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    Wife informs me:

    Gibson Guitars just Insta’d their new “We stand with 404!” t-shirt. Comments were brutal. The kindest were “Well…I guess I’m a Fender guy now.” They just spent decades repairing their brand, and now opt for the cyanide.


    thomasjkenney said

    Gibson Guitars just Insta’d their new “We stand with 404!” t-shirt.

    They are just telling you that they don’t care what you want, they will stand with their buddies in the oligarch class. It is as big a “Fuck you” as Biden has given to half of the USA. They could have just said “Show your support for Biden, buy a Gibson”.


    Let’s replace rock paper scissors with terror covid bullshit.
    I like it Bosco!


    In Peng hu at the moment, had to rent a scooter yesterday, absolutely refused to rent an electric scooter as they are the spawn of the oligarchs and ridden by total wankers, otherwise I like them, they are shiny. Instead I rented a Yamaha 125 cc 4-stroke climate killer, beautiful machine, would make any trendy green cough their guts up … what is not to like?

    Then today we go visit a tiny island and rent a scooter there. They are all electric because governments have encouraged the cessation of 50cc petrol engines and are trying to replace them with 50cc electric, because the average Joe without a motorcycle license can ride a 50 so they make them all electric. Anyway, I didn’t have a choice, the fascists had got me, so I hired an electric shaver to get me round the island …. and what a shit razor it was. The bit I enjoyed was trying to break it by riding along at full power then touch the front break …. it stops all power … then release the front break and it restores power. If you do this quickly enough you can play a tune and almost throw your passenger off the back. These bikes are complete shite, suitable only for the green climate wankers. You are basically riding a model of a motorbike programmed by one of Musk’s geek sheep.

    Politics is killing the scooter world. You cannot tension the suspension of an electric scooter, the controls do not allow it, they were programmed by people who never rode a scooter, they are crap.

    D Benton Smith


    That’s more like it, although your manners , scatology and logic could still use a little work.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)
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