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    Andrei Rublev Trinity 1411   • The Police State Targets Trump and Trump Americans (Paul Craig Roberts) • Divine intervention and The End of The W
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle October 6 2023]

    Michael Reid

    Truth Is Our Greatest Weapon, The Empire Is Disintegrating

    Dr. Ron Paul discusses what’s kept him in the fight for liberty so long.

    He is frightened by the rise of tyranny,
    but at the same time is motivated to do something about it.

    Technology allows us to be modern-day pamphleteers and
    spread the message far and wide, truth is our greatest weapon.

    The American Empire is bankrupt and disintegrating and that’s good!

    Globalism will fail and NATO will break up,
    just like the Soviet Union disappeared overnight.

    Personal liberty and limited government are of paramount importance.

    Ron Paul: Truth Is Our Greatest Weapon, The Empire Is Disintegrating

    Dr. D

    “Last year liberals were calling their political opponents Nazis and comparing Putin to Hitler. This year they’re defending Nazis and saying you can’t hate someone just because he swore allegiance to Hitler.”

    “So let’s recap.
    Jeremy Corbyn supporters: Nazis.
    Palestinian rights activists: Nazis.
    People who criticize Israel: Nazis.
    People who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton: Nazis.
    Ukrainian soldiers with Nazi insignia and Nazi ideology: not Nazis.
    Actual SS Nazis: not Nazis.

    “Super excited for a future Republican president to eventually end the US proxy war in Ukraine and get celebrated as an antiwar hero and then immediately take all those military resources and direct them at China.”

    “Oh no China’s threatening the US-led liberal world order that destroyed Vietnam and Iraq and Libya and Syria and Yemen and Ukraine and keeps ramping up nuclear brinkmanship and working to topple any government who disobeys it and crushing the world to death with an iron fist.” –Cait Johnstone

    “Ban PAC and lobbyist money, ban stock trading, enact term limits, and ban members of Congress from becoming lobbyists.”

    Yes, but they’re missing the point. “Somebody should do something!” Somebody…else. WE are the bribery banners, WE are the term limiters. If the People are corrupt and uncaring, what do you think a new law is going to do? We’re already ignoring all the laws we already have and enforcing new ones that were never passed and don’t exist.

    What POLICE is going to go enforce the laws on these Congressmen with FBI-oversight and budget control if YOU won’t? It’s not THEM, it’s YOU. I know we’ve got ourselves in a corner with corruption so bad they can’t BE voted out. I know the corruption is so bad the police are the most corrupt of all. I know you’ll have to make an example to demonstrate the tide and turned and getting re-involved is worth your time. But that doesn’t make my statement wrong. The country isn’t Theirs, it’s YOURS. YOU are the government.

    “Trump isn’t the cause of the Republican failure, he’s the result of their failure.”

    Yes, I remember Newt’s “Contract with America” that did and won all the same things. Boom! Instant Congressional majority! Then, they….did nothing and doubled down on every status quo payout and extraction, betrayal of the American people and every line of their “contract”. (and continued for the next 40 years without pause as we begin the 2020s) As one junior Congressmen said to him on the floor, “Mr. Speaker, exactly how big a majority do we need before we start doing what the American people sent us here for?” Trick question: there is no such number. The GOP had several supermajorities since then, and like the Democrats, used them to do … exactly nothing. No re-establishment of 2A. No work on Roe. No change to the border. No Medicare for All, no limit to weapons to get the peace dividend, no work on Roe, no money for schools, welfare, the homeless. Only Wall Street and corporate bailouts in numbers dwarfing paying off every home mortgage in America. The Bush cabinet and wars…adopted man-for-man in the Obama cabinet.

    “Why you mad?” “This election will be the biggest F You in the history of America” – Michael Moore

    ““This is America today as misgoverned by Democrats, hard left security agencies, and a Woke military establishment.” –PCR

    Sure, and your buddies in the GOP who keep their heads down and get along. Without their buy-in and plausible opposition none of it would be possible. They are therefore in many ways MORE dangerous than the opposition. The enemy over there is bad but you can deal with it. If the enemy is behind you in the foxhole, you have a set of problems that may be insolvable.

    ““..the collapse of support for Ukraine will be attributable to the true collapse of American political culture..”

    Happy about the speaker and the reason, however, why did the Democrats vote 100% against him? In this situation it’s only possible to get a “worse” speaker from their point of view. They “should” have voted FOR McCarthy, even as they said he was Hitler 9 months ago. …Don’t tell me they can’t, as they just did in Ukraine and Canada. So why did they “Help” so much?

    I think it’s because “the memo” for them is to cut bait, kill everyone in Ukraine, and hang Ze out to dry. 18 months too late according the world’s greatest warmonger, Kissinger, who said “Sue for peace, you fools.” in 2022. Ah, but WHY? ...So they can blame the collapse of Ukraine, and the subsequent collapse of Finance, on the GOP/Freedom Caucus.

    …To which they will say “fine”, they may have misjudged both them and the American people here. However, I think that’s the play.

    “Without a speaker, the impeachment process is halted.”

    This may be the reason, but I’m not mad about it. There is plenty of evidence to feed to the news every day since ‘Impeachment” would go nowhere anyway for so many reasons, and the only case you can win in court is with the Court of Public Opinion.

    “The so-called comedian [Dore]” Why did you add this statement? Are you the arbiter of all comedy, the International Fashion Police? Like Zoolander? HE MAKES HIS LIVING in Comedy Clubs and tours, therefore any objective reality demonstrates he is by definition a professional comedian. Thanks NPR. All male NPR writers fired for their gender and now working for “RT”. …Who is “Right-Wing” with the flood of NPR writers, see Johnstone, above. (You’re fired.)

    “Absent this oxygen, the Ukrainian war effort will shut down rather swiftly. Europe will be aghast but is unable to fill in for the missing American contribution.”

    We sucked Europe in, then shut them off for once. They did this to us how many times? At least “I” and “II” times. Now they want us not just to fight but fight completely, paying not just some but all. The Pentagon finally identified the real enemy and judo-flipped them.

    Why not avoid involvement even at first? That wouldn’t have worked, they would have adopted no risk and not gone to war that harmed them, killed their own economies, their own human rights cover. They needed to be fully committed, fully believe the U.S. would do it all. The only way to do that is what we’ve done.

    Okay, given this setup: loss in F-Stan, loss in Syria, loss in Sudan, loss in Ukraine, American people exhausted, annoyed and deeply anti-war, what are the odds you get your Pacific war with China which is 10x as hard and 10x more likely to lose?

    Um, I was giving it 10% before, I’d give it 5% now. We were to lose under Hillary Clinton, when that made sense. She would start WWIII in Syria as she promised on TV, then China would take the advantage when they had a lot of momentum. All that has now changed. We can just economically transform instead and no one dies. A peace could break out.

    “the West are so driven by their hatred of Russia that they completely disregard the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who are dying in a futile effort to defeat Moscow’s forces,”

    Alex was quoting the “Telegraph” (I think) and their MI6-paid BBC reporter (they all are) quoted front-line artillery generals saying “They are advancing us with a gun in the back of our heads” and “our allies want us to attack under conditions they never would themselves” [ie lacking tanks, APCs, jets, planes, drones, and missiles.] This is quite true. 100% of all NATO doctrine says, “Do this.” …Unless you are Ukrainian, in which case, DON’T have air cover, DON’T have any shells, supplies or men. You’ll be fine! I’ll be right over here in London, watching you on TV while this Ukrainian hooker is under the table…

    Anyway, Sachs as “Racist hatred” “Disregarding” in an entirely “Futile and pointless effort”? Yes. They are racists. This is how racists act. They say things like “We are the Garden, and you are the Jungle People.” “China is incapable of making computer chips without the genius blue-haris from Smith College” and “We applaud all Nazis and SS members on national TV because reasons.”

    One thing we don’t cover, they don’t cover, although we do, is “The scale. The scale of this war.” 1,000 mile front. 100,000 shells a DAY. Ukraine loses 1,000 men a day. That seems comprehensible and sensible in a war, low even. Nope. That’s 30,000 men a MONTH. That’s scale of how many the U.S. lost in Vietnam in 10 YEARS. So let’s say it’s x10(years) x12(months) or 120x worse, and they are 1/10th our size so 1,200x worse.


    The Battle of the Bulge, one of the most savage, direct fights had 80,000 casualties in 1 ½ months. Since that is usually 50-50 dead and wounded that’s 40-50,000 in 6 weeks. The Ukrainians have 30,000 dead in four weeks. Bang-on, exactly as bad as the worst battle of the war. THIS WAR IS BIGGER THAN WWII. They are just LYING, and Hiding that from you.

    …And the Russians haven’t actually started fighting and fielding anything yet. They are testing their 5th Gen fighters in the air now, but that’s only to get air experience.

    “The Scale, the Scale. This is like nothing we’ve ever seen. It’s impossible to imagine.” — The generals.

    ““Francis Fukuyama’s triumphalist post-Cold War vision of liberal democracy — published in 1989 — had a major blindspot. It omitted history.”

    We can pick on Fukuyama for writing about history and having big ideas. But that’s his job. And it’s not his fault the NeoCons picked up his idea and made them their Dr. Evil slogan and goal. But here’s one that is his fault: his premise is that the reason “History has ended” is that Communism fell and was shown to be bankrupt, and the Liberal Democracies were shown to be superior and only needed to proceed into equal sub-flavors. …You may think I say this all the time.

    Yeah, dum-dum, THE WEST IS NEITHER LIBERAL, NOR A “DEMOCRACY.” THEY are the Socialists. THAT is the part he deserves criticism for. Be careful not to become the monster you fight, but why bother? It’s impossible. You will become what you focus on, like Canada and Nazis. Like the Far-left and Racism.

    Anyway, yes, for a historian to say “History ends here” is breathtaking, but also to have not a shadow of idea about his OWN nation and its own flaws is somehow greater. History, and indeed Reason itself is suspended because “My Country dun no wrong.”

    “As the Congress works through its various mechanisms and procedures, we cannot under any circumstances allow America’s support for Ukraine to be interrupted,”

    Why can’t we? Will Russia take Detroit? Let them.

    … it is “overwhelmingly in the interests of the United States of America that Ukraine succeed.”

    Really, why? Will Russia take Detroit? Let them. Kidding, but they need to make a case, any case, and not ‘Muh, reasons.” They haven’t, because they haven’t any. The reason is “All the normal little people have to die so a few billionaire oligarchs can take over the world.”

    “Washington has supplied more than $45 billion in direct military aid to Ukraine since the conflict with Russia escalated in February 2022,”

    If by “more” you mean four TIMES more, then yes. And those people down the hall had an “Argument” when one of them was shot 14 times. …You know, an “Argument +” Teensy bit above a discussion. Honest! This is fully accurate reporting!

    Was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi a “Scholar” and a “Beloved father” (to three wives)? Why yes! Totally accurate! …And yet so much, much more.

    Was Charles Manson a “Beatles Fan”? Yes! Totally true. And yet so much more! And in like fashion, “The U.S. has given more than One $1 to Ukraine.”

    “• Biden Weighing Use of State Department Grants to Afford Ukraine Aid (DeMartino)

    Gee maybe we should have to “Declare wars” in “Congress” or something. Maybe we should have “No standing armies” as was understood (but unfortunately not written) in the Constitution. Why bother if the Executive can just re-allocate all of Congress’s funding whenever he feels like, pay $1T in student debt cause it’s Thursday?

    Then the Supreme Court picks the President and refuses to hear the case. That’s why YOU are the Government. YOU are the Army and branch of government that holds them to account.

    ““Ukraine needs the support of the European Union, which will certainly be increased, but also the support of the United States,”

    As they say, their plan – really LONDON’S plan – is to have the United States fight for and pay for the whole thing without them. …To win a continent of resources that are of no benefit to us. Being 7,000 miles away and can only be sold to Europe.

    “• Ukraine ‘Corrupt at All Levels’, ‘Not Eligible’ to Join EU – Juncker (Sp.)

    Yes, the EU is too corrupt for them. Ukraine needs to be at least twice as corrupt to join the EU. And at least twice as racist.

    Anyway, Liminalism again. They are both In and Out of the EU. In and Out of NATO. In and Out of the war. Both just about to join immediately, but also probably not after 25 years. All things are true. Why? Because I just say whatever lie works for that sentence. If you go back and add them up, they point nowhere, being everything and nothing. The fault is imagining, pretending, there is logic and order like a normal human. They are furiously, rabidly #AntiLogos, against the very IDEA of there being order, sense, and foundational reality in the world.

    Since we “have” a mind, we have order. It’s “inalienable” granted to us by our “Creator” at birth. So we have a lot of trouble, perhaps infinite trouble, attempting to understand their point of view that lacks this, like an alien insect race.

    “• Putin’s Valdai Speech: Multipolar Future Has Arrived (Sp.)

    The are running the “Russian Revolution” plan on us right now. So we will be toppled when “the war goes badly”. They will then shoot our patriot leaders in a basement. Question is, do we know this and do we plan to stop and/or shoot them back first? As you know, I think they know it and are subverting, sidelining the Social Engineers’ plans. Or at least the Social Engineers are going bat s—t over it all the time, so I think so. Why be upset if it wasn’t working?

    So will we wait and take out Congress instead? But my point is, this all happens when “The WAR IS LOST.” Not until then. Until then you won’t have the premise, the “thing” to point to. And therefore the support of the people – either one side, or the other.

    That’s why to let, perhaps order and command Biden to make a mess this big. Then what, they say, “Give the nation of Biden and Antifa, WE will solve all your troubles? WE will restore order? WE will reduce inflation?” No. Because they were there, obviously the people will choose the “Other” thing, whatever that thing is, and even if they’re just as stupid. (I suspect they aren’t, but only barely) So by delaying, the setup is all wrong for the Social Engineers now. They’ve been screwed.

    But we are on the “Russian Revolution Plan” and that means the balloon, the pivot point is when “the war is lost.”

    “Not long ago, the Biden admin sold $300 million worth of wall building material for $2 million. Now they have to buy more.”

    Yes, but they can buy it back from the same people they just gave $298M dollars to. Who says we aren’t a Welfare State? We’re a CORPORATE Welfare state. By the way, “Walls are Racist” that’s why Joe realized he had to build one! “All Humans are Legal” that’s why we paid $150B to enforce the Border in Ukraine by shooting anyone who crosses with mines.


    ““..more than 75,000 workers at Kaiser Permanente walked off the job this morning..”
    • The Largest Healthcare Strike in U.S. History (Pappas)

    That’s odd. Since the media never reported on this, there must have been nothing happening, and they’re striking for no reason at all. But Unions are funny like that. Joe will Union-bust like the railroads, and like the Senator Newsom just put in. “The open border is a Koch Brothers conspiracy to harm workers and break unions” – Bernie Sanders.

    “• Europe Could Become Energy Self-Sufficient In $2 Trillion Push – Study (RT)
    Europe could wean itself off fossil fuels and create a self-sustainable energy sector by spending around 2 trillion euros

    No they cannot, because PHYSICS IS NOT OPTIONAL. “Money” does not “Suspend the laws of physics, Captain”.

    The Markster

    Cloudfare is blocking the PCR article. Cloudfare blocks lots of things lately.

    Agreed with Doctorow on the divine intervention. The Uniparty would never impeach Biden anyway.

    Will watch Bobby Jr.’s speech on 10/9 and may be able to support him as an independent, but they are turning Trump into such a patriotic martyr, and the treasonous stench of any Democrat sympathies is growing so odious and foul that voting Trump next year might be the right thing to do.

    The BofA visa I have used since 1998 was just frozen this week, without explanation, an unspecified “account review” that happened literally the same day as a Twitter suspension for mocking leftist “tolerance and inclusivity” in light of tranny violence, rape and bullying in our kid’s schools. BofA insists I travel to a town an hour away for an in-person audit for which they refuse to make an appointment. No biggie, I will use my credit union and leave BofA behind. Good riddance.

    Interesting times, will be surprised if this comment gets through as cloudfare has blocked the last two tries. ☮️


    Yes, who would have thought that Donald Trump prevailing in 2024 (in his case and the election) might be needed to have a chance of saving this country? We are truly in clown world.


    1984 – George Orwell
    Means nothing to those who did not read it.
    Means nothing to those who did not study history.
    (Freedom is for those with “surplus income” and “education”)

    Duration of Ukraine war depends on aid from USA and/or NATO aid.
    (with approval of bankers making the loans)
    Taxe incomes are irrelevant in how much gov. spends.
    (with approval of bankers making the loans)
    • Ukraine ‘Corrupt at All Levels’, ‘Not Eligible’ to Join EU – Juncker (Sp.)
    (with approval of bankers making the loans)
    It has arrived …. 1984 or Putin’s
    • Putin’s Valdai Speech: Multipolar Future Has Arrived (Sp.)
    ( The world has already changed.)


    Figmund Sreud

    Perhaps of interest, …



    Bloomberg boxed headline:
    “Taylor Swift effect boosts stocks on both sides of the Atlantic”

    Someday I’ll have to listen to some of her work. Maybe she can be Speaker of the House- lifting the markets like that, and all.


    @Michael Reid – I had drinks with Hrvoje Moria last week here in Mexico.
    What an honour.


    Wow – commenting/editing has gone to shit on this site since I took a break.
    What happened?


    “Hrvoje Moric”


    What happened?
    ( The world has already changed.)


    re. prev. thread. —

    J. Dore, mentioned several times (Dr D. ..) was invited to speak at the last UN Security Council, Sept. 2003. (via virtual link.)

    Here he is, his speech is about Nordstream 2, he references Seymour Hersch, speaks about energy. 12 mins.

    Danny Haiphong (you-tuber) spoke at the UN security council on NATO’s UKraine aid, Aug. 2023. 12 mins.

    He was physically present, had a well prepared speech. His words: “I spoke at the latest convening of the UN Security Council on the dangers that Western arms to Ukraine poses to international peace and stability.”

    What the opening of UN SC to outsiders like this means Idk for now.


    error – Sept. 2003 => 2023


    “The great reset” require “depopulation”.

    D Benton Smith


    Wow – commenting/editing has gone to shit on this site since I took a break.
    What happened?

    Could you be a bit more specific? From the comment itself I don’t know whether I should feel offended, proud, or remorseful.


    When…. How …. Why ….
    Mass migration of neo-Nazis, their kin, and the desperate into western Europe.

    Michael Reid

    @ Germ – Re: Hrvoje Moric

    I like him

    I am happy you got to meet him.

    I have been to Mexico many times
    both work and pleasure but probably never again.

    If you meet him again please say hi from me.

    I wish you well

    Michael Reid

    Re: Commenting on this site

    I use the Brave browser

    After you have written the comment text
    the next step is to click on Submit

    If you get a weird screen
    ignore it then
    click on the third icon at the top left of the browser (the Reload this page icon)

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    Michael Reid

    Delete space before .com to activate the link
    Putin at Valdai, civilizational world order is here to stay
    https://rumble. com/v3nebzy-putin-at-valdai-civilizational-world-order-is-here-to-stay.html


    “The Trinity”, today’s artistic selection by Russian painter Andrei Rublev, is beautiful. I LOVE a good TRINITY – don’t you? Am always attracted to them (or do they find me?) while being called to uncover connections that reveal their meaning.

    Clicking on the art: “The Trinity depicts the three angels who visited Abraham at the Oak of Mamre (Genesis 18:1–8), but the painting is full of symbolism and is interpreted as an icon of the Holy Trinity. At the time of Rublev, the Holy Trinity was the embodiment of spiritual unity, peace, harmony, mutual love and humility.”

    Painted on a board/wood, The Trinity has a soul of its own. I appreciate the reminder that this painting brings – a connection to something greater, a divine mystery. As we know, inspiring and or cultivating spiritual unity/connection and mystery is not the point of life in the matrix of chaotic insanity.

    Speaking of insanity, are you ready to check this out…

    I don’t see much discussion of Ana Maria Mihalcea’s work on TAE. She’s gone way beyond clots – looking at the blood of vax and no-vax folks (animals too) and finding alarming results. A recent article (one of many) is linked below. The title/headline is also the conclusion: “All of Life is Infected with Nanotechnology and Synthetic Biology”.

    If true, it’s bad, very bad. The sheer magnitude of the situation – across every front, micro/macro, nothing spared – is hard to grasp. The more you know (the bigger the picture) the simpler it gets (perspective matters) – as keenly reflected in today’s Calvin strip.

    Once you begin to grasp it, you come to one conclusion: this is a Life/Death battle (across every front, not just bots in blood). We are in a kind of “end times” (also recall John Day’s charts from yesterday highlighting multiple endings of key cycles) – and close to THE moment of TRUTH.

    Since the scale is grand – it’s not too far out to accept that accumulated evil must be recognized and dealt with now or we will be eliminated on its/their terms.

    How we got here/who did it, and all of that – falls away because it doesn’t matter in relationship to what’s coming and how we respond. We can transform/transcend the evil planted here. Now that we “see” it, in/with focus – and begin to UNDERSTAND emerging/potential implications.

    You are standing on a battlefield. Find TRUTH and stand up for it. In all realms you inhabit.

    Forever in creative Partner-ship with The ONE who left us here – ALL are called to redesign your/our DESTINY.

    As we “rewire” ourselves, we rewrite their plans for our destruction, one TRUTH at a time.

    LOVE to ALL.


    There is no voting your way out of this. Trump plays his role in the kosherfreakshow, just like biden. Freemason goy traitors, selling their soul to the Devil. They just tried to murder 1/2 the world by injection. At some point , soon, this whole mess is going to blow like a volcanoe/

    Michael Reid

    Thank you Susmarie108

    I had wondered if you were still present


    NYC Woman Calls National Guardsmen Treasonous Motherfuckers To Their Face For Guarding Migrants in Roosevelt Hotel


    She nailed it, they looked dumbfounded


    I have a plan that will lock home loans in at 3% interest for first-time homebuyers, lowering your mortgage payments by $1,000 a month — and it won’t cost the government a cent. Check it out.

    WEF whore Ardern did the same thing in New Zealand and the result was a huge rise in house prices as more people entered the market. Why do people eat up such nonsense, more gifts from government, again promised as if it will not cost a cent. Nothing changes, the same old bullshit, the same old suckers believing it.


    The report, led by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, said the continent would require annual investments of 140 billion euros by 2030 and 100 billion a year in the decade thereafter to get there.

    Surprise surprise. An institute that is totally dependent on the climate crisis scam is telling us that we have to spend lots of money to fix the fake climate crisis, and I am sure that lots of that money will be going to the institute. You know it is a scam because they are proposing spending all this money on a technology that is proven to be incapable of being a replacement for our current electricity supply system. Obviously they already know this inadequate solution will fail, then they will recommend more billions to fix the failed system, keeping their friendly companies producing sod all for decades to come, all paid for by the government teat. Does the world needs an influx of business men who can run an honest businesses and displace these suckling pigs? But why run an honest business when you can pay a politician to give you a grant for doing nothing? The solution is to get rid of the people who keep on handing out government money.


    So the answer is supposedly 8, but darned if I can figure out why. Brainly is a nasty site of capturing ads. Turning off JavaS at the right time might help.
    So that’s the answer- y’all have to still figure out how or why.

    Israel. Surprise attack? Really?

    People awaken and sadly discover
    That somebody somewhere decided “It’s war!”
    Maybe they should have paid way more attention-
    Then they might not have to wonder “what for?”

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