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    John Collier Japanese restaurant, Monday after Pearl Harbor, San Francisco Dec 8 1941 • It Is In Warsaw Not Athens That The March Of The Euro Will Be
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    since today is 9/11 maybe we ought to revisit this event in view of the ongoing refugee crisis in europe.

    rebekah roth says the israelis did it

    her account seems a lot more plausible than anything else we’ve heard. the purpose apparently was to create a “pearl harbor” event so the US would invade iraq in order to create instability in these arab nations so they can be broken up and balkanized as part of the greater israel plan that goes back decades. i notice israel is not offering to take any refugees, and rabbis appear to be crowing over the islamic invasion of europe…see attachment


    Everyone was going to get rich if they only did what S Pallin said, “drill baby drill”.


    charlo49 – “A government program has offered those without legal papers the chance to return home with $3,500 in cash, the option of going to a third country, or spend an indefinite time in an Israeli prison.

    Over the past two years, over 9,000 Africans have taken up Israel’s offer and left.”

    “Israel spent more than $350 million to build a 140-mile fence along its entire border with Egypt. Undocumented migrants to Israel are called “infiltrators” by the Israeli government.

    The steel barrier, completed in 2013, stopped illegal entry cold: More than 10,000 Africans arrived in 2012; today almost no one attempts the trip.”

    $350 million on the fence plus $31 million on the cash payments (never mind the plane tickets or feeding the ones who stay). Israel takes in immigrants, but Jewish ones. I can’t blame them for that. You could actually destroy a culture by doing that.

    Did Israel cause 9/11? Probably had a good hand in it, along with others. From articles I’ve read, they had people actively watching the people who pulled it off (right up to the day it was pulled off); after it happened, these people abruptly left the U.S. A planned crisis.

    Charles Alban

    Raleigh..indeed steel fences and cash payments can be very effective. Minefields work pretty well too. Your remark about them only accepting Jews because it could “destroy a culture” seems odd in view of what’s happening in Europe with hordes of Muslims showing up. I guess that’s threatening a culture too.


    Charles – yes, it is most definitely “threatening a culture”, culture being the very glue that holds a country together. Without a culture you have nothing, which is what is being destroyed in Europe.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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