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    Former Polish Defense Minister Blaszczak Revealed Top Secret Info About Polish Army’s [War Games] Defeat

    Polish jokes write themselves.

    He’s revealing that Poland got their ass kicked in simulated war games against Russia and lost 40% of their territory in short order. NATO=NAZIS were cucks, almost useless ‘allies’. (ALL LIES)

    “Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, as a PR campaign, revealed top-secret information about the Polish army.

    We are talking about a plan for a large-scale retreat of the Polish Army across the Vistula River in the event of a Russian invasion.

    The Polish military has already planned to surrender 40% of the country’s territory in the event of war.

    It is also noted that in 2011, NATO forces took up to 14 days to deploy an international military contingent on Polish territory and begin resisting the Russian invasion.

    During these two weeks, the Polish Army had to independently restrain the enemy, gaining time.

    When simulating similar combat operations in 2020 during the Winter-20 staff exercises, disappointing results were obtained:

    On the fifth day of the virtual conflict, “the enemy was on the Vistula line, battles were going on for Warsaw, strategic ports were blocked or captured. ”

    As a result of the exercises, Polish aviation and navy were destroyed, despite NATO support.”

    The machine translation is terrible but you’ll muddle through.

    John Day

    F-35 might have been cyber-attacked. Military planes grounded.

    Prob’ly just a big overreaction, right?

    John Day

    The Maine Medical Board still has Dr. Nass’ license suspended, though they cannot assert that any of her patients complained, or that she harmed any patient. They have invented shortcomings and arranged hurdles for her to rehabilitate herself under supervision to regain licensure, which they never had any legal justification to suspend.
    They appear to be locked-into their narrative, divorced from factual reality, hanging-together, groupthinking.


    The whole world runs on mystic magic hebrewbanker money, printed out of thin air, backed by jackshit. That’s why they want you dead, goy, the fires, floods, injections, DEWS, busted dams, train derailments. This whole Godforsaken clusterfuck is over, done. Gangsternose cannot rule this world. God and nature will not allow it.


    Denninger won’t be voting for RFK jr …


    Bill Gates up to his old tricks again, killing children for money …

    Veracious Poet

    Some random thunker:

    so prime minstrel trudeau has blue eyes. both pierre and maggie have blue eyes.

    don fidel has brown eyes. his father, don ángel was born a poor galician, and his mother, lina, a poor canarian. not many blue eyes there.

    it is possible that justin’s eyes did pop out of some recessive backwater, but very unlikely.

    My youngest brother (step) is a blue-eyed towhead, whose parents were:

    Father ~ German/Choctaw mix, brown hair/eyes, medium complexion, native american skin, german build, mostly hairless except for head (almost no beard), 6′ 2″.

    Mother ~ English/Irish/Prussian/African mix, brown hair/eyes, light mulatto complexion/skin, euro build, 5′ 7′”.

    My mom’s first kids, my sister & I (same dad), have green eyes, euro build & skin, 5′ 6″ & 6′ 3″.

    The most striking resemblance that stepbrother exhibits is facial, 50/50 mom/dad + his father’s build, to a tee…

    Only the Prime Merchandiser’s mommy knows for sure 😉

    Anyways, who gives a flock?

    Clearly The People love, love, LOVE! their *celebrity* dictators, just ask ol’ Fidel.

    Veracious Poet

    Oh, my middle brother (step) has brown hair/eyes 5″ 9″, looks just like his strikingly handsome blue-eyed towhead dad (excluding hair/eye color), who was a Polish/German/English mix…

    But let’s keep chatting up non-sequiturs! 😉

    Perhaps that’ll alleviate the *torture* of watching Western Civ circle-the-drain of the Lowest Common Denomitor ~ Where whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy— is polemically attacked & dragged into the public square & beat into a fleshy pile of rubbish 😐

    Reminds me of this adage, from the collapse of the French Liberal Empire, following the Franco-Prussian War of 1870:

    The Prussian military education system was superior to the French model; Prussian staff officers were trained to exhibit initiative and independent thinking.

    The French, meanwhile, suffered from an education and promotion system that stifled intellectual development.

    According to the military historian Dallas Irvine, the (French Liberal) system was almost completely effective in excluding the army’s brain power from the staff and high command.

    To the resulting lack of intelligence at the top can be ascribed all the inexcusable defects of French military policy.



    Two things that confirm Justin’s Father was Pierre.

    1. Neither were very good at math and both ran new record deficits while in power.

    2, Both quickly and successfully wore out their welcome on the international stage. The only country still welcoming Pierre, in the end was Cuba. Justin is proving to be even better at this than his father.

    John Day

    @Aspnaz: I read the Denninger piece. He misstates RFK Jr’s stance on climate change, which is that it is mainly being used to manipulate people, and that just fighting pollution is the main thing. He is not taking the impossible stance, though he did seem to 10 years ago. He has revised and clarified his position this year.

    Veracious Poet


    My mom’s first kids, my sister & I (same dad), have green eyes, euro build & skin, 5′ 6″ & 6′ 3″.

    In my haste, I *incorrectly* described my full blood, estranged sister (she’s a nut job that hates me because I didn’t give her $$$ like I did our mother):

    Strawberry blond 5′ 6″ with blue eyes & freckles, euro farm girl build, which I don’t have (different skin type/build altogether) ~ I have green eyes (just like my maternal grandmother, who had Africanized features), brown curly hair 6′ 3″, very strong athletic/gymnast build 😉

    Father ~ Scottish/Dutch/English/Cherokee mix, brown hair/eyes, medium build 6′ 0″.

    Mother ~ English/Irish/Prussian/African mix, brown hair/eyes, light mulatto complexion/skin, euro build, 5′ 7′”.

    Just thort I’d add that bit of superfluous noise 😉


    ADL summoning Netanyahu to visit Musk is very interesting, especially within one week of Musk threatening to sue ADL. Confirming out suspicions that ADL is part of the Israeli government and, being powerful enough to summon their prime minister, you would have to assume it must be a part of their security services.

    Was the purpose to let Musk know that taking on ADL was the same as taking on Israel, a soft threat? Or was the purpose more direct, to warn Musk not to risk his life by threatening Israel’s control over the USA? I am sure it was a very interesting meeting, I am also sure we will never find out what was really said, although I am sure Netanyahu’s people left behind a few bugs to listen in on Musk’s future meetings.


    Some interesting background on the ADL …


    @John Day That is not what he is saying. He blames oil for plastic pollution and has declared his aim to put an absolute stop to the production of plastic. He is insane both on oil and on Israel …


    RFK jr says

    I will ban fracking, which provides the feedstock for most of the plastics produced in the U.S.,

    Note that he is no going to just ban the production of plastics, he is going to ban the production of oil. Modern life cannot continue without oil, we need oil for pretty much everything. RFK jr is hiding behind plastics polution as a way to implement his true goal, which is the banning of oil and has always been the banning of oil, just look at his long history of trying to ban oil.

    As Denninger points out, electricity uses insulators to cover wires, they are made of plastic, what is RFK jr going to do to replace all that plastic?

    RFK jr obviously thinks it is possible to ban oil and continue living as we are but without oil, but he has not enlightened us as to his policies to cope with no fertiliser, no electricity, no pumped water and all the other services we depend on and which are directly powered by oil. What will Kennedy be doing to provide all the stuff oil provides? Nothing. Kennedy is a con man, he is pushing the same anti-oil bullshit as Biden.

    John Day

    @Aspnaz: Thanks for the reply. Fracking produces “oil”, not Oil. Hydraulic fracturing coaxes natural gas and “natural gas liquids” out of base rock, but not something you can make Diesel out of, lightweight stuff.
    I don’t know what plastics are made from what feedstocks. I presume there is a range, and most of the processes are pre-fracking, so using heavy crude or synthesizing carbon chains up from natural gas. Guessing.
    Kennedy did have to get more realistic about “climate” before anything else in his campaign in March and April, and he did so.
    Fracking is pretty evil for what it does to well water, which is to poison it, etc. “Banning fracking” could mean a lot of things, couldn’t it. A ban on new drilling would be fine at this point. I don’t think there is much left undrilled, and it could all be drilled by 2025.
    Fracking activity in the area we drivve weekly fell to nothing in 2020-2021, tracking the price of oil. It is ho-hum these days (Eagleford Shale play).
    Yes, we eat Oil. We live Oil, .but not so much “oil”, which fracking supplies


    @John Day

    RFK jr buys into the climate crisis. You will know from my previous comments here on TAE that I do not buy into that crisis. Of course, he couches it in terms of billionaires and WEF taking advantage etc, but he is in favour of moving away from a carbon based economy, away from oil and coal. He just thinks it should be market driven … which makes no sense because otherwise politicians would not need to get involved, so what he is really saying is that he would introduce regulations to make it “market driven”.

    I note that he is not willing to commit on CO2, saying in the past that there was no evidence of CO2 being the driver for climate change, yet he buys into all the anti-CO2 policies: why do we need to move away from a carbon based economy if the cause is not CO2?

    As for oil and Oil. I do not distinguish the two because either tells you all you need to know about RFK jr. I do not distinguish between US Oil and Saudi Oil, because both are a target for RFK jr. He is anti oil/Oil, always has been and will continue his war on oil and Oil. I have read of some of the things he has done in the past and, as actions count more than words, I believe he is just another authoritarian itching to control the world. What makes me even more suspicious of the guy is that he is not revealing the impossibility of his policies, the impossibility of a carbon free economy, he is not announcing how this is possible; he is going to take lifestyle services away from the average person and he will not replace them.

    He is also anti nuclear, again he does not address the topic directly, he says he will support it if it can be made safe. I can see that is bullshit as we all know that nothing is safe, but nuclear has a huge history of being “relatively safe”, he supports a lot more things that are a lot less safe than nuclear; cutting out oil is a lot less safe than nuclear. His policies are no different to any of the other political activists trying to demolish industrial society. He says it in a more roundabout way, but look at his basic policies and they are all there.

    Great excuses for why his policies mean nothing. Sorry, I don’t buy into your excuses for him. We will have to agree to disagree.

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