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    William-Adolphe Bouguereau La naissance de Vénus 1879   • Happenings Await (Jim Kunstler) • White House Preparing For Biden Impeachment – NBC (RT
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    Dr. D

    Lahinia, something is going on that’s neither the official story OR the conspiracy theory about it. Because this is nuts. 2,000 children missing. Aaaaand where are their parents? I know they’re busy but not ONE can get on Social Media, or the social media is censoring them PERFECTLY for the first time ever? No one on 4Chan, Rumble, Rogan? Not one. Huh. That is not suspicious at all.

    That’s because they’re not dead or their parents would lose their minds. Parents are G-D- terrible these days, all love is dead, but still enough of them would despair of life altogether – entirely illogically – that they would make one hell of a mess. Shoot them, jail them, they just wouldn’t care. But zero, none? Huh. No way.

    And unlike at first when we pinned this in mind, they thought that they might be somewhere alive. If they are not named and lined up now, they are 100% with absolute certainty, dead dead dead, and the parents would not have that twig to hold onto.

    Add that to the complete blackout, blockout, they have no money for water, but they DO have money to build a 20 foot fence around the whole island? Specifically and only to keep out drones? Like PHOTONS are dangerous now, and the information they deliver? And they’re not the good guys: they’re still preventing all normal landings and charity crews.

    Here’s a thought, because not one fact here makes a lick of sense. NOT, definitely, a land grab. WAY too large. The upper level may have created buy-in by selling it as a land grab, but like I said, you send Antifa or Vinny with matches for that (and have. Many times). As a message, it’s not going well. They’re more exposed now than ever before, and not just this island but America and the World is looking right at them. Even if they built the city now, everyone would just remember it as the first Dachau, founded on the charred remains of infants.

    I’d say They, — call them “somebody” for now – who are associated with the FEMA, WEF, billionaires, but is not them, used a very specific “space” weapon to do this. That blew the lid off their DEW which is in Top Secret lockdown for decades. Now everybody knows they have them. Russia knows. China Knows. Niger knows, and they know they will use them for ants. That may be part of the Blockout, but can’t be all of it.

    The town is actually burned. Bigly. The people were actually locked in BY the Hawaii authorities at the highest level and by the Policeman who ran the Vegas Shooting. Yet the kids can’t be dead as we just said. And the parents must think so or know something.

    So what do we have? THEY, Bad Guys, got the jump on the Good Guys this time. They destroyed the town, but NOT as a signal or message, some other reason. Yes, the town might have been planned to do this sometime, but this wouldn’t work, obvious it would never work, and indeed it hasn’t. There’s evidence there? They’re no longer powerful enough to get in and remove that evidence the normal way? The Good Guys are dead flat-footed and scramble only as it’s beginning to happen. Like the FEMA arrests rumored. All FEMA is meeting an hour away, the world’s biggest coincidence.

    The kids weren’t to be baked – what a waste! – but abducted and put on busses BY the School. And why not? There isn’t an authority figure on the planet they wouldn’t obey. You’re the 5 policemen who killed Amir Locke and St. Floyd by standing on his neck then went to Uvalde and drank coffee for an hour? Here you go: all our children. Drive safe, honey! Kisses from me!

    Anyway, so the kids were stolen not to waste them, and are driven to ‘safety’ of trafficking, or at least out of the fire. The Good Guys then appear and start knocking heads. What are they supposed to ADMIT whatever biolab, child-experiment lab, DUMB tunnel, God-knows-what on Maui? Are they supposed to ADMIT we have space laser weapons, have for decades, and use them? There’s a word in the UFO world: disclosure. That’s why “They can’t do that”.

    If they admit this, people will lose their minds NOT because of Worldwide Mass Panic, Dogs and Cats living together like the dumb-ss elites put in movies about us, but because they will say WHAT ELSE have you been keeping from us for 80 years? I want to know right now, mister!!! It opens a sweater that will unravel everywhere, you can’t predict where at all. Not a bit. Although everyone knows they SHOULD disclose, they CAN’T as it’s too chaotic and uncontrolled. Even for the Good Guys. And everyone is complicit in this, Congress, Pentagon, corporations, it’s the cause of all our poverty, ruin, death, as it’s where all the money is going. It ends EVERYTHING. They’re clearly outing the Bad Guys publicly, but no one is ready for this level yet.

    So they had to have re-captured the kids, “kidnapped” although the kids may or may not know that. I expect yes, they saw bad stuff or they would just re-appear them. So they were stored in a tunnel or something, saw too much, and now even the Good Guys are at a loss of what to do with those families, and are feverishly working up a PR story as we speak.

    That leaves the Space Lasers, which again Russia knows we have, but if the PEOPLE know they aren’t safe anywhere and our tech is NOT 50-year-old F16s, they’ll say WTF? Use these on Ukraine! Again, opens too many discussions which can’t be controlled. …Because everything is a lie.

    So they HAVE to hide it, but from who? Russia and Iran can see Maui from space. No: to YOU. YOU are the only person they want not to know. You the voter who has to make voting decisions. And they don’t care that WE know, on TAE, 4Chan, all they need is deniability. Revelation has to happen, but SLOWLY. Slow enough to digest and slowly merge the CNN fable and something more like reality down the line. You notice they’re doing that, and it’s causing a lot of stress even at the – to me – glacial pace of the last 6 years. If you double, 10x that, you’ll have George Floyd riots and lose Congress again, and who benefits?

    So the Kids are alive, they’re spinning a cover story, maybe the Witness Protection them all, 2,00 families at a pop, they’ve never had to do this before, or this many this publicly. They still need to settle the land grab/water rights issues, which all Hawaii and their Governors were exposed as being evil, grubbing, vicious, family-cooking fiends. But the really, really need to close the UFO/Space Laser issue. People would ask,

    “Why aren’t we on the moon then?” “Wait: ARE we on the moon?”
    “Why are you spending $500B on bullets and tanks from 1979? Wait: ARE you spending it on bullets from 1979???” “Because just now it occurs to me you have no 777 shells for $10 Trillion spent over the last decade…”

    No little Billy. No, we are not. And we have that Space Plane too. Everything you know is a lie, but your poverty because of it, that’s very, very real.

    This is why Russia is very conservative with us. Because who has the Space lasers and whatever craft or method to deliver them? They could pop out of thin air any moment and arson all 500 square miles of Moscow. Literally 5 minutes later, all gone. The NeoCons may not know this, but they could find out and get control of them any time. Tread lightly.

    See the problems here?

    That to me is the only explanation for the provable facts we have.

    Dr. D

    Around the internet: Like Victoria Nuland’s “cookies”, reports from Ukrainian POWs are that they round them up, don’t train them at all — like they ever touched a rifle 4x – drive them to the front, and give them pills.

    What pills? Nobody knows, but amphetamines, which is the old standard, but the Empire of Lies φαρμακεία pharmakeía has gotten so advanced they feel literally no fear and literally no pain. Like none, buppkus, zero, zip, nada.

    So when they show up in a truck and say “Cross that Minefield”, they do. They march right into it. Yay! #Winning! …Except BECAUSE they have no fear, no pain, and aren’t thinking straight, they just DRIVE the Bradley INTO the minefield, get out and WALK on the mines. THAT is how this operation is being done. 400,000 times.

    Ukraine didn’t build the showers; they let Russia build the showers and just provide transportation for all 1M Ukrainians to be herded into them. This. Is actually happening. And probably has been for months or the whole time but we haven’t gotten reports since there’s not but 5 reporters remaining in the 600 Million man West.

    So we now know HOW they do it: pharmakeía. Drug runners, drug dealers, their core competency and income. What I don’t get is what the GENERALS are thinking. (What Am I saying? They’re also on drugs.) Running useful men into a minefield is NOT WINNING sirs, I think that’s pretty clear, it always was clear, and having done it to 100,000 young men, is way clearer now. As JB would say, you need their COMPETENCY, not their bodies, they NEED to fear, or they won’t dodge the mines, clever a way around them, charge forward when intelligent to do so, and actually meet the Russians someday which they haven’t yet once.

    Okay, next: That means they’ll do that here. To us. If they have it, they’ll use it. How about in a prison? How about in a city? I’ll dump it in the Fentanyl since I’m the major drug supplier in the first place and it’s all my Zeta MS-13 proxies running the place. What else do they have? An anger drug? A sex or lust drug? Etc. So like the Joker, I’ll put it in the water supply. Then the city clears itself so I can buy up that real estate on the cheap. Literally, it’s hard to grasp but they think like this 24/7.

    Celtic: how many have to die before they grasp this? Apparently all of them. So your opinion of White people is not that great. We have a 6-sigma death rate, on our own numbers, in the insurance industry, triple checked, no earthly reason, starting DAY of vaccination, OF their children – neither notice nor care. Not a whit. Double heart attack at 14, no curiosity or care. Not from parents, not from doctors. At some point I have to say I guess they want it and deserve it – and this is awful because this is how they think. But as others say, — I – said things. — I – lived that solar/farming example. Zero uptake, at least visibly, though your life is forfeit for it. And the authorities are up your colon hourly both because you do work and because you appear to have stuff to steal. Like the Vikings, but Vikings are honorable in comparison.

    Who gets through is their own choice. What can I say? I can’t do it for them and I tried.

    “Nuland, Blinken, Sullivan, and Biden — and we are destroying Ukraine.”

    Yes, and they believe it. But who really benefits? Russia. RUSSIA is going to own and control Ukraine, and all the rabid, brainwashed Ukrainians are dead. The nation the size of France is “empty”. They made a play to do this to Russia, to run a coup and force it into Euro-sphere, and now Russia is going to put them back in the SlavicSphere like the actual election of Yukunovitch said.

    But a million Ukrainians have to die for it? Well, that’s the NeoCons for ya. And the Ukrainians, who didn’t tear their own government apart in resistance. I can’t stop it, consequences for actions exist despite reports to the contrary.

    “• Biden Dragged US Into Proxy War With Russia That Moscow Is Winning – MTG (Sp.)

    Here’s what the NeoCons did: Ukraine is Empty. Russia controls it. A nation the size and wealth of France. You do the math.

    Biden: I pray he does NOT start helping America the way he helps Ukraine. #Helping! So much!! “saying that apologizing was the right thing to do because he did not want a fight to break out.” …Well, he’s Canadian. We’ll somehow just have to tolerate statements like that.

    Btw it amuses me that Oliver was probably prophesied a few years ago as the “Dog Poet” who was going to make such a splash.

    Kunstler: As my above, he’s nowhere near Red-pilled enough. Meaning suspicious enough and identifying what’s really going on. That’s okay, just saying that’s why what he says won’t and never happens. Year after year, decades. His job is to pull people in the right direction which he does tirelessly. And to be honest, which he is sort of, but reluctant to get ahead of his audience and limits himself sorely. I did get ahead of my audience and that limits me sorely.

    “allowing his son to use Air Force Two to jet set around the world”

    That must be really expensive! And what’s the Carbon footprint on that? When it was 1-2x I didn’t mind. Even one more than that is a scandal.

    ““This is one of the most devastating things that can happen to all of us,” Greene claimed.”

    She’s not wrong, but to be honest and give fair value is the worst thing that can happen? You are seriously off the path.

    On BRICS, Luongo just posted. No BRICS gold standard, no surprise, so if they’re keeping your eye off the ball, where IS the ball? He says in geography. The nations who were added and the infrastructure done has now basically end-run all the British Empire/Oceana choke points worldwide. AND pretty far along going around every financial choke point too.

    Losing Africa, France was holding that colony for us — “us” being West oligarchs – and as they have no power, the Pentagon is trying to hold it instead, pushing France out – strictly practical – but it’s already too late. That they both didn’t know and have no coherent response shows how small and far behind they are. Losing losers who lose. But the Pentagon shut down to “America First” like decades ago when Bush lost WWIII Gwot.

    “• Conflict Should Be Transferred to ‘Russian Territory’ – Ukraine Spy Chief (RT)

    They are doing this regularly I hear, but the Western Press reports nothing. Both because they report nothing but also because they would have to admit we attack Russia proper AND those attacks are all civilian. Russia doesn’t report it (to us in the West) because we don’t care, we don’t matter to them, everybody in Russia already knows, and it would give them leverage to escalate a war they’re handily winning. The whole POINT of non-stop terrorist run directly out of London MI6 is to MAKE Russia overreact and do something not in their interest. Why help?

    Note from Russia: ALL of the attacks are on Russian territory as they consider all 4 oblasts completely Russian, as Russian as the Leningrad Oblast. So looking from the other guy’s point of view, the article is problematic or makes no sense. The whole war is “In Russia”.

    ““$1,000-$2,000 a month, I think, is kind of low.”

    Yes that is not happening. Anywhere in Ukr they just conscript you on the highway. Anywhere else they get paid and money is no object as we (they) print it by hundred-billions. $30K/yr to be in a war zone? Uh, no, people won’t accept that pay per year to work at IHOP, much less be killed.

    “It all fell apart with the murder of Gaddafi.”

    This was intentional, the Empire of Lies and the Party of Chaos. But they’re so impossibly pin-headed they don’t seem to understand what “Chaos” means. It means OUT of control. And now all Africa is out of your control. Congratulations, that’s what you wanted, right? Oh, so you thought putting everything out of control would put you in control? Hahahahahaha! That’s not how history works, you drooling illiterate.

    “What’s in the box? What is it?” — Se7en. You don’t know what’s in the box until you open it. No one does. But it says “Whoop-ass” on the side.

    Btw I’m embarrassed and deeply annoyed I know nothing about Africa. Nor can I, virtually nothing is ever published. I know I should and would like to, but there’s a 400-year blackout on news from them, what each country and leader are, a place larger and more vital than useless, dreadful, pointless, backward, Europe. Same as Mexico here, our closest neighbor. Do we hear any news from them? Not on your life. Never. Elections in Durango, separations on their Central American border? Never ever ever. Heck, most places block out the WEATHER from Mexico and Canada, just leaving blank space. Why?

    Ego. I am the Universe. I am God. Nothing else matters.

    “History’s Starting to Rhyme – The Fight for Uranium (Jim Rickards)

    Like all resources, we have lots of Uranium, lots of mines, lots of companies here and in Canada. There’s no shortage at all. We just won’t employ people and use them. Hillary’s too busy selling them all to Russia.

    We also have the largest copper, silver, rare earth mines, all closed by the EPA. And why not? Drink the other guy’s milkshake.

    “JPMorgan Flagged Over $1 Billion In Suspicious Epstein Transfers (ZH)

    Exactly, why 16 years later? Go to Luongo: forget about the content, WHY are you telling me this? Why today? Because Europe is trying to trash Morgan and Jamie Dimon who are opposing them. There’s no longer risk only and because Epstein is dead. Reporters are so stupid they can’t realize they’re being used. 16 years old? GTFO of here with that stuff. Any editor worth his salt would throw you on the street, which is why we don’t have any, only editors who do what they’re told. By their billionaire, globalist, owners, i.e. Davos.

    YES Morgan did this. Dimon did this, and far worse. Newsflash: they’re doing it RIGHT NOW and 100x worse. You think Epstein is the only Pedo handler on planet earth? So…you really, really, REALLY don’t care, do you? You’re doing everything BUT “saving the childrens”, aren’t you?

    Post one who is active TODAY, and his client list, and we’ll talk. It’s easy. There are hundreds and they all bank with you, the Western Banking system. You buy jumbo jets for drug cartels every day. But $600 off eBay? Hammer time.


    Michael Reid

    Thank you RIM for this

    This is the doctor that should be listened to


    Nobody wanted to start BRICS… this happened because of our weaponization of the U.S. dollar and weaponization of our foreign policy,” says Democratic presidential candidate @RobertKennedyJr.

    Kennedy the faux-Jew. Weaponization of foreign policy, like your panchant for Palestinian blood? You are an amoral shit, we can see that, so we will judge you on that, Your competitors are the same. Who weaponsized that dollar, the farmer or the tribe surrounding Biden? Kennedy, the faux-Jew, lover of the deaths of Palestinians, is now turning against BRICS, using BRICS as his campaign bullshit. It is the result of his own Zionism, so it means nothing, Kennedy is preposterous, this man is a bought CIA agent, only the chemically-unintelligent Americans could ever buy this shit. Kennedy, the master of the composting of the USA. How did the Kennedy name land in the gutter?





    Get WOKE





    John Day

    A real ballot in November 2024 would pit Trump & Greene aginst Kennedy & Gabbard.
    The imperial court needs to change “leadership” this winter.
    I seek to avoid hope (last/worst curse from Pandora’s box), but it would be historically elegant if such a sudden transition occurred, perhaps sparked by the Ukrainian “government” falling to somewhat-rational military “patriots”, who would negotiate a deal with Russia to keep Odessa as a self-governing Oblast or something, like what Donetsk and Luhansk were agreed to be in Minsk, while declaring Ukrainian “neutrality”.

    Michael Reid

    I make an effort most days to read Dr. D and John Day. Most appreciated and thank you

    John Day

    Thank you, Michael Reid.
    I m not keeping up with Dr.D today, not at all.
    He is reading entrails like Cassandra this morning.
    Where are the children? Where are the families?
    Where is tht robotic orbiting-forever space-shuttle thing?
    DEWs this powerful would need a significant nuclear reactor and vast capacitive electric power storage to do so much cooking.
    That is a whole lot of electric-dryers worth of burned circles!

    John Day

    I was thinking about it. They might be using big chemical lasers, but that is a lot of single-burst packets of chemicals to get up to space, each probably like a 50 gallon drum to make one burn circle, and then iit is used…
    How many bburned circles? How many 50 gallon drums?

    John Day

    bad keypad. No corrections allowed by troll-software when I’m in Yoakum. It took me loong enough to get past it this morning to begin with. Sorry, I don’t notice the misses and doubles until I hit (SUBMIT).
    Impatient senior citizen.

    John Day

    As if to illustrate…


    Defibrillator at a children’s playground?

    In case their hearts suddenly stop.

    The new normal

    The Owners are thinning the herd and murdering your children



    Russian Drone Unit Is Waiting For ABRAMS To Arrive


    Burn Baby Burn!


    Related to “How much Do Mercenaries make in Ukraine?”

    Lots of ‘rich’ Ukranians here! (Switz.) A parallel question is, how much it costs for men to leave the country, escape the draft?

    News. Aug 2023, *Zelensky sacks 112 Regional Recruiters*, see e.g. Sydney M. Herald.

    That Zelensky and his ‘Gvmt’ did not know about this corruption is fantastical. What happened, imho, is that some creepy / alarmed / flaming furious US entity ( > get more bodies to attack the Russkies) ordered Zel to clean this up.

    As if firing ppl would help… the replacements will be more rapacious, if that even happens.

    — The below is *anecdotal* from CH. —

    In April – Aug 2022 (thereabouts) the price to leave UKR, cash to the border guards, was 5K Euros. Those who could scrape that up for a loved one / family member did so. Of course rich ppl just flew to Cyprus, the US, Germany, Switz, etc. (Leaving via the Donbass, other story, imho.)

    Since then, the price has risen, to around 7 – 10 K Euros. Perhaps a typical ex. of biz drying up because of charging more, killing the biz? Idk…

    Escaping the draft legally, another way. Fathers of 3 children under (afaik) 14 – 16 (or so?), were (are?) exempt re. the draft, under UKR law, and could thus leave the country with the kiddos.

    This has lead to an Exodus with children in tow, some of them roped in, easy to organise .. one missing birth certif. for a one year old, etc. A form of child exploitation?

    There were, are, other ways, as well. One man I spoke to became an int’l truck driver, and then abandoned his job and his truck in a European country applied for refugee status.

    (mention of violent and unacceptable moves left off)

    Michael Reid



    Michael Reid

    Canada’s woke nightmare: A warning to the West | Documentary

    Under Justin Trudeau, Canada has sought to position itself as the global bastion of progressive politics. In my latest Telegraph documentary, seen above, I went to the former British colony to find out how Canadians are dealing with Trudeau’s radical reforms; from the promotion of gender ideology in schools and the mass legalisation of drugs, to his extreme new suicide laws and clamp downs on freedom of speech.

    I began my investigation in one of the country’s most liberal cities, Vancouver. Possession of up to 2.5 grams of hard drugs, including heroin, cocaine and fentanyl, has been legalised in the city as part of a three year experiment which began in January of this year. If the aim was to combat the opioid crisis that already beset the city then it appears there is still much to be done as vast tent sites line the streets, patrolled by roaming zombie-like drug addicts.

    As we filmed on Hastings Street, infamous as the epicentre of Vancouver’s homelessness crisis, I witnessed a topless man shoot a needle into his arm five feet from me. Though it wasn’t quite as bad as San Francisco, where my cameraman and I came under attack from angry vagrants, the scenes were still shocking.

    It’s not just the homeless who patrol the streets of Vancouver. Chris Elston, better known online as Billboard Chris, campaigns against the imposition of gender ideology on children, whether through Canada’s education system or via dangerous operations to “transition” young adults. As his nickname suggests, Chris walks around Vancouver wearing signs protesting gender ideology, encouraging lively debates with passers-by which he puts on YouTube.

    Chris kindly allowed our crew to join him on a walkabout, where we found many Canadians horrified by the use of puberty blockers in children and the promotion of biological men in women’s sports.

    We did encounter some opposition of course, mostly through the odd shout or flicking of the finger. So much for Canadian politeness.

    One aggressive gentleman, tall, ageing and angry, began a tirade against Chris with the rather bizarre singular message that he is “queer”.

    Part of Canada’s social revolution can also be witnessed in its extreme new euthanasia laws. In 2016, the ruling Liberal Party passed legislation enabling assisted suicide for terminally ill Canadians. Next year the legislation will be expanded to include those with mental health problems. As Christianity declines across Canada, and the liberal obsession with “bodily autonomy” and “personal freedom” reaches its logical conclusion, a new dystopia is forming. As Dr Konia Trouton, a euthanasia advocate, told me, “we are an organised society but within that organisation we have to allow some freedoms and opportunities, this is not a communist system where we can try and reign that in”. The campaign group Euthanasia Prevention Coalition estimates that 13,500 people chose state-assisted suicide last year.

    To prevent wokeism from spreading it is important to have a strong opposition party. Canada’s Conservatives have been historically weak in pushing back against Trudeau, however, their recently elected leader, Pierre Poilievre, has injected fresh energy into the party. Whilst there are some who still question Poillievre’s conservative credentials, his strategy seems to be working; one recent poll gave his party a twelve point lead over Trudeau’s Liberals.

    However, the most successful opponents to Canada’s social revolution have so far not been politicians but members of the public. Our film highlights some of these brave individuals, including Dr Jordan Peterson, perhaps the most high-profile Canadian in the world other than the country’s leader.

    During my travels I found ordinary people appalled at Canada’s surrender to drug dealers, its contempt for freedom of speech, its enforcement of gender ideology on children and a breezy willingness to terminate the lives of its own citizens. However, for all the depressing stories of people losing their jobs, or being hounded by the government, these cases were equally inspirational. Whilst Canada is a warning to the West, there are also individual messages of hope from those brave individuals fighting for their freedom.

    John Day

    @Michael Reid: The “Bio Warfare Expert” above is Meryl Nass MD, who is actually that. She has now rated a lame hit-piece, which she “debunks” here:

    Michael Reid

    @ John Day

    Thanks. I have been following her for quite a while now. It was nice to see her being interviewed and seeing with some financial backing she has got the medical board retreating or something. This situation needs to be fixed for all. I would not do well living in that corrupt unfair sick world. Thankfully I escaped to nature in 2016


    Ed Dowd from Vigilant Fox.

    Excess Mortality Just Got Even Worse: Ed Dowd Drops Alarming New Data

    Former Blackrock asset manager and prominent data analyst Ed Dowd recently brought forth worrying data on the Dr. Drew show. Death rates among children in the UK are climbing — and fast.


    John Campbell. Natural immunity wins.

    John Day

    Terminal Arrangements

    Dare I say that I am developing a fondness for the battle-cries of Marjorie Taylor Greene?
    (I thought not, but look at her go, as fearless as Tucker Carlson!)
    Marjorie Taylor Greene: Biden Dragged US Into Proxy War With Russia That Moscow ‘Is Winning’

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow , Western leaders are all fighting for their survival in power. Where does this lead? To war! [Discussing only European leaders here!]
    ​ However, we note that the drone attack that destroyed Russian military aircraft at the Pskov airport in Russia’s northwest region a day ago is said to have been launched from Estonian territory.
    ​ So far, Moscow has not reacted to what could and should be a casus belli with a NATO Member State. But how much longer will Putin show forbearance?
    These are very dangerous times and the weakness of Western leadership points to more, not less war.

    Western leaders are all fighting for their survival in power.

    ​ Tom Luongo hits a whole lot of important financial-geopolitics points here. Best summary yet on the BRICS summit last week.
    ​ BRICS Summit Proves Geography Trumps Currency
    ​ While everyone is talking de-dollarization, the real currency losing it’s position in global trade is the euro. But no one is talking about de-eruoization. I guess it doesn’t roll off the tongue as well?
    ​ According to the latest data from the SWIFT RMB Tracker, there is no currency that has lost more ground in global trade than the euro. In just over two years the euro has fallen from 39.5% of global payments outside the euro-zone to just 13.6%.​
    ​ The dollar absorbed most of those payments with the British pound, Japanese yen and, yes, the Chinese renminbi taking up the rest.
    ​ So, the great distraction about de-dollarization is, in part, about paying no attention to the rapid demise of the euro and the emerging sovereign bond crisis that ECB President Christine Lagarde works everyday to paper over.​..
    ​..But, back to the BRICS. If de-dollarization wasn’t the point of the Summit this year, then what was?
    And not just expansion for the sake of expansion, but geographically strategic expansion.​..
    ..But it is the 5 countries clustered around the center of global trade that should grab your attention. Because all talk of a BRICS common currency are nothing more than theatre if there isn’t a fully developed alternative financial supply chain to capture the profits and minimize currency risks and friction for all the members…
    ​ So, let’s start with the easy one. Iran, in my book, has been the “I” in BRICS for years. Because with India constantly keeping everyone off-balance, much like Erdogan in Turkey, that incentivized Russia and China to invest heavily in Iran, as a counterpoint, making it the key to both China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Russia’s long-desired International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC).
    ​ India dragged their feet for so long on their contracted work on the Iranian port at Chabahar, that Iran nullified the contract, handed it to China, who then finished the work in less time than it took for Iran to get India on the phone to complain about it.​..
    ..Both the ports at Chabahar and Bandar Abbas now serve to get Asian trade, especially coming from Russia, exits beyond the choke points around the Mediterranean, Red, and Black Seas.
    ​ So, Iran was always going to be the first country added to the bloc. It quickly put India on notice to stop playing games.​..
    Saudi Arabia:
    ​ With the successful intervention by Russia in Syria, and their own disastrous results in the War in Yemen, it was only a matter of time before Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) came to his senses.
    ​ Saudi Arabia’s future was with the BRICS not the remnants of the British empire. As an aside here, I talk about Neocons all the time and the best way to think of them, beyond their hatred of pretty much the rest of the world, is to see them as the inheritors of the British empire’s foreign policy.​..
    ..Saudi Arabia had no other option than to go along with its OPEC+ partner, Russia, if MbS wants the country to survive the end of its oil reserves…
    U​nited Arab Emirates:
    The UAE addition is definitely part of the currency discussion. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have rapidly become centers for strategic commodities trading with very successful and deepening gold and oil trading…
    ​..In order to even talk about some form of gold-backed trade settlement system, there has to be a deep and liquid supply chain and financial industry in place to facilitate both that settlement and minimize the storage risks to gold and currency risks of the alliance members trading bilaterally without the dollar as the intermediate.
    ​ So, adding Dubai as one node in that network outside of China’s control was important to building trust there. Having multiple exchanges, vaults, and refineries simplifies everything. And, with that, minimizes the ‘convenience premium’ of using the US dollar and maximizing members’ use of local currencies with gold acting as the universal trust layer and a blockchain for back office and auditing functions.
    ​ So, first, you add the financial center, then you start really talking the whole “Gold-Backed BRICS Currency.” Order of operations matters folks.
    ​ The UAE was necessary to get India to even consider going along with Russia and China on this idea, which is why the UAE dirham will be the settlement currency between India and Russia on oil sales, and not the ruble. It both creates validity for a third party while also keeps India free from directly contravening US sanctions on buying Russian energy.​..
    ​ It shouldn’t be underestimated how much the IMF and European corruption have wr​eaked [wrought] havoc in Argentina over the years. This is another resource-rich country that has been kept under constant upheaval which now has the opportunity, like Egypt, to get out from underneath the IMF’s thumb, depriving vulture capitalists all across the west the opportunity to plunder the country one more time.
    ​ Adding Argentina should see the development money necessary to build out its significant shale reserves at Vaca Muerta make its way into the country. This stabilizes its foreign exchange reserves and access to the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) gives it an alternative to the IMF loan sharks.
    ​ The upcoming elections could quickly become a referendum on IMF requirements and capital controls.​ [Argentine elites ​own most of Argentina’s $US debt.]​…​Egypt and Ethiopia:
    Egypt is a fascinating turn of events, because Egypt’s financial weakness was the very thing to create a strategic opportunity for Russia and China to make President Al-Sisi a great offer. Use our New Development Bank and stiff the International Monetary Fund if they won’t negotiate a debt write-down.
    Like what’s in front of Argentina, Egypt now has leverage in negotiations they didn’t have before.
    Either way the IMF loses here, because Egypt has an alternative lender it can force a write-down by the IMF for the first time ever or they can just default. China is already willing to forgive $8 billion in Egypt’s debt while the IMF is holding fast only to restructuring.And if you think Egypt doesn’t have this leverage here let’s not forget that the Suez Canal still handles 12% of global trade daily. The BRICS bloc now have a political ally that controls the Suez.
    ​ With Ethiopia, along with Russia’s deft diplomacy with both Eretria and China’s with Djibouti where they have port access, the BRICS now has effectively unfettered access to the Red Sea. The pressure will mount for Eretria and Djibouti to make peace with Ethiopia, thus opening up trade in eastern Africa.
    ​ Access to or circumventing the historic chokepoints to global trade has been a long-held goal of both Russia and China. And it looks like with these additions to the BRICS bloc, they have finally achieved that.​..
    ​..The Neocons struck geopolitical gold with blowing up Nordstream, depriving Germany and France of much needed gas. Things are so bad in Germany that they are now quietly dismantling their wind farms to rebuild coal-fired plants, going back to the one energy source they have in abundance in Europe.
    ​ Now Africa is in revolt against France. Last month it was Niger. This month it is Gabon. There is no way France can respond to all of these revolts on their own. They need outside intervention and it doesn’t look like it’s coming.
    ​ Queen Warmonger Vicky Nudelman went to Niger and was rebuffed. Reports are now circulating that she and her staff were caught completely by surprise with events in Africa and had no solutions, offers or even credible threats to bring to bear.​..
    ​..If you map Nuland to the UK/US Neocons who are not necessarily aligned with Davos then this report should shock you, because it tells us that neither are capable of moving into the power vacuum left by these juntas seizing power.​
    ​ It says, with little equivocation, that all of the colonial powers of Europe are paper tigers… ​
    ​..The BRIC​S bloc understands that their best course of action is to continue building new relationships, networks, and pressuring the centuries-old colonial networks that have financed their power.​ Staying out of a direct hot war simply makes good strategic sense. Attrition is a bitch, energetically.​..
    ​..Against that backdrop, de-dollarization is the least of their worries. It will be the thing that grinds away in the background, like Powell’s shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet, and will just emerge out of these events.
    ​ The choice the West is now facing is at what point do they stop fighting this and finally come to the negotiating table. Some factions, like the US military and the banking sector, have already made their intentions clear.​ [Adaptation​ to changing realities, I believe.]
    ​ The others? Not so much.

    BRICS Summit Proves Geography Trumps Currency

    ​ Water wars may look like nice vegetales, or alfalfa to feed cattle. Christine says the Mexican aquifer where she lives has been drained and all the local wells are dry, after agribusiness arranged for lots of broccoli to be grown for export to the US.
    ​ US lawmaker introduces bill to rein in Saudi water usage in Arizona
    Congressman Ruben Gallego says Arizona’s water and crops ‘belong in Arizona, not Saudi Arabia’

    John Day

    The new rumor is that a pandemic “worse than COVID” is coming this winter.
    ​ Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused “left-wing lunatics” of fear-mongering about new COVID-19 variants in order to justify the reintroduction of their left-wing lockdown and mandate policies, which included the use of drop boxes and mail-in ballots in 2020, in a bid to rig the 2024 election.

    ​ Go(de)FundMe has been politically weaponized, as explained by Matt Taibbi. Remember PayPal defunding Wikileaks, and all the bloggers being blocked from ad revenue, and taken down from YouTube? The free-speech closet is over there. Close the door behind yourself.
    ​ GoFundMe, Go To Hell​ , Matt Taibbi
    ​ After they froze a successful GrayZone fundraiser over unnamed “external concerns,” GoFundMe became the official poster child for the politicization of economic services

    ​ Moon of Alabama , Thanks Christine. As The U.S. Wages War On It China Reacts With Defiance
    Will the CCP succeed?
    ​ The product it’s pitching to its citizens and to the world—that’s multilateralism via economic engagement—is fundamentally more attractive to a lot of countries than the deficit driven global War to Save Democracy that the US is peddling. Given money, perseverance, luck, and time the PRC might be able to thread the needle.
    ​ But … there’s that “time” thing. There’s the rub.
    My opinion is, if the CCP is succeeding, in other words if it shows significant progress in establishing a robust parallel international order that can shield it from US economic aggression, the US will start a hot war to see if it can truly f*ck China up.
    Because the only US response to failure is escalation.
    And that’s why my profile says “pessimist”.

    ​ The Fall-winter pandemic is supposed to be something worse than COVID. Do we still have all of our cowering and complying reflexes intact? The DU rounds are for the Abrams tanks that the US is finally shipping to Ukraine. They may not get there in time for fall mud, but would work better on frozen ground in winter.
    ​ A New “Armored Fist”, A New Pandemic And Old Depleted Uranium Rounds. Military Summary For 2023.9.02

    ​ This summer may have seen 80,000 Ukrainian men, mostly drafted into the army, sent into the meat grinder to come out dead, just this summer.
    The Fall | The Russians Inflict CRITICAL Losses. Final AFU Redeployment. Military Summary 2023.09.01

    John Day

    Testing… Spam blocker’s got my number.


    John Day

    Baby-steps after a couple of tries just to get that last bit to post…

    ​This is a remarkably pleasant and well presented case for global-warming happening as a timely part of a recurring planetary climate cycle.
    Uh Oh, Methane Evidence Suggests We Entered Ice Age Termination Event

    Veracious Poet

    I wonder how long, if it’s not happened past tense, it will take for Bill Maher to realize that Democrat Liberalism was the *direct* progenitor of WOKE proglodyte anarchy, the manicured & fertile ground from which a generation of madness sprouted to fruition?

    Just add Sex, Drugs & Rocka Rolla…

    Denial is *not* a river in Egypt…

    Making Ayn Rand “right”, what an oxymoron! 🙄

    Ms. Rand preached & *religiously believed* in Atheistic Objective Reality ~ Where “rational” EG0 *is* god, morals & ethics abandoned to the domain of the “individual”.

    Which, btw, is *also* the post-modern corporeality of The UniParty GlobCap Empire, the declared underpinning TPTB/TBTF’s *official* state religion (1960s on…), encompassed within Secular Humanism

    It denies the real reality of *existance* concerning Wisdom based upon Spiritual Sanity, seeking to deny, supplant & rebel against The Loving, Healing Creative Power of the Universe, (based on finite EG0ic *thinking*) with the goal of undermining & *cancelling* a millennia of evidence to the contrary 😐

    Ayn Rand is no doubt an unrecognized/unacknowledged role model for The Empire of Lies, The Party of Chaos, The Warfare/Lawfare tyrants, miscreants & associated rabble…

    Ayn Rand was *never* right, just another above avg. IQ monster turned cult-of-personality, indoctrinated by the Bolshevik nightmare 🙄

    P.S. DEW products, to my knowledge, never made it into orbit. But they did install them on airborne platforms (see 747 DEW experiments during Afghanistan War)…

    If, & it’s a *BIG IF*, DEW have been placed in orbit, I wouldn’t be surprised if one might be deployed & fired prior to uncontrolled orbital decay, as a stop-loss, to H3LL with the consequences 😐

    Such is the sociopath/psychopathic disposition of defense contracting gen pop, in my experience (in many cases outright blood-lust thugs), perhaps it’s a cognitive dissonance phenom?

    We are on the Mass Formation Psychosis Road To H3LL…

    Other than that, everything is great!


    Kunstler is an optimist.

    D Benton Smith

    The reality that 90% of US businesses that were operating in Russia prior to the war (3,000 to be exact)), are STILL operating in Russia creates a real and actual physical reality conundrum that is so utterly bizarre that it is FASCINATING.

    First of all, let’s stipulate at the outset the common knowledge that it is “corporate America” who is waging proxy war against Russia (via its vassals and proxy nations and alliances), for the explicitly stated purpose of subjugating the government of the the Russian Federation, and taking control over all of their stuff and all of their people. That’s who’s doing it. The tippy top of that corporate/money/power hierarchy may still be a bit blurry to us mere chattel, but the GENERAL fact is that the heretofore masters of financial wealth and power are the ones who are financially, informationally and militarily attacking Russia, and they have total conquest in mind.

    Okay, That’s no surprise. It’s BAD but it isn’t totally nonsensical. The peculiar part is that Russia is LETTING those American businesses continue to make money inside Russia and to send the money home to America so that it can come back in the form of aggressively hostile anti-Russian sanctions , and as actual bombs, bullets and blitzkrieg that are killing tens of thousands of Russian citizens and hundreds of thousands of ethnically Russian Ukrainians.

    THAT is what I find so shockingly nonsensical that it fascinates.

    It would be like the United States allowing Japan to openly operate businesses in Honolulu to send money back home for aircraft carriers and warplanes to attack Pearl Harbor again (only more decisively this second time around).

    How can that even BE? Are these American businesses inside Russia subjected to the same financial, banking and other sanctions that their Russian partners are subjected to around much of the world? Such privileged treatment would certainly give them a decisive edge over their domestically Russian counterparts. I can see how the American side of it would see that as a sweet deal (use their competitor’s money to sanction and bomb them into helplessness) but why would the apparent victim go along with such an outrageously scam?

    What I have trouble imagining is that Russia would let 3000 of their sworn enemies take money from Russia and use the money to obliterate Russia. It strikes me as too crazy to even imagine UNLESS the international corporate consortium is so powerful, even inside Russia, that the NATION of Russia (its actual population) is not politically powerful enough to prevent the use of Russian resources to kill Russian people. That sort of behavior is ritual humiliation, forcing a victim to accept the unacceptable in order to annihilate all opposition and establish absolute power over them.

    In other words, the SAME thing that those supra-national corporations are doing to you and me at this very moment.

    Like I said, too crazy to even imagine. But not too crazy to be true.

    John Day

    Back for more pummeling by the spam-blocker 😀

    ​ Run into that minefield under machine gun fire and artillery barrage: Go! Go! Go! (“Euphoria, no fear, no pain” reported by soldiers ordered to take pills.)
    EXCLUSIVE! Captured Ukrainian Soldiers Speak Out, Forced to Take Drugs To Fight

    ​ We have known and advised this for well over a decade, but now it is in a scientific paper. Excess carbohydrates like sugar induce the liver to convert them to fat, which sits in the liver, causing cirrhosis and sometimes primary liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma. Just don’t drink sweet drinks.
    Sugar-Sweetened and Artificially Sweetened Beverages and Risk of Liver Cancer and Chronic Liver Disease Mortality

    ​ Sasha Latypova, The Real Purpose of the SV40 Promoter in Covid Injections (I really edited this down to the essential core information.)
    ​ Besides being extremely problematic due to large quantities of DNA found in the vials, the most alarming finding was the SV40 promoter in the DNA plasmid sequence. This part was not disclosed by Pfizer to the regulators. Therefore, they encoded a “stealth gene” in the sequence! This falls squarely into Air Force’s (JASON group) definition of a biological weapon…
    ​..Absolutely stunning isn’t it? To summarize: Pfizer encoded an undisclosed “gene” into the DNA matrix from which mRNA is being made for covid injections. Then they left huge amounts of this raw material in the final product. The purpose of this undisclosed component is to ensure that whatever it is attached to is delivered not just into the cell, but into the cell’s nucleus (where the human DNA resides). Let’s remember however, that humans do not have some sort of a central DNA place that can be modified for the whole body. Human body consists of trillions of cells, each with the nucleus containing DNA (except red blood cells), and the majority of cells in the body are a variety of non-human cells (microbiome) with their own DNAs.
    ​ Microbial cells may replicate quickly, such as e.coli that live in our gut who will pick up the plasmids if they end up there and start replicating them and spewing spike, dying off, shedding, etc. Furthermore, the SV40 promoter ensures that the “cargo” is delivered to the nuclei of the cells that are not dividing or slowly dividing, such as neurons, cardiac cells, skeletal and smooth muscle cells. The latter are cells that line the gastrointestinal tract, all blood vessels, bladder and uterus. These cells are not dividing normally, because they reached terminal differentiation which is critical for normal body growth and function. However the cells retain ability to divide, which can be functional (uterine cells during normal pregnancy), or, can be a source of pathology – abnormal cell growth leading to cancer. That’s why SV40 promoter is associated with cancer. It delivers foreign cargo into the nuclei of cells that are not supposed to divide, but may begin this malignant process due to being hacked by the foreign cargo…
    ​..Lastly, a recent study by Italian researchers have demonstrated beyond any doubt that approximately 50% of vaccinated individuals produce spike protein continuously when measured at 6 months after the last injection. Igor Chudov wrote a very good explainer on this. The Italian team also states that this is likely because of 1) some human cells get transfected and the modified RNA is reverse transcribed into genomes of those cells or 2) microbial cells in the blood pick up the foreign material (it can be RNA or plasmids or both) and also become spike spewing factories. Or both things happen in various places in the body. This does not happen in unvaccinated people whether or not they are positive for covid by PCR, so that’s definitely not whatever is called “covid infection”.

    ​ Court revives doctors’ lawsuit saying FDA overstepped its authority with anti-ivermectin campaign​ Thanks Mel.
    ​ The doctors can proceed with their lawsuit contending that the FDA’s campaign exceeded the agency’s authority under federal law, the ruling said.
    ​ “FDA is not a physician. It has authority to inform, announce, and apprise—but not to endorse, denounce, or advise,” Judge Don Willett wrote for a panel that also included Jennifer Walker Elrod and Edith Brown Clement. “The Doctors have plausibly alleged that FDA’s Posts fell on the wrong side of the line between telling about and telling to.”
    ​ Drs. Robert L. Apter, Mary Talley Bowden and Paul E. Marik filed the lawsuit last year. All three said their reputations were harmed by the FDA campaign. Bowden lost admitting privileges at a Texas hospital, the ruling noted. Marik alleged he lost his positions at a medical school and at a hospital for promoting the use of ivermectin.

    ​Meryl Nass MD is now dangerous enough to the control-narrative to merit a “hit piece”. (They will need a more sophisticated and expensive character-assassin.)
    Voila! the HIT Piece​ , From Ms. Melissa Goldin, who specializes in this type of genre


    Brian @The New Atlas

    Great August wrap up, cutting through the Lies & Propaganda of NeoConJob MEDIA WHORES

    Ukraine’s Western Sponsors Running Out of Ammo & Out of Time

    Ukronazis lingering in a Giant Kill Zone

    Like Yeh man, ya know.


    The Black Community is turning on the DNC

    Very Funny

    “If that n**** Trump gets convicted of this crime- I’m votin’ for his ass”

    This is literally my favorite thing happening in our culture today. Nothing else even comes close






    To be honest with you , Dr D White people are the only ones I care about. If you are convicted and sent to prison…are you going to head to the Whites people or just wander off to the blacks or mexicans? You’ll find out real fuckin quick, how things really work by the reception you get. These day to day manufactured iillusions ya all talk about, are just that illusions. The Russians and Chinese are greased by the same jewbanker money we are. Same overlords, different seats in the theatre. Everyone assumes there is 1000’s of corporations, but its just Blackrock and Vanguard. Same with countries, welcome to the New World Order.


    JD said

    I was thinking about it. They might be using big chemical lasers, but that is a lot of single-burst packets of chemicals to get up to space, each probably like a 50 gallon drum to make one burn circle, and then iit is used…
    How many bburned circles? How many 50 gallon drums?

    The simplest way to implement a laser weapon is to use mirrors. The USA is very good at putting mirrors into space – they are very light – and they can probably get 90% of the energy of any laser weapon to any point on the surface of the earth. Putting a very heavy nuclear reactor or battery into space would require real rocket technology, something only Russia has, so the Americans would have to use mirrors with maybe three different mirrors involved to reach anywhere on earth. Another point, is that nuclear reactors require heavy maintenance, so even more difficult. Even mirrors are very unlikely because the USA is basically incompetent in everything other than electronics, but they could pay Japan or Germany to do it for them. There are other intermediate options, including the powering of satelites from the ground, so laser in the sky, energy source on the ground, but let’s face it, the USA is not there, it cannot do that stuff.


    Celticbiker said

    Everyone assumes there is 1000’s of corporations, but its just Blackrock and Vanguard.

    Exactly, every CEO is a bitch of these investment companies.

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