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    John Day

    In further news-of-John, the Federally Qualified Health Center where I work (18 cumulative years, now) is experiencing more cognitive dissonance now about my treating people with ivermectin-based-therapy.
    I have been email communicating with the Medical Director, a good human, who feels like a brother, and the Director of Adult Medicine, who is a good human and feels like a sister. I am not ethically able to do less than or other than my best for each patient. I can and will document more thoroughly that I discussed standards of care in the US (which I do contrast to India and Mexico already). I will document that. I am not averse to monoclonal antibody infusion, and have referred for it, but it is cumbersome, only helps in the first 5 days of symptoms, and can not really stand on it’s own, more as an adjunct to ivermectin et. al. I will document discussing/offering it.

    A new twist was the mention that I am prescribing ivermectin “outside of a clinical trial”. It would be easier for administration if I were enrolled in a clinical trial, it seems.
    I have just initiated communication with a doctor doing just such a trial, and enrolling physicians.
    I will chase this at least as hard as a mutt dog chases an ice-cream truck, and maybe for longer.
    We’ll see how this tack fares in the uneven winds and seas.


    My sister texted me last night about DIY quinine. Apparently, “quinine water” can be made from grapefruit rind.
    So, here is DIY malaria treatment, with other uses as well.

    Dr. D

    More my speed:

    “Brian Williams Tearfully Recounts Clinging to Outside of Airplane to Escape Kabul” –BBee

    Now why they “reflexively” not trust us?

    Greek doctors would be 180,000 doctors laid off in American terms. Will that cause problems? Nah, only for Greeks. They all die and the insurance management is doing fine, so what the problem? It’s just like Obamacare, but bigger.

    Figmund Sreud

    Here we go, … newest from Canada. From The Beaverton:
    Conspiracy confirmed: doctors made “vaccine deal” with government in order to save your life

    OTTAWA – A conspiracy theory surrounding a secret vaccine oath between Canadian doctors and the government has been confirmed, revealing medical professionals are pushing vaccinations in order to save your life.

    According to @I_BleedRednNavyBlue_Oilers4Ever, the reddit user first unearthed the conspiracy after holding his health card up to the light and discovering a hidden symbol: the smirking devil emoji. […]

    … continues at:

    Conspiracy confirmed: doctors made “vaccine deal” with government in order to save your life


    John Day

    It looks like Australia is synchronizing it’s social norms ahead of the Chinese takeover.


    userzoid- It’s the time zone thing again- the date of the post is 21 august but it showed up in august 20. Post 84781

    Your day has been hard-
    I can see in your eyes.
    There’ll be no reward
    Putting up with the lies.
    Put yourself in a comfortable place.
    See the smile on a comfortable face.
    When it feels like you’re losing the light
    I’ll be there through the night.

    My parents said know-
    Know that someone still loves you.
    You feel so alone-
    See the people around you.
    Let your tears be the sign of your heart-
    Soothing tears is a natural art;
    When it feels like you’re facing the end
    Know that I’ll be your friend.

    When life seems too hard,
    Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
    Imagine yourself
    In a place that so sweetly
    Marches on in a confidant way-
    People laugh, children joyfully play.
    There’s a place where we all get along-
    Singing our own private song.

    Turns out my mp4 was too big (6mb), so now I am trying to figure out how to compress it or even make a tinier file size by doing it again. Apple! It’s intuitive!

    Sorry Ilargi, to use your site like this, but man, when this hits the big time….!! 😉


    @ dimitri

    “ Is Malone controlled opposition?”
    My view? No. He just has trained himself to use the scientific method. Conclusions follow and are drawn from hypothesis, experimentation, and results. He doesn’t have a knee-jerk “vaccines are bad” reaction. He is not assuming vaccines are bad and then hunting every piece of evidence that supports that position and that discredits the opposite position (that is what lawyers tend to do.) And, I am sure, that for him, he will rest easier at night if there is a silver lining — a benefit — for those who have taken the mRNA vaccines that build upon technology that he pioneered.

    For me, are the vaccines bad?
    Well, they were released to the public with extremely limited safety and effectiveness data.
    When they don’t kill or injure someone in the first few weeks, they do give significant protection for several months.
    They don’t prevent infection nor transmission, so the vaccines are useless as a mass tool for public health — they can help a specific subset of the population that is at severe risk from Covid.
    Based upon this new study, the vaccines reduce the risk of long Covid. Long Covid tends to affect primarily people with additional comorbidities, suggesting again that they are useful for a small subset of the population with specific pre-existing maladies.
    Since the vaccines have a nasty habit of killing or creating significant adverse reactions that are sometimes a permanent diminishment of health in people who are otherwise healthy and who likely would have survived Covid (and avoided long Covid) with no intervention, widespread use of the vaccines by the population is foolhardy.


    userzeroid- sorry about the misspelling.

    Dr. D

    New Cure for Covid, certain to work:


    Courtesy, Armstrong,

    Previous article points out the fevered attempt to save their bailouts and market/nation breaking negative rates by using Covid to reset, print all, swap shattered pensions with a $2k UBI, etc.


    @ John Day

    My doc did not want me to tell anyone that I got an Ivermectin prescription from him. He was worried that he would be hassle with paperwork.


    @my parents – no worries! Zoid is good. Those darned kids called me that, it has a nice ring to it. I thought zeroid sounded a bit like a monsters name that could rival godzilla (hehe)

    I put down the song as best as I can (like Phoenixvoice described) so you might be able to see how it’s done. It probably isn’t exactly how you heard it but it is a darn sight closer than a EWF tune!

    Might not upload since the last one I tried attaching didn’t work but here goes


    Here’s another try on the piano-
    Thanks all.



    what are you trying to do? you can send me an audio file in an appropriate format at contact at the automatic earth dot com


    Struggling today. I wrote this in response to an email from a friend. I am thinking that it will probably not be beneficial to me to actually include it in the email. But I need to share it:

    My friend wrote:
    I suppose just as you have a right to evaluate self risk, you may face the rights of others to shun you?
    My respose:
    It sure is a good thing that the Bill of Rights protects the rights we have to shun others.  No cake-maker shall ever again be mocked for refusing to make a cake that is for a gay couple’s wedding.  The unvaccinated can stay unvaccinated, but they will not be permitted to enter any public spaces whatsoever — and they may not exercise out of doors.  The unvaccinated can use curbside pickup at libraries and hang outside them to use the wifi.  They can use pick up services rather than entering our stores and home school their children.  If anyone wants to, they can live in all-white enclaves where only English is spoken.  We can have segregated schools, segregated buses, segregated restaurants, and segregated drinking fountains.  We can have a society of rigid castes, where everyone knows their place — the unvaccinated assuredly will reside down towards the bottom.  We can remove the children of the indigenous from their parents and school them in strict boarding schools so that we can “kill the Indian but save the child” — it’s really for their benefit — they need to be Christian in order to make it into heaven.  The Nazis really had a great thing going — we can now continue the eugenists dream.  

    We do all of this so that the vaccinated never have to fear catching covid from the unvaccinated.  Instead, they will only catch covid from their fellow vaccinated folks.  This is just. Amen and amen.

    “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, deeply segregated, with liberty and justice for the vaccinated.”

    Thanks for reading.

    Mister Roboto

    I suppose just as you have a right to evaluate self risk, you may face the rights of others to shun you?

    I possess the distinct advantage of wanting to be shunned by self-important prats. 🙂


    It seems companies demanding mandates is losing steam in the US. I know my company was considering the idea but realized too many people would leave, particularly those in the plants that actually make things. Speaking with some friends at other manufacturing companies gives me the same impression. I think the reasoning is purely financial, though seeing more discussion in mainstream sources about how natural immunity is better gives me the hope that this push is fizzling.
    Based on the article on Greek doctors and nurses above as well as comments here, it seems like the healthcare industry is the loudest one still pushing for mandates.
    Anyone else seeing this lessening in their own personal experience? The opposite?

    Mr. House

    “It seems companies demanding mandates is losing steam in the US.”

    Maybe, but i think they’ll then mandate weekly testing and insurance will not cover the costs of the test. So if a test runs at 200$ and you have to do it weekly, thats a nice chunk of your paycheck. Remember, this isn’t about public health, its about compliance.

    Mr. House

    I’m in healthcare so that might only be in healthcare, but who knows. Healthcare knew back in feb of 2021 that boosters would be needed. Funny they haven’t been telling the public that. ITS ALL ABOUT PUBLIC HEALTH, WE CARES ACT ABOUT YOU 😉


    Mr. House – to your point “this isn’t about public health, its about compliance’ – perhaps healthcare needs the mandates because employees in that field are the most qualified to call bullshit.

    Mr. House

    I’d argue unless you’re a Dr. or a Nurse, you’ve got a busy work job in healthcare for the most part. I mean the people displaced by deindustrialization had to go somewhere right? Higher Ed, healthcare, FIRE, these industries have their uses, but they’ve all gone out of control with fully sanctioned .gov support. Lots of BS in healthcare that nobody calls out, hard to bite the hand that feeds.


    Speaking of quinine, I posted this before but no one replied, so I am going to give it another go:. I’ve read this study and it mentioned cinchona extract (the source of quinine) . Would it hurt to add such extract to the preventive regime along with vit D, etc etc? Any known side effects? Cheers.

    Mr. House

    Plus most people like to think of themselves as “good people”, and in our modern society a lot of the value is in your “job”, maybe that’s always been the case, i dunno. But most will never notice that things concerning their job that are bad, they’re good people! As i’ve grown as a person and held different jobs, i really began to understand better what Ward Churchill said after 9/11 when he called people in the world trade center little eichmans.

    Mr. House

    Its funny, i’ve had coworkers who were “friends” watch you get bullied on the job. They say all the right things to you, but never stick up for you. Now they post on faceborg how they’re getting the jab, not because .gov or their work tells them to, but because they care about you! round and round and round we go.


    @Dr. D – Douglas Adams who wrote Hitchikers Guide had a similar theory as to how Earth was colonised. (If I recall correctly from the radio program) the main character, Arthur Dent, ends up back in time throigh a wormhole and discovers a spaceship that was a forwarding party from an “endangered” planet some light uears from Earth. While speaking to the various people who came from spaceship no. 2 (filing clerks, accountants, lawyers, politicians, administrators) it becomes apparent that they were told to leave first as the imminent danger required “immediate evacuation”. Upon further enquiry, Dent asks “who were the people who were left behind in spaceship 1, to follow you?”

    “Oh, those were the craftsmen. You know, carpenters, architects, musicians, painters, people who built things. That kind of thing”

    Dent: “and you still haven’t heard from them?”

    “No. It’s been two years now and still no word from them. I do hope they are alright and made it out in time”

    Food for thought

    Figmund Sreud

    Herd Immunity… IMPOSSIBLE to reach even with high vaccine uptake!

    Yes, … synopsis: You’re going to catch it. I’m going to catch it. It seems inevitable whether in the UK, US or wherever you are.

    Even if vaxd you can get it and transmit it on.
    [though vaxd low likelihood you end up in hospital or the morgue]

    – Prof Andrew Pollard, Oxford vaccine team

    “Important announcement” by UK Doc Campbell, Aug 31, about 15 min:

    Follow up news stories on the Oxford Professor’s study:

    shirt> happens, I guess.



    Ernst Wolff – Uncovering the Corona Narrative – Aug 2021—summary:3

    Mister Roboto

    Maybe, but i think they’ll then mandate weekly testing and insurance will not cover the costs of the test. So if a test runs at 200$ and you have to do it weekly, thats a nice chunk of your paycheck. Remember, this isn’t about public health, its about compliance.

    In other words, a jizya.


    > Remember, this isn’t about public health, its about compliance. <

    Hear hear. It’s also about making compliance *very difficult*, with ever-changing rules.

    “Are you compliant enough / corporo-woke™ enough / subservient enough to keep out of the Gulag for today?”



    That whole chapter was really quite hilarious. From my recollection of reading the book, they had hitched onto spaceship #2 (Spaceship #1 didn’t exist, but was the excuse used to kick the PMC off the planet, as the PMC were the sole “threat” to the planet.) and that ship crash landed on the “New Earth” in its uninhabited by humans age. And the white collars did what white collars do. Talk about nothing but their careers, attempt control over the others, and chase currency (which for the new planet they agreed would be leaves). While Dent and Ford were doing what was needed for survival, the PMC would constantly grab leaves from trees attempting to be “rich.” Ford noted, “My god, they’ve gone insane.”

    More food for thought there.


    Pro Vaxx Victory nears

    Arkansas inmates say the were guinea pigs for Ivermectin
    No mention of whether it was effective or not.

    : No prescribing or dispensing Ivermectin except in trials
    I suppose ‘dispensing’ means you can’t get it from a pharmacy any more unless you’re willing to contract head lice.

    I’ve never seen the MSM go after anything with such ferocity. If Ivermectin caused a fraction of the adverse effects the vaccines do it might be understandable. The claim, I suppose, is that it’s keeping people from getting vaxxed and so pure evil since the vaccines are the good of all goods. Without Ivermectin (and hydrocholoroquine, etc.) people would have no choice but to get vaxxed or die and the age of Aquarius could finally dawn.

    absolute galore

    Remember a couple weeks back, when the WSJ published an opinion piece that was favorable to Ivermectin? For about 5 minutes, we thought Ah, finally, the narrative is turning around. Instead, they’ve doubled down and there is a hit piece every day now, mostly bloviating around the same one or two anecdotes, as well as associating the drug with “right wingers” “anti-vaxxers” “conspiracists” and others truly on the fringe. Tying us into the pre-existing antivax movement is disingenuous but very effective, unfortunately. I really don’t want Robert Kennedy being used to represent my views, and in my opinion it hurts the argument against these vaccines.

    Deflationeesta asked why didn’t they attack the other drugs that Joe Rogan took. Because they are not as dangerous to the narrative, while Ivermectin’s use and popularity continues to grow, and needs to be discredited by all means available. The fact that they harp on the veterinary use of the drug almost exclusively should tell any sane person that they have no real desire to look at “the science” but are content to make jokes–“the horseplay continues” etc.

    The battle lines appear to have hardened, and I don’t see anything on the horizon that will change this–even if some of the bad stuff being speculated about the vaccines comes to pass, there is just too much trickery and control for it to have an impact on the vaccinated, and they have too much invested–they can’t unvax themselves. Most will go in for more a la the boosters.

    I took my 11-year-old son and his friend of the same age to a minature golf and arcade place on Monday. The new school year came up, and masks, and then vaccines. My son’s friend will be going for his on his birthday,”but I won’t really get to do all the normal stuff until I get the third shot.” About the most horrifying and depressing thing I’ve heard in a long time. My son, whose birthday is in November, will also be getting a birthday jab–I have joint custody in name only, in NYS one parent must be designated custodial, and it is most often the mother. He is not necessarily as gung-ho, since he knows his dad is unvaxxed and will remain so. I just do not want to create too much anxiety for him at this point.

    The fact that the majority is already blatantly ignoring basic known facts such as that the vaccinated get and spread the virus has already created an Alice in Wonderland madness that grows more insane by the day. Unfortunately I think it will get a lot worse before it gets better. I read an opinion piece in the NYT today by two people who work for the ACLU explaining why mandates do not violate any civil rights or freedoms. I might agree, if this were the Black Plague and the vaccines were sterile.

    Veracious Poet

    CCP Cracks Down On “Incorrect Politics” & “Effeminate Men” In Show Business

    Two government ministries, including the National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA), and an industry association published fresh guidelines on Thursday,

    The NRTA, a ministry level body, said it will strengthen regulation of stars’ salaries and punish tax evaders. It also said it would weed out any content in cultural programmes that it deems to be unhealthy.

    Besides criticising the culture of celebrity worship, authorities and state media have criticised male stars who favour heavy make-up andcarefully styled hair and project a feminine image, saying Chinese boys should become more manly.


    FS – they Cambell video made me loose my cool. The virus as Endemic! Who knew? I’m so glad the experts are here to tell us important info.
    So Sweden gets a big apology now? Australia says – ‘Oh no we’re doing it wrong’

    John Day your comment re Australia getting lubed up for China Soc Credit system seems fair but we are still in the 5 eyes are we not?

    he Australian parliament has just passed a Bill, (which grants them, and their SPY agencies, the ability to hack, delete, alter, or ADD information to your emails, messages, and Social media accounts, for whatever reason they deem necessary), called “the identify and disrupt,” act!”

    This act empowers them to target, frame, and incarcerate anyone “they” consider to be a threat to their BELLIGERENT CV tyranny and stated narratives.


    A little anecdote, since I found I should get another antigen test. The previous weekend I attended a NASCAR race where the tickets were included in a career fair for sports jobs. Rules stated masks were required indoors where the event took place, but mask-wearing was hierarchical. Candidates, yes; executives and hiring managers, no. After the event, I ditched the mask to watch the race (given they were $110 tickets for only $20 after the registration fee) among 60,000 other people, very few who had masks on. I have a second cousin that lives in the Daytona area (and all into the narrative) who warned me to mask up as many were “sick” there. A warning which I ignored for the most part. The only real risk I took was leaving along the escalators within a crowd as happens with major events.

    Testing here in Florida is really happenstance, with Walgreens and CVS not having appointments but the drive through hasn’t looked busy at all. So I just checked my O2 levels and heart rate which didn’t change from normal for me (97-98% and 65-75 bpm respectively), upped the VIT D to 4000 IU/day for 5 days until I could get to the county testing center. Rapid antigen test was negative again and no vax nor masks, just lived almost as normal. Even the last health care facility I entered didn’t give me a hard time about not having a mask. The monoclonal antibody regimen mobile units set up by DeSantis might have something to do with the change in enforcement and my doctor’s quick agreement with my concerns about the vax at my last visit, but then I also have to wonder about whether past coronavirus exposure (like with the common cold or possible exposure to covid within the 18 months here) has given me some type of natural immunity. Three times I thought I might have been exposed and three negative tests will do that. Yet still the media pushes. I agree with absolute galore in that it will get worse before it gets better. If it gets better.

    Doc Robinson

    expatkiwi: “…cinchona extract (the source of quinine) . Would it hurt to add such extract to the preventive regime along with vit D, etc etc? Any known side effects?”

    “…routine consumption of this herbal medicine by healthy people to prevent COVID-19 is not recommended because of the possibility that it may lead to various harmful events.”

    from Traditional Herbal Medicine Candidates as Complementary Treatments for COVID-19: A Review of Their Mechanisms, Pros and Cons

    4.3. Cinchona sp

    Cinchona trees (Chincona L., Raiatea) from the Andean mountain forests have valuable benefits as a particular component of the trees contains bioactive compounds that can heal fever. This beneficial effect was first discovered by Jesuit missionaries and gradually expanded throughout the world [51]. The bark of the trees produces quinine alkaloids, which were also an effective treatment of malaria for more than several centuries. Quinine has a mode of action that is similar to that of chloroquine, a synthetic antimalaria agent to treat malaria. Thus, it is known as a chloroquine analogue…

    Although the extract of the cinchona tree might not directly lead to CSS, a systematic review reported by Liles et al. showed that there is a couple of general adverse reactions caused by quinine, such as immune-mediated reactions and toxic reactions. The documented damage involves organ systems including haematologic manifestations: thrombocytopenia and haemolytic anaemia; dermatologic manifestations: photosensitive eczema; systemic reactions: hypotension and anaphylaxis; cardiac manifestations: chest pain and pericarditis; liver toxicity: elevated serum transaminase; kidney manifestations: thrombotic microangiopathy, nephritis, and acute kidney injury [62].

    Quinine is rarely categorised as an immunomodulatory agent, but it has immunostimulant and immunosuppressant activities against viral infections. When quinine effectively intensifies the production of the well-known cytokine IFN-α, it functions as an immunostimulator to inhibit viruses. Otherwise, quinine inhibits the release of TNF-α and has an immunosuppressant effect. These two different activities may have a beneficial effect on people who are infected with COVID-19. However, routine consumption of this herbal medicine by healthy people to prevent COVID-19 is not recommended because of the possibility that it may lead to various harmful events.

    Mister Roboto

    The fact that the majority is already blatantly ignoring basic known facts such as that the vaccinated get and spread the virus has already created an Alice in Wonderland madness that grows more insane by the day. Unfortunately I think it will get a lot worse before it gets better. I read an opinion piece in the NYT today by two people who work for the ACLU explaining why mandates do not violate any civil rights or freedoms. I might agree, if this were the Black Plague and the vaccines were sterile.

    Things have changed to the point where I’m not even offended by the sight of the Confederate Flag anymore. (And I have to admit, I always thought it was pretty bad-ass from a purely aesthetic standpoint!)

    Mister Roboto

    This is probably going to seriously put off people who are averse to “woo”, but a commenter at JMG’s website did two Ogham divinations (Ogham is similar in concept to the Runes) about the fate of the vaxxed and the fate of the unvaxxed. I think the timing might be a little off, but if this is at all accurate, we could be looking at a very different picture compared to now by the time the Yuletide rolls around.


    “One of the most annoying aspects of the current measures supposedly created “against the pandemic” that we have been subjected for almost two years now is the insistence that everything is done “for our own good”, as if governments and big companies were strict but caring parents, and we were just unruly or disobedient children who don’t really know what they need.

    It brings to mind CS Lewis’ warning about that most oppressive of tyrannies, “a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims.”

    The abusive stepfather needs to get his desserts. Of course, it’s always our fault, until we decide otherwise.

    “It’s all for your own good”


    @ctbarnum, it’s not the abusive step father. He will let you leave if you want, in fact he will kick you out. It’s the devouring mother that is the more apt comparison. Does everything for you, never lets you make your own decisions, never lets you fail, feeds you, clothes you, and finally consumes you,

    Maxwell Quest


    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For that link to the Ernst Wolff speech. Your link wouldn’t function, but I found the video here and I’m so glad I took the time. This guy nails it, ties it all together, and I heard many echos of our own Heir Docktor in Ernst’s words.

    It’s a must watch if one wants to fully understand how Covid fits into the larger picture. The current insanity then all makes perfect sense.

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