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    Pablo Picasso Girl Before A Mirror 1932   • Ukraine Has Already Lost In Its Conflict With Russia – Seymour Hersh (RT) • Ukraine Shows US Military
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle September 22 2023]

    Dr. D


    He started a short series on this.

    “Liberals like Karl Rove”

    Never thought I’d see those words together. Even as it’s true “NeoCons” originated on the far Left. Still would never say that – it’s careless and confusing.

    Note when he says “military is the only option” that may roughly mean a “coup”. That depends on whether the military orders were legal in court, but you’re there. However, these men are merely talking; the President would have to actually ORDER it. He did not do so.

    ““‘It’s all lies,’” the source said, according to Hersh. “‘The war is over. Russia has won.”

    It’s not; it’s not ‘over’. Ukraine is still losing +100 men a day and +3,000/month, but Ukraine is losing now 100% of all equipment regularly. In that way it’s very, very “lost”.

    “The US Army currently has approximately 100,000 troops deployed to Europe, around 40,000 of which are organized into combat units expected to bear the brunt of the fighting.”

    Now you see why when I said Russia sees them as a speed bump, I wasn’t entirely kidding. This is VERY OBVIOUS. You can be a very poor military thinker and planner and still come up with nothing but these numbers. I mean, just look at the weapons: we’re still using airsoft and not the real stuff, okay? No jets, no bio, no battlefield nukes? Barely fighting, not in a fraction of the territory, 25% and well-liked and supported, the battle well-contained to only one sliver line of engagement and still this level of losses?

    “The Kiev regime could use its knowledge of the Biden family’s dealings in Ukraine to blackmail the US president into continued support for a losing conflict with Russia, says an ex-CIA commentator. “

    Not really because they’re not revealing anything. Everybody knows. If so, that would mean Biden was I dunno, kidnapping and testing bioweapons on people, or trafficking women through Europe and strangling them on camera for fun. Both of which are likely, but you have to suppose crimes heretofore unthinkable for that quote to be true. IS that what you are suggesting, sir? I’m okay with it: show me the lab dossier we know you all have.

    “US May Be Supporting ‘Neo-Nazis’ by Aiding Ukraine – Congressman (Sp.)

    Wow. And polar bears “may” be white. Sad panda might be sad.

    To stop being useless, are you going to DO anything about it? According to you here, MANY CRIMES were plausibly committed. In specific and flagrant defiance of your express orders, and then they lied under oath about it and doctored records. And…? Can they drive-by your house and fill it with bullets too, since you do nothing about all the other crimes?

    Well if he’s a Republican, the answer is “no.” Nothing will be done. And yes, you can shoot them up. May GOP centers were shot up in the election and nothing happened.

    “They want no more money to Ukraine. How is that burning the place down?”

    Not just that, but no more “$150 BILLION dollars”, that is enough to cure homelessness 3x over. “Hey, WE would like that money for US” they said.

    “This is a very difficult series of missteps by our conference,”

    All one big accident again. Every day since Newt did it back in 1994, not a day’s progress, but one accident after another, 10,000 days in a row. Oopsie! Shucks, I guess we’re not very good at this.

    This is a whole new concept of individuals that just want to burn the whole place down. That doesn’t work.”

    You’d have to inside baseball on this vote. To me, they are merely forcing it to not be business as usual. To TRY to have the scale of change and thought that is necessary and this is their only present means to do that.

    Like other conflicts, if the moderate Republicans, to say nothing of the Democrats, caved in instead and said “Sigh, this is the NEW only way to get things done” then they would all do that. It’s perception. They anchor perception in 50 years of process that is all corruption, flaccid action, and status quo. It can be anchored many other places. For instance, the Squad SAID (but did not do) that to force far-left action and were lauded in the Press nationwide for acting totally appropriately. (Even as Pelosi released similar statements that they were unhelpful) “Burning it all down” is the Antifa Motto, the whole wing of the party supports this action regardless of reason or excuse. So MY guys stopping things is a GOOD stop, but your guys stopping stuff is a BAD stop. Uh-huh.

    “they expect me to do whatever I can to stop it and to change how we do business up here,” he said.”

    Getting back to the point, Congressmen are supposed to REPRESENT their people. His people, as he says, want this. To change things. He is executing THEIR will, not his, although he was elected because they are aligned. They, McCarthy, are like “why are YOU doing this?” No, sir: the American PEOPLE are the ones doing this. Telling you this. Not me.

    See the difference and why it’s perception?

    “Oleksiy Arestovych, former adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine under Zelensky, declared that “with a 99.9 percent probability, our price for joining NATO is a big war with Russia.”

    This is so obvious. Russia is 10x your size. Therefore a “Big War” will definitely mean the death of AT LEAST +2M of your 25(?)M people. And he said, “Sounds great! Let’s Roll!” …And start a world-wide nuclear exchange, by the way, in which London “Becomes a sea of rubble” and “They ask ‘what was England like?’

    Somewhere between 2M and 7,000 Million casualties? Sign me up! Go, go, go! And here I thought these guys liked gays, trans, and the environment. The environment of a dead planet filled with dead gay bodies.(along with all the rest of us) #Logic!

    “$1.7 trillion for jets that don’t fly.”

    Good thing we don’t need them since we have space weapons.

    The missing jet points up the problem: you’re going to lose them in training, you have to give air hours to fly them, and yet at $100M/pc you can’t afford to lose any. That is as Ike said, each jet could have funded a whole city’s worth of public schools or fixed all the water in the State. That just general costs, not considering using them in war where the S500 has rendered them all unusable. Just like our tanks and ships.

    “He is now written off as a veritable “Baghdad Bob” propagandist.”

    By who? All the Democrats I know very carefully know ahead of time not to think about this, or him, or anything, really. They know BEFORE they know. Magic.

    “Mexico now cannot survive as a modern state without some $60 billion in annual remittances” Sure they can. And “Mexico also encourages its own abject poor and often indigenous people from southern Mexico to head north.” Maybe, but none of the present immigrants are Mexican. They’re all trafficked worldwide. We’re just funding violent human trafficking cartels in the multi-billions.

    “and kill nearly 100,000 Americans a year.”

    If you think we’re not in a hot war. How many killed in WWII? So we killed 70k Russians and they killed 500,000 Yanks over the last 10 years. Can we both stop? ‘Cause it ain’t “Russia”, and it ain’t “America”: we are both against this.

    “Third IRS Official Says DOJ Blocked Weiss from Charging Hunter Biden (WE)

    That’s why Weiss is a totally neutral, third-party choice as Special Prosecutor, above all that.

    …So is Congress going to arrest anybody, or what? …Oh wait, they’re Republican, I forgot.

    “Russell Brand Is Unlikely to Face Actual Justice (Hryce)

    That’s for sure. “Justice” as in “Proven innocent” (so to speak) and his name cleared. Dore is covering this. So all of this hinges on an ACCUSATION. That’s it. Accusing = Guilt now. Pasta says “Hey GOOGLE has been accused of terrible things, so we can just shut them off now too?” Oh wait: it doesn’t work like that. Justice now = power. If you have Power, whatever you do is good and right. If you have less power or are powerless, everything you do is wrong.

    That is: Might Makes Right.

    “Nor have these acts been reported to the police even now.”

    They’re so serious about it, and so mad, they are going to do exactly nothing, as they have for decades. That’s how you know it all happened.

    I forget (they didn’t say) the context, but a competing club called up the local police and said “This OTHER club is saying naughty things.” Wow. But UNDER THE INCENTIVE STRUCTURE, the police – without investigation or court – had to call and tell them “Your show is cancelled.” Now they did it anyway and the police didn’t show up, but that shows you the level right now. Again, Accusation = Guilt. I don’t believe things were this bad even under Cromwell, but correct me. And the loveless nags and scolds shut down Christmas and the theater back then too. “For the Childrens.”

    “• Intel-linked UK Official Pushing Censorship of Russell Brand (GZ)”

    Yes, in this case it was clearly and openly the Official UK government in an official capacity doing this. That is, meting punishment with no accusation or trial. ...If you don’t file paperwork, that’s not even an “Accusation”, legally anyway. So with NO accusation, the Suck-me government or whatever that forgettable guy’s name is, is erasing all human rights. Planetwide, actually, since YouTube’s revenue is coming in all over, and arguably American jurisdiction.

    Exaggeration? No free speech. No lawyer. No evidence. No due process. Interfering directly in his ability to make a living. A living IN ANY WAY. No right to meet and know accusers. In fact, no accuser at all. Just “I said.” Like Cromwell. Straight from Suck-me’s office.

    …We always do this when a guy is crazy and his silly statements have no relevance to daily life, like he believes in Bigfoot and the Underpants Gnomes. They’re always arresting and deplatforming me for saying the NFL is fixed, right? Or that there’s a Spaghetti Monster? But if I say the Iraq war is stupid and embarrassing and there are no WMDs, they’re all liars, and they leave me and the Dixie Chicks right alone.

    So…we now have the government wandering around, telling local grocers, “Don’t employ this or that bag boy. He looks shifty to me and I don’t like his family.” “This pub may or may NOT play this song or host this musician.” That’s how local and tangible it is already. They must play the “Horst-Wessel-Lied” instead. Over and over, like “Rawhide.”

    Did I also add full support of the “Prussiagate” site? No one is perfect, and I don’t know what he means by “Prussia” – don’t narrow it too much — but this should be added to our modern life-skills textbook for discussion.

    I wonder on Biden pardoning everybody: can you pardon treason? What if you’re yourself a traitor and not duly elected? Get this far out of the Overton window and everything’s up for grabs.

    Dr. D



    Putting on my engineering hat this morning

    Pedo Jo-Joe the Mummy Dummy Presidementia has phucked up the Strategic Petroleum Reserve


    Everything he touches turnstoshit.

    I mean the actual internal physical structure of the oil reserves in the salt caverns.


    By drawing them down by 50% so severely, for POLITICAL purposes, numb nuts and his handlers have created an enormous void underground in the salt caverns over the remaining oil.

    Could the Strategic Petroleum Reserve storage caverns collapse?

    “Could the Strategic Petroleum Reserve storage caverns collapse?

    21 September 2023 by Bob Bishop 44 Comments

    Congress in 1975 enacted the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (“EPCA“), creating the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The Act attempts to shield the U.S. economy from oil supply shocks, including those engineered by oil-exporting countries. Reserves can only be released if “severe energy supply interruptions” exist.

    Strategic Petroleum Reserves Depletion

    The Biden administration has continually released strategic reserves since 2021 under an emergency drawdown. The petroleum reserve has dropped from its historic high by 45%, its lowest level since 1983. However, the release of those reserves doesn’t qualify under the EPCA. The law also requires those sales revenues to be deposited to the SPR Petroleum Account to be preserved for repurchasing the oil. Did the US Treasury pocket those monies?

    The American Association of Petroleum Geologists’ study concluded:

    “multiple drawdowns have caused cavern deformation, salt falls and other damage to the cavern integrity. In addition, these underground salt caverns are shrinking due to tectonic stresses. The SPR office estimates that for every 100 barrels of oil removed, there are 15 barrels of dissolved salt undermining the cavern’s structure.”

    Biden’s imprudent large monthly draws damage the caverns, causing deformation and shrinkage. Notably, in 2000, the SPR office estimated the facilities have a remaining life span of twenty-five years, assuming routine maintenance. That expiration date is rapidly approaching.

    Pedo Jo-Joe has higher priorities than the Strategic Petroleum Reserves



    Replacing a billion barrels of oil into new salt caverns is gonna be kinda expensive.

    Where’s the money for that?

    It took the carrier pigeon to Ukronazoland.

    And it’s GONE!


    God Bless DUH’merica



    The perfect metphor

    Soft men make Hard Times

    Hard men make Good Times.

    Stuff like this happens because stupidity isn’t painful



    Must be VAX brain damage




    1 Informal. a stupid person; dolt: Don’t be a chump—she’s kidding you along.

    2 a short, thick piece of wood.

    Stop, yer killing me!


    Dead Chump Walking



    The Empire of Lies

    A Mighty Empire Indeed.



    Winter is Coming




    Russian pilots seek out bad weather to practice in


    Funny still that the other F-35 Lardbucket flying with it as wingman didn’t eject.


    All the fighter jocks I’ve known or met down through the decades were cocky fearless fucks.

    Duh’merica must have snowflakes in the cockpits now


    The truth is being told by bloggers
    The “Dark Forces” are dominating.
    Hate, Fear, Jealousy, Lies, Corruption …
    (Read the “10 commandments”)
    Destruction and Death rule the land
    • Ukraine Has Already Lost In Its Conflict With Russia – Seymour Hersh (RT)

    • Ukraine Shows US Military Not Ready for Major War (Scott Ritter)

    • Can Ukraine Use Corruption Charges to Blackmail Biden? (Tweedie)

    • US May Be is Supporting ‘Neo-Nazis’ by Aiding Ukraine – Congressman (Sp.)

    ” It is immoral and illegal for the United States to send money to a Nazi regime,” the congressman wrote.

    The US leadership and mainstream media sought to portray the Kiev regime as some kind of force for good that fights to uphold the ideals of freedom and democracy, it became increasingly clear that the Ukrainian military is rife with neo-Nazis who routinely engage in human rights abuses.”
    (Canadian leaderships are just as bad )

    • NATO Expansion & Ukraine’s Destruction (Jeffrey Sachs)

    Jeffrey Sachs: NATO Expansion & Ukraine’s Destruction

    Yet last week, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg committed a Washington gaffe, meaning that he accidentally blurted out the truth.
    Here are Stoltenberg’s revealing words:
    (Go and read and ask yourself WHY he truth is being ignored.)

    Russia also does not welcome the fact that the U.S. engaged in no fewer than 70 regime change operations during the Cold War (1947-1989), and countless more since, including in Serbia, Afghanistan, Georgia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, and Ukraine.
    Nor does Russia like the fact that many leading U.S. politicians actively advocate the destruction of Russia under the banner of “Decolonizing Russia.”
    Even Zelensky’s team knew that the quest for NATO enlargement meant imminent war with Russia.
    the Twilight Zone
    an ending to the story that I could not have imagined. Are we supposed to be against segregation, house arrest, forced medical treatments, locking people in nations, and censorship? I thought at least we would agree on that much. Apparently not. Apparently, it is the opposite.
    Everything that I believed was deprecated is exalted and all the public virtues I believed we extolled are now denounced.

    • The Valorization of the Tyrants (Jeffrey Tucker)


    John Day

    @Figmund Sreud: Thanks for the story of the mysterious Russian wide-body jet flying to NYC (UN), then mysteriously on to Washington DC, at roughly the time puppet Zelensky was getting snubbed by the various gangs and not getting longer range missiles. Space between dot and com…
    https://www.offthebeatenpoints. com/a-russian-government-jet-flew-to-new-york-and-is-now-parked-at-washington-dulles/


    Farewell (hopefully), Romney/Bain Capital. A tribute


    As Obama eases out from his 3rd term, having accomplished his goals, Hillary Clinton is moving in, thus the new self dealing $25 billion deal announced by puppet Joe Biden.

    Polish politicians are lying about not supporting the Ukraine because they haven’t installed Dominion voting machines yet. Once re-elected they will go back to supporting the war in the Ukraine.

    The Pentagon says aid to Ukraine is exempt from government shutdown. Our masters have spoken.


    In the last thread, there was talk of an over-arching narrative.

    Such narratives, interpretations, are fascinating to me.

    Other more pragmatic perspectives and similarly ‘blanket’ aka generalist, linking all kinds of things together, are out there.

    Simon Michaux (prob. the man who knows more about rare earth – metals etc. in the world) active in the public space (others may be silent) in a recent interview:

    Here, vid 1 H 23, eng (he is Australian), I recommend it.


    Wes posted:

    Polish politicians are lying about not supporting the Ukraine because they haven’t installed Dominion voting machines yet. Once re-elected they will go back to supporting the war in the Ukraine.

    Right on. Heh, Dominion voting machines, what a joke 🙂

    The Polish PTB are dead scared of the “populists” who are fed up with the refugees being given quasi ‘holy status’, and overall how the ‘war’ in Ukr. is affecting them. The PTB make noise and are throwing to the public some signals about how the Gvmt. is ‘on their side’ > to remain in power and win the elections.

    Dr D Rich

    Original video is not available, but Frank Dully’s Sex and the Naval Aviator remains the standard… I suppose.the emphasis should be on ‘controllers’ and ‘mission’ AND how the latter translates into the perception of courage or bravery in some minds.


    Our veterans fought against Nazi.
    In Canada, it is an embarrassment to admitting to having voted for parties that demonstrated that they support the neo-Nazi that are killing and destroying in Ukraine.


    Ursula bin Lyin’ Tells Japanese in Hiroshima that Russia Nuked Hiroshima

    The Empire of Lies told this dumb bitch to say that cause they lie about EVERYTHING.

    I guess it’s some kind of sick contest to tell the biggest lie and then rub it in with some Ritual Humiliation which the Japanese are especially fond of.


    I’m going to have to make time to look into this “prussiagate” stuff, can’t say for sure if I agree

    I will say, I’m still reading Castles of Steel – about WW1. They just can’t keep themselves out of trouble. They had a 3/5 attrition ratio in their favor on the Western front. All they had to do was just not bring the US into the war and wait. Instead, they got all fired up and started unrestricted sub warfare, bringing 2 million extra men to the western front, which convinced France and Britain to play a waiting game until the US could go into action (rather than launching endless kamikaze attacks)

    The Prussians keep getting themselves into trouble throughout history doing ham-fisted, overt, clumsy, bad optics things. Unrestricted submarine warfare, The Rape Of Belgium, and so on. They get offended, then go and do foolhardy things. Frederick the Great practically getting his country Paraguayed he was so great. If anything, they remind me of the US Confederacy.

    I feel QUITE sure Russia has made a very professional study of all the world powers that hosed themselves by doing stupid, going off half cocked things that destroyed them.

    For instance, Putin’s comments about Poland playing a foolhardy suboptimal game for themselves in the runup to ww2 – ono! Putin must be Blaming The Victim! Uh, no he is looking at Russia needing to play a cautious game and talking shop.

    The Confederacy, WW2 Japan, Poland, Charles XII of Sweden, the French knights at Agincourt (all they had to do was NOTHING to win!) the Prussians and Germans in multiple wars

    To my eyes, the Prussians and Germany in the Prussian tradition are hamfisted unsubtle rubes that get fooled and tricked into self destructive behavior over and over by far sneakier, more subtle opponents, like Great Britain.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Oroborus onSeptember 22, 2023 at 11:55 am at #143528

    Re: Salt caverns collapsing. Yes they do. Salt caverns in New Mexico excavated to store nuclear waste are collapsing sealing the waste, but the collapse will continue.

    Earthquakes around Hutchison Ks are due to the collapse of salt caverns excavated by water extraction of salt; the collapsing roofs are causing earthquake registrations.

    In Iran, circular geologic formations are formed on the surface due to the geologic removal of salt and the subsequent collapse of overburden into the void that reach the surface over extensive periods of time.

    Oil reserve caverns made by aqueous removal of salt after their petroleum is removed await the processes above at some point.

    Salt caverns in Hutchison Ks excavated by mining that leave remaining pillars of salt support are used as secure storage for films and documents. These appear to be stable as long as the supporting columns are sufficient to bear the weight of overburden without deforming. Time will tell.

    Michael Reid

    Thank you Noirette for the video with Simon P. Michaux

    John Day

    Ursula von der lyin “especially at a time when Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons once again”, when speaking in Hiroshima, specifically about the history of having been vaporized by a (never said “American”) nuclear bomb.
    Ursula is a native German speaker, I believe, and the placement of “once again” might have been awkward for her in English. A lot of similar stacking of clauses goes on in German, though…

    I am sure she meant to say “especially at a time when Russia threatens, once again, to use nuclear weapons”.

    I doubt that anybody in Japan took her meaning wrongly…

    John Day

    jb-hb, Noirette and others might be entertained by the Prussiagat series on “Urania”. Here’s part-1


    Once you understand these motherfuckers want you dead, you turn a corner and you never look back.

    Michael Reid

    @ Celticbiker

    My friend, I suggest preparing as best you can for whatever may happen.

    And I have found that laughing on occasion is helpful.


    @John Day

    Read the words John, Always Lyin said [again]

    Ursula Always Lyin, the worst Foreign Minister in German history, is a lying CUNT.

    From Russian press person Maria Zakharova, a woman of real integrity:

    Zakharova also quoted Ursula Always Lyin as saying:

    “Many of your relatives died when the atomic bomb razed Hiroshima to the ground. You grew up listening to the stories of the survivors and wanted us to listen to the same stories, look into the past and learn something about the future.

    >>>>>>>> Russia is threatening to use nuclear weapons AGAIN.

    A DIRECT QUOTE, not some German mis-translation

    [Russia has NEVER used nuclear weapons against another country so how could she have said the German word “AGAIN” in the speech?]

    It’s disgusting, it’s dangerous, and in the shadow Hiroshima, it’s unforgivable.”

    Zakharova reiterated, “It’s disgusting and dangerous how Ursula von der Leyen lies,” .

    Notice how this slimy German cunt never brought up who did used nuclear weapons.

    The cowards and criminals of the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Military MAFIA

    In August 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. About 220 thousand people died directly from the explosions of the two bombs, and more than 200 thousand died due to lethal doses of radiation. The vast majority of casualties were civilians.
    According to many experts, from a military point of view there is no explanation for these bombings, because the victory over militaristic Japan was mainly ensured by the defeat of the million-strong Kwantung Army by Soviet troops.
    It is believed that the US primarily pursued political goals by bombing peaceful cities – to demonstrate its power, considering atomic weapons as the main means of intimidating people, and to ensure strategic superiority.

    Dr Strangelove Nazi arm salute

    Michael Reid

    @ Celticbiker

    Another thing which may be helpful is live without fear.

    We all die in the end anyway


    Empire of Lies Military Mafia supports Nazis

    Russian kills Nazis

    Russian drones are the new Grim Reaper

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr. John Day: That official – Russian Government plane – flown to Warshington – most likely means that more serious diplomatic contacts are in the process of developing. Not a surprise, of course, since there has been contact between the two parties all along – long distance, … but this time this means, face-to-face! Good omen, I presume. Perhaps, … just perhaps killing will pause soon? We shall hope, …

    On another note: I hear that Polish-livery- sporting M1 Abrams tanks currently are being loaded on to a train near Przemyśl, Poland – two days old news. And that is just short distance to the tunnel between Poland and Ukraine. And so, … just perhaps, … destination Ukraine? Time will tell, …,the%20New%20Austrian%20Tunneling%20Method.



    Figmund Sreud

    Photomontage: Ukraine president visiting both Ottawa and Toronto
    Posted: Sep 22, 2023



    Oroboros said

    Ursula bin Lyin’ Tells Japanese in Hiroshima that Russia Nuked Hiroshima

    And these people want to censor us so that we have to lie with them. Of course, our inner voices will say something different until Musk and Blackrock’s brain implants discover the means to force you to lie to yourself …


    John Day said

    I am sure she meant to say “especially at a time when Russia threatens, once again, to use nuclear weapons”.

    I know you prefer to see the best in people, making excuses for their bad behaviour, but Von Lying has a track record. She also has more translaters and proof readers available to her than most governments. The chances of this being a mistake are zero.


    Michael Reid said

    @ Celticbiker

    Another thing which may be helpful is live without fear.

    Why do you think that Celticbiker needs help? Your response is very strange considering the message that he is trying to get across.

    Michael Reid

    @ aspnaz

    We have all recieved the message that he is trying to get across.
    He seems to be stuck repeating the message.
    It next step is to act.
    He needs to move forward and live his life.
    Not strange.

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