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    Laurits Andersen Ring At Breakfast 1898   • US Getting ‘Money’s Worth’ In Ukraine – Sen. Blumenthal (RT) • US Congress To Consider Pro- and Anti-
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    Dr. D

    “Tucker Warns of Trump Assassination, Hot War With Russia

    That would be excellent. Trump’s 77, he can go to Ken Lay island, point right at the guys who did it, who will start WWIII, and give perfect cause for USSC and USMC to sweep the bums out, and put in RFK, making an assassination put a Kennedy back INTO the White House, and closing the loop.

    They created this WWE show reality, how else can it end big enough to get back on the right track?

    “New book from Biden White House insider reveals just how bad Biden’s mental decline is and who REALLY runs him”

    They know. They don’t care. It destroys the country. They don’t care. It ends all jobs for the working poor and black people, they especially don’t care. That’s Virtue! And I’m signaling!

    Put another way, that’s why I’m so amazed and bring it up every day. Like, the Left, the party of the Unions, the poor, the working man? WTF happened to you?

    “Dem elite are destroying our democracy/country.”

    I mean, yes, but the whole PMC base are well aware and also support it with their children’s lifeblood. We expect the elites to do these things. Not college professors and spreadsheet jockeys in Georgia. Not doctors and nurses in Kansas. Without this 30% blind fanaticism, I don’t think they could retain the critical legitimacy. Or keep order, as they are the apparatchiks, the employees, including 95% of the Federales, who get things done. And by “get things done” I mean distribute orders to other people who actually do work, as they do not, but also can not, being too ignorant of all functions.

    “We’ve helped restore faith and confidence in American leadership — moral and military..”

    Uh…whut? And that wasn’t all. Russia is now half as powerful. Wow. Not a single dollar was misappropriated. Wow. And most fabulous of all, not a single American was ever there, or was ever killed. Wow. Fabulous as in “Fable.” That’s why Biden is giving combat pay, to all the soldiers that aren’t there.

    And here I thought they caught him accidentally not keeping his whirling fury of lies straight, somewhere in the back office of Congress. NOPE. Thought it all out, double-checked it, printed it, IN A PAPER, and said, “That is a masterpiece.” Everyone in Connecticut read it and said, “Ah, Truth and Reason at last. THIS is what we elected him for.”

    “As with one voice, they denounced Heritage and invoked Ronald Reagan,”

    Reagan that Ended the Cold War, by realizing he could END it if they didn’t try to WIN it. Through his (financial) plans, both the U.S. and USSR were freed from it. However, the U.S. immediately re-shacked themselves under Bush and Clinton.

    In other words, the guy that ended the endless war would have wanted the endless war.

    “its most recent figures show a 19% increase in hospitalizations and a 17% increase in deaths between the second and third week in August.”

    From the virus? Or generally? We have a 6-sigma death rate for two years and no one’s cared about that yet.

    “illegally increased their profits by hundreds of millions of dollars by exaggerating the value of their properties.”

    Stop making Ayn Rand right. So since everything is illegal, the only thing left is selective enforcement. EVERY landowner does this. Across the country, and worldwide. Every. Single. One. Great! here’s your next problem: What ARE his properties worth?

    See, this is middle class bourgeois thinking. The “Price” is just the price Wal-Mart has on the shelf, duh. It’s the price on Amazon. If you’re really, really edgy, it’s the average price on eBay.

    No. No, no, and no. EVERY property is completely unique. Its value to me is zero. Not only do I not have the money to bid on it, but I don’t WANT to own a hotel. The value to the guy next door who needs that one to finish his black and put up a NYC skyscraper that makes money is near infinite. Because his $6B he already spent is worthless without this 100ft square. The rest of the nation is in-between. So the PRICE depends on the BUYER. If you use your head, you know this in your own house: the Realtor brings over a parade of people, most who turn up their nose unless you drop the price by thousands. Then they find 1-2 people who are willing to pay OVER the ask. Okay smart-ass, what’s the “Price” then? 20% UNDER average comp value, or 20% OVER average comp value? I’d say since it sold at OVER, the “real” price is 20% OVER.

    However, in Trump’s case, no one can tell because no money changed hands. No actual sale. And the sale can occur OVER, if you’re personally good at putting deals together and know a lot of buyers. Which he does. So literally his sales of the same properties will always be OVER what I could do. Always.

    Moving on, so James says, the NYC banks are such precious darlings they’re incapable of doing accurate research into Trump’s NYC property values? So she’s out there – Shucks! — trying to protect that poor, helpless JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs from signing THEIR name to a contract? With 5,000 researches at command and 5,000 Manhattan lawyers reviewing it. Well thank God somebody is protecting the poor and innocent like Sachs and Morgan! What would they ever do without her and the D.A.?

    Back to values, this is WHY it seems reasonable, to her, a worthless crumb, and to America, who are all dirt-poor W4 non-owners who buy everything retail and never ask the back office or the boss “Hey, this car’s been here all year and sales have dried up: would you discount that 50% for me?” The boss says yes. Why? That’s not what it’s “worth”, it’s 50% off every comp in the area. Because he has SPECIFIC needs, he needs to show flow on the books, he needs to show sales or get fired, he needs to dump inventory – I don’t care WHY he does it, that’s not my problem, he’s an adult and he can say “No”.

    So what’s the “Price”, the “real” price? ‘Cause, sounds like the real price is 50% variant from comp. Every day somewhere in NYC. And so with his land values.

    Stop being a sucker and W4 slave-mind. ASK for the discount from someone who’s in charge. Buy it from the auctioneer wholesale. Find the foreclosure. ‘Cause sure making W4 and paying retail will break you. James is W4 slave-mind and the media are too and all think the same.

    “Trump was right that the Bidens were knee deep”

    Aaaaaand no one cares. They know. Don’t care. Love it. Want more. There’s not even any argument or logic left to them. Just “It’s my Party, so you’re wrong.” I kid you not because I talk to them.

    It Shows what I realized again this week, the Left is the pinnacle of the Toxic Feminine. #Caring. #Helping. Everyone to an early grave. So that’s bad because there’s lots of powerful, beneficial Feminine archetypes. Why are they so dedicated to the toxic, deadly, child killing and abusive one? (right now?)

    “Geist led Rothkopf through the eye-rolling proposition that there was “something fishy, or dark, or something going on behind the scenes” with the “deep state.”

    This is what I mean. So daddy’s sneaking into his stepdaughter’s room at night, but I don’t see anything. For like 20 years now, since Obama. The pain of facing that and what it means is too great. What it means — I — am. What it means HE is. What it means our love or Marriage and eternal emotional merger means. INSTEAD of being a positive feminine and using her strength in defending her children. Active, not Passive. Awareness, not Denial. You can do it. This is I’m sure what everyone says to battered wives with raped daughters and us outside people don’t understand.

    “astonishingly strong link between severe depression, cognitive decline”

    And remember: they spray it on the day before they harvest it into the combine, for maximum yum. Why’s America have the highest depression, why the highest chronic disease ever?

    “family flaunted its lavish lifestyle while more than a third of the country’s population languished in destitution.”

    Just Like here, but note that the U.S. wildly, deeply, and even violently supports that sort of thing. Making Africa destitute through corruption and murder is our core value. When you see it that way, the word “coup” has different meaning. “Obama’s guy”, “the U.S. losing Africa”, a different meaning.

    That brings the One thing I’m thinking about that seems inevitable but I don’t know why: governments are going to get run increasingly out of the Military now. Africa is our template here, but you know I suspect the U.S. is already but not admitting it. WHY this is true isn’t clear. The game has discovered each and every exploit to democracy and it’s impossible to pry out the cheats and criminals resident in most governments right now, in their endless, rolling merger with corporations. Yet it’s not JUST a junta. Like seeing the unprecedented and irreversible advantage in military offense, with no matching defense possible, I feel like it’s more related to the hyper-centralization these “Democracies”, that is, all modern governments, rely on. Centralization from GOVERNMENTS handing favors to CORPORATIONS, who then vote themselves in in increasing percentages %% until 50% of the nation is stolen grift on a 12% who are still productive.

    That’s why they, the Mafia, their NY Times mouthpiece, the oh-so-caring Atlantic, all coo over North Korea and China, with their dictatorial decision process. They envy the Politboro and dream and work tirelessly for a day when we too can be run by the Party.

    But what the “Military” in Africa is really doing is shrinking. That is, the “Military Government” is too busy, can’t run the usual stuff and therefore only does “government”. What a concept! A government that shrinks to “government” and doesn’t also try to run all society, the economy, education, energy, religion, speech, the motion of every paper clip, but lets the people do it because they’re FOR the people, they’re of the same goals and outlook? We haven’t seen that in 100 years.

    This is brand new and very confusing. For instance, how would you define any of the words above? And since the worldwide grifters will pile on, you won’t be able to distinguish from their necessary self-defense costs and war budgets. But I think and suspect this is happening and it will be so long-term that it’s “permanent” to all human lifetimes. It’s a function of essential decentralization. We used to say “of the internet” but it’s more than that. It’s like a re-decentralization of MIND. At the same time, it will ALSO be centralization, as only a few people run AI, run the tanks, and run the gas stations, so it remains “Centralized” in a way as well. We will need to develop a language to describe it.

    “The Real Threat From China: They’re Better at Capitalism Than We Are (Lawrence)

    Yes, the whole world is on the State-Corporation merger loosely called “NeoLiberalism”. And yes, China, supposed Socialists, are LESS Socialist and MORE Capitalist than we are. But we’re all merged in the middle somewhere of them against the good of the people, worldwide. That’s why our present Mafia coos over China and has no dissonance in bringing in their ways, or even landing their army here. I guess the irony would be, if China landed in CA, WA, OR like Podesta wanted, those states would become LESS Socialist and lost to the glorious revolution.

    On the article, China is very complex and I’m realizing how much of a challenge the size is, even if you only talk to oligarchs, there must be a million just of them. So they themselves have no cohesive policy — not really — which is why historically only the Han run things. Now imagine trying to interact with them, who themselves don’t know. Now imagine that we’re trying to interact with them that don’t themselves know, but we’re also pathologically insane and delusional. …Aaaaaaaaand that’s all of history in a nutshell for ya. Close textbook now.

    Yajnavalkya” I have to be sus about Atlantean stuff. Not that it isn’t, but it was such a very long time ago. Forget about we don’t know what the Druids were like and that’s only 300AD, we don’t even know what the TUDORS were like. Not really. But I like to read things, the problem being I need to confirm against something, somewhere. The Ora Linda you sort of can, classic history from Rome. What can you compare Atlantis to? Everything we have is bull with the real story hidden somewhere in the pile.

    “That wasn’t the left for which I signed up back in 1986,”

    Absolutely. That’s why I’m so emotionally disappointed I bring it up all the time. Like Denis Leary in Demolition Man. They’re supposed to be the ones FOR free speech and AGAINST authority and religious fundamentalism. WTF happened?

    I mean, we’re talking about acts like “Rage Against the Machine” here, Raging with all their might and mien FOR the Machine.

    “including Dr D, use terms like left or right we are riffing in nostalgia mode.”

    Absolutely, positively, 100%. I hope we can all keep aligned with what is meant because in a world of universal lies, I can’t even use words anymore as their definitions shift (literally, Merriam-Webster) minute to minute according to political tweets. Even fairly well defined words like “woman” and “Child” are now up for grabs…and in the Trumpian sense. “Left and Right”, yes, I usually use in the illusionary, nostalgic sense, from the 80s and 90s. When even then they were the #Opposite of what each claimed. GOP tries to have a big government that spies in your bedroom, Clinton slashes welfare. They were always the Opposite, and Read My Lips, every President did the Opposite of their platform.


    Laurits Andersen Ring At Breakfast 1898

    An amazing painting. It just oozes a message of quality lifestyle, a great place to live, the plants, the garden, the fresh air and none of it based on money. I could have that on my wall and would forever be reminded of the important things in life. On a technical note, how does he make the newspaper look so real. It is probably be the only newspaper I have seen this decade.


    The US is using Ukraine as the “tip of the spear” against Russia, getting a major return on its “investment” in Kiev without any American lives lost, according to Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat.

    The Democrats can start a war against Russia, but they would need to draft all the Trump supporters to go fight for their fag asses. Not going to happen and the Democrats know it, they know their own children are simply too weak to make it happen. So to these Democrats, paying such a low price for Ukrainians to do the dying as their pretend army is an amazing deal, they didn’t know there were so many other non-American stupid people out there, they feel they have won the jackpot. Trouble is that it still doesn’t fix their problem, they are now going to have to fight Russia without the Ukrainians, with most of the Trump supporters on Russia’s side, so they will have to find another bunch of idiots to die for them. I wonder who will be next? Taiwan, Niger?

    John Day

    Standing Against Algorithms

    Spartacus said: “The next evolution of State power is the Automatic State, the Algorithmic State, a mathematical form of government that needs no human intervention at all. All of this mass surveillance business is aimed primarily at cybernetic control of human behavior, and again, by cybernetics, I don’t necessarily mean bionic implants, although those do factor in. Rather, I refer again to classical cybernetics and control theory. You see, from the perspective of the behaviorists and materialists, human beings are not conscious agents with free will, but rather, are simply living algorithms. That is to say, humans are machines. Our impulses are driven by conditioned behaviors and a neuroendocrine system, and our brain generates an illusion of free will, and we don’t actually do anything original of our own volition; we just imitate things around us. This is what decades of behavioral psychology research have tried to model human beings as; a robot, and not a person. The dream of the Deep State, or the Administrative State, is to make governance largely automatic, and for that, they need to simplify people and make them into predictable, obedient, and unimaginative drones.”

    US headed for ‘hot war’ with Russia – Tucker Carlson

    ​ “They ​[Washington power elites] will do anything to win,” Carlson said in an hour-long interview with radio host Adam Carrolla. He argued that another coronavirus lockdown is unlikely, as too many people would refuse to comply, so “they’re going to go to war with Russia, that’s what they’re going to do.”
    ​ “There will be a hot war between the US and Russia in the next year,” Carlson said. “I don’t think we’ll win it.”
    ​ “We’re already at war with Russia, of course, we’re funding their enemies,” he added. The US has allocated over $130 billion for Kiev over the past 18 months for weapons, military equipment, ammunition, and the salaries of government officials.​ [​Plus $115 billion IMF loan without oversight.]

    Biden Looks to Prevent Future President From Ending Ukraine War
    The US and its allies are negotiating deals with Ukraine for long-term military support that could be hard for a future president to exit

    Biden Looks to Prevent Future President From Ending Ukraine War

    Joe Biden Used Pseudonyms In At Least 5,400 Emails

    The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) revealed it’s in possession of some 5,400 records that contain email pseudonyms that President Joe Biden used during his tenure as vice president.​ [Robert L. Peters]

    John Day

    Scott Ritter: Ukraine’s Fate Sealed Long Before Failing Counteroffensive
    ​ The tragic reality is that neither approach to warfare has enabled Ukraine to achieve the ambitious goals and objectives it has set out for itself when launching the counteroffensive, namely the breaching of the Russian defenses leading to the severing of the land bridge connecting Crimea to Russia. While Ukraine, with the support of its NATO allies, has accrued sufficient military capacity to engage in concerted military operations against Russia since the counteroffensive began in early June, the reality is that this effort is unsustainable. In short, Ukraine has reached the end of its tether. While the tactical situation along the line of contact with Russia fluctuates daily, and Ukraine has been able to achieve some limited success in certain areas, the cost that comes with these successes has been so high that Ukraine lacks not only the ability to exploit these successes, but is in danger of not being able to maintain a military presence along the entirety of the frontline sufficient to hold back any concerted Russian offensive operations.

    ​ Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis has an excellent view of current global geopolitics in these early days of WW-3. I picked this out about Ukraine, but he gives a lot of insight into the big picture, including Africa and not who killed Prigozhin, but the withdrawal of his protection by the Russian State…
    ​ Geopolitics Update [i]​ Prigozhin, Offensives and Geopolitics​
    I think we can now clearly see the following strategy. On the one hand, Russia is finishing off the Ukrainian professional army in the South. This is almost done and will be concluded within the next days, at the latest by the end of September. On the other hand, as soon as the Ukrainians run out of men and material in the South, Russia will increase the pressure by an order of magnitude in Kharkov while maintaining and increasing the pressure on all five theatres of war. Sumy (cross border), Kharkov, Seversk, Ugledar and Zaporozhye. Nevertheless, I’m not entirely sure whether Ugledar really will be continued or the attention might fully shift to Adveevka instead.
    ​ That President (???) Zelensky is preparing a general mobilization is telling me that the full collapse is not far away and the big push will not be needed. Things could, if they run well, manage themselves solely through the massively increased pressure through the two abovementioned vectors of “collapse”. Hence, I want to reiterate one fact. To re-take the densely populated Donetsk oblast, Russia will need to take Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. A frontal assault from the East is difficult because there are a lot of small villages and towns around. Moreover, this direction has been fortified for a long time. To take the Donbass back, Russia will need to come back to Izyum and encircle Kramatorsk and Slavyansk from the North and the West. Which was the initial plan, a year ago. This plan still stands and will be executed. I assume that the collapse of Ukraine will occur somewhere along the path to Kramatorsk from the North.
    ​ Hence, the Ukraine-Collapse-Path where the collapse will occur along the way is approximately the following: Kupyansk and Izyum will need to be taken. From which side Russia will come, I don’t know. I’m sure the Russian General Staff figured out a proper operational plan for this. After that the attention will shift south in direction of Kramatorsk. Will Russia need to completely defeat Ukraine in Kramatorsk, or will Ukraine collapse earlier? I don’t know. We will see.

    ​Gilbert Doctorow , Tucker Carlson goes global: dramatic interview in Hungary. Is Moscow next on his agenda? (Likely interview at time of Putin’s choice.)

    Tucker Carlson goes global: dramatic interview in Hungary.

    Simplicius: SITREP 8/30/23: Ukraine Smokescreens Failures With Meaningless Deep-strikes (Long; with many topics carefully examined, Big Picture)
    ​ More of the same this week: Ukraine has intensified its drone campaign to carry out some headline-grabbing strike or terror stunt to manage media perceptions and keep themselves looking viable and relevant..​.

    ​..First let’s dispense with the fact that wikipedia gives the number of Russian Il-76s as 120 in active service, another 120 in reserve, with 20 on order and presumably being manufactured. So, while losing 2 or 4 may be a fairly bad hit, it’s not catastrophic. That’s not to even mention that these planes are not really even used in the SMO, as they’re transport planes and Russia does most of its logistics transport via rail and truck as most know. The Il-76s are mostly in Pskov as that’s where Russia’s famed 76th Pskov Paratroopers Airborne unit is stationed, and they use the planes to train with and jump out of.
    ​ The latest reports indicate that this operation was planned with British Mi6 for many months. Of course something that took months to coordinate will do some damage, particularly since the attack utilized a mass drone swarm of at least 21+ drones, according to some reports. They were said to possibly be the new Australian “card board” drones which have been in headlines recently​…
    ​..These drones are nearly invisible to radar because cardboard is basically porous to radar waves.​..

    ​..There are big questions also about how these drones made it all the way to Pskov, 600km+ from the Ukrainian border. Some are claiming they came from Estonia. Many people have asked me recently, in general, how Ukraine conducts drone strikes on Russian territory. So allow me to use this circumstance to elucidate slightly on this matter.
    ​ Firstly, it must be known that it was already confirmed by Western media several times that Ukraine is sending saboteurs into Russia armed with drones which are launched from within Russian territory​…
    ​..Lastly, I’d like to point out two important things. First of all, the Pskov airfield as I said has almost no military utility and is not even connected to the SMO. Thus it was targeted specifically due to this weakness, knowing that it’s not as well-defended because there’s nothing critical there.​..

    ​..The second point is this. Many ignorant people have whined something along these lines: “Russian air defense is weak, if cheap Ukrainian drones managed to bypass them imagine what NATO would do if Russia ends up in a full-scale war with NATO in the near future! Russia wouldn’t last more than a hour/day/week/etc.”
    ​ But here’s the catch they miss: Ukraine actually has a major advantage which NATO would never enjoy in such a hypothetical conflict. You see, Ukraine gets to enjoy the luxury of NATO’s full satellite dominance without Russia’s ability to take those assets out due to not wanting to start WW3. That means Ukraine gets a “cheat code” where they can see all Russian assets and plan everything around that, bypassing Russian defenses, etc.
    ​ But if Russia was in a ‘full out war’ against NATO, guess which asset would be the first thing to come down? That’s right—NATO’s satellites wouldn’t exist. NATO would be blind and have no ability whatsoever to see Russia’s AD or other assets from afar, which means that even Ukraine’s puny drone strikes to Russia’s “deep rear” are far more than what NATO would be capable of in many ways.​..
    ..The important thing to note is that, since the infamous recent “clash” between Zelensky and NATO leadership about wasting and dissipating his forces, there have been reports that Zelensky/Zaluzhny have now attempted to somewhat acquiesce to their masters’ demands. That means reinforcements have been stripped from the Bakhmut/Klescheyevka area and sent down to Rabotino to form an even bigger spearhead.
    ​ For Rabotino that was bad news, but the Klescheyevka guys have enjoyed a brief welcome respite and relay that the front has been ‘quiet’ for them after these reorientations.
    ​ However, even after all of these expenditures, Russian frontline sources report that Rabotino, while abandoned by them, is still not captured by the AFU and is now in a gray zone from which it may not emerge. One of the reasons is as with Staromayorsk and other towns, it’s now so destroyed that there is not much place to hide. So when AFU units move in they are bombarded by Russian artillery and are quickly forced to flee…

    ​..The African country of Gabon has now become the latest to undergo an anti-colonial coup, and there could be a Russian/Chinese hand at play because the confluence of such events cannot be simple ‘coincidence.’ The Gabonese president issued a desperate plea, begging France and the Western world to save him.​.
    ​..Now there are reports that Cameroon is set for a coup next, and its leadership is already undergoing an emergency reshuffling of the military upper echelons in order to prevent it.
    ​ However, other reports claim that the Gabon coup is just Western imperialists eating their own as the junta leader, according to some, has been groomed by the U.S. and represents American interests:
    ​ But why did a pro-American general overthrow a pro-French president?
    ​ The leadership of the French intelligence DGSE explains this by the fact that, according to the Americans, the French authorities are no longer able to effectively protect the interests of the collective West, including the United States, in the territory under their control. Therefore, the White House decided to take the situation into their own hands and seize the initiative from the French.​

    ​ Meanwhile, Niger’s junta has cut off water and supplies to the French consulate which has refused to leave the country, citing that they only take orders from the ‘legitimate’ president.
    ​ The fact that these historic movements are coming on the heels of the major BRICS developments means that by this time next year the world will have been reshaped, with Western powers waning like never before.
    ​ This is to give a bit of perspective to ongoing events of the Russian SMO. While some may consider progress to be slow, I stand by the position that the events of the SMO are merely the minor backdrop to the real machinations Putin and others are carrying out behind the scenes of the global geopolitical framework.
    ​ For instance, Russia has apparently already begun shipping new containers to Saudi Arabia by way of Iran in a new sort of one belt one road​.

    ​ The West is now in a lose-lose situation. Even if they back an ECOWAS military action against Niger or others, for instance, they will expose major hypocrisy not only to African countries but to the rest of the world which will merely bring down the West’s standing even more, push further countries to disconnect from them and join the new multipolar order…
    ​..Asia’s next step away from dollar
    ​ Vietnam, the Philippines and Brunei will join other major Southeast Asian economies in an interconnected QR code payment system that aims to reduce reliance on the US dollar – Nikkei reported.
    ​ Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore have previously joined the same initiative.
    ​ Payments through the system will be made in local currency, meaning payments in Thailand using the Indonesian app will be directly exchanged into rupiahs and baht, bypassing the US dollar as an intermediary.
    ​ Next, the central banks will seek to link this network with other regional clusters around the world, and bring the same structure to real-time bank transfers and even central bank digital currencies eventually.​..
    ​..When you add all the latest developments up, it spells doom for the West. The problem with the West is they have always subsisted on the natural resources, and later the manufacturing, of others as they slowly transitioned into developed service economies. In order to achieve this they had to keep all the developing natural-resource-rich nations under their thumb…

    Russia to Determine Whether Drone Attack on Pskov Perpetrated from Latvia or Estonia – Kremlin–kremlin-1112986441.html

    John Day

    ​ RFK, Jr.’s touching tribute to Maui after the Lahaina Fire
    ​ The highlight of his speech was the wise counsel his mother had offered him when his brother Michael died.
    ​ “My mother was accustomed to grief, and she had figured out how to process it in a way that was really dignified and admirable. I asked her if the hole that people leave in us when they die ever gets any smaller. My mother told me that it never gets any smaller, but our job is to grow ourselves bigger around that hole, and the way we do that is by incorporating the best virtues of those people that we lost into our own character, and in making that effort, we build ourselves—we build our character, and we give those people a kind of immortality, because we’re thinking every day about how to improve ourselves by incorporating the lessons of their lives and the virtues they displayed when they were with us, and at the same time, we grow ourselves into bigger people. And when we do that, that hole gets proportionately smaller.
    ​ This very admirable path that you have committed yourselves to shows us that you have used this incident not to allow yourselves to be shattered and destroyed or overwhelmed, but rather to bring yourselves together—not wait for the government to rescue you, but to bring yourselves together and to rebuild a sense of community.
    ​ God talks to us through each other, through organized religion, through the great books of those religions, through wise people and prophets, through art, music, literature, and poetry—and through nature and the creation. But He—or She or It—probably talks to us most precisely through each other, and we understand God through our relationships. His or Her power flows through us from other people—even people we don’t like—but especially from people who we love.​”

    ​ Thanks Christine , Plantation Disaster Capitalism
    ​ “Plantation disaster capitalism is, unfortunately, the perfect term for what’s going on,” says Hawaiian law professor Kapuaʻala Sproat, who just published a piece in The Guardian with Naomi Klein. She is professor of law at Ka Huli Ao Native Hawaiian Law Center and co-director of the Native Hawaiian Rights Clinic at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa School of Law. “The plantations, the large landed interests that have had control over not just the land, but really much of Hawaii’s and Maui Komohana’s resources for the last several centuries, are using this opportunity, are using this time of tremendous trauma for the people of Maui, to swoop in and to get past the law.”​ …

    ​..So, to provide some context, for several years now, Hawaii’s state water commission has proactively attempted to create what we call water management designation, which is really just a fancy term. It’s an additional layer, kind of like zoning, that goes over an area where we know water resources are threatened. And once that happens, there’s an additional layer of permitting that’s invoked, that allows the water commission to revisit allocations and how water is actually used and distributed.
    ​ This is really important, because in Hawaii we have a public trust doctrine, which means that our water resources are managed for present and future generations and cannot be owned by any individual. But the problem is that despite what we call the black letter law, in many ways in Hawaii, and for the last century at least, might has made right. And in small towns like Lahaina, companies with a lot of influence have been able to maintain control of the water resources, even when there are interests like Native Hawaiian families, like the streams themselves, that have a higher call to right or higher water rights, at least according to the black letter law.
    ​ So, part of the situation ​in Maui Komohana is that because of this long history of struggle, Native Hawaiians and, really, people across the community came forward, participated in public hearings before our state water commission and loudly called for more proactive water management. And in June 2022, they were successful in achieving this water management area designation for Lahaina. That means additional permit protections were put into place. And many folks, Native Hawaiians, who have superior rights but whose rights have been ignored, were able to come forward and begin a permitting process.
    ​ Unfortunately, those existing water use permit applications were due on Monday, August 7th, and the fire ravaged Lahaina on Tuesday, August 8th. And then, on Wednesday, August 9, the Governor’s Office issued these emergency proclamations, which suspended the water code. So, despite this huge effort to try and put this additional protection in place — which of course was, predictably, opposed by industry interests and development interests, but they were unsuccessful. The water commission unanimously voted for water management area designation. And yet, then, what they ​[industry & development $] ​were unable to accomplish legally, they were able to accomplish with the support of the governor and the emergency proclamation.

    John Day

    Things were getting so complicated by tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists constantly misinterpreting the data, so …
    CDC Now Refusing New COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports in Its V-Safe Program

    CDC Now Refusing New COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports in Its V-Safe Program

    ​ Ron Paul MD , A New Covid ‘Variant’…Just in Time for Election Season!
    ​ Why are they coming back around for another round of Covid tyranny? Fear is a weapon to gain control. Last time around they generated fear to radically change how America voted. Suddenly everyone was mailed ballots. How closely were they checked? No one knew and no one dared ask. The people who did ask about the election are now facing jail terms.
    They want us to shut up while they do it again. Will we?

    ​ Meryl Nass MD , This is what it will take. We have the power to overturn mandates if we stand together!
    It only took 4 days for Kaiser Permanente staff to push back and get mask mandates lifted.

    John Day

    Aspnaz wrote: “An amazing painting. It just oozes a message of quality lifestyle, a great place to live, the plants, the garden, the fresh air and none of it based on money.”

    But this was obviously the breakfast of an upper middle-class person, based upon money AND “breeding”. This was moderately high status. Everything is very nice, crisp, fresh, tidy and stylish for the day.


    Red said

    Damn you Aspnaz

    Not you as well!

    As well as what? I said damn you for getting me to do a bunch of math, period. I, personally, am on the fence about the human cause of our changing climate. Having spent three plus decades of following the IPCC and their models and doing all I can on the personal level to minimize my footprint and leave the area I exist on in a little better shape,( or so I thought), than I found it, I’ve come to see the whole shit show as a scam for big corp. Trying to lead by example in my neighbourhood going off grid and raising most of our food in situ has had zero affect beyond a few saying good for you. Good for myself and immediate family but not good for anyone else apparently. Looks too much like work I guess. So I’ve come to conclude there is no changing even a few to work against the tide. I have mountains of info from books to peer reviewed science on the subject of human caused climate change. I have gone so far as to have chemistry and physics for dummies as to help me understand some of the heavy science. Peer reviewed, ha, that is now in question as I have come to understand it, thanks to the covid BS. To those on both sides of the debate, yes we are surely fucked and any chance to change direction easily has long passed. There are so many moving parts at this point it is hopeless to think civilization as a whole will be able to change course. By moving parts I mean everything from geopolitics to global finance to the MIC and so forth. If civilization is the cause we’re done, if it’s proven otherwise, well, still done. My biggest concern is pollution in general, way too much everywhere.

    AFKTT I’m with Dr. John wishing you all the best in the coming times. As far as scientific evidence is concerned, yes there are ice cores and sediment cores as well as old tree cores from as far back as the Anasazi and maybe further. The point is from there it’s all about models and it would seem the more complex the models become the less accurate they are in general. Both sides have to be viewed with a large amount of skepticism it would seem. Preacher, teacher, leader? of those I am none and have no desire to become any of those. The way forward for any one person can only be found by the individual in question. Some may seek to be lead and some will want to lead, all the best to both but in the end it still comes down to the individual. For myself I shall wander seemingly aimless through this wasteland called civilization. Forests preceded us deserts follow, and it has happened a lot in the past without fossil fuels.


    from yesterday

    Have trouble believing in Climate change?…pick one of the Giant Turds: biosphere collapse, chemicals destroying life, financial collapse, perma wars, over population, EMF, lack of resources; oil , minerals, soil, water, a flailing Hegemon, wokesters in charge, Trump, Biden, Hunters dick, European collapse… and we bicker over whether climate change is real? Are we in kindergarten?

    They’re only planning to do sort of an abusive step uncle routine, the step uncle that keeps you in the basement and force feeds you bugs routine, but writ very large.

    They’re only continually proposing and enacting policies that will kill and are killing people. They only hiss in your children’s ears that their existence is a crime – in addition to your own. It’s only massive physical and psychological abuse with – just as you say – not even really having gotten started yet.

    So why get angry about it, why bicker, it is so very petty

    And then the retreat up the hierarchy of talking points. Ok, we lost CO2. We thought we’d try that, BUT WE NEVER REALLY EVEN CARED ABOUT CO2, so fine, I will hit you with a bunch of other words, tell us “We are fucking up the planet” and by we, I mean you have a non dischargable massive pile of shame on YOU that is held by the transitive power of your membership in some collective. Don’t bicker with collective guilt. CO2 was up for debate, but collective guilt isn’t. Deep, non dischargable shame is non negotiable.

    We shouldn’t “bicker” when people want to repeat the CO2 message, but we ALSO certainly shouldn’t complain about China, pumping out 1/3 of all CO2 and responsible for 95% of the plastic floating continent in the pacific., “we” (YOU) hold collective guilt, but China, despite collectively producing the most significant chunk of the bad stuff is always conspicuously not collectively guilty via total silence. In all my years here, I’ve never heard a peep about China from AFKTT. And I doubt he is going on chinese discussion boards lecturing them on their doomed and massive collective shame.

    We shouldn’t bicker, and thus shouldn’t object to having the food and energy supplies relentlessly disappear, homes become unavailable, our children all given nihilism self hate and CPTSD as “education,” Certainly, we mustn’t say to CO2 advocates – “Silence! You should not bicker!”. Bickering solely consists with any objection TO them.

    No complaints against China, India, big corporations, wasteful rich people doing everything they say we shouldn’t 1000000x. Never any of that. BUT stop bickering?

    I see you used a fairly modern form of argument. A big non-untanglable ball of stuff. The point being that arguing over CO2 is petty in that context?

    If that’s an argument, then is there ANY particular thing we could discuss here, say, the non helpfulness and harmfulness of wearing masks, that isn’t also “refuted” by this pulsatingly awful ball of stuff?

    So basically specificity is wrong? Meaning is an emergent property of context. The ball-of-stuff thing is a change in context: “in the context of abcdef, X is____” so, a parallax. Yet every western/5eyes govt, every ginormous corporation, every billionaire funded NGO is going to just keep going with this stuff, so if you say “stop bickering,” just WHO is supposed to stop? Just call center workers like myself, but not CEO’s? Not people like AFKTT who repeat-broadcast the stuff of CEO’s?

    I’m not saying this is YOUR side, I’m trying to point out the various difficulties of “stop bickering” about CO2.

    To sum up

    1.) You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you
    2.) It’s a discussion forum, pick one of these things you like and throw it in the ring if you think it should be discussed. Could be interesting.


    Power of the people is what ordinary Americans actually want.

    “… fear mongering about the new variants that are coming,” – Trump

    Michael Reid

    The US Bankrupting Itself on Wars -w/ Ron Paul, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen


    I think that I am a good guy.

    D Benton Smith

    Power consists of taking responsibility, which means responsibility for ALL results and consequences, not just the “good” ones. That’s why most people prefer to shirk responsibility (by handing it off to others) rather than taking it. Way easier to criticize the guy who fucked it up than it is to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for the hideous results.

    Is Klaus Schwabb a fuckup? Well for sure. He tried to assume full responsibility for the species and screwed the job up royally, and is still trying, and still reckons that he’s got the right to do so because he sees himself as one of the only people willing to just take responsibility and DO IT. The reason he has the power to do that was because we GAVE it to him by shirking that responsibility ourselves.

    Would you like to get your power back? That’s easy. Just start taking your responsibility back instead of leaving it all to megalomaniacal jerks like Klaus.. Then screw ups can be YOUR fault again, just like they were meant to be.



    OK, gonna be that crank again… Most mammal species engage in play when young. Cats? Bears? Otters? Squirrels? Dogs are neat, but they’re not magic.


    When I’m full of shit, I take stool softener.


    Scare your children at your peril.
    One day, they’ll take care of you.
    One way or the other.

    Michael Reid

    Interview 1829 – Geopolitics and Empire with Hrvoje Morić

    Joining James Corbett is Hrvoje Morić,
    the host and producer of the Geopolitics & Empire Podcast.
    They discuss Morić’s background,
    the work he does at,
    his guiding philosophy and motivations,
    what he feels to be the most important issues facing us today and
    where he stands on the black pill / white pill spectrum.

    Interview 1829 – Geopolitics and Empire with Hrvoje Morić

    Veracious Poet

    Stupid is, as stupid does…

    They say democracy like it’s a magic spell, like your chest is supposed to swell and flutter with rapture at the idea that you live in a thing called a democracy, because democracy is good and un-democracy is bad.

    They don’t expect you to critically engage with what the word democracy means, or what its dictionary definition is.

    It’s a base appeal to emotion.

    Pure Orwellian Newspeak.

    “Democracy! Democracy good, autocracy bad!”

    For decades, it has been replaced with revolving-door cronyism from an army of unremarkable, selfish, incompetent half-wits ~ Spartacus

    D Benton Smith

    It seems to be true (correct me please, if I’m mistaken) that there are over 2000 children missing from Lahaina after the fire (now, 3 weeks after the fire.)

    That is an enormous mystery, and yet I understand why those who know ANYTHING about it and are neither saying what they know, or making it an issue by asking the government for answers. It’s simple. They are afraid to report what they know, and they are afraid to press the issue because they are afraid they will be targeted by whoever is responsible for the disappearances.

    This fear factor is not irrational. It is just the common sense of self preservation. After all, whoever IS actually behind the atrocity has demonstrated that they ARE capable of coordinating an absolutely huge crime ….. and nobody wants to just fruitlessly throw their own life away by standing up as one LONE target against such an APPARENT behemoth on behalf of someone else’s child who they don’t even know.

    But what about the parents, relatives and close friends of those unaccounted for missing children? I find it almost unbelievable that the parents and loved ones of those kids are not SCREAMING for answers, regardless of consequences. Why do we hear almost nothing from them? And if the kids are NOT missing (and therefore no parents or family to be aggrieved) then why would the government remain silent. Yet the officials in Lahaina are not even denying the charges that are blasting all over the world Internet.

    I have an idea for how to find out, and its an idea that has been used successfully in other situations in which everyone is afraid to speak out. Anonymous and secure whistle-blowing.

    An untraceable electronic billboard, or a pirate radio station, or paper broadsheets, or the like, broadcast the questions. There is at present no way to trace or identify who is reading or listening to the questions.
    Included in the broadcast would be a secure and untraceable method to REPLY to the questions and remain fully anonymous. This could be as simple as a two-step mail drop. (you mail a letter to a trustworthy friend in another state and in that same envelope is a SECOND stamped and addressed envelope (containing the requested information) which the friend then drops into a mailbox in some other town. This is rudimentary tradecraft and is virtually uncrackable upstream from the address of the final receipt point, and even more secure if the receiving address is a protected location such as a shell company in a non-extradition foreign country (think “Panama Papers” style cut-outs.)

    A fringe benefit of this method is that by PUBLICLY broadcasting the question (for EVERYONE to read, anonymously), the ISSUE is broadcast as well, which panics the perpetrators and drives them to expose themselves in their ill conceived efforts to stop it. Once again, this is elementary stuff, and is impossible to stop. ONE lone wild eyed revolutionary zealot is all that it takes to get the ball rolling.

    Worked like gangbusters for Julian Assange until he got big enough to identify and infiltrate ….. and by then it was too late to stop either the ball OR its rolling. (note that the ball that Assange started IS still rolling, like a snowball down a mountain).

    Michael Reid

    The New World Order and 55-Year Depopulation Agendas March Forwards in Real Time

    A Mini-Documentary sourcing the Day Tapes, John Coleman’s warnings, and Dennis Meadows’s “Limits to Growth”


    @ John Day: Appreciate you for sharing detail from the RFK Jr. tribute – where the highlight of his speech was the wise counsel his mother had offered him when his brother Michael died.

    There is a valuable key here. The “practice” is facing loss (life) with LOVE. When applied in daily living, it brings new life to life. Beautiful!

    “…the way we do that is by incorporating the best virtues of those people that we lost into our own character, and in making that effort, we build ourselves—we build our character, and we give those people a kind of immortality, because we’re thinking every day about how to improve ourselves by incorporating the lessons of their lives and the virtues they displayed when they were with us, and at the same time, we grow ourselves into bigger people. ”

    This “practice” may seem insignificant to some given the scope and demands of recent issues and events. Yet it can be applied to so many circumstances. What happens when we Heart-fully accept/acknowledge loss, take responsibility for our actions/role, and extract lessons/learning from the experience? We grow ourselves into bigger people one choice/one experience at a time.

    May the Light of clarity/LOVE/potentiality shine on you.

    LOVE to Ilargi.

    LOVE to All who visit TAE.

    Veracious Poet

    ​ Unfortunately, those existing water use permit applications were due on Monday, August 7th, and the fire ravaged Lahaina on Tuesday, August 8th. And then, on Wednesday, August 9, the Governor’s Office issued these emergency proclamations, which suspended the water code.

    The water commission unanimously voted for water management area designation. And yet, then, what they ​[industry & development $] ​were unable to accomplish legally, they were able to accomplish with the support of the governor and the emergency proclamation.

    There’s that Imperial edict again ~ Emergency Powers ~ A few of you might have recalled my mention of the historicity of that *curse*, here & there…

    Too bad, sooo sad, poor wittle citizenry getting run over by The People’s servants, at every turn 🙄

    Moreover, a few might recall that I’ve mentioned that dreaded real reality ~ Spiritual Sanity ~ which causes involuntary hysterical/psychological reflexive vomiting amidst the majority of chattel indoctrinated *deep* into Secular Humanism (America/EU/UK official religion)…

    Perhaps it’s getting closer to time that a *critical* few expand their existential boundaries beyond CNN/Faux Snooze, DnC/GoP, Fakebook, Youtube & TikTok?

    Pro Tip: The beatings were *never* meant to improve moral.

    Donec iterum conveniant.

    Veracious Poet


    We have a typhoon going through Hong Kong. It is a typhoon, so it is always going to be windy, but Zero Hedge is really blowing out of all proportion. They have taken all the speed and distance kilometer values and are quoting them as miles values, so our actual 140 kph winds are being reported as 140 mph winds. Can’t believe anything you see on the internet …


    Man Says a Silent Depression Is Currently Underway

    Michael Reid

    This strikes me as truth

    Dr. John Coleman- The Committee of 300 (1994) Full

    Dr. John Coleman, being a historian in intelligence community, researched in full scope the sinister forces behind the New world order movement. This video lecture represents a culmination of his findings about secret societies which form this global movement and how it came into existence.
    More Info: ~Free PDF Book & Sources: & John Coleman (born 1935) is an author and analyst of world affairs. He has written several books and numerous papers analyzing the power structure of the world. He argues that a relatively small group of people – whom he calls ‘The Committee of 300’ – constitute a ruling elite who are pursuing a goal of one-world government.

    Coleman’s books have been influential among more well known conspiracy authors such as David Icke and Jim Marrs who quote him in their own works. Coleman researched the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is a secret Masonic order created, with support from T. E. Lawrence, Bertrand Russell and St John Philby, to “keep the Middle East backward so its natural resource, oil, could continue to be looted.” Coleman has also criticized the Club of Rome, the Giorgio Cini Foundation, Global 2000, the Interreligious Peace Colloquium, the Tavistock Institute, and other organizations.

    Coleman has published 22 books and hundreds of white paper reports—and currently publishes the “Weekly Intelligence Report,” which can be purchased at

    The book titles include: “The Rothschild Dynasty” a book documenting the extensive and secretive influence of the Rothschild extended-family of banksters.

    ~”The Tavistock Institute Of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States of America”

    ~”Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300

    ~”One World Order: Socialist Dictatorship” (formerly titled “Socialism: The Road To Slavery”)

    ~”Diplomacy by Deception: An Account of the Treasonous Conduct by the Governments of Britain and the United States”

    ~”Beyond The Conspiracy: Unmasking The Invisible World Government, The Committee Of 300″

    ~”What You Should Know About The United States Constitution And The Bill Of Rights”

    ~”Gun Control” ” Apocalypse Waiting too Happen” “Drug War Against America” “PEARL HARBOR” “The Federal Reserve” “THe Club of Rome” “The Vanishing Middle Class” “Abortion: Genocide in America” “The Rothschild Dynasty” “We fight for Oil” “National Suicide: The Immigration Reform Act”


    Once you understand these fuckers want you dead, and will stop at nothing to acheive this goal, you wake up, self preservation kicks in. How many sick and dying peole do I have to deal with before I notice a change in the tide? What will it take, 10 million, 100million?


    Two Russian Iskander Cruse Missile Liquidate Ukronazi Command Post Near Rovnoe

    “I always start my day with a refreshing glass of Ukronazi tears, nothing is more soothing than soaking in the despair of NATO=NAZIS

    Kaboom, and it’s gone….


    Trump Jr. Answers Whether Michelle Obama “Is a Dude”

    Coke snorting Oreo Obomber refers to ‘her’ as Michael

    Hey, that’s Big Mike to you!



    Shop lifters in San Franshithole stealing less than $950

    John Day

    Thanks Susmarie108 🙂

    @DBS: Yes, where are the 2000 childern?
    Where is each one of the 2000 missing children?
    Josh Green MD; where are they?

    D Benton Smith


    where are the 2000 childern?”

    Somebody knows. I dare say a LOT of people know, and a lot more than that have strong opinions based on personal observation.

    I think we should keep asking, and louder, until some of them answer, and then we’ll go from there.

    It is a test of whether this society is going to survive or not. And I’m not talking about just Lahaina or even just the USA. I mean the entire existing society. If a society will not protect its children then its ability to propagate its existence into the future, as a society, is precisely zero.

    Veracious Poet

    Modern art…

    Are The People, by choice, trapped within Technocracy now?

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