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    Henri Cartier Bresson Paris 1952   • BLM vs Proud Boys: The Shocking Hypocrisy Of US Law (Robert Bridge) • Trump Decries ‘Double Standard’ in Doc
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    Formerly T-Bear

    IF Secret Service protection is NOT provided Robert F. Kennedy Jt. immediately, That Protection must be withdrawn from the occupant of the White House. Let the occupant provide his own security, the occupant has swindled enough wherewithal to provide his own security, the public should not provide that dime.


    The 28 year old drifter is my first pick although I know the 38 yo retired prostitute will be the most able to handle difficult people so she is with me for sure. The cop won’t say no I’m assuming so he is in but as soon as possible I’m taking that gun. The pregnant girl deserves a chance and puts us at risk but shit we ARE in risk territory – painful but necessary and gives us a group cause and bonding should she give birth.
    35 yo doctor is in for medical issues and hopefully is good with calming and working through cops with brutal inclinations otherwise he may have to somehow be restrained.
    Lastly the musician – we’ve all been addicted to something, I’m hoping we can jam.
    Really sorry to the architect, lawyer, drunk but they’ll have the priest who is good with end of times stuff.


    Russel Brand, doesn’t freak me out as much as the health channels on Youtube. It is outrageous.
    They will ban gyms by next year and this school in Canada that has just banned books written before 2008 is full Pol Pot shit.


    From Peter McCollough

    During periods of peace and prosperity, when the prevailing social mood is positive, it’s often tough to know who is truly decent and reasonable. During times of stress and fear, people are far more inclined to show their true colors. Many get swept up in the emotions and groupthink of the frightened herd, thereby losing their capacity for critical thinking and principled action. Under such circumstances, if you insist on maintaining your individuality, you will likely be shocked to discover that even people whom you took to be old friends may join the herd in ostracizing you.

    2021 and early 2022 were just such a time for those of us who didn’t fervently embrace the crude dogma of the COVID-19 Vaccine Cult. The following video is a remarkable expression of how easily a modern, advanced civilization can embrace the most atavistic, tribalistic, and scapegoating passions.

    Especially revolting is how these expressions are enveloped in lies and cheap virtue signaling. We, the unvaccinated, will forbear the impulse to retaliate, but we won’t forget the pronouncements made in this compilation or the people who made them. Because we are wise, we will try to obey St. Paul’s injunction to suffer these fools gladly.


    Here is some sobering reminders of where we may find ourselves again.

    John Day

    COVID Countermeasures And Kennedy

    Friday night, a man with two shoulder holsters, handguns and spare ammo clips, with a badge and Federal ID, self identifying as a Federal Marshal sought to gain access to Robert Kennedy Jr. at a speaking event. He was isolated and held by Mr. Kennedy’s private security and arrested by LAPD.
    Mr. Kennedy is denied actual candidate protection b y the Biden administration, a program that was originated after his own father was assassinated in LA (not by Sirhan Sirhan, but by his hired-for-event bodyguard, who shot him in the back of the head).

    More on that story from Zero Hedge (Epoch Times re-post.)

    The WHO Pandemic Treaty as a backdoor to control of national governments through the WHO (as a “shell company” for hidden powerful actors) is explained here by RFK JR. and Meryl Nass MD in an intelligent and very informative 42 minute podcast. (This is the second podcast I have listened to this year.)

    Meryl Nass MD interviewed by Kevin Barrett on the W.H.O. “Tyranny Treaty”:

    John Day

    Meryl Nass MD interviewed by Kevin Barrett on the W.H.O. “Tyranny Treaty”:

    Here is a longer interview, over 90 minutes, which Dr. Nass gave to Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, also on the “amendments” to the W.H.O. Pandemic Preparedness and Response Treaty. (Since these are only “amendments” to an accepted treaty, they do not require ratification by the US Senate, only a presidential signature, though they remove constitutional rights and prerogatives of Americans. The “amendments” would supercede the US constitution, including requiring censorship, and funding without congressional oversight. Whoever would control the Director of the W.H.O. would control the US and other nations. How beguiling!)

    Pierre Kory MD , The Suffering Of Covid-19 Vaccine Injury Syndrome Patients Within Our Current Medical System
    ​ Having spent over 18 months treating patients with Covid vaccine injury syndrome, I feel it important to describe what I am seeing, how I am treating, and how well (or not) it is working.
    ​..Scott and I have now seen well over 900 patients who are chronically ill after receiving the Covid-19 mRNA injections or suffering with Long Haul Covid (a.k.a. PASC – post-acute sequelae of Covid). I would estimate the breakout of our patient population at this point is approximately 70% Post-vaccine syndrome (“Long Vax”) vs. 30% Long Covid syndrome (the ratio was flipped when we first went into practice).
    ​ Given the two syndromes are so similar, this validates that the presence of circulating or tissue embedded spike protein is the main pathogenic cause (pathogenic = originating or producing disease), as evidenced in this masterful comprehensive review paper detailing the innumerable pathophysiologic abnormalities triggered by the spike protein which lead to myriad damages to a number of organ systems.
    ​ For simplicity, the following description of these “spike-protein induced disease syndromes” will focus on those who became chronically ill after Covid-19 mRNA injections, although Long Covid is nearly identical. I say nearly because there are two main differences that I see as a clinician: in Long Covid, persistent post-Covid pulmonary lung disease occurs in a minority (i.e. the rare-ish condition called “organizing pneumonia”).​..
    ..Second, in vaccine injury syndrome the patients are on average sicker than Long Covid given their much higher incidence and severity of neuropathic symptoms and dysautonomia…
    ..Their decline in ability to function due to fatigue and post-exertional malaise is so large that most of them meet the definition of disabled given they can no longer work (or play) and in many cases their spouses, parents, and friends now need to care for them. Again, this is in stark contrast to the roles they used to enjoy as breadwinners, parents, care-takers, leaders at work or in their community etc.
    On a daily basis, we see first-hand the reality of the government data showing explosive rises in disability claims since the vaccine roll-out…
    ..Myalgic Encephalitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is the disease that the post-vaccine injury syndrome most closely resembles. Although the diversity and severity of the symptom burden following spike protein exposure sets it apart from traditional ME/CFS, the two are much more alike than different…
    ​..Despite its high prevalence and disabling nature, medical education programs rarely cover ME/CFS and guidance for practicing clinicians is often outdated and inappropriate
    ​ This is even more tragically accurate for those with Covid vaccine injury syndrome (“Long Vax”) as this condition does not even exist in the published literature that I am aware of, nor are any system physicians taught about the immense diversity in pathologic destruction wrought by circulating spike protein, a.k.a. “spikeopathy.”​ …
    ​..Standard tests typically return normal results, and some clinicians are wholly unaware of or question the legitimacy of ME/CFS. Consequently, up to 91% of affected people are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other conditions, such as depression.
    ​ I cannot over-emphasize how damaging the frequent lack of positive findings on standard tests is to the plight of the vaccine injured. I ask my readers to contemplate for a moment what the situation described above is like for a Covid vaccine-injured patient. Imagine seeking care from a physician, relating all of your suffering from a myriad of symptoms (a suffering which is often immense – and that is coming from yours truly, a critical care specialist) yet they can “find nothing actionably wrong with you” in terms of bloodwork, EKG, chest-x-ray, CT, MRI etc. As a result of the willful or benign ignorance of the syndrome, they then refer you to psychiatry or label you with the insane diagnosis of “functional neurologic disorder,” the definition of which, to me, is essentially that “it is all in your head.” …
    ..Now add to the above situation one of a patient who claims to a system physician that their suffering was caused by.. wait for it.. the Covid vaccine. Then imagine doing this smack dab in the middle of a global psy-ops military counter-measure driven propaganda campaign supporting the vaccine as “safe and effective.”
    ​ That campaign was highly successfully directed at system physicians via peer-reviewed literature published in high-impact medical journals concluding over and over that the vaccines were “safe and effective” (even for pregnant women who were never studied). This is a perfect storm for what a doctor would describe later as a “particularly difficult encounter with a patient.”
    ​ But the patient experience is far worse and much more damaging given the propagandized doctor subjects them to the most severe forms of “medical gaslighting”…
    ​..The most terrifyingly sad are the countless anecdotes of system doctors, who, at the end of the visit, encouraged my patients… to get a booster. No wonder Americans are fleeing the system in droves…
    ​..One recent and somewhat encouragingly honest quote by a doctor was told to me by a patient who visited a neurologist at Scripps in California. After she told the doctor that her incessant and refractory facial spasms were caused by the vaccine, the doc replied “Our whole practice is full of vaccine injuries but we are not allowed to talk about it.”​…
    ..I define a complication of the Covid vaccine as an injury that generally results in “single organ dysfunction” developing in temporal association to the vaccine. Examples of single organ injuries include cases of myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attack, stroke, aortic dissection, vision/hearing loss/tinnitus etc.​.. The list also includes dementia and other progressive, deteriorating neurologic diseases, rare and typical cancers, turbo cancers, auto-immune conditions, immunodeficiencies etc…
    ..What our practice specializes in are patients with Covid vaccine injury syndrome, which I define as “a constellation of symptoms that develop in temporal association to the vaccine.” The constellation of symptoms is strikingly similar to ME/CFS however there are a number of novel and unique aspects that I address in the second post of this series…

    ​Pierre Kory MD , The Symptom Burden of Post-Covid Vaccine Injury Syndrome
    ​ Nearly every patient I have seen who becomes chronically ill after the vaccine presents with three “core” symptoms alongside a highly varied “side list” of diverse symptomatology. These three core symptoms are part of the established diagnostic criteria for the disease called Myalgic Encephalitis/Chronic Fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) ​… ​ The core symptoms are nearly identical to ME/CFS however the “side list” of symptoms is much more diverse and severe such that sometimes the accompanying symptoms are far more debilitating than the core symptoms.
    ​ The three “core” symptoms of vaccine injury syndrome are as follows (I estimate 95% of my patients have all three, and when one is missing it is usually the brain fog which might spare 5% of my patients):
    ​ Fatigue – daily, often debilitating, and new. Patients awaken with a physical sensation of not having the energy to do normal activities or they need to lie down frequently in order to feel OK. They feel best when doing very little and, at least initially, are often bed-bound for varying periods of time, sometimes prolonged.
    ​ Post-exertional malaise (PEM) – this is when exertion or activity (often minimal) exacerbates their fatigue, but exertion can also worsen many other symptoms as well, causing “flares” of misery. Note that in many, shockingly little exertion is required to trigger suffering, such as going to the curb to pick up mail from the mailbox which then leads them to have to lie in bed for two hours after. Anytime they surpass their individual exertional limit it leads to a further reduction in functioning and an increase in suffering. Note this “limit” varies among patients and varies over time. Some can get through a work-day but then are “demolished” when they come home in a way they had never before experienced. Further, the triggering “exertions” can be physical, cognitive, orthostatic, emotional, or sensory (like loud, crowded environments). Patients often describe their experience of PEM as “having to pay for it” in terms of fatigue and suffering over the next day(s) and sometimes week (s) each time they over-exert. Another sad aspect of PEM is that, after weeks to months of being housebound or bed-bound, patients sometimes push themselves to go out and do social or physical activities just to experience a more stimulating and fulfilling life. Then they “pay the price” for days to weeks after. Yet they do it again because the alternative of staying in the house or bedroom chronically is so depressing.
    ​ “Brain Fog” – new and varied cognitive deficits. In order below, from least bothersome to worst:
    ​ New word-finding difficulties when speaking (sometimes leaving patients embarrassed in public conversations). For example if they want someone to pass them a cup, they will say “Can you pass me that “….” (i.e. they can’t find the word “cup” in their thoughts).
    ​ Worsened short-term memory – forgetting where keys are, why they went into a room, forgetting an important step in a task or most disturbingly, completely forgetting something that was told to them earlier (especially by a spouse which is a no-no :).
    ​ Impairment in execution of tasks – when emptying a dishwasher, they put things in the wrong place or forget what they are supposed to do in the middle of a multi-step task. One memorable anecdote is when a patient told me they were driving and suddenly stopped 40 feet before a red light crosswalk and did not know why. Perhaps this is why car accidents resulting from sudden medical episodes have been skyrocketing since Covid and the global vaccine campaign (here, here, and here).
    ​ Inability to sustain focus or concentration, often further triggering post-exertional malaise in that exerting too much mental energy makes them tired or worsens their other symptoms (headache, vision disturbances, dizzyness, etc.) so much that they no longer dare to continue focusing on the task or on a screen.
    ​ Disorientation to time/place/person, hallucinations etc. This kind of severity is rare and typically occurs more acutely and then resolves, however we have had patients where this persisted for some time.

    ​ This article from Zero Hedge originated at Epoch Times, and discusses a recent MIT study showing nerve cells to be infected with COVID strains and actually releasing spike protein in a certain laboratory analogy of “long COVID” (such a study can be funded).
    The article then makes the cognitive-perspective adjustment That this is more common after mRNA vaccination where nerve cells may commonly be entered by the lipid-micelles containing the mRNA, which induces them to produce and release the “alpha” spike protein described in Wuhan for 6 months (maybe longer) in some cases.
    Treatments such as Ivermectin, Nattokinase and NAC help to clear spike protein from the bloodstream, but do not shorten the period of time that cells containing modified mRNA continue to produce the pathogenic spike protein.

    John Day

    ​FLCCC has the I-RECOVER Post Vaccine Syndrome treatment protocols outlined here, with full 50 page (or so) download available:

    I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment

    ​ “Not A Good Decision For Young People” – Florida Surgeon-General Snubs FDA ‘COVID Boosters-For-All’ Guidance
    ​ Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo said in a statement that the vaccines “are not backed by clinical evidence, but blind faith alone with ZERO regard for widespread immunity.”


    Put me down for #1 Fatigue and #2 Post-exertional malaise (PEM). Blood pressure goes too low and cause/results in dizzyness.


    Immigrant/refugees are escaping from unlivable conditions.


    And we’re back!


    And we’re back!

    The Markster

    Robert Bridge says Portland endured “100 days” of riots in 2020.

    In fact there was basically nonstop rioting, vandalism, arson, assault and battery of police, counter-protestors and media, intimidation, doxxing, looting, and even murder (Aaron J. Danielson, RIP) from late May 2020 through late November 2021. Which is nineteen months, over 1.5 years not just a single summer, or for about 575 days.

    This 19 month armed insurrectionary BLM-Antifa struggle session destroyed the commercial office, retail and hospitality sector in Downtown Portland, a shoe that is still in the process of dropping. Artless, vulgar graffiti covers gorgeous streetcar-era terra Cotta, sandstone, brick and iron buildings that had survived the entire century beforehand without a single blemish. Bronze public statues of Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, and a Pioneer Family with a toddler and a bible art still down and hiding to avoid the unquenchable wrath of the leftist mob. Multnomah County lost population last year for the first time since 1981. Russian vodka cannot be sold in the state-run liquor stores, the OHA still has their “safe and effective” propaganda up online, and Nazis in Ukraine is a MAGA talking point. Ah, beautiful leftist and “progressive” Portland! 🤡. So much progress! 💩

    Dr. D

    “ Why Has a Useless Cold Medication Been Allowed on Shelves for Years?
    Studies prove that popular decongestants just don’t work.” — The Atlantic

    Because medicine. Next article “The Atlantic” will be why Pharma never lies, no one’s died of Vioxx and Zantac and Statins, and we believe everything they say. Or else, you Science Denier!!! Pharma are useless, fraudulent villains but ALSO totally honest and more trustworthy than Mother Theresa and the Pope. I’ll arrest you if you say otherwise!!!

    (Otherwise? Which one? Whichever you feel like that day? Oh nevermind.)

    House Democrats Threaten To Keep Government Open “ –Bbee

    “There’d be a shortage of sand”, yes and now Chicago is going to take over and run the grocery stores. Remember this was one of the first platforms of the nascent Nazi party as well? …Not that it isn’t for other parties too. But the point of this system is “Balance of Powers”, that way corporations can be balanced by Government, as they have rival interests. When they unite into a single interest, then Mansanto is your government and owns a monopoly on violence too. For their dumping of pesticides and selling of food. This is the small end where it starts, and yes, just watching them lose money every year and be run sh—y is funny and not much harm. …Until like WalMart they run all other grocers out of businesses and you can no longer get food except at the company store of Peabody Coal.

    You can vote your way into that, but you can’t vote your way out of it, and things get violent. Just like in 1900 and 1930 when we tried it then too. That event was a backdrop of hardship and similar struggle and event nationwide.

    Guess what? Rockefeller mines were more profitable when he paid and helped the workers. More profit when he put out profit, or capital, just like when you buy better machine tools, create better floors, rails, and elevators on the assembly line.

    “Universe 25” = Mice Utopia experiments.

    Yes, and they’ve been telling us for generations. There’s a SciFi called “Sea of Glass” where they plan to reduce population, but only all at once. Using AI they very carefully put each and every human in the location and situation that is specifically worst and most agitating and violence-creating for them. Then on Zero Day, they set off the dominoes and like “The Purge” – another such – everyone just goes into a non-stop killing frenzy solving the problems of the world social engineers like Watson of Brave New World (I think). Looking at that, I found this:

    “Lenina Crowne, a young, beautiful fetus technician at the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. She is a Beta who enjoys being a Beta. She is a vaccination worker with beliefs and values that are in line with a citizen of the World State. She is part of the 30% of the female population that are not freemartins (sterile women). Lenina is promiscuous and popular but somewhat quirky in her society: she had a four-month relation with Henry Foster, choosing not to have sex with anyone but him for a period of time. She is basically happy and well-conditioned, using [Zoloft] to suppress unwelcome emotions…”

    They are an Alien Ant Farm, not realizing the human species is acutely ill-suited to creating a Queen Bee, 5 genders, and assigning it all at birth, or via a PSAT test somewhere. Like Thanos, they COULD use their AI and super power to assign each person to a location of perfect happiness and lead to the stars like “Foundation for Empire”, but instead have dreary, dismal, and total lack of imagination and so kill everyone instead.

    In reality, why? They hate human beings completely. With a tireless, burning, eternal passion that is truly boundless. Now WHY they hate us so entirely is a point of speculation, and there have been many stories and religions based on it, with the story of fallen angels acutely mad that not only have THEY fallen from God, but WE, this cockroach-vermin, are BETTER THAN THEY ARE, and will someday ascend to angels and take their place. …Which does seem likely, btw, both from our inner capacity, and from what we can discern from their own motives and actions over the centuries.

    So they want to kill man, because man has the face of God and is made in his image. And somewhat sharing God’s power for creation. They may not be able to reach God and punch him, but they can kill us instead and make God watch. …Yeah, really eternally, infinitely, acutely small-minded. And we have to deal with it, which is doing us a lot of good since it’s THEIR pressure that makes us advance so rapidly. Thanks. …I think.

    Thoughts on “Universe 25” a utopia that wasn’t. If humans have no pressure, no goals, no focus, no HARDSHIP, they just fall apart.

    Why bring it up:
    “For over 100 days the protesters kept Portland residents under a state of siege, as Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler seemed unwilling or unable to halt the violence.”

    Yeah, ‘cause it’s not an accident. Like Chuck Manson, he’s TRYING to start a nationwide “Purge” event. They “All” are, hundreds of mayors, DAs and other guys in the Club and written in. That’s a “Who Are You” test for America. Will we fall into violence and attack each other like the vermin they say we are? Or will we rise up like men and restore our Nation Under God?

    Gosh boys, looks like you lost that one…again. Losing losers who lose.

    “yet another historic display of pent-up passions as thousands of disaffected Trump supporters descended upon the Capitol Building in Washington, DC to express their outrage over an election they believed had been stolen.

    Really? Is that what happened? When all those people were paid Federal Agents in the thousands? How can you tell until they release who was there? And they’re so innocent and there were so few agents there that they refuse to admit the records…even to Congress? They’re so innocent they prefer to commit an open and egregious crime that could get them fired rather than open the books and prove to Congress they’re all innocent. Huh. That is not suspicious at all.

    the only person to suffer a violent death on January 6 was a protester named Ashli Babbitt, a 36-year-old military veteran. A Capitol Police officer shot her in the neck, 

    Really? Is that what happened? Because there was a thimble of blood for someone bleeding from the neck, odd. She’s a person from the military, odd. And the person next to her – the whole area, who certainly had some medics – pull out one bandaid. Huh.

    How about this: she was one of the agitators; they need a riot. So they stab her in the neck with a syringe, not knowing SHE is the collateral damage of the day. Sorry, miss, serve your country by dying for your FBI handlers. When she goes down, the people should be so inflamed by a woman getting killed they bum-rush the guards and make a mess. …But again, they don’t. It doesn’t reach the threshold. Same as we saw in the Russian Revolution, or heck, “Four dead in Ohio,” where people think the shots came from off-camera. Wouldn’t you arrange it that way and murder some poor sap? I would. But I wouldn’t be a dummy about what state the Right was in, and that they are NOT in the “riot blindly” state…yet. Like drug them through the air vents or something will ya? Don’t just fail like the failures you are in F-Stan and Ukraine and everywhere you walk.

    sentenced to 22 years in prison for plotting to keep Trump in power by force filing legal paperwork  after he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden.”

    “• Trump Decries ‘Double Standard’ in Documents Case (ET)

    Yes but Muh Trump, so it’s all okay now.

    “Ms. Clinton smashed her cell phones and destroyed tens of thousands of emails after receiving a congressional subpoena,”

    As did the FBI and DoJ again just now. They probably have ten recorded requests they’re refusing feloniously right now. But they so don’t care, they made a bumper sticker mocking the very IDEA, the very NOTION of equal behavior, equal standards under any law at all. It’s called “But her emails” and it goes next to the “Get over it. He lost. (And you’re in a cult)” bumper sticker. Like I said, no imagination, only imitation. They – the fallen ones – are not creative, they are minions. Creativity, “creation”, comes from God. Which I think is why they hate women with such blinding fury: they are the ultimate creators, and also the ultimate lovers in the “I Love” sense.

    “gave X ten days to submit Trump’s data“

    WTF? They feel it’s an improper warrant, but aren’t allowed to take it even to court? And are punished a quarter million for following legal process? I guess it’s illegal to follow the law now. “Don’t ask questions. Do what you’re told.”

    “Why did Western analysts get Russia so wrong? “

    Because they WANT to. This was true of Cheney’s “Team B” of “The crazies in the basement” printing that the USSR was about to take over the planet about a year before they collapsed. “Buy Buy Buy” (Cheney’s, Halliburton’s arms) Same now: the CONCLUSION is, we WANT what you own, like Rocket Raccoon. We WANT it more than the other guy. So we ARE going to invade and steal it. That’s the conclusion, so we just work backwards from there.

    How does it happen? Easy. Been happening for 100 years now, no mystery. Sachs even points out that this is Britain’s EXACT REPLAY of the 1850 Crimean War. Eighteen – uh, FITTY. Jesus guys, GET A NEW PLAN. For the love of God, THINK UP SOMETHING NEW, you’re killing us down here. That’s not even in this CENTURY. That’s like running a plan from the MIDDLE AGES.

    Anyway, yeah, the British Empire, the inheritor of the Roman Empire, as sort of merged and directing the World Empire, “Oceana”, mostly the Anglos, powered by the United States. Here the U.S. still playing out things older than Queen f-ing Victoria. Puh-lease stop: you’re insane.

    Won’t post, splitting.

    Dr. D

    ““forcing people into uniform inside the country that are not really capable of fighting”

    Yes but that was all of them. The first army was barely coherent as they tried to merge Eastern and NATO approaches, but at least they trained 10k/year for 8 years after the U.S. illegal coup.(of Nazis). That army was destroyed in the first 5 months. No jets, no planes, no tanks, no trucks, all bye-bye, gone, vaporized, vanished, no more. Every single person since then is NOT TRAINED. Yes, they drop them on boot camp, but that’s not training, ask every military manager. You can START there, they still need specific weapons specialties, open exercises on that, not reading a manual (in a language you don’t speak), and then to be integrated into the existing forces. That’s a year, 18 months? To have a BADLY working army of greenhorns?

    Okay, again, essentially no one fighting this past year was a soldier in the high terms. They’re just some guy in costume, and it shows.

    ““If anything, it is going to persuade the Russians that they must attack and attack decisively to the West,” 

    Yes, and they, like Sachs and Meirscheimer point out that go ahead and drop the entire Kersh bridge. It makes no difference to the outcome of the war. Do this, do that, it makes no difference to the outcome of the war. Nothing Ukraine or the U.S. can do makes any difference to the outcome of the war. So. Um. Why do it?

    Did I just say? They lack all imagination. They’re running a plan from Eighteen-Forty. They’re incapable of seeing what’s going on, much less adapting to it and setting a new plan.

    “• Ukrainian Army Lost 9 Out of Every 10 Troops – Conscription Officer (RT)”

    Doesn’t matter. Nothing will ever matter again. Lacking all #Reality and all imagination, they just keep doing the same thing, like the Alien Ants, their Alien Ant Farm Overlords would have them be.

    “NATO, in accordance with its new defense plans, can deploy 300,000 soldiers in the first month of a potential attack”

    What does Russia call 300k NATO soldiers? A: A speed bump.

    3.5 Million? What did I just say above? Are they ALREADY trained, ALREADY on base integrated with their units? No? Of course not? Then they’re just some civilians in costume, buddy. All Europe is Touro-Disney, as Kunstler says.

    “Kiev will respond if EU countries decide to impose unilateral restrictions on Ukrainian grain”

    Really? You and whose army, Ze?

    “the one he didn’t touch now turns out to be a Russian collaborator?!

    Yes but like here “Collaborator” now means “He said a Russian word once.”

    “181 billion of European money” has been spent on supporting Kiev”

    So we’re at combined $300 Billion or a third of a Trillion??? And they can’t get 1 mile into the first line? #Winning!!!

    …The whole AutomaticEarth went 404 at Sun Sep 17 11:42:40 2023 UTC

    Dr. D

    There are rumors of a “Big Event” out there. Like 1 month out. I dunno. I don’t feel nothin’, but then I though 911 was a zero, a small house fire in relevance, so don’t listen to me.

    Clues: it’s a real even that will be covered as something else, like a meteor strike. May be why they’ve been releasing “Aliens” lately. People will be up their butts about it immediately as it’s too big to hide. Something like hammering away at the big bunker at Cheyenne? To get one side or other of the Civil War out? It will probably be the thing that they’ve been levitating the market for, and thus let it fall. (Not our fault! Muh Act of God!)

    I can’t see that, but I CAN see all these 50 dominoes set up like Ukraine, Taiwan, markets, etc That’s not an accident.

    How about this too: So….this thing happens. Takes out, I dunno, San Diego Naval base. The “Act of God” cover doesn’t work since they have no imagination and like 1M cell cameras on every point on earth. So we find out it was the “Other” side in the Civil War they won’t admit, i.e. the CIA Derp State. Then The Pentagon goes and arrests Obama, Biden, Congress, and anyone else they feel like AND POINT TO THIS.

    “Hey Jack-ss, you can’t go NUKING cities with orbital SPACE WEAPONS and think you can get away with it”. Markets crash, Trump’s not the cause, and we clean house. Make their case to the American people as why — when they’re NIKING CITIES — the Pentagon had no choice but to step in to politics, call a time out, arrest open traitors, and run martial law until the election can be held.

    Why? Well, they keep building tension for years now. But never any events? Nothing ever happens…EVER? …That can’t be right.

    Okay? There are some ideas. Let’s see if they can suspend all precession of time FOREVER, and who is really God here. Jah, or Blinken. I’ll take the under on Blinken.


    “And we’re back!” So nice you said it twice!

    And so this was only shortly relevant:

    I get it. I own it. I’m sad to admit:
    I’m addicted to doom porn! I’m having a fit!
    My fix has been vanished – and others won’t do
    I’m addicted to doom porn. Perhaps you are, too?

    The warm hearted stuff at the end makes up for it a bit, and it isn’t Ilargi’s fault. The world seems it’s stuck in a doom-loop. I just like to keep up, and this is the place to do it.


    Glad to see TAE is back online.

    Found this which may be of interest: Chris Hedges interviews Craig Murray re: Assange. “The ‘slow motion execution’ of Julian Assange”.

    Veracious Poet

    ​ “Not A Good Decision For Young People” – Florida Surgeon-General Snubs FDA ‘COVID Boosters-For-All’ Guidance

    Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo said in a statement that the vaccines “are not backed by clinical evidence, but blind faith alone with ZERO regard for widespread immunity.”

    Who cares about “clinical evidence” (or for that matter a few thousand/million lives here & there), when there are billion$ upon billion$ of rapacious *profits* to be extracted by sociopath mercenaries on behalf of The UniParty GlobalCap Empire?!?

    Thinning the herd is not only a win-win for the fascist corp(se)-o-rate/government complex ~ In case you weren’t aware, the MIC has been transmogrified into a *HUGE* money laundering operation 😐

    When you’re printing trillion$ of Money For Nuthin’ (so you can get Chicks For Free), the fraudsters have to devise multiple, complex, intertwined artifices to keep all that *booty* movin’, ie without Velocity of Currency you’re a dead duck.

    Shuffling the deck full of grubbers, deplorables and/or useless eaters is the pawns are for, don’t cha know 😉

    Oh, you didn’t know that a primary function of Medical Industrial Complex was currency washing?

    I have a vast circle of friends, family & acquaintances from SoCal to Gotham, what I’ve witnessed over the last decade since O’Biden Care was launched is a literal bonanza of *profligate* medical spending on The People that defies the Laws of Economics, not that I care, I see it as a feature not-a-bug…

    Low to Middle Income “citizens” are having million$ spent on “health care”, in many cases for end-of-life care, with carte blanche granted to “providers” willing to Simply Follow The Orders of The Narrative.

    Case in point: My mother came down with late stage lung cancer JAN 2019, at which time I assumed her affairs, jumping from grossly incompetent “health” care, to reptilian unfeeling “medical professionals”, to finally an oncology group that knew which end was up…

    By the time mom passed FEB 2022 I estimate at least 2.5 million was circulated into the “economy” ~ Again, not complaining, but she probably only earned a million of so over her lifetime.

    Thanks JPM/Da Fed/U$T!!!

    I could list dozens of similar examples, just from people I know (like liver medicine/transplants et al. for hepatitis infected IV addicts, #2 for one so far) ~ Perhaps the not-a-vax is just another business scheme to keep the $$$ wa$hing machine purring?!?

    Not a stretch, given The UniParty GlobalCap Imperial modus operandi, at least for me 😉

    More than one way to extract human capital from those unable/unwilling to contribute enough to make the books balance, nuthin’ but a *HUGE* ponzi scheme, which should be surprising for a Mafioso CULTure, from TOP-TO-BOTTOM…

    Not saying there aren’t People that create more than extract during their finite time dodging Collective EG0ic Madness, h3ll my wife & I paid enough income/SSI taxes to keep several welfare bandits flu$h & finance toyz of war for the neocon/neolib incubus, which is why I’m grateful that ridiculous amounts of $$$ were expended giving us the unearned gift of 2+ years with Mom that wouldn’t have happened without no holds barred medical care + a $500 per day miracle drug (Tagrisso).

    So long O’Biden, thanks! for the fi$h!

    Upon prayer, meditation & reflection today I realized that I should be grateful to have lived during an age (artificial, or not) where We The People had the *choice* to experience the truly last vestiges of liberty, prosperity & peace as a result of winning WWII & the exceptional creativity + work of my peers ~The opportunities for self-determination & advancement, for a time, were boundless, the standards of living amazing…

    I am sorry that pathological monsters arose to pervert the American Experiment into a *huge* Ponzi Scheme nightmare, but I was never part of that, nor would/did I approve ~ The political/CULTural machinations were beyond my control 😐

    When I did become aware, 3 decades ago, of the real reality of Machiavellian apparatchiks & academics pandering to the Lowest Common Denominator of sociopath wanton dysfunction, which back then was only starting to manifest, I did try to help…

    But, it was too little, too late 😐


    Veracious Poet

    What are the most prominent signs that a person may be a sociopath?
    ~ Ignoring right and wrong.
    ~ Telling lies to take advantage of others.
    ~ Not being sensitive to or respectful of others.
    ~ Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or pleasure.
    ~ Having a sense of superiority and being extremely opinionated.
    ~ Having problems with The Law, including criminal behavior.

    Peace be with you.

    Michael Reid

    Transhumanism Special on the War Room

    We discuss the growing rise of transhumanism and the want of omnipotence.
    Our guests are: Joe Allen, Patrick Wood, James Poulos, Mark Jeftovic

    Michael Reid

    Transhumanism Special on the War Room

    We discuss the growing rise of transhumanism and the want of omnipotence.
    Our guests are: Joe Allen, Patrick Wood, James Poulos, Mark Jeftovic

    https://rumble. com/votcwb-episode-1394-the-transhumanist-revolution.html

    https://rumble. com/vote5l-episode-1395-the-transhumanist-revolution-pt.-2.html

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