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    Edgar Degas Dancers in Blue 1895   • White House Rejects ‘Ridiculous Claim’ That Staffers Treat Biden ‘Like a Baby’ (Sp.) • Kamala Harris ‘Ready
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    Veracious Poet


    “The French Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti is Assange’s former lawyer, and still says no. What’s going on?”

    It’s a lawyer so nothing’s going on, just a normal thing. Lawyers have no sides, follow the money, they do.




    Before criticizing the masses for failing to investigate and organize societal trends in their own minds, let’s first ask if the masses of “normal people” have any thoughts at all or simply verbally regurgitate whatever they hear, with no associated thoughts behind their statements. The concept is astonishing, but the latter is how most people actually live according to a 2007 University of Nevada Department of Psychology study on college students. Per the study, regarding the frequency of common phenomena of inner experience (inner speech, inner seeing (aka images), unsymbolized thinking, feeling, and sensory awareness), only between 22% to 34% of the individuals studied had frequent internal dialogues:

    If this study is accurate, most people may simply be meat robots, lacking thoughts inside their heads, and they react to stimuli as they experience it. A lack of internal dialogue could help explain why so many people live paycheck-to-paycheck with no ability to plan for expenses. The premium for car insurance isn’t an event that’s planned for, it’s just something that happens; if a person has the money great, if not they’ll deal with it when the bill comes in. It’s why people living on food stamps both eat steak, buy expensive hardbacks and run out of money before the month ends. The idea that the person will need to eat at the end of the month just like they did last month doesn’t cross their minds.

    V. Arnold

    We’re so screwed! We’re blasted with lies 24/7/365 about everything; nothing is too small to be ignored/left to chance…
    TAE is a refuge where we can catch our breathe between attacks…….but, we must remain vigilant at every step; trust nothing, even TAE, without doing you’re due diligance……….
    At some point I fear TAE will be swarmed with/by the galoots to rid us of this bastion of truth….


    “We’re going to need a bigger boat!” i see someone took the movie “Jaws” literally.

    Isn’t this like what happened in Hollywood in the 1950s? The Studio System was dying so they responded with every gimmick imaginable – even 3D movies!. They also started making ridiculously long films. The bigger, the better!

    Also thinking Empire State building type things.


    “…a night of crack cocaine-fueled sex with Barack Obama…”

    It’s not about Obomber, it’s about ritually humiliating you, you Sheeple cause ‘yer soo stupid’ you’ll believe anything.

    Sit up, clap like a circus seal, arf,arf,arf


    Duh’mericans really are that stupid!

    Take me to your Leader!


    You’ll buy anything, any time, anywhere

    Just re-brand the message, you’ll swallow it hook, line, and sinker




    Abe was saying that as a corporate railroad lawyer


    Everything is Connected

    That’s what my tea bag tag said this morning


    Sure is!





    The Russian defenses in Ukronaziland are magitudes better than the old french Maginot line

    First there’s no way ‘around’ the Russian Surovikin Line

    It goes from the beach on the Black Sea to the actual Russian border, hundreds and hundreds of unbroken miles of trenches and tank traps and machine gun pill boxes and miles deep mine field so thick there’s a mine-a-meter.

    And there are three lines of these features.

    The Ukronazis had 60,000 troops dedicated to their ‘offensive’ for the last 4 months

    They’ve lost a staggering amount of equipment, burning Bradleys, Strykers, Leopards and Challengers

    And Macgregor estimates they have taken 45,000 casualties

    They’ve made virtually no progress, still in the security grey ‘crush zone’, having even made it to the First Line.


    If they ever even made it to the First Line, the Russians would slaughter them to the man.

    Even going forward clearing through the mine fields, the Russians RE-mine behind them as their advancing trapping them and they have to retreat through the new mine field behind them.

    And Russia now seems to have the industrial quantities of small explosive drones they are hunting down individual soldiers and blowing them up in the trenches.

    Drone really are ‘Wonder Weapons’

    Not the ass-wipe Lockheed/Raytheon stuff made for profits not performance.

    Wait until AI is integrated further into drones

    Kinda SKYNET-ish like

    The world’s military’s, outside the Collective West, say in unison “We Want the Russian Stuff, thank you!”

    Russian drone flies right into the entrance of a Ukronazi foxholes

    Ukros are using civilian cars to get to the contact line cause they lost so many armoured vehicles

    Top of a building Ukronazis have (had) a firing position.

    Drone flies right into the window

    As South Park banker says, “And it’s gone!”


    Not all concerns are real

    Weather extremes – heat, drought ,floods

    Belief/Hate/revenge/peace – Stolen election, winning war
    disinformation, censorship, propaganda
    LISTEN … Julian Assange … I’m the boss. Do as I say. Keep out of trouble.

    Critical thinking
    “This deadly variant has bypassed our most sophisticated tests by ingeniously becoming harmless to the human body..”

    “Pfizer had announced early development of a new, 103% effective vaccine, followed 3.8 seconds later by approval from the FDA.”

    • CDC Warns Of New ‘Stealth’ COVID Variant: Test Negative, No Symptoms (BBee)


    Dr. D

    Cop City:

    Let’s see: they camped out illegally for months. With open fires, cars, everything. They vandalized local homes. They attacked nearby cars, assaulted the drivers, pulled them out, flipped them over and lit them on fire. There were constant drugs and drug arrests. They were involved in a long-running open shootout with police in which one policeman was killed.

    Yup! They’re totally innocent! Police just trampling on their rights. If you’re the Left, shooting policemen is what you’re SUPPOSED to do. Murdering local residents is what you’re SUPPOSED to do.

    …Not added, the DA (I think) declined to prosecute nor have anything whatsoever to do with the case, even now that charges have been filed AFTER A YEAR. The DNC Prosecutor would rather die, be impeached, removed, or retire than enforce the law against them, which sort of says cop killers are HER people and HER goal, right?

    Republicans? Nothing. No solidarity at all even for the one guy who finally did his job. He’ll be booted shortly on fabricated charges and they’ll all shrug.

    “if Biden makes any slip-ups during a taxing election campaign.”

    What election campaign? He didn’t campaign even LAST time. He called what, 1/3 of days off, incommunicado, even IN the campaign? That’s how you can be certain he won.

    And again, IF he makes a slip up? Well I’m glad he hasn’t made any slip ups or bad, unpopular decisions so far. That would be terrible. I mean except for the non-stop slips, trips, fails, losing whole countries, abandoning whole peoples, ruining whole towns, states, and moving on even to enormous cities like NY and SF, except for losing Hawaii in favor of ALSO losing Ukraine, well other than that, he hasn’t made any slip-ups at all.

    Time. It moves forward, people. When things happen, they don’t UN-happen. Lookin’ at you, reporter in the back. UN-occurring is not a feature of Time.

    The genius is the Meta-reality, it slips by your mental gatekeepers. It’s the opposite of “How often do you beat your wife.” But how great is Joe Biden really? Is he so great that if he made a mistake, the people would forgive him? The other joy here is that they don’t think they’re lying. Their brains are actually constructed as if this were true, and the article proceeds from there. Because everyone is too polite and doesn’t post “JBISF” on 10 new articles each day.

    Why? If they lied it would cause stress and misgivings, and If they didn’t think this way, they’d be instantly fired. There are always some bent, disturbed, mentally-retarded people in every group. If you have the money, you just make them your reporters and Late Night Hosts. Thanks to Clinton’s monopoly.

    “aid provided by Washington to Kiev has been weakening Moscow “without firing a shot.”

    Isn’t losing $150B and having your country’s infrastructure, military, and civil peace collapse sort of count as a “Cost?” Your providing the arms, the missiles, the people, the intel, the satellite targeting that sank Russia’s flagship count as “a shot”?

    “McConnell insisted that aiding Ukraine was the “number one priority of the US,”

    All other countries are the top priority of the US. Our own country is therefore priority 193, behind Seychelles and Nauru. It’s the Republican way!

    “• Eyesore Of The Month September 2023

    So is this the Capitol City of the Hunger Games, or the pleasure ship on Wall-E?

    It’s hard to imagine anyone not pointing to this as the apex of waste and excess, rueing the day we made it and cursing their fathers for wasting valuable resources when we should have been building farms, but I’ve been saying that since the 80s and it’s been increasing every year. At an accelerating pace. They’re so nuts now they’re killing and outlawing cows altogether! People will believe anything. ANY Thing. Food without ANY way of creating it, ANY land, ANY animals, ANY oil at all? Why not!

    “Tom Fitton: “Fact check: Trump didn’t engage in insurrection/rebellion and, even if he did, the key 14th Amendment clause doesn’t apply to the president.”

    Both true and more. However, they non-stop cover Torrio being sentenced WHO WASN’T EVEN THERE, basically texted no one all day, because as an non-stop FBI informant, he knew beforehand it was a setup. Didn’t matter. NOT being at a insurrection = being an insurrectionist. One which the FBI THEMSELVES say had no weapons and no plan. Having no weapons and no plan = Having weapons and a plan, that is, the definition of “Insurrection.”

    This is why I have to say A = A all the time, because it’s gotten that bad, every hour. Of every day. And everyone’s lives are on the line and being destroyed over it. Going back to #Logos yet? Not on your life! Never! Tell your sky-God and reason they can go hang themselves! I’m looking out for ME!

    So I doubt the witnesses NOT seeing or doing anything, I doubt that the law both not applying, and being reversed later in the 1860s will matter. I doubt the breathtaking argument that the President, who OWNS THE MILITARY, decided to have a coup by sending in one actor with a funny hat, will have any effect.

    We may have protected the courts and judges, but what if all 330 Million Jurors are insane? Can you get a trial then?

    “culminating with a phone call in which Mr Trump pressured the state’s secretary of state to “recalculate” the vote tally.”

    A “Coup” would be Trump using the military, DoJ, and office of the President to ARREST that Secretary of State. Which is what Biden just did to Meadows. No one notices, because “reporters”, in a land where all 330 Million people are insane.

    shaking @elonmusk down for donations to the ADL (like he did to Adidas

    He said, “Why, yes I am actually, but it’s not because I’m Jewish. It’s because money and power are super-yummy. Everybody knows that.”

    “• Facebook Files: White House Lies about ‘Disinformation Dozen’ (ZH)

    Constantly missing the point, like you can’t have an insurrection with zero weapons and zero plans, as reported by the FBI themselves. I don’t care WHAT they talked about, Facebook and the White House. Any and all details are superfluous. The very FACT of talking is A-#1 Human Rights violation of Freedom of Speech, which is a break of Federal law, from the Office of the PRESIDENT, meaning his impeachment. If Biden owned slaves, a human rights abuse, would we sit around asking their favorite foods? If he got in a Monte Carlo and did Drive-by shootings in Farirfax, would we argue about his MPG? No. This is BREAKING THE LAW. A felony, and not just that, not an incidental felony, but a systemic Human Rights felony.

    Don’t care about anything else. Stop right there, you had me at “It’s reported and admitted the Federal Government is hampering free speech.”

    Meta-dialogue, Meta-reality, Meta-assumptions again.

    That picture can’t be right. Joe Biden isn’t sniffing Kamala. Does that mean she’s not a woman either?

    It’s said the losses are now 60,000, 40k was last month’s number but the media has helpfully halted on that number while the war hasn’t. Ah the media: is there any lie they can’t tell?

    Yeah, my thought about going around the line is to FLY in, or attack Archangel and Vladivostok. Or tactically-nuke the contact line and walk in through the crater. If not, I guess you don’t really want it that much.

    Dr. D

    An Article AFKTT will like very much:

    Riding the Climate Toboggan

    It has the addition of using data and being reasonable. He can quote it later this year as a pleasant change from “because I said so.”

    John Day

    Lahaina Tree Burns Inside Out (short)

    Yesterday I came across this one uncensored 10 second loop of a tree burning from the central core, spewing flames out, while its leaves were unburned and a truck drove by, again and again and again… This is from a local person. All private-citizen local videos were immediately removed from social media, but this one was picked up by a local news station and looped, sort of like the WTC collapse videos that are burned into our memories. Watch the flames shoot from the core of the tree, while unburned leaves blow in the breeze.

    How would the core of a tree burn out while the bark and leaves are not burned? It’s like a microwave oven heating my coffee, but not the mug, isn’t it? Microwave energy is like radar. The wavelengths excite polar molecules and may be completely absorbed by electrically conductive metals. I can remember putting old China in a microwave, the kind with that tiny metallic edge accent, which got really hot and burned me when I picked up the bowl. I didn’t do that again. Polar molecules, like water, but not only water, absorb microwave energy, and it is converted to heat in the material which contains them. Would that include automotive windshields and windows? There are so many images of melted windshields draped over dashboards like a melted cheese slice on a hamburger patty… I googled it below, and below that is a video posted by Dora in the comments at The Automatic Earth, of Canadian trees, mobile-homes, houses and cars burned in unusual ways. It is a video interview of a Forensic Arborist who studied a lot of forest fires around human towns and suburbs in Canada. Water-loving trees like willows burned from the core, sometimes only the core burned, leaving a charred bowl in the center, or a charred cave in the middle of a large tree with unburned bark. Willows along a river, with roots in the water, all burned, while dry pines going up the mountainside next to them did not burn. A mobile home is completely burned out, while the trees around it and the dry wooden landing steps up to where the front door was are unburned.

    The materials required to make a windshield
    The key ingredients to make windshield glass are soda ash, silica sand, limestone, dolomite and cullet. There are little quantities and traces of aluminum oxide and potassium oxide also included most of the time.
    Silica is the major ingredient and around 65-70% of the windshield glass is just silica. This is what makes glass. After silica, soda ash is added to the mixture when silica is being heated. It decreases the melting point of the mix. Dolomite makes the mixture easier to work with, whereas limestone increases the efficiency of the glass and gives it a good finish. Limestone is also a key ingredient for making the glass more durable.
    Then some water is poured into the mixture and heated at a specific temperature. All these chemicals and materials being blended and heated together give birth to glass.


    D Benton Smith

    The Maui fire news suppression reminds me of the Pizzagate news story suppression. Same modus operandi, and same insufficient result, because all that the news suppression finally accomplished was to drive the story underground where it spread (is spreading still) like a wildfire because of all the fuel, heat and oxygen. True facts are the fuel. People’s innate desire to live happily is the heat, and the resources being pumped into the effort to suppress and forbid TRUTH is the oxygen.


    I read a comment on Moon of Alabama that speculated the Ukraine’s total mobilization effort might be a ploy to make the war so intolerable for average Ukrainians that peace negotiations would be more acceptable than continuing the war.

    Sadly this faint hope contradicts US desire to continue the war.

    The effort towards total mobilization includes stripping away pretty much all of the current draft exemptions, requiring women to register, and getting EU countries to return the estimated 240,000 Ukrainian male refugees.

    Poland for example has taken the first step in this effort, through reclassification of refugee status as cover, by declaring that 80,000 male refugees may have entered Popand illegally. Ukraine enters male refugee’s name (likely supplies by EU countries) into interpole’s wanted listing. Local police stop and then arrest male refugee, and hand them over to Ukraine.

    EU’s 240,000 male refugees may ironically have no choice but flee to Russia or Belarus.

    Another comment said the Ukraine has diverted more troops to the border to completely seal off the border and are using infrared drones to aid in sealing the border.

    D Benton Smith

    Ya know, those old professional intellects (some call them philosophers) sure did know how boil arguments down to brass tacks.
    Take Voltaire for instance. He ridiculed God by drawing attention to the worst and most ludicrously evil deeds of men, and then sarcastically asserting that this is, after all, the best of all possible worlds because God made it and HE could only have made it perfectly the way He wanted it. Which He did. Complete with Free Will for all participants (because that’s the only way that it could be done).

    Yup. That’s the basic argument alright.

    In pure hubristic obliviousness Voltaire reckoned that smart people like him could do a better job, and so set off the so-called “Enlightenment” that is now getting so dark that people can’t even see each other, much less see that Voltaire and his ilk were just flat ass WRONG.

    Anyone who still thinks that pursuit of materialist sciences, to the exclusion of all else, goes anywhere but Hell had better wake the fuck up because they are going in the WRONG direction. But I’m sure they could explain the validity of their mistake in overwhelmingly “valid” scientific detail, just so long as THEY are the arbiters of what is valid.

    Between the enslaved matter of material Hell and the insubstantiality of ethereal Heaven is a gigantic expanse where the two uncomfortably coexist on common ground. We call it the Universe, and if you want a place in which to play then you will accept it the way it was built and play by those rules. Voltaire’s snide insult was wrong. The fact of the matter is that this IS the best of all possible worlds, because its the only world there is that has you in it.

    Anyone who thinks they can do better can have a protracted post-game conversation in Hell about why that didn’t work. I’m sure Voltaire and Lucifer could use the company.


    Re Oxymoron

    The idea that “most people” will not, cannot, or choose not to “think” is very dangerous, and a path that I would tread with great caution. It very quickly leads to social bifurcation, where one (smaller) strata of society sees it self as “ubermenschen”, morally obligated to rule over “untermenschen.” Whether the castes are based upon “quality of internal dialogue,” or status at birth, or color of skin, or “gayness,” or social class, or language of birth, etc., is unimportant; the end result is the same.

    The product of the Enlightenment, enshrined in the US Constitution and other governments respecting the concept of democracy (rule by the people), is the idea that people can and should rule themselves. We spit on the graves of those who have lived and died furthering these ideas when we categorically deny large segments of the population enfranchisement. If large segments of the population are not bothering to critically think about issues beyond their immediate life, might it be because they are exhausted just trying to live day to day, or dealing with trauma regularly, or have been hoodwinked by advertising and propaganda specially designed to lull them into complacency and distraction? It’s the ubermenschen acting to create the conditions in the untermenschen that will morally justify the ubermenschen’s seizure of power.


    When the self-proclaimed “thinking” ubermenschen face a democratically organized system that is resistant to their demands, these “ubermenschen” will find that in order to exert any power and influence they must communicate with and seek to understand those whom they have labeled “deplorable.” This is, actually, the source of Trump’s political power — he voices the concerns of a huge chunk of the masses. This may, potentially, buoy RFK to the presidency, if other events come into alignment (such as the Biden corruption becoming a public scandal that threatens the integrity of the Democratic Party.)

    When leaders seek to understand those that they lead, the result is often empathy, compassion, and a flowering of human creativity. Followers find true mentors, and leaders find significance in their efforts. Both are edified.


    Lahaina fire.

    Paradise Camp fire, Caliornia.

    When I saw pix from Hawai I thought they were copied over from that Fire in California!

    for ex:

    (ex. from the top of goog *Paradise Fire – Images* – ignore the firey ones.)

    I also remember the hollowed out melted cars on 9/11, how did that happen? Again the same look..

    Why were cars destroyed, melted down, when they were just sitting there and did not have any rubble / massive debris / fire / explosives / hitting them?

    I know nothing about any special weapons but these similarities are striking.


    Barry and Big Mike have no kids

    Malia and Sasha are trafficked children who are lent out to ‘special friends’ visiting the White house as sex toys.

    Really think these is far fetched?

    You’re not paying much attention to Reality and the Blood Drinking Satanists in power.

    Having the ‘President’s kids’ be sick props to piss and dump on Duh’merica Sheeple fits perfectly into the whole ‘ritual humiliation’ paradigm.

    Barry & ‘Big Mike’ in the Good Old Gay Days



    Hey, while we’re at it, let’s entertain another kind of walk on the Wild Side



    The Ukronazi ‘mobilization’ is a sick joke

    First, they can’t train any of the mobilized cannonfodder in Ukronaziland because Russia has TOTAL Surveillance.

    Satellite, aircraft, drones and a SPY in EVERY Ukronazi city, town, village, hamlet and bump in the road.

    The Russians can easily see any concentration of personal or equipment in the country and once it gets to a certain size, kaboom! Like the 250 mercenaries in a hotel deep in the Ukronaziland interior, snuffed out in their sleep by one hyersonic cruise missile.

    Second, training the cannonfodder in twelve different NATO=NAZI countries with twelve different language and protocol instructors makes for a ‘Frankenstein’ force with no cohesion. Just random body parts sewn together hoping to ‘work together’. They can’t coordinate well as a military unit on the battlefield.

    Third, the Collective West ‘Wonder Weapons’ supplied to Ukronaziland suck tailpipe exhaust.

    They all burn nicely on the Steppes, thank you very much. They’re target practice for the Russians

    “And they’re Gone!”


    The Ukronazis think they’re so clever that they have stepped up trying to sneak Sabotage Groups in the Sumy/Chernigov border lands above Kharkov.

    Well, Russian Special Forces are waiting for them and wiping them out in ambushes


    Interesting the vehicles have Polish plates, probably Polish mercs.

    Well, dead Polish Mercs


    The Ashes Will Come First

    by William Schryver


    Alexis de Tocqueville 1805-1859, still kicking ass after all these years

    Be a good little Sheeple

    “The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting: such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to be nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.”

    Michael Reid

    @ DBS

    Just to be clear, I don’t think god has anything to do with anything.

    What matters is the behavior of man.

    In all this time we have not managed to live in a loving way with each other and nature


    Profound Russia-US Misunderstanding | Dmitry Orlov

    Really lays it out

    Dr. D

    My thoughts exactly on NPCs. They used to say people only dream in black and white. Some people see numbers in color. Some remember things by smell. 10% of any study will say crazy things just because DGAF. Suppose that is true, and the study is correct. Are they “Not Thinking”? Or thinking in a different way?

    There’s a native story about an animal who won’t get caught and he’s out in the woods, all the hunters are thinking so loud he can hear them across the forest, until there’s a hunter who doesn’t do that. Like all these hunter minds — and I hope you know some — are also dyslectic, also are auto mechanics because of their spacial and visual relations. There’s a lot them in the Army and I guarantee they’re not dumb. Dumb is a different spectrum, of which some are, some aren’t.

    The same argument is made of men and women that men think too logically and women too emotionally. Yeah, and? There’s the same spectrum of smart and stupid among them, but you wouldn’t say womens’ “emotional” thinking is “not thinking”. It can be smarter. Or my cat, who doesn’t think in words but thinks very accurately and with superiority for a cat and what a cat does.

    So I’m sure there ARE NPCs, just as there are psychopaths. But I bet almost nobody is “Not thinking” as they suggest it. They are just running the tests for “people who only think like scientists and college professors” who themselves are dumb as rocks and believe anything if I merely publish it in a book. Which is nearly the dumbest thing anyone could be! God, hacking them doesn’t require being literate! But because THOSE people don’t think like ME, well then, sir, they don’t really think at all! All people except me are inferior and the more like me you are, the more superior and the more you should be making all the decisions and others “Do what you’re told.”

    Uh-huh. Sure pal. And you go with that until your usefulness wanes and the dumber people above you who think in terms of *VIOLENCE* put you all up against the wall and shoot you in front of your children. Who’s smart now, stupid? They say.

    Consciousness has many forms. It’s interesting this fact may be more common than I suspected but over the last two years we’ve already proven who does no thinking at all: Scientists, Doctors, and Pollsters.

    Dr. D

    Voltaire is interesting as all the same people say, “How DARE God do that? How DARE he treat me like a puppet, when I have perfect free will and I’m going to use it.”

    God: “You’re Welcome.”

    Also them: “Why is the WHOLE WORLD screwed up when it’s nothing but us humans exercising our unlimited free will? How can it BE this bad? And By the way, how come Nature works so well and is barely screwed up at all?”

    God: “ … “

    I say that because I was susceptible to this argument and myself wondered why the world could be so screwed up and bad things happen in it. Why? Because “Things happen,” that’s why. You want nothing to happen, just so nothing bad can happen? No? Then there is the non-being, the one being, and the two that turns into the 10 thousand manifestations. Once there is light, there is dark. …Or you can have nothing, your choice. I’m indifferent on it, just saying.

    Oh you WANT the choice, you WANT existence? Okay then, here it is: its primary functions are Light and Dark, spotlights and prisms, Yang, the sunny side of the hill, and Yin, the cool and shady side. …But you don’t want no dark side of the hill. Okay man, you design reality then: go ahead.

    Why is it screwed up? “Sensei, why does s—t smell so bad?” “Because if you were a fly it would smell like honey.”

    You WANT free will…I think. It’s usually the villains who don’t want free will; they want minions. It’s usually the bad seeds that don’t want God, don’t want rules, don’t want consequences. God lets them. That’s why. Because God is a gentleman — just as you wanted – all those men can do bad things. Bad things can happen. And as you see in Nature, the less “free will” you have the smoother it goes: a squirrel is gonna squirrel, he can’t get in a lot of trouble, out murdering other squirrels and killin’ trees. We can. We also do far greater things, so the statistically you only find a wider distribution range not really a greater “evil”. So you notice in proportion as WE have free will, WE get into trouble and make a bad world that is startlingly less bad and far smoother and harmonious where there are no people.

    Do you WANT that? Some do. But that’s WHY that issue exists.

    …If you were askin’.

    No free will = no universe. No darkness = no light. Take your pick. You’d be part of the One God and nothing would ever happen again.

    Dr. D

    Evil Giraffe

    John Day

    I’m sure Bud Light has “bottomed” and Bill is making a sound financial investment.

    Woke Bill Gates Foundation Becomes One Of Anheuser-Busch’s Top Shareholders


    Even Dylan Mulvaney Is Dragging & Slagging Budweiser Now

    Anheuser-Busch has even alienated the Trans sponsor!


    Fucktards par excellence

    Gates is a Satanist, a fireman that’s secretly a Pyromaniac.

    from back in July


    Well, JMG doesn’t deny ‘climate change’ isn’t happening nor that CO2 plays a role. He also notes that rapid changes can happen. As I’ve stated before – we are a driver of rapid change and even if we don’t know the full complexity of the earth system dynamics at play at the very least we should be following the precautionary principle. We know it’s an issue so why not cut back on FF use – it will actually do us a favor, irrespective of not having an impact on the climate trajectory because thermodynamics means eventually the energy in/out balance falls over and we will no longer have access to liquid fossil fuels (coal and gas will stick around for a while longer).
    Climate change (or should we call it transition) will suck as will losing access to fossil fuels (and decent reserves of all the other resources we extract with fossil fuels). The impacts of both these factors will reinforce each other to equal a doubly suck situation.
    From JMG ‘Toboggan’ piece:
    Second, an equable climate may sound great in the abstract, but getting there’s not going to be so fun. To begin with, melting the polar ice caps will raise sea levels three hundred feet. While it will take centuries for this process to complete, even the first steps along that route will play merry hob with the global economy, flooding most of the world’s large cities and a vast amount of other real estate, erasing entire nations from the map, forcing mass migrations, crippling ports and other trade facilities, and the list goes on. Meanwhile the weather isn’t simply going to pop right into an equable condition; to judge from what’s currently happening, the climate belts will keep on lurching unsteadily toward the poles a little at a time, causing droughts, floods, famines, and other entertainments. A thousand years from now things may be great, but that’ll be small consolation to you, or to the generations who have to deal with the rest of the change.


    Who controls the money? Who controls the media?Yall know but are loathe to say it, which I understand. But they just tried to murder you and your family, why would you be kind? They got kicked the fuck out of every country they ever lived in, for no reason? Please.


    The Russians are fine tuning and honing their War Machine to a Samurai Sharp Edge

    Unlike NATO=NAZI and the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Military Mafia, the Russians not only remember, learn and improve from their early mistakes, they can test experimental weapons sytems in real live battlefield conditions and quick assess what works and what doesn’t.

    Then, because they have an awesome and rapidly growing industrial base, they can ramp up mass production of the winning designs in record time.

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Military Mafia of Raytheon/Lockheed take decades to get their big greedy thumbs out of their fat greedy asses.

    The Russians are evolving weapons system that will be a MAGNITUDE more advanced than anything in the Collective West and stock piling the versions that are battle tested.

    Everything the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Military Mafia as far as ‘wonder weapons’ goes has been a total failure.

    The world outside the 20% ‘west’ wants Russian weapons, they can see that they work and for a cheaper price.

    Russians Take Delivery Of First New Anti-drone Jammers For Tanks

    The Russians have unparalleled electronic warfare systems, generations in front of Duh’merica and Euroturdistan.

    These jammers will be field tested, modified and tuned in and up while the West argues over obsolete tank designs that the Russians are routinely blowing up with ultra advanced mass produced drone designs

    Commander of Russian Anti-Tank Squad Commander Says He Hates Wasting ATGMs On Easy Targets like Bradleys which Can Be Killed with CHEAP RGP’s


    Field Commander rags on how flimsy western armor is, doesn’t like ‘wasting’ the fabulous Kornet on such unworthy targets

    Formerly T-Bear

    Dr. D on September 7, 2023 at 9:38 pm @ # 142651

    From a recalled conversation with an engineer working on construction of a nuclear power plant that may be of interest to your thesis here:

    Making the control system fool-proof is not a problem. Making the system Phd -proof is …

    Over the years, the wisdom therein has slowly perfused into an effective antidote for many things, sometimes Phd’s. (smiley thing)

    Dr. D

    we are a driver of rapid change”

    Well that’s the question, isn’t it? Since “we don’t know the full complexity of the earth system dynamics” you just said we can’t possibly know and don’t really understand it in any reasonable way. So we are except we don’t know and can’t at all be sure we are? And yet far rapider changes happened all the time in history? So there’s no historical reason to think we’re involved.

    Why should we be precautionary if we don’t even know we’re having an effect?

    Personally, it’s easy as we can and should do most of the same things for far more logical reasons. But those logical reasons would 1) Curtail use 2) Crash profits 3) Oppose wealth and tyranny which therefore 4) Opposes Socialism. So quite obviously we won’t do any of those things, which is how you know none of it is ‘real.’

    As JB said, so many things we CAN do. We are doing precisely ZERO. Here’s one: we have no train system and we’re not fixing the one we have, killing more unions — By presidential decree — and destroying more lines, both freight and passenger. So from the same people are rabidly ANTI-Environmental, everywhere you turn, with trains but also PAYING to dig up more toxic waste like Cobalt and Lithium and spread it worldwide while wasting oil. The POINT of solar is to destroy forests. The POINT of windmills are to make toxic waste, destroy money, and kill birds.

    But these same people ARE suddenly environmental on their other points? They suddenly ARE scientists and engineers after doing everything wrong everywhere else, 100% of the time, but in this Onnnnnnnnnne thing, CO2, they just happen to be correct? They’ve already shown from their solutions they’re science and math-illiterate. Why would I credit their science elsewhere?

    Especially when, “we don’t know the full complexity of the earth system dynamics” and as they model them, every prediction was wrong for 30 years.

    Now? They’re going to need science TWICE as good to convince me. Just like any grade-school teacher who saw their math student fail over and over all year. That’s not too much to ask, that’s NORMAL. No benefit of the doubt: show me.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Dr. D on September 8, 2023 at 9:42 am @ # 142671

    Should you be in search of something ominous to worry about, take a look at glyphosate use in the agricultural areas of the U.S.

    These are the vast areas which contributed as much if not more wealth to 19th century U.S. than even the industrial production contributed at the time to the world economy. The industrial production at the time was primarily engaged with building the internal economy while agricultural production was feeding populations external, balancing the country’s balance of payments as well as employing large segments of the population in its production.

    Now those areas soils are saturated with glyphosate which is shown to destroy the bacterial genome present in the soils that produces the rich growing substance for crop growth. Looking at the national map of glyphosate use, it is hard to find even reduced levels present. Add to that the ever increasing levels of fertiliser use to maintain crop production not to mention the enormous investments in machinery and fuel required to produce at industrial levels.

    What happens when the land fails to sustain that industrial level? When additional fertiliser no longer supports the growth of crops? When glyphosate tolerant plant genomes provide protection for the modified plant but have spread to unwanted plants. To think that agricultural program is sustainable is delusional. What then? Where will the forage be found to feed our livestock? To feed us?

    Once the country held in reserve some fraction of a year’s production as insurance against crop failures. Not any more. Now it is different, and no reserves for troubled times.

    It seems this should cause worry, not some small increase in CO^2 and the increased levels of moisture the atmosphere can hold (until some trigger sets off the rain, like plants using CO^2 causing temps to drop and rain to fall).

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