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    Claude Monet Woman with a Parasol – Madame Monet and Her Son Dec 31 1874   • US’ ‘Rigged Election’ To Blame For Ukraine Conflict – Trump (RT) • M
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    “Ukraine is closer than ever to joining NATO, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has claimed, adding that Russia “cannot veto” Kiev’s future membership.”

    Russia doesn’t have to try to “veto” any such thing. It already knows that Ukraine is as close as it will ever get to being in NATOstan.

    Dr. D


    Morgan Stanley Created 2015 Hunter Biden Dossier Highlighting “Fraudulent” Looking Schemes And “Suspicious” Transactions

    Nobody knewd nothin’, but Morgan found this guy so over the top, they created a thick file with a glossy brochure on the top. Huh. If they called the VP about his son here, think they could get a favor?

    “Former FTX CEO To Forfeit $1.5 Billion, Pleads Guilty To Federal Campaign Finance And Money-Transmitting Crimes

    Wait for it… …”And nobody went to jail…”

    So the rules are now free money for any theft UNDER $950 or OVER $1 Billion.

    I forget but now that SBF finally comes up again, I had heard that one of the “Attention” drugs highlighted on his desk makes you unusually compliant. So his parents get him this prescription and set him up as their bag man, as we note from the $1B bail money out of two professors at Stanford. One Bil cash? No problem! Standing on my head. They probably figured – as most rich parents – that their kid is a useless sap and moron and the only way to get something out of him is to drug him up like a zombie and make him “do what he’s told.” …Pure love, I’m sure. It’s working great: he’s in holding, and they’re out free still buggering Crypto with the SEC.

    Speaking of, I’m realizing the increasing gravity of the “Tether” USD coin, of which nobody knows nothing, was a joke and a wholly-unfunded scam at $6B and is now like $80Billion. It’s rumored because it was a scam created why well-known career scamsters who are also pedopholes – who somehow always escape and walk free for decades! — that the Federal Reserve took it over with some arm-twisting (that is, illegally preventing deserved prosecution) and it’s now their front-end. For truly arcane reasons that are difficult to fathom in a market even MORE opaque than our dismal normal markets, Tether is most probably the front door to total manipulation of the BTC price. …Similar to the manipulation of gold price, but also entirely different.

    Example: BTC, a huge 24h worldwide market in a speculative “tech” sector, responsive to all currency headlines, sits in a $5 range for months. Then it goes up $1,500. …And sits in a $5 range $1500 up. A few days later, it drops back to the original price, and – you guessed it – sits in a $5 range again. Uh-huh. I’m sure ALL the chart and technical people will tell you that’s completely normal. No flags, no trends, no appropriate trending range, no elliot waves, nothing. Da Boyz just call up and say “What time Thursday?” and pop it. Then say, “Are we all sold in, boyz?” and drop it.

    Now that part doesn’t bother me: that’s now normal. Total manipulation of all markets when you can print unlimited money is normal and real since the PPT and 2001. What bugs me is All the crypto guys love it and play along. Nary a peep. Where’s your freedom now? “But I scalped a Satoshi by ruining BTC as a functional invention altogether.” Congratulations, YOU, made Bitcoin worthless. YOU did. The Fed jsut hasn’t told you and let the price drop on your avarice yet.

    “”Davos in The Desert”: UAE Becomes Global ATM as Western Finance Dries Up

    They’re broke, they can’t GIVE to Africa because they’re too busy TAKING from Africa. And you’re going to beg Switzerland? Nope. The West is broke and collapsing, so everyone just ignores them from here out. This is how “The War” is going.
    We lost. We’re collapsing. Which is why 49 Million (more) guns were sold the last 4 years.

    “Robert F. Kennedy Jr on the New Tricks the DNC is Pulling,”

    Aaaaaaaand the Democratic base doesn’t care. Again, WHY I still don’t fully grasp. But I’ll go tell them, and report back tomorrow this:

    “Adams concedes NYC is failing because of immigration…”

    Hahahahaha! What a bunch of…um, pink hats. Mayor Adams is taking like 1/10th the number of Texas. Besides, immigration is the STRENGTH of NYC and always has been. That’s funny: used to be people came here with nothing looking for a job. Now they come here avoiding jobs and looking for a handout? Who knew THAT would backfire? SO it’s not the “Immigration” at all. At all. At all. It’s the the WELFARE. Just as it ruins rural white and inner city families. Have all the immigration you want: if you can’t get nothin’, you’ll all go home.

    it looks like Musk is the last adequate mind in North America,”

    Er…yes. And he’s also NOT American, even North American, he’s African. AND he is indeed merely “Adequate”.

    “this time it involved conflating “pro-Kremlin” social media accounts with those that it considers to be “Kremlin-aligned” or “Kremlin-backed.”

    That just means “Anyone who agrees with someone.” No, literally. “Kremlin” is official state releases. Maybe you can make an argument for “Kremlin-paid” outlets. Funded mostly. After that? “Kremlin-backed” means nothing. As Lira used to say, still waiting for his check. Sure Kremlin “Backs” him, because they agree, but do they lift a finger to help? Nope. So they’re not really “backed” are they? Lira just has/had opinions.

    And the other categories are far worse and more tenuous. You’re “Kremlin-aligned” if you think sovereignty exists and we shouldn’t do regime change. Worldwide, to nuclear powers, ’cause we felt like it. Or if you promote peace instead of war. All this can happen when words no longer have meanings.

    Worse that all that: they’re whiny. They’re complaining since they censor people, everyone hates them, they suck, and are tuning out. They’re losing. Call a Whaaaaaaambulance. YOUR OWN STATEMENTS say Russia isn’t paying anyone. Anywhere. Yet they’re winning according to you. Because apparently you suck so bad and everyone hates you. But I’m going to have Daddy MAKE the Ooopma-Loompas LOVE me instead!

    Pretty sure that’s not how that works. Love without consent, choice? Yeah, that’s Rape. I see this in gay and Leftist culture all the time: you’re REQUIRED to love me; I ORDER you to! Or else!!! I know the weird psychological reasons y’all are doing that, and I sympathize, but no. Just no. Even though you’re the size and weight of a 5-year old and not an actual rape threat to me doesn’t make what you’re doing okay. It’s still rape. That I fought off. And I’m tired.

    ““unity will win. That truth will win.”

    We know this because Brussels will never, ever allow it to be discussed. Openly, without censorship. That’s how we know we’ve reached the truth: You Do What You’re Told.

    “the amount transferred would be $5.4 million.”

    Isn’t that about one day? They’ve said they spend $1M a day on shells alone. And we’re paying all salaries, all pensions, all transportation, and all free health care.

    “The lawyers argue that Hunter’s plea deal is valid, even after the judge threw it out.”

    You can ARGUE anything you want. It’s who’s the Ref? Who counts the votes? The judge in this case.

    • FDA Refuses to Provide COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Data to US Senator (ET) “

    100% of all agencies now refuse 100% of all document requests. Like the FBI/DoJ did only last week. That’s how you know it’s a democracy, run by our duly-elected Congressional Representatives.

    Dr. D

    Proust, ChatGPT and the Case of the Forgotten Quote

    About the utter uselessness and complete, hidden, bald-faced lying ChatGPT does every minute it’s online. Also, btw, a treatise on “woman thinking” from yesterday. She is very concerned with being polite, how the robot FEELS about her answer and so on, to the extent that she is completely distracted from the point and gets no coherent answer, ever, wasting two days. While this CAN be great, it’s laughable as an approach to a robot who is programmed from the first moment to lie to you if at all possible, then lie with more lies if you catch it.

    It’s impossible that a man would feel the least bad for it or put up with it for 30 seconds unless he’s already started hormone therapy. On the other hand, a man would beat an annoying, time-wasting liar with a hammer and then we’d never find out what it MIGHT be good for.

    So: ChatGPT! It CAN replace useless, pathological liars! That it can do. No wonder reporters and middle managers are terrified it’ll take their jobs. However, if you want a report, passage, or answer that is ACCURATE, TRUE, and also EXISTS, that’ll take more money. And an actual human who does his job.

    P.S. if you didn’t read above bc “The Guardian”, all this author wants is a single, known quote from Proust, which is copyright-free. ChatGPT can’t figure it out.

    So for once in my life, this Harvard, Stanford graduate who writes for The New Yorker is off the hook! ChatGPT steals the show in being dumber and less credible than even she is!

    Remember: this is the ONE ANSWER Google’s CEO was looking to provide you. A false one. “What is Truth?” Piliate said. “The Truth is Not in Them”, ChatGPT said.


    AUG31st : Over 1,600 Scientists Sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ Declaration. International scientists have jointly signed a declaration dismissing the existence of a climate crisis and insisting that carbon dioxide is beneficial to Earth, contrary to the popular alarmist narrative.

    Dr. D

    From article on movie festival, posted here I think:

    “That the Democratic Party, the Obamas especially, are fused with culture has led to stagnation, with too many rules of what can’t be said, or criticized. After all, how many in the Royal Court can make fun of the King and Queen?
    It isn’t just that so many people are tuning out a Hollywood that feels justified in judging them, telling them what should matter, what should be funny, what should be compelling. It’s that a counterculture revolution is rising to take its place out of sheer desperation. Hollywood has destroyed itself with its own mandates”

    Like dismal, hackneyed, Soviet art:

    Odd that happens, but I’ve seen it elsewhere. Until the thing is completely, irrevocably ‘beyond’ – and then some leaps or years – no one will actually replace it. So I end up being years early on everything, weaving that new basket before the old one breaks.
    So: desperation Apologizing “I wouldn’t have to do this and I wouldn’t do this now, if only the leader who jumps in front of the parade and takes over, would just jump in front of the actual parade and take over.

    “Do they really believe on the Left that they can end the Trump movement by convicting him and throwing him in jail? Do they think that’s the best approach to deal with a populist revolution, culturally and politically? Do they think that censorship on sites like YouTube and GoFundMe is the way to quiet the rising discontent of the people they have abandoned?
    Yes, they do because no one has told them otherwise…”

    Nor can. Because they’ve censored not us – we keep talking and being naughty – but censored THEMSELVES. They are only oppressing EACH OTHER. And now they’re minions, incapable of human thought.

    “They (The old hippies, now the Left) have all of the money they could ever need, all of the cultural and corporate power, nearly all of the administrative and security state (yay FBI!). But they’re missing something fundamental and it shows. That might be why so many of the voices rising on the Right are also turning to God now, because religion is the counterculture in a country emptied out by “wokeism,” which has nothing to offer us except separating each of us into categories, to demonize all of us based on our gender or our skin color.”
    “This thing is only moving in one direction. The more they try to control speech, to silence dissent, the louder the counterculture revolution is going to get. Those who can’t hear it or see it will never know what hit them.”

    Ah but they DO know. Like Oliver Anthony, they know IMMEDIATELY they need to shriek, attack, kill. Just like all the videos. Just like all the advisories. They know BEFORE they look whether it’s good or bad, true or false. It’s telepathy! It’s wisdom from God’s mouth to their ears! They know the thing – all the things – before they know it. But in their world they also must NOT know it. While they know it. Which they don’t know. …But anyway: You’re Wrong. We must always, always, destroy the poor and help the billionaire protected powerful class. There Is No Alternative. No Price is Too High.

    From “A rumination on the collapse of culture on the left. Is it really that bad? Yes, it is really that bad.”


    Thanks Phoenix Voice and Dr D and others re comments around intelligence etc. yesterday – all voiced points accepted as verifiable and true but still the thinking requires intent, training, honesty and hard work. In many I see some of these components missing. All thinking produces form on some level and everyone has equal power in this regard alone.
    I never give studies too much weight framed as they are from narrow and non-universal perspectives but I see a great deal of dumb shit going down.


    “I did it my way”
    “Show me the way to go home”

    I found/travelled an 80 years old path.
    I look up and see that I’m surrounded by crowds of people who also found their paths to today.
    TAE, with the help of other bloggers, has been a blessing in highlighting/facilitating the different journeys that life took to converge to today.
    Tomorrow is hiding in the shadows.
    A grain of salt.

    Missile strike in Ukrainian market street:

    Dimas at Military Summary speculated that this hit, which killed 17 civilians and was immediately blamed on Russia, may have been a false flag deliberate strike of a Stormshadow missile fired from a Ukrainian city to the west, not from the Russian lines to the east.
    He cited the following evidence supporting this theory:
    1. Russia immediately denied firing any missiles at this time
    2. Russian bloggers who claimed two missiles were launched from the Ukrainian city to the west, just 45 minutes prior to Zelenskyy was to meet with Blinken in Kiev, and just a few seconds prior to the blast. The missiles were launched east, towards Donetsk city.
    3. In the video of the strike you hear the approach of the missile while two people in the street turn to the left (west) in apparent reaction to the sound, a second prior to the blast.
    4. A reflection on the hood of a parked car in the video shows the incoming missile arriving from the west, just a second before the blast.


    Euroturdistan’s Finest Has Beens



    The Teutonic Girlie Men Bite the Dust

    This graph doesn’t even show 2022 and 2023

    It would scare your delicate snowflake sensibilities



    Gee, I wonder if there’s a pattern?



    Not only is Germany rabidly de-industrializing, and losing it’s ability to produce cheap power by going Greentard, it went Full Metal Jacket Tard© on the Plandemic Death Shots.

    Der Winter Kommt

    Cold, dark, broke, with a massively disabled workforce via the Clotshot.

    Oh, an a generation that is sterilized from the vax.


    Deutschland Uber Alles!





    @ oxymoron

    There are different levels of thought — Bloom’s taxonomy comes to mind. Great human thinkers have an important place in society — they can move us forward, they can inspire us to bring out our best. (I think about Martin Luther, Shakespeare, Rev Martin Luther King Jr, Victor Hugo, Voltaire, Thomas Jefferson, Einstein, Galileo and so many other names.). Sometimes, human societies reject great thinkers — Socrates comes to mind. However, the role of great thinkers is not to think for the masses, is not to rule the masses, rather it is to show the masses what is possible, to inspire the masses to share in novel ideas or elevated ideas or better ideas. Some humans, when they realize what is possible through study & thought, take that path themselves, becoming innovative thinkers, artists, scientists, etc.

    Michael Reid

    ” It is bizarre to think that the US oil and gas rig count is about half the level of 2018 and yet the oil price is about 20% higher. ”

    Michael Reid

    At this stage of the global eugenics game
    only the profoundly brainwashed “Trust the Science” zealots
    continue to bury their proverbial heads in the sand.

    We have irrefutable proof that the more slow kill bioweapon servings one is administered,
    the greater the risk of death and disease.

    And now we have a public figure admitting the horrifying truth
    about a “vaccine” that could never inoculate against respiratory disease,
    nor attenuate viral symptoms; but, rather,
    this Modified mRNA poison induces all of the symptoms at far deadlier severities

    Prevent Premature Death In Yourself, Your Community and Family: Instructions Below


    GEEEE I didn’t know that dictators allowed voting

    Voting in Kherson Region begins on time, no incidents reported — officials
    The Kherson Region will elect members of the local legislative assembly and local municipal councilors in 14 municipalities, in areas near the line of engagement, too, for the first time since the region joined Russia

    GENICHESK, September 8. /TASS/. Polling stations in the Kherson Region opened on time and are operating normally, an official at the local election commission told TASS on Friday.

    “All polling stations opened on time. The situation is normal, no incidents or provocations have been reported,” the official said.

    This is the first time the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Lugansk People’s Republic, the Zaporozhye Region and the Kherson Region take part in Russia’s Single Voting Day. The Kherson Region will elect members of the local legislative assembly and local municipal councilors in 14 municipalities, in areas near the line of engagement, too, for the first time since the region joined Russia.




    It is one of our inscrutable unspoken cultural rules in the West:

    “They’re just like us” applied to all sorts of situations

    Anyone saying differently gets a frantic, obsequious observance – no no, I believe all the holy things.

    But actual differences exist and have real consequences.




    (and just to make clear my comment is NOT code for racism, just various people are different in various ways and these differences are not inconsequential despite any denial)


    The level of outright lies being told by the Empire of Lies and their Mediawhores and Presstitutes is so beyond the pale right now, it’s crossed the threshold of the event horizon to the Black Hole where all Lies go to die.

    The Big Lie that Ukronaziland has penetrated the first and second lines of Russians defenses is so utterly insane it tells me the NeoConJobs really have lost their minds. total panic or true psychotic break.

    It’s as if Presidementia Pedo Joe called a press conference to announce he had been contacted by Aliens and that they took him to Mars last week to tour their Martian Base.

    An amazing number of Duh’mericans would believe it.

    And the Mediawhores and Presstitutes of the Collective West report this crazy talk with a straight face.

    We are there.

    We have reach magnitudes of lies so large they are about to eclipse the Sun itself.

    The lies coming out of the NeoConJobs about Ukronaziland are like a Grand Mal Seizure.


    Reality optional.

    The Ukro soldiers that are left right now on the contact line, in the grey crush zone, are not the best trained or equipped, the vast majority of the good ones are already Dead, like 400,000 Dead.

    A tremendous number of these mediocre troops are High, they have been given drugs, lots and lots of drugs. Russian soldiers will shoot them and they don’t even take cover, many will still be laughing, they just keep advancing like zombies.

    So the Empire of Lies is going to cope with the Ultra Butt Hurt (UBH) of an Epic Ukronazi Fail by blaming the Ukros for not following orders from their NATO=NAZI ‘advisors

    Yeh baby, it’s the Ukros that Screwed this Pooch, not the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Military Mafia.


    All gone.



    It is September!
    That means it is playoff season!
    Both NATO and Russia made the playoffs this year.
    Unfortunately hopeful Ukraine was eliminated from the playoffs, not winning a single game!
    The frontlines have barely moved in during the regular spring and summer season.
    As fall unfolds, both sides are clinging to their static front.

    In an effort to cure both sides of their “static cling”, they are using a new weapon called “Bounce”!
    “Bounce” was specially created to eliminate the problem of”static cling”!
    Not only that, mice don’t like the smell of Bounce either!



    Bounce reduces drag on window and ceiling fan blades by breaking the static electric bond.

    Fans are much quieter and efficient


    “hotdog” = boy
    “pizza” = girl shouldn’t it be “taco” = girl?


    Obviously the best “hotdogs” and “pizza” come from Obama’s and Hillary’s corrupt home town.


    “They’re just like us”

    And yet they live and breathe and walk amongst us. We have all tried talking with them. There are their actions and words. These are all concrete real world things.

    I know I’ve mentioned this awhile back. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an intended effect on cognition with the injection which is not a vaccine. And more than just crude brain damage or prions.

    The Thanatos Syndrome- Walker Percy – written 1987


    After two years in prison for selling prescription drugs, Tom More, a Louisiana psychiatrist and lapsed Catholic, comes home to his virtually defunct practice and marriage. He notices that people in his town are different, many of his patients have a strange speech to them. Many faculties are dulled but some are enhanced, particularly memory and sexual appetite.

    Teaming up with his cousin Lucy, an epidemiologist who also has an independent mind, they discover that the authorities, a consortium of scientists, have been running secret trials on the population of the town. Through the addition of sodium ions to the water supply, the active population is gradually being made more chimpanzee-like, while the inactive, the old and the sick, are being euthanized. To Tom’s particular disgust, the leaders of the trials are found to engage in sexual abuse of children, for which he takes his revenge by forcing them to drink high concentrations of sodium and so that they regress to apes.

    A parallel plot involves a Catholic priest, Father Smith, who like Tom has hit rock bottom and almost totally failed in his calling. Together, with difficulty, the two men rediscover the hope hidden in their shaky Catholic faith.


    The flawed hero. Unlike his namesake Thomas More, the physician Dr Tom More “is a far cry from the saint, drinks too much, and watches reruns of M*A*S*H on TV.”[1] Father Smith, the priest he helps, is equally fallible in the book.

    Existential anxiety. Western medicine cannot cure the ills of its citizens: “The first character you encounter … the woman who lives at the country club and thinks she has everything and yet is in the middle of a panic attack. She is also the last person you encounter … at the end confronting her anxiety. She is about to listen to herself tell herself something.”[1] Existential anxiety, also known as existential angst, tends to be defined as having the regular characteristics of anxiety, but with the thought process based on our existence and purpose in life. `

    Ecological degradation linked to human regression. Natural beauty is ruined by human activity: “ … the Louisiana of the novel is an ecological mess …. it shows the peculiar indifference of the strange new breed of Louisianians in the novel. After all, chimp-like creatures do not generally form environmental protection societies.”

    A world gone mad. Humans in Western countries have lost their grip on reality: “But the world is also deranged … The looniness …. of the ‘normal’ denizen of the Western world who …. doesn’t know who he is, what he believes, or what he is doing.”

    Breakdown of communication. People consistently fail to understand each other: “… some literary critics, philosophers, and semioticians … seem hell-bent on denying the very qualities of language and literature that have been held in such high esteem in the past: namely, that it is possible to know something about the world, that the world actually exists, that one person can actually say or write about the world and that other people can understand him. That, in a word, communication is possible.”[1]

    Decline of the West. Mentally, Western society is moribund. Percy sees the USA “gradually subside into decay through default and be defeated … from within by weariness, boredom, cynicism, greed, and in the end helplessness before its great problems” while the West is “losing by spiritual acedia”.[1]
    Devaluation of humanity by science. In the book, Percy is angered by “the widespread and ongoing devaluation of human life in the Western world” which he ascribes to two mindsets: “ Thou shalt not find anything unique about the human animal even if the evidence points to such uniqueness” and “Thou shalt not suggest that there is a unique and fatal flaw in ‘Homo sapiens sapiens’ or indeed any perverse trait that cannot be laid to the influence of Western civilization”. He contends that humans are unique in being both God-like and tainted by original sin.

    Bad faith leads to bad outcomes. Percy portrays fatal errors in both religious fundamentalists and secular humanists, commenting: “It is easy to criticize the absurdities of fundamentalist beliefs like ‘scientific creationism’ — that the world and its creatures were created six thousand years ago. But it is also necessary to criticize other dogmas parading as science and the bad faith of some scientists who have their own dogmatic agendas to promote under the guise of ‘free scientific inquiry’. Scientific inquiry should in fact be free. The warning: If it is not, if it is subject to this or that ideology, then do not be surprised if .. history … is repeated. Weimar leads to Auschwitz. The nihilism of some scientists in the name of ideology or sentimentality and the consequent devaluation of individual human life leads straight to the gas chamber.”


    The problem: Deer eating summer flowers!

    Deer seem to eat flowers like they are at an “all-you-can-eat” salad bar!

    Has anyone ever tried using “Bounce” to keep deer from eating their flowers?

    Veracious Poet

    Intelligence ops deploying CULTural war games for fun, profit & sway

    Burning the bridges of reason, planting the seeds of doubt, the proletariat no longer a menace in play

    The wonders of technology, in the filthy mitts of too many bloody paws, now with AI!

    Never ending streams of mendacious madness, where every man is queer & every woman a joke

    Terrorists no longer need bullets & bombs to assassinate for broadcast & effect, social-media/virtual-reality gaga injected directly into humanities’ amygdala, piping *hot* news for the spiritually dead

    Got Solutions?


    John Day

    Connected World

    Thank you to a commenter for sending these Maui Council hearings with local citizens (Governor Josh Green MD got up and left before public comments began).
    Do listen to the native Hawaiian lady in the first video at the top of the stack. She is articulate and right-on.


    The Forensic Arborist, a lifelong self-taught tree enthusiast, who has searched and studied over 40 fires, many in California, is interviewed from Maui in this video, and says a lot more about specific recurring evidentiary findings, like steel belted tires vaporized except for the steel belts, and unaffected tires invariably being polyester-belted and plied.

    The DNC is taking steps to prevent a political primary this year. Nobody who visits a state holding a primary can get votes there, for instance (Iowa, New Hampshire). If Kennedy campaigns in New Hampshire, none of his Georgia votes will count, either. The DNC is considering making Kennedy pay all of the costs of the primaries (which the DNC does not need). Kennedy is not so much “blasting” as discussing politely, intelligently and with personal reserve.
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Blasts DNC’s ‘Rigged Process,’ Slams Biden In New Forbes Interview​

    The UK Daily Mail is even taking note.
    Staggering figures reveal 1.2MILLION US-born workers lost their jobs last month – replaced by 688,000 foreign-born staff – as Joe Biden allows migrants to flood across the border

    John Day

    ‘Rigged’ US election to blame for Ukraine conflict – Trump
    The former president claims if he hadn’t been cheated out of office Moscow would never have launched its operation against Kiev

    ​ FDA Refuses To Provide COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Data To US Senator
    ​ Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the results of analyses on data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System in January. The request came after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said none of the safety signals it identified for the COVID-19 vaccines were “unexpected.”
    ​ The two agencies have run different types of analyses on the system’s reports, which are primarily made by health care professionals.
    ​ The CDC ran Proportional Reporting Ratio analyses, which involve comparing the number of reported adverse events to the number of adverse events reported after vaccination with other vaccines.
    ​ The first time the agency ran analyses using the method for the COVID-19 vaccines, in 2022, hundreds of signals were triggered.

    ​ The European Union has just realized that it can’t rule the internet with an iron fist by throwing around the ‘Kremlin propaganda’ label
    ​ The European Commission has concluded in a new report that despite making pinky-promises to “mitigate the reach and influence of Kremlin-sponsored disinformation,” large social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook were “unsuccessful” in doing so. What a shocker that this research by oversight advocates has ended up advocating more oversight. Russia just happens to be the most convenient scapegoat.

    ​CIA Front Preparing Color Revolution in Indonesia

    Leaked: CIA Front Preparing Color Revolution in Indonesia

    ​ General: NATO, US intend to open front against Russia in Caucasus
    ​ NATO and the US intend to open a front against Russia in the Caucasus, the former military attache of the Turkish Embassy in Azerbaijan, General Yucel Karauz told Report…
    ​..Karauz said he has received information that such a call will be made for Azerbaijan as well. According to him, the United States will also support this call and this means that NATO’s move is not against Azerbaijan: “Azerbaijan is a country with developed relations with NATO. Türkiye will definitely not allow any step against Azerbaijan. Armenia cannot become a NATO member without solving its problem with Azerbaijan, without complying with the conditions of the tripartite declaration signed between the leaders of Azerbaijan, Russia, and Armenia on November 10, without showing clean behavior towards Türkiye and Azerbaijan, and without removing the statements aimed at the territorial integrity of Türkiye from its constitution.”

    John Day

    ​Simplicius has a Situation-Report (SitRep) on Ukraine, which I have let languish for a few days. There is a lot of information here. (M-1 Abrams soon to arrive with DU ammo.)
    SITREP 9/4/23: First Challengers Burn as East Continues to Rise in Power

    Grain Deal, Gas Hub & De-Dollarization: What Signal Do Putin-Erdogan Talks Send to West?–de-dollarization-what-signal-do-putin-erdogan-talks-send-to-west-1113117752.html

    ​This is a minefield covered with broken glass and these poor guys are barefoot. Thanks Eleni in Athens.
    The Turkish and Greek foreign ministers met in Ankara to discuss boosting diplomatic relations and address several longstanding issues between the two

    Turkiye, Greece hail new era of relations

    ​John Helmer thinks Prigozhin just played too fast and loose, for too long, on the territories of too many other gangsters, notably in Africa.
    Prigozhin’s Three Strikes


    John Day

    Do Vaccines Cause Autism? The Evidence Against Vaccine Safety , Part 2 of 3​ , Helen Buyniski

    Do Vaccines Cause Autism? The Evidence Against Vaccine Safety

    ​Steve Kirsch has good graphics again.
    US Nursing home data shows clearly that the COVID vaccines were a disaster for the elderly; they increased the risk of dying from COVID

    ​Get a New Covid Shot? The Evidence Suggests Otherwise

    Get a New Covid Shot? The Evidence Suggests Otherwise

    Please do avoid sunburns. Sunburns harm your skin, but sun without burns is good for you.
    The Healing Power of Vitamin D – What Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know We Know the medical establishment lied to us about COVID. And according to esteemed physician Dr. Paul Marik, they are also lying to you about the sun.

    Veracious Poet


    That’s funny: used to be people came here with nothing looking for a job. Now they come here avoiding jobs and looking for a handout? Who knew THAT would backfire? SO it’s not the “Immigration” at all. At all. At all. It’s the the WELFARE.



    The West is under communist dictatorship. Comunism is judeism, with all the death and destruction that comes with it. What they are now doing will make the Bolshevik and Chinese revolutions seem like what they were, training grounds. These fuckers are all in on making most everyone dead. How people do not, will not see it, I’ll never understand..



    Allen Weinstein was an American historian, educator, and federal official who served in several different offices. He was, under the Reagan administration, cofounder of the National Endowment for Democracy in 1983. He served as the Archivist of the United States from February 16, 2005, until his resignation on December 19, 2008. After his resignation, he returned to the International Foundation for Electoral Systems as a senior strategist and was a visiting faculty member at the University of Maryland.

    This person founded the NED, the people now interfering in Indonesia’s politics. He appears to have led a positively anti-democratic career, I winder what he achieved in the area of electoral systems … fixing the Democrat vote? Jews bringing Israel morality to the USA. to imprisson the Americans like they did with the Palestinians.


    Hell is the absence of free will.


    Is exercising power a sign of free will?


    Cookies Nuland the Blood drinking witch did this, she’s to chickenshit to get into it herself.

    Ukrainian Journalist Says He Warned Everyone That Women Were Next For Mobilization

    The Ukronazis are saying it’s women with medical training but they are going after all women, even 17 year olds.

    They have to register with the military and afterwards they are not allowed to leave Ukronaziland to travel anywhere.

    Woman Shows Ukrainian Order For Female Mobilization


    “Hell is the impossibility of reason” – John Fowles The Magus (a really excellent book)

    …also Hot Shots Part Deaux

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