force.

    The Jews will kill other Jews to satiate their greed; makes sense after the Covid fiasco. Education is a wonderful thing and this action educates me; Jews will sacrifice other Jews if it means that they can get what they want, but it is not just some Jews who will do this, it is all Jews – in this case they are soldiers doing national service – especially the ones running the USA; it is in their genes.


    Islam started immediately invading Europe in 720, all the way up into southern France.

    So it’s just a modern day repeat

    Here, spend a couple minutes and watch Muslim invasions of Europe vs Europe invasion of Islam

    Spoiler Alert

    It’s totally one sided and lied about to this day

    Look at the shear scope of the Islam invasions over centuries

    What ever the West did to the Middle East was more than equaled by the Muslim invasions of Europe.

    Just saying.

    For perspective, patterns over a thousand years tell a different tale than patterns over a century.


    Former US President Donald Trump has condemned Hamas as “monsters,” framing the Palestinian militant group’s war with Israel as a conflict between “good and evil” and vowing to rid America of immigrants and foreign students who sympathize with jihadists.

    So the “entrepreneur” is actually a Jew bitch. Who can the right vote for now, what is the trend on Gab? Looks like Gab is behind Palestine, so how will that work out for “Jew vaccine and Palestinian Monsters Trump”? Looks to me like Trump has dug a hole and is soon going to disappear into the depths, OR, he will gain right wing support until he is in power, then they will squeeze his balls. Apart from the Jesus retards, everybody supporting the Jews are paid for, not a lot of grass roots support.

    Abner Doon

    “The Jews will kill other Jews to satiate their greed

    Jews will sacrifice other Jews if it means that they can get what they want, but it is not just some Jews who will do this, it is all Jews

    it is in their genes.

    So the “entrepreneur” is actually a Jew bitch

    “Jew vaccine and Palestinian Monsters Trump”

    Apart from the Jesus retards, everybody supporting the Jews are paid for”

    Does insult echo insecurity?
    It is not bigotry to be certain we are right,
    but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine
    how we might possibly have gone wrong.

    G K Chesterton
    The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye
    the more light you pour upon it the more it will contract

    Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr
    It is an unmistakable lesson of history
    that when one group of people starts to see another group of people
    as ‘other,’ or as ‘different,’ as ‘undeserving’ as ‘inferior’
    ill treatment inevitably follows

    Air Force Reserve Major David J R Frakt
    Should we hate, slur, scapegoat, resent, envy, stigmatize or stereotypically generalize?

    Aspnaz might want to look into a mirror to find what he abhors in others.


    The powerful elites have Loss of Control of the Messages.

    This is the first time that there are worldwide demonstrations for gov. to seek peace and have a cease-fire .

    Information about War, (Ukraine, Israel), with the contributions of the bloggers, (TAE), has changed the future of our political and social structures.

    Read more …

    Western Media ‘Cancel’ the Ukraine Conflict as Palestinian Genocide Exposes Their Lies and Fake News

    Western Media ‘Cancel’ the Ukraine Conflict as Palestinian Genocide Exposes Their Lies and Fake News
    October 27, 2023
    “… the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel portend seismic geopolitical shifts ….”
    Trump’s ex-Russia expert predicts big changes in ‘international order’


    Eventually, the bloggers will succeed in educating the A.I.
    Eventually, the A.I. will tell the whole truth.

    Figmund Sreud

    Napolitano – Crooke this a.m.:

    John Day

    “Your terms are acceptable”

    Trump tells Republican Jewish Coalition donors he’ll “stand with Israel all the way, 100%, without qualification.” Reminds wife of the late Sheldon Adelson that he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem just like he wanted. Says if he’s not elected in 2024 Israel will be eliminated


    Trump is a gas bag buffoon but is still the one eyed man in the Kingdom of the Blind.

    Not much choice.

    Newsom is a haircut in search of a brain

    Funny, the CCP took a meeting with him but Pedo Jo-Joe has been trying 6 MONTHS to get a chin wag and no cigar.

    So the People’s Republic of Californicate and the CCP are a bromance made in Heaven.

    Newsom is the West Coast Mafia’s Buttplug

    What does the East Coast Mafia have?

    Jail or kill Trump, install Newsom, get WWIII rolling downhill for depopulation and Full Orwell-®

    Where we are headed


    John Day

    Note: YouTube left this up.


    White House press sec, on the left above, to Peter:
    “Actually, you do not see it right. First I am not naked and I am holding Europe’s left hand and stoking her hair.”


    Let’s call it ‘stroking’….


    The new from Israel, “We are targeting and only hitting military Amas position.”
    The new from Israel, “Amas is not hitting military assets and is only hitting civilian assets”

    The News from USA, ” To get votes Must call Israeli-Amas fight as if its antisemitism”.
    The News from USA, ” The colleges are supporting antisemitism”.


    The Supreme Commander of Woke, Obama, the author of Arab Spring, supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, must be smiling as his plans for Israel unfold. Killing people was the one thing he said he was really good at.

    Figmund Sreud

    Escobar: Let’s set West Asia on fire

    The immediate goal of Straussian neocon psychos and their silos across the Beltway is to go for Syria, Lebanon – and ultimately Iran.

    That’s what explains the presence in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean of a fleet of at least 73 U.S./NATO warships – ranging from two American aircraft carrier groups to 30+ ships from 14 NATO members involved in the ongoing Dynamic Mariner war games off the coast of Italy.

    That’s the largest concentration of U.S./NATO warships since the 1970s.

    Anyone believing this fleet is being assembled to “assist” Israel in its Final Solution project of imposing Nakba 2.0 on Gaza must read some Lewis Carroll. …

    Nakba 2.0 Revives the Neocon Wars

    Anyway, … not exactly on topic, but the title fits! Enjoy, …

    Let’s Set The World On Fire


    Dr. D

    Abner: I accept that. Wouldn’t want to forget that Arab kid’s cartoons for 5 year olds are full of antisemitism and killin’ them some Jews. That is not exactly the higher ground or path to peace. I can only cover one atrocity per sentence though. The Muslim world LOVES this, keeps their full attention, for reasons of their own.

    And you wonder why I can say they need them some Christianity. Who else will say “Turn the other cheek”? Who else will say, “Even your enemy can give love for love, but can any of you respond with love to hate?” …But ain’t nobody going to listen to me. Not if they didn’t listen to HIM. ‘Could though. There’s still time. You, we, are choosing and we CAN.

    John Day

    Better Facts

    This “rumor” refuses to go away, and I have it substantiated by a source with regional NATO ties. The US is deep and dirty in the tepid invasion of Gaza and is taking losses on the outskirts of the fortified areas. This is more than “supporting Israel”. This is dead American soldiers, soon to need explaining.
    ​ Hamas Warns U.S. ‘Entering the Battle’ in Gaza as 5000 American Troops Participate in New Offensives
    The U.S. Military has deployed 5000 personnel to participate in Israeli operations in Gaza against local militia groups, according to reports from a number of Middle Eastern media sources. This has coincided with the announcement that the Israeli military had expanded its ground operations in Gaza following initial setbacks and the loss of armoured vehicles to the Hamas militia’s heavy weapons. As Israeli political leaders have increasingly warned of a long war, Iranian sources claimed the new offensives were intended “to split the Gaza Strip into two or three sections and cut off the connection among the Palestinian resistance forces before launching the next stage of the war.” These reports follow a statement from retired U.S. Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor on October 25 that preceding Israeli special forces raids into Gaza had been accompanied by American special forces. “In the last 24 hours or so, some of our Special Ops forces and Israeli Special Ops forces went into Gaza to reconnoiter, to plan for where they might want to go to free hostages and make an impact, and they were shot to pieces and took heavy losses, as I understand it,” he stated.
    ​ Member of the Hamas political leadership Ali Barakeh indicated that the party perceived the United States as becoming increasingly heavily involved in the Israeli war effort, stating that the Palestinian political group: “didn’t expect this much of a response” from Washington. “An Israeli response? Yes, we expected that… But what we’re seeing now is the entrance of the U.S. into the battle, and this we didn’t count on.” Although not confirming its operations in Gaza, the U.S. has moved to expand military facilities in Israel, struck Hamas aligned forces in Syria and Iraq, and massively escalated its military presence in the region while replenishing Israeli military stocks. America’s NATO ally Turkey has also seen jihadist militia groups under its influence such as the Al Nusra front escalate attacks on Hamas’ ally Syria, diverting attention away from the Israeli front.​ (Two-faced Turkey?)
    ​ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on October 28 that regarding military operations “we are only at the beginning of the road. The battle within the Gaza Strip will be difficult and long.” With Israeli forces losing significant quantities of equipment in the conflict’s initial days, Hamas forces have shown levels of military competence far greater than in previous conflicts raising speculation regarding possible high level training from Hezbollah or Iran. While the United States increases arms supplies to Israel, Hamas’ strikes on Israeli armour have been widely reported by Western sources to be making use of North Korean heavy weapons such as rocked propelled grenades and 122mm artillery rounds, some of which have been seized by Israeli forces.

    ​6:26 minute video, Israeli media sourced, rationally explains the specific IDF and police strikes by tanks, aircraft and infantry, at the times and places, which killed and burned at least 122 Israeli civilians, and called airstrikes onto an Israeli military facility, filled with IDF soldiers and Hamas fighters. This was the prevailing theme, to “kill them all”, Hamas and hostages together, then blame Hamas for the heavy-weapons devastation, of which Hamas was not capable, armed only with assault rifles and small RPGs.
    The truth about October 7th

    Poison gas is a war crime. What forces have been using poison-gas, Israeli and/or US Special Forces?
    ​ Al Mayadeen’s sources revealed on Sunday that the Israeli Occupation Forces had been deploying poison gas prior to their incursions into the Gaza Strip.
    The source explained that the IOF had attempted to penetrate the Gaza Strip four hours after deploying the toxic gas, noting that this strategy was “used in the main areas of operation, specifically in Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun [Gaza].”
    This comes after Al Mayadeen’s correspondent in Gaza reported that an Israeli infantry unit fell into an ambush set up by the Resistance in Soufa.

    Israel demands journalists leave the northern Gaza Strip​ ​ (especially the journalists reporting these stories).

    John Day

    ​Gilbert Doctorow: Update , Israel-Hamas War
    ​ With a gentle nudge from WION, the Indian global broadcaster, who requested an interview early this morning, I found several of the latest developments in the Mideast conflict worthy of the close attention of Russia watchers and of the wider international community. I used the interview to mention these as you will find once the link is posted below.
    ​ In particular, I pointed to the number one news item in Russia today: the restoration of air services at the Makhachkala airport in Dagestan, a region of the Russian Federation just north of the Caucasus which has an overwhelmingly Muslim population, but also a noteworthy minority of some 30,000 Jews, mostly concentrated in the ancient city of Derbent where a Jewish community has existed since the early days of the diaspora many centuries ago. The airport was closed following a mob attack on a just landed plane from Tel Aviv, with which Dagestan has regular direct flights. They were looking for Israeli passport holders and Jews, whom they wrongly believed would be settled in Dagestan, against their wishes. The mob clashed with airport workers and law enforcement officers before being arrested and taken away.
    ​ This ugly development underscored the importance of an unrelated meeting by President Putin yesterday with the heads of all the officially recognized religions in the Russian Federation. He issued a call for mutual respect and for multi-national, multi-confessional solidarity of Russia today in the face of the provocations coming from the Middle East. For reasons of domestic peace, Russia is observing neutrality in the Hamas-Israel conflict.
    ​ As I mention in the interview, the tensions generated by Israel’s ongoing atrocities in Gaza may inflame ethnic and religious disturbances in all countries where there are mixed populations.​..
    ​..I use this occasion to praise UN General Secretary Antonio Gutteres for his bold criticism directed against the Israeli authorities for the suffering they inflicted on the Palestinians during their decades-long occupation of their lands, and for repeat calls to restore deliveries of food, water and fuel to the Gaza. We have not witnessed such a stand against the United States-led Collective West since the days of Dag Hammarskjold and we all know where Hammarskjold’s courage got him.

    ​ Military Summary reports that Ukrainian intelligence forces dominated local media in Dagastan, spreading reports to the conservative-Muslim citizens, including Palestinian refugees, that Israeli Jews were being brought in to settle Dagastan at the expense of locals. Violence at the airport ensued.
    Ukraine Tried To Destabilize The Muslim Region Of Russia. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.10.30

    ​John Helmer, When the Devil Drives
    ​ In the war at this stage, the Israeli-American force for genocidal killing and displacement of the Palestinians of Gaza appears to be winning. Not on the ground so much as in the consent of their western allies to supply the logistics, pay the bills, and endorse the morality of the crimes​…
    ​..In the Gaza operations so far, and in the ideology which Israeli officials and journalists are repeating to the western media, the devil aims to drive every Palestinian, the born and the as yet unborn, to death. In such a war the first need for Hamas and the Arabs is to survive in order to keep fighting…
    ​..In practical politics, Israel and the US either win their genocidal war swiftly now, or else they will lose the long war. Russian military sources are reporting the US is resupplying the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at a rate of two US Air Force (USAF) transports every hour, moving from the continental US through bases in the UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus. US sources have acknowledged the logistical effort is too great to continue for long. Right now the US Navy and USAF cannot continue delivering on the promised resupply of the Ukrainian forces in their war against Russia, while at US bases in Syria and Iraq the Pentagon is privately evacuating troops while publicly striking at their Arab attackers.
    ​ The Arab, Iranian, and Russian media are reporting that in response, Hamas and Hezbollah are maintaining a frequent rate of fire against IDF and Israeli territorial targets. They are not yet attacking Israel’s offshore gas production platforms, which provide most of the fuel for the country’s electricity generating plants. They are not yet disabling Israel’s ports and airfields. The Russian military assessment is that for the time being the Hamas and Hezbollah capacity remains intact and in reserve. The Arab side is exercising restraint.​..
    ​..A Moscow source confirms the US is the priority Russian target because the IDF cannot continue in Gaza as the US capabilities exhaust themselves. He believes that US over-exertion in the Middle East will accelerate the Russian military’s move on to the offensive on the Ukrainian battlefield, and shorten thereby that war. The public statements for mediation between the warring parties issued by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his ministry are not the full Russian story, the source believes…
    ​..The second priority is to let the Americans demonstrate their weakness across the region by conserving the Palestinians in place, deterring Egyptian and Jordanian concessions, and preventing a direct attack on Iran. “The real Russian position , not the public statements , ultimately comes down to what level of military cooperation the Ministry of Defense has with Teheran. The Syrian and Ukrainian wars have made this very deep. I expect the Foreign Ministry’s public line will change when the Palestinian casualties reach 20,000. As the official Israeli statements against the Russian government already make clear, they know what is going on behind the scenes. It’s not just the Caucasian Muslims now but most Russians feel there’s been enough crying support for Israel. Lavrov will catch up.”
    ​ “I would say the real work now in Moscow is on ensuring the Americans do not directly attack Iran. The rest is going to play out according to the General Staff’s road map Lavrov could and should have in front of him. Call it the long war for short.”


    ​ Scott Ritter: (not only) Israel Faces ‘Near Impossible Task’ in Gaza​
    Simply trying to navigate the rubble-strewn streets of Gaza will be a nearly impossible task for the Israeli troops. The going will be slow, and the Israeli infantry will have to operate dismounted, exposing themselves to sniper fire and ambushes. Israeli vehicles will find themselves hemmed in without the ability to maneuver, making themselves vulnerable to mines, improvised explosive devices, and anti-tank weaponry. Close air support under these circumstances will be very difficult, effectively neutralizing Israel’s greatest advantage.

    ​ A US Marine rapid response force is currently heading to the eastern Mediterranean Sea due to concerns about the war in Gaza potentially expanding into a regional war, CNN reported, citing two officials.​ ​[Trying not to let Israel lose in Occupied Palestine might be a fairer description of their objective.]
    ​ In recent weeks, the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, on the USS Bataan amphibious assault ship, had been operating in Middle Eastern waters in recent weeks, but it began making its way into the Suez Canal late last week, according to officials.

    John Day

    ​And this ongoing consideration, of course: “Wiping Gaza Off The Map”: Big Money Agenda. Confiscating Palestine’s Maritime Natural Gas Reserves

    Video: “Wiping Gaza Off The Map”: Big Money Agenda. Confiscating Palestine’s Maritime Natural Gas Reserves

    ​ Israel bombs area around al-Quds hospital where thousands are sheltering
    ​ The Israeli military on Sunday targeted an area in the vicinity of al-Quds hospital multiple times, the Palestine Red Crescent (PRCS) said, after it sent the medical staff warnings to “immediately evacuate”.
    ​ “We refuse the evacuation order. We don’t have the means to evacuate. We have 400 patients, many in the intensive care unit, evacuating means killing them,” Nebal Farsakh, a PRCS spokesperson, said.
    ​ The Red Crescent said that since Sunday morning, Israeli raids have targeted areas just 50 metres from the hospital.
    “The Israeli army deliberately continues to launch rockets directly near al-Quds hospital with the aim of forcing medical staff, displaced individuals and patients to evacuate the hospital,” the medical organisation said in a statement.

    Gaza’s civil defence forced to leave hundreds of victims under rubble
    Overwhelmed rescue crews say no choice but to save the wounded, leaving many of the dead under collapsed buildings

    Dozens killed, others wounded in new Zionist bombing on Gaza

    ​ 4 Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation army during clashes in Jenin​ (West Bank of Jordan River area)
    ​ According to Palestinian sources, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the city of Jenin with more than 100 military vehicles from several axes, accompanied by two military bulldozers, and besieged the vicinity of the “Ibn Sina” hospital, in conjunction with the flight of a reconnaissance drone over the city.

    John Day

    ​ As Israeli forces ground deeper into Gaza Sunday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi posted a foreboding social media message.
    “Zionist regime’s crimes have crossed the red lines, which may force everyone to take action. Washington asks us to not do anything, but they keep giving widespread support to Israel,” Raisi said in a post on X.

    Iran President Says Israel Has Crossed Red Line, Warns What’s Coming Will Involve ‘Everyone’

    ​ What negotiation brought this change?
    ​ Israel resumes water supplies to Gaza via second pipeline
    Daily water supplies to the enclave reaching around 28.5 million liters, The Times of Israel reported​.
    According to the official, this is nearly half of what was pumped to the Gaza Strip before the conflict and this much is enough to meet humanitarian needs of the Gaza population.

    John Day

    ​ Tyler sent this extensive technical explanation, which contains some assertions and assumptions that I don’t think are adequately founded, but it is a worthy work-effort.
    Fifth Generation (5G) Directed Energy Radiation Emissions In the Context of Contaminated Nanometal Covid-19 Vaccines with Graphite Ferrous Oxide Antennas

    Fifth Generation (5G) Directed Energy Radiation Emissions In the Context of Contaminated Nanometal Covid-19 Vaccines with Graphite Ferrous Oxide Antennas

    ​ I particularly detest the cynical wording-exchange of “fundamental human rights” for “principles of equity, inclusivity and coherence”, which I take to mean we will be alike, all lumped-together, and will equally own-nothing.
    ​ Describing the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty and International Health Regulations amendments, and identifying specific problems in the amendments

    ​Sasha Latypova , Washington County, Idaho, Resolution to Advise AGAINST Use of Genetic Biologic “Vaccine” Platform Technology On the Child Vaccine Schedule
    Until Forensics Investigation, Idaho Health Audit, and Transparent and Accurate Informed Consent

    ​News of the Weird: Rats are stricken with Alzheimers by transplant of human poop from Alzheimer’s patients. (“I don’t think it means what you think it means.”)
    Breakthrough Study ‘Infects’ Animals With Human Alzheimer’s Through Microbiome


    When thinking of the Israel/Gaza situation, my thoughts always go back to… that Israel is one of the most notavaxed countries on earth. Victims of ongoing genocide themselves.

    Unless they all took a saline solution – like making a tiktok video of doing a deadly “challenge” safely to get others to swallow Tide pods, jump off 65mph speedboats, etc.

    But ostensibly the powers controlling Israel’s institutions, having notavaxed them to the gills and then legalized shooting them, don’t seem to have the Israeli peoples’ benefit in mind. not to mention a self defeating foreign policy


    Like RIM John Day is putting a lot of time and effort to keep up with “the news”.
    My two cents.
    I just heard the response of the gov. Canada & USA when a reporter asked for their opinion on all the peace and cease-fire demonstrations around the world.

    “People have a right to their opinions and to demonstrate peacefully.”

    Interpretation … we are not changing our position and actions.


    JUST IN – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

    Iran is an axis of evil and terror and is working to finance Hamas

    Hamas uses mosques to strengthen its military positions and keep civilians in harm’s way

    Calling for a ceasefire is a call for surrender, but we will not do that and we will win


    Abner Doon said

    Aspnaz might want to look into a mirror to find what he abhors in others.

    I don’t recognise your name Abner, I guess you are here to defend the Jews?

    Israel has been treating the Palestinians as subhumans for a very, very long time. The Israeli government administrations have come and gone and Israel has still been murdering innocent Palestinians all the time, regardless of who is in power internally or in the USA. Most Jews in Israel do military service, and so they participate in the murder of Palestinians. Jewish families have grown up participating in the murder, stealing land from Palestinians, participating in all sorts of crimes, from the street clearner to the diamond dealer. Dr D may try to pretend it is only “some” of the Israelis involved; sorry, that bird has flown, it does not take a genius to see that Israel has been on the wrong side of history for a very long time and that is made possible by the Jews of the USA and the Jews of Israel.

    Most ordinary Jews support Israel, in my experience the vast majority support Israel and bask in the victimhood of the “holoscam” – I have yet to meet one face-to-face who does not support Israel. You ask me to look at myself, as if the Jews are innocent. Well, I know my principles and values, I have no doubts about my principles and values and they explicitly exclude relying on past lies to justify the murder of innocent men, women and children; that is one of the many things I abhor in others. The Jews of Israel need to get out of Palestine and return that land to its surviving owners. Your principles and values obviously differ.

    So Palestinians are fighting back with external support. You can claim that they have internal Israel and USA support, this is unlikely but this sort of smear tactic has been part of the usual PR for a very long time, so who cares, it is just the fog of war. The Palestinians are in a position that they have never achieved in the past, the USA and Israel are in weak positions that they have never experienced in the past. The environment has changed and so regardless of who started this fight and what it means internally in Israel, the real story here is how this will change the way the world sees Israel now that its protector is fading.

    Maybe our generation will see a world where the Israel crime is brought to an end? We can only hope.


    Dr. D said

    Abner: I accept that. Wouldn’t want to forget that Arab kid’s cartoons for 5 year olds are full of antisemitism and killin’ them some Jews.

    Bottom line, you Jews – Abner and Dr D – will never accept your responsibility in all this, you blame others as if you are innocent, as if you never stole the land in the first place from people who are still alive today. You ask me to look at myself yet you refuse to look at yourselves, you instead blame others.

    You may describe yourselves as not Zionist, but you are Zionist, you defend the behaviour of the Jews in Israel, you support the killing of innocents because of this school book? You have no morality other than to get for yourselves, as a result you are happy to kill and happy to treat Palestinians as subhumans while all the time crying out in pain that people are being nasty to you.


    John Day said

    “Your terms are acceptable”

    Trump tells Republican Jewish Coalition donors he’ll “stand with Israel all the way, 100%, without qualification.”

    The Jews are in a position of power in the USA, why would they accept anything less than 100% subservience from their puppet? What Trump says is designed to give the impression that this is Trump’s choice, that his lying prostate in front of his Jewish masters is through choice, not coercion. I guess this makes it easier for his ego to accept that he is a slave to the USA Jews. RFK jr has already done this, so all is well for the Jewish camp in the current POTUS election farce; and the goyim did nothing, what can they do when the Jews are destroying their country for Israel?


    John Day said

    This “rumor” refuses to go away, and I have it substantiated by a source with regional NATO ties. The US is deep and dirty in the tepid invasion of Gaza and is taking losses on the outskirts of the fortified areas.

    Of course, the USA is sending its soldiers to die for Israel. Hasn’t that always been the case, in Iraq, Libya etc? Now the Israelis want to take on Iran and the USA is once again supplying the bodies. What else would you expect when Israel controls the USA? Do you think that the rest of the world, China and Russia, have not worked out how the USA is controlled by Israel, do you think this comes as a surprise after the USA has sacrificed so many lives in the past for Israel? The world sees Israel and the USA as the same ship, they survive together or they go down together.


    That train left the station Abner Jewmedia don’t work so good no more, does it beanieboy? I’ve read your talmud, your protocols, listened to your nutty rabbis ranting on jewtube about killing us all off and bringing in your messiah I dont give a fuck how much money you have, your neworldorder is gonna get shoved up your ass.




    Here is what Chief of the General Staff of the Iran Army said today:
    Israel’s bombing campaign on the blockaded Gaza Strip “has no military value” compared to the October 7 operation conducted by Palestinian resistance fighters against the occupying entity.

    The Zionists “are the losers of the war even if they continue the bombing for one year,” he stated, adding that it is because “attacks on hospitals and ambulances, as well as the aerial bombardment of homeless people and women and children, are not a sign of victory.”

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