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    Figmund Sreud:

    Good god the auto correct police wouldn’t let me type in your handle! I had to literally beat them into submission!

    As I was reading your comment, I thought you were referring to my Ontario fearless leader until you mentioned Alberta popping my balloon!

    Now curfewing booze hours is really deadly serious stuff!

    When in working Russia in 1983, Russian leaders were always complaining about Russians consuming too much vodkas! I was puzzled by this because the state was the only one brewing the stuff! It would be very easy for a leader to stop producing vodkas! But I then noted that not even Stalin curtailed vodkas production! To stop producing vodkas would be the instant death knell of any Russian leader who was foolish enough to even think of doing so.

    Naturally my Russian construction crew were always working under the influence of vodkas for the entire 6 months of my stay. We got along just fine because I never complained or did anything about their drinking on the job. If I found a bottle of vodkas I never disturbed it, so they knew I could be trusted.

    It isn’t the vaccine that is going to get your ear fearless leader into trouble. It is the edict on booze! He must truly be an idiot!


    Maybe, physiologically, we humans just aren’t that different than horses. I mean…most of us like apples and carrots. We’re mammals that evolved on the same planet as the avermectin bacterium. And the original corona virus before it was bioengineered into a franken-Covid monster.
    I stand in solidarity with my horse! Er, well…if I *had* a horse. Solidarity with my dog and three cats! “They are people too!” (Says my teen daughter.)


    Had breakfast this morning with a dear friend in her 80s. She had her Moderna booster this past week. From her primary care physician, who is Vietnamese. His office was filled with Vietnamese, all there for their boosters. She feels fine, her arm just a little sore. She had a mini-stroke and micro-clots two months back, but she cannot fathom that the vaccination back in Dec/Jan could be the cause. She asked if I’d reconsider and get vaccinated, “No,” I repllied. “I don’t see the need.”

    It’s all so surreal. From TAE I know so very much about Covid, about the vaccines, but many who are dear to me are lemmings, running, running. They are certain where they run to is the right path, and they know what they run from is *very scary.* Partner and I were waiting to do a return at the Goodwill (thrift shop chain) today and the chatty clerk told us how she stayed home from her job for a year, due to Covid, and got vaccinated before she returned to be sure she didn’t give anyone Covid as she interacted with customers at work. Partner and I exchanged glances. No point in telling her what we know, how we see it. Our words wouldn’t be accepted.

    Lemmings, lemmings running to the rise and beyond. What is beyond the rise? Is it a cliff with rocks and crashing waves below? Is it paradise with milk and honey? A land where there is no fear of the virus, and the beaming face of Big Pharma shines beatifically down with warm rays? I do not know. I, too, cannot see beyond the rise. I’m finding a shady spot beneath a tree, curling up with a stack of good books, my guitar, and a few dear to me who share my views. But most of the people around me are lemmings running, running to the rise and beyond. My friends who run with the lemming crowd…I’ll wait here, until you return, to tell me what lies beyond the rise. I wonder if they’ll e’er return — the lemmings — to tell of what lies beyond the rise.


    Talking about a technocracy trying to capture all data….

    I was helping a long term client today who was having trouble activating his quickbooks program. I got it working, and he began happily opening his files. (He does bookkeeping for other small businesses.). Some of the files would not allow him to proceed until he added his “online intuit account” to the QB files stored on his computer. There was no way to get around this. I admit — I was surprised. Yet another example of an enormous company getting its cloud-claws into someone else’s data, stored on their private computer.

    I thought about myself. I’m still using QB2004, running it on a virtual computer using WindowsXP as the operating system. It works flawlessly. Nothing changes from year to year. I like that. I don’t have to pay for it annually — I paid for it once, in 2004. I guess Covid vaccines are not the only area of my life where I don’t run with the lemmings.



    Thank you for posting that article from julius ruechel. Given the late hour, I think it is worth re=posting on the next rattle. It really is a MUST READ, imo.

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