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    Rene Magritte Memory 1944   • Explaining the $18 Million Mar-a-Lago Valuation by NY Trump Case Judge (ET) • Georgia Senate GOP Ousts Senator for
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle September 29 2023]

    V. Arnold

    Rene Magritte Memory 1944

    I love Magritte; a good friend gifted me a gorgeous coffee table book of Magritte’s work.
    “Memory” seems a study in Red…with a really bad vibe for the right side eye of the woman…

    Dr. D

    “observers point out the GOP has not yet uncovered smoking gun evidence of any crime by Biden.”

    Sputnik, still writing for NPR. So…the open and public statement by the Congressman above, that A) Biden met with B) Was paid by C) Received money from ‘Russia’ and D) every ‘Russian’ in the room was notably thereafter benefited by the Obama and Biden administrations is not “smoking evidence”? Biden, on camera, SAYING he did this to the WEF is not “smoking evidence”? Hunter, SAYING he and his father did this, corroborated by Bobulinski and a dozen whistleblowers is not “smoking evidence” of any kind?

    …Not according to Sputnik. They have higher standards. Being on camera SAYING you did it, then checking the records and corroborating that he did, and the event happened, is not solid enough sourcing for these paragons of journalism.

    “Republicans’ own witnesses admitted as much.”

    Did they now? Witnesses such as Bobulinski? Oh you mean SOME witnesses? Some said yes, some said no? And the one you quoted as “no”, is NOT A WITNESS? …He’s just a Congressman, investigating, with a gracious introductory court statement any prosecutor would use to open a trial. NOT A WITNESS. Witnesses “Witness” things. In other words: a bare-faced lie. Told exclusively to promote a larger lie.

    Turley does the same thing here: ““I do not believe that the current evidence would support articles of impeachment,“That is something that an inquiry has to establish.”

    Yes, and that’s why they DID open the inquiry TO establish. If there is nothing, they’ll find nothing, right? But filing appropriate standard legal processes now are crimes and explosions, “burning it all down.” Geez, I hope I never have to file for a housing permit or the like. God knows half the town would be razed into the ocean or something.

    Filing paperwork: The most dangerous, most illegal action in the universe!

    “Long-shot hopes of entry into the European Union to get access to hundreds of billions of euros in loans and subsidies..”

    Again and again and again: so many lies we don’t stop, we forget to overlook the obvious ones. “Loans” means that Ukraine isn’t “Liberated”, it is merely occupied and conquered by the West instead of the East. Is that an improvement? We’re “Giving” Ukraine nothing (overall). We are expecting repaying of every nickel with interest, out of Ukrainian property and the hides of Ukrainian people. That’s what “Loans” and in a trickier way, “subsidies” means.

    As many have said, including former Ukrainian government officials, this is what has ALREADY happened. Ukraine is ALREADY looted by the West, not just the war. Poverty and hardship means all the saleable assets, all the lumber, all the coal they had, all sold for pennies to “Europe” meaning not the German TAXPAYER, who is fronting fresh money, but to Europeans OLIGARCHS, private billionaires. So the Oligarchs are paid twice: once by the poor German worker, and again by Ukrainian looting.

    Etc. This is just ONE level of ONE day of lying and looting going on. Stop the lying, call things by their name and you can see the looting clearly. …And all the solutions.

    “The real drawback of the American tank is the high level of maintenance and logistics required Reality.” he said.

    “Training is another problem, with US media reporting this week that NATO countries’ crash course approach to instructing Ukrainian servicemen”

    Trying not to bring up arcana even if it’s relevant, but Scott Ritter pointed out that the more NATO equipment you send, the FASTER Ukraine collapses. Because you’re dividing your time, men, and resources chasing 5 tanks here, 10 tanks there which are all distracting, incompatible, and not better. So they blow the Challenger, guy escapes and joins a T-64 crew. NOPE! He’s of no use at all there. He joins the new Abrams crew. NOPE! Of no use at all there either. He’s of no use anywhere, and his 12 weeks – what should be 40 or 80 weeks – of training are lost, when he could have been applied to something decent and useful…like making coffee.

    Again, the Pentagon is constantly insuring the Ukraine LOSES. Every day in every way. And therefore Europe – or rather Davos – loses. Because “Europe” won’t “lose” they are not in any danger of being conquered except by their own continuing bad decisions. Only the present leadership and financial structure will be erased – the PEOPLE will still be there, doin’ Europe like 1,000 years.

    “the West needs something extreme to stir everyone up and galvanize them to supercharge this, to give them the political capital they need to escalate,”

    PCR and others can’t understand why Russia refuses to “Shock and Awe” from Day One. Refuses to “End the war” with a nice little “Pearl Harbor” of I dunno, rolling into Poland like that guy with the funny mustache Turdeau can point to and say “See? I’m not the only one!”

    Meanwhile, through no action on Russia’s part whatsoever, Ukraine is running their own men, naked only Russian minefields like the Palestine Liberation Front Suicide Squad:

    I mean, okay, I guess. We’ll tell you not to but…

    ““The entire U.S. capitalist economy needs to be demilitarized..”

    That’s ridiculous. That’s just what Eisenhower said, and what did he know about anything? He was only America’s top General, America’s top President, and America’s Commander in Chief. Ask Chad at Facebook if you want to know how the world REALLY works. Or now Chaddette at NPR.

    But that was 65 years ago. I’m sure it all worked out and everything’s better now. There’s no way we’d print $1 Trillion every 10 weeks to pay for it.

    “An enslaved EU was forced by the American “ally” to simply give up on the Russian market for its own auto and other exports that paid for cheap energy imports.”

    Really? How did they do that? Didn’t Europe just say “No, I guess they called our bluff?” No? Huh. That happened every time before but I guess the laws of physics are different now. Just like all laws of medicine suddenly reversed after 100 years, just a few years ago. …Such that only the Anglo West has no idea medically what a “Woman” is. Such a mystery!

    “Moreover, the euro will continue to plunge against the U.S. dollar, and may soon fall to 90 cents, or lower.”

    Sure, and who does that benefit? As JB would say, if “We” “Enslaved” Europe then they are OUR continent. So therefore you make Germany give us MORE free car parts, not less. We’re doing the opposite. Apparently like Tony Soprano we’re claiming all Europe as our restaurant now and then BURNING IT DOWN? Rather than have it hand money to us, you know, the way “Slaves” do?

    That’s odd. Okay then, so E goes <90. Great. Except then the USD goes 120. Great right? We buy more? Yes…except the USD120 will Roman Candle as 100% of the Global South will flee to BRICS and default. USD120+ will collapse them all. …Ending the USD altogether. Zero extortion. Zero extraction.

    …And who does that benefit? Not America.

    So the only conclusion here is that there is a group in the US who is NOT enslaving Europe, they are Ending the Empire. And therefore battling the Empire-runners. Who are on both sides of the Atlantic, clearly. The Empire-fighters put Europe in this position: End the “U.S.” influence over you that makes us an Empire…or die. So far Europe is dedicated to dying but the people aren’t and will have the last word. How odd! That’s exactly what Trump told them. To their face. When he was there.

    WHO specifically are they throwing off with Empire? Precisely all the people named: Cargill, Blackrock, Vanguard, etc, except they’re not “American” duh. They damage America everywhere they go with everything they do or they wouldn’t be equally hated here in “America” their supposed beneficiaries.

    “Giant honeybees use a defense known as “shimmering” to deter predators.”

    How do they know to do this? And as like Octopus, they must have an abstract, outside awareness of what they look like to other people, and what those other’s people’s motives are. Then can check that when they do this, they look like THAT, to other people. Muh molecules moving. Tiny rocks. Rocks + lots of time.

    You’re sure that’s really Occam’s solution here? That sounds an awful lot harder case to me than that “consciousness exists”.

    Speaking of Trump and Ken Lay island…with the F35, in the Study…why not Biden? That would work way better. Take out Biden, BLAME Trump and MAGA, boom problem solved. No Biden, no Trump, no impeachment. Whole nation distracted again, and you can kill your enemies without process. …You know, even MORE than now. Could not be more perfect, especially if Kamala happens to be on the same plane somehow. Shift the timeline, throw up the board again, tossing all the pieces like 9-12 and Dec 2019, hoping wiggling randomly does something good for your position.

    Reminds me of Revelation 13, all metaphorical: “I saw one of his heads as if it had been fatally wounded, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast”

    The “Head” is basically leaders of these relevant core nations. And the “Beast” is more like a “Beast system”, that is, hard for 0 AD men to fathom a world where nations themselves are transcended and run by…systems? Where nations are both the same, but also still exist? Anyway, so the leader of one of the top nations of the Beast system, based on the Babylonian system, appears to be killed – by someone – and is “resurrected”. How that would possibly be credited or amazing to anyone in THIS day and age is the real unbelievable part. Almost no one would believe he died,and no one would believe he was restored today. They’d just think it was a scam.

    But it’s out there. Speaking of the Big Book, it ends with “A rock never created by human hands” smashing it all. Darn Asteroid! We would totally have paid back our $1T/month in debts and held a fair election too!

    V. Arnold

    …but the woman is a statuesque bust…not apparently, a living being…??????
    Magritte mystifies….

    Dr. D

    From the article on the German soul, including a great quote on fleeing one’s country:

    “To illustrate the difficulty, consider these two scenarios: a) You live in a Soviet-style system that severely limits some of your outer freedoms and ability to speak in public, but where most people don’t buy the propaganda; where you are part of a vibrant underground cultural scene, organize cool things, meanwhile cracking jokes about the regime among your friends to your heart’s content. b) You live under a democratic government that lets you do whatever you want. But the spirit is dead; nobody actually does anything interesting or uplifting. Everybody is just a fat, dumb consumer with freedom rights. Now, who’s more free? “

    Dr. D

    What is that other quote? Want to know what smart people sound like instead of the (media) morons we hear all day?

    “At some point after Hitler took power, Werner Heisenberg went to visit Max Planck. The much younger Heisenberg asked Planck for advice: one of his Jewish colleagues just lost his university chair, despite him having been a highly decorated war veteran. Heisenberg and some of his colleagues thought about stepping down in solidarity, to make a statement that they won’t tolerate this anymore. Furthermore, he asked whether he should emigrate to escape the madness? He had offers from prestigious universities abroad. What should he do in the face of the Nazi tyranny both men knew perfectly well would eventually leave Germany in shambles?

    Whatever you think of it, Planck’s answer is remarkable, and perhaps very German. I quote it in full here; it is well worth it:17

    I am glad that you, as a young person, are still optimistic and believe that you can stop the disaster with such steps. But unfortunately, you vastly overestimate the influence of the universities and the intellectually trained people. The public would know practically nothing about your step. The newspapers would either report nothing at all or only talk about your resignation in such a gloating tone that no one would think of drawing any serious conclusions from it. You see, you cannot influence the course of an avalanche once it has started moving. How much it will destroy, how many human lives it will destroy, that is already decided by the laws of nature, even if one does not know it yet. Even Hitler can no longer really determine the course of events; for he is to a much greater extent a man driven and possessed than a driver. He cannot know whether the forces he has unleashed will finally lift him high or destroy him miserably.

    So, until the end of the catastrophe, your step would only have repercussions for yourself—perhaps you were prepared to put up with a lot here—but for life in our country, everything you do will at best have an effect after the end. So that’s what we have to focus our attention on. If you resign, in the most favorable case it would probably only remain for you to seek a position abroad. What would happen in less favorable cases I would rather not imagine. You would then be counted abroad among the large number of those who have to emigrate and seek a position, and perhaps indirectly take a job away from someone else who is in greater need than you. You could probably work there quietly, you would be out of danger, and after the end of the catastrophe you could return to Germany, if you had the wish—with the good conscience that you never compromised with the destroyers of Germany. But by then many years may have passed, you will have become different, and the people of Germany will have become different; and it is very doubtful how much you could then affect in this changed world.

    If you don’t go and stay here, you have a task of a very different kind. You cannot stop the catastrophe and, in order to survive, you will even have to make some kind of compromise again and again. But you can try to form islands of continuance together with others. You can gather young people around you, show them how to do good science, and thereby also keep the old correct values in their minds. Of course, no one knows how much of such islands will be left at the end of the catastrophe; but I am sure that even small groups of gifted young people who can be brought through the time of horror in such a spirit will be of the greatest importance for the reconstruction after the end. For such groups can represent crystallization nuclei from which the new forms of life will be formed. For the time being, this will only apply to the reconstruction of scientific research in Germany. But since nobody knows what role knowledge and technology will play in the future world, it may also become important for other areas. I think that all who can do something and who are not simply forced to emigrate, for example by their race, should try to stay here and prepare a more distant future. This will certainly be very difficult and not without dangers; and the compromises that must be made will later be rightly held up and perhaps punished. But perhaps it has to be done anyway. Of course, I cannot blame anyone if they decide otherwise; if they emigrate because they find life in Germany unbearable, because they simply cannot stand by and certainly cannot prevent the injustice that is happening here. But in such an appalling situation as we now find in Germany, one can no longer act properly. With every decision one has to make, one participates in some kind of unrighteousness. Therefore, in the end, everyone is also on his own. There is no point in giving or taking advice anymore. Therefore, I can only say to you as well, don’t get your hopes up that whatever you do, you could prevent a lot of misfortune until the end of the disaster. But when you make your decision, think of the time that will come afterwards.18

    And that’s what Planck did, keeping a low profile under the regime, inevitably making concessions, certainly. But in a sense, he kept his word: he worked diplomatically behind the scenes to protect colleagues and German science, even though it turned out he couldn’t do much. After the war, the founding of the “Max Planck Society” and its various institutes, a victory of German science against the allied forces—the US in particular—who wanted to dismantle German elite scientific institutions, can be seen as a symbol for his success.” etc

    Dr. D

    Reminds me of Gerald Celente, who was planning to move to Europe and had the means to do so. Checking out Germany and Italy he realized and decided, “No. I’M not going anywhere. YOU go somewhere.” Why just concede and abdicate your whole nation? What and just exit with all your assets without a fight? How does that work? Why not just STOP them by saying NO instead?

    …And he’s been chewing holes on them like a rabid chihuahua ever since. A tireless minority lighting brushfires of the mind a mere 60 miles from both NY and Albany, the center of American corruption and attacks.


    The Rape of Europa

    Tommy Podcast CanadaWaffen Cast James Kunstler, Dave Collum, Tom Luongo

    Tom Luongo goes on epic rant about the Eurotard mafia squaring off against the Wall St mafia.

    Powell being the Kingpin and the FED interest rate increases being the Cudgel with which to beat the Davos Deviants to Death with.

    The final touch is the ‘Necklacing of the Euroturds’

    Ukronaziland© being the flaming set of tires full of Russian low grade high sulfur diesel fuel around Eurotardistan’s scrawny de-industrialized neck.

    Spoiler Alert:

    It ends very poorly for the Euroturds.

    Ukronaziland is on the Cusp of Collapse

    The Russian Duma leader flat out said the other day that Ukronaziland either unconditionally capitulates or “it ceases to be a country”

    Well, that says it all.

    The Russians say what they mean, and mean what they say.

    Unlike the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation which ‘speaks with Forked Tongue.

    Say, is that a flashlight in your trousers or are you just happy to see me.



    Senator Diane Feinstein has died. We were wondering if she’ll step down now.


    You’re too late, I’ve already made up my mind
    About Trump
    About Biden
    About the vaccine
    About Freeland and Trudeau
    About Ukraine
    About Russia

    If you don’t see the truth/facts/proof/documentation, then your allegations/lies/misinformation, must be accepted/be unchallenged.
    Why are those with the evidence not speaking out? Veterans, jews, journalists

    • Canada Must Face Up To Nazi Legacy – Immigration Minister (RT)

    “Canada has a really dark history with Nazis,” Miller told the National Post.

    A report commissioned by the Canadian government in 1985 found that there were almost 900 Nazi soldiers, scientists, and their associates living in Canada at the time, including around 600 members of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS.

    “Canadian authorities were fully aware” of their wartime activities when they entered the country after the conflict. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish organization that tracks down fugitive Nazis, claimed in 1997 that the true number of war criminals hiding in Canada was closer to 3,000 than 900.

    Nazis could freely enter Canada “by showing the SS tattoo,” historian Irving Abella told ‘60 Minutes’ in 1997, explaining that this distinguishing mark proved that its bearer had served in the elite outfit and was a committed “anti-Communist.”

    Miller, a member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party, suggested that the government could declassify the names of Nazis known to have entered Canada after the war. Justice Minister Arif Virani, however, refused to say whether he backs this idea. Instead, he told the National Post that Canadian war crimes investigators should only prosecute those who committed “crimes like genocide.”


    Unlike the Empire of Lies Abrams gas guzzling tank

    The Russian T-90 is designed for snow on the Steppes.

    Winter is Coming


    “Senator Diane Feinstein has died……”

    How can you tell?

    We were wondering if she’ll …..go straight to Hell or stop for a pedicure first.

    We were wondering if she’ll ……be cremated cause that’s what you do with witches


    We were wondering if she’ll ……donate her ill-gotten fortune to the homeless junkies of San Franshithole



    Thank you for the Planck. I already made the same decision, but this eliminated doubt.


    Capitol Theater Production: Pretending To Impeaching Joe Biden

    Notice Joe Biden is so worried about being impeached that he hasn’t even hired a lawyer!

    Goes about his daily business as nothing is happening because nothing is happening!

    No reporters are even bothering to ask Joe about being impeached!

    This is just a Uniparty Theater show to fool the brainwashed masses.


    Dr D thanks for the Planck. We need parallelism and continuity.

    Firewalls and firebreaks stop fires from burning through everything and leave a basis for rebuilding/regrowth.

    The Current Thing, the Blob, whatever, specifically hates boundaries. Country borders, mental or linguistic distinctions between one thing and another, identities and definitions, reality and fantasy.

    I think any little innocent thing you do has to, at this point, be practiced AS IF, EVEN THOUGH IT WERE NOT an act of illegal resistance to an oppressive, petty regime where no sparrow falls, nothing is too petty to reach out and squash it. Want to play a completely apolitical game of D&D in your basement with some geeks? It would be better if the arrangements were purely verbal not organized online, with no smartphones brought and alexa not standing close by. On general principle if nothing else. Who knows what sin they might IMAGINE you are committing by having friends and acquaintances, having the gall to hang out and feel ok with yourselves for a few hours, not being obsequiously actively agreeing 24/7=

    Michael Reid

    Pathophysiologic Support for the Observation of “Turbo Cancer” after Vaccination

    As an internist and specialist,
    it is hard for me to believe that a novel biologic product
    could cause heart, neurologic, thrombotic, and immunologic disease
    but to make matters even worse,
    could also play a role in the initiation and acceleration of oncogenesis.
    In Western countries before the pandemic,
    the leading causes of death were heart disease 40%,
    cancer 40%, and death from other known causes (homicide, suicide, accidents, etc).
    The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines if proven to promote cancer,
    would then be implicated in rises in all-cause mortality being observed world wide.


    A deeper dive into the formation, wartime activities, and post war special treatment from the US/ UK Govt of the –

    14th Waffen SS Grenadier Division (1st Galician)

    Felton is considered a mainstream legit historian of WW2. Interestingly this mini doc was released 3 months ago in June 2023. Very well done and “balanced” for the Western sock muppets. Meaning that even a Western retard can see there are serious problems and questions surrounding the post war whitewashing of an SS division.

    Another from a Dutch historian- from April 2022. Interesting info regarding the early political situation in Ukraine before the SS Galicia Division was formed. Legitimate questions about what those who eventually “volunteered” to join a Waffen SS unit were doing years before joining.

    Certainly seems the US, British and Canadian Govts hid truths from its own citizens (shocker), supporting war criminals and bringing them into our own Military.

    Hey lets build them some monuments too, after all- they are our Nazis now.

    Decide for yourself.

    “Our Govt would never commit war crimes or be murderous scum” Just ask Assange or Snowden or….. maybe your own conscience ?

    Michael Reid

    here are the 11 assumptions I’m using today to guide my actions.

    1. Less Freedom of movement.
    There will be more effort so to restrict and regulate our freedom of movement.
    From Vax passports to increased visa requirements and 15-min city initiatives –
    a grid is being constructed to regulate our freedom of movement.

    2. A CBDC is coming.
    Cash will be eliminated.
    How restrictive it may end up being, I don’t know.
    But, CBDC is a foregone conclusion. Timing?
    BIS publishes estimates of 14 retail CBDC and 9 wholesale by 2030.
    And there are indications that the major economies are working to be ready to deploy by 2025.

    3. The digital ID is already here.
    Biometrics are the future.
    If you have a government issued ID associated with your photograph, you are in the system already.
    How the ID is deployed and enforced is the only question.

    4. GFC 2.0 and/or the Greater Depression.
    Timing is hard.
    But, can any thinking person imagine how the outcome can be avoided altogether.
    Simon Hunt suggests a market pullback of up to 30% between now and early 2024
    followed by a pump and a deflationary wipeout in 2025.

    5. Most of my financial assets will disappear at some point.
    Inflation, bank bail-in, market wipe out, or Great Taking.
    I don’t know the cause, but I assume physical assets are where I need to be, ultimately.

    6. Increasing crime & disorder.
    You’ve seen the videos.
    Whether, driven by economic desperation, mass migration, the inversion of law, or in the name of social justice. Crime and disorder will grow and lead to greater physical threats to our lives and property from our fellow man. This makes urban environments, especially but not exclusively, a real risk.

    7. Supply constraints are increasing around all commodities – from food to energy.
    Tight supplies are showing up everywhere.
    Live Cattle, long dormant, hit an all-time high recently.
    Oil Prices are up 30% in the last three months.
    40% of Argentina’s wheat crop is in poor to fair condition and protectionist policies are on the rise globally.

    8. WW3 is coming.
    A good case can be made that it’s already begun.
    The Army War College recently published a study suggesting that
    the All Volunteer Force had reached the end of its useful life.
    With the military struggling with recruiting, conscription is likely at some point.

    9. Censorship and Digital Control will enter a new phase.
    Deplatforming, de-banking, shadow banning, and social media account suspensions will increase.
    Centralized digital services of all kinds should be considered suspect and,
    very likely, dangerous to use in the future.

    UN Chief calls “dis-information” a clear and present global threat.

    10. The US election – regardless of the outcome – is an inflection point and potentially a flash point.
    IF it happens, the outcome will not be accepted by half of the country. I’ve heard from more than one source, publicly and privately, that there may not be a 2024 election.
    Who knows?
    We can be sure of is that running up to and shortly after the election, things could get wild.
    In advance of the 2020 election we had Covid and BLM.
    Shortly after, J6 and state overreach.
    What will 2024 bring

    11. There is a war happening today.
    It’s a war on us.
    The primary battleground is within the sphere of 5GW – informational/psychological.
    Where I’ve been wrong in the last three years,
    it’s been in my assumption that kinetic coercion would be utilized.
    As we can see, much progress has been made in the Great Reset without the need for kinetic tactics.
    For most of this cycle, they will rely on this same approach.
    If/When we see a move toward kinetic force,
    we should be alarmed because we will have entered a new and more dangerous phase.

    11 Assumptions About The Future

    Dr. D

    “Senator Diane Feinstein has died. We were wondering if she’ll step down now.”

    No! If she’s dead she can still vote. (Cue 60 years of jokes here. Forward them to Chicago)

    Dr. D

    I looked but I said the same thing about leaving. If America goes down, where would you run to?

    Since Americans like fighting, are experienced, rural, and also armed, this seems like a fairer odds.

    D Benton Smith

    I can see some aspects of the war playing out for months and years, but the BASIC situation on the ground is that the cities and their satellites (down to a certain unknown size) are all command and control strongholds of the enemy. Note that the primary weapons of the enemy are ALL pretty much one aspect or another of that self-same “command and control”, which are decidedly NOT physical goods themselves, but merely command and control of goods that physically reside elsewhere. This immutable fact makes the cities and their inhabitants EXTREMELY vulnerable to siege tactics, because EVERYTHING they need comes from the outside. Their only “export” is “command and control” directives . . . which are pretty thin gruel on a cold dark night.

    Food, fuel, energy, durable goods and materials for manufacturing can be withheld (in many many many different ways!) as leverage in all transactions with the enemy which has locked itself into cities, from which they cannot safely escape.

    Truckers (and farmers, and hosts of other suppliers) could bring ANY city to the bargaining tables on its knees in less than a week. It will take some time for the supreme advantage this gives to the yokels really sinks in to minds of the negotiators of the two sides, but even the kindest and gentlest yokels will quickly discover that even the meanest and cruelest villain and moronic minion will make bigger and faster concessions when they are starving and freezing in the dark.

    It’s a good day for yokels. Holed-up despots and denizens, not so much.

    D Benton Smith

    Say, I just heard that New York City basement storage facilities, apartments, garages, subways, etc. are coming on to the market really cheap. All you need to claim the soggy properties and their contents is scuba gear and a BIG pump.


    For America, 1913 was the starting point, complete control of the money. If Deagel was correct, 2025 is the end point, 70% of us dead, with complete conttrol over whoever remains. Sattellites, 5G and DEWS will keep the cattle in their pen. This dystopian plan is more than a 100 years in the making.. We trap ourselves in the daily freakshow, they’ve been poisoning, sterilizing. vaccinating and sending us to war for a 100 years, a 1000, 2000? We stare at the end of our nose, they see the horizon.. Use cash, throw out the cellphone, the television. Nothing is written in stone, fuck em, why make it easy for them. Contempt is all they deserve.


    RFK,jr goes independent,

    Veracious Poet

    Peak Doom Voyeurism ~ Enjoy The Madness.


    Our leaders are acting Blind to the facts.
    Nazis/corporates history in Ukraine

    Corporate Interests Behind Ukraine Putsch

    Corporate Interests Behind Ukraine Putsch
    March 16, 2014
    Behind the U.S.-backed coup that ousted the democratically elected president of Ukraine are the economic interests of giant corporations from Cargill to Chevron which see the country as a potential “gold mine” of profits from agricultural and energy exploitation, reports JP Sottile.


    Smart phone makes everyone/audience look like they are saluting Hitler.


    The GAYZONE is not afraid to tell the facts.

    Nazigate: Canada’s top general won’t apologize for applauding Ukrainian Waffen-SS vet

    Nazigate: Canada’s top general won’t apologize for applauding Ukrainian Waffen-SS vet

    As Canada’s top officials express embarrassment for honoring a WWII Nazi collaborator in parliament, the leader of the country’s military, Gen. Wayne Eyre, refuses to apologize for his standing ovation. The Canadian military has trained Ukraine’s notorious neo-Nazi Azov Battalion for years.

    The notion that the Nazi proclivities of figures like Hunka could have escaped Eyre’s notice now appears increasingly remote. In 2017, Ukraine’s Azov Battalion published photos on their website publicizing their meeting with high-level Canadian military officials, who had arrived in Ukraine to help train the notoriously neo-Nazi infested unit, which was officially incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard.

    Just four months before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies sent a letter to then-Acting Chief of the Defense Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre and Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan demanding an investigation into the decision to train Ukrainian neo-Nazis. The Jewish group urged them to ensure that such instruction did not continue.

    “If Canada is going to be providing military training to foreign forces, then it is our responsibility to know we are not training neo-Nazis,” said Jaime Kirzner-Roberts, policy director of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center. “It is our obligation to our Canadian veterans who sacrificed so much defeating fascism in Europe.”

    Canada’s scheme of funneling weapons to Kiev and coaching Ukrainian forces officially began in 2014, just months after anti-Russian forces toppled the democratically-elected government of Viktor Yanukovych in a brutal US government-backed coup d’etat. Under the auspices of “Operation UNIFIER,” more than 33,000 Ukrainian troops received “advanced combat instruction by Canadian soldiers,” Canada’s state-affiliated CBC reported in 2022.

    Azov — which has since expanded to a full-fledged brigade under Kiev’s official command — retains as its leader Andrey Biletsky, who once described Ukraine’s role on the global stage as helping to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade … against Semite-led Untermenschen.”

    Zelensky holds court with Ukraine’s most notorious neo-Nazi


    Zelensky holds court with Ukraine’s most notorious neo-Nazi

    Western media has dismissed evidence of neo-Nazi influence in Ukraine by citing President Zelensky’s Jewish heritage. But new footage published by Zelensky shows the leader openly collaborating with a fascist ideologue who once pledged to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade…against Semite-led Untermenschen.”

    It is a narrative that is easily unraveled by the MSM’s own past articles. So far, no MSM outlets are willing to discuss this ugly truth today. Anyone interfering with the narrative is said to be ‘Speaking Putin’s Talking Points’.



    Gas hit 6.20 a gallon in parts of Californacate

    Average prices under different admins



    If America goes down, where would you run to?

    Since Americans like fighting, are experienced, rural, and also armed, this seems like a fairer odds.

    Damn straight.

    America spent 50 years fighting the USSR- just to become a gay retarded version of it…

    America has slipped into some quasi-melting pot of communist, fascist, capitalist, rainbow clown dystopia- this will not stand. Far too many good, honest people are fed up with this shit.

    April 21, 2022
    The Ukrainian Army’s Azov Battalion is controversial due to its use of symbols associated with the Waffen-SS. In this video, we will examine the unit’s history and what those symbols mean.

    Even a Nazi dick sucking retarded faggot like Zelensky and his handlers know they are going to eat shit for their crimes against humanity.

    They are not leaders-


    Russel Brand eviscerates the Clinton/ Psaki propaganda hour.
    Gee I wonder why the Liberal scum “establishment” is trying to take him down?

    10/10 and damn funny. Oh the hypocrisy of Liberal Democrats….

    Psaki is a rotten whore.

    Cankles- will she end with a bayonet rammed up her rotten asshole ? Cackle cackle…

    “we came, we saw, he (gaddafi) died”

    Oh you are soooo funny Cankles. There is a special place in hell just waiting for you.



    Your graph clearly shows why they got rid of Trump!


    Looks like Sweden is suffering from allowing war refugees (fighters) into their country as one big virtue signal to the world. Dumb Swedes … … you got to laugh, the soldiers are recruiting children to do the killing, kind of reminds me of Africa.


    How long until we see black African soldiers paying American kids to do their killing … with that open border it surely will not be long. I wonder how many trained soldeirs will cross the border from Africa, not couch potatoes polishing their dicks guns, thinking that ownership buys you instant warfare talent. Americans think they are so tough because they own guns, it is easy to be tough when you have no local enemies, once the real soldiers arrive and the real fighting starts, the American tough guys will not know what hit them and they too will be calling for the military to come save them.

    Dr. D

    Aspnaz There certainly is some truth to that and it’s difficult to understand. Here people who are capable, able, suspicious, understand much of the territory, nevertheless this believe that merely owning a gun infers some magic talisman, like garlic or wearing a cross? Then get rolled in school broad meetings, grump about it, and disappear? With the local board getting 110% of the taxes asked and their kinds indoctrinated, AND their kids treated like prisoners of Nazo overlords AND also not educated? And yet they put down their “rifles” and called a truce?

    It’s like those mask-cards or something. Where there’s an open space, they see right through to the horizon: good! Then a second later, someone holds up a picture of the horizon, or a puppy, and they’re totally fooled. So they have the weirdest, most random collection of actually being capable and willing to tangle, and also not tangling with anything relevant, and being diverted from anything, everything, their own ammo dump, by a jangling key ring. I have no explanation. They are acutely, across the board bad at tactics then, and also bad at strategy. Also bad at planning and pacing. Also bad at working with others. Also bad at trusting the right people.

    But owning a gun that you bought on a visible registry, that you can’t use because it would make more trouble than, I dunno, starting a community watch, or locking your doors, is the answer to all that. Too much TV I guess.

    If you got out of this liminal war and into real trouble would it fix? Yes, like our whole military, aircraft carriers being the top example, we can only win if we’re not in a ‘real’ war but merely bullying people around without them shooting back, for they would sink you all in 10 days. Same here. If the police, etc really went no-show, courts really no help, would their position work and make sense? Probably. But because they have no family, no values, no standards, no culture, they would be battered to a pulp first. Having a core family, culture, neighborhood, connections and loyalty (and church) are what really works, and they have almost none of it. The Latinos do. That’s why they succeed although they’re much slower about it than the Jamaicans or Chinese.

    So although right, you’re also wrong here. Everything you say is correct, but Americans are “tough”, personally tough at least. Tough as old woodchucks and are used to any abuse you can throw at them. Or at least the 95% of counties who’ve been punched in the d–k for 30 years are. And they won’t cry or whine for help, or at least those outside of cities or media Tiktok won’t. But that’s not the point either. …And that being said, you’d still have the 50% of population that is IN cities, and lost, and will whine, and in fact, die, rather than lift a feather.

    It’s a very weird situation.

    Dr. D

    Thinking about it, I think the issue is that they are so uneducated – having nothing but TV – that response is either: “Is it shooting time?” or “Is shooting everyone a bit too much right now?” And unsurprisingly, it’s never shooting time. Since it’s never time to shoot other live humans dead in the course of your daily life, then it must and can only be time to just keep tolerating their bulls—t. You know, like an Eastwood movie.

    The alternatives are just like the masking-cards, where IF they should happen to know you can go to School Board Meetings, they go, but having no familiarity with any of it. Then going, well…fresh out of ideas. IF they know something like – hey my buddy is thinking of running for town Super or Sheriff – they sign. But if they don’t, well, there’s nothing to do whatsoever.

    They could really stand to sit down with five lawyers and list options, or maybe 20 cross-sections of town, or maybe – Hey, that’s exactly what a Church is! Where you’re with them anyway and so cross the floor and talk to the plumber, or the teacher, or some guy you already know tangled with them last year. Then you get ideas, options, approaches that wouldn’t occur to you because you’re only one man, busy with a job.

    So therefore THEIR job is to keep you ignorant, separated, and bickering so you never CAN find out you have options and allies also wronged by these retards. And as we see daily now, and as is reported in the paper, at this point even if you show up with a lawyer and the law on your side, without the population as allies they will just have you illegally arrested, and have the judge illegally charge and convict. Without allies, no one cares if the law is upheld or follows the rules or not. You’re just one guy, who cares what happens to you? Not from the Town Judge straight to the Supreme Court, not a one will care and be happy to uphold any s—t ruling sent them unless someone can make it inconvenient or embarrassing for them.

    WHO makes it inconvenient? WHO makes it embarrassing? Other people. The public. Allies.

    This is why businessmen are a problem for them. They talk to lawyers and collect options all day then have no choice but to act on it to protect things. They have to destroy independent business because those are the same as their enemies.

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