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    Palestinians Use Drones To Attack And Cripple Israeli Tanks

    Well, that was fast

    I’ve been saying for a while Drones are the future of warfare.

    The Russian learning curve with drones in Ukronaziland is impressive.

    Copy cats are picking up on it.

    Small drones are becoming a game changer in modern warfare, making million dollar hard targets such as large tanks easy to strike using a few hundred dollars in equipment.


    What’s that smell?

    Oh, a 4 million dollar Merkava Mk4 on fire from a $400 drone


    Hey, Canazida is offering their veterans Medically Assisted Suicide!

    One way to save tax dollars!


    Russian Soldiers Send Bottle of Vodka To Ukrainian Trenches For Putin’s Birthday on a Drone!

    What a droll troll


    ECOtards hypocrites jetting in for a ‘protest payed for by their Owners






    So the answer is supposedly 8, but darned if I can figure out why. Brainly is a nasty site of capturing ads. Turning off JavaS at the right time might help.
    So that’s the answer- y’all have to still figure out how or why.

    Israel. Surprise attack? Really?

    People awaken and sadly discover
    That somebody somewhere decided “It’s war!”
    Maybe they should have paid way more attention-
    Then they might not have to wonder “what for?”

    Veracious Poet

    Welp, looks like TAE is totally pwned by da haterz clique, for now… 🙄

    Or is it just one or two nazty boyz + sock puppets?

    Guess we’ll never know, since IP checks are verboten 😐

    This is why We The People can’t have anything *nice* ~ Humanity is *woefully* incapable of evolving out of patently senseless corruption, evil & other pathological patterns of injurious malevolence, arising from an inability/unwillingness to *balance* EG0ic bull$hit! with Spiritual Sanity

    Oh well, don’t worry, be happy! 😉

    I’ll be sure to avoid the door hittin’ on my arse on the way outz.


    Netanyahu announces that the IDF will shortly start indiscriminate killing of anyone in Gaza …

    Murder supported by the USA, of course. And the Jews all said “it’s not my fault” as they murder the women and children of the goyim class to teach them a lesson regarding who’s boss. And did the good young Jews of the IDF refuse to participate in this crime? Did they fuck. But it’s not their fault.

    John Day

    Science Girl sought the answer to the number pyramid puzzle 2 days ago, but did not find it.
    I guessed “8” because of the funny jumps between levels of the stack, and only “8” was missing, but that is not an anaysis, just a guess.


    Men are better looking women than the women are …

    Makes you proud to be a man.


    Hamas is now saying Ukraine sold them weapons.


    MSM- pre Russia intervention.

    Ukraine has a Nazi problem


    Blowback bitches. One can wonder if this is the beginning of the real blowback derailment that the US and Israel richly deserves. Actions have consequences, as does inaction.

    Rachel Corrie was a 23-year-old American peace activist from Olympia, Washington, who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer on 16 March 2003, while undertaking nonviolent direct action to protect the home of a Palestinian family from demolition.

    Zionist Jews- ‘special blood, special intelligence, a race, a religion, and always playing the victim card’.
    Liars, thieves, hypocrites and murderers. They even built their own Gaza Ghetto concentration camp so they can torture at will.

    Netanyahu said-

    “We are at war, not an operation. Hamas has launched a murderous surprise attack against the State of Israel and its citizens.” He added, “I ordered first of all to cleanse the settlements of the terrorists who had infiltrated and ordered a large-scale mobilization of reserves. The enemy will pay a price he has never known.”

    Cleanse the settlement huh Jew Boy? Funny how you sound like a Nazi with your ethnic cleansing rhetoric. Strange that the majority of Bidens Cabinet are Jews. Majority of Pharna Corporations CEOs are- JEWS. Majority of banker, media, political, jewelry CEOs are Jews. Why is that?

    Everywhere you look- murdering, lying, stealing Jews- in power. Strange…and the US Govt- always sucking Jews dicks. Why? Even Trump sucks Jews dicks.


    Don’t agree with everything in this article, but I agree with the basic premise which is that MOSSAD knew about this attack and have let it happen, probably even encouraged it, maybe even committed some of the inevitable attrocities, for political reasons; to gain more sympathy in the USA where the people are waking up to the Jewish problem.

    We shall see how this plays out, but I suspect people are not going to fall for this bullshit again, they will see that the USA is weak, they will know that the USA would rather die than let Israel die, so we will see what the USA does to save its true puppy, not its “world domination” puppy in Ukraine. Keep in mind that this may actually be a blessing to both sides, it may force some sort of resolution, because otherwise the Jewish state is in danger of being wiped out when the USA falls.


    About Israel, the Palestinians on their own cannot prevail.

    The question is, who will join, support, them? Or, what other plots exist, what are the for-now unknown plans that might have been set up? Hezbollah, Hamas, Jihadists? Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Egypt? A mix, what?

    For now what I’m *guessing* -> it doesn’t look good for the Palestinians (I’m on their side…) No ‘big power’ or ‘force’ will go out on a limb. Not now. (Imho.)

    One effect will be to focus attention on the ME (USukisr vs. ‘Ayrab terrorists’) and the endless Isr-Arab fights drawing attention, funding, support away from Ukraine, which will serve to cover up the fact that US-NATO-UKRo fascists have lost to Russia and that the loss is irrevocable and Russia will dictate the terms of the settlement, after more attrition war, which will last as long as they plan.

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