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    Vincent van Gogh Still life with bible 1885     We, in the western world, need to start paying real attention. Not to what our governments p
    [See the full post at: Holocaust II]


    I don’t think anyone is shrugging it off Ilargi but there is a set of metaphysical assumptions we all ride with in the west that are at play here. The whole concept of ‘doing something’ is wrapped up in this. Russia and China don’t share these cultural ‘riding to the rescue’ assumptions where the white knight must overcome evil and hence their behaviour seems heartless but it’s all about our expectations rather than their behaviour. ‘Humanity’ is a western universalist cultural assumption, our same tendency to think in terms of infinity applied to the global human population. Other cultures may not necessarily view it the same way.

    To say individual people are somehow responsible to stand up to their government is a bit strange because that has never really worked. There are currently enormous protests worldwide and it doesn’t seem to be doing much. People are angry and certainly don’t agree with what is happening but what exactly are they supposed to do?

    Violently overthrow their governments?

    John Day

    First Impressions (second try) https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/first-impressions

    ​ We can all​ (except sociopaths) be shocked by atrocities​, which is almost indelible, even when better clarifying information becomes available. The initial shock makes an impression in consciousness which can be overwritten, but which does not disappear. That feature of our minds is what makes the reservation of judgement such a useful habit in life. When we hold judgement in abeyance, awaiting a fuller stock of relevant evidence, we may come to a better overall judgement, and more even weighting of the evidence.
    ​ I still hear people say that Hamas beheaded 40 babies and raped Israeli women. Such things have clearly happened in wars, but did not happen this time. This wrong information, still held in the hearts of many, “justifies” the current slaughter and genocide of Palestinian babies, mothers, children and families, at a vast scale, because the emotional argument has been a success in shutting out any further information, better though it may be.

    ​ IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) killed party attendees, Hamas was unaware of event: Israeli probe
    Israel media report that an internal security assessment found that Israeli helicopters that arrived at the party site during the October 7 operation killed a number of attendees.

    ​ Rescue agency reveals that Israel’s aerial attack killed over 260 Israeli CIVILIANS during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood; drone footage corroborates report​
    (​includes aerial video of hundreds of burned out civilian cars from Hellfire missiles​ fired by chopper crews)
    ​ The Hebrew newspaper reported that the purpose of the armed Zik drones and combat helicopters was to stop the influx of Hamas fighters and looters into Israeli territory via the openings in the Gaza border fence. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that Israeli troops had trapped Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in a bunker during this time. However, it was difficult as the pilots were unable to differentiate Israelis from Palestinian looters disguised as civilians and Hamas combatants.
    ​ “This deception worked for a considerable time until the Apaches had to skip all the restrictions. It was only around 9:00 a.m. that some of them began to spray the terrorists with the cannons on their own, without authorization from superiors,” the news outlet noted. “The rate of fire against the thousands of terrorists was tremendous at first, and only at a certain point did the pilots begin to slow down the attacks and carefully select the target.” But despite the confusion, 28 combat helicopters still maxed out their ammunition, including Hellfire missiles and hundreds of 30 mm cannon shells.
    ​ An hour later, the 190 squadron commander demanded the other pilots “to shoot at everything they see in the fenced area,” which divided Israel from Gaza.

    ​ Michael Hudson has deeply studied the Torah in his role as the world’s foremost Economic Historian: Were the Biblical Prophets Anti-Semitic?​
    By a sleight-of-hand like that of a stage magician trying to distract the audience’s attention from what really is happening, Netanyahu has evoked what he claims to be a Biblical excuse for Israeli genocide. But what he pretends to be a covenant in the tradition of Moses is a vicious demand by the judge and grey eminence Samuel telling Saul, the general whom he hopes to make king: “Now go and smite Amalek [an enemy of Israel], and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys” (1 Samuel 15:3).
    ​ These were not the Lord’s own words, and Samuel was no Moses. And there was no blanket promise to back the Jews regardless of their behavior.​..
    ​..Today’s modern Zionism is at odds with the Jewish Bible. That is understandable given that its ideology comes from a very secular group despite its recent takeover by self-identified orthodox Jews. The rhetoric used by Netanyahu is a travesty when one notes how the Jewish Bible proclaimed that wealth and property were to be distributed equitably, not concentrated in the hands of an oligarchy. Exodus 23:1 and 9 give the following insight into how aliens – the Palestinians of their day – were to be treated: “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong,” but “lay down the law of justice and mercy: Do not oppress an alien; you yourselves know how it feels to be aliens, because you were aliens in Egypt.”
    ​ Is it justice and mercy to shut off water, food, medicine and fuel to an entire population and level or damage half of its buildings and most of its critical infrastructure including entire swarths of homes? Is it justice and mercy to force hospitals to shut down, bomb ambulances, and drop six 2,000 pound bombs on a refugee camp?

    Were the Biblical Prophets Anti-Semitic?

    John Day

    ​ An Israeli air strike on a United Nations-run school in northern Gaza has killed “at least 50 people” according to a health official, on another devastating day of Israeli attacks on Palestinians in the besieged enclave.

    ​It was more than that: Almost 200 people killed in Israeli strike on school in Gaza

    Patients, staff and displaced leave on foot as Israel orders Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital evacuated
    At least 450 patients who were unable to move continue to stay at Al-Shifa Hospital​ (left to rot and die​ alone?)
    Israel says Hamas operates a base underneath Al-Shifa, a charge the group denies

    Israeli strike on Jabalia camp kills 32 people from same family

    John Day


    John Day

    Israel undecided on next steps in Gaza
    The country’s leadership is debating whether to invade southern Gaza or reach an interim deal on hostages, the Jerusalem Post reports

    US Says Israel Has ‘Right’ To Expand Military Offensive To South Gaza

    ​ Israeli forces raid Jenin, surround Ibn Sina hospital in occupied West Bank
    At least three killed in a drone strike on Jenin refugee camp as dozens of Israeli tanks pushed into the city.
    ​ “Dozens of armoured vehicles turned up, with bulldozers as well, damaging cars, damaging the roads,” reported Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat from occupied East Jerusalem. The raid lasted for about eight hours.
    ​ At least four hospitals were surrounded by Israeli soldiers, including the Ibn Sina Hospital.
    “Israeli forces turned up at Ibn Sina Hospital, one of the biggest in the occupied West Bank. They turned up in a raid where they asked medical staff to put their hands up and evacuate the hospital,” Khairat said.

    ​Simplicius has another long, detailed analysis: Israel and America’s Growing Zugzwang
    ​ The U.S. is acting as a rudderless ship, rushing to the MidEast out of reflex with no clear gameplan, and is in fact terrified of Iranian escalations…
    ..Given the building pressures, one potential way the conflict could seemingly resolve is a face-saving compromise where Israel manages to finally free its hostages and then, being pressured by global efforts to put some kind of halt to the operation, perhaps enact a security zone in the north of Gaza and call Hamas “effectively decapitated.”
    ​ The problem with this is that there are also mounting signs that a radicalized Israeli society has vast amounts of support for the full ‘final solution’ of the Palestinian question and return of Biblical Land of Israel.​..
    ​..Israel would feel chronically vulnerable. With waning support and munitions, Israel would know that Iran stands to catch them with their ‘pants down’ in an extremely weakened state by opening up a second front via Hezbollah.
    ​ Israel would then see no choice but to potentially stage a falseflag to bring the West fully into the war to stave off this threat from Iran. The falseflag would likely include both ‘Hamas terrorist attacks’ in Europe (carried out by Mossad) as well as some “Iranian” missile attacks on U.S. ships, in a replay of the USS Liberty episode. It doesn’t matter at that point what would transpire because the result would invariably lead to the West’s downfall. U.S. planners likely know this, which is why they’ll do everything in their power to prevent Israel from instigating down this route.
    ​..Israel appears to have heavily banked on being able to use its various social control technologies—which mostly consists of its various NGOs and global ‘anti-hate groups’ like the ADL—to dictate the narrative around this genocide.​.. But they failed miserably.

    Great Game India: Some observers believe that the Israel-Palestine conflict was caused by offshore gas interests in Gaza, called the Gaza Marine

    Gaza Marine: Is Israel-Palestine Conflict Caused by Offshore Gas Interests?

    John Day

    ​ Big Serge, Russo-Ukrainian War: The Reckoning , Ukraine at the limits
    ​ Ukrainian intransigence​ … seems bound to sacrifice more brave men attempting to prolong Kiev’s fingerhold grip on territories that cannot be held indefinitely.
    ​ In essence, the United States (and its European satellites) have four options, none of which are good:
    Commit to an economic mobilization to substantially ramp up material deliveries to Ukraine
    Continue the extant trickle of support to Ukraine and watch it suffer a progressive and slow defeat
    End support for Ukraine and watch it suffer a more rapid and totalizing defeat
    Attempt to freeze the conflict with negotiations
    ​ This is a classic formula for strategic paralysis, and the most likely outcome is that the United States will default to its current course of action, supporting Ukraine at a trickle level commensurate with the financial and industrial limits in place, keeping the AFU in the field but ultimately overmatched in myriad dimensions by rising Russian capabilities.

    ​ Simplicius has this, but Zelensky is not able to override a core group of something like 20,000 Azov deep-staters which control Ukraine in criminal-mob fashion.
    New Raft of Articles Tighten the Screws on Zelensky, Plead for Course Correction
    ​ Zelensky has almost no options left other than to hang on and try not to lose any more major territories while hoping that perhaps he can bleed Russia enough to at least justify a ceasefire and freezing of the current lines.
    ​ My prediction for what happens once Russia spurns the ceasefire and continues barreling forward: apart from the potential for some desperate black swan falseflag to bring NATO in, which is honestly less likely now than it was before, given the current political climate, the other alternative is that a desperate U.S./EU could offer to rescind Russia’s sanctions as a last ditch ploy to bring them around to a ceasefire.
    ​ Russia will likely refuse this as well—since a ceasefire on principle is pointless, as the other side would never agree to Russia’s now exorbitant demands. So then Russia’s final breaking of Ukraine’s back will likely coincide with the peak of the 2024 election cycle, late 2024 to early 2025​.

    ​ California Democrat Convention Shut Down By Pro-Palestine Protesters
    ​ The California Democratic Party shut down its convention on Saturday after ​thousands of demonstrators mobbed the venue, staging a sit-in in the lobby, heckling speakers, blocking roads and condemning “Genocide Joe” Biden, all in an effort to urge party leaders to support a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza war.

    CIA’s Burns & SecDef Austin In Separate ‘Urgent’ Trips To Ukraine As War Effort Implodes

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow watched 3 hours of high level Russian TV Q&A, including with Vladimir Putin, to bring you: A very good edition of ‘News of the Week’
    ​ This was the 9th Cultural Forum and the first to be held under normal in-person conditions since the onset of the Covid pandemic. It was meticulously prepared and brought together not only many of the country’s cultural leaders in the various arts but also sizable delegations from abroad, including the United States and other “unfriendly nations.”​..None was more honored or politically important than Pierre de Gaulle, grandson of France’s towering military and political leader of the 20th century, Charles de Gaulle…
    ..The main point was his admiration for Russia for “fighting for traditional values, the family and spirituality.” He claimed that these values have disappeared in the West. Pierre de Gaulle left no doubt that he sides with Russia in its conflict with Ukraine.
    ​ Putin’s response was in part spontaneous: he expressed his pleasure at seeing this descendant of France’s greatest 20th century leader present in the auditorium…
    ..Putin remarked that in WWII France had two leaders who embodied sharply contrasting responses to the German occupation of their country. There was Marshal Petain, who remained in France as head of state and followed orders from Berlin in line with a policy of ‘acquiescence.’ And there was General de Gaulle, who decamped abroad to lead the fight against the Germans.
    ​ Putin then likened the present day ruling elites in the European Union as practitioners of the Petain policy: they have surrendered sovereignty and national traditions while acquiescing in domination by the USA. He was placing Pierre de Gaulle squarely in the tradition of his grandfather as a fighter for national sovereignty and values. Putin concluded, based on what he heard from Pierre, that perhaps France should submit an application to join BRICS…
    ​..Russia is moving forward, from ‘active defense’ as Putin modestly described it a few weeks ago, to open offensive action that is advancing by several kilometers a day into Ukrainian lines thanks to massive artillery barrages day and night and drone-targeted bombing of Ukrainian trenches and strong points.​..
    ​..Listening to these people on the ground, it is clear that they will settle for nothing less than Ukrainian capitulation. Those in the West who are negotiating among themselves about some ‘frozen conflict’ outcome of this war miss the point entirely.​..
    ..A few remarks on last night’s segment devoted to the 60th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. It was based on documents pertaining to the case from the Soviet Central Committee archives that were only recently opened to the public. These included materials dispatched to the Kremlin by the then Soviet ambassador to the United States Dobrynin and materials from Nikita Khrushchev’s personal archival files. The presenters let the documents speak for themselves and did not venture to say more than was set down in 1963-64…
    ​..President Kennedy’s speech to the American University in Washington a few weeks before the assassination was remarked upon in Moscow by those who saw the possibility of a page being turned. JFK mentioned the Russian experience of war, its having lost 20 million in WWII, more than any other combatant country.
    ​ Khrushchev’s papers show that he was greatly shocked and saddened when he learned of Kennedy’s death. His wife Nina wrote personally to Jacqueline Kennedy to express her sadness.
    ​ The investigation report into the assassination issued in the States several weeks after the event was read with great skepticism in Moscow, where intelligence experts found the notion of a single murderer Oswald acting in isolation to be incredible. They believed the assassination was carried out by a group with unlimited financial and technical resources.
    ​ The Russians conducted their own investigation into Oswald and his several years spent in Minsk, where he married his wife Marina. They passed this information over to Washington in good faith.
    ​ As I say, last night’s News of the Week segment on JFK was aimed at removing any suspicion that Russia was involved. It did not point a finger in any direction, but with a little imagination, you might easily conclude that the CIA did it.

    A very good edition of ‘News of the Week’

    John Day

    ​A senior Ukrainian military pilot has been working with Russia since early on, and flew an Su-27 fighter-bomber into Russia. (Are F-16s still arriving-soon?)
    Ukrainian military pilot defects to Russia ​, The pilot is already on Russian territory and is being interviewed by the security services, the TASS news agency says

    ​ ‘Perfectly Healthy’ 15-Month-Old Girl Dies Two Days After Routine Vaccination
    Melody Rain Palombi-Malmgren died at age 15 months from cardiac arrest and organ failure, just two days after receiving the varicella, DTaP and Hib vaccines. Her mother is already working to help other families avoid the same fate.

    ‘Perfectly Healthy’ 15-Month-Old Girl Dies Two Days After Routine Vaccination

    ​ A Midwestern Doctor looks at a long history of vaccine injuries, deaths and official cover-ups. COVID-vaccine injuries and deaths are the same pattern, just a whole lot more.
    Why Does the Government Cover-Up Vaccine Injuries?
    Reviewing a Century of Vaccine Disasters and the Early Trailblazers who Fought Against Them

    ​ Jessica Rose Ph.D. 31% of women who were exposed to COVID-19 products prior to pregnancy experienced a miscarriage according to VAERS domestic data
    This is almost twice the upper limit background rate as per the CDC’s v-safe calculations

    ​ Peter McCullough MD, Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths after COVID-19 Vaccination
    ​ The formal process of epidemiological investigation is rigorous and disciplined. In essence, we searched for and obtained every published autopsy report in PUBMED and then independently adjudicated each death from extracted data. Our conclusion was 73.9% of deaths after vaccination are either direct due or significantly contributed to by known mechanisms (myocarditis, blood clots, etc.) resulting from COVID-19 vaccines. The conclusion is supported by the data presented.

    John Day

    ​ CDC Runs Two VAERS Systems — The Public Can Access Only One of Them
    ​ An investigation by The BMJ into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, found multiple deficiencies in the system, including the revelation that the government runs two systems — one for the public, and a private back-end system that contains all of the corrections and updates, including deaths that occurred after an initial injury.

    CDC Runs Two VAERS Systems — The Public Can Access Only One of Them

    ​Sasha Latypova (Note that Dr. Nass and others also contributed in Iceland.) Icelandic Government Quietly (Very Quietly) Removes Covid Vaccines. For now.
    I claim victory from our October 4 event, unless someone can prove otherwise.

    ​Meryl Nass MD , New World Dis-Order. This chart has turned out to be very popular. Happy for others to work on it.
    I added more topics but did not organize it into categories. 40 items now​:

    ​I want Spartacus to integrate this list of really-creepy videos into that grid Dr. Nass arranged.
    Technocracy Videodrome​ , A compilation of videos related to Neurowarfare, IoB, Synthetic Biology, Smart Cities, 4IR, AI, COGSEC, and so on

    ​ More from Dr. Nass (currently on world speaking tour), I was asked to give a talk on the founding of Door to Freedom for yesterday’s program. Here are the slides
    The last 6 slides are examples of what the website offers

    John Day


    John Day

    I want Spartacus to integrate this list of really-creepy videos into that grid Dr. Nass arranged.
    Technocracy Videodrome​ , A compilation of videos related to Neurowarfare, IoB, Synthetic Biology, Smart Cities, 4IR, AI, COGSEC, and so on

    ​ More from Dr. Nass (currently on world speaking tour), I was asked to give a talk on the founding of Door to Freedom for yesterday’s program. Here are the slides
    The last 6 slides are examples of what the website offers

    ​ James Biden signals willingness to cooperate in brother’s impeachment probe, Comer reveals
    “So we have several specific questions for James Biden. And yes, he will be an absolutely crucial witness to our investigation and help us continue to connect the dots as to what exactly the Biden family was doing to receive millions of millions of dollars from our enemies around the world,” Comer said.

    Cheney, Kinzinger, And “Sham” J6 Committee Under Fire After Friday Footage Dump; GOP Senator Calls For Investigation

    ​ Trump “Has To Be Eliminated”: Another Dan Goldman Gaffe, Or Call For Assassination?
    ​ Adam Schiff’s budget mini-me piped up over the weekend to say that former President Donald Trump “has to be eliminated,” eyebrows were raised over exactly what he meant.
    “His rhetoric is really getting dangerous. More and more dangerous. And we saw what happened on January 6th, when he uses inflammatory rhetoric. Now, in his recent Truth Social posts, is incredibly, incredibly scary for anyone uh, that, might be trying to work in government – and, it is just unquestionable at this point that that man can not see public office again. He is not only unfit, he is destructive to our democracy, and he has to be eliminated,” Goldman told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki.

    John Day

    A lot of countries are “doing things” that we can’t see yet, I think.


    1 money system rules the world. Just like covid and the deathshot, every country is complicit, following orders, sayin the same shit.

    Dr. D

    “It sounds more like “give it to me one more time”.

    Oh you missed and should edit: It’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time” Spears, 1997

    Ah but we do stand up. What was the last protest that had no effect on government policy? Such that Jimmy Carter and Harvard Law said so what 20 years ago now? The parties are so opposite that you can’t tell any policy changes whatsoever regardless of who gets in. The “Bureaucracy” is running things, really the “Executive Service” it was, well placed apparatchiks like Senior Party members salted through. That’s what Trump’s first action, “Seventh Floor” firings were about.

    So if we stand up, then what? People ARE protesting. Then what? People DID go to prison without trial for protesting. Then what? I have ideas and they’re not necessarily violent, but I want YOU to consider. The political process as we’re presently using it, isn’t “Political”. If it were, it would have some effect. If it has no effect, it’s strictly theatre, a sham. The Truman Show. Which essentially it is. So how do you get out of the Truman Show?

    I was going to say we finally agree, but there are several world money systems and a lot of resisters. I don’t think any of us live in those nations though. We do have some neutral parties though, Swiss and Thailand.

    Veracious Poet

    Reposted for the thread dujour:

    In writing of the misuse of language, George Orwell wrote, “It becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish *evil* thoughts.”

    National Security Act of 1947 (61 Stat. 495), which abolished the War Department and replaced it with…the Department of Defense.

    So *simple* a caveman could “get it” (but probably beyond comprehension for TAE’s Stormfront fanatics)…



    Aw geez, we almost finally agreed.You either see the jews for what they are or you dont. Simple shit, brother.

    Veracious Poet

    Aw geez, we almost finally agreed.

    Not in a million years could you get me to Sieg Heil! with you & your ilk 🙄

    Nice attempt at tossing me in with the other Whatever Is The Current Thing crowd…

    As a descendant of The Sons of Liberty I’m 100% A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N, not a hyphenated poseur with “other” tribal allegiances, and as such a died-in-the-wool proponent that there is *never* an excuse to profile by race, creed or religion.

    But I also know that I’m a man without a country, with most 2023 “Americans” *dead* set against the Founding Father’s architecture for the once great Democratic Republic under Natural Law.

    All over your head, no doubt 😐

    I should be surprised by all the half-witted political animals ready to throw Da Joos into kamps, but I’m not, it’s a natural progression for libtard, proglodytes & “conservative” know-it-alls that worship #AntiLogos Collective EG0ic Mores, *violently* rejecting The Way given by The Loving, Healing, Creative Power of Life of The Infinite.

    Must say though, I never thort that TAE would so quickly go full retard, but the evolving character of the site has become so wantonly *slanted* with propaganda, so packed with daily barrages of info/opinions without merit and/or a zip code in reality (including many outright supporting infanticide), I’m beginning to wonder How Low Can You Go?

    I’ve been watching the UniParty GlobalCap *FICTIONS* come & go for three decades now, with far too many becoming horrific corporeality due to Imperial citizenry compliance, complacency, casuistry and/or injudiciousness, but personally as an AMERICAN I have no monkey in any of these circuses…

    Non ducor, duco.

    V. Arnold

    Telling people to stand up and “DO” something is disingenuous at best and hypocritical at least…
    I seem to recall tens of millions of people across the world demonstrating against the U.S. invading Iraq in 2003.
    Fat lot of good that did…the only thing it did do was to cement the fact that governments (western) will do as they damn well please and citizens be damned…8 weeks later I packed up and left…
    What did I accomplish? Not much, except for my own sense self esteem and values…

    John Day

    You did a good thing, V.Arnold.

    V. Arnold

    Dr. John Day: You did a good thing, V.Arnold.

    Thanks Dr. John; I hope you are correct…

    Dr D Rich

    The holocaust is not some shared archetype deep rooted in human psychology.
    We should resist this tendency to conflate the terms.
    Yet, here it is, on this blog employed as some warning, I suppose, against going any further as in “permitting” Israel, the Zionists, the Jews from going any farther in Gaza or “we” might risk Holocaust II against the Jews, again. Perhaps that’s an unfair reading.

    Let me use an analogy.
    I don’t ever need an accountant to count anything for me. This principle and phenomenon was demonstrated right here on this blog with COVID counting long before any epidemiologist, actuarial or statistician crunched numbers on their computer. What do you think a employer does to you when you figure out the employer paid you incorrectly AND their CPA says “Pay the man. He’s correct!”
    The United States stopped counting the Iraqi dead long before the end of the Iraq War. That descent into an collective, internal Hellish psychological state only accelerated since then.

    My counting started long before a second… child, Nawar al-Awlaki 8 years old and first, another child, her brother, 16 yo Abdulrahman were murdered as the culmination of preplanning under two Presidents Obama, primarily, and Trump subsequently. Obama, Trump, and each U.S. citizen who participated in the process of murdering those two children, Nawar and Abdulrahman, deserve the swift, summary Justice due Benjamin Netanyahu for his murderous acts

    The murder of Nawar al-Awlaki will always be A Holocaust.
    The murder of Abdulrahman al-Awlaki will always be A Holocaust.

    Those Folk who choose to stand with Benjamin Netanyahu deserve to reap the whirlwind. Calling it a holocaust doesn’t prepare the way

    V. Arnold

    Dr D Rich

    The murder of Nawar al-Awlaki will always be A Holocaust.
    The murder of Abdulrahman al-Awlaki will always be A Holocaust.

    Here, here!!!!!
    Enough of the bullshit!!!!!!!!


    V Arnold. Yes you did a good thing! Maybe you understand why we half-heartedly ponder moving to Russia. But, how bad does it have to get? We’re not there yet. I wonder that at some stage principle may come into it.
    Why are not more people out protesting against the genocide? I suggest many only have a vague idea that it’s even happening. Checking through the freebie Daily Mail last night for the latest crap being fed into peoples’ minds, I noted not one mention of the Gaza situation. TAE, as well as the likes ofJohn Day’s line-up above, needs to be compulsory reading for soft Westerners who want for little and watch the evening news in the comfort of their warm homes. So who controls what journalists are told to write? There lies profound wickedness!


    So who, (What), controls what journalists are told to write? There lies profound wickedness!

    Our elites/administrators/leaders/ gov./rich who don’t want the systems to change so that they lose their advantages, (power/money/control/recognition).

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