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    @my parents said know

    OMG how could I have missed Winnie!

    You are one of the sharp pencils in the box!

    Michael Reid

    5G from 3 and 1/2 all the way up to 60 GHZ

    For the last few years and especially during the covid lockdowns
    countless 5G masts and transmitters have been placed on
    buildings, on high voltage masts and street lights.

    The unrolling takes place in a highly undemocratic way,
    mostly in the middle of the night.

    Citizens have no voice.

    Masts and transmitters can be placed on the roof of your building
    without your consent.

    No guarentees of safety and security have been given to the people
    who live in those buildings or in the direct vicinity.

    According to experts, the problem surrounding 5G can be compared to
    the famous frog that was about to be cooked.

    Have you heard of this biological experiment?

    The frog doesn’t notice a thing at first.

    He feels good and warm, all cuddled up in the pan with water.

    But the frog cannot see the fire underneath the pan.

    The water gets warmer and warmer.

    The frog is still comfortable but as he gets hot to
    the point of being cooked to death, he doesn’t move.

    He doesn’t try to escape because it is all happening gradually.

    He spends all his energy adapting to the rising temperature.

    And so now waits for the death he is about to experience.

    That frog my friends is you and me.

    5G from 3 and one half all the way up to 60 gigaherz, gradually.

    We are so busy adapting that we will not be able to escape
    when our boiling point arrives.

    At exactly 60 GHZ the electrons of an oxygen atom start spinning.

    As a result, the oxygen you breath in can no longer be absorbed by your blood cells.

    In other words when 5G is set on 60 GHZ and released
    we will actually drop dead within one minute.

    So the 5G, when the Cabal turns up the frequency to 60 GHZ
    will cause everyone exposed to that 5G 60 GHz signal
    to drop dead within minutes.

    Sneaky Cabal

    And all the distractions when they hold the kill signal

    They only need to expose us to the 60 gigaherz signal to take us out.

    No injection required.

    No people with guns required.

    Master depopulation control

    Video at
    23:34 /

    space between dot and com

    https://rumble. com/v1rh7f8-the-sequel-to-the-fall-of-the-cabal-part-16-depopulation-by-chemtrails-and-.html

    Michael Reid

    You will need to get out of 5G exposure or destroy the transmitters


    60ghz will have short range and will be blocked by a variety of materials. Typical cellular signals range from 700mhz up to 2.1ghz and you really get into your shorter ranges and difficult to reach indoors above around 1900mhz. I remember the attempt to use 2.1ghz as a quasi-disaster for Sprint because the range and penetration meant you’d need mini towers on every lamppost to get it to work for indoor coverage. This was partially attempted. SOME wider coverage was achieved by getting customers to place mini towers in their homes, connecting back to the cellular network through their own ISPs.

    The other question would be what are YOUR devices capable of – your cellphone, your router, for instance. Those are the things close enough to actually reach you at smaller bandwidths. And how many of your things – your washing machine, your lightbulbs, etc, are part of the internet of things. Moreover, it should be noted that some things you can buy aren’t even ostensibly part of the internet of things. Yet they still have wireless capability built in and are used by their manufacturers to form mesh networks independent of normal internet access. Small appliances you keep plugged in all the time would be perfect.

    In theory, your cellphone or router could be 60ghz capable but not have it listed anywhere in the device specs, but with the plan to enable it later with a software push. But earlier 5g phones may not have the capability. I suppose in theory you could have disabled wifi on your router. computer, or phone but still have it remotely turned on. I’ve come across tales years ago of windows 10 machines phoning back home through the power lines or cellular chips built into the CPU. That’s not just an urban legend, the celluar/cpu bit and that goes back to pre pandemic.

    I feel pretty sure the lamps I bought in the 90’s at garage sales and my lava lamp won’t hit me with 60ghz. Not sure about much else. When I downloaded an RF app to my smartphone and checked around the home, the highest RF was right next to the medallion on the door of my microwave showing the brand name. Opened the door to test – stayed with the medallion in the door, nowhere else. I should probably unplug the thing and pop off that medallion one day to see what is under it.

    There is this thing that has been around for years and was used for 4g technology. There were a whole bunch of new towers built in the 20-teens that supported both 3g and 4g, so I presume beamforming was possible on 3g as well. Beam forming. Yes, cellular sites have been able to directionally target phone users for many years. They HAVE done so for many years. It’s part of maintaining good service. “beam-forming” was just another humdrum term in the tech support training.

    And of course here we have talked about wifi being able to accurately see where you are, your specific posture etc. It’s entirely possible that multiple sites could aim at you using beamforming if given targeting data.

    It was pretty typical in my experience, when for instance 4g wimax or 4g LTE or 5g had an upcoming launch date, that people with capable devices would light up with the network indicator and be able to use the new, more advanced services weeks or even months before the official launch.

    That was pretty typical for the network engineers to turn the stuff on and test sporadically in various regions prior to the official live date. Some customers would actually demand the new service be restored if they saw it going on and off as the engineers tested prelaunch. No we are not troubleshooting a service we are not offering to you yet. If you happen to be pulling 15mbps over a cellular network at times where before you could get 1900kbps, more power to you but it isn’t a product we currently offer. We HAVE to turn it on in your area early to be READY to offer you it on the official launch date.

    Dr. D

    I am pretty suspicious and pretty up to speed on most of the 5G and other shenanigans, but the technical side of this is just can’t be true. Like CAN you see somebody with carefully-designed, carefully-placed wi-fi dishes? Sure. Can somebody do it with just one, in your house, where your rig in in the corner behind the couch under a stack of books? Not really. It’s easier to guess the layout of your house from the Google Drive picture.

    100x more with these other things. “Oxygen spins”? Seriously? If they could do that it would be done industrially for special processes all the time. It would be a top DoD weapon in Ukraine. Can a lab’s worth of isolation and caution, combined with a million dollars of equipment make one O2 atom do this? I’d have to look into it, but maybe? I doubt it. But that’s not the real world.

    Now do they, did they INTEND to put graphene oxide into your blood then have the essential premise of the “heart attack gun” go off all over 5G Manhattan and stuff? Sure, I can see that. Will it work? A little sorta, but as you see they are the dumbest, worst creators of literally anything. Like the disease, it didn’t work worth a hoot, the bodies were stronger, went around it, and mostly because of a COMPLETELY OBVIOUS testable oversight regarding Vitamin D. Thus leading to a death rate piss-poor 0.06%, and that with every removal of Vitamin D, every ventilator, and every fake statistical add they could come up with. It might be 1/10th that. A PERFECT example of their work.

    Now the 5G is barely anywhere (by square miles), and barely has any reach (in inches). Can it still do this for weak people…who took the vax…who still have it in their systems…who sit down next to a 5G box inside a tunnel for the F Train? Maybe. We still have to postulate that this is the puropse to begin with. I say sure, why not, since there is literally no technical or engineering logic to 5G, but how many will they kill? 2,000? 20,000? All Democrats? Okay, I guess. Not minimizing their lives, but if you postulate a worldwide war of mass extinction, and they kill the contents of one small town with $500 Billion dollars and 20 years of work — and those their own minions — it’s hard to be alarmed. If anything I’d say keep going. It will distract you from doing something that might actually kill people.

    Not only that, but we already know, are already watching, and already have lawsuits. It’s going to be real hard to go far if the only people who die live on the F Train and certain streets, in a perfect circle around certain towers.

    Focus your energy on something else. This literally can’t work as a weapon. Not in 100 ways. I’d say it’s a combo of non-technical people being alarmed, and the bad guys planting fear and confusion in the ranks knowing it will occupy and discredit, but hardly any of the latter.

    Again 5G travels what 6 feet at power? 50 feet attenuated? Wear a second sweater.

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