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    Michael Reid

    It might be because I graduated with 100% in mathematics when that meant something


    I talked to a woman today who confided in me that her husband had covid and then a heart attack, so the doctor ordered him not to eat ANY oil. ANY. “The doctor told us it could be ok before, but it changes – after you have a heart attack, if you eat any oil, it creates snags and clogs in your bloodstream. So he can’t have ANY oil”

    I carefully, politely tried to suggest fish oil, olive oil, mentioned that some vitamins cannot be absorbed without fat. Bit my tongue to restrain myself from talking about Rabbit Starvation. Bit my tongue even harder not asking if he got the shot.

    No questions? Impaired cognitive function regardless of IQ? In the wife, the husband, and the doctor, presumably? Fuzzy, indistinct, but something missing?

    Michael Reid

    My oil of choice is lard.

    It is the best in the deep fat fryer.

    Fish and chips, deep fried burger and I am still exploring. When you work physically constantly you can eat all the fat you desire and still stay slim. Plus fat is good for you but none of this genetic canola or margarine and other crap. Butter is beautiful.

    Michael Reid

    Currently salting moose ribs and stuff by the 5 gallon bucket. Massive quantity of ground meat in the freezer with strip loin and tenderloin steaks, small but 1 inch thick. If only I got an education from the Amish. If I were to start out again that is where I would go. Mennonites in Canada I think. I have watched these guys make harness for work horses and the summer sausage is so good.


    A few minutes of a tornado in the Philippines. Clearly, the videographer hasn’t seen such a thing because he doesn’t do as his mother told him: get downstairs!!!
    Wow. Doesn’t seem natural, somehow.

    Farmer McGregor

    I’m also with MPSK in that the answer is 48.

    Reid nails it in that Butter Is Better, and animal fats are critical to human health. Look at the work of Dr. Weston A. Price who studied the diets of the healthiest humans he could find on the planet. Probably the most robustly healthy peoples he encountered — at that time a hundred years ago, while consuming a traditional native diet of almost nothing but animal fats — were the various ‘Eskimo’ tribes.

    All “Seed Oils” are patently unhealthy, but are cheap to produce and highly profitable to the big agri-bizzes. For this doctor to say to not eat “any oils” is almost as stupid as saying to not eat “any foods” since oils from different sources vary widely in their properties and nutritional value. And “oils” (fats) of various sorts are present in many otherwise healthy natural foods from both vegetable and animal origins.

    You’ll oft hear the diet dictocrats declaring how healthy Salmon is because of the Omega fatty acid ratios, and they are correct. But did you know that the fat (tallow) from organic grass fed (and grass finished) BEEF is every bit as healthy for you for all the same reasons? (Yo Michael Reid, tallow also makes wonderfully tasty deep-fried goodies.)

    Veracious Poet


    Uh…no, she’s the “apparent”, she’s the literal ONLY LEGAL HEIR at all. That’s it. It’s not “Optional”. She doesn’t “Need to make a case”. That’s the literal, only black-letter law. Written in Law #1 since 1789. …But it’s a law, and we don’t follow those. And it would be against our principles to obey anything in the “Constitution.” How gauche.

    All part of the plan (err… the UniParty GlobalCap Imperial script):

    Seize power, extract/manipulate *all* access to financial engines of wealth.

    Suspend access to The Rule Of Law via suspension via Emergency Powers + NPD *initiated* members of law “professional” gang members.

    Mind fuck The People (9 ways to Sunday skool), so they believe The People are the real reality culprits (Divide & Conquer).

    Promote a violent CULTure, where the weak of chained by-the-neck to producers & bullies honorifically run the death plantations with malice, from Sea-To-Whinging-Sea!

    Extant nonstop (almost purrfectly, more or less), après unfalteringly once that P.O.S. Wilson was handpicked, immediately accompanied by the advent of legalization of Forever Wars & da Banster/Corp(se)-o-rate Mafioso Class.

    We The People all shouted AMEN!

    We love, love, LOVE! our sociopath leaders, death to #logos!

    Tiger blood.


    So simple, a caveman could scribble it on a wall…

    We now return you to the *regularly scheduled* social media gulag.


    zerosum- the first rule of alien club is that you don’t talk about alien club. 😉


    There are no “countries”. Its a kosher prisonplanet, running on printed sheckels, putting on a sideshow for the dumbfucks. 1 crew, 1 corporation, 1 tribe making you all look like old fat women watching soap operas. Its all lies. You’re trapped in a hebrewfreakshow.


    3 x [two shoes] = 30,
    so [two shoes] = 30/3 = 10

    2 x [dancing faggot] + [two shoes] = 20,
    so [dancing faggot] = (20 – 10)/2 = 5

    2 x [crossed guns] + [dancing faggot] = 13,
    so [crossed guns] = (13 – 5)/2 = 4

    [one shoe] + [dancing faggot] x [one gun] = ?,
    so ? = 10/2 + 5 x 4/2 = 5 + 5×2 = 15 = 3 x [dancing faggots]

    Assuming that one shoe is two shoes/2 and one gun is crossed guns/2; who knows?


    my parents said know said

    Last line: one shoe (5) plus one monkey (5) wearing two shoes (10) and carrying two guns (4); times a gun (2).
    (5+5+10+4) x 2= 48

    Well spotted.


    my answer is 10 + guy with shoes running with guns + gun

    my reasoning is the guy and the single gun are different symbols that were never defined so I list them as unsolved for

    Michael Reid

    So my dog Duckie freaked out barking and a black bear appeared and although I have a licience I was not in the mood. I put my daily moose scraps beside the river for it. Very few blueberries this year. I think they are going to starve.

    Michael Reid

    See what love gets you. I should have shot the fucking bear in the head before he went through my basement screened window to get at my hanging meat. I did shoot then but no body or blood just disappeared bear. I must be more brutal in my thinking. After all I have lived in a dream world all of my life.


    For the record, I refused to try this teaser! My poor brain would surely explode if I even tried!

    This good/bad “fat” thingy sure has swung in some wild directions in my lifetime!

    Sad to know the black bears in Newfoundland and probably Labrador are likely going to miss their blueberries this winter. No “bear fat” means starvation and maybe even death.



    Did the bear make off with any moose meat?

    Michael Reid

    @ WES

    There were moose meat fragments. No bear fragments so far. We will check when it is light.


    (5+5+10+4) x 2= 48

    But order of operations evaluates multiplication before addition so

    5+((5+10+4) x 2)= 43

    Michael Reid

    I hope

    I hope RIM has the answer tomorrow because I think you are all wrong and I am right.


    Here is the answer to the puzzle according to WhatsApp


    jb-hb said

    my reasoning is the guy and the single gun are different symbols that were never defined so I list them as unsolved

    That is not in the spirit of games for artists. Symbols mean something and similarity means nothing, but we are playing a game, lighten up.


    @jb-hb Using the concept of mathematical symbols, say the greeks, to pretend to pose a puzzle, when the writer of the pussle has no respect for the mathematical symbols and instead uses visual similarity to drown out the real math.

    Yes, I know, retarded artists are entitled to their version of math.

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